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Data Hacker: Initiation 31. januar
Free DLC
As well as fixing a few minor (mostly graphical bugs), we've added a whole new dungeon!

The Grindhouse is a series of rooms in which one can acquire cards by defeating enemies. Using these cards to unlock doors determines what will await you in the next room!

You can also reset doors as you see fit, to change things around (though each room can only be exploited as a treasure-chest type once).

This dungeon is pretty much intended as 'endgame' content, and is therefore relatively tough to work through.

Those of you wishing to acquire the 'Voidwalker' recruit can also do so by hacking the boss monster that can be found in this area, negating the need to hack a player character (and therefore breaking your 'good' streak. In addition to this, to negate the need to run several NG+ runs, the boss has a chance of dropping the elusive 'Growth Ribbon', which is utilised in recruit maturing.

To access this new dungeon, you need to speak to the enigmatic bald man at the Summit.

Hope you like this new addition to the game. I should also note that I intend to integrate this dungeon into Corruption too ^.^

Additional Patch Notes:
  • Fixed a bug regarding a player graphic change when getting disqualified from the Dododrome
  • Fixed a significant amount of minor graphical, functional and grammatical errors throughout the game
  • Added the Grindhouse dungeon
  • Ended the January Event
  • Stopped players from being able to access the 'old' HC after Masamae's story arc
  • Hopefully fixed the bug that prevented Odd Books from carrying over!
  • Fixed a bug with some player being unable to rent their house out
  • Players can now CHOOSE their desired item when completing the tower
  • Pet summon items will now carry into NG+
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Terrian Saga: KR-17 31. januar

The critically acclaimed action platformer that harkens back to the days of classic gaming has just launched the MAC version!

Now Mac gamers everywhere can experience the first chapter of the Terrian Saga! We could go on and on about how much we love the game, but let's let a few of the reviews say it for us:

"Terrian Saga KR-17 is really a game that offers a great retro experience without feeling like it is just using the style as a shortcut or because it is in vogue. It provides some great nostalgia if you grew up with these types of games, but has enough substance that modern players won't find it to be too simple."
- 9/10 GameRamble

"Its addictive gameplay and blast from the past look and sound is pure awesomeness"
- "Stellar" ReviewFix

"If you are on a quest to play some of the best indie games out there that provide the best challenges, music, and gameplay I’m happy to say that you may by experiencing a golden age right of retro gaming right now. Just this past month has given us three of the highest quality indies ever released Knights with shovels, Mexican wrestlers with spiritual powers, and the amazing title I just had the pleasure of reviewing KR-17."
- 9.3/10 ModVive

"Terrian Saga: KR-17 is simply a must play for anyone looking for a new platformer, or anyone looking to recapture the days of old. Fast paced fun, catchy music, thrilling and mostly challenging boss battles"
- 9/10 Hooked Gamers

Also available on Win PC and Linux systems!
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Onikira - Demon Killer 31. januar
Here are some updates with the following changes:

  • Fix for error Abort/Debug... message that some people were seeing on start up
  • Added a death animation for the main character


So this is what we are working on at the moment:
  • Improved keyboard support (with remapping).
  • Improving the last level with ***** :) redacted for your own future happiness.
  • Cool lightning effect (that you might have seen us build in the last live stream :D ).
  • Work on art assets and level design for level 4. Includes cool hazards.
  • AI for Tengu character, gif below.
  • Various scripts and effects for levels 4 and last level.
  • Some bug fixes.


We'll also have one of our level designers doing a live stream next Thursday 5th of February at 2pm Irish time to show you all how the game should be played :) and we'll also be building some parts of a level, so you can all see how it goes together.

We are hoping to stream something every week on thursday at that time, hope you can join us.
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Sokobond 30. januar
In this version:
  • Controller support on Mac
  • Controller support on Linux
  • Improve stability of Linux installer
  • Tweak level 'Playful' to reduce likelihood of unintended solutions
  • Stop repeated lagging on some machines
  • Various minor improvements
  • ???

Unrelatedly, if you're interested behind the way puzzle games are made, I recently spoke to Rock Paper Shotgun about my design process, alongside Jonathan Blow (Braid, The Witness) and Jonathan Whiting (Traal, Craequ). Read it here:
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Antisquad 30. januar

Only this week! From 01/27 to 02/02 You can buy Steam-version of Antisquad with 75% off!
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