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Greatest Two Part Update for Granado Espada

“The evolution of the New Era rests on the cornerstone of Knowledge and Beauty.” – Nicholas Roerich.

Granado Espada Online, a decade year old game, still prospers and has maintained its position in the global gaming market until now. This 29th of June 2016 the game will have a major update that players will surely don’t want to miss.

Granado Espada last left the story with the introduction of New Era Episode 1’s two new characters in the Island of Viron: Lyn, the Dark Knight and her master, the mysterious L. They also uncovered a new section of the ominous Lucifer Castle, abandoned after the demise of its owner, Montoro, with its own brand of horrors: the Reception Hall of Oblivion.

The two major updates will consist of New Era Episode 2 and New Era Final Episode.

In New Era Episode 2, L leaves for Truman's laboratory to see his invention of destruction. Truman captures Catherine doll while visiting Viron. He aims to use the essence of Catherine to power his own creation, aimed to destroy mankind.

• New Field & Artifact – “Viron, Truman’s Secret Workshop”, established in the basement of the Viron Clock Tower.
• New Mission – Viron, Clock Tower (Basement). It is a product of ancient civilization since Stratavista fabricated the history of mankind.

• Evil Machina – a new character said to be a mankind destroyer, born from technology of Truman, a doctor from Illier, along with the ancient knowledge of Stratavista.

On the last episode of New Era, L loses her faith in Truman after he flees and leaves his secret workshop in the Clock Tower basement. L, lost in her thoughts, locks herself in Lucifer Castle. At the same time, Beatrice returns with a letter ordering the execution of L.

• New Mission – Viron, Time Regained, a space of emptiness where everything has stopped.

• Leona Bernier – a new character who is the sole survivor of the Bernier family, the first Duke of Illier.
• Raid Monster – Axei Pharrel. After consuming Montoro’s power and knowledge which was secretly poisoned by Leona, Pharrel has become out of control and had gone mad. With the intervention of Hernandez, he has become larger than life! Do you dare face this raid boss monster?
• Artifact Collection – The Duke of Rose Series with abilities to improve elemental penetration. Be the first to collect them!

Don’t miss the story and the action that Granado Espada will provide before the ending of June. Come and join us as we explore the ending of the New Era.

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Just a Cleric 30. června
I'm happy to say that gear sets are now part of Just a Cleric!

Wear all the pieces of any given set and you'll automatically gain some extra bonuses. With this, even crappy starting junk can be useful! Please refer to my new guide on this subject for further details:
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Door To Door 30. června
Today, Door To Door will be getting an update.

This update includes:

1.) New Case-File to play; "The Synthman Cometh"
2.) New 'Undisclosed' location to explore

*PLEASE NOTE: Your screen will fade to black for a short time during this Case-File. This is normal, let it be.

*Regarding yesterday's post; This new Case-File "The Synthman Cometh" was tested until non-fail. There is a VERY small chance it may occur temperamental for a few players. In the rare case that this happens, I sincerely apologize in advance and will absolutely see what can be done about the issue soon.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Have fun!
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Night Blights 30. června
Hail to the King!
We're laying down a challenge of epic proportions. Gary from Hot Cross Games has just smashed Survival Mode in the game and seized the top spot on the Leaderboard with an in-game time of 6hrs, 53min and 6sec. Can you knock the game's undisputed King from his hill? Do you think you can beat this time! We don't.
And if you don't currently own a copy it's only $3.49 during the Steam Summer Sale!
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BattleSouls 30. června
New Hero enters BattleSouls!

The top requested feature for BattleSouls has been more heroes and we are finally ready to give you Tanak - The Shaman !

Tanak - The Shaman
  • Primary attack: When Tanak hits an enemy with his hammer it damages that enemy and sends out a healing aoe that heals all allies in range.
  • Secondary attack: Tanak smashes his hammer in to the ground and causes a small earthquake. Enemies hit will be slowed, and those close to the center will also be stunned.
  • Change effect: When you change in to Tanak he summons the power of the winds, and after a short time he pulls in all enemies in range towards him.
We are having a lot of fun playing with Tanak on the dev team, and we hope you will like him as well. You can set him up for some pretty epic agressive plays and still also use him to protect and support your team.

Other changes:
  • Resolved some more of the mouse sensitivity issues and they should now be complety gone.
  • Fixed the color of player names in chat so they now represent the color of the team the player is on
  • Corrected the color of the victory and defeat text on the win screen to correctly represent your team color
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