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AX:EL 19. december
Christmas Update Improved Gameplay!
Here is a short part of the changelog:
- steam cards
- flightstick support
- added gatling-like machinegun
- can look backwards also in cockpit view
- new targeting system
- fixed some collision bugs/freeze issues
- improved multiple projectile firerate
- added sun bokeh effect
- improved vignette FX
- joystick/flightstick axis are indipendently configurable
- added "options" button to ESC menu
- added an option to enable log for debug
- fixed various bugs

Thanks to every member of the community who has made this update possible is so short time!
Enjoy this new update, share screenshots and I'm always open to suggestions!
Happy Holidays!
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Murder Miners 19. december
This mode is now fully implemented. To recap, turning on Murder Games essentially just turns on 1 life, last man/team standing wins. It defaults to starting without weapons on a forest map with weapons in the center, a la Hunger Games. We also have two afterlife options: you can set it to where when you die you play as a spectator or as a zombie. We made this mode because there's huge demand for it on Xbox Live.

We're playing this at 3pm CST today. Join us!
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School of Dragons 19. december

Our latest UPDATE includes an exclusive bundle highlighting one of our favorite dragons, the FLIGHTMARE, an all-new quest and the release of our 20th dragon, the FIREWORM QUEEN!

After you help Hiccup and the gang restore the Great Hall when the roof collapses in the newest quest, “The Raging Storm,” check out our newest Dragon Days bundle featuring a Flightmare egg, Dragon Warpaint, Racing Totem and Viking Jacket!

School of Dragons is also celebrating our 20th dragon release...the Fireworm Queen! Plus, we've included various bug fixes and optimization.

Let us know what you think of our newest update!

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Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm 19. december
Hail, adventurers and well met.

Today the 1.6.1 patch for Legionwood 2 went online and it adds some cool new features to the game to increase replayability and address some player feedback.

The new features include:

    -Difficulty levels! You can now play the game on Casual, Normal or Purist mode, each of which has different enemy strengths and gold/EXP rates.
    -Enemy stats have been slightly tweaked throughout the game to scale with the difficulty levels better.
    -A rare bug causing a premature Game Over during the final boss fight has been fixed.
    -Slight tweaks to the morality system and endings to make it harder to be "locked into" a certain path.

This patch also adds some coding to the game that prepares completed game save files for export into the upcoming Legionwood 3, so you may experience a slight moment of lag when saving after viewing one of the game's endings.
Heldric - The legend of the shoemaker 18. december
As a thank you to all my fans I present you the forth major update to Heldric as my gift to you. Inside the nicely wrapped patch you will find many new toys and treasures.

Let it snow, let it snow…

What is a winter holiday update without snow? And lots of it. Including all the festive decorations that come with the season. Decorated trees, gift wrapped pick-ups, Santa costume and even a candy-cane sword for Heldric. All existing maps can also be played in normal or Santa mode.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds…

Well, maybe not so much in their beds any more. This update brings more depth to the game by having a chance of spawning a child instead of adult. Children cannot fight, but can run fast and will grow into an adult in 60 seconds. The harder the skill mode the greater the chance of a child to spawn instead of an adult. Keep this in mind as losing villagers can hurt even more now.

Be good for goodness sake…

You’ve asked for more maps and now they are here. Two new bonus holiday maps include a new game mode where you must protect the Christmas tree and gifts from the grinches out to spoil the holiday. It will take a combined effort of towers and traps to save the day. Don’t forget to ensure your maze is designed to keep them trapped as long as possible.

As they shouted out with glee…

Tower defense fans rejoice. You now have two new towers to unleash on the enemy. A new static spire tower deals electrical damage to all foes in range with a small cool-down. Good for groups and deadly when combined with a slow shrine. But if you really want to stop the enemy in their tracks, then the new void hold tower is what you need. This tower can suck up three to five enemies and hold them for ten seconds allowing other towers to recharge. Once released, they lose 50-75% of their health.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter…

This update brings three new music tracks to help set the festive mood. These tracks will automatically play on winter maps or when in winter holiday mode. Many new sound effects have also been added to make for a very rich environment.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear…

Your eyes won’t be disappointed with improved textures and terrain quality. On by default in the options, the new HD terrain adds extra detail and depth. Most other objects in the game also received a facelift with better textures and appearance.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work…

In addition to all the other content, the game’s user interface and HUD have also been improved. A new skill bar consolidates actions and weapon selection while providing arrow, keg and spike trap counts. You will also find commonly used functions like build and call for help there for quick use. As before, both the primary and secondary keys may be remapped in the options.

See the change log for a complete list of improvements and changes. I’d like to thank all my fans again and wish you a happy holiday and wonderful new year.

Change Log 1.4.5464

  • Added new bonus winter map, Tree Guardian
  • Added new bonus winter map, Scrooge’s Revenge
  • Added Void Hold tower that captures small groups of enemies for a short duration
  • Added Static Spire tower that does area-of-effect electric damage to all enemies in range
  • Added new spike trap pit (three can be dug each wave)
  • Added chance new villagers will spawn as children who cannot fight and take 60 seconds to grow to adult
  • Added new skill bar to show all major skills and weapons
  • Added three new music tracks for the holiday
  • Added new sound effects
  • Added Christmas tree to replace wells during winter holiday
  • Added Christmas presents to replace pickups
  • Improved terrain shader with depth effects
  • Improved most textures for buildings, monsters and other objects
  • Improved campaign map and added winter mode toggle
  • Improved many UI windows with shortcut keys
  • Improved player and goblin animations
  • Improved building list window scrollbars to be easier to use
  • Improved performance by reducing physics colliders
  • Improved NavMesh around buildings for better AI pathfinding
  • Improved town plot markers to indicate size / icons for class
  • Improved tower range marker
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Heldric to be stun lock when attacking
  • Fixed powder kegs being able to be placed while in a window
  • Balance – changed slow shrine costs from 5000/25000 to 6000/15000
  • Balance reduced spawn numbers and weight on Timberglen to make it easier
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