Gennemse spil og software, der har lanceret store opdateringer for nylig.
Woodle Tree Adventures 29. august
Hello my super friends!

To celebrate the 45.000 copies sold, we've decided to start a new contest, and the prize is a super cool Woodle Puppet!
here is a photo:

just send the screen showing the number of berries you've collected (in front of the Woodle house) to this email:

if you want to support us, please give us a like on Facebook too!

the contest will end on 7th of september.

Make the catch begin!
Chubby Pixel Team ːwoodlehappyː
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CDF Ghostship 29. august
There are many different weapons in the game and finding better weapons will be essential if you are to survive the ghostship! Be sure to check out the official weapons guide and others here :

Don`t forget to submit your own guide and help others who may be struggling!

Thanks everyone

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Blood of Old 29. august
We re on sale for 85% off get it while the discount lasts!

Sorry for the delay I had some issues to address before I could work on this update. Alpha 5B is rather small but Alpha 5C, the final part of Alpha 5, should be released in the next few days. Alpha 5C will see the replacement of all remaining old buildings with the new ones and further world detials to be added. I would like to focus alpha 5C on bug fixes too, so please help out and report any bugs you wished to be fixed in the community hub and I will try fix a bunch of these for the final part of alpha 5.


* All village buildings have been replaced with new models

* Resolution and quality options added at launch.
(right now only 1080p, 720p and 480p are available due to GUI limits, more resolutions are being worked on for future updates. Please just select the resolution that is closest to your monitor resolution.)


* Lighting Issues that were causing the game to be too dark for some players.

* Resolution menu now says "Resolution" instead of "Quality".

* More floating barrels

***Update of 150mb required***
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Shoppe Keep 29. august
Hey Everyone,

We have a pretty awesome content update for you today. In the main menu you will find the option to customise your character. Now you can choose which hammer, broom, sword and even which chest to use.
Further customisation options will be available in the future as well.

  • Portal displays effect correctly after second upgrade
  • Added frame rate cap at 60FPS
  • Decreased total amount of customers per minute to prevent customers being stuck
Brand new customise option
  • Choose your weapon - Simple Sword, Eagle Sword
  • Choose your broom - Basic Broom, Brittle Broom
  • Choose your hammer - Basic Hammer, Better Hammer
  • Choose your spell - Lightning Shock, Fire Blast
  • Choose your chest - Basic Chest, Sunken Chest, Spikey Chest
We really hope you enjoy this new feature which we will continue to expand.

We are also working on more fixes and adding more features for you so keep your shoppes open and eyes peeled.
Thank you all again for the support you have given us, the suggestions you have thrown at us and the bugs you are helping us squish.

I believe I have a floor to go sweep now...
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TorqueL 28. august
TorqueL Ver 1.0.3

Fixes and changes for PS4/PSVita in America & Europe region releases.
  • Fixed small gracphic bug in Chamber21.
  • We deleted ".com " behind the "FullPowerSideAttack" of a title screen by non-link request of SCEE.
  • We confirmed TorqueL was the Windows10 Pro 64bit environment, and that play is ordinarily possible.

TorqueL PS4/PSVita coming in maybe soon SCEA/SCEE region.
We have finished developing and fixing it by the middle of May.

TorqueL(トルクル) Ver 1.0.3

  • Chamber21において意図しない演出となっていた箇所を修正しました。
  • SCEEの要求により非リンクと認識させるため、 .com 表記をタイトルスクリーンから削除しました。
  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit 環境での正常な動作を確認しました。1.0.2以前でも問題なく動作するものとは思いますが、Windows 10環境は1.0.3以降での対応とさせていただきます。
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