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Crab Cakes Rescue 24. marraskuu

Crab Cakes Rescue now has Steam Trading Cards! Thanks for your continued support. We hope you enjoy the cards.

Set Features:
  • 6 cards
  • 6 badges
  • 3 backgrounds
  • 5 emoticons
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The Moon Sliver 24. marraskuu
I've released a small update to The Moon Sliver, which fixes some typos and adds a menu option for inverting the mouse.
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The Talos Principle Public Test 24. marraskuu
Build 217440 for The Talos Principle Public Test is now live on Steam. If you have opted into "publicbeta", you already have this.

Here are the changes since the last update:

  • Player speed is now medium by default.
  • Added new player animations for different movement speeds.
  • New jump/fall animations. Also fixed "flappy arms" when jumping.
  • Fixed mouse pointer pointing to wrong position when resolution was changed.
  • New Graphics Options:
    - Triple Buffering
    - Borderless Window mode
    - Direct link to Performance Options
  • Game now automatically detects, and reports to the user, several most common system compatibility problems.
  • Sigils can now be rotated with space to allow users to play the game without using the right mouse button. This behavior is hinted on OSX.
  • New Sound Options:
    - API
    - Output Device
    - Voice Volume slider
  • Added automatic SafeMode startup dialog if the application has crashed the last time.
  • Terminal dialog now has more varied responses in some cases that were confusing.
  • Added support for simulated full-screen mode (also called Borderless window mode). Controlled via cvar 'gfx_bSimulatedFullScreen'; on OpenGL, only display mode that can be simulated is of desktop resolution size, while Direct3D 9 and 11 can simulate all graphic modes but it's not recommended due to ugly upsampling (no bilinear filtering!). Side note: ATI/AMD crossfire doesn't work in simulated full-screen mode, and under Direct3D 9 maximum wait of one vertical retrace is allowed.
  • Linux: Added gamepad config for BDA Pro Ex controller.
  • Linux: Added bindings for xboxdrv gamepad driver.
  • Linux: Mode switching on linux now uses XRandr 1.2 API and the mode is set for the game's display instead of changing the size of the X screen.
  • Linux: Fixed journal reopening immediately on Linux when pressing Tab to close it.
  • Adjusted CPU and GPU quality presets to gain more performance and exposed settings of cvars for biasing parallax and bump mapping distance.
  • (Hopefully) fixed remaining instances of "black screen" bug.
  • Demo lobby no longer ends on timer, but when player presses "Use" on the big gates.
  • Crosshair can now be toggled on/off via Game Options menu.
  • Axis deadzone and maximum values can now be adjusted in gamepad config files on Windows.
  • New "alternative use" player command, when used on a connector, retains their connection after being picked up. By default, this command is not bound to any key. It is only for advanced users.
  • Fixed some cases in physics where player could get stuck in a wedge between a slope and a vertical wall. Player can now jump out of such situations.
  • Added a tutorial hint for sprinting. It is only shown once after each sigil is picked if player moves forward for a few seconds.
  • Added a hint about the reset feature when player uses the in game menu to restart from last checkpoint.
  • Decreased FOV to 50 when using sigil locks (it's now the same as in computer terminals) to reduce parallax in stereoscopic 3d.
  • Sound options menu now plays music at full volume so that it's easier to adjust its volume.
  • Press Any Key menu will no longer be triggered by moving the sticks, game will only react to (all) button presses.
  • Improved LODs for a large number of models.
  • Backups of progress in which player cheated will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the "Restore Backup" menu. Also they will have the "* Cheated" tooltip.
  • Ensured that last non-cheating backup always remains.
  • Reduced the font size used for Restore Backup menu list.
  • Teleports no longer react to moving players.
  • Fixed a random crash happening extremely rarely in a background thread.
  • Fixed problem with distortion on parallax occlusion and relief mapping at grazing angles.
  • Fixed two exploits for getting a jammer through door opened with that jammer from the other side.
  • Fixed sound stuttering on some systems where application cannot adjust mixer thread priority.
  • Fixed problem with occasional black screen when returning to full-screen mode under Direct3D 9 API.
  • Performance menu now displays extended tooltip for customized settings.
  • Mouse options now show mouse acceleration as disabled when raw input is enabled.
  • Fixed menu tooltip placement sometimes not working with small safe areas.
  • Made the Medium puzzle star visible from outside.
  • Shadows are now smoother by default.
  • Fixed text size shrinkage that happens when customizing performance settings.
  • Screensaver will no longer activate while the game is running.
  • Changed VRAM size memory detection under Direct3D 11.
  • Typo fix, changed Lanzcos to Lanczos.
  • Scripted two hints if player gets stuck in Hard and castle puzzles.
  • Fixed audio glitches on some audio devices when touching plasma walls.
  • Fixed various issues with full-screen mode under Direct3D 11 when application changed focus, or having black screen after Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • Fixed horizontal safe area being applied twice when centering the journal overlay on the screen.
  • Triple buffering is now possible even without Vsync under Direct3D 9.
  • It is now possible to snap a carried item onto another item even while standing on that item.
  • Increased duration of sigil HUD display after picking up secret while puzzle is still not solved.
  • Enhanced gfx driver version detection under D3D11. (Now reports accurate results for nVidia GPUs.)
  • Added text and Sigils logo on Hexahedron.
  • Added option for enabling/disabling raw input in mouse-keyboard settings.
  • Redesigned Energy Emitter model.
  • Audio log playback can now be stopped by clicking on the playing log in the journal or by opening a journal document.
  • Fixed particles on fan sometimes not being visible.
  • Fixed various smaller texture/geometry errors.
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    Toast Time 24. marraskuu
    Good morning fellow breakfast revellers!

    Today we've released Toast Time on to Linux platforms, and you can grab it right away! We've internally tested on Ubuntu 14.04, Fedora and even SteamOS, so there shouldn't be any issues.

    If you experience any problems, let us know and we'll fire up the bug-fix ovens right away.

    Happy toasting! :)
    - Ashley & Nick
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    Anarchy Arcade 24. marraskuu
    AArcade has been available on Steam Early Access for a little over 2 months now and during this period there has been LOTS of improvements, tweaks, and brand-new features added to Anarchy Arcade. I've been working non-stop on adding all sorts of awesome stuff for us all to enjoy!

    Even compared to AArcade's achievements over its 4 long years of development, the features I've added since coming to Steam, coupled with an awesome user community, are truly bringing the entire concept together. That's why the first item for me to tell you about today is Anarchy Arcade's new Kickstarter campaign!

    Click the image to check out the Kickstarter!

    Here's the facts:
    I love working on Anarchy Arcade all day every day, and not only for my own enjoyment, but for everybody else who has a blast using their PC as a personalized 3D world. The thing is that I can't make any money off of AArcade because I couldn't afford a license, which basically means I'm broke as hell. Financially, I can't continue putting all my time into AArcade, but that's okay, because the big Steam release is only 1 more month away!

    While I am busting my ass to meet the Christmas 2014 release date, looking back at the progress made during Steam Early Access makes it clear that AArcade has been getting exponentially better every month that it stays in development.

    That is exactly what this new Kickstarter is about. It is an attempt to raise $1,000 to cover my minimum expenses for an additional month of development! If it succeeds, AArcade will stay in Early Access until the end of January, or maybe even February if the stretch goal is reached.

    Either way, AArcade is right around the corner from its big Steam release.
    So lets take a look back at the improvements that have come in the past 2 months, what you can expect in December, and then you can decide if AArcade remaining in development for longer is something you would like to make happen!

    • It has over 250,000 Early Access installs and it won't even hit Steam's front page until its full release!
    • AArcade caught some attention from the emulator scene as well as the VR scene.
    • Oculus Rift DK2 support was added, along with other VR features thanks to Valve's engine update.
    • A new artist, Bucky, joined the cause and created a new arcade map for us.
    • Another new artist, Black_Stormy, also joined the cause and created a couple new models for us.
    • Max number of players per server was doubled.
    • integration to provide LIVE over-the-shoulder spectating in-game as you play games.
    • Icons now float above players' heads in MP servers so you know what everybody is doing.
    • MP server operators now have better control over the visitors to their arcades.
    • For modders, the AArcade map editor is now included, auto-configured, and comes with a read-to-play template & tutorial video to get you started.
    • AArcade became the 1st 3D desktop to have a Steam Workshop.
    • AArcade became one of the few games to allow for Workshop files greater than 100MB, and will soon break the 200MB max VPK file size barrier as well.
    • AArcade got a completely embedded publishing tool so you can package and upload your addons to the Workshop without even leaving your arcade.
    • Using addon content from the Workshop became so automatic that you just click the plus button next to what you want and you can spawn it in your arcades within seconds.
    • Game assets like 3D models, textures, and entire 3D worlds became shareable on the Steam Workshop.
    • AArcade became the 1st program to allow you to share real-life media items with friends on the Steam Workshop because you share the media item itself, not your copy of it.
    • It became possible for users to share their entire 3D desktop environments to the Steam Workshop for everyone to enjoy.
    • Implemented the libretro framework to allow for homebrew apps such as emulators & video players that show your content directly on the interactive in-game screens.
    • Programmers can even use this framework to write addon apps in C++, or any language they wish, that render in-game as well!

    Now, all of that was done just within the last couple months! AArcade has been in development for years and has many more amazing featured packed in, so if you haven't dug deep into AArcade yet, now's the time!

    Even though the Kickstarter has launched to extend development, that doesn't mean that it's not crunch time for me anymore. Until I know otherhwise, I'm getting everything in order for a Christmas 2014 release. Next week I'll be working on implementing the features listed below into AArcade.

    (These features are in past-tense, but I have not started coding them yet. That is how badly I need to make them happen.)

    • The mouse cursor now turns into a hand when hovering over clickable items in the UI.
    • Added a prompt when packing a map that asks "Scan & Pack Map Assets or Pack BSP & RES Only".
    • Added a Dependencies section to the Packing Manager. It lists any additional workshop items people will automatically download when installing your item.
    • Added a prompt when packing an arcade save that asks "Pack Required Workshop Content or Reference Required Workshop Content".
    • Added a Publishing Help page.
    • Added a HELP button to the Packing Manager that takes you to the Publishing Help page.
    • Added an "Update Thumbnail & Details Only" checkbox to the Packing Manager. It is only visible if you have an existing workshop item loaded.
    • Fixed an issue that caused screenshots for the Packing Manager to show up as a loading graphic.

    So, there's a little glimpse into the future. If the Kickstarter succeeds, there will be plenty more updates & changelogs like this to come. So check out the Kickstarter, check out Anarchy Arcade, and have a blast!

    I won't have time to promote the Kickstarter very much because I will be spending most of my time working on AArcade itself, so any help spreading the word is greatly appreciated!

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