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Face of Mankind July 25th, 2014
+ Added a new world to the vortex network: Pegasi 51: "51 Pegasi B is a massive planet orbiting at a distance of only 0.05 Aus from its sun. Although it is very tectonically active, the CMG established a colony here on a rock plateau where it is safe from the volcanic oceans." This world features the following services:
  • Titanium + Uraninite Mining
  • Schematic Market
  • Item Storage
  • Vortex Network
  • Medical Station
  • Item Recycler
  • Apartment Complex
+ The faction rank colors will now be visible in Department chat.

- Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause knives and tazers to do no damage.
- Fixed a bug that would cause market items removed through the territory deployable to remain until the player left the world.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the hunter scanner from targeting players through normal scans.
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Action Henk July 25th, 2014
It’s only been 2 weeks since the Early Access launch, and the first update is here! We’ve added 7 brand new levels, integrated a lot of user interface feedback, and you can now race against the incredibly challenging Rainbow Medals!

  • Rainbow medals! Extreme difficulty for the die-hard players.
New Levels:
  • The Drop (hook, easy)
  • Close Call (hook, medium)
  • Throwback (hook, medium)
  • Pro Skater (easy)
  • Leap of Faith (medium)
  • Quick Tricks (medium)
  • The Big Climb (hard)
The game now has 25 levels in total, increasing the amount by almost 40%!

  • You can now switch ghosts from the post game screen.
    Leaderboards per level can be accessed in the level select screen.
  • Ingame tutorial during the first three levels of the first batch and the first three levels of the grappling hook batch.
  • Added the option to randomize the ingame music in the audio settings menu.
  • Added the option to hide the ingame tutorial in the game settings menu.
  • ‘R’ on keyboard now acts as a reset button ingame.
  • Added xbox360 controller D-pad support ingame.
  • New unlockable Betsy skin when you unlock 3 Rainbow medals.
  • WIP_21 is now known as Full Stop
  • WIP_19 is now known as The Wall
  • WIP_9 is now known as Back & Forth
  • WIP_20 is now known as Spaghetti
  • Because of significant changes, leaderboards for Back & Forth, Full Stop and The Wall have been reset.
  • Slide sound volume now in relation to the sfx volume slider in the audio settings.
  • Postgame repeating audio bug fixed.
  • [LINUX] Fixed a bug where some linux machines couldn’t load medal replays.
  • Fixed the loud noise when switching scenes.

Thank you!
We’d like to thank everyone who has bought and is playing Action Henk at such an early stage! Your support is great, and really encourages us to make Action Henk the best game we can! We also want to thank everyone who has been commenting in the forums, your feedback and bug reports are speeding up our development process greatly. Thanks!

Community highlights
We absolutely loved the fan art made by our friends from Wooden Plank Studios. We’ve also been seeing a huge amount of youtube let’s plays! Here’s one of our favorites by Kakujo. There’s been coverage in a lot of different languages, including Italian, French, Russian, German and of course in Dutch :D

That’s all, have fun!

The RageSquid team.
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Tropico 5 July 25th, 2014
Fellow Tropicans,

The Tropico Department of Public Announcements and Life Advice is proud to present the very first mini-expansion "The Big Cheese" for Tropico 5. Featuring a challenging scenario including additional voiceovers and intricate mission design, this premiere DLC also adds a new building (The Creamery) for enhanced milk refinement. Add more flavor to your tropical paradise with a fresh music track and wear the chef's hat as an icon of Tropico's long-standing history in artisan cheesecraft.

"The Big Cheese" is now available for purchase and awarded for free for customers who prepurchased Tropico 5 on Steam before May 23rd as part of the prepurchase campaign tier reward.

As if this isn't cheesy enough already, prepare for several online multiplayer enhancements and stability improvements including the long-awaited option to save your multiplayer game progress at any time, anywhere.

See the full changelog here and share your feedback with the Tropico Department of Miscellany: http://steamcommunity.com/app/245620/discussions/0/38596747782015164/

Always remember to vote for El Presidente - or else!
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Influent July 25th, 2014
What's New?

This just in:

The highly anticipated Russian Language Pack has been released and is now available for purchase as either DLC (for existing players) or as a standalone product.

Influent has also received an update that addresses a number of issues reported on the community forums. A big "Thank You!" to everyone who helped by taking the time to upload screenshots and provide us with detailed bug reports. We really do appreciate it!

Update 1.5
  • Fixed the infamous Sneeze bug (vocab list entries disappearing)
  • Fixed text resizing bug when using R/F hotkeys
  • Resized and moved GUI elements to accommodate for future GUI updates

What's Next?

Things that are happening:
  • Processing audio for Italian Language Pack
  • Trying to get the Swedish, Spanish, and Italian articles added
  • Editing UI translations for MANY new GUI Packs (soon to come)
  • Preparing for Gamescom 2014

Gamescom 2014!

Get excited! Influent and Three Flip Studios is coming to Gamescom 2014!!!

Rob and Anthony will be in Cologne next month showing off Influent to the European demographic of language learners! Additionally, Three Flip has been quietly working on a new project that will debut on the GamesPark floor! Come by the booth and check it out! :D
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So Many Me July 24th, 2014
List of changes is this version:
  • Reduced Boss Health in The Mine VIII from 4 down to 3.
Bug fixes:
  • Bugs fixed in various UI.
  • Fixed mouse and keyboard priority.
  • Fixed "Collect All Costumes" achievement not awarded in some situation.
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