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Vortex Attack: ボルテックスアタック 11. Februar
Kaleidogames brings you the latest and best Vortex Attack update. Get ready to enhance your game to 1.3.

This patch makes the game future proof, so it might be the last one.

Ships balance changes:
  • Beekyr
  • Verminest
  • Kromaia
  • Snipper-bullet-hell enemies will shot slightly less but will deliver faster bullets instead
  • Some of the bosses are a bit harder to beat now

  • Some social texts in main menu (game needs your help)
  • 2 new enemy types (we call them the riot hoses)
  • 5 special stage types
  • 3 health capsules classified depending how much energy they heal
  • 4 score capsules, classified how much score they give

  • Some boss graphics
  • Some ship animations
  • Some vortex graphics
  • Steam title images
  • Some achievements are more accessible now
  • Later stages are not that long any more

  • Player ship won't become invincible till the end of the stage sometimes
  • Retro mode low performance problem
  • Asteroids never reached left side of the screen

  • Help button from menu during game-play.

  • A lot more fun.

Please tell your friends about Vortex Attack!
And... see you at the hi-scores table!

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Anno Online 11. Februar

Verbreitet die Liebe, indem ihr am Anno Online Valentins Event teilnehmt. Ihr werdet in der Lage sein, eure Einwohner zu vermählen oder selbst den Bund der ewigen Liebe einzugehen oder schmückt die Inseln eurer Freunde mit einem lieblichen Blütenregen und mehr.

Interessiert an weiteren Informationen?
Schaut in das Entwicklertagebuch im offiziellen Forum.
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Apocalypse Hotel - The Post-Apocalyptic Hotel Simulator! 11. Februar
Patch 1.0.8 makes several changes to the game along with various bug-fixes and difficulty balances.

1. New items
* Grenades: craftable, lootable, and explosive AOE damage.
* Genetic Boost: boost your level artificially through drugs.

2. New enemies: The Zomtree and The Shade.
* Zomtrees are mutant trees usually found in parks.
* Shades are mutated humans that only come out at night.

3. New ingredients.
4. New Crafting.
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Shadowrun Chronicles: INFECTED Director's Cut 11. Februar
Hoi chummers,
after the first round of Beta Tests we have gatherd feedback and will be integrating that, then it's off to another round of testing and after that (hopefully) the release, which should be coming end of February.
Stay tuned!
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