Bla gjennom spill og programvare som nylig har lagt ut store oppdateringer.
World of Cinema - Movie Tycoon 25. april
World of Cinema - Directors Cut is now available!!!
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Vox Populi Vox Dei 2 25. april
Here we are with big news!

We just released an update of the game, this update brings russian and german as possible languages and the most important... drum please... TRADING CARDS!!
Yep, now you are going to here unique trading cards, badges, icons and cards while you are playing the game.

Great Cogs team.
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3d Bridges 24. april
- adds the new copy and paste function
the buttons and tooltips
a selection box
function to rotate the pasted prefabs
connecting pasted with existing knotpoints

- 3d bridges textlogo changed.

- fixed a loading bug

- fixed coloring bugs on streets and beams.

Update 7.april.15

- the orientation grids are now more subtle.

- the shown distances from the last mouseposition are now shown left of the 3d cursor.

- additional textures loaded out of the games texture path now, to be able to be modified. (ie the grids textures)

- profiles can have 15 characters now.

- added Undo button.

- autosave of successful construction when a level is solved.
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HuniePop 24. april
Hey guys! To celebrate the three month anniversary of HuniePop's release we are now offering the Deluxe Edition on Steam which includes the game and both of the DLCs on offer (the original soundtrack and the digital art collection)!

In addition to that we are running a 25% Off sale on the game, the DLCs and the Deluxe Edition from now until the end of the month (April 24th - May 1st 2015)!

There has never been a better time to get a sweet deal on HuniePop! Pick up the game, pick up virtual girls, and question where your life went wrong!
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Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure 24. april
It's been another busy week here at the Mastiff Global Command and Control Doghouse. We'd much prefer to be chasing the neighbor's cat, napping and digging up long buried bones, but you guys have kept us busy stomping bugs and adding features.

Control Camera with Gamepad Right Stick

By popular demand, it's here! To implement -

  1. Open the "Gamepad" tab at the configuration screen and hit the "SET" button next to the input you want to set-up for.
  2. Press a button or move a stick on your gamepad. That button/stick will then be registered to the input you choose above in step 1.
  3. Make sure all inputs are set. If you see "----------------", it means that an input is not set or you've tried to assign the same function to two different controls.
If you are using an Xbox 360 gamepad, we suggest setting up "Camera: Show Left" for "Right Stick X Left" and "Camera: Show Right" for "Right Stick X Right".

Other Stuff
  • Maid Outfit: No longer disappears after being properly obtained
  • Headband: No longer disappears after being properly obtained
  • Pierre's conversation: Text corrected
  • Force Feedback: Bug that stopped this feature from working on many newer gamepads fixed
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