Parcourez les jeux et logiciels qui ont récemment reçu des mises à jour majeures.
Dungeon Manager ZV 26 novembre

Now compare scores with the world and your friends!
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We've updated the score ranking system so that you can now compare
online with your Steam friends and other players from around the world.
Please enjoy sharing your scores!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American fans.
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AdvertCity 26 novembre
A new update for AdvertCity version 9.5!

The primary improvement is several new tutorial steps to help you find your feet at the beginning of the game - including finding your sphere of influence, and seeing who owns what in cyberspace.

However, the tutorial still remains mercifully short! Pay close attention, and explore the world and the interface yourself for best results.

This update also has a couple of bug fixes. If you encounter any remaining bugs, please report them on our issue tracker.
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FreeCell Quest 26 novembre
36 achievements fully implemented. They cover leveling, unlocking Free Cells, completing nations and completing levels within a certain time.
Removed moves counters from overworld and victory screen.
Polished victory screen.
Leave feedback on the new achievements at
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Stronghold Crusader 2 26 novembre
Version - 1.0.22449
Size - 13.7MB

We have just released a small update for Stronghold Crusader 2 addressing a few issues. We are also planning to release another update before Christmas, this will include our final map pack for the game.

Bug Fixes
  • Pathfinding optimisations.
  • Added tooltips to in-game shields.
  • Improved movement and usability of Oil Tippers.
  • Fixed Friend / Invite Only lobbies kicking players out.
  • Fixed certain actors that are not allowed on towers warping onto them if they were standing on the ground where a tower is placed. These now warp to the side instead.
  • Improved movement and placement of troops on wall buildings such as Stairs and Barracks.
  • Grid overlay in Map Editor no longer appears red everywhere outside the Player 1 estate.
  • Fixed siege equipment and mounted units that were unable to move onto bridges.
  • Fixed issue preventing publishing to Steam Workshop from the Map Editor.
  • Fixed a bug where player resource production would decrease in larger skirmish games. Thanks FireRanger!
Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy today's update!

Discuss the new update: Change Log

Please Note: This update should download automatically when you launch the Steam client. To confirm whether or not the download was successful please check the version number displayed in the bottom left corner of the main menu screen when launching Stronghold Crusader 2.

If the number displayed is not 1.0.22449 please restart Steam until the update downloads.
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Victory At Sea 26 novembre
Major features

- Port battles have been updated with additional land-based defences to pose a greater challenge to invading forces. These include bunkers armed against approaching boats and aircraft, batteries of shore artillery that can deal damage to your fleet at range, and land-based aircraft.

Other changes

- Custom port battles will also have these defences, with the port strength selectable in the fleet options.

- Fleet deployment positions in the campaign will be remembered between battles, to help save time repositioning your ships.

- You may be assigned a new mission to aid a low supply port, and given cargo ships for your fleet. These will be present in every battle until you reach the destination port.

- Missions from the Admiralty may now be declined. You will not be court-martialed for this! Additionally, you can cancel a currently active mission via the pause menu in the world screen.

- New campaigns in the Atlantic and Mediterranean theatres will have fewer Vichy French ships around, instead replaced with more Kriegsmarine fleets.

- An option has been added in the campaign options to start new campaigns at a random friendly port, and assigned to a random destroyer or cruiser. This will automatically skip the tutorial.

- Upon purchasing a new ship from the shipyard, you may now give a custom name to the ship and its captain. Also, non-player captains in your fleet now have a random chance of dying or surviving upon losing their ship.

- A new interface element has been added (from the iOS port) as an alternative method of turning a ship. Helm control can be toggled by clicking on the center wheel icon.

- Ports in the world screen now show the number of ships currently present in their defence fleet, versus the maximum.

- The carrier captains’ alert popup has been shrunk down to be less intrusive.

- Fixed a bug where ship orders would not work when the camera was zoomed out to the maximum.

- Fixed a bug where mission information, etc, was being displayed in English when playing in a different language.

- The Admiral Hipper-class cruiser now has its missing weapon information added in.

- Added in some missing tooltips on the UI.

- New Atlantic campaigns will start with most ports flying the Kriegsmarine flag rather than that of the Vichy French. The Italians will also have a base in Bordeaux.

- Torpedo belts no longer offer so much protection against torpedoes.

- Fixed a bug that could cause a campaign never to reach the victory condition.
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