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Forsaken Uprising 21. syyskuu
Patch 1.08 - Sept 20th

Great patch for you guys! New camera effects have been implemented as well as the first phase of the divine favor task system. Below is a list of the major changes, thanks for your support!

Changes and Additions

  • Major additions to camera, lighting, and skies. The finishing touches have been applied to the players camera and scene lighting(yes a last minute change was made to make nighttime alittle less dark). This will add a pretty drastic difference in the overall appeal of our graphics coupled with the recent land overhaul.
  • The first phase of our task system has been implemented, the current text and black see through box in the upper left corner is the placeholder graphic until a complete overhaul to our gui system.
  • Tasks repopulate based on time running out or completion of tasks. You will always have three current running tasks to complete if you so desire. These tasks reward divine favor allowing for another route to increase your recipe knowledge(divine favor is going to come center stage for player progression in the following weeks).
  • The dragon will now deaggro as expected.
  • The dragon now chases his victims slower and does less damage.
  • All npc's have had their movement speed reduced, this is tied into the change made to player speed. Player speed was also reduced, rotation speed will be reduced in the next patch. This is to allow PvP a more fluid feel when trying to hit someone.
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Grand Chase 20. syyskuu
What's up Chasers!

We had a big update last night and it's one you've all been waiting for!
Let's get right down to it...

The Story
Many hundreds of years ago, an almost dead Seighart was found by the Highlanders, who then healed him and gave him their powers. Due to a mistake on Seighart’s part, he led Ashtaroth straight towards the Highlander’s hideout…

Though Seighart lived, the rest of the Highlanders were destroyed and Ashtaroth left them, sealed within Kounat. The horror, hatred and despair felt at the moment of their deaths became deeply ingrained into their blood… And over the years their blood began to pool together… and Uno was born.

Being that Uno is a being formed from blood, his thirst for blood is never ending… With considerations on what his potential jobs will be in the future, we have decided to call his first job: Bloodless


Get Uno!

UNO IS FREE! That’s right, FREE. So what’s the catch? During the next 3 weeks, you must level him up to 40! If you achieve level 40 with Uno, you can keep him. If at the end of the event, Uno is only level 39… Then he will be locked away…

Level Up Uno!

For each level milestone achieved Uno will be gifted with many rewards! Some of the potential rewards are 7 Day Timed Crimson Moon Coordi set, Sanguine Blood Dancer (Uno’s weapon that will increase in stats as you level up), Uno’s Cash Skills, Cash Armor Sets and more!

Also, if you can make it up to level 80, a very special coordi set will be rewarded!

Shop Goodies

Of course we can’t forget about the limited sale sets! All items listed below can be found in K-Ching Shop under Academy.

Crimson Moon and Bloodless Coordi Package

Noir Coori Sets

These sets will be available for a limited time at a discounted price! Once the sale is over, they will be available at their normal price and will also be sold as individual parts.

Random Face Accessory Chest

This chest contains a random Gas Mask Chest, Pirate Eye Patch Chest, or Medical Eye Patch Chest. These items are available for a limited time at a discounted cost. At the end of the event, they will be available in the Coordi Shop for their original cost.

Last, but not least the Amazing GachaBall is here! So you’re probably wondering… what is GachaBall? Think of a real life Gacha Machine… in game. Details regarding the mechanics will be posted on the website, so check out event page when it goes up later today!

As always check out the full details on our website!

Website Link
Patch Notes
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Plague Inc: Evolved 20. syyskuu
The biggest and most requested update yet for Plague Inc: Evolved - the much anticipated Scenario Creator along with Custom Scenarios. Players can hit the lab and use the same tools that we do to create awesome new content for Plague Inc: Evolved, as well as sharing it with their friends and exploring other players’ deadliest ideas via the Steam Workshop.

Want to create a brand new disease type or a world where everybody flies to Greenland? Can cats spread your disease? Do people who sneeze three times die instantly? What would a Reddit virus really look like?

Unleash your creativity, I can’t wait to see what you can come up with - although I'm a little scared as well :p
  • Create – Use our powerful, easy to use editor to create diseases and worlds using the key tools used by the developers
  • Share – Steam Workshop compatibility lets you share your creations with friends or even the world at the click of a button
  • Play – Use our in-game browser to view and play the wonderful, weird (and potentially warped) creations from the community. There are a lot of talented people out there who are going to make some exciting content, and we will feature the best scenarios to help you find them.
This is just the beginning. I'll will be watching closely to see how people use the Scenario Creator and we will be enhancing and expanding its functionality in the future. Get in touch to let me know how you find it!

Good luck creators, have fun and please try to keep it clean :p


Find the full change log in our forum
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Dark Scavenger 19. syyskuu
We are pleased to announce that Dark Scavenger now supports Linux!

If you have trouble with the game check out our Linux help page here:

As always, thanks for the support!
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Uriel's Chasm 19. syyskuu
Sunday school has spoken and we have listened.

Giraffes are back!! In a BIG way.
After all, what kind of an Unlicensed Bible is this without them ?

- The length has been increased
- A cutting edge Jarboe licensed track added
- the prayer scene has been uncensored.
- as well as a new "NES fair" climax that will shock you to the very core of your being.

"we missed you" :D

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