Bla gjennom spill og programvare som nylig har lagt ut store oppdateringer.
Stock Car Extreme 27. november
Stock Car Extreme V1.51 is now available on Steam & via GSC Sync (for Non-Steam users).

This update addresses some of the bigger bugs verified with v1.50 and brings along some other minor improvements.

Main changelog for v1.51:

  • Adds Velo Cittá Club Day layout (from "Acelerados" TV show);

    Features & Fixes:
    • Fixed bug with GSC Config crashing from Steam;
    • Fixed gridedit command for multiplayer;
    • Reverted to pre-v1.50 trackmap solution (Numpad 0 to toggle off/on/rotating);
    • Adjusted FFB values as a compromise between previous 2 versions - realfeel values from v1.38 & v1.50 are also included in RealFeelPluginv138.ini (more overall force & clipping) and RealFeelPluginv150.ini(lower forces at lighter loads & less clipping), so users can copy & paste settings according to their own preferences if not satisfied with default values;
    • Fixed garage steering rotation setting not being saved with setups;
    • Forced reset rotation range to previous profile setting with Thrustmaster wheels after quitting the sim;
    • Changed base HUD text color from yellow to white;
    • Fixed DRS rules and activation points at Interlagos, Spielberg, Kansai;
    • Reintroduced track tire compound options for F-Extreme & F-Reiza, and fixed issue which allowed AI to choose unauthorized compound in pitstops;
    • Fixed error in some series not allowing basic setup adjustments when running a fixed setup race;
    • Fixed SuperV8 graphics glitch near the exhaust from long distance;
    • Improved SuperV8 AI handling;
    • Minor physics revisions for Metalmoro MR18;
    • Updated Lancer R & RS sounds in attempt to minimize audio clipping;
    • Added pit limiter & onboard starter to Lancer R & Lancer RS;
    • Updated spanish & french localization.
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Rogue Harvest 27. november
- You can now Cook Food Items!
- New Item Oven.
- New Item Corn.
- New Item Corn Seed.
- New Item Potato.
- New Item Pumpkin Seed. (Finally)
- New Item Potato Sprout (Seed).
- New Animal Turkey.
- New Item Turkey Leg.
- New Item Cooked Turkey Leg.
- New Item Cooked Pork Chop.
- New Item Cooked Rabbit Chop.
- New Item Baked Potato.
- Items durability have been increased.
- SFX & BGM Volume settings are now saved after closing the game.
- Various Bugs addressed.
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Heroes and Titans: Online 27. november
Update 2015-11-26
New update has been issued to fix several things:
1.variety of UI updates and fixes
2.some minor fixes of HELP
3.fixed other small bugs
4.fixed some localisation and spelling
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Marble Muse 27. november
When you complete all the levels in the game, the level creator will be unlocked! Have fun creating your own levels using pieces from all the different types of stages together!

Release notes:
  • New level creator (Unlocked after completing all 24 levels).
  • Made medal times easier to achieve.
  • Improved marble control and movement.
  • Improved design of "Tubes and Ladders"
  • Improved design of "Castle"
  • Improved design on "Disc Changer"
  • Improved performance of levels with lots of stars.
  • Improved framerate detection.
  • Fixed an audio settings issue.
  • Fixed a level loading issue.
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AutoTileGen 27. november
A new version of AutoTileGen is up! Here are some of the most noticeable changes:

New features:
- Added automatic height maps generation
- Added automatic oclussion maps generation
- UI improvements
- New AutoTileSet version
- Improved performance

Fixed bugs:
- Alpha blending now working properly
- Fixed "pink screen" bug on Mac
- Fixed normal map editor height curve offset
- Lots of other minor bugfixes

We put a lot of work on this patch and really hope you like it.
We are currently working on our next product, a Collectible Card Game editor/creator. If you want to support us, help us get greenlit at:

Have a nice day!
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