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Pick a Hero 28. září
  • 40 new cards.
  • Hero level up, as pick-option.
  • Added random modifiers that varies the gameplay.
  • Remade most of the textures, and cards has better resolution.
  • Remade the card explaining GUI.
  • Rebalanced a lot of cards, a few of them has got new powers.
  • Font is extended to cover Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai names.
  • Removed fullscreen, game runs smoother as borderless window, and works better across multiple screens.

I would love to hear what you think of the changes to Hearthclone.. I mean Di.. em.. Pick a Hero. My favorite is the Evil Lab Bunny, you can really go nuts with that card ːbunnieloveː
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HomeBehind 28. září
- 增加了大地图功能,玩家现在可以随时看到整体旅程的进度
- 增加了明信片以及纸片的收集图鉴
- 增加了纸片文本的配图照片
- 增加了集齐纸片图鉴的新成就
- 增加了通关职业在职业选择界面的特殊标志
- 增加了药箱自动补充的功能,无需手动点选

- 调整优化了部分音效
- 调整了不会腐烂的食品以及部分普通食品的回复效果以及交易估价
- 调整对话时间,改为暂停时间流逝
- 调整主角点击判定,避免角色遮挡身后的物品
- 调整了中后期生存、战斗以及BOSS战难度
- 调整增强了力量和体质在战斗中的作用

- 修复了被炸死的人战斗标记不消失的BUG
- 修复了臭水潭捞出不科学食物的BUG
- 修复了背包界面按下ESC键的BUG

- 普通级更新:游戏的画面元素比以前丰满了一丢丢
- 稀有级更新:平衡性在动大刀子以前先磨一会会
- 史诗级更新:从现在开始你可以选中被主角和板车遮住的东西了!
- 传奇级更新:从现在开始你可以在游戏中肆意屠戮开发组和发行组工作人员了!新版音效中,所有男路人打招呼语音为游戏开发ZPP同学倾情献声,女路人打招呼语音为Esther被抓壮丁懵逼献声……
- 没有人在意级更新:修复了一些BUG

English version has finished the first world part up to now. A native English speaker is doing the translation. We are trying our best to prepare to release mul-language version(including English, Janpanese and maybe more) in the next build. Tons of thanks for waiting!

欲知详情,欲撩开发组,请加官方QQ群地址 76828211 或添加椰岛游戏官方微信 yedaoyouxi
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HITMAN™ 28. září
Episode 5: Colorado is available for download now!

Agent 47 must infiltrate a private militia training camp and eliminate 4 targets!

Episode 5 packs in new opportunities, weapons, gear, disguises, challenges, trophies/achievements and a new starting suit: Tactical Gear.

Watch the full launch trailer!

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NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 28. září
The new chapter in NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is opening with the new generation of Ninja in the ‘Road to Boruto’ expansion!

Road to Boruto will expand the game with new playable characters such as Boruto & Sarada, a new story following the adventures of Boruto including the battle between Sasuke and Kinshiki and brand new areas in the Hidden Leaf Village to explore!

More details about the expansion and new playable characters will be released soon, so stay tuned!

Road to Boruto will be available on February 3rd 2017 on STEAM as an expansion to NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

You don’t want to miss any updates? Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our official website for the latest news!

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Homefront®: The Revolution 28. září

Good News!

Our first DLC, The Voice of Freedom will arrive later this week!

We have also just updated the game with an estimated 2.4GB patch.

Patch notes are:

- Support for additional content
- Fix for save game crashes
- Menu options added to customise HUD elements
- Display Support for Corsair Keyboards

Players may need to restart Steam in order to see the update.
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