iGrow Game 12月10日
A small Christmas update has (by accident) led to something big, a miracle actually!

So let's start with that small Christmas update:

This new strain is a cheeky Christmas inspired strain you can grow at level 17! Not for a limited time or anything, just my way of saying happy Christmas!

So, making a new strain was a good way to delve back under the hood of iGrow game and become familier with the code. Believe it or not, despite iGrow game looking simple on the surface. There's far more work to it then you would think and simple sounding jobs such as saving a game is monsterous systems alone. That being said it got me back into the swing of things and what I added is something I designed this game for from the beginning.

Cross breeding strains!
It's in! And now this add's not just replayability it also pushs unlockables all the way to level 50! That's quite a jump from level 16. Not just that, this means you don't just have 39 (including the new Christmas strain) you will have over 1000 combinations to grow! Thats a huge jump!

iGrow game isn't dead yet, I hope to get more work done over the holidays!

Happy Growing
Polandball: Can into Space! 12月10日
As we promised, here is a major update on Polandball: Can into Space!

-Fix some bugs ( especially the one with the Drag perk)

-New behaviors and effects on balls

-New dialogue lines between balls

-For die hard fans. Add 3 custom balls drawn by you into the game. Every ball has different behaviour that you may use in your strategy to conquer the Space. For the moment this feature is in Alpha state. Only up to 512x512 PNG images can be uploaded into the game .

- "Lift off" with Space key

Have fun!
CAT Interstellar 12月10日
As Always, thank you for all your support through this project. I’ll give the details about the current update, an update on development, and another community key give away.

Update 1.9

Full Linux support*
*until proven otherwise.

I’ve traced down every build error and shader issue. The game currently runs as well on Linux as it does on Windows.

All Linux testing was done on:
Ubuntu 16.10
Using Nvidia proprietary driver 367.57
Intel Core i5-3570k
With a Nvidia 750 gtx

If you are a linux user and you have the free time please go Here and let me know your system specs and whether the game is running properly.


Volumetric lighting

Vertex Painting

Particle effects for walking/running

  • Camera rotation lag added – This will make movement even more fluid and provide a buffer when running into objects.
  • Elevator Transition worked on – It now actually raises or lowers based on where you’re heading.
  • Android 42 will follow you through all cave levels - Android 42’s navigation seems to be working good but if you find a problem please let me know.
  • Android 42 got a flashlight.

  • Added Dev tools tab to options menu to help troubleshoot future bugs.
Level Design:
  • Re-worked the surface to make it more intuitive and encourage exploration.
  • Filled in dead zones with events and more environments. I’m deliberately not being specific about this.
  • Decals in the base make directions easier.
  • Placement of generators in the Mine level are placed “less arbitrarily” with more support around them.
  • I rewrote most of the dialog to make the story much easier to follow. You’re going down into un-explored caves with Android 42 to see if you find anything weird. All the back/side story is still inherently in the game but, it isn’t crammed into the core dialog sequences.
  • The Mine level has been flushed out with Android 42 walking you through to the generators.
  • Android 42 has been added to the Caves and there is even a testing area for his navigation.
Bug fixes:
  • Music not looping on Surface level.
  • Fixed the fullscreen bug.
  • Screen settings will stick from the intro level to DOG.
  • Assorted holes in the map

“Signals” is still not done. I’m hoping to at least open it up to the beta branch for testing by next week. I sincerely apologize for this taking so long. Lack of content is, without a doubt, the #1 complaint. I’ll give you more details on why exactly it’s taking so long when I release it to the beta branch.

I have also tried to stick to a bi-weekly update scheme without much luck. The situation that arose this time was Linux. Why release a build when you could fix a few shader issues and release to Linux at the same time? Now that Linux works it's two weeks later and you need you need another week of double time to stay on schedule. It's an organizational problem I'm trying to get better at.

I've already gotten feedback on a beta build I pushed last night so I'll aim to release a hot-fix of some minor issues by Friday of next week. I'm going to try to stick to bi-weekly updates until release. When's release? I think the best guesstimation for a release date is a month after "Signals" is released. The game really isn't that long. Space, Base, Surface, Caves, Earth, Space, Done.

Originally, I was going to do another “find the cat” giveaway since I moved her to a more appropriate place but it’s a little too obvious. Instead, I’m going to try to get your ideas on how to handle a problem with Android 42’s text boxes.

In order to get this update out I did what any good programmer would do and brute forced a solution. You can find all the details about it HERE.

To get a key go there, leave a comment, solution, inspiring quote, whatever you want.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO PROGRAM. The problem is a logical one. There’s literally dozens of ways to solve it I just thought it would be interesting to see what you all came up with.

Once we decide on a solution I’ll give everyone a key (Once Chazz shows up with the solution).
Once again, The post is HERE.

Also, let me know what you think of these community things. I don't know if they're cheesy or not. Do you want more?

Signals is not done but the game is worth another play through.

Almost forgot about VR!!! The awesome people at Epic games sent me Vive and a Rift to develop on. I have to spend this month focusing on content but holy cow the Vive is incredible. I can't wait to get it working with CAT Interstellar. I'm racking my brain on how to implement the motion controllers. If you have any ideas or examples of games that did it right I'd love to hear about it.
VRC PRO 12月10日

The new Rally X (cross) class was recently released. The default body has 8 different paintjobs to chose from. 2 Wheel styles are available and to start with just 1 tire. Maybe more tires will be added in the future. The modified version comes with a selection of Tekin power, 1900KV, 2150KV and 2650KV, should be enough to get you excited. The Spec chassis comes with a 1450KV motor but has a longer gearing to get decent top speed with the Spec chassis. Only the gearing and the steering angle are adjustable in the free2play Rally X Spec chassis.

2 Tracks are available, Rally X1, a special Rally X track situated in a container terminal, and MACH X, a Rally X conversion of the existing MACH track. More Rally X tracks will follow in the future. For the 2016 VRC Worlds the Rally X1 track and the modified Rally X chassis will be made available for free for the duration of the 2016 VRC Worlds for this class.

Racing a rally car is different from on-road and off-road racing. It requires special drifting skills and it will take time to master and perfect these skills. With time and perhaps with some refining of the setup you should be able to have an exciting new r/c racing experience!

We have released a new exe which has the new 'cars in background of pit table' feature disabled. Too many issues were reported and we have decided, as we are already well underway in the 2016 VRC Worlds, to disable this feature for now until we have had a chance to iron out the reported problems. In the test environment we were testing with very limited available replay files, on Live however we experienced some unexpected issues. We apologize for this inconvenience. The new exe also includes various fixes and performance optimizations.

Some issues were reported in the past week since we released this track. We have prepared an update to fix these issues. This update will be released on Wednesday morning after the Qualifying round has finished and before the Semi finals start.

We have released 7 new Rally X bodies. Each of the 8 body designs now has its own body, each design comes in 8 different color combinations, increasing the number of options from 8 to 64! The default body design is now the red-black body, with 8 different color schemes. Next time you load your Rally X car don't be surprised to see a different paint scheme on your Rally X body! Feel free to check out the other 7 schemes and color combinations, I am sure you will find something of your liking...
All Rally X bodies will be free for the duration of the VRC Worlds. After the Worlds all bodies will be priced and will need to be purchased. Of course All-inclusive members will have access to all bodies, in fact all components and tracks!
Uncharted Waters Online: Episode Atlantis 12月10日
New Chapter Update: Acropolis is now live. Come in to see the new features, events and new Premium bottle.