Shadowrun Chronicles - Boston Lockdown 5月22日
If all goes well we will see an update tomorrow and another one end of next week (gremlins allowing).

The first update will contain:
- New clothing and pets...yes, pets. Though only for cosmetic purposes and only in the hub
- New clothing
- A fix for the infamous "cannot invite bug"
- Summons will die with their controlling character
- A number of fixes to skill effects and descriptions
- All Side mission grant 3 Karma in co-op and campaign
- Final Mission grants 6 karma to co-op and 3 more for campaign

The next one will have:
The first challenge mission(s) featuring one or two multi-stage missions and new weapons, gear and more pets to get as loot.

Challenge missions are non-story related special challenges, which pit players against three waves of enemies with unusual combinations or new abilities. After each stage players can opt out an go for a consolation price or continue onwards to get the ultimate reward. The setting is prepared by your favorite party dragon Damon, who has taken it on himself to provide the entrapped citizens of Boston with fresh trideos and an ongoing show. Following his great success with The Hunt series in the Rox, he has devised a new show where runners are pitted against a combination of enemies. Already betting is getting frantic around these events!

Following this we will focus on the asymmetrical PvP, meaning player(s) against a game master. This will take a bit, so in the meantime we may release more challenges or a mini story connecting the campaign to the Salem add-on.
The Long Dark 5月21日
We've just updated The Long Dark's Sandbox Alpha to v. 233. This is our 44th update since bringing The Long Dark to Early Access.

This is a *huge* update for us, as we've added Bow Crafting & Improved Hunting gameplay, a whole new soundscape, new transition zone, and a variety of other big improvements. See below!

Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kqqj0NidN1U
Promo Artwork: https://www.facebook.com/intothelongdark/photos/a.726204447415571.1073741828.524079480961403/880173188685362/?type=1&theater



* The game now defaults to DirectX11 (from DirectX 9). If needed, players can still run in Directx9 mode by running tld_dx9.bat or passing -force-d3d9 as a command line parameter when launching the game.
* In order to mitigate the risk of gear loss from previous saves, you may find stored gear items have appeared on the ground when you spawn.


* Players can now Craft Bows and Arrows. This is the first iteration of this system so there may be bugs!
* New Convolution Reverb audio system supports correct positional audio and allows for true environmental awareness. In general, audio has received a major overhaul: footsteps, rifle firing, gear pickup and use, etc.
* Added a new Transition Zone between Pleasant Valley and Mystery Lake. Players can now travel an entire loop between the three major regions.
* Wildlife AI has been improved to facilitate true hunting gameplay. Players may now use Walking, Crouchwalking, and Crouching to reduce their profile and the noise they make, allowing them to get closer to Wildlife.
* Animal skins and certain types of Wood now need to be Cured (Dried) before they can be used as raw materials for Crafting.
* Players can now craft Pants from Deerskin.
* Two new harvestable plants have been added to the game: Maple Sapling, Birch Sapling. These are needed for Bow and Arrow crafting. These only grow in specific groves in the world.


* All wildlife have been tuned for per-location damage, bleed-out rates, and critical hits. This allows for more effective use of the Rifle and Bow for hunting.
* Various UI elements have been overhauled in anticipation of future controller support (coming soon!). Some of these changes are WIP.
* Starting gear is now randomized, and reduced based on Experience Mode (Stalker has the least).
* A new Random starting spawn option has been added to the Region Select interface. This will select a random valid spawn location from any currently available region. On Pilgrim and Voyageur modes, you may also spawn in interiors (never on Stalker).
* Balancing pass on the availability of various gear items.
* The "grace period" from hostile wildlife in Voyageur has been reduced to 12-24 hours (from 12-36 hours).
* Fishing Tackle can now be used in place of the Sewing Kit for Crafting and Repair.
* It is now possible to Unload ammunition from the Rifle (using the Inventory).
* Rifle ironsights now line up correctly when aiming.
* Rifle audio has been improved.
* Crows can now drop Crow Feathers.
* Added a new introductory logo movie.
* Bow accuracy is affected by Fatigue. (Same fix will be applied to the Rifle in a future update.)
* Many objects in the game have been rescaled to ensure they are the correct size and the player feels they are the correct size and height.
* Tuned the per-use Condition loss of Sewing Kits and added more guaranteed kits to the world.
* Tuned the weights of Craftable clothing and animal skins, to be better balanced.


* Fixed issue where aim sensitivity slider didn't have enough precision at low end
* Fixed issues with wildlife sometimes waiting indefinitely to attack the player
* Fixed bug that could sometimes cause audio to continue playing for despawned wildlife
* Fixed infinite bedroll/lantern exploit
* Fixed bug with hot drink/food buffs getting cleared on indoor/outdoor transitions


* Arrows may occasionally intersect with invisible collision, giving them the appearance they are "floating". This is especially noticeable on trees.
* You cannot currently select between Simple and Quality tools when crafting Arrowheads. The game automatically selects the better tools in your inventory.

Downpour 5月21日
Thanks to users Sumanitu, and Darth Yumani for reviewing the game and giving me insight on what I should update first.

I realize that the tutorial, and game in itself is pretty vague in the intricate mechanics it has. Some players I'd guess are giving up just at the tutorial stage. I totally removed that previous tutorial stage and replaced it with a more in depth version that should explain the games mechanics a lot better.
I also replaced the unnecessary button combination in the main menu with single button presses. Except with the exception of the reset data as I didn't want that to be easily triggered.
I've also rid of the need to go through the tutorial stage every time the player dies. Tutorial stage will be accessed strictly from the main menu, and starting/loading a game will have its own button.
Making it quicker to get into a new session, by allowing the players to press space when transition between main menu, tutorial, and main game I believe will greatly change the feel of the game.

Hopefully these fixes will make the game more available to everybody, and have a much better flow to it.
Harold 5月21日

Greetings Guardians!

We have just released our 3rd update for Harold! And in celebration we've also put it on sale!

With this patch, we're taking the first step in bringing the competition feel of Harold to the forefront.

Changes Made :
  • Leadboard now accessible directly from Level Selection screen! No longer will you have to actually complete a race to be able to see the leaderboards in game. You can now just scroll to the race you want to check and select the leaderboard option from the menu screen!
  • There are now 2 separate leaderboards per race; One for those have found and taken the shortcuts and another for those whom haven't. This split was done for the hardcore guardians who want to speed run and compete without the need of a shortcut and still be able to compare times to others. Also, if you've been wondering how your friends or other guardians have gotten some of their times, you can now see if the shortcut in each race had any role to play in the matter.
We Hope you enjoy these new features. We are preparing for a Harold Competition so get to practicing Guardians!

Farewell Guardians!
Second Coming: Tactical Training 5月21日
Update Monday is upon us, and boy is it a BIG one!
New Map - Arena: No holds-barred battle in a warehouse to get the blood flowing! This makes 6 Maps to choose from.

Weapon updates: Increased sniper damage, decreased pistol damage. Improved rocket, grenade and grenade launcher damage and explosions.

OH and did I mention EXPLOSIONS! My friends, you would think Michael Bay had paid us a visit.

WE NOW HAVE SHRAPNEL DAMAGE! You've heard the old saying "Close enough is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades." right? Well now it's true.

And to top it all off, SC:TT is now ON SALE - Save 20%

New maps, better weapons, sale.... means More for Less!

Jump in game and kill away!