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3030 Deathwar Redux 24 juillet
Hey guys!

This update took a little longer than usual. The reason for this is that instead of the usual piece by piece improvements and additions we like to do, we've worked hard to add a huge chunk of content, focusing razor-sharp on a single area of the game.

So which area is it? It's derelicts, derelicts and even more juicy derelicts!

We've added a lot of features and content to the salvaging gameplay onboard derelicts. Besides opening up the movement from left-right to full 360 Degrees, we've added large procedurally generated mazes that let you explore deeper inside the derelicts. You can now scavenge tons of equipment and items onboard, but you'll have to explore the darkest and dangerous corners to find the best loot.

You are now equipped with both an Afterburner and a Gun you can use while EVAing for salvage. Hold -CTRL- to use the Afterburner, but keep an eye out for your fuel! You'll be able to find canisters or other items to refuel during your exploration, so don't worry too much. Still, it's always good to keep a little reserve in case you need to make a quick escape.

You can fire your gun by pressing -SPACE-, but we won't tell you what that might be useful for. Perhaps you should practice your aiming by blasting some of the walls first, before exploring the darker corners of the ship?

You can also hold -F- to activate the Scanning Drone. It will scan the area and light the direction to possible lifesigns or other objects it detects.

Besides the huge derelict additions, there are a couple more smaller changes as well. Check out the full list below:

New Derelict Gameplay / Features
  • Added free 360 Degree movement
  • Added exploring deeper inside derelict, with procedural mazes
  • Added shooting while exploring ( Press -SPACE- )
  • Added an Afterburner ( Hold -CTRL- )
  • Added Scanning Drone and active scan ( Hold -F- )
  • Added particle effects for Afterburner/Suit/Shooting
  • Added suit health, afterburner fuel and battery charge
  • Added atmospheric color lighting
  • Added new Falcon animations for Movement/HUD/Shooting
  • Added special HUD with various states and information
  • Added tons of stuff to find, loot and scavenge
  • Added tutorial text for using derelict equipment
  • Added option of leaving derelict on both sides
  • Added more room backgrounds for maze
  • Added basic physics system for floating objects
  • Added hue of global lighting effect to objects
  • Fixed technical timing issues, so derelicts run at fixed speed
  • Added SPOILER to rescue
  • Added SPOILER to fight

Fixes / Improvements
  • Added more variety to loading screens
  • Fixed technical timing issues on stations as well
  • Fixed accepting towing missions with all tractor beams
  • Fixed a crash on entering derelict

We're also changing the price of the game to $12.99 or your regional equivalent with this update.

Thanks to Amaranth, Naratlos, Iroido_Soner, Eppiox, Simon and everyone else on the Steam forums for your feedback and bug reports!

Now get your EVA suit on and go scavenge some derelicts!
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Polandball: Can into Space! 23 juillet
We're pleased to announce our new update for Polandball: Can Into Space!

Patch 1.03 for Polandball: Can into Space! is now live. Here are the new cool things that comes with the update:

- New soundtracks (related to the main theme)
- New SFX on balls
- New voices for some balls
- New behaviour on Switzerlandball

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3D-Coat V4.7 23 juillet
Pilgway Studio is glad to announce 3D-Coat 4.7 is officially released and available for download now!

  • Discover the New Physically Based Shader!
  • Smart Materials for sculpting shaders introduced;
  • Bake multiple maps now, including AO, SSS;
  • Pack multiple channels into one texture with the New Export Constructor! A bunch of presets for Game/Render engines available;
  • Enjoy Anti-aliased painting everywhere now, including Vertex Painting, PPP, MV and Ptex;
  • Take advantage of the New low-poly modeling Retopo Tools!
  • A New selection of Primitives Added: screws, spirals and more;
  • Export your models 3D-Print-ready now! (3D-Coat PRO only!).
Watch the 3D-Coat 4.7 features video below to discover the key new additions to the program:
Find the complete list of changes introduced in 3D-Coat V4.7 at the official website.

We hope you like the progress 3D-Coat has made lately.
Enjoy and have fun with your 3D designs!
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Legends of Pixelia 23 juillet
What's new?
The Early Access of Legends of Pixelia started about a year ago. Let's celebrate and enjoy the new version 1.03!

Version 1.03 Changes
*** System Changes ***
- Added a difficulty selection system (casual, easy, original, hard)
*** Steam ***
- Added Steam trading cards
- Save files and settings are stored in the cloud when playing on Steam
*** Bugfix ***
- Fixed a bug related to passive skills
- The top 10 display is now updated after finishing a dungeon

Difficulty System
If you haven't made it through the game within its first year, now's your chance. Version 1.03 features a new difficulty selection system that allows players to play the game as hard (easy) as they like.

Difficulty Enemy HP & Damage Score Epic Item Chance
Casual 100% 100% 100%
Easy 140% 133% 133%
Original 200% 166% 200%
Hard 300% 200% 300%

Note: "Original" is the same difficulty as it has been in version 1.02. "Easy" is the new default difficulty. You can change the difficulty of the game every time via the options menu or the game over screen. ;-)

Steam Features
When playing Legends of Pixelia on Steam, you now profit from the following features:
- Steam Trading Cards
- Steam Cloud Storage (settings & save files)

Permanent Price Drop
If you didn't buy Legends of Pixelia for 14.99 in the first year, you probably won't do it at all. Take your chance:
Permanent price drop to 9.99!

That's it
I really like the difficulty system. You can change it to "Easy" or "Casual" for days where you just want to do some brainless dungeon crawling and change it back to "Original" or "Hard" for the unique and challenging Legends of Pixelia experience. :-)
Have fun playing!

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Jalopy 23 juillet
Hello everyone,

Today, repairs on the bridge to Hungary have been completed. This means you can drive your very own Laika 601 Deluxe across the Hungary route right now! We are looking forward to seeing players share their screenshots as they explore. However, the new route is not the only addition, there are a variety of features that have been added to compliment the Hungary update.

Spray Paints
The spray can is our first new addition. You will be able to purchase these from your Laika Dealership. However they can only stock a limited number of supplies so you’ll need to visit the shop often to make sure they have the colour you want.

If you have a red coat of paint on your Laika 601 Deluxe, you can spray a blue paint over it to mix the two colours and create a purple variant. Experimenting with colour mixing allows you to create some great personal designs.

You’ll also be able to spray paint the interior of your Laika 601 Deluxe

For those looking for a stylistic sheen, then you are going to want to slap some metallic paint on your Laika 601 Deluxe.

And finally, a special addition to the spray paint are the Decal boxes. The decal boxes allow for more customisation options for your Laika 601 Deluxe and come in several variants. From a classic checkerboard roof to flames.

The decal system is more than likely to be expanded upon throughout Early Access. Do let us know what kind of decals you would like to have in the comments below.

A big request from players has been to keep track of the distance traveled via an Odometer. We’re pleased to reveal that this is a part of the update.

Country branded items
Each region will now have their own brand identity as you travel across the three areas. Coffee from one region will have a graphic change to make players feel like they are truly entering another country. The Petrol stations now also change visually depending on the location.

New spawning system for abandoned cars
Abandoned cars now spawn more dynamically in the world. Eagle eyed drivers will need to keep an eye out for these as they can hold some valuable engine parts or replacement wheels.

The scrapyard
When selecting a route, you may come across a scrapyard. If you have the tools, you can fix the mechanism at the front of the gate and enter the scrap yard to search for engine parts. Be cautious as using your own engine parts is a big risk of getting yourself stranded… But don’t you want to know what’s inside!?

New main menu background
The games menu now remembers where you have last saved and will create a background image to match the next area.

New music
Jeremy has produced some excellent new tracks for Jalopy. You will be able to listen to them in the main menu or even in game on the radio. We hope you enjoy them and hope that as the game continues to grow, Jeremy will continue to provide some new music for the game.

You can head over to Jeremy’s website below:

Weight limit in the manual
The car manual has gone through a small overhaul. Various texture issues have been addressed and we’ve added some more functionality. Towards the back end of the manual you can check the weight limit of your car.

The uncle will now remain at the home garage
Unfortunately, the uncle has been causing some severe issues and we’ve had to ask him to stay at home. He may join you in the journey for the future but for now, he’ll simply walk you through the tutorial and then leave the car so you can journey without him.

And of course, Hungary! We’ve held back on revealing too much so players can explore the new country. However, we have created a brief summary video that shares some of the features mentioned above and just a couple of shots of the Hungary landscape.

We hope you enjoy exploring Hungary, we will be keeping an eye in the forums for any bugs or issues so please do let us know if you experience anything out of the ordinary. We hope you enjoy the update, the next major update planned is for the country of Yugoslavia.

Build Notes 0.512

- Added Hungary
- Added Decals
- Added Paint Cans
- Added Scrapyards
- Added Abandoned Car Spawning
- Additional Music from Jeremy
- Added Storage page to manual
- Added Country Specific Goods
- Added Odometer
- Added item in the back seat
- Petrol stations now spawn based upon country

- Changed daytime ambient audio
- Various oil Mix issues fixed
- Various Battery issues fixed
- Sleep texts fixes
- Car Tilting fixed
- Decals being deleted fixed
- Fixed Newspapers not displaying correct information
- Desktop Icon added
- Menu Music updated
- Front End Menu background now changes based on save location
- Uncle restricted from travel
- Fixed Manual flickering
- Increased Day Cycle from 15 minutes to 18
- Oil should now work and display correctly, with refueling reducing oil mix
- New Weather effects

Known possible issues:
- One of our machines had experienced some crashing when interacting with certain items. We nailed this down to directx9 on that machine. But it was working well on other machines. When launching on DirectX 11, there were no more crashes. We have added an option when loading the game to select which DirectX version you would like to launch the game in. if you experience any crashes, it might be that you have to choose a different DirectX at launch
- Black screen when changing graphical options – If this happens, alt tab out and force the game to close. The game will remember your graphical settings even if you force a close.
- Low FPS – Some users are still running the game with V Sync on and highest graphical settings. Turning V Sync off significantly decreases FPS loss at night (our machines here run at a minimum of 50FPS at night and experience upwards of 120FPS during the day).
- Passport at border – Sometimes the game will not allow you to pick up the passport once you get to a border patrol. This seems to be an issue when completing an entire run from start to Hungary. The workaround for this is to save and exit if you are unable to pick up the passport, loading up will fix the issue. We are looking to fix this.

As always, if you come across any issues do let us know in the forums and we will do everything we can to help.

UPDATE 22nd July 2016:
Hi everyone,

Thank you to all who have been patient with us and provided us with reproduction steps for certain issues. We have made progress and anticipate a few new fixes in this latest hotfix. The fixes include the list below:

- Fixed several issues where battery functionality at 0% was causing components to think that they could still work (caused hazard and engine horrible sound bugs
- Fixed passport being broken after crossing the first border
- Fixed a lack of collisions on the Germany to CSFR border tunnels
- Uncle should no longer complain if the radio is too loud
- Rain Audio should no longer continue into sunny days
- Fixed a decal still having debug text present
- Using the scrapyard engine no longer destroys components but instead uses 1 lt fuel, and 10% battery charge
- Scrapyard engine gates now better displays information regarding what is wrong with the gate engine
- No more tiny tyres on abandoned cars
- Scrapyard items no longer mess up engine components in the car
- Fixed some interaction issues between removing a component from its holder and placing it down too quickly
- Fixed inventory save/load issue: Inventory wasn't clearing the recorded data for the country you purchased a tradeable good in, so when swapping that out with another item (I.e a bottle of water) it would try to assign a country ID to it and get stuck.

If anyone has any issues, please do keep letting us know. We thank you all for getting involved in the development of Jalopy.
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