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Divergence: Online August 26
Today is a special day for us; It marks the first day that our players and friends can finally give their sore legs, appendages, and lower-leg actuated servomotors a rest... It's the day we add.

Anduine: a land of brightly-colored flora, low and rolling hills, calm rivers and plenty of room to expand. Accessible via ATCs newly-constructed "Anduine Station", transporting to this new region is as easy as vising your favorite shuttleport and paying the super-low fee of just 1000 credits. Hey, this shit wasn't cheap to build out of salvaged starship wreckage after all. Anduine is also the land of "big game hunting", with Grontos, Vangrels, Aigathrix, and local species of our most beloved creatures that people just like running for their lives from already.

Of course with our "one large world", players can obviously "hoof if" should they wish and run the 10K through the Akkhera desert bearing due East. Whatever floats your boat!

Speaking of boats, Today's build of the game also brings into play our latest profession; "Operator". "Operator" is synonymous with "Vehicle and equipment operator" and if you want to learn how to fly that huge-ass freighter, first you'll need to pick Operator as one of your professions from the kills panel then spend a few skill points boning up on your chosen vehicle types.

How many vehicles are we adding? How about "lots", the majority of which are flight-capable as well!

Included in today's patch are;

Two light freighters, great for hauling them resources from place to place as well as any contraband that falls off the bed of a truck.
One medium freighter for more fun, more friends, and more contraband. Not to mention the added bonus that all freighters can actually accommodate and load land vehicles into their bay for transporting them as well!
Terrestrial Fighter Jet - No working weapon yet but crap is it fast!
Terrestrial Racer - Even faster, it's essentially an engine with a cockpit.
Planetary Rover - Not so fast but a lot better than running everywhere!
Hoverbike - Fast and hard as hell to control, but do you want easy or do you want fun?

As if that weren't enough, all vehicles have their own internal hoppers, so you can not only fill them with resource canisters, but even bolt them to the hull for aesthetic appeal should you choose! Turn your ship into a party... ship... or whatever for all your friends for all we care.

Craftable versions of all vehicles will be coming this week once we have a few days to tune their flight characteristics enough that we're confident binding them to crafting schematic results.

As always, special thanks go out to all our contributors, players, and supporters for making this nearly eight-months we've been able to continually develop our game! We hope you'll continue to support the effort as we drive towards full launch in several months from now. As with everything new, we're sure there are a few bugs we missed so also thanks for letting us know as soon as you find them and being patient while we crush them.

Feel free to join our facebook community for updates and collaborations!
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Defiance August 26

Enter the fray now through September 12th against 99ers and Grid. Pick up the new Adaptive Augmentation Synergy and the Disassembler Pack to help you in the fight!

99 Problems, the newest event in Defiance, is here on the New Frontier and you’ll need all your technical skills to be victorious. Fortunately you’ll have access to the new Adaptive Augmentation Synergy to help cut your enemies down in a hail of bullets!

Get off the Grid and start working on 99 solutions, Arkhunter!

Adaptive Augmentation Synergy
More bullets - less problems. That’s really all you need to know with Adaptive Augmentation. The more you shoot, the faster you reload, the quicker your bullets fire. Lay down a whole field of fire and let your enemies try to run!

Synergy: Adaptive Augmentation
[1] +3% Ammo Regen on Kill
[2] +10% Rate of Fire
[3] +10% Damage
[4] On kill, gain 10% Rate of Fire and -10% Reload for 10s (Max Stacks: 3)

Disassembler Pack
Utilizing the latest Grid Technology, you’ll literally take your enemies apart with cutting edge tech, while looking every bit the part!
The Disassembler Pack contains:
  • Legendary Charge Blade “Cutting Edge” with a new skin
  • CDC Eradicator outfit and headgear
  • TMW Hannibal 800R "Droid" vehicle
  • 30-day Patron Pass
  • “Disassembler” Title

So get started solving some problems, and send your enemies off the grid with the brand new 99 Problems event, Adaptive Augmentation synergy, and the Disassembler Pack!

Play Defiance today!
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