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Game Tycoon 1.5 19. September

As of today, Game Tycoon 1.5 now has Steam Trading Cards!

You’ll get these trading cards while playing Game Tycoon 1.5.

We say thank you for all of our supporters who play the game a lot of years now and help growing/planning up the complete new sequel, which is planned for the end of 2015.
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Grand Chase 19. September
What's up Chasers!

A lot of exciting things were patched in tonight. Since there's much content to cover, let's get right into it!

Log in today and receive an Ultimate Weapon mission along with a Maid for Him coordi chest!
With the Ultimate Weapon Chest, you can acquire a special coordi weapon for Rufus, Asin, Zero, Dio or Veigas.

Also, make sure to open the Maid for Him chest to acquire a Maid outfit.. for HIM! We know all the boys have been secretly been wanting to dress like the girls.

Of course we can't forget about the main event! There have been sightings all over Aernas of this mysterious Uno character. He seems to have been through a lot and requires some protection. If you are able to protect him successfully, you'll receive Uno's Tokens. Collect the tokens and they'll be exchanged during the next maintenance for some awesome rewards... like a Shadow Necklace for Uno!!!

That's right! Gone are the days where you had to write all the restrictions in the room name. Now you can normalize stats, prohibit pets and 4th bar skills. You can even restrict certain ranks and those pesky Arme players with their Firebolts!

It's time for a Super Encore Gacha, but this one is a special one! Not only are Sia and Rui back for another round, the all new Aslan has decided to join us too! Check out Aslan and his Liones armor for all it's golden glory.

Lastly, we have some new items updated in the Shop. Level 80 Relic Evil Kaiser set is now available, along with Coordi Bags that will increase the size of your inventory. Also, don't miss out on the limited time sale of the all new Pet Glyphs!

As always check out the full details on our website! LINK
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Mechanic Escape 19. September
Mechanic Escape in the French Indie Sale.

In France, we know how to bake baguettes but we do know as well how to make video games
The game is 70% off, on Steam and for 48h only!
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Hello everyone!

Ice palace of severe cold dungeon will be added on this week’s maintenance (September, 16th)!

Ice palace of severe cold dungeon will be added on this week’s maintenance (September, 16th)!
“Ice palace of severe cold dungeon” is Asura dungeon that can be entered from frozen highland in Durion castle at LV 50.
You can enter this Asura dungeon with 2 Emblem of Judgment items.
Prove yourself worthy by entering this extreme dungeon!

Best regards
DBO team
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Royal Quest 19. September
We're happy to share with you the news about our first major update, which includes big class changes for Crusaders, and also adds 2 new castles to the game, among other significant balance changes and fixes. If you would like to read full patch notes, please visit our forums, or click on the "Updates" tab in your launcher.
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