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TAIKER 21. lokakuu
2 new areas : Valley and Sky
New trailer :
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Kombine 21. lokakuu
  • Added B as a key to toggle background scrolling
  • Edited some levels to make them less repetitive (9, 10, 13, 15, 23, 28)
  • Extended music loop
  • Added mute button to main menu and level select screens
  • Added M as an optional key to mute/unmute
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Containment Initiative 21. lokakuu
Containment Initiative 0.5 Released!

To celebrate one month since release, I'm releasing version the next major update for Containment Initiative.

The feature changes and additions compared to the last major update are the following:

-Six new zombie types
-More varied animations and models for all infected
-All pistols now have a slide release on them that allows you to chamber a round instead of manually cocking the pistol(which you can still do if you prefer)
-Pistol slides will now lock back appropriately when they are out of ammo
-Further improvements to the controls and weapon handling
-Improvements to certain textures
-New spawning system that gradually increases the difficulty as time goes on
-Higher Difficulty ceiling as time passes
-Replaced all low resolution buttons with higher quality models
-Extraction animations: Now players will have a visual indicator when they are about to exit the level

Screenshots of new zombies:

For more detail on what has been added in each incremental patch since the 0.4 release, check the games' Steam forum.

Going forward, my focus will be solely on new maps and implementing the new scavenge mode that will be added to the game before release.

As always, if you have any feedback or encounter any bugs, please stop by the forums and let me know.

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Town of Salem 21. lokakuu
Real quick I am going to say that 1.5.7 was a mobile only patch that was 1.5.6 plus a few more mobile crash fixes.

1.5.8 brings with it the next part of the Witch story line and is viewable on the login page of the game! This patch also brings new cosmetics, many mobile fixes, and even a small change to the Executioner.

The Witch's latest attempt to destroy the town has brought a few new members into the fray! Check out the newest cosmetics below.

New Characters!:


Beelzebub also has a unique death animation too!


New Pets!:



Re-release of the Specter!

New House!:

Haunted House!

Fixed an issue that was causing some players to have issues keeping a stable connection at times due to using an IPv6 connection. This should make a lot of players connections more stable.

Improved how mobile handles Facebook login and should work great now!
Improved memory usage.

Bug Fixes:

We fixed a bug that was allowing mobile users to whisper when they were blackmailed.
Fixed a display issue when mobile users declined invites to parties.
Fixed an issue where several roles with limited use abilities were still able to select targets at night with no uses left.
Fixed a bug where if you left a game before last will and death notes were displayed for the game they would display on the homepage.
Dead chat was being blocked at times when it shouldn't be but won't be anymore.
Lots of crash fixes for Android and iOS.

Mobile users can now lock their screens/hit the home button, and have 15 seconds to get back into the game before it disconnects them rather than instantly disconnecting them!

Game Changes:
The Executioner can no longer have the Jailor as a target.
The Executioner can once again have the Spy as a target due to the recent change to the Blackmailer.

We know that players have had issues getting into games where a lot of users are speaking only Turkish. We are happy to announce that we are working on a system to allow Turkish players to join matches that are meant for Turkish users. This will let Turkish players play with other Turkish players without disrupting English speakers games. Currently speaking any language other than English while playing is considered cheating and can get you suspended, but once we have this language selection system set up those players in Turkish games will be able to speak Turkish without having to face punishment. This system is on the PTR right now, so Turkish players come help us test it out!:

Why Turkish? Why not Spanish, German, or any other languages?

Well in the recent months Turkish YouTubers, Streamers, and other outlets seemed to have covered our game! While this is great news for expanding the user base, and helping to grow our company name, some of the players seem to only speak Turkish. In a game where communication is key not being able to communicate with your teammates is a huge problem. This influx of users is so large that Turkey has become the country with the 2nd most users of the game. Due to this massive influx of players we decided that we needed to have an option for those players who only speak Turkish. This system is the first step towards the ability to really expand by localizing the game to other languages and we will see how it turns out!
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You Deserve 21. lokakuu
Halloween discount is here!
60% off!!!
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