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D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die -Season One- 3 de julho
- Various bugs fixed.

- The game is now compatible with new DLC "D4: In Game Document Full Unlock Key".

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Bedlam 3 de julho
Trading Cards are now available for Bedlam. The set features 6 cards, 5 backgrounds, and 6 emoticons. We hope you enjoy them. Thank you for your continued support.
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Kholat 3 de julho
We’re pleased to announce that today Kholat patch 1.01 is live and available for download now!

The update includes:
-launch crashes fixes
-stability fixes
-game will not save in Act 3, players with save from Act 3 can continue playing from last save location from Act 2
-key bindings fixed
-invert mouse fixed
-gameplay bugs fixes
-inventory (map, compass, journal) will now properly scale based on user configured camera FOV
-added few missing localization texts

Patch will be available as an update for Steam platform users.
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Jack Keane 3 de julho
What's better than enjoying a warm summer day with Jack Keane?

Have you been enjoying the game lately? Let us know!
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App Game Kit 2: Easy + Instant Game Development 3 de julho

The current 60% deal on AppGameKit is ending soon;
AppGameKit development has continued at a fast pace and we're well into our focus on the new 3D Commands.

We could explain all of this in very technical detail, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth a few more! Click on link below to see just how well AppGameKit can handle complex 3D objects, even at this early stage of 3D development.

You'll notice that we are hitting a pretty solid 60fps with this Windows demonstration, and 3D rendering is fully functional on Android as well. We will have more information on that and other platforms soon.

For the number crunchers amougst you, The character is approximately 8,300 polygons with 100 of them being displayed in the above demo. These are not instanced objects so there's no special optimisation work in play as of yet.

We're making use of the Open Asset Import Library which means AppGameKit will support the following 3D file formats; .X .3ds .md3 .smd .md5 .lwo. .ac .b3d .dae .3d .lws .ms3d .blend .m3

Getting Physical!
In the past week we've teamed up with Stab In The Dark Software who will be implementing the Bullet Physics commands for AppGameKit. Over the next three months they will create the commands that will power the 3D Physics for your AppGameKit games. As a quick test they were able to make this early demo to show 3D objects colliding and reacting.
So there's plenty happening behind the scenes and we'll keep showing you demos as the 3D and physics progress.

The AppGameKit Team
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