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Sun Dogs 29 april
Sun Dogs has been out for six months! It feels strange having worked on it for so long for it to be not only out, but a long ways away. Thanks to everyone who's bought and supported it :D

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Hare In The Hat 29 april
Today we are proud to present second chapter of the Hare In The Hat game! There are 17 new achievements and overall more than 90 minutes of gameplay with 10 new puzzles!
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Deadweight 29 april
First update! Small patch to address minor bugs, exploits, and usability. More at

  • Added slider to adjust the global game volume in the settings menu.
  • New barrels dropped only when the existing one on the pad is removed to prevent stacking and strange physics.
  • Turret targeting laser turns green when a player is detected standing in front of it.
  • Fixed bug where enemy ragdoll floats in the air on rare occasions after being blown away by an explosion.
  • Invisible wall in place at the elevator entrances to prevent barrels from being placed inside elevators.
  • Widened enemy collision box to prevent players from accidently climbing them like stairs during close proximity.
  • Enemies now look directly down into the camera during the player death screen.
  • Fixed bug where shooting a barrel just as it's released while still inside the drop chute stops anymore barrels from dropping.
  • Added a few more layout variations to the random arena generation pool.
  • Added a "traffic light" signal on drop chute to indicate when a barrel is about to drop.
  • Fixed bug where some sounds trail away from the source object.
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Boogeyman 29 april
• Completely new Boogeyman
• New re-worked animations
• Fresh new weather effects system
• 5 ways to attack… no longer. 10 Ways to attack, double the trouble.
• 5 New distractions.
• House has undergone a massive makeover for the better.
• Full VR support, with Xbox controller support.
• Nightmare Night
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Devils Share 29 april
Devils Share Now On Sale!
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