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Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 3. Juli

New package of cars, parts and possibilities for all car maniacs!
3 brand new cars selected by CMS community: Delray Custom, Sakura GT20 and Salem Spectre Fastback
new 2-carb, V8 engine
new 3-carb Inline 6 engine
tuning kits for each new car (works with Tuning DLC)



In thanks to Youry de Jong we also added new Dutch language! It is in beta stage so be prepared for some bugs :)
Also, another localization is being made - Norwegian. Should be in game soon. Thanks for all of you which are helping us translate this game into many languages!

Changelog :
- Trader Pack DLC
- corrected shortcut for In-line 4 cylinder engine from R4 to I4 in english language
- proper reflections are now apply on car's interior (test drive, parking, auctions)
- enter key bug in auctions and parking
- added more parts into "noise problem" category
- added new language - Dutch (beta version)
- increased cars amount on auctions
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Farm Frenzy 4 3. Juli
The new chapter of the legendary Farm Frenzy's series comes to Steam!

Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season will be available 3 July with 20% off to mark the occasion.


The Huge special discount 71% for Farm Frenzy 4 to celebrate release Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season on Steam!

*The offer is time limited.
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7 Days to Die 3. Juli
Happy build day Survivalists,
We’ve just released Alpha 12 ‘our biggest build to date’ and I want to tell you it’s one huge mega-shit-ton of new content goodness, bug fixes and more ‘including’: A new badass vehicle system with a Mini Bike that has parts quality, storage and locking. A new sky and weather system with rain, snow, dust storms and dynamic cloudy, clear and stormy skies, lunar cycles and blood moons. A brand new sexy humidity/height based random gen system with more natural elevations, improved poi placement, cave placement, biome border mixing and new footpaths. A new random gen mixer with full control over custom hub creation, prefabs that spawn and their probabilities.

We’ve also added dynamic ambient audio system with wind, gusts daybreak, nightfall and bloodmoon stingers. A new physics system with new zombie ragdolls, tumbling blocks and explosion impulses. A new right click action menu system with over most in-game actions. A new gun attachment system that supports flashlights. A new alternate ammo system that supports stone tipped, iron tip, steel tip and flaming arrows as well as shotgun slugs. A new leveled loot system. A new bear enemy. Quality on bows, crossbows, augers, chainsaws and all clothing. New Graphics options including motion blur, depth of field, dynamic contrast and tone mapping. A new tree falling system. A new high-res acid puking hulk model. And a new crafting basics category to help players craft the most important items quickly. Folks there is way too much in this build to summarize so read em and weep unless of course you have time to play then enjoy the hell out of this mega-build!

A12 Official Release Notes here:
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Solarix 3. Juli
Hello Solarix fans!

We are happy to inform you about our latest patch which brings our sci-fi stealth horror game Solarix to version 1.3

Here are the patch notes:

  • We have added more check points to the overall of each chapter since even on easy difficulty, the game is now more challenging

  • Pistol crosshair is now in red color, as requested by some players to improve aiming in brighter areas.

  • Added auto-weapon switch functionality, when you pick up weapons and items for the first time, to focus better on the related tutorial
    Increased flash-light radius and brightness to see in the dark areas better

  • Miner-Zombies have much better sight radius and vision abilities now to detect the player, even on easiest difficulty. This would add extra tension and challenge in the related chapter.

  • Alert periods are increased for some of the soldiers, in a randomized manner. Some of the guards are more paranoid now, they will insist in searching for the player “more” when they become suspicious. We haven’t applied this to whole of the guards to balance “randomization” of A.I and some “unexpected” behavior will now add more tension. Be even more careful now, about not to alert them, since some soldiers might not give up until they search every near nook and cranny once they are suspicious.

  • Soldiers now have limited clip-ammo size for the machine guns. This means that when you are caught, they will still try to hunt you down mercilessly but when they run out of ammo for each clip, they will play reloading animation. Because of this, players will have a bit more “extra time” to manage their escape when they are caught.

  • One of the criticism to the A.I was that their patrol routes were easy to detect and memorize. Now, we added some randomization to patrol routes of certain guards. Some of them will randomly switch to alternate paths while patrolling. Now, players have to be more careful if they want to knock them out during their patrol routes because it is more “randomized”.

  • Some of the soldiers & cyborgs now work in teams, alert one, he might "notify" his closest buddy. However, we randomized this feature to add more realism to the A.I. Some of them would prefer to investigate "solo" when they sense danger, some of them would want to work in teams all the time.

  • Some of the cyborgs have better sight radius and vision abilities now to detect the player, even on easiest difficulty. This would add extra tension and challenge in the related chapters.

  • Fixed A.I Pathing problems around crew quarters in chapter 7 by adding a sound proof volume.

  • Fixed some collision problems & A.I Pathing issues in chapter 4 and chapter 5

  • Fixed A.I Pathing around crew quarters in chapter 7 by adding a sound proof volume.

  • Added more easy-to-understand objective descriptions to chapter 2 and chapter 7

As usual, we'd be more than happy to hear your feedback, so head over to the forums leave your comment here


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CDF Ghostship 3. Juli
CDF Ghostship (Official) Weapon guide is now online, This will be essential for many.

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