Spiele und Software durchsuchen, die kürzlich ein großes Update erhalten haben.
Polarity 18. Dezember
Hi all,

Well it's live as of today, I hope you enjoy it!


-Bonus 01 fixed
-Story 02 fixed
-Sprint now on toggle
-Mouse can be used to click levels on front end
-Third fragment on "Jigsaw" now appears
-Data fragment indicator added to main HUD
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Dex 18. Dezember
Hi Everyone!

We’re happy to announce a major content update that introduces several new quests and new locations, as well as over ten new NPCs and loads of minor additions and improvements!

We’ve made a new trailer that summarizes the cool new stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CY90HeZqqQ
Detailed changelog as follows:
  • Four new major quests (with various branching points and outcomes based on player’s decisions).
  • Three new locations within Harbor Prime (Highrise, Docks, and Red Light District), one new location outside the city (Eclipse), and over ten new interior locations.
  • Over ten new NPCs, each with a unique back-story, art, and branching dialogues – and with each NPC somehow involved in the quests and events in the city.
  • Three new enemy types (Armagear Mercenary, Security Guard, Robot) and one unique boss-type enemy (no spoilers here, you’ll have to discover him/her on your own!)
  • New Skill: Charisma (Unlocks new Convince options at important points in dialogues, enabling added solutions to certain quests and situations. Each additional Charisma point gives a higher chance of succeeding with Convince; it also gives a discount for purchases and an increased sale price when selling items to traders.)
  • Skill-level cap increased to six (Each skill can now be leveled up to level 6. And you will really need that for some of the more advanced quests!)
  • Several new mini-games and puzzles (Optional. The puzzles and mini-games are not necessary to progress in the game and/or finish the side quests. They mostly contain some extra reward once discovered and solved.)
  • Loads of in-game commercials (Billboards and commercials for in-game companies. These add spice to the dystopic feeling. Some of them are animated, some are really cheesy, and most are related to something in the real world.)
  • Quest log now gets progress updates (You now get Quest Updated notifications when reaching an important point in the quest. It is easier to keep track of where you stand and to get back into the quest after a break. Plus it just looks more complete and finished.)
  • Emails, PDAs, digital newspaper, and other data sources (Learn more of the back-story for the quests, locations, characters, and corporations through these additional in-game texts. Some of the emails are actually required in order to progress with the quests and find additional clues and leads, but most simply add depth to the story and the world.)
  • New Journal functionality (Similar to the way the Quest log keeps track of your quests, the Journal keeps track of all the PDAs, emails, and valuable data you have read, opened, or somehow acquired.)
  • Two new implants (Cannot be purchased, only received as unique quest rewards for one of the new quests.)
  • New Audio system and over a hundred new or improved sound assets (We moved all of our current sounds to a new audio system. While this may not be very recognizable from within the game itself, it gives our sound designer a lot of new ways to tweak the sounds and adjust their parameters, so this will result in better overall audio quality. Plus we added a lot of new sounds to the new locations, enemies, and events).
  • More elaborate level-up system (The XP and Level Up system is now more elaborate and should enhance the progressive aspect of the game. Originally, you simply got 2 skillpoints per 500 XP. In this more complete solution, the steps between the levels increase in size –500 XP, 1000 XP, 2000 XP – and the skillpoint rewards increase as well; levels 1-9 give you 2 skillpoints per level up, levels 10-14 give you three skillpoints per level up. etc.)
  • Over twenty new items to be found/bought/sold/received (including some new cool art pieces, valuables, quest items, postcards, collectibles, etc.)
  • Many minor fixes, tweaks, balances, improvements, and fixes all through the game.


We look forward to your feedback!

Dex Team

PS: Since this is really a major update addressing almost every part of the game, please be patient about possible bugs. We tested the new quests thoroughly, but we almost surely missed some stuff (hopefully, only minor issues). Thanks!
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Construction Simulator 2015 18. Dezember
Today we're releasing version 1.06 of Construction Simulator 2015 with some major improvements.

Patch notes:

  • Fixed some problems with support legs and ramps of vehicles and trailers
  • Improved synchronization of cargo objects in multiplayer
  • Concrete mixing tower (gravel pit) should now work reliable
  • Fixed some issues in Holiday Park missions
  • “Player joined” message should now be localised properly
  • Fixed reset of vehicles (stabilizer components)
  • Fixed digging terrain initialisation taking to long in sand box
  • Fixed Lowboy trailer warnings
  • Fixed Hook Indicator on nearby cargo objects
  • Fixed turning signals in multiplayer
  • Gravel pit employee can now be talked to for instructions
  • Multiplayer lobby refresh optimized
  • Fixed missing lights on some vehicles
  • Improved digging with small excavator
  • Fixed skidmarks/terrain marks of some vehicles
  • Fixed some audio issues
  • Minor Mission fixes

  • Mod missions are now always visible (but locked if requirements are not met)
  • Fill amount of bulk-transport vehicles (e.g. Halfpipe Truck) is now displayed in m³
  • Improved accessibility of one site in village
  • Added warning when trying to drive but ramps are still lowered
  • Improved vegetation on road to gravel pit
  • Added new vehicle type to NPC cars
  • Lowboy trailer now is officially able to transport cargo (area extended to include to upper part aswell)
  • Added several tooltips
  • Added helpful message on bulk unload (e.g. if player is not allowed to unload at the location)
  • Added lights for trailer
  • Added turning signals and hazard flashers that can be enabled and disabled (default keyboard keys: 1,2,3)
  • Added mounting chains when a vehicle get secured on a trailer
  • Added steering wheel input option (Options - Gameplay)
  • Visual helpers, e.g. hook indicators, are now optional (Options - Gameplay)

  • Added missing crane area on one construction site
  • Added several missing colliders

  • Reset controls with button now returns to default key assignment properly

  • Improved stability if more than one client joins a game at the same time
  • Improved trailer stability in multiplayer
  • Fixed vehicle stabilizer synchronisiation
  • Fixed crashes occurring on disconnects in multiplayer lobby
  • Added info messages to clients on disconnect of master/when game was closed

Important Note:
Only players with the same version see each other in multiplayer. So make sure you are up to date.
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Aura Kingdom 18. Dezember

Happy holidays everyone!

We hope you're all having a wonderful December with the new Scythe patch. Old players may have noticed something too... Aura Kingdom is now one year old!

Head out to our Free Winter Gift DLC Page and grab a key!

To get your present, just go the Redeem Page, log in with your Aeria Account (not Steam Account!) and enter your key to receive your present in-game!

Merry Christmas!
The entire Aura Kingdom Aeria Team
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SNOW 17. Dezember

Time for a change! The 0.4.3 update is now live, including Multiplayer improvements and official PlayStation 4 "DUALSHOCK 4" gamepad support.

See Multiplayer information for help on setting up servers.

  • Multiplayer improvements
  • "DUALSHOCK 4" (PS4) controller support
  • Updated to CRYENGINE 3.6.10
  • Fix: Skeletons were not updated on the server when out of view range
  • Fix: Field of view being set twice and not adhering to cl_camFieldOfView
  • Cleaned up CVar usage, removed unused ones
  • Added seamless multiplayer check
  • Added "version" data key for lobbies and servers
  • Added debug CreateLobby command
  • Improved lobby <-> server connection process
  • Fixed near plane (first person) shadows
  • Implemented steam networking interfaces and new experimental punchthrough
  • Fixed Jansson not using the CRYENGINE memory manager
  • Fixed a bunch of debug mode assertions
  • Corrected OnEndSession FG parameter
  • Fixed possible particle physics crash during gameplay
  • Reworked player freezing to avoid slight movement
  • Removed min air time for land
  • Actor stats are now fully reset after revive
  • Inputs are no longer reset on revive
  • Tricks are now queried on land, enter air and revival
  • Fix: Exploit to perform a trick while on ground by using arrow key immediately after spawning
  • Fix: Player dying if performing trick when respawning
  • Fixed buttering behaviour
  • Fixed dynamic light source passing a temporary variable onwards
  • Cleaned up & optimized player view code
  • Optimized ViewFirstPerson function
  • Fix: Non orthonormalized matrices in player view
  • Improved GameWarning usage
  • Fix: Max surface velocity was checked by surface name instead of id
  • Fix: Possible renderer crash during level load
  • Moved keyboard shifty from Mannequin idle to trick manager, fixes issues with inability to shifty while rotating
  • Removed trick & rotation logging
  • Changed forced kill to bail
  • Optimized ski effects
  • Fix: Particle flashing while skiing over a new surface type
  • Dynamic environment probe textures are now cached on entity spawn
  • Optimized CActor::UpdateStats, steam statistics are now sent on revive, death or actor destruction
  • Disabled a bunch of unused render targets
  • Integrated CRYENGINE fix for particles not loading in updated cubemaps
  • Fixed poles being incorrectly deselectable
  • Fixed possible physics deadlock on spawn
  • Re-implemented sideways landing crash
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