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Duskers október 9.
Video explaining the update HERE

We took your feedback and added the ability to rename drones, adjusted all the drone upgrades, added mods, reworked outposts/transporters, added more difficulty settings and over 100 other things listed HERE :)

Also I'll be streaming the new build Friday @2pm PT and answering questions HERE

<Warning: this update changes the way the universe is generated, so if you're in the middle of a run that you *really* care about you may want to consider switching to the "Past" branch till you're done. More HERE>

For those on the "Future" branch this is simply v0.26 & v0.27 (plus some minor fixes). Thanks for helping us test it! We'll have new updates for you in not too long.

Please let us know your thoughts/feedback on any of the new updates!

Quick summary of some of the fun stuff:
  • Rename your drones! (Ctrl+R on drone config)
  • Added: 2 new drone models (all drone models now have a specific view and the new ones are more rare)
  • Added: Ability to create J-Fuel at a trading post (always - if you can afford it!)
  • Added: New purchasable Magnetic Mod for all droppable drone upgrades (lure, trap, mine, stun, sensor). This also means all of them are not magnetic by default :)
  • Added: Ability to ‘flag’ rooms (visually mark them on the schematic for reference)
  • New Modification: Radiation Shield
  • New Modification: Surveyor (Ship Upgrade) shows rooms likely to flood with radiation
  • Added: Patrol Bots now drop a small amount of scrap when killed. Let the hunt begin!
  • Added: Patrol Bots now destroy sensors they find
  • Added: Can now bump into enemies while stealthed, they will become aware something is there, and possibly attack if you don't’ run & hide. (you now collide with enemies)
  • Major Change: ‘Gatling’ renamed to ‘Turret’, qty reduced to 100 rounds, and damage inflicted reduced
  • Major Change: Brutes and Slime are immune to radiation
  • Change: The Sonic Upgrade no longer recharges between missions (includes a new mod to refill the Sonic)
  • Change: ‘teleport’ requires a 2 second “recharge” delay between uses
  • Change: The Ship Interface is no longer guaranteed to support the ‘shipscan’ command
  • Change: Console commands completion reworked so if there are conflicts one won't just get picked
  • Change: Exploration outline around rooms more obvious (shows you where you’ve been)
  • Easy starting galaxies (see new Difficulty sub-menu under Options to enable - disabled by default)
  • Added: Difficulty options (Easy, Normal, Hard) for Scrap and Upgrade Breaking
  • Added support for 16:10, and unofficial support for many other resolutions *(See below)
  • Added: Option to show airlock warning each time (in “Difficulty…” sub-menu)
  • ...

The rest HERE :)


-Tim (Duskers creator guy)
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Ferrum's Secrets: Where Is Grandpa? október 9.
Following your suggestions we have made many changes and bug fixes in the game. We encourage you to download the new version of Ferrum's secrets.

Update 1.4 contains:
  • Speech texts stay much longer
  • Enabled to skip speech texts
  • Enabled to skip many cutscenes
  • Fixed Hint button that sometimes didn't work in hidden-object locations
  • Enabled to leave hidden-object locations and mini-games
  • Instruction button more visible
  • Showing mini-game instruction before game start
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Shutter október 9.
We've listened to all your feedback, and we are taking it all into consideration with the development of Shutter 2. We're so excited about the sequel, that we've decided to share some of our early work now.

We've added a new section called "Next Mission" to the main menu where you can check out the backstory and some in-game screenshots of Shutter 2!

Thanks again for all your support, see you at Kent Island Prison!

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StarDrive 2 október 9.
Hi everyone, today we’re announcing StarDrive 2’s first DLC, named “Sector Zero”, which will be launching later this year.

The DLC will bolster the epic turn-based 4x space strategy title with the following additional content and features:

· Sectors mechanic. An entirely new way to visualize and conquer the galaxy. The concept of sectors reinvigorates the 4x’s of StarDrive 2. In the early-game exploration phase, Sectors provide short-term goals as the targets of your exploration. As you enter a sector for the first time, its secrets are revealed. You might find one of Sector Zero's new quest lines or events. You may find subspace anomalies, the wreckage from ancient battles, and many more new and exciting terrain features.

· Deep Space Construction mechanics. These allow you to claim sectors for your empire and to exploit the resources found there. Build a Star Fortress at the edge of a wormhole to control the passage, or a mining base in a deep space field of precious metals. Every space station can be upgraded with multiple improvements to secure your territory.

· Expanded Galaxy size, allowing galaxies up to 4 times larger than those available in the base StarDrive 2 game.

· Dozens of new quests and events to continue to bring the lore of the StarDrive universe to life.

· New technologies to research.

· New Racial traits to further customize your experience.

· Two new Victory Conditions: the scientific victory, and a story-based victory.

Also to coincide with the half year anniversary of the launch of StarDrive 2 (which was on April 9th 2015), publisher Iceberg Interactive will be offering a 50% discount on the title for 7 days from today October 9th, with the original StarDrive game also discounted to 75% off.

Zero is travelling at the mo, but we will be supplying some more graphic info on the upcoming DLC next week.

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Thief Town október 9.
Are you having trouble attaching four USB controllers to one computer? Finding that your keyboard gets awful cramped when you try and play Thief Town with just one laptop?

Well, have no fear - the Thief Town Controller app is here for you and your friends' iOS/Android devices! If you haven't tried it yet, we updated and improved our companion app to make it even easier to play Thief Town with a group of people without using lots of game controllers.

Simply download the app on iTunes or on the Google Play Store and enter the Room Code that appears in the Saloon. The game will take care of the rest!

Now you're playing with power!
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