Bla gjennom spill og programvare som nylig har lagt ut store oppdateringer.
Teddy Floppy Ear - The Race 3. juni
The newest update fixed the issues with double pad and keyboard controls white playing in a split-screen mode. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that the bug caused and hope that you'll have a great time playing Teddy Floppy Ear from now on :)
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- Added a "V-Sync On/Off" toggle function in Options. For players experiencing input delays (please do not confuse with network delay), kindly switch this option "OFF". The default is "ON".
- Added a function to allow users to log out and return to the mortal realm. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.
- Reduced the SE volume during continuous Faultless Defense blocking.
- Added "RESET" and "PAUSE MENU" (aka Start/Back) to Controller Settings.
- Added display of 1P or 2P at Pause menu, depending on which player pressed the pause button.

- Tweaked online performance.
For better online experience, please kindly set "Connection Quality" as "ON" for your online search parameters.

- Added 4:3 support
Without side panels, as by popular demand.
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8-Bit Adventures: The Forgotten Journey Remastered Edition 2. juni
I am very happy to announce that Update 2.0 has just been released on Steam! This contains several bug fixes and a brand new addition to the game - Steam Achievements! There's a total of 40 to unlock. Several players have requested this, so I hope that all the Achievement hunters out there enjoy it!

I have posted another topic which details every Achievement that is permanently missable, so if you're worried about skipping something important, please check it out:

Update 2.0
  • Steam Achievements are now available to unlock! There are 40 achievements in total, which feature a variety of goals.
  • A small change to the Status Screen. It now displays your Maximum HP and MP, instead of your current HP and MP.
  • Fixed a typo in the 3rd Dungeon involving a Treasure Chest.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the player to get an unused beta item (the Filled Bottle) from the spring in the 2nd Dungeon.
  • Fixed a typo in a cutscene before fighting the boss of the Sky Forge.
  • You can no longer land on deep water with the Airship. In previous versions, the player could get stuck doing this.
  • A small change to the Escape Amulet in the final dungeon which fixes a potential graphical glitch.
  • Fixed a small graphical glitch in the ending sequence.
  • You can no longer get two pieces of Ultimate Equipment from the same treasure chest at the top of the Overgrown Temple. This was a bug and has been fixed.

These changes and additions were all made due to forum posts in the Steam Community, so thank you all very much for writing! I hope every player enjoys these improvements =D
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Shantae and the Pirate's Curse 2. juni
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is back with a brand new update! Thanks for all of your feedback! As requested we've added:

Patch 1.02 - New Features
  • Keyboard Configuration - We've added support for customizing the keyboard controls!
  • Sound Sliders - We've added both a MUSIC and SFX Slider allowing for in-game volume adjustments.

- WayForward
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Box Out! 2. juni

Bonjour everyone,

We are pleased to announce that Box Out! has been updated to version 1.1.1 !

Among some tweaks and bug fixes (listed hereunder), the biggest addition are the leaderboards for classic mode. The time has come to challenge the community and claim your place as Box Out! fastest speedrunner!

Moreover, the Box Out! Twitch channel is on its way. We are all eager to see you guys killing it live. For those of you who rather like to record their performance, feel free to share your epic videos using the followings: #BoxOutGame, @dapickymonkey.

Many people submitted ideas to improve the game and we would like to thank you all for that. New updates will be coming your way soon ;)

Changelog v1.1.1:
  • Removed cursor visibility from game window
  • Solved a glitch with the "Smooth flying, box" achievement
  • Slightly changed the time target on 1-9 and 3-3 to make them easier to attain
  • Added time leaderboards to each stage on classic mode
  • Added leaderboard visibility during stage select in time attack and classic
  • Increased security against illegal key binds for keyboard and gamepad
  • Modified gamepad bubble form controls to prevent a wall glitch
  • Solved a glitch that drew leaderboards at uncorrect locations at the end of classic stages
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