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Fancy Skiing VR 23. srpna
1.Now the birds are easier to be dodged, and they get a sound effect.
2.Correct show of Scores.
3.A powerful jumping.
4.It becomes easier for players to go straight, even when they are heavily crashed by terrain or obstacles.
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Howdy folks,

For the newcomers, I am the developer of the UBERMOSH series and SWARMRIDERS is a pet project and prelude to the story of the Blade Saint (that was far from a saint and had no blade at this point of the timeline). The game is pretty short and intense and it lasts as long as a coin in an Arcade machine.

Update 1.1 brings various smart tweaks to improve a bit performance and cosmetics (if you are able to understand better the swarm shape it will look nicer and will allow better split second decisions while "gun surfing").

It's been amazing your support, reviews and feedback. Thanks!

Hope you have fun beating your previous score!
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Recursion Deluxe 23. srpna
Hello again! Not long ago was Recursion Deluxe's Half-Anniversary! It has been just over 6 months since we launched the game on Steam, so we thought it was high time that we push an update out to you guys.

Weeklong Sale - 50% Off!
To celebrate this update, we'll be offering a 50% discount beginning August 22nd at 10:00am PST lasting for 7 days. If you don't have the game, pick it up while it's cheap!

Here are the notable changes:
  • Added 20 Steam Achievements
  • Added 2 new Secret Statues to find
  • Added 7 Secret Challenge Levels
  • Added More Levels button to Main Menu
  • Added new options to the Settings menu
    • Joystick - enable/disable analog sticks (for those of you with driver issues)
    • Resolution - increase/decrease game resolution
    • Filter - a few graphical shaders to play with
  • Added an external Level Editor*
  • Separated Main Menu from Title Screen
  • Rebalanced many of the levels based on player feedback
  • Improved memory handling (still leaks a bit - we're working on it!)
  • Various minor bugfixes and tweaks

*Note - You can access the Level Editor from the More Levels screen. The Level Editor is still considered to be in 'beta' so you may run into a few hiccups. Sorry in advance!

Please report any and all issues you have on the Steam Forums so that we may fix them as quickly as possible! We also encourage you to share any interesting levels you create on the Community Hub so that others can try them (we'll be rolling out a level browser in the next update).

With this update, we've improved our content pipeline so that it should be a lot easier to get new content out more frequently. Thank you for your patience, and please enjoy the update!
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AoF Chess Club 2.0 23. srpna
King of Crowns Chess is Coming: VOTE!
We've taken a lot of player feedback for AoF Chess Club and decided to re-craft our game into our newest version "King of Crowns Chess" which will be based upon our current game's engine with some fixes and new enhancements.

1. The game design for King of Crowns Chess is updated with a better look and feel.

2. A new scoring system has been added which allows you to be ranked based upon a total score of your Seniority Score (total games played), Mastery Score (total games won), Elo (player to player challenge average) and Card Points (cards earned). This scoring system creates a progressive and rewarding experience for participating in the community. Through this scoring system, you are recognized for your over all games contributed, the total amount of games won and your overall player average.

3. Awards, Titles and Trophies are also given based upon your total score and is displayed in each game, profile and chat.

4. The new card system allows for players to earn collectable in game cards you can turn in for card points when you complete your decks. More and rare cards are earned when you are both in a tournament club and compete against players also in a tournament club.

Because of the new scoring system and card system, this will be a new standalone game. The new version is already in testing and is available on steam greenlight to view and to vote so check it out and VOTE YES!

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Adele: Following the Signs 23. srpna
Here is a short tutorial to help you climb ropes and cords in the video game Adele: Following the Signs!
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