We've Got Apps
Stay connected from anywhere. Check out the 3 mobile apps from Steam below.
Steam Mobile
Buy games, protect your Steam account, and get the latest news from your games and the community.
Steam Guard
Protect your Steam account and make login faster.
  • Sign in to Steam by scanning a QR code
  • Confirm your sign ins with one touch
  • Use your phone as your password
Trade and Market Confirmations
Speed up item trades and sales by using your phone to confirm them.
Customize your Steam notifications: wishlist, comments, trades, discussions, friend requests, and more.
Shop Steam
Browse the Steam catalog of Windows, Mac, and Linux titles from your phone. Never miss a sale again.
  • A personalized News feed based on your Library
  • Support for multiple accounts in the app
  • Support for multiple accounts on the authenticator
  • A new Library view
  • Community, Discussions, Market, and more
Steam Chat
A lightweight app focused on chatting with friends and groups.
Rich Chat
Pick up the conversation right where you left off with videos, Tweets, Gifs and more.
Friends List
Quickly see who's playing right now so you never miss an opportunity to play.

Android users without access to Google Play can download the latest version here.

Don't have a smart phone?
You can still add a phone number to your Steam account for additional security. This will help you recover your account or reset your password in the future.
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