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MAV június 24.
-Fixed ghost players on siege mode

-Implemented max player limit for servers. Default is 16. Controlled by adding the line MaxPlayers=16 to the serverConfig.ini under the ServerSettings header. AI do not count against this limit.

-Max team count for Arena servers. Controlled by adding “MaxTeams=2” to serverconfig.ini under ArenaMode header. Default is 32.

-Fixed lots of collision issues with rocks on Giant Leap

– Joining a Siege game in-progress will drop you directly to spectator mode until the end of the round. If you are rejoining and your MAV was still intact, you will retake control of your MAV.

-Fixed unlock conditions for Armored-Stabilized-RJ-Boosted and Armored-Stabilized-Stomper-Boosted

-Fixed Collision issues for foot placement on Giant Leap
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StarDrive 2 június 24.
Today's update, which will soon go live, marks the launch of a huge array of changes for StarDrive 2, including a massive community patch, a new content pack, and the release of a Gold Pack for first-time players who want to get all of the StarDrive 2 content at a discounted bundle rate.

First up, the version 1.4 “Community” Patch provides a massively rebalanced StarDrive 2 experience that provides upgraded AI behaviors, rebalanced weapon statistics, new weapons and ship modules, and an upgraded tech tree. This sweeping set of changes began its life as a Mod created by the following community members, to whom we are grateful for their passion and dedication:

- Icemania
- Mezmorki
- Crunchy Gremlin
- Marcos
- CblHoK
- Gut

But be warned! This patch makes the AI far more deadly than they once were, and I guarantee that you will be facing never-before-seen challenges after this patch. The full set of changes that are integrated from this modification can be found on the forum thread here:

Second, this patch introduces a number of new features and bug fixes. The coolest new feature is that you now have the ability to Recolor your ships in the shipyard. When you visit the shipyard you will now see a new UI element that you can use to change the various colorings and glows of your ships. I hope you will enjoy customizing your ships with this new feature.

I have also tracked down some more persistent bugs and fixed them, including:
-Fixed Ordnance transporters not working correctly
-Fixed Retreat behavior. If you retreat a fleet from a combat, then it will retreat to the nearest friendly planet that is at least 15 AU away - this will prevent fleets from having nowhere to run following a retreat
-Increased the turn rate for all ships by 25%
-Fixed issue with paradise lost event not cleaning up properly
-Fixed issue where Drop Pods technology was not unlocking
-Fixed issue where trade treaties weren’t being cleaned up properly after expiration
-Fixed issue where GNN could report on defeated races more than once
-Fixed an issue where the timer for producing new infantry and mechs would be reset each time you entered a tactical battle or loaded a saved game

Third, we are soon launching the Shipyards Content Pack, which will add 13 new customizable ship hulls to the game plus a new fighter and heavy fighter model. These hulls are bristling with weapon turrets that correspond to the design of the ship; designs with a few huge cannons or a multitude of small ones will have different turret layouts as a result. Furthermore, each of these ship hulls now has a new special passive ability to solidify its role on the battlefield. This content pack is offered at $4.99 and I hope that you will enjoy it and support ongoing development with a purchase.

I hope you enjoy the patch. If you run into any problems, come to the Steam forums and we’ll sort you out.
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Zasa - An AI Story június 24.
1.Bug fix
2.Better solution tip
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BoneBone június 24.

- Added language (Spanish, Italian... Full list on the store page)
- Added new music game
- Added support for resolution 16:10

While in development and only available to developers
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Felt Tip Circus június 24.
We're pleased to announce the arrival of Felt Tip Circus mods - now ANYONE can create custom acts and post them to the Workshop for all to play.

Our first new act Whack-A-Bear is already available - check it out here!

If there's an act you'd like to see from us or from the community, don't hesitate to post a request! And if you've got ideas for an act of your own, check out our modding guide to learn where to download our template project, tools & free asset pack.

Happy modding!
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