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Gods Will Be Watching 28. maj

Guided by the desires and votations of the community behind the crowdfunding of Gods Will Be Watching and after months of hard work we finally finished the last chapter of this epic space tale:

Set twenty years after the close of the original game, you will again be tasked with making tough decisions in the tense conflict enveloping the galaxy. Liam, the leader of the fallen freedom fighter organization Xenolifer, gathers the scattered members of Sgt. Burden’s old unit and embarks on a desperate quest to change the past and prevent the oppressive Constellar Federation from ever coming to power.

During the launch week of this new expansion mission, Gods Will Be Watching will be offered at 75% off!

We are super excited to finally release this closure to the Gods Will Be Watching universe. We hope you enjoy the ending and of course, we'll keep making games so, please, stay tunned! :D
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Blue Estate The Game 28. maj
Blue Estate gets a patch and here are the changes:
  • Correction for special fonts with accent that didn’t appeared on the leaderboard
  • Improvement in setting the leap motion sensibility in the option menu
  • Default difficulty is now set to Abnormal
  • You can now disable the assisted-aim feature in the option menu

Grab the patch and start shooting!
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Two Worlds II 27. maj
The official Strategy Guides for Two Worlds II and TW2 - Pirates of the Flying Fortress are available in the Steam Store in English, German and French.
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Two Worlds Epic Edition 27. maj
The 448 pages German / 368 pages English Strategy Guide is available in the Steam Store now.
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The Little Crane That Could 27. maj
I've just uploaded windows/linux/mac builds v1.16 that will bring two new levels to the game!

  • New level 'flatpack.'
  • New level 'vault.'
  • Fixed the loud sound at first start of a level.
  • Fixed a small memory leak.
  • Improved the behaviour of dirt particles in a dozer-bucket / excavator- bucket: they are less bouncy, and will stay in the bucket much better when driving.
  • Tuned dirt versus dirt collisions.


Bram Stolk
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