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Fall of the Titanic 6 februarie
Fall of the Titanic now supports Oculus Rift! The game will work with Oculus Rift DK2 with version 0.7 and 0.8. Some features might be missing for now, but you are able to play Escape and Explore mode on the Oculus version. I will add some extra content for the Oculus version later, such as the sinking mode, and proper pause menu's (UI does not work with VR). Fall of the Titanic does support Direct mode, so running it should be very straight forward.

I am still working on improving the PC regular version, including fixing bugs and adding NPC's. The Oculus version includes renovated Turkish Baths, which will also be added alongside with additional content on the regular version next week.

I hope this also helps grow the relatively small amount of games that work on the Oculus, and again, thanks for keeping up!
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Over The Hills And Far Away 6 februarie
We've sold over 1000 copies of Over The Hills And Far Away on Steam!

Thank you for supporting and playing this unique game of ours! We hope you enjoy it!
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Stories of Bethem: Full Moon 6 februarie
There is a new update available for SOBFM that fixes all the reported bugs by users. It also includes the following features!

Title and loading screen
The Title Screen is new and colorful! Loading screen has been changed too, now it'll display different backgrounds depending on if you completed the game. Thanks to Miriam Pérez for the nice art!

Steam Cloud
The game uses the Steam Cloud service now. You can continue your game in other device if you synchronized it.

We've tried very hard to make a cross platform, but finally we weren't be able to do. This means you can synchronize saved games on the same OS via Steam Cloud, they don't override between them.

We'll keep working and announce if we get it!

Update your copy and enjoy the latest features.
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Stop Online - Battle of Words 6 februarie
- 3 New Languages (Czech, Dutch, Polish)
- Now you can use chat in rooms list.
- Improvements in all chat.
- Some interface improvements and bug fixes.
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Colony Assault 6 februarie
Colony Assault is now 25% off the regular price as a part of Lunar New Year Sale, until february 12th.
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