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The Slaughtering Grounds 18. dubna
Slaughtering Grounds now has Steam trading cards! Thank you for your support and happy card collecting!
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Deadly Profits 18. dubna
Patch 1.08 Graphics Overhaul
April 1st

Hello everyone! The past couple of weeks have revolved around updating the game engine and implementing an entire new approach to graphics rendering for Deadly Profits. This patch is around 590 megabytes of changes to materials, textures, and rendering processes. Bug squashing and content additions to gameplay will resume now that this overhaul has been completed. Features listed below and thank you for your feedback and support.

  • Deadly Profits now takes advantage of DX11
  • Deadly Profits now uses Physical Based Shading
  • Deadly Profits now uses HDR instead of LDR
  • Deadly Profits now uses Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  • Deadly Profits now uses Depth of Field Scatter to blur distant objects
  • Deadly Profits now uses Gausian Blur
  • Deadly Profits now has Bloom and Flare effects
  • All objects have had their materials adjusted to benefit from PBS
  • All monsters have had their materials adjusted and changed to benefit from PBS
  • Lighting has been adjusted for all sources. Dungeon overall brightness has been raised and SSAO has been used to maintain the dark gritty feel.

These are the main features with alot of other small additions. There are some current changes to spell effects and some random camera locking issues that have come along with the engine upgrade. These will be addressed in the next patch. Thanks again.
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Lords of Xulima 18. dubna

Polish Language Available

We have updated the version (v.1.8) and now the Polish language is included among the supported languages. Now the Lords of Xulima speak in English, Spanish, German, French and Polish.

Lords of Xulima has more than 70,000 words, so every new language is a real challenge. And as the game is so long, testing a new language can be very difficult. However, the extra effort is always worth it. We hope that the nice people in Poland enjoy it. To celebrate this, we have launched a special promotional discount.

Russian in the works!
The Russian translation is almost finished as well. We expect to release it in Russian very soon. As we have many fans there, many are asking us for a Russian translation. Bear with us just a little longer.

The Future of Xulima
We have been less active than before in the forums and with the updates, but that does not mean we are in a Caribbean Island resting and drinking mojitos. We are now at a point where we are deciding our plans for the future. These are hard decision to make, and before even thinking about doing them we have to be sure they are "possible". So we have been working in parallel with different goals. Here you have some:

Playing Lords of Xulima with a Gamepad?
No, we are not crazy (yet). We are planning to port LoX to consoles, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. One of the first challenges is changing the input system and allow LoX to be fully managed by a gamepad. Some parts are trivial but others will be challenging tasks. How are we going to implement the search for hidden items/buttons? How will the in-game help of the different GUI elements or map elements be displayed? And there are a hundred more problems that may arise that we are considering first.

Porting or not porting?
Porting the game to consoles or tablets will take a lot of effort, measured in time and money. Should we dedicate months of work for the ports? Or wouldn't be a better idea to start the development of a new game?

New game? New LoX gameplay mode? Lords of Xulima II ?
We have so many ideas... too many indeed. We have great plans for the sequel but not for the near future. The sequel will require a much bigger budget and important improvements to our engine. We need to think on a smaller project first, that could be a new gameplay mode for Lox (perhaps the Rogue-like Dungeons of Torment we spoke about our Kickstarter campaign) or a different game. So we are starting to prototype both the new gameplay and the new game concept. At the same time, we are improving our engine so that the new technology can be used for the sequel.

So... yes a lot of decisions and work is ahead. What do you think?
As always, we will keep you informed along the way.

Physical Editions...
For those of you that have one of the very limited Collector's Edition of LoX coming, we are very sorry about the delays. We had additional problems that has caused yet another setback. It is a shame and we know it. It is the only part that cannot be done by the team, so we have to rely on third party companies that have resulted in so many problems and delays. We are so disappointed because we are failing to those firsts backers that trusted us. In the name of the team, we sincerely apologize. You will have your boxes with the best quality possible, but we ask you for a bit more of patient please. The final reward will be worth it.

New Version 1.8
Apart of the new language supported, the latest update includes some performance improvements and small bug fixes.

See you soon!
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BlackSoul: Extended Edition 17. dubna

I'm sorry for the delay, I know you have been waiting for long time.

In this update some of the annoying loading screens have been removed, and even if there are many others throughout the game I still wanted to post it in order to receive your first impression.

Since loading screens are the major issue, my first goal is to remove all of them between rooms ( just like I've already done in the keeper house ); I plan to fix all the remaining in few weeks.

Update Log:
  • Fixed loading screens in the keeper house
  • Fixed loading screens in the cemetery when you enter the chapels
  • Fixed gameplay in the keeper house: you no longer come across zombies until you take the crowbar

Thanks for your support.
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Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe 17. dubna
Mac users! Exploring Space has never been so fun - Now Mac Users can join Elizabeth Campton as she explores various hidden object fantasy space scenes to save the world!

To celebrate this new release we are offering a 50% off discount on this game until April 24th. That's only $4.99 for this fantastic game!
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