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Disgraced 28 augusti
Welcome, to the BETA!

It's finally here!

All of the coding, systems, and the majority of the features are finished in the game. Now, all that's left is to finish the last few features and populate the game with hours upon hours of gameplay material!

With the beta release, updates will be slightly less frequent but will contain larger amounts of new content with each and every update. The Beta stage will continue to improve the game and bring more gameplay. We hope you've enjoyed the Alpha phase of development and we appreciate all of the support.

Update 1.1.1 Change Log:

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed several dialogue tree errors
-Fixed several upgrade cost bugs
-Fixed a few typos
-Fixed numerous clipping issues
-Fixed font being too "jagged" by reducing font size by 1 point
-Fixed font running outside of the box
-Fixed logical errors related to the quest system and journal

Changes & Additions:
-Expanded base companion limit from 1 to 2
-Complete overhaul of the status icons and many of the item icons
-Complete weight overhaul for all items
-Complete equipment, weapon, and armor name overhaul (Everything is written in English but has the true Japanese terminology)
-Rewrote multiple dialogues
-Balanced all enemy stats, drops, and tactics
-Balanced all item prices
-Balanced all weapons, armor, and gear stats
-Added around a dozen new achievements
-Many minor by noticable sound effect changes and tweaks to make them sound "crisp"
-Added many new decorations to multiple areas
-Added rebel holdout area
-Added Chukan village (can be liberated)
-Added Chukan granary area
-Added Chukan shack area
-Added Chukan hall area
-Added magistrate courtyard area
-Added magistrate area
-Continued working on world map and finished the basic layout of the Kyoto and Kawachi provinces
-Repriced multiple gear items (reduction only)
-Adjusted enemy respawn rates and ambush rates
-Updated the revolutionary edition dlc folder to contain the new logo
-Updated the resource toolkit dlc to contain all new content
-Added new bribery feature (available upon capturing magistrate) that allows the player to reduce current shogun aggro for influence
-Added new push feature that will automatically move npcs after you talk to them in the player controlled base
-Repriced several base upgrades and restoration upgrades
-Recolored multiple textures to stand out more
-Added several new tiles to the tileset group to enable more diverse environments
-Expanded line of sight by 5%
-Removed stepping animation from combat
-Added dialogue choices in the beginning of the game and multiple conversation branches
-Added the ability to relight campfires
-Added "Ill Omens" side quest
-Added "Hit Squad" side quest
-Added more npcs to all settlements except the player controlled base
-Rewrote multiple skill descriptions
-Remade multiple battle animations
-Updated loot tables
-Changed a few companion spawn locations
-Replaced game over screen
-Added a few more easter eggs (you'll know when you find them)
-Removed excess clutter from the game file to reduce hard drive usage
-Literally hundreds of other small tweaks and adjustments here and there to improve playability

Development will continue from here and we will keep updating and improving the game. The game's basic idea is fully functional and implemented but the game is still lacking gameplay and timely content. This will obviously be taken care of in the near future. We hope you stay tuned for future content updates and continue to give us feedback to improve the game. Enjoy the Beta.

-Corrosion ːCStudiosː
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Iggy's Egg Adventure 28 augusti
Today (Aug 28th) is Iggy's birthday and what better way to celebrate than with the gift of cute killer baby dinosaurs!? That being said, we have determined that the best way to give this gift was to reduce the price of Iggy's Egg Adventure... forever!

Iggy's Egg Adventure is now just $4.99 USD (previously $9.99 USD) and Iggy will still be participating in sales and Steam hosted sales in the future.

So what does Iggy want for his birthday? Well, he gurgled and bawked in my ear that he wanted everyone to tell their friends about his adventure so that more people could enjoy it and take Iggy home with them.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and loved this game over the past year!

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Prison Run and Gun 28 augusti

Now you can collect (unlock) other weapons. There are 2 new guns ... somewhere :)

More will be added with the upcoming updates.
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Rabi-Ribi 28 augusti

- Erina's Hitbox is now displayed at the beginning of boss fights and when using "Slow Movement".
- Bunny Amulet regeneration speed further increased with Regen Up.
- Each New Game+ Loop now gives a +12 Max PP bonus.
- 99 PP Limit Removed.
- Soul Heart now gives a Max HP + 5% bonus.
- These items no longer affect boss level: Carrot Shooter, Spike Barrier, Soul Heart
(Sunny Beam, Healing Staff, Explode Shot, Chaos Rod and Strange Box already have no affect on boss level)
- Added "??? Boss Rush". A preview of a upcoming new Boss Rush.
- Added an achievement.
- Added Comic 4A and 4B. ːrbrb1ː

System Tweak
- Xbox Controllers: The B Button now acts as a cancel button to fit with the XBox Controller Standard. A and B Button will always act as Confirm/Cancel no matter how the keybind is changed.
- Rearranged option menu items. (Setting are all reset in this update.)
- Renamed options setting file to "options.dat".
- "Resolution" added under "Video and Sound". The default setting is 720p but now you can change it to 1080p or even 4k. (Cicini: "...4K Pixel...?")
- You can also reduce the render resolution to get a big performance boost.

720p Rita, Erina and Ribbon

v1.60 1080p Rita, Erina and Ribbon

720p Map Screen

v1.60 1080p Map Screen

720p Artbook DLC

v1.60 1080p Artbook DLC. Enjoy higher quality character art!

- Rearranged Option menu Items. (Setting are all reset in this update.)
- Rename options setting file to "options.dat".
- B Button on XBox Controller now act as cancel button to fit XBox Controller Standard. A and B Button will always act as Confirm/Cancel no matter how the keybind is changed.

- Fixed a bug where defeating a boss during her teleporting would soft lock the game.
- Fixed a bug in Nieve's boss fight that affected hit registration.
- Fixed missing T.Chinese item descriptions.
- Fixed a text overlapping problem in S.Chinese.
- Fixed minor errors in German and French story dialogues.
- Fixed minor errors in Japanese text.
- Fixed minor texture errors.
- Fixed some text using the wrong font (Arial).
- Fixed possible Cocoa disappearing bug in New Game+.
- During Seana's 2nd Boss Battle, NPC dialogues will be skipped if the player retries after a Game Over.
- Buff/Debuff names will now stay hidden in Boss Rush and Loop3+.
- Changed minor terrain in Golden Pyramid and Rabi Rabi Ravine.
- Optimized one of the Starting Forest's background.
- Launch option "Reset all settings / Safe Mode" now deletes all save thumbnails to fix a possible corrupt image crash.

Advanced Launched Option (Rabi-Ribi > Properties > Launch Options)

- Added "-monitor0" to "-monitor6" for launching the game in different monitors.
- Added "-softsound" to disable hardware sound mixing
- Added "-nosound" to disable audio output.
- Added "-safemode" to reset all settings.
- Added "-nopreload" to disable texture preloading.
- Added "-dx9" "-dx9e" to force DirectX Version.

The following options should only be used for troubleshooting and may do more harm than goodːrbrb3ː:

-dx0 -4:3 -16:10 -21:9 -70hz -75hz -85hz -100hz -120hz -144hz -165hz - 200hz -xaudio2 -fasttexture -16bitcolor -nobilinear
- and two hidden bonus launched options...
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Bonsai 28 augusti
Hi friends! We've been reading your posts in the forum and have worked to address some of your feedback.

It seems some of you have had issues with saving your games, so we've modified how all that works. We also implemented Steam Cloud so that your trees carry across to other computers! This should (at least) fix all of the problems we've heard about.

If you follow us on Twitter, you probably know that Bonsai is our first game and that we built it with jMonkeyEngine. Since the release, we've become a bit more proficient with JME, and have made some improvement to the graphics. Specifically, we added in dynamic lighting and shadows, so on the high graphics level your trees will really pop.

Surprisingly, Bonsai can be a pretty intensive game for your graphics card. Early in the game, there are not many branches to draw, but due to the growth of the tree, your video card will eventually need to draw a lot of things on the screen to keep up. For this new release, we also reduced the quality of the low graphics level in order to help lower end video cards run Bonsai.

We hope these changes make Bonsai better for you all! Some of you are really awesome gamers and we've appreciated hearing from you and seeing your support!
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