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Dark Scavenger 27 de janeiro
Hey everyone,

Dark Scavenger's soundtrack has finally made its way onto Steam!

The soundtrack includes 16 songs including an exclusive bonus medley. You can find out more about it here:

You can also listen to it on Bandcamp:

As always, thanks for the support!
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Moebius: Empire Rising 27 de janeiro
January 27, 2015

  • Upgraded to Unity 4!
  • Various game optimizations, translating to faster scene transitions, smoother animations, and overall more efficient memory usage.
  • Fixed bug where UI bars were showing in video cutscenes.
  • Fixed various camera switch crash bugs from last version
  • New cloud button on save/load screen tabs that toggles save directories between Steam Cloud (online) and Local (offline), allowing saving while offline.

    Note: Due to the optimizations, we also recommend Steam players delete Moebius from Library and do a fresh install to ensure they have all new files to run the game.
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Vector Thrust 27 de janeiro
A new update, time is for all available branches including the default branch.
Considering all the last changes made in past incubator builds, it was decided that this build was the right opportunity to also update the default build.
The users that only play the default branch will find a lot of interesting additions.

But this update, like the ones before, it is the result of the ongoing process of revamping the existing campaign, so the changes are either in the editor or the user experience.

The two main highlights are:
  • The new configuration for the multi lock, now it can be changed how it behaves on the options menu or using the command window during gameplay
  • The new Alpha Strike attack, this action can be activated by pressing "change weapon"+"Fire selected weapon" at the same time, it will fire all available ammo immediately but with a of cost of a longer reload time.

This time it also has been added new challenges and a new fully voiced Battle scenario, if you already have some good aircraft in your hangar you should give it a try

  • ADDED: Mission editor: option to save/load core and custom challenges
  • ADDED: Mission editor: in unit list now shows the ace name to help selection
  • ADDED: Mission editor: in unit list has been added the option to remove individually or completely clean the scene
  • ADDED: Mission editor: Triggers: num pickups
  • ADDED: the ability to define the default screen compositors
  • ADDED: the option to configure how the Multi lock behaves
  • ADDED: the option to change Multi lock options during gameplay using command menu
  • ADDED: the option to link sp weapon fire to main weapon
  • ADDED: action: set compositor on
  • ADDED: Alpha strike attack
  • ADDED: A/FX-12 Challenge
  • ADDED: AFTI 244.180 Challenge
  • ADDED: Lampyridae Challenge
  • ADDED: Near Have Blue Challenge
  • ADDED: F-15Streak Challenge
  • ADDED: F-16 Agile Falcon Challenge
  • ADDED: Bop Challenge
  • ADDED: F-22V Challenge
  • ADDED: P.125 Challenge
  • ADDED: X-16S Challenge
  • ADDED: VX-11
  • ADDED: ColdPigeon
  • ADDED: Combined operations Battle scenario
  • ADDED: NAM-16_Mod-A
  • ADDED: SSD-25M
  • ADDED: SSD-25V
  • ADDED: Health pickup
  • ADDED: Sub ammo pickup
  • ADDED: Main ammo pickup
  • ADDED: Sp ammo pickup

  • FIXED: crash when starting F-16C_B25 Challenge
  • FIXED: ignoring keys in writing text if they are pressed at the same time
  • FIXED: Mission editor: occasional crash when changing AI type
  • FIXED: the duplicated map on ContinentalM9
  • FIXED: center position of the map ContinentalM8
  • FIXED: gun prediction aim sometimes not showing or disappearing after changing weapon
  • FIXED: SAAM linked to air flow vector
  • FIXED: in High AoA the lock track is not aligned with the unit
  • FIXED: aircrafts with destroyed sub object will continue to not have them even after respawn
  • FIXED: Mission editor: fixed yaw control in units placement
  • FIXED: the jamming ability to cancel lock was not working
  • FIXED: mission editor, sp selection after coming back from the editor
  • FIXED: S-32 roll animation.
  • FIXED: XST rudder animation
  • FIXED: YF-16CCV right elevator
  • FIXED: F-35s family is missing the right rudder animation.

  • UPDATED: F-15 family special weapons
  • UPDATED: F-16 family special weapons
  • UPDATED: Now the main weapons can be added to the SP slot and automatically act as extra ammo reserve
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Trials Fusion™ 27 de janeiro
The next big update for Trials Fusion is here, and with it comes the addition of the single highest requested feature since Trials Fusion’s launch; Online Multiplayer. As well as talking about this awesome new feature, we’ll get into the change log and talk a little about what is coming up next in the game.

Trials Online Multiplayer has been a staple for many fans since its introduction in Trials Evolution and our team has been working insanely hard to create this new MP from the ground up in ways that do what they can to increase what you can do with Trials. Not only have we doubled the amount of playable lanes on PC and current-gen systems, but you now have the ability to host and spectate races, tournaments, or even seasons (if you have the patience to deal with all of the data entry).

Spectating isn’t all! Each player’s character will now appear on the closest lane. This is fairly huge in Trials where seeing where small moments of having your view obstructed can be the difference between absolute victory and taking a loss on your card.

Custom races? Oh yeah, we’ve got some tools to help create some insane custom matches. Alter gravity, speed, weight, set everyone on fire and more to help you create some crazy fun matches that rival the insanity of working next to ANBA. You like challenges? We’re sure you’ll soon find community tracks that can try the patience of you and up to 7 of your friends on Track Central.

The tools for creating amazing Online MP tracks will soon be available in the Editor, allowing for unlimited amounts of tracks to be created by the talented Trials community. Create, share and play your favorite Online MP tracks, and just like single player tracks, the studio favorites will find their way into Uplay Recommended for all players to enjoy.

Fire in the Deep! Amidst the infernal heat hidden deep below the Earth's surface, they excavate in secret; burrowing deeper underground through bubbling lava, seedy avenues and titanic rock-crushing machinery.

What secrets are hidden in the sweltering depths of the Earth? Some answers will need to be searched out on your own.

Introducing the largest content pack to date for Trials Fusion. Fire in the Deep adds a whole new career event, new tracks, editor pieces and far more!
  • Nine Classic Trials Tracks
    • 10 hidden audio logs to find
    • 27 new Track Challenges
      • Track Challenges range from secret locations to surprising mini-games, such as:
        • Hunters of Secrets
        • Missile Commander
        • Super Meat Trials
  • One new Skill Game "Circles of Hell"
  • One new FMX Track, "Manic Miner"
  • 2 new garage items
    • “Billy Gruff” helmet
    • New look for the TKO-Panda
  • Dozens of new Editor Objects, including:
    • Mammoth heavy-duty machinery
    • Dynamic lava
    • Genuinely epic train set

Trials Fusion Online MP is included in a free update for Trials Fusion, and Fire in the Deep is available for $4.99 for the DLC, or included in the $19.99 Season Pass, which includes our 3 previous DLC packs, as well as 2 more to come before March 2015. Both the DLC and Season Pass are available on the Trials Fusion Steam Store Page.
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Distant Star: Revenant Fleet 27 de janeiro
This is the second content update of 2015 and we’ve added quite a few features. Remember you can check our Development Roadmap for an overview of what’s still to come.

Pause Function
You asked, we delivered! SPACEBAR will pause the game and let you issue commands to your ships.

All Ships Unlocked in Starting Store
For the duration of alpha, players can now buy the Carrier, Rogue and Dreadnought class of ships in the starting shop. This is to allow alpha players to experience all classes of ships and also so we can get feedback on each of them.

Note – this is for alpha ONLY! After alpha, only the Pulsar, Tech and Lancer will be available in the starting shop.

Improved Loot Tables
Loot tables have been improved, which means missions can now reward more appropriate amounts of credits, weapon and system upgrades. Also, you will occasionally be able to increase the size of your fleet with ships being offered as mission rewards.

New Weapons
  • Flak Barrage – take out swarms of drones.
  • Sustained Mending Pulse – drop a static AE heal.
  • Sustained Damage Pulse – drop a static AE damage.
  • Divert Power – increase damage dealt but increases damage taken.
  • Ion Storm – Targeted AE storm that damages shields and energy.
  • Mines & Turrets – deployable by the Carrier.

Subsequent content updates will introduce more upgrades and attachments.

Mines & Turrets
In addition to being deployable by your Carrier, mines and turrets have also been added as terrain features on maps.

Ship abilities now appear on the UI regardless of whether the ship is selected.

Agro System
Enemy ships will now react more intelligently to being damage by your fleet.

New Mission Type – Hunt
Hunt down an enemy ship in a range of different map setups.

Full patch notes can be found on our blog here.
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