Просматривайте игры и программы, которые недавно публиковали большие обновления.
GamersGoMakers 2 октября
Version: 1.1.5

- Added:
- Columns in "Game Market" now sortable
- Columns in "Project History" now sortable
- Improved "balance sheet" (items clickable, +chart)
- Improved "sales report" (+ chart)
- Change a games price during sale
- Change a consoles price during sale
- a few new box covers
- Portuguese (beta)

- Changed:
- UI improvements
- Improved case designer (+ 30 new covers)
- Removed the "auto save" from the starting screen

- Fixed:
- Translations
- Bug within conventions
- Bug within starting location
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TransOcean - The Shipping Company 2 октября
While work on the first major update is already in full swing, we are happy to present you today the first set of Steam Trading Cards for "TransOcean: The Shipping Company"!

Während die Arbeiten am ersten großen Update bereits in vollem Gange sind, dürfen sich Besitzer des Spiels ab sofort schon einmal über die beliebten Steam-Sammelkarten zu "TransOcean: The Shipping Company" freuen!

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My Lands: Black Gem Hunting 2 октября
Hi there game lovers,

We have announced upcoming update for Thursday.
Hold on, now it is even greater!
Update will include 2 new DLCs sets with 1st level artifacts.
The DLCs will be available tomorrow.

Meet new update in My Lands and Stay Tuned!
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Bitmap2Material 2 октября
Dear B2M community,


With today’s launch of Bitmap2Material 3 on Steam, would like to clarify with you how the upgrade process will work. There is no upgrade path per se, however, current owners of Bitmap2Material 2 will receive the custom offers below, so as to get Bitmap2Material 3 at a fair upgrade price (this is the only way Steam can handle the upgrade process).

FOR ALL CURRENT OWNERS OF BITMAP2MATERIAL (including those who bought it inside the Substance Indie Pack)

You will receive a 50% loyalty discount on Bitmap2Material 3 in your steam account. This is equivalent to the upgrade price.

FOR THOSE WHO PURCHASED BITMAP2MATERIAL AFTER AUG 25th 2014 (including those who bought it within the Substance Indie Pack)

You are eligible for a free upgrade to Bitmap2Material 3 and you need to contact us directly with a proof of purchase (http://www.allegorithmic.com/contact) to receive it (sorry about that, this is the only way to do so…)

Note: if for any reason you do not receive the right offer in the next 48 hours, please contact us here: http://www.allegorithmic.com/contact

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Sniper Elite 3 2 октября

To coincide with AMD’s Catalyst™ 14.9 WHQL driver release, we’re delighted to announce that Sniper Elite 3 now supports Mantle on PC!

This was a huge project for our Asura engine team but already its showing an exciting future for Rebellion games. Make sure you check out Rebellion Head of Programming, Kevin Floyer-Lea’s in-depth analysis of Mantle on our blog and what the future holds in store! http://www.rebellion.co.uk/blog/2014/10/2/mantle-comes-to-sniper-elite-3
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