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Dragon's Prophet 24. oktober

*Styx festival event*
Osirans believe that the last day of October marks the end of summer and the beginning of winter.
It is said that lost souls still wandering the earth are at their strongest on this day.
Even Amorkan "the Styx", who leads Dragon Souls back to Anderton, rests at this time in order to recover his powers of guidance more quickly.

But when there is no one to guide the lost souls, the possibility exists that these roving spirits will get out of control.
Thus, Amorkan "the Styx" told his priests that Osirans would have to take his place in guiding the wandering souls on this day.
Ever since then, this day has been called "Styx Festival", and is also known as "The Day of the Dead".

Four new Dragons to the Marketplace:

Yuchi Lex Dragon
Golu Dragon
Coalsteel Volle Dragon
Silversnow Volle Dragon

All new content:

New adventure zone Thadrea.
Increased the level cap to 102.
Added three new Dungeons:

Tonapah Tomb
Mictlan Secret Passage
Asuma Mirage (epic)

Halloween event and themed content:

Styx festival
6 Achievements to unlock
Rewards including companion, costumes, transformation potions, and more new Halloween themed items in the marketplace

What a great time to be playing Dragon's Prophet!

Todd 'Tanthor' Carson

Warframe 24. oktober
Warframe: Archwing

What’s New:

New Warframe:

Limbo, master of the Void, controls powers unlike any Warframe yet! Able to displace enemies from the battlefield into other dimensions Limbo is a master of battlefield control. Walk through the void to attack enemies that fall within your trap, or create surges through the rift plane to deal bonus damage to any trapped within. The power of the Void is in the palm of your hand, Tenno.

New Game Modes:

Tenno take flight -- Archwing has arrived! Players Mastery Rank 2 or greater can quest to assemble the Archwing technology allowing for space combat sans spacecraft. Two unique game modes, new enemies, weapons and Mods are all available. Choose from the offensive Elytron Archwing or well-rounded Odonata and bring the fight straight to the enemy, Tenno!


Which Syndicate has earned your loyalty? Available at Mastery Rank 3, Tenno can align themselves with one of six mysterious Syndicates, earning you unique Sigils and standing to represent your chosen allegiance. Unique Titles and Mods for your loyalty are available from each Syndicate, but be warned. Not all Syndicates see eye-to-eye. Earning favor with one may have consequences with another.

Full update notes can be found at our official forums:
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Three Dead Zed 24. oktober
Zombies can get smarter! We’re proud to announce that Three Dead Zed has been updated to version 3.5. We’ve added a laundry list of features that are listed below. In the spirit of the Halloween season, we’re also reducing the price by 50%. But hurry because this is a limited time offer!

Now for some extra fun! For the next three weeks, we are giving away $200 worth of Steam Gift Cards (Link (we’ll email you the code) . For the first week, there is no purchase necessary to win. But you know you want play Three Dead Zed - this is a lighthearted game featuring people dying by a cold-hearted monster!

Contest 1
This is the easiest way to enter. Between Oct 24 and Oct 31, 2014, Help spread the word of Three Dead Zed’s discount. Tweet, “Lighthearted zombie game, Three Dead Zed, is currently discounted 50% at #Halloween3DZ @gentleman_squid” OR Instagram this image (Link) with the same text. We’ll randomly draw two names on November 1 to win a Steam code worth $20.

Contest 2
This is the most fun way to enter. Own Three Dead Zed for a chance to win more Steam cash! Buy the game anywhere you want, but it has to have a Steam activation to be eligible. We’ll announce this contest on our various social media sites on October 31 for Halloween. (Hint: It’s an in-game scavenger hunt)

Contest 3
We’ll announce how to win on November 7. You’re going to need brush up your skills for this contest, so be sure to get some good playtime under your belt!

Thanks for stopping by!
- Braaaains

Three Dead Zed Patch Notes for v3.5
(Linux update has been pushed back to next week)

Player Character
  • Classic” zombie character speed increased roughly 11%
    • “USE” command improved to have in-game buttons and switches register more efficiently
    • “USE” command has new animation added

  • “Sprinter” zombie character speed decreased roughly 10%

  • 4 new achievements added
  • Statistic tracking added
    • Total play time for main campaign (not including pausing the game or in-game cinematics)
    • Total play time for challenge stages
    • Displaying stage secrets available or found
    • Total deaths
  • “RESET” button has been added to enable players to replay the game improving stats.
    • Achievements and challenge stages unlocked are retained

Game Environment
  • Various stage balances and improvements made based off player feedback and observations
  • Elevators have graphical tracks added improving player distance gauging
  • “Respawn” added to “Pause Menu” in the rare event of getting trapped
  • Buzzsaws hit boxes corrected
  • Buzzsaws graphically improved to be “part of the world” in alignment with game’s perspective
  • Various graphical decoration enhancements
  • Various text corrections
  • New “easter egg”

  • New sound effects for jumping, guns, patrol robot, and strong zombie
  • New narration for Factory logs along with new story
  • Various audio levels increased
  • Sound “pops” cleared

  • Save game file encryption
  • Credits updated
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Talisman: Digital Edition 24. oktober
The Dungeon expansion is now available!

This new expansion adds a whole new region for heroes to explore. Brave the untold dangers and confront the Lord of Darkness! Also included are 168 new cards and 5 characters - Amazon, Gladiator, Philosopher, Gypsy and Swashbuckler.

Gold Pack and Season Pass owners will have access to the Dungeon with no extra purchase required.

Many thanks to the Beta testers for their help!

Other New features -

The game now runs at a silky smooth 60fps.

You can now change the number of players in an online game from the lobby screen. Use the + and - buttons to add player slots or remove slots. This will also kick players from the game if they were in a slot which was removed.

You can now click on card names in the Game Log and the card will appear for you to read.

New House Rules -
Standard Characters Only - the game will only use characters from the base game and official expansions.
Treasure Card Rewards - Requires Dungeon - Upon completion of a Warlock Quest, players may choose a random Treasure Card or a Talisman as their reward.
Random Treasures - Requires Dungeon - Whenever you gain a Treasure Card, you are given a random one rather than being able to choose one.
The House Rules list is getting rather large and we will be re-arranging it soon so that it's easier to use.

Fixes -

Achievements which required a goal to be completed several times (Trophy Master, Online Adventurer, etc.) were unlocking too early.

Online games - looking at any of your cards during another player's turn caused the game to pause for everyone.

Online - Players remained as AI players for the rest of the game if their timer ran out during character selection.

The 'View Board' option would sometimes get stuck lower down the screen if many options had been available.

You can now cast Path of Destiny on a Toad.

Freeze & Reflection spells weren't working correctly together.

Fixed having to click 'Encounter' twice when encountering a Spirit as the Necromancer.

A scroll-bar has been added to the online chat window.

Runestones weren't working correctly in online games and causing mismatched choice errors.

AI's evaluation of the Sky Screecher improved.

Druid wasn't gaining the correct number of spells from the Woods if he landed there because of Transference.

Necromancer couldn't use more than one enthralled spirit at a time.

Available options at the Graveyard in some situations corrected.

Fixed having an extra turn if you were killed during Temporal Warp's effect.

Fixed some cards disappearing (black shape) when being used.

Prophetess and Orb of Knowledge 'replace card' ability reworked slightly.

Dark Cultist wasn't able to roll on her reward chart if she defeated an enemy that gives a stat bonus (e.g. Doppelganger).

Fixed Lucky Charm usage when rolling for the Gust of Wind spell.

Usability fix - if you have space for objects in a Concealed Pouch or other type of bag, you can use it at the point where you're asked to ditch objects because you have too many.

The Gambler had the option to sell trophies whilst casting the Command Spell, which made the game get stuck.

Fixed House Rule settings being overwritten by local save information in online games.

Crash when Black Ice is cast on a space in the Inner Region.

Marked for Glory could be cast in situations where you had no dice to roll.

Could cast Marked for Glory even if you had the Amulet.

Lucky Charm and Marked For Glory are now easier to use when rolling more than one dice.

You can now teleport past the Portal of Power even if you have an active Warlock's Quest, with cards such as the Magic Portal and the Lord of the Pits.

Druid gains the correct number of spells if he's moved to a Woods space via Transference.

Necromancer can use more than one enthralled spirit in psychic combat.

The auto-switching of tabs in the Play Area is now a toggle in the advanced options.

Events/Enemies with encounter number 1 are now encountered in the correct order.

As usual, thanks to everyone for the continued feedback. We always read the forums but don't always have the time to respond.

Happy dungeon delving!

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Overruled! 24. oktober


It's time for another Overruled! update - and this one is packing some sweet new punches.

Invasion Mode
Invasion is the first gametype we’ve released since early access. It’s the perfect balance of attack and defend. If you want to go all out attack, you can. Happy to sit back and claim a little corner of the map as yours? That’s fine too. So… What is invasion?

When invasion ticks around, three neutral bases spawn on the map. If you run and stand in a base, it’ll slowly turn your colour, and you’ll have claimed it after a few seconds. Once it’s yours – and you’ll know when it is – it’ll earn you points every second!

You can claim as many bases as you want – as long as other players let you. If you hold two bases, you’ll get 2 times the current points value. All three bases and you’ll be surging to the lead in no time.

But what makes it so difficult? Well, if any other player happens to stand in your base, it’ll get turned back to neutral… and then they can claim it for themselves. So it’s up to you – grab hold of one base and defend it from every one else? Or go all out offensive and claim as many as you can? Or maybe you’re in the lead already, and you just want to run around annoying everyone else by stopping them from getting bases. It’s up to you.

Pre-Game Options


Before a game starts, you’ve now got a whole bunch of options as what the game is that you’re going to be playing. These options include things like what game types are included, how long a game type is, what cards you’ll get, how much health you’ve got… and it makes each game feel completely different. The host can set this before you start playing.

We're not going to go into too much detail here, but you should tell us about the crazy game types you've set up in the comments below! You can find our faves here.

Full Change Log

For the curious, here's a list of all the changes in this week's update:

FEATURE: New game mode "Invasion"
FEATURE: Pre-game options (Tweakable general options, cyclable presets)
FEATURE: New multiplayer results screen
FEATURE: New single player results screen
FEATURE: Extra 20 hints and tips on loading screen
FEATURE: New style change em ups

TWEAK: Change to jump to make it easier to double jump off the edge of a platform
TWEAK: Balance pass on all SP campaigns for trophy boundaries
TWEAK: Consistency pass on loading screen text
TWEAK: All levels with floors flat on ground has been raised

Bug Fixes
BUG: Neapolitan's censor bar follows him properly on loading screen
BUG: Neapolitan's censor bar falls off when dying on back
BUG: Players are immune to melee attacks whilst charging a melee
BUG: AI falling through bunny test 1
BUG: Hall of just-ish icon updated
BUG: Motherlover clips camera with head during loading
BUG: If a helpful card plays another helpful card
BUG: Black bar scaling issues
BUG: Veteran achievement doesn't unlock
BUG: Possible to fit through gaps protecting enemies in trolls turmoil 2
BUG: Crowns aren't always in the same place at start of level
BUG: Icons for card cycle keys appear darker for keyboard
BUG: Cards do not re-arrange properly
BUG: Punches not always connecting

Enjoy - and let us know what you think in the comments below.


AJ, MT17 and everyone at Dlala Studios / Team17
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