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The Slaughtering Grounds 17 aprilie
Slaughtering Grounds now has Steam trading cards! Thank you for your support and happy card collecting!
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BlackSoul: Extended Edition 17 aprilie

I'm sorry for the delay, I know you have been waiting for long time.

In this update some of the annoying loading screens have been removed, and even if there are many others throughout the game I still wanted to post it in order to receive your first impression.

Since loading screens are the major issue, my first goal is to remove all of them between rooms ( just like I've already done in the keeper house ); I plan to fix all the remaining in few weeks.

Update Log:
  • Fixed loading screens in the keeper house
  • Fixed loading screens in the cemetery when you enter the chapels
  • Fixed gameplay in the keeper house: you no longer come across zombies until you take the crowbar

Thanks for your support.
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Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe 17 aprilie
Mac users! Exploring Space has never been so fun - Now Mac Users can join Elizabeth Campton as she explores various hidden object fantasy space scenes to save the world!

To celebrate this new release we are offering a 50% off discount on this game until April 24th. That's only $4.99 for this fantastic game!
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Freedom Planet 17 aprilie

For the first time ever, Freedom Planet is officially supported on Mac and Linux! We extend a warm welcome to all the Apples and Tuxes who've been waiting patiently for a proper port to their OS of choice. As an extra bonus, all three versions of the game have been optimized to run at a smoother framerate and support a larger variety of gamepads.

Be sure to reconfigure your controller in the Options menu when the update is complete. Even if the displayed buttons are correct, it may not recognize them until they're redefined.

There is a new file in the game folder called gamecontrollerdb.txt which allows us to manually add controller types to Freedom Planet's database and customize them. We will try and update it every now and then as we discover new controllers.

Finally, if you want to keep the old PC version of the game, we have created a new Beta branch for the previous version. Right-click the game in your Library and select Properties, select the BETAS tab, and pick 1.20.2 from the dropdown list.

Have at it Chasers, and thanks for playing!
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In Verbis Virtus 17 aprilie
Here is version 1.0.2383 changelog:

- Thanks to the feedback of the users, we fixed a bit the need of backtracking in Chapter 1 & 2, to make the exploration more enjoyable without reducing the challenge of the puzzles (the changes take effect only when starting a chapter from the beginning)
- Better recognition for some formulas
- Fixed combat area in Chapter 3
- Minor bug fixes
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