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Dark Scavenger 19 september
We are pleased to announce that Dark Scavenger now supports Linux!

If you have trouble with the game check out our Linux help page here:

As always, thanks for the support!
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Uriel's Chasm 19 september
Sunday school has spoken and we have listened.

Giraffes are back!! In a BIG way.
After all, what kind of an Unlicensed Bible is this without them ?

- The length has been increased
- A cutting edge Jarboe licensed track added
- the prayer scene has been uncensored.
- as well as a new "NES fair" climax that will shock you to the very core of your being.

"we missed you" :D

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Brawlhalla 19 september
Legends are more ready than ever to take up the challenge in your favorite new platform fighter!

Our biggest gameplay update yet is live and in the wild. Check out the Alpha v 0.4.0 patch and hold on to your hats!

We've done a lot of work to make sure each Legend feels like their own beast. There's a total stat revamp and each Legend now has a set of two melee weapons that they wield in combat! Try your favorite Legends and see how different they feel.

Add to that two brand new Legends: Captain Thatch, and Hattori for our very own Pirates vs. Ninjas action, improved movement and item physics, stage selection, better bots, powers balancing, UI updates, performance improvements, the list goes on and on.

Jump in, check it out, let us know what you think!

Patchnotes here (we did so may awesome updates we had to break the notes into two parts!):
Dev Diary - Making Legends Unique here:
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Heroes of a Broken Land 19 september
Version 1.9 includes a number of improvements and content. There is now a equipment screen accessable from any town. This screen should make it easier to manage your heroes' equipment. Lizards and Adventurers can now learn how to spot secret doors.

New worlds will now have weapon and armor stores scattered about, each holding a random selection of weapons and armor. Inns will also be found in new worlds, where you will find Heroes awaiting recruitment and will be able to rest to heal your party for a fee.

Full list of changes:
  • Add a Equip Hero screen to manage all hero equipment (Equip icon in Town)
  • Lizard and Adventurers now get a Detect Secret (doors) skill at later levels
  • Add Armorsmith and Weaponsmiths to the World, selling random items (new game only)
  • Add Inns to the world, recruit random heroes and rest your party, rest and heal for $$$
  • Fixed trap, altar and fountain outcomes, prevent re-loading to retry (optional, new game only)
  • Tweak accessory loot drop chance
  • Show weapon specialization (yellow icon & hover text) in equip screen
  • Hide non-equppable items in equip screen
  • Enforce unique town names
  • Quick load (F9) works from combat
  • Fix some quick load issues when in the world map
  • Fix monster stats not resetting on new games
  • Clarify class skill lists a bit
  • Tweak spell filter button layout
  • Handful of UI, typos and various tweaks
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Shovel Knight 19 september
Shovel Knight goes international! Now you can play the entire game in English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish! Swap between languages at any time within the Options Menu. Whether you're playing the game for the first time, picking up a new language, or just trying out a new flavor of the Shovel Knight adventure -- we hope you enjoy it! Thanks to the team at Words of Magic for their tireless work in translating the Shovel Knight spirit. Squeezing puns into fixed-width NES font space is no laughing matter!

Mac Players:
Shovel Knight 1.2 now runs on a wider range of earlier OS versions. Mavericks not required!
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