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How to Survive 2 1. oktober
Letter from Kovac – Future Development

Good day Survivors,

Well isn’t it a good day? I’ve been watching you closely and I am proud of what you have accomplished, most of you have become skilled survivalists! (no, not you in the back).

I am so happy that I wanted to let you know I have my EKO Software and 505 Games zombies working on a few surprises. In the next months we will see a few updates and DLCs brought into the game. Next stop will be Halloween, just some nice costumes to party hard! Then I have in mind something a little bigger for you to dig into, something more… explosive.

So, let me see, what’s in my notebook… clothes, pets, weapons, NPC, missions, (spoiler), (bigger spoiler), etc, etc.Yup, that should just about do it!

I am sure you will have many questions but for now let me get back to work, these masks don’t grow on trees, you know?

Stay safe!


If you want to talk more about what might be coming up, pop on over to our discussion thread here:
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True or False 1. oktober
Hello all,

Thank you all very much for coming today. Free DLC Owl Rescue is out now!

After getting it on Steam, you can access it via new "Adventures" menu option. Chinese translation of the Owl Rescue will be available later, since our Chinese translator is still working on it.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
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VR Disc Golf 30. september

VR Disc Golf is 25% off!
The online multi-player update has been going great. We've seen a surge of players since the last update and right now VR Disc Golf is 25% off! Come join the fun and play against other players online in a virtual outrun environment.
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Cubicle Quest 30. september
Cubicle Quest is available at 90% off for limited time!
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Lost Castle 30. september
The anticipated Online Co-op Mode is finally available! Thank for all the support and encouragement!

  • Online Co-op with Steam friends (Beta)
  • 13 new weapons
  • 3 new suits of armor
  • 3 new items

  • Slightly decreased duration of slippery debuff
  • You can now move while performing Flame Thrower skill
  • Adjusted monster strength
  • Adjusted skill effects

  • Display bug when the phantom created by Mirror of Uoy
  • A bug where monsters' collision size persists after they die
  • A bug where the Berserker buff lasts forever
  • Text bugs
  • Texture bugs

Hunter Studio

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