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Call to Arms August 29

Welcome to our seventh developers update for Call to Arms! We will use these updates to keep you posted on the progress of the development and features.

New vehicles
APCs are joining the battle in Call to Arms! Their special ability is to re-supply friendly units nearby, if necessary they will also provide the required fire power to support advancing infantry. The update is already live, so check out the change-log!

3rd person controls
We also improved 3rd person controls, now it's as simple as pressing your middle mouse button and the AI will take over the gunner position and do the shooting while you focus on driving!

Soft particles
Usually particles clip with surrounding objects. They look flat and unatural. Soft particles on the other side use scene depth information to render particles accurately by taking surrounding objects into consideration. The result are much better for effects of any kind!

Glow with HDR
We also added glow with HDR support to the engine. They are used to highlight light materials such as lamps, fire, explosions and so on. If applied to existing effects, you will see much better results. Just compare the first screenshot (no soft particles, no glow with HDR) with the second screenshot!

Night vision
We added night vision environments for intense night combat experiences. The game does not only turn green, but light sources are much stronger including weapon tracers. You can enjoy it in the video below.
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Front Wars August 29
Hi folks!

I have just updated the game with numerous tweaks and bug fixes, here's the change log:

- Tweaked Controls menu
- Added a key to select next moveable unit
- Added combat backgrounds for Road, Forest and Mountain sectors
- Added map scrolling when the mouse is at the edges of the screen
- Added Quit Button in Main Menu
- Added New Option menu
- Added custom maps delete button
- Tweaked AI pathfinding and fixe some AI bugs
- Fixed Tutorial and tweaked it for small resolutions
- Fixed custom map download
- Fixed Shipyards are now capturable
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Woodle Tree Adventures August 29
Hello my super friends!

To celebrate the 45.000 copies sold, we've decided to start a new contest, and the prize is a super cool Woodle Puppet!
here is a photo:

just send the screen showing the number of berries you've collected (in front of the Woodle house) to this email:

The gamer's Steam profile with the most number of berries collected will be published on our official Facebook group and will receive the keycodes of our next games in development.

if you want to support us, please give us a like on Facebook too!

the contest will end on 7th of september.

Make the catch begin!
Chubby Pixel Team ːwoodlehappyː
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CDF Ghostship August 29
There are many different weapons in the game and finding better weapons will be essential if you are to survive the ghostship! Be sure to check out the official weapons guide and others here :

Don`t forget to submit your own guide and help others who may be struggling!

Thanks everyone

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