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7 Days to Die 22 noiembrie
Goededag Survivalists,
Alpha 10 code name “The Apocalypse Release” is out and it’s one of our biggest releases to date. The feature rich Apocalypse update includes: our new character creation system with face/body morphing and visible clothing, our new zombie horde world heat map system, a new wellness system which tracks eating habits and disease, a new model based destructible/upgradable door system, an enhanced buff system with criticals, hunger, thirst and lighting zombies on fire, a brand new sexier easier to use server browser, a new random gen township system for dynamic small towns in every biome, Linux client and dedicated server support, offline mode support, a world destruction art pass, over a dozen new locations including gun stores with signs, concrete upgradable fort building, farming overhaul and a multitude of fixes, requested changes

Folks this is the largest content drop to date as Fred Sanford used to say “it’s the big one.” This update has some big framework changes so starting a new game is a must. Please don’t try to salvage your old saved game. And for those of you that experience any problems please use your steam client to delete local files and reinstall the game. Note: EAC will be disabled for 24 hours.

Now for a complete list of Alpha 10 release notes read on you big dummy!

Alpha 10 Apocalypse Release
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Ghostship Aftermath 22 noiembrie
We have just released the 1.7 update which is a vast improvement to all previous builds. A total revamp of the game, graphics and instant action mode have all taken place thanks to community feedback. As VR is not available until next year we have dropped the base price of the game by 33%.

The nonVR version of the game is now much better and tuned more for the nonVr community. The 1.7 update is 5.5gb

Changlelog from 1.5 to 1.7

Total graphics overhaul and bug fixes with better lighting and textures
New and improved enemies and a more balanced game
Changed the plasma Pistol
Added 15 more achievements
Added ASMI story-lines to Instant Action Mode
Added a new intro
Changed helmet position to make better use of the view area
Map is now much brighter and words are more clear
Re-textured Helmet
Removed collision from bodies and cables
Improved collision all around the ship
Balanced sound fx more
Implemented plenty of surprises
Added the Lurker enemy
Added some new post process effects
There are number of other improvements

Ghostship aftermath trading cards will be online next week by the 28th Nonmember. The 1.7 build is much better and much better quality so an fps loss compared to 1.5 is expected.

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Defenders of Time 22 noiembrie
Our demo for Defenders of Time is now available for free on Steam! Like the main game the demo version supports both PC and Mac. The best part of our demo is anyone that purchased Defenders of Time can invite you to their games and you can check out multiplayer!

The way it works is every person who paid for Defenders of Time can invite up to 3 other players at any time to join their Ranked or Custom matches. Otherwise, demo/free users can only play Single Player.
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Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) 22 noiembrie
Upon ZMR's launch on Steam, a discerning Steam player provided a very astute review of the game:

Well, with today's release of ZMR's free STEEL CORPS update, I can finally announce:

Here the *%$# are the robots!

The STEEL CORPS update debuts a new mech-based competitive mode complete with three unique playable classes, full-on mech customization, and class-specific progression.

In addition to the new "Team Mech Match" mode, this update packs all of the on-foot action you've come to expect from a ZMR update including, 9 new maps, and 18 new weapons to unlock.

Head on over to the official STEEL CORPS update page for a full run-down of this expansive new update.
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Heroes of Steel RPG 22 noiembrie
The lights have burnt low, and the black gloom in the caverns shows it is the dead of night in the Underdeep. Your Heroes have talked late, for they while know what path they must take, there are hard choices ahead. The baleful threat of the City of the Dead hangs over the eastern regions, straining the relationships of the Braeys Family and Baron Koda to the breaking point.

It is time now to take up your weapons and ready your magic. Dark sorcery and even darker secrets await you in the City of the Dead. As does the surface of the world - the broken, shattered old world that your people once ruled.

Today's update marks the third major expansion pack for Heroes of Steel, Episode 3: Whispers over Steel. Episode 3 adds 20 new huge dungeons, 20 new monsters types, and over 200 new types of weapons and gear. Across the boards, Episode 3 has increased the game's content by about 33% - adding to a game that can already boast about its size and replay potential.

Episode 3 also comes with new exciting features -- including Auto Buff -- and magical gear -- including SP Drain and Auto-block shields. You'll need everything you can muster, because the challenges ahead of your heroes are daunting, the way is dangerous, and the risks are high.

v3.1.1 - 11/09/2014
- New Auto Buff feature accessible under the 4 golden squares icon
- Episode 3 Whispers over Steel - continue epic story from Braeyshaulm or Brunehorn
- 20+ new dungeons, 20+ new monster types, 200+ new equipments
- Ep 2: finish Gholla Outlook story arc (visit the Inn!)
- Balanced prices, sale prices on high difficulty, increased heavy armor penalties
- Improvements for Piety Ward, Banishment, Holy Retribution, Righteous Fervor range, SP cost on Shield of Cortias & Holy Strickening

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