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Hand of Fate 19 August 2014
We've just released our first major update - previous updates have addressed compatibility and bug-fixes, this one adds extra content and a lot of tuning fixes.

In the new build you'll find a host of new features, fixes and tweaks to the existing game, with more to come!

  • Lots of Dealer VO added (some is buggy)
  • Assorted new VFX
  • Tweaks to level cameras + visuals
  • You can replay previous levels.
  • You can manually reset your profile from the menus.
  • New achievements + achievements in general working
  • Minotaur can now be found
  • Multiple cards have updated art + fixes (mages tower, war cry, pain, etc)
  • Revised token sequences + token position in the bowl
  • Goblin gold autocollection on final drop
  • Many bug fixes, inc Plunderers Cap nerf
  • Court cards have been revised and improved
  • Token unlocks have been moved around
  • Late game card unlocks have been modified

We're also putting regular updates in the forums - see the Friday update thread to see what we're working on each week and how the game is progressing.

We've also been getting great previews and Let's Play's - here's a link to a couple of recent reports.

James Recommends Hand of Fate
Gamespot Preview

Thanks for all the feedback and support to date - hope you enjoy the new update!
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Magicite 19 August 2014
Hey all! Got some new unlockable races and companions for ya. I recently took a trip to Seattle with my buddies, so I haven't been able to do as much developing. We actually got to visit Valve headquarters, and ended up with some pretty neat stuff. The folks there are really nice! Anyways, here's Magicite 1.3 :D

New Races
Added Qualogg
Added Bandicoot
Added Djinn

New Companions
Added Gooey Ghost
Added Flame of Hope

Scourge Lair is now much more difficult!
Increased the amount of Scourge Enemies
Increased Scourge Enemy's detection range

By the way, I'm thinking about doing a little development video on the process of making an enemy, animating it, and putting it into Magicite. Post your enemy ideas, and I might choose your enemy for the video!

Have a great day
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Ghostship Aftermath 19 August 2014
The VR version is now inlcuded, for this who you with VR be sure to check it out! this game was made for VR!

For the NoneVR version I have updated V1.1 to Version 1.2

In general this huge update has more and quicker random starts, much better AI and less swarms. AI in general is less frequent and much easier. The Menu has had an overhaul, I hope you all like it! There are also a number of fixes and improvements. here is the change Log for 1.2 (from 1.1)

Ghostship Aftermath v1.2
Change log from for version 1.1

VR Version Released
Front end/menu overhaul
Options now includes sound options
Added more shields, weapons, ammo and medikits
Changed start of game so you won’t get attacked if you don’t have a weapon.
Added 5 more random starts
Changed the random starts to generally start much quicker
Deck 6, Ops – Hole in ceiling repaired
Deck 6 – Raised interrogation room 2
Added 2 new crew members
Removed collision from most of the dead bodies in Main access corridor
Removed some bodies
Engineering deck 1 – Fixed broken light & Fixed incorrect door lighting
Engineering deck 5 – Changed Elevator control pad to red (not working)
Engineering deck 4 – Changed Elevator control pad to red (not working)
Engineering deck 3 – Changed Elevator control pad to red (not working)
Fixed numerous incorrect lighting on door in engineering, cargo hold and operations.
Made NoneVR zero g bit start very rare
Changed some lighting on Deck 3, engineering
Reduced swarms and made alien/infected attacks more random and less frequent throughout
Fixed various blood glitches on deck 4, Ops
Changed door pad to red for cold Storage
Cargo hold lightning errors fixed
Cargo hold doors now clear (no getting stuck)
Improved the damage of the Laser Pistol
Improved firing rate of laser rifle
Plasma pistol does more damage and has a quicker fire rate
Fixed keybinding for one of riggs storyline endings.
Fixed sound overlap on one of the game starts
Made supply room – Ops, deck 4 taller, so no need to crouch through door
Added new sounds and voice acting
Added conformation to starting a new game
Added collision to Goliath entry door so player cant go wandering around in space and die.

***Please Note******

The VR version is compatible with Oculus rift DK1, we will be adding full DK2 support when we have the means to do so.
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Liquid Rhythm 19 August 2014
It’s amazing how quickly things can come together. Only a couple of weeks ago, the BeatWeaver was this totally different thing and now we’re releasing a brand new, redesigned and revamped version. As a result, Liquid Rhythm has been updated to Version 1.4.1.

The team at WaveDNA is super excited to share this latest release with you!

To read more about the updated features, check out this post:
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Shattered Planet 19 August 2014
We've been quiet, but today we updated each class to have new, more interesting powers!

The new abilities are:

  • Assassin: All guns gain +2 range and +50% damage
  • Renegade: +2 Defense
  • Robot: 75% discount on Scrapobot 5000 purchases. Also opens locked doors without a key.
  • Exile: +50% Companion health

    And the Diplomat (+10 Fate) is unchanged. We're working on a "deeper" system for the classes as well, with upgrades and active abilities in the coming weeks and months!
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