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Space Farmers október 1.
Space Farmers now has Steam Trading Cards. You can now unlock 6 trading cards, 4 backgrounds, and 5 emoticons. We hope you enjoy these new additions and continue to enjoy Space Farmers. Thanks for your continued support.
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Creativerse október 1.
Hey Creativersers,

Good news! We weren’t kidding about getting updates out to you sooner! That does mean there’s less new content in this update, but it also means we’ll have more stuff for you just around the corner. Here’s what you’ll see in today’s update:

New Features and Content
  • Shadows! The sun now casts shadows on everything in the game, adding a sense of depth and beauty.
  • Additional music. Let us know what you think!

  • Spectre enemy removed. We heard from enough of you about your frustration with this guy, so we’re benching it for a season to see if we can improve it.
  • Increased chance for Queen Bees to form beeswax. Because you can always use more beeswax.
  • Less randomness in fire simulation and fire spread reduced. We pacified our inner pyromaniac and made fire a little less crazy.
  • Shadow options added to visual options. You can disable shadows for better performance on older machines.
  • Visual improvements for mobs. Now your cursor outlines instead of highlights mobs and the loot bag FX is improved.

  • Fix for lost touchstones. If you’re missing a touchstone and have room in your inventory, we’ll give you one.
  • Added back in recipes accidentally removed in R2. Fireworks, Salt, Asphalt and others are back — sorry about that!
  • Fix for broken crafting station animation. Finally, it works like the other stations.
  • Armor effects now properly disabled when armor removed. Though it was a pretty good cheat while it lasted :)
  • Bugfix for TNT sometimes not exploding in multiplayer. We found all the dud TNT bombs and threw ‘em out.
  • Water sim throttling to prevent severe performance hits. Do more with water with less lag!
  • Rapid sun movements at dawn / dusk fixed. We cured the sun’s epilepsy!
  • Missing geometry on fence objects fixed.
  • General performance & stability improvements.

Major known Issues
  • Changes to visual options require a game restart to apply.
  • Mouse movement issues when exiting UIs on some Mac & mouse combinations.
  • UI issues from R2 still not fixed:
    • Single-click selection on forge and processor is not working. Either double-click or drag to queue up items in those stations
    • Items on the quickbar are not accessible in the crafting station, forge, and processor.
    • Minor quickbar and drag-and-drop bugs (generally cleaned up by closing your inventory).

And in case you missed it, here’s the notes for Release 2.
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Bitmap2Material október 1.
Dear B2M community,


With today’s launch of Bitmap2Material 3 on Steam, would like to clarify with you how the upgrade process will work. There is no upgrade path per se, however, current owners of Bitmap2Material 2 will receive the custom offers below, so as to get Bitmap2Material 3 at a fair upgrade price (this is the only way Steam can handle the upgrade process).

FOR ALL CURRENT OWNERS OF BITMAP2MATERIAL (including those who bought it inside the Substance Indie Pack)

You will receive a 50% loyalty discount on Bitmap2Material 3 in your steam account. This is equivalent to the upgrade price.

FOR THOSE WHO PURCHASED BITMAP2MATERIAL AFTER AUG 25th 2014 (including those who bought it within the Substance Indie Pack)

You are eligible for a free upgrade to Bitmap2Material 3 and you need to contact us directly with a proof of purchase (http://www.allegorithmic.com/contact) to receive it (sorry about that, this is the only way to do so…)

Note: if for any reason you do not receive the right offer in the next 48 hours, please contact us here: http://www.allegorithmic.com/contact

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Blood of the Werewolf október 1.
Halloween time. Battle some awesome monsters and white knuckle platforming. ːwerewolfwolfː

Get the:
IGI Community Choice Game of the Year
Gamehaunt Game of the Year
Indie Game DB Top 100 Games of the Year
Indie DB Top 10 Platformer of the year

For Just a $1 in October.

Have fun!

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Dex október 1.
Hi all,

We are happy to announce a major update introducing Linux support.

The only officially supported Linux version for Dex is Ubuntu 10.04 or later, at the moment. However, as with many games made with Unity engine, there is a very high probability that the game will run without problems on most of the other major Linux distros.

Please, share your experience running Dex on Linux with us and with other Linux gamers!

Thank you for your support!

Your Dex Team

PS: More news and updates coming soon.
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