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You Deserve október 23.
Halloween discount is here!
60% off!!!
Only for 3.99 US
Right now.
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Prospekt október 23.

Hi all, to celebrate Prospekts continued improvement i've dropped the price by 50% for the next week! This includes a new game mode!

A concept ive been working on for a short while behind the scenes, this game mode challenges you to try and sneak past the combine and get to the end of the level. So far the feedback has been surprisingly positive so hop in and try it out! It will be in the Bonus Maps section of the main menu.

Also a few other bits and bobs tightening up the game in general places for new players.

I'll be on hand tonight for any new players experiencing issues with the game to try and fix them asap.

Also the Stealth Maps are kinda in beta so you may find a few issues. But so far they look pretty solid.


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Orake 2D MMORPG október 23.
Get Ready for Halloween!!!!

Oct 25th-30th we are having a cool scary cave opening up!!! In this Cave you will be able to get your very own Pumpkin Pet!! Don't miss out!!

We are getting closer, and closer to be a Full game on steam. We just need to make sure the server is 100% Stable!

Thanks Guys!,
Orake Team!
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Castle Torgeath: Descent into Darkness október 23.
Hello everyone!

In this release, we have created a whole new gaming experience! We have a new player, rebalanced combat, improved graphics, reworked art, and made a brand-new highly interactive environment!

The most impactful change is the new player. The updated player was rebuilt from the ground up with a new model, textures, and shaders to enhance the visual experience in every way. Once that was done the weapons were all replaced with new ones of the same type (e.g. sword, axe, multibow). These weapons now do more things such as blocking and cycling attacks. This new player looked different enough to allow for a few tweaks in the story particularly making him a mage which now allows for the player having a spell at the start of the game. However, the player is only one of the many enhancements done to the game in this update.

The Alchemy Lab (Level 6) has also been completed and many more effects were added to the game. The Alchemy Lab has received a lot of magical elements to string together the final area as half transformed into the demon’s image. To do this, various magical effects and surprises where added as well as good old death and decay for the transformed part to create a wondrous, yet slightly evil feeling. Many areas however are like what they were and still hold old regalia from before.

We then returned to The Battlements (Level 1) to create more things the player can do. Many old crates and barrels aren’t in the best shape due to battle damage or looting and are now completely destructible with some holding valuable loot inside. Which brings up the next thing loot-fest. The player can now pick up almost anything that isn’t tied down including many tools. You can now mine for ores that can be traded with NPCs but only if you have the right tools for the job. This is just one of many examples we will add to make picking up a ton of loot a great idea. To top it all off we added several actionable effects in the area to improve feeling as well as the look of the level.

The last major improvement was a graphics overhaul. New filters were added to improve the quality of the visuals. We also added new custom art for certain parts of the game to spice up the appearance. The total combo of all the improvements create a whole new gaming experience which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Here are the full details of the update:
  • Improved and edited game story
  • Added new custom art at start of the game
  • Updated NPC discussions for story changes
  • New player model and animations
  • All new player weapons (e.g. sword, axe, multibow)
  • Improved graphics (e.g. camera filters)
  • Improved and rebalanced melee combat
  • Completed level 6 (Alchemy Lab) scenery and effects
  • Added new mining feature
  • Added loot-fest for many new item categories (e.g. mining tools)
  • Added destructibility of “damaged” scenery items (e.g. crates)
  • Completed loot-fest and destructibility in level 1 (The Battlements)
  • Many new effects added in The Battlements (e.g. Mana Statue)
  • Added new company and game logos
  • Fixed several minor bugs

Screenshot of new player in action with sword:

Screenshot of new player fighting with mace:

Sample of new scenery in level 6 (Alchemy Lab):

Thanks for your feedback and support. Let us know what you think about our new changes!
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DoDonPachi Resurrection október 23.
It's been a week since DoDonPachi Resurrection's release, so what better way to celebrate than a high score contest?
And rather leaving the newcomers out in the cold, we're running two contests in parallel so the hardened veterans and beginners alike can take part and enjoy what shooting's all about: healthy competition and high scores!

If you need some help, check out the top players' replays on the leaderboards or ask for some help on the forum, or you could even take a look at STG Weekly's rather excellent video here!

Contest 1 "Donpachi"
Start: 10am PST on 20th (Thu)
Finish: 10am PST 27th (Thu)
Rules: Record a high score with a replay in Black Label's Score Attack during the contest and we'll award the top 5 with a prize from the choices available below.

Contest 2 "Angry Bee"
Start: 10am PST on 20th (Thu)
Finish: 10am PST 27th (Thu)
Rules: Record a high score with a replay in the Ver 1.5 Novice Score Attack during the contest and we'll award 5 randomly selected players* with a prize.
* Excluding winners from Contest 1

*DLC requires the original game to function
1.5 (DLC)
Special Arrange (DLC)
Cave Festival ver1.5 -Arrange Album- (DLC)

Arrange Album (DLC)
Manabu Namiki Selection Premium Arrange Album (DLC)

And if you don't win, all Cave games and their DLC are on sale until 10am on 24th (Mon/PST)!


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