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Our Darker Purpose 4. marts
Dearest Friends,

The Administrators are pleased to announce the Edgewood Winter Festival update! It is that time of the season in which Old Man Winter laughs through his magnificent beard and invites us to look upon the wondrous landscape he has created. Moreover the dormitories are becoming overcrowded again. We recommend students play on the terrace this evening..

Exciting changes in Edgewood:
-New, powerful items are available if you can survive past the first floor
-Some of the weaker items and higher tier classes have also been buffed
-Additional vendor item slot available by default
-Confusion debuff less punishing
-Players can no longer end Krass-Skull's 4-hour invulnerable phase by changing the date in Windows Control Panel

Steam Achievements: Your in-game achievements should now sync with Steam achievements retroactively. Just head to the lore/upgrade tabs and the achievements should sync automatically.

Controller Support: ODP now features native controller support for XBox360 compatible controllers. Key settings are below, but feel free to disable this setting in the options menu if you are already using 3rd party software.

Steam Cloud Saves: Game saves should now automatically upload to the Steam cloud! No more orphaned game states. In theory.

Haunting Melodies: The Our Darker Purpose soundtrack by the extraordinary Nate Fenwick Smith is now available on Steam!

See you in Edgewood!


Default controller key bindings below:

Left Shoulder = juice box (Q)
Right Shoulder = roll/teleport (Space)
Left Trigger = chalk (R)
Right Trigger = on use item (E)
Back = escape
Start = enter
Right Analog button = interact (F)
Left Analog button = minimap (tab)
Right Analog tilt down = lore (L)
Right Analog tilt right = character sheet (C)
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Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition 4. marts
Beamdog is proud to announce that Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition 1.4 is available now.

The patch adds the Korean and Russian localizations to the game, allowing more fans than ever to fully enjoy this classic Forgotten Realms adventure. Players can also customize their experience of the cold and harsh Spine of the World with new options for fine-tuning enemy damage and experience point bonuses on non-Core-Rules difficulty settings.

Additionally, Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition 1.4 includes more than a hundred bugfixes. You can read our full release notes document on the official website or download it directly here: IWD:EE 1.4 Release Notes.

Please note:
  • Applying the patch will clear out any mods that may be currently installed. You will need to install them again after patching the game.
  • Some of the fixes from this patch are not retroactive. For best results, it is recommended that you start a new game after applying the patch.

The Icewind manuals have also been updated with new sections and revised spell descriptions. You can read them here:
Survival Guide to the North
Mastering Melee & Magic

For more information about the 1.4 patch and all the newest news on Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, check out
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Full Mojo Rampage 4. marts
Hi everyone,
We are releasing a patch (1.0.123) with some tweaks and technical improvements.

As some of you requested, we added the option to leave the game in between levels. So now if you need to stop playing for any reason you will be able to come back later and continue from where you left.

A new option will appear on the main menu to "continue" the game.

- 2nd controller can join a game at any time. No need to start a new game.

- Fixed an online achievement that was not being completed.

We are still working on the console version of the game. It has been a lot of work but now we are making a lot of progress! Should be out in no time.

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Spirit Run - Fire vs. Ice 4. marts
- New leaderboard integration, you can now compete with your friends on Steam
- Improved controller support
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Legends of Dawn 3. marts
Great news for Legends of Dawn players - a new patch!

So before everyone asks, yeah we do actually listen to your suggestions :-)

What's in the patch?

- added new tooltips with more information about items

- improved FOV and camera zoom so that when zooming towards player, camera moves slightly forward thus giving larger view area

- various small optimizations and fixes

But, there are even more good news. The next patch will include French and Italian localization, and is coming in a few days. Please let us know how did you like the patch!

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