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Silver Bullet: Prometheus 1 juli
At version 16.06.28,
Now both Simplified / Traditional Chinese support available!
(set "Settings" -> "Language" to change)

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Leave The Nest 1 juli
Here's a new Zone and a very special bird for this festive weekend

Update now live 1st July.

We've added a new zone, Capital City, which you can fly through.
Along with Ellie the energetic Eagle, she's awesome and has an increased bonus when she glides high over the clouds.
Ellie is unlocked by flying through the Capital City zone once.

*Keep an eye out as you're leaving the Capital for something special.

Leave the Nest now detects if you have an HTC Vive connected, If you don't have a Vive you can play in desktop mode, welcome to the party!!!
We've also added timer countdowns to the HUD for the Magnet & Shield power ups, so you know how long they last.

So don't delay, go take your favorite bird out for a flight today

Keep coming back for more every friday as we add more zones and even more birds with special abilities.

Also if we make changes you can check the game manual here for anything you want clarity on
Web Manual
Free content every friday
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Jackal 1 juli
Who missed buy with discount, you can buy on
Hurry up ^_^
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Habitus 1 juli
Many changes including:
Removed boring resource grinding
Game mechanics simplified
Inventory removed
Bug fixes
Simplified controls
Graphics simplified
Massive speed improvements
Removed unnecessary screens
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Vanilla Bagel: The Roguelike 1 juli
Second micro-update.
1. Fixed messages by traders about the lack of payment.
2. Fixed a bug in the growth of roots.
3. Some minor fixes.
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