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Timberman 10 de outubro
Long-awaited multiplayer "timbermill mode" has landed, and maximum number of players has been doubled!

Since this day tremendous number of four players can compete in chopping wood in one time!

Available in split screen as well as in on-line multiplayer game.

Please join others in this wood massacre!

Also new in version 1.2:

- 2 new achievements
- "Unlock new character" notifications
- Some minor improvements
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Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 10 de outubro
Happy Halloween month to all y'all spooks!
We've posted our first major update to Albino Lullaby.

Here is a summarized list of our changes:

-28 brand new achievements
-Trading Cards
-Checkpoints closer together in challenging segments.
-Fixes for AI detection in rooftops.
-Improved AI pathing.
-Improved lighting visibility in many areas.
-Bonus track, 'Subjugated Siren' added to the original sound track.
-Indicated to the player that they can read collected notes from the
main menu.
-Many many more bug fixes for bugs found by the community.
(Thanks community!)

I want to thank those that have really helped us champion the game. We are a very small team so feedback from you folks has been invaluable to us. We've watched just about every You Tube let's play of the game we could find and have really taken your thoughts into consideration. Not only have you helped us find incredibly elusive bugs, you helped us to make a smoother, more fun and rewarding game! Thanks so much for your honesty! Keep helping us spread the word about Albino Lullaby while we keep working to make the game even better!

Remember, you can always reach us at with suggestions, ideas, issues, and general warm feelings.

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Dinosaur Hunt: Africa Contract 10 de outubro
The game is changing thanks to your support, it is really appreciated that community is showing an interest in helping getting this game enjoyable as it is possible. Hope the direction is good, a short summary of what happened:

- introduced shadows and reworked levels to get better look and quality
- introduced new levels
- introduced new dinosaurs models
- rebuilt campaign focusing only on dinosaurs
- more gameplay variety, different spawning positions, different number of enemies, more spawning points
- new guns
- reworked pathfinding
- tons of bug fixes

The game is still under heavy development so expect more updates!

Thanks for playing!

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DGU 10 de outubro
Hi everyone,

A few things today :
We have released playable free demo for everyone to try out the game. Please download it and try it. The demo is build on the latest optimized version of the game.

For the main game, there is a new update.
This is the long awaited optimized version update we promissed you.
- Loading times have been reduced a lot
- Framerate has been improved
- There should be no more drop of framerate while playing
- No crash were reported after 2 weeks of testing but, as always, and due to different hardware, if you have any crash, please report it to
- a few small cosmetic bugs have been fixed and some improvement have been done everywhere in the game.

On a side note, this update of the game is important for the Linux and Mac version that are coming really soon as well.

We plan to release the Mac and Linux version within a couple of weeks max.
The version are "ready" but we want to test them fully before releasing them.

The DGU Team
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Shoppe Keep 10 de outubro
Today marks our last announcement and the beginning of the phase 2 development stage for Shoppe Keep. The price has increased by just a couple of dollars and we hope that you all join us during Phase 2 of development. We have just one more silhouette to uncover so take a look below

This armour set is a little different than many of the other sets we’ve revealed earlier this week. Introducing the bone armour. A very sturdy armour type that requires others to lose their lives, so that you can protect yours.

The developer Arvydas has shared with us this screenshot which may provide you with some hints on how to craft this special Bone Armour

Additionally, this warrior is carrying a rather dangerous sword, which can be created using Alchemy. In total there are 29 different recipes to craft. So I’m looking forward to users sharing their experiments in the crafting system over the next coming weeks in the steam forums.

The next feature we'd like to share is the Customer Browser which can be accessed on the main menu. The game will now remember the names of all customers that visit your shoppe, as well as details on what they purchased. Here is a screenshot from the customer browser:

We have also implemented a new system that will let you recommend items to potential customers. They will often tell you what item they are going to look at so you can find a complimentary item to sell with that item. They may also refuse an item suggestion too.

And finally, a part of the update includes prototyping of a new heavily requested feature. I must inform you that this feature is not final and we are hoping to make it a core part of the game, that system is...

Champion System
Currently in prototyping stages, a champion will be in your back room. This adventurer can be sent out on quests to travel to dungeons, defeat enemies and bring back special items.

When a champion returns from an adventure, they will come back with a log of details, showing you all of the fights they had on their journey and what happened at the end. This is currently akin to a text adventure.

The champion system will eventually be a part of the core gameplay and will go through quite a lot of changes. But we understand that this was a heavily requested feature and we would like you all to be a part of the development process for this system. So let us know your thoughts, make some requests and we will be happy to discuss many points in the forums.

There is just one more thing that we are working on. Anyone who has an Early Access achievement will be able to unlock the golden axe.

The Gold Plated Axe
The Gold-plated Axe… Some say the item was forged inside a volcano by a mad goldsmith who was adamant that higher temperatures enhanced quality of weaponry, he of course perished in the volcano but if true he made a sweet axe!

There are also rumours that say that it was crafted from the tooth of a legendary giant that destroyed three cities, a farm and several dozen road signs causing a logistical nightmare for the transport industry.

But what is known for certain is that the Shoppe Keeper is the only man who can wield this devastating weapon.

• An Axe
• Gold Plated
• Combines the qualities of being an axe and also being gold plated
• Comfortable grip
• Stainless steel
• Lifetime guarantee - The blade will never dull

In Summary
The Changelog for todays update is pretty substantial so there may be some things I may have missed, but will try to include as much as possible!

ChangeLog Date: 10.09

  • Fixed an issue where we believe door mats would cause issues when saving at the end of the day
  • Added Xbox 360 Controller support (this may need a little more tinkering, let us know your thoughts)
  • Added alchemy crafting system along with the grinder tool
  • added 29 different recipes for crafting
  • Added new items to sell for the Rogue class from the order scroll
  • Added customer browser section
  • added a system that remembered what items every customer has purchased
  • New system that will let you recommend an item to customers
  • Players can leave the shop. Though the environment is not yet complete and can cause issues like falling through the map. But you guys wanted it! More work to come on this
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