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Nuclear Throne 22. září

We missed the update last week because things got too busy. A lot of work has been going on behind the screens this week, and will sadly have to stay there for a bit.

We're working on a new secret area, but it just isn't ready to implement yet. Of course, we can't just give you an empty update, so here's a pile of updates, three new explosive weapons based around tiny grenades, and some proper bug fixes!

Two thirds of the team spent our week at Fantastic Arcade, and the next week might be super busy too. After that however, we're going back to full blast. We've got some good stuff cooking.

  • Three new explosive weapons, first of which is the Cluster Launcher.
  • A GRENADE SHOTGUN. Caps intended.
  • And obviously, a Grenade Rifle.

  • Gamma Guts now even more damage!
  • The Hyper Launcher rate of fire has been slightly decreased.
  • The Lightning Rifle now has a higher rate of fire, but slightly less range.
  • Laser Pistol rate of fire has been decreased a tiny bit more. More changes to these coming soon probably.
  • I'm also pretty sure we fixed some weapon spawn positions, but forgot to write it down. Exciting!

  • Lil Hunter now drops 20 rads instead of 2.
  • Chests should no longer freak out when spawning on top of eachother, digging infinitely long tunnels.
  • Hopefully the Lightning Rifle no longer makes the game crash on Mac. Please let us know!
  • Finally squashed the bug that caused Rhino Freaks to disappear when touching a wall.

  • Recycle Gland no longer spawns a million +1 bullet popups. This is a temporary fix untill we add a better effect.
  • Work in progress light beams can be found in the Crown Vaults now!

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Starion Tactics 22. září
Another week. Another update. And this is a juicy one :)



- Fix for occasional flashing battle GUI
- Fix for the portraits sometimes not changing correctly
- Fix for misc sound issues
- Fix for camera jumping to the upper left after loading a saved game
- Added end turn button to tool menu
- Added clear victory conditions to the end screen
- Graphical tweaks to the in-game GUI
- Added additional card info dialogs


- Fixed the behavior of the Idle Ship and Idle Planet Buttons
- Separated moving ships from idle ships
- Fix for ship names not having correct IDs

- Synchs state on game start
- Cannot start game w/o server running

Card Dialogs:
- All dialogs now appear before player round start
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Crimsonland 22. září
Crimsonland is now available on OS X! Normal Steam features like leaderboards and achievements are naturally supported. The game also supports at least PS4 and PS3 controllers on OS X at the moment. In addition several other brands of modern controllers should work too.

In other news we're also working on the Linux version. We don't have a release date yet since we have Linux controller support to implement and one Linux sound engine to write still but we're getting there!
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Audiosurf 2 22. září

Highlights from this update:
  • New puzzle modes Vegas, Eraser, and Pointman with powerups and corkscrew loops synchronized to your music.
  • Full Gamepad and Big Picture support.
  • Puzzle League with vegas, eraser, pusher, and pointman all competing on the same scoreboards.
  • Enhanced Mono mode with more loops, more lane variance, and less troll powerups.
  • In-game "live" leaderboards now show more players competing alongside you.


Puzzle League
  • Added new (enhanced) puzzle modes based on the classic puzzle modes from the original Audiosurf: vegas, pointman, and eraser
  • These new puzzle modes include a chain bonus (for hitting blocks and making matches continually) and a clean finish bonus (for ending the run with an empty puzzle grid).
  • Puzzle modes (including Pusher) place powerups at key moments in the music. Like Audiosurf 2's Mono mode, you should try to have a grid full of matches when you hit the big corkscrew loop powerups.
  • Vegas generates powerups: Sort, Paint (even white paint), and Storm (even white storm).
  • Scoreboards now show all 4 puzzle modes together on the "League" tab. You can still use the "Global" tab to see scores from only one mode (for example, Pusher only).

Full Gamepad and Big Picture support
  • Vibration support (xinput controllers only)
  • Daisywheel support for adding scoreboard comments (or searching songs) via gamepad
  • Tip: the gamepad's "start" button can be used as a hotkey for the in-game play button (triangle button).
  • Tip: the gamepad's bumpers can be pressed to increase the scroll speed
  • The game now autodetects the best quality settings for your PC. It will do it once for each resolution you run at, or you can manually set the rendering quality and the autodetector will never run again.
  • In-game settings added for resolution, quality, and windowed mode
  • Game launcher removed

Mono mode improvements
  • more corkscrew loops allowed (if the song wants them)
  • more lane variance. Blocks were often set up in a long chains in one lane.
  • fixed most troll powerups. Powerups that came just after your puzzle collected have had their chainspans (ribbon) extended.

  • Fixed unicode problems in the soundcloud part of the song browser
  • Added support for following more than 50 soundcloud musicians
  • Added support for your own (public) soundcloud playlists
  • Fix: added soundcloud link above scoreboard when in song browser
  • Fixed occasional problem with web-streamed music block synchronization.
  • Stadium skin now uses darker colors for puzzle modes
  • Improved skin loading speed. Stadium skin now loads in about half the time.
  • Loading screen now correctly shows when a skin is loading vs. when a mod is loading
  • Fixed chainspan (block ribbon) rendering inside corkscrew loops
  • In-game "live" scoreboards now show more players competing alongside you and, for puzzle league modes, shows players using other modes from the league
  • Fix: Live scoreboards now work when gameplay is launched from the Song of the Day tab

Improvements for mod and skin authors:
  • mods can now load sounds (skins can change them)
  • air debris now flashes automatically when blocks are hit. Mods can override this by flashing the air debris manually one or more times.
  • fixed skyboxes
  • Vegas, pusher, pointman, and eraser all use nearly the same lua script, so any of them are a good baseline for a new puzzle-style mod
  • Mods gained: AddMinimapMarkers and RumbleActiveGamepad. See a new puzzle mode's lua file for example uses.
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AudioSurf 22. září

Ride a new free song everyday! Audiosurf offers the same song of the day as Audiosurf 2 and now supports unicode characters in streaming song names.

Each new song of the day starts at 11am PDT.
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