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Sylvio 2 mai
Hey all! For the last six months I've rebuilt Sylvio in Unity 5. The graphics are now better, the GUI has been remade, the gameplay mechanic has been improved,and it now has full controller support for nearly all controllers on the market.

I am very excited about this major update, I hope you'll like it too.

If you find any bugs or strange behaviour, please mail your experiences to along with your specs and the player log (if possible).

Now: A brief pause and then onwards to the development of Sylvio 2.
A thousand thanks for playing!

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Insane 2 mai
Hi guys,

!nsane is now available for Mac OS X.
Requirements can be found on the Store Page.

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Mold on Pizza 🍕 2 mai
Large Size Pizza! Enjoy!
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Hero and Daughter+ 1 mai
"I'm A Dark Lord" and "Deste" can now join you in your quest to defeat evil. Talk to the fireplace in the extra room in the Pub, and tell him the hidden incantations. (Look for incantations in various places on Steam)
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