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Novus Inceptio 13. února

New big update is up and there are many new features that we are glad to introduce now.

First of all, awaited Single player. Game now allow you to chose local play that will not need online connection anymore. All data are stored locally in this mode so don't forget to backup. Also, keep in mind that your singleplayer character will be never bonded any way with your online character or future MMO game mode. And finally, we are curious about your feedback for new mode so please check forum and share your ideas in new singleplayer sticky topic.

Another big change is related to crafting. Because the game became in some kind of blueprint hunting simulation, we decided to remove all common blueprints from the game and allow all players to use these without limitations. Advanced blueprints (mostly building parts) remain untouched. We hope this will help anyone in the beginning and enjoy exploration of the game instead of hunting for certain recipes. Also, we removed chests from towers. These contained knife for cases you lost it so we want to introduce new kind of knife which is available to craft without any tools. And another update is removing few recipes from your crafting menu. At the moment, you can cook by interaction with fire, also there are few items available on anvil. And last big thing is that you will no longer need to have active tool during crafting. When needed, it is enough that tool is available in belt. In this case fishing and farming are bit exotic and still need have proper tool active to perform related actions.

Last part of this patch announcement is related to Steam trading Cards. You can notice these in game splash screen but if you are playing immediatelly after release, these are most probably not available yet. Cards were already submitted to Steam to release but it could take few days till it will be approved.

And finally, we are leaving for Europe Casual Connect 2015 event in Amsterdam (Netherlands) right today and will be back next weekend. So we really want to apologize for delayed reactions on forums.

Update contains:

New Features
  • Singleplayer (offline) mode
  • Steam trading cards! (We are still waiting for approval from the Valve)

New Single Player mode!
  • SP - Removed active internet connection requirement
  • SP - Removed active steam connection requirement
  • SP - All data are stored locally
  • SP - Possibillity to play all arround the world with no lag

Gameplay changes
  • Added new tool - "Crude Knife " - it is a knife from stone, branch and fiber available to craft without any other tool - for emergencies when you lose your starting knife ...
  • Initial "Iron Knife" was changed "to Crude Knife" -> for new players
  • Action " get branch " no longer requires a knife
  • Removed chests with blueprints and knife from towers
  • Basic campfire now won't dissapear after burning out
  • SP and GHOST modes no more uses server time - game time will not change during your absence
  • SP and GHOST modes day time changed from 60+60 minutes for day/night to 90+30 minutes
  • Cooking is now available only through a burning campfire
  • Added option to delete your character
  • Map now supports dragging with mouse, scrolling with touching edges of screen remains untouched
  • Tools required for crafting are now not required to be active. Now it is enough to have them available in belt. Active tool will be prefered for actions where more tools can be used and also is used as weapon. Fishing and farming still needs active tools to perform related actions.
  • Moved some crafting recipes to interaction with Anvil, Campfire, Basic Campfire and Furnace placed on ground
  • Removed blueprints for common items (these are now available to everyone from the beginning), advanced recipes remains untouched
  • Craft menus now offer all available recipes in the game with except advanced blueprints that you still need to find and learn first.
  • A2A now informs only about really learned blueprints
  • Map is now enlighted all day long
  • You can now destroy campfires.

Issue Fixes
  • Fixed visual counting of collected materials from sources (trees, etc.)
  • Fixed the history collected from sources of raw materials (trees, etc.) - for active game
  • Fixed visual counting of collected materials from world sources (car, rock etc.) via "Forage" skill
  • Fixed the history collected from world sources (car, rock etc.) via "Forage" skill - for active game
  • Fixed visual counting of collected materials and history in current active anomaly
  • Fixed visual shadows bugs during the transition time
  • Fixed lags when opening crafting windows after learning any new blueprint
  • Fixed lags when opening building mode
  • Fixed lags when switching filters in building mode

0.08.002 - fast hotfix
  • Fixed - SP - the problem with the destruction of shrubs
  • Fixed - SP - System chat no longer claim that you're on the EU server
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Swords & Crossbones: An Epic Pirate Story 13. února
We added an extra window when leaving the game, it tells you that if you leave, the game will be saved automatically.

Battle animations can be speed up now. This should speed up not only automated fights but also manual battles.

You are free and welcome to give us more hints at what to improve and what you dislike.
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Tap Heroes 13. února
Tap Heroes is now updated with Steam Cloud saves!


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The Slaughter: Act One 13. února
Linux users can now enter the the decadent and depraved world of The Slaughter: Act One, travelling back to the grimy streets of Victorian London in search of a killer, and all from the comfort of your own computer box!

Trading cards and emoticons should now be unlocking correctly too!

Now I'm off to work on the Mac release. Please do let me know if you run into any trouble getting things running smoothly, and I'll do my best to help ːnutzː
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The Age of Decadence 13. února

The update contains a lot of things that were requested by the players:

1) A Stash!

As requested, a stash to store your ill-gotten gains. Rent a room at any inn and get a magic chest that will follow you everywhere (i.e. to the inn in the next city).

2) Sneaking & Stealing

As requested, more opportunities to ply your shady crafts. Stealing from sleeping inn patrons and merchant stalls is now a thing.

3) Spearman's Kit

As requested, a one-handed spear with a longer reach. It comes with a fancy buckler, a well-crafted blue steel helmet that doesn't restrict your vision, and its current owner. Enjoy!

To get your hands on that kit you have to bravely enter a tavern in the Arena district and challenge a dreadful pirate currently terrorizing the peaceful patrons. Are you bad enough dude to save the patrons and claim the villain’s spear for yourself?

4) Trading Cards.

As requested, now you can trade cards and craft your very own badge (or two). Steam gave us hard time ensuring that the divine badge is up to the code and meets the highest requirements (shines like the North Star on a dark night), so hope you won't be disappointed.

One of the badges

5) Expanded Endings

If you always wanted to know what the Zamedi demon is up to (and other memorable characters you've met on your journey), well, now you can. As requested.

6) Camera & Interface Resolutions

As requested, the camera's code has been updated and now it's much smoother. Don't expect any miracles but it's better than before. Plus we added higher resolutions support for the interface.

7) Minor things

Several new characters, text descriptions, bug fixes, improved textures and models, minor balance tweaks.

Thanks for playing.
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