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Plague Inc: Evolved 27 февраля
New Featured Community Scenarios

Players are continuing to making some awesome scenarios using the Scenario Creator. The Events lab from the last update is an extremely powerful tool, and it's great to see people taking advantage of this.

Featured Scenarios highlight some of the most inventive and polished creations. Here are the latest picks - congrats to authors!
Rabies by 892459469 - a well-written scenario which is a good, if not scary take on a real life disease
SCP-632 by infernalthing - one of many good scenarios by infernalthing. This one is well-balanced and quite amusing (in a Plague Inc. sort of way)
Sonic Fever by Coolsy101 - an amusing scenario where you get to turn the world into everyone's favourite hedgehog and friends!
Anti-plague by ya.bym5 - one of the cleverest scenarios we have seen. Turns Plague Inc. completely on its head...
Rise of the Xenomorphs by Eremus007 - Very well thought out scenario with lots of new traits, graphics and events, inspired by everyone's favourite alien

You can check out these and thousands of other scenarios in game now! For a full list of all scenarios that we have ever featured, please see our Featured Scenario Collection.

Development Update

Multiplayer is still the primary development focus. We've recently added the concept of gems (not final name), which are basically special multiplayer active abilities to throw off your opponent and fight them. Still more work to be done and lots of bugs to be squashed but its getting there. I'm going to the Game Developers Conference next week which will take up a bit of time but I hope to have more news to share in a month!

Stay Healthy!

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Minimum 27 февраля

Block worlds are composed of delicate ecosystems that must be nurtured and maintained. However, the web of block life has started to groan under the weight crafted weaponry and discarded map geometry! What is to be done about this? How can the blocks be saved?

Our theme for update 1.4 is recycling! We've brought you a new feature that embodies each of the core principles of conservation that so many of us learned as wee block folks. Reduce: clear out your inventories of weapons and devices you don't need via the long awaited Salvaging system! Reuse: trade away or sell weapons you don't want or that you have multiple copies of via Steam Trading and the Steam Marketplace! Recycle: we've taken the original Titan Factory map and given it a major overhaul to turn it into the new Recylotron TDM/Horde mode map!

We hope you guys enjoy these new additions to Minimum, in particular the long-awaited implementation of Steam Trading. We'll see you in the recycling pit!

You can read more details about this patch on our dev blog: https://playminimum.com/reduce-reuse-recycle-update-1-4-is-here
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FaceRig 27 февраля
Hello Awesome People!

For the Early Access, we have deployed FaceRig 0.984b build 451 on the main branch. It has the fancy new UI and a lot of bug fixes (and hopefully less new bugs :P ). The program manual has also been updated to reflect this. The latest change-log is at the end of the announcement.

TF2 Scout avatar!
Because Valve is awesome, we were allowed to add the FaceRig Team Fortress 2 Scout avatar to the free FaceRig TF2 avatar DLC! :D.

The new, more relaxed EULA is live!

The new EULA relaxes some of the existing commercial use limitations of the face-tracking output as follows:
- FaceRig Classic output is no longer no-profit only: it can now be used for limited online monetization on Twitch , YouTube and such, as long as the gross monthly revenue made from that is under the equivalent $500 USD (if you make more, you will have to upgrade to Pro). This should help starting streamers and YouTubers who do not yet make enough revenue to pay for the tools they use when streaming :).
- FaceRig Pro output is no longer always under Creative Commons (unless you want it to be).
Our beloved Community Manager Jujubi will update the program descriptions on all Steam pages to reflect these changes ASAP.

FaceRig v 0.984b Change log:
We will list only the latest fixes (from today). If you are interested in the full (huge) cumulative list of bugfixes since the last main branch update: it is here .

FaceRig v 0.984b (build 451 Holotech Studios - Feb 25 2015)
  • default noise-gate threshold set to -9 from 0 (it is counter-intuitive, but 0 is quite a high value for a noise-gate)
  • added Team Fortress 2 Scout avatar (check out the TF2 dlc pack)
  • (DX11) spot lights now work (Dx11 is not really experimental any-more)
  • motion blur strength is set to 0 by default
  • The advanced tracking sliders no longer break if the top and bottom interval values are brought too close together.
  • The asymmetric tracked expressions on the left side of the now vary in the same range with ones on the right side of the face. Symmetrical settings of the advanced tracking sliders should get you symmetrical results.

Known issues:
  • at 640 x 360 resolution the motion blur is glitchy. A ghost like figure of the avatar is displayed. A quick fix to this is to set the motion blur strength to a minimum value. To do this, go to Environments dialogue, Post-processing tab, Misc tab and set the motion blur strength slider to the far left.
  • Karaoke playlist panel can only be closed from the close button on the panel. If you try hiding it by re-clicking the Karaoke button on the side menu, the playlist becomes invisible, but the buttons still have actions binded.
  • if you start play performance and while it is playing you start exporting a performance, the replay bar remains onscreen with no way of hiding it (close button does not work).
  • If you have upgraded from the previous program version and the sound based lipsync does not work , please remember to re-set your noise gate threshold (this does not affect new users)

That's about it for today awesome folks :). Let us know what you think either here or on the Forum :)

We wish you a kick-arse week,
The FaceRig Team.
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Outland 27 февраля
Hi Guys,

We are happy to announce that as of right now also Linux gamers can get their hands on Outland.

Please let us know what you think and we'd be more than happy to answer and manage any possible concerns with the latest version.

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The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 27 февраля
Dear Adventure fans,

we are so glad to announce that The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 has left Early Access status and is now available.


We have also added a new Collection as well as a special Almanac Edition (and an Upgrade Option for Standard Edition/Early Access buyers with the exact pricing difference between Standard and Almanac Edition - so no disadvantages involved)



Your Nordic Games Team!
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