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Robotex 27. november
When starting the game set the controls the way you want.

Adjustments to the scoring system and introduction.

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Why So Evil 27. november
Steam trading cards, emoticons, backgrounds and badges are now available to drop by playing Why So Evil
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Skara - The Blade Remains 27. november
Next Monday, December 1, we'll be releasing a new build (0.4.2), only two weeks after the 0.4.1 release.

It is going to be full of exciting content!

First of all, there will be the usual amount of bug and issues fixing. Check the Changelog on Monday to see the complete list.

We also tweaked the combat system, following your advice. Impacts are more physical now, and the new effects provide a better feedback during the combat.

We've also added some new movements to further enliven the fighting. Check them out and tell us your opinion.

A new heavy armor for the Celea character will become available. It will act as a skin for now, so don’t expect to become invincible.

The UI has been almost completely re-designed. Let us know what you think.

We’ve expanded the menu to allow users to explore Skara’s rich background, including information about the races that populate it. For more, visit our website to read the history about this war ravaged planet, shaken by cataclysm.

Finally, you will also see a lot of small changes and improvements to the overall game experience. There will be a new scoreboard design, a Final Score screen, new animations and some new effects... Let us know if you noticed these and what you think of them.

See you on the battlefield!
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The Marvellous Miss Take 27. november
Hi everyone!

As the Steam sale begins to heat up, now's the perfect time for Wonderstruck to sneak in with an update to The Marvellous Miss Take. The latest version not only offers a few fixes and additions - including an improved action camera that's great for taking screenshots! - but also brings Trading Cards into the mix!

Here's a full rundown of what's in the latest version of the game:
  • New feature – Trading Cards! Get collecting before Sophia and her team steal them all!
  • New feature – Super sampling! New higher resolution for gaming PC's for a super smooth, crisp image.
  • Improved feature – Action camera! Press C while playing to make the camera zoom in for a better look of the action.
  • Bug Fix – improved newspapers (crispness and content).
  • Bug Fix – improved NPC navigation.
  • Bug Fix – improved shadow fix for some Intel video cards.
Remember to update your local content to ensure you've got the latest version of the game. With the sale offering a 50% discount right now, it's the perfect time to experience the heist of the century!
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Frozen Synapse Prime 27. november
Release Notes 27/11/2014

New online Server
We are pleased to announce that we have fixed the crash bug that has been affecting multiplayer for some users.

This was caused by match data becoming corrupted while being sent to the server. We have since fixed the bug causing the corruption thus preventing the crash from occurring in newly made matches. Unfortunately, we are unable to fix existing matches experiencing the crash and so attempting to open those matches will still result in a crash. Although we are able to delete the individual crash cases from the server, these matches would reappear as soon as either of the match participants came online.

We have concluded that the best method to get rid of all the crashing matches is to use a new online server which you will connect to automatically on downloading the latest patch. This means that all matches from the previous server are no longer accessible by default. You will however still be able to access the old server to finish any matches in progress. You will not be able to create new matches on the old server. Please see the forum post for more details.

Accessing the old Server
To access the old server:
  1. Navigate to the ‘Local Files’ for Frozen Synapse Prime.
    • In the Steam Library: Right Click on Frozen Synapse Prime.
    • Select Properties.
    • On the ‘Local Files’ tab: select ‘Browse Local Files’/

  2. Edit the ’config.xml’ file in a text editor (Notepad)
  3. Find the command ‘<bool UseOldServer="0" desc="Use the old server" edit="0"/>’
  4. If the command is not present in your config.xml file simply copy it from this post and paste it at the bottom.
  5. Change the value to ‘1’ ( <bool UseOldServer="1" desc="Use the old server" edit="0"/>)
  6. Save the file
  7. Launch the game and you will connect to the old server.
To change back to the new server, on step 4 change the value back to ‘0’.
You can also Verify the integrity of the game cache to return to the new server.

Community Changes
  • Max map size increased from 1200x1200 to 1600x1600 for certain game types.
  • Max units per side in skirmish and multiplayer increased to from 6 to 10.
  • Max number of concurrent online matches increased from 20 to 100.
Please note, playing with larger maps or unit numbers may cause undesired effects in games.

  • Fix for replay theatre sometimes not showing matches.
  • Improved server stability.
  • Safeguards against multiplayer crashes.
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fix for ‘Single Axis’ inputs snapping the map to the top left hand corner of the screen.

Known Issues
  • The snap to elements with a controller is too forceful.
  • Recent Drivers for Intel HD Graphics cards do not display the game correctly.
  • Opponents starting locations are known in Dark Matches when they can be moved.

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