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Spermination July 7
Thank you to Halfbus Studios for providing keys for Basement:

Giveaway ends 7/17 @ 12pm EST. Missed it? Like Phr00t's Software for more, upcoming goodies & games!

Also, reminding you that Spermination no longer requires Java to be installed on your Windows machine! Everything is now included for it to run properly on its own.
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Ancients of Fasaria: Celestias Angelica MMORPG July 7
Ancients of Fasaria Game Server with Scripts DLC is now available for purchase. The DLC will allow players to be able to launch our server application on their computer and play locally.

*Your game access will be played locally from your computer but your server will NOT grant you access to have other players join your game. To unlock the multiplayer feature and to have your game listed in our list of playable servers, you will need to become a Partner.

*We will post more information on how to become a partner and run your own private server soon.

What will be included with your Server DLC:

1. You will receive our server application and scripts.

2. You will be able to play Ancients of Fasaria locally from your computer without having to connect to our server. This will give you freedom to play AoF anytime from your computer independent of our network.

3. You will be able to edit your scripts to fit your desired needs (Unlimited Platinum Tokens, Resources etc.). You can also download user modified scripts or add your own to our workshop on Steam.

4. You will find official and user submitted tuts on how to modify scripts in our workshop. Free updates of our server and scripts. No extra fees or costs.

5. No previous scripting knowledge needed. Setting up your server locally is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Editing scripts are also very easy and requires no previous scripting or programming experience.
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Software Inc. July 7

If you have old save files, please set your beta branch to "old" to get the old version of Software Inc. by right clicking it in your Steam library.

Alpha 5.1 introduces company deals, receptionists and a new stock system. Note that it is all still very early work in progress, more types of deals will be added and the new stock system needs to be balanced out.

Check out the last update to see all changes.
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Chaos Reborn July 7
Finally, it’s here. You can now play single player realm quests, and there is also a co-op battle option where you can invite a human ally to help you with any realm battle. There are also four fantastic new environment types.

Here are the new features, changes and bug fixes
  • Realm quest mode featuring multiple realm quests of varying difficulties.
  • Co-op mode for specific battles
  • Realm high score tables
  • New battle environments implemented for Mana Fluxes, Mountains, Forests, Plains and Palaces. Some of the multiplayer maps are converted to new environment types.
  • Procedural battle map generation for realm battles (this may be introduced to multiplayer games at some point).
  • Realm high score tables for realms you have completed. See how you did compared to other players.
  • Multiplayer league tables are accessible for current and previous season, equipped and classic.
  • The matchmaker now allows you to set multiple preferences for game mode and competition type.
  • The equipment no longer has a levelling system - all equipment starts at maximum level. Equipment can be traded in for gold, not XP (there is some work needed to tidy up the equipment interfaces still).
  • The Fountain of Life no longer resurrects wizards.
  • Wizard is no longer engaged when hiding in a magic tree.
  • Shadow trees can now be subverted.
  • Buffs are now applied to web and bulldoze attack values.
  • Wizard level no longer affects the mana value of wizards in battle.
  • Manticore movement range is reduced from 4 to 3

Due to the change in the equipment system we have had to remove all the old staffs and bodygear. You will be compensated with 100 gold for each item lost.

We will continue to update the realm system in the next few weeks. Our plans include
  • Improved AI
  • Improve co-op system
  • More special locations for realms to find and interact with, such as goblin camps, elven villages, manticore nests, mana fluctuations, shrines, and more
  • Additional strategic game play for the realms with control of territory, diplomacy, and marauders
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Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War® - Soulstorm July 7
Prepare yourself for the grim, dark future of the 41st millennium, where alien races battle mankind for galactic domination in a universe of unending war.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War has been updated to include Steam Trading Cards to enhance your experience! As players explore through the campaign and multiplayer modes they’ll unlock Trading Cards along with new badges, chat emoticons, and Steam profile backgrounds! To celebrate, Dawn of War will be 75% off until July 13th at 10AM PST.

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