Spiele und Software durchsuchen, die kürzlich ein großes Update erhalten haben.
Livelock 27. September
We're launching a new and exciting patch for Livelock today! Check out the latest changes that will be available in game with this update.

Balance Changes:


Cluster Mine
• Decrease blast radius


ARC Cannon
• Increase ARC chain distance

• Increase starting clip pool
• Increase max clip pool
• Increase Confuse duration

Trident Launcher
• Increase Trident damage

Drone Gun
• Decrease Drone Gun damage
• Decrease Drone Gun integrity
• Set Defense Matrix shield capacity to 150

Holo Image
• Decrease Holo Image integrity
• Decrease Cloud Computing duration and integrity multiplier


• Fixed weapon card DPS value (bug)

• Decrease quick attack damage
• Fixed weapon card DPS value (bug)

• Increase damage
• Increase clip size
• Increase range
• Projectiles now penetrate through all enemies

Fault Line
• Increase Stun duration

New Difficulty Mode - Transcendent Difficulty (Survival)

Players start each Mission with 1 Reprint. If the player is destroyed in single player, the Mission is failed. If a player is destroyed in COOP, they can follow (and cheer on!) their remaining allies using Spectator Mode. Once all players are destroyed, the Mission is failed.

Two New Open Protocol Modes - Endless War and Extract

Open Protocol (Endless War)

Endless War tracks enemy destructions instead of Score on the Leaderboards. The Difficulty will automatically be set to the highest available difficulty. With the Difficulty locked, players with greater skill will survive longer, destroy more enemies and earn a higher rank on the Leaderboards.

Open Protocol (Extract)
Extract has a 15 minute time limit. At the end of 15 minutes, enemies stop spawning and a Drop Pod lands for extraction. Players successfully leaving the mission in the Drop Pod earn a Reprint Bonus. Skilled players will earn higher score through more enemy destructions and larger destruction streaks. With a set Mission time, the Difficulty Multiplier and Reprint Bonus plays a significant role when competing on the Leaderboards.
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Tales of Symphonia 27. September
Hello Tales of Symphonia fans! A new update is live and features a handful of key fixes. Please see the full list below and thank you again for your support of Tales of Symphonia!

- Increased resolution options up to 4K
- MSAA support
- Improved character and object outlines
- Frame rate smoothing
- Post sharpening and gamma improvements
- Improved mipmap implementation

-Bandai Namco Community Team"
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Cursor Challenge 27. September
Hi Challengers, how are you?

We write this announce to say that Insane Dreamers isn't dead!

Actually we are working to develop a new game, totally different from Cursor Challenge, a indie multi-genre, much much more complex.

Naturally we are ready to help you if there are problems with Cursor.

The release of our new game will be in the first months of 2017.

Cursor Challenge was our first game, it was a try to test how Steam works.
Now we begin to have fun!

Thanks for your attention.
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Wand Wars 27. September

  • Consecutive arenas with procedurally generated sets of opponents
  • Bosses with randomized abilities, names and snarky greetings
  • Variety of new types of opponents
  • Cooldown based spell cards that let you cast ultimate spells
  • Perk cards that help in battle or improve your character every trial
  • Droppable perk cards that give chance on hit and chance on hex cast effects
  • Ever increasing difficulty

  • Ranked by points gained in The Trials
  • View global and friend rankings
  • Personal high score available in Steam offline mode

  • Inventory spell gems now drop when eliminated
  • Improved ultimate spell casting timings
  • Bot behaviour improvements

  • Character selection screen bug fixes
  • Updated controller button visuals
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One Way To Die: Steam Edition 27. September
Yeah, it has finally happened. Now that the new engine is being used we can finally port the game over to Mac.

The Mac build is experimental currently so users may find some issues with it... or not. If you do, please let us know on the Community Hub for the game.

Good luck getting to the Fun Park!
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