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Sentry Knight Tactics 26 de outubro
Halloween Update!

To those who celebrate this spooky time of year: Happy Halloween! From October 25th - November 2nd, we'll be running a Halloween Event in game! During this event, there will be exclusive new Items, Quests and other fun stuff that will be available to access.

This update is the first of several small content updates for Sentry Knight Tactics. In addition to the new Items and Quests, we are also introducing the first Hero Costume for Knight, Priestess, Marksman and Rogue!

We've also added Companions. Companions were a concept we had in Sentry Knight Conquest and something long-time players missed. The Jack-O-Lantern is the first available Companion players can get, with many more coming soon!

And last but not least, the Storage Chest! Lots of players asked about this in the forums and emails, and it has been added. You can access the Storage Chest wherever there is a Shopkeep.

Got ideas for updates you want to see in the future? Let us know in the forums as we are always reading and acknowledging suggestions and feedback!

v1.1.0.0 Patch Notes
  • New
    • Halloween Event (Oct. 25th - Nov. 2nd)
      • Embark on The Pumpkin King Questline. Read more below.
      • Embark on the Master of Disguise Questline. Read more below.
      • Keep a look out for Rare and Legendary Costume Consumables that can only be found during this event.
      • Many more tricks and treats to be found!

    • The Pumpkin King Questline
      • Real or myth? Find out by undertaking the brand new Pumpkin King Questline!
      • This Quest can be started from the Bounty Board in Stonewynn Keep.
      • You will have to complete the previous Bounty Quests if you haven't already.
      • This Quest will still be able to be completed after the event ends.
      • Intended for Level 20 parties.

    • Master of Disguise Questline
      • This Quest can be started from the tailor in Stonewynn Keep.
      • You will have to complete the tailor's first Quest before accepting this one.
      • This Quest will still be able to be completed after the event ends.

    • Storage Chest Added
      • Players can access a 12 slot Storage Chest in all Stages that have a Shopkeep.
      • Store your Legendary items for safekeeping!
    • Companions
      • Find Companions to bring along with you on your journey.
      • Jack-O-Lantern is the first Companion introduced, with many more coming later!

  • Changes
    • Slightly adjusted the difficulty of The Coliseum battles.
      • They were a tad too hard previously and should now be more manageable.

    • The Necrolord boss will now choose a random Hero to shoot a Plague Bolt at during his auto-attack mechanics.

    • Reduced the chances of Mysterious Lockboxes dropping.

    • Increased the cost of Mysterious Keys.

    • Adjusted the Priestess' "Ethereal" Passive Talent:
      • Rank 2 is now 15 auto-heals required, up from 10 auto-heals required.
      • Only allows one attack to be evaded, instead of two.
      • Ethereal overall was just too strong, especially on boss fights. Nerfs were needed.

  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that could crash the game if the player killed the Necrolord while his Arcane Skull was active.
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the Bat King to not continue attacking after he enraged.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing The Council's Rod Legendary buff (Mage Power) from not removing from the Hero when they casted a Spell, thus resulting in all Spell casts receiving half-cooldown.
    • Several other minor and backend fixes.

Please make sure you restart your Steam to verify the game updates properly. Check the version number in the bottom right hand corner of the Main Menu to make sure it aligns with the version listed in this post!
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Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 26 de outubro

Quattroporte is a new car added into Maserati DLC. We also added warp feature for Delorean SciFi :) Try it by hitting 88mph on drag strip.
There are few new performance parts for Delorean and Quattroporte so you can add them some power (1000 hp should be easy in twin-turbo Quattroporte).

Changelog :
- (Maserati DLC) new car Maserati Quattroporte
- (Delorean DLC) Delorean SciFi warp feature (just hit 88mph)
- (Performance DLC) performance parts for Delorean engine
- (Performance DLC) performance parts for Quattroporte engine
- (Delorean DLC) no more "fix engine cover" job task for Delorean
- (Delorean DLC) new steering wheel for Delorean SciFi
- (Maluch DLC) jobs with Maluch have special 200% payout
- (Performance DLC) added Race Tire Plus into Tires Swap
- old supercharged v8 obd bug

Enjoy and again thanks for supporting!
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Generation / 神次次元ゲイム ネプテューヌRe;Birth3 V CENTURY 26 de outubro
Neptunia Re;Birth3 now supports Japanese language! The game also has a new DLC that contains an digital artbook, soundtrack, and themes.
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Think To Die 2 26 de outubro
If you ever get stuck you can press F10 to skip any level.
Also, keep in mind that every level has a solution.
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Think To Die 26 de outubro
Hey there,
You can vote for ThinkToDie 2 on Steam Greenlight now.
TTD2 features a completely new graphic and 90 new and way harder puzzles.
Since TTD1 and TTD2 are very similar in terms of coding, it will be easy to work and improve both games at the same time.
I appreciate your support!
Thank you & have fun
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