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UBERMOSH Vol.3 25. August
Howdy folks,

I remember my younger self trying to find the next volume of my favorites underground comics but they usually could not survive long enough to have a third volume. Darker and sharper than mainstream stuff, that punk pieces of art had a hard time during the printed era. The crunchy vibe of that comics were great a source of inspiration for my games.

UBERMOSH aimed for intense close quarters combat. UBERMOSH:BLACK spiced it up with hardcore close quarters. Vol.3 aimed for open field combat. A new AI tree took place (more evasive and smart, because of the new coverless situation), new camera algorithm (in a sprite based game this means that the game screen resolution had to be changed) and a digital swarm haunting the main character, not a sprite swarm block, smart units behaving in a swarm. Some concepts to make the interface cleaner and the initial camera and swarm experiments gave birth to SWARMRIDERS, a swarm shooter minigame that I set free to you, the UBERMOSH community.

The following procedures aimed to make the borderless terrain viable with UBERMOSH combat. I had to make more thug cosmetic models because players will start to see more enemies on screen and I do not want two thugs with the same face at the same ... Vol.3 had to feel like UBERMOSH but with different codes under the hood lots of balancing was necessary.
After the final tweaks, I present you Vol.3.
Thank you all the feedback and support during this journey. Hope you have fun with this new stand-alone expansion and I will be happier if my works can add a bit to your inspiration pool.

Até breve.
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Astrox: Hostile Space Excavation 25. August
Astrox will be on sale for just 4 bucks over the next 2 weeks. I was hoping that some of the younger gamers with tight wallets can knock this one off their wishlist. I can't thank everyone enough for the support over this past year.

Okay on to the good stuff!

I am slowly getting back into the swing now that the kiddos are back in school. I have been working quietly on some stuff behind the scenes and I figured it was time to share.

People are asking me for a number of things, and it seems like one of the biggest improvements I need to make is a scaling UI. You will be happy to know this is in the works. With this new UI system, I have already started working on some basic editors for Astrox. The SHIP editor will allow players to construct the ship model from various smaller components. Then you can edit the base stats along with special bonuses and hindrances.

The editor will create the TEXT file that holds all the data for the ship itself. thus allowing you to share designs with me, and each other. Stations, NPC ships, etc will also be editable.

I am currently working on the the flight mechanics based off of the engine position and stats. This will allow players to design some interesting ships, that all fly and feel different.

Anyway, just wanted to give everyone a heads up about what's been cooking. Again, I cannot thank you guys enough for the feedback and support. I will do my best to make Astrox a gem we can all enjoy for years to come.
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Now You See Me 25. August
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Howdy folks,

For the newcomers, I am the developer of the UBERMOSH series and SWARMRIDERS is a pet project and prelude to the story of the Blade Saint (that was far from a saint and had no blade at this point of the timeline). The game is pretty short and intense and it lasts as long as a coin in an Arcade machine.

Update 1.1 brings various smart tweaks to improve a bit performance and cosmetics (if you are able to understand better the swarm shape it will look nicer and will allow better split second decisions while "gun surfing").

It's been amazing your support, reviews and feedback. Thanks!

Hope you have fun beating your previous score!

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Hey Runners!

Version 1.32 has just been released! The highlights include
* Russian translations
* "Railroad gap" map now also added in campaign
* New weapons and items
* New modding possibilities, new parameters in AI, impact trigger, soundtrack handling, weapon stab support and vehicle repair
* Experimental and optional FOV mode that hides enemies and items when not in player character's sight
* Wrench, a vehicle repair tool, added in Dominance mode

Привет, и добро пожаловать, наши Русские друзья!

Behind the scenes, we're collaborating with our dear and excellent modder friends on some new amazing content to be released soon. It's gonna be a big surprise so sit tight!

Below you can find a complete list of changes for version 1.32:

  • translation: Russian language added - thanks to je_day, Y-crad, NeruoIvljulpass and Tadler for their contributions
  • maps: "Railroad Gap" map added to the singleplayer campaign (was only in invasion and dominance before)
  • maps: small fixes here and there
  • weapons: ChainSAW suppressed microgun-style very rare weapon added
  • weapons: HK MP7 secondary machinepistol rare weapon added
  • weapons: SCAR-SSR rare marksman rifle added
  • weapons: wrench item added in dominance mode only (for now), the user can use it to repair vehicles
  • weapons: XM-25 projectile can now be disarmed
  • weapons: Stoner LMG handling slightly modified, price raised and speed penalty slightly raised
  • weapons: APR rebalanced (kill chance, effective range and movement speed penalty raised)
  • weapons: AA-12 retrigger time decreased
  • weapons: Pepperdust rebalanced (ammo capacity raised from 8 to 15, projectiles from 8 to 10)
  • weapons: sawn-off shotgun reload time reduce by 20%
  • weapons: Steyr AUG rarity doubled and ammo increased from 30 to 42
  • items: 2 valuables added, one being a valuable "gold bar" item which is available in the armory (invasion only) to make higher RP-transfers easier
  • modding: minimum_squad_size_to_send_to_side_base_attack commander_ai parameter externalized where you can set the size of a squad which needs to be fulfilled to launch a random side base attack (default 4 men)
  • modding: side_base_attack_probability commander_ai parameter externalized where you can set the probability of a squad to attack a side-base instead of the commander target (default 0.05)
  • modding: added soldier AI parameters min_distance_to_throw_grenade, stab_range
  • modding: added faction awareness for projectile impact trigger for vehicle and character class impacts, e.g. faction_comparison="any" (default) or "equal" or "not_equal"
  • modding: externalized required friction value for tire squealing to happen, <sound key="squeal" min_friction="0.2" />
  • modding: added set_soundtrack XML command, with parameters enabled="0" or "1", and filename="my_soundtrack.wav"
  • modding: added support for weapon stab, making stab key use the equipped weapon instead of default knife; weapon spec parameter stab_enabled and stab_range, weapon spec animation state_key="stabbing", weapon spec sound keys "stab" and "stab_hit"
  • modding: added support for affecting vehicles with class 5 (close-range) weapons, weapon specification parameters affect_vehicles, affect_characters, range, damage
  • modding: added support for custom weapon sound effect with sound key "effect", triggered from animation control frame with key "effect"
  • modding: added support for experimental FOV, activates when starting the game with XML command start_game and supplying parameter fov="1"
  • fix: Beretta 93R despawn time doubled (was too short for a rare)
  • fix: Claymore not detonating but disappearing on character collision in final map II (Frozen Canyon) fixed
  • fix: equipped/backpack flare turning to Claymore when joining final map II (Frozen Canyon) fixed. It will now remain a flare but being inactive on that map
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