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Black Ink 28. januar
The Version 0.205.1923 is now available

As promised in our last annonce, a new Black Ink release is out!

The most important new features are customizable layout, multi-monitor support and stroke smoothing.

List of changes :

  • New DirectX11 renderer when available
  • New Hold Z shortcut: set the drawing smoothness
  • New The Controller Editor can now be dragged out of Black Ink’s main window. More panels will have this behavior in future versions.
    This feature shows the new Stacking capacity for such windows in Black Ink. However, some controls/editors are fixed to their place to keep a consistent UI.
  • New Ctrl+← shortcut: Toggle Black Ink main window left panel
  • New Ctrl+↓ shortcut: Toggle Black Ink main window bottom panel
  • New Ctrl+→ shortcut: Toggle Black Ink main window right panel
  • New M shortcut: Toggle Brush Manager panel ( for the moment this panel is fixed and can’t be dragged out )
  • New Ctrl+T shortcut: Transform current selection
  • Improved Framerate when drawing.
  • Black Ink window can be resized by the dragging the top border
  • In the transform tool, after clicking a command button (like “flip horizontally”) the focus is not tied to this button anymore, so that pressing Enter validates the current transform.
  • You can now click on the brush and eraser icon in the top right part of Black Ink to directly select the last brush or the eraser ( same as B and E shortcut )
  • An option have been added in the Zoom tool to enable/disable zooming at more than 100%.
  • When using the Save command on a document which isn’t a BKD, the program automatically transforms the command into a Save As.
  • Fixed Sometimes when doing Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V on big images, the copied content isn’t polluted with some invalids squares anymore.
  • Fixed The Color Blending mode doesn’t output blocky results when using dark color
  • Fixed Crash in trial version when saving when the trial time has expired ( issue )
  • Fixed Random crash after loading a BKD
  • Fixed Crash when importing a grayscale JPG
  • Fixed Several ( all ? ) random crashes when using the program
  • Fixed If the Selection or Transform properties are opened in the sidebar panel, clicking the "Show Brush manager" has effect ( issue )
  • Fixed When hovering the Selection and Transform tools, the popups can disappear under the cursor, and you can only get them back by moving the cursor out of the panel and back into it. ( issue )
  • Fixed With multiple monitor, the Black Ink Window is moved to another monitor when activating the application.

This new version was a lot of work because we added some substantial internal features, which led to significant changes in the core - but it was well worth it because it will allow us to integrate powerful features more easily!

Black Ink’s OpenGL renderer is also underway, and will eventually lead to the Mac OS X version.

Anyway thank you for your support and patience.

See you soon

Bleank Team.
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Blackguards 2 28. januar

Hi all,

patch 1.1.8 for Blackguards 2 has been released on Friday afternoon. Please find the changelog attached.

Patch 1.1.8 Changelog:

  • fixed a potential blocker in Takates arena causing dialogue options not being selectable
  • fixed a couple of issues with achievement tracking
  • fixed rare freeze when curiers spawn while legionnaires are trapped in a swamp-holes
  • fixed multiple bugs in Japanese and Korean language packages
  • fixed training fights so they no longer trigger game over if lost
  • fixed a problem with interface input that made the GUI disappear on some occasions
We thank so much you for your ongoing support as well as your patience! And now: Have a great time conquering Southern Aventuia!

Your TeamDaedalic

PS: And if you need some tips and tricks for the battle, just watch our first video guide for Blackguards 2 here:


Hallo zusammen,

am Freitagnachmittag haben wir Patch 1.1.8 für Blackguards 2 live geschaltet. Die Patchnotes findet ihr anbei:

Patch 1.1.8 Changelog:

  • fixed Ein möglicher Blocker in Takates Arena verursachte, dass man in Dialogoptionen nicht auswählen konnte
  • fixed Probleme mit den Errungenschaften
  • fixed Spiel fror oftmals bei ungewöhnlichen Spawn ein, während dem die Legionäre in den Sumpflöchern gefangen waren
  • fixed Fehler im japanischen und koreanischen Sprachpaket
  • fixed Trainingskämpfe lösten bei Verlust nicht „game over“ aus
  • fixed ein Problem mit dem Interfac-Eingaben, das ein gelegentliches Verschwinden der GUI verursacht hatte
Wir danken euch für euren Support und Geduld und wünschen weiterhin viel Spaß mit unseren Blackguards in Süd-Aventurien!

Beste Grüße,
Euer TeamDaedalic

PS: Wer noch Interesse oder Bedarf an Tipps und Tricks rund um Blackguards 2 hat, dem empfehlen wir ganz herzlich unseren ersten Video-Guide zum Strategie-RPG:

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Construction Simulator 2015 28. januar
Today we are releasing the newest version of Construction Simulator 2015, which will bring you several bug fixes and additional features.

Patch notes:

  • Fixed amount calculation when unloading bulk and added automated stop of unloading
  • Fixed connection ropes on cargo when client joins a multiplayer game
  • Fixed Deposit Tipper hydraulics
  • Fixed Vehicleloadingchains and Multiplayer issues when fixating a vehicle on a trailer
  • Fixed some hook indicator issues
  • Fixed wrong hook position in multiplayer (flatbedtruck with Crane)
  • Fixed camera name from “free cam” to “hook cam” (TruckCrane)
  • Improved loading of mods
  • Improved handling of mods when subscribed or unsubscribed during runtime
  • Improved getting mods from steam workshop
  • Improved concrete flow (auto stop if vehicle is reseted or pipe locked)
  • Fixed issue with unlocking of special missions and building types
  • Fixed “Some exercise will be good for you”-Achievement (proper unlocking of last stadium mission)
  • Fixed several vehicle synchronization issues in multiplayer games
  • Fixed a synchronization issue which caused construction sites to load a wrong model
  • Fixed “Vehicle still attached” message

  • Added several tooltips
  • Added new missions indicators (menu)
  • Free camera keeps rotation related to vehicle (drive-mode)
  • Cargo objects falling through the terrain will respawn at your homebase and are no longer destroyed
  • Concrete Pump: Concrete flow can only be activated if pipe is expanded
  • Added message when player is trying to jump to a blocked location
  • Added mission teasers (preview of missions where requirements are not completely met)
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Dark Scavenger 27. januar
Hey everyone,

Dark Scavenger's soundtrack has finally made its way onto Steam!

The soundtrack includes 16 songs including an exclusive bonus medley. You can find out more about it here:

You can also listen to it on Bandcamp:

As always, thanks for the support!
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Moebius: Empire Rising 27. januar
January 27, 2015

  • Upgraded to Unity 4!
  • Various game optimizations, translating to faster scene transitions, smoother animations, and overall more efficient memory usage.
  • Fixed bug where UI bars were showing in video cutscenes.
  • Fixed various camera switch crash bugs from last version
  • New cloud button on save/load screen tabs that toggles save directories between Steam Cloud (online) and Local (offline), allowing saving while offline.

    Note: Due to the optimizations, we also recommend Steam players delete Moebius from Library and do a fresh install to ensure they have all new files to run the game.
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