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Catyph: The Kunci Experiment 23 de julho
Catyph has a demo!

After a long hesitation regarding the content of the playable demo, it's been decided to let you discover the first region of the game. This demo should keep you busy between 1 and 5 hours depending on the way you play (with or without walkthrough) and we hope you will enjoy this journey.
It should help you check if the game works well on your computer, and also decide if the peculiar gameplay of this point & click adventure suits you well.

Free scoring minigame

Not fond of puzzle games? In the full version of Catyph, you have the possibility to play a minigame to gather points and unlock tips. With The Icehouse collective, we have decided to offer this minigame in a free standalone version for Summer holidays! You can download Super Blue Matter here.

Super Blue Matter puts you at the commands of a small spaceship in a retro 2D scoring game. Using the left and right arrows, you have to avoid dangerous meteorites, and gather as many balls of Blue Matter as possible.

This arcade minigame is quite tough, and you will have to retry several times to survive until the end of the 30 seconds countdown!! But don't give up too fast: everything in this game is generated randomly, so each new game is different from the previous one, sometimes easier... sometimes harder!

Summer challenge

The true challenge behind the creation of Super Blue Matter was for the developer to try to create an arcade game with the Visionaire Studio engine, which is originally designed to create point and click adventure games (a totally different approach). So that was very interesting to experiment different methods in order to program this minigame.

The developer of Catyph, Simon, has a small challenge for you too:
Make a new Hi Score in Super Blue Matter! A score over 200 000 is already very nice. My current best score is 456 000.
Can you beat me?
Share your scores with us on the forums!
Post a screenshot of your Best Score, and we might even give a small present to the very best challenger within a few weeks!

Have fun!
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Overhell 23 de julho
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Replica 22 de julho
Now you can play Replica in Russian and German as well.

Thank you for your patience.

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DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale 22 de julho
We've released a game patch, version 1.2.7, with the following enhancements and fixes to improve play experience:

  • Graphical improvements:
    - Foundation, Fortress, Iceworks wall tiles redrawn
    - Boulder obstacles redrawn
  • Now you can use either set of 4-directional movement keys to pan around rooms while viewing them on the map.
  • Fixed a crash.
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Rec Room 22 de julho
  • New activity: PAINTBALL! Play up to 4v4 team capture the flag. We've had so much fun developing this. We hope you enjoy it too!
  • Leaderboards - currently only for Paddleball, but now that we've got the framework in place it should be easy to add more. As well as the all-time leaderboard, there's a weekly leaderboard that will be cleared with every Tuesday update.
  • Achievements - we've added a bunch of achievements!

    (Note: Remember we are Early Access. We may need to reset achievements, leaderboards, and stats before full release. Don't get too attached just yet!)

  • New avatar items
  • Major performance improvements
  • We unbroke visual quality (shadows were broken again) =]
  • Found and fixed some big bugs. You should see less failed connections and "getting stuck in black world" errors.

    As always, please send us any feedback you have. We love suggestions, ideas, and bug reports.
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