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Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut 17 december
Over the last few months we have been hard at work to bring you update 2.0.7. With this patch comes a hoard of bug fixes and even some more content. Several missions and conversations have been updated to allow the Player a greater range of freedom in choices, and the consequences that may or may not come with those decisions. Keep an eye out for these opportunities as you play, and be sure to try to find some of the new hidden "modes" to play the game in!

And if you're enjoying Shadowrun Dragonfall - Directors Cut then you should check this out, too!

If you are encountering any campaign issues in Dragonfall, please update to build 2.0.7 immediately. (To update, restart Steam and then allow Shadowrun Returns to fully verify and download the new build.) If you are experiencing a campaign-related issue after the update, you may also need to restart your current scene (select "Restart Level" from the PDA) or rewind (select "Rewind" from the PDA save screen, then select a previous level) to before you encountered the issue in order to resolve the issue.

If you are experiencing technical issues with Shadowrun Dragonfall - Directors Cut, please see this post:

New Features, Improvements
  • Trigger: Added new environmental effect, fog to editor.
  • Trigger: Added new trigger: Move prop with speed.
  • UI: Added hover description to overwatch button.
  • UI: Item pickup popup will not trigger for that fail equip requirements.
  • Secrets: Several new “modes” have been added.

Bug Fixes
  • AI: Improved wander AI.
  • AI: Resolved issue that caused AI to act incorrectly when losing LoS of targets.
  • AI: Resolved issue that prevented boss AI from attacking multiple times.
  • Character Creation: Resolved issue that caused some icons to be missing from Karma spend screen.
  • Character Creation: Resolved issue that could lead to characters having Totems/Etiquettes without the correct Karma spent.
  • Gameplay: Added logic to check for last downed actor when the rest of the team is detained or transitioned.
  • Hiring: Resolved issue that caused hiring prerequisites to fail incorrectly if actors had the Eye Datajack equipped as their only Datajack.
  • Save: Resolved issue that could cause story variables to not be reset after rewinding.
  • UI: Resolved issue that caused icons to not reappear after screen fade in/out.
  • UI: Resolved issue that caused keyboard shortcuts to remain active when typing in a text field.
  • UI: Resolved issue with sorting level on Team Advancement screen.
  • UI: Resolved issue with team pips not updating correctly.
  • VFX: Resolved issue that caused some multi-hit attacks to hit incorrect actors if target actor died before attack finished.

Bug Fixes: Dragonfall Campaign
  • Added additional dialog for Lucky Strike.
  • Added loading screen text for post Engineer mission.
  • Added loading screen text for post Feuerstelle mission.
  • Added loading screen text for post Settling Debts mission.
  • Added more player agency to Samuel Beckenbauer conversations.
  • Added more player agency to Trial Run mission.
  • Changed bomb planting behavior in the Engineer mission.
  • Improved prop placement in False Flag mission.
  • Improved prop placement in the Engineer mission.
  • Removed ability for Goldfish to have same conversation repeatedly with player in Hard Times mission.
  • Resolved edge case issue that caused loss of player control in the Trial Run mission.
  • Resolved edge case issue that caused mission the Drug Pit to be unable to complete.
  • Resolved issue that allowed AI to become trapped in inaccessible area in Dragonfall mission.
  • Resolved issue that caused animation issue when putting on a disguise in Earwig mission.
  • Resolved issue that caused Boss AI to be susceptible to mind controlling spells and abilities.
  • Resolved issue that caused both boss fights to be triggered in Settling Debts mission.
  • Resolved issue that caused empty player choices in conversation with Karl in Apex Rising mission.
  • Resolved issue that caused incorrect actors going hostile in the Trial Run, resulting in play blocker.
  • Resolved issue that caused incorrect sound to be played in Matrix of Loose Ends mission.
  • Resolved issue that caused looped conversation in Settling Debts mission.
  • Resolved issue that caused Matrix sections to be triggered at incorrect time in Settling Debts mission.
  • Resolved issue that caused mouseover text to not display on some interactive props in MKVI mission.
  • Resolved issue that caused Panzerdrohne to be equipped with weapons in equip screen.
  • Resolved issue that caused players to exit from different exits in top floor of Trial Run mission.
  • Resolved issue that caused Shadowlands conversation to exit unexpectedly.
  • Resolved issue that caused unintended behaviour when a BuNoMa was used.
  • Resolved issue that prevented Pummelo from equipping any items without losing currently equipped items.
  • Resolved Simmy/Ezkibel conversation inconsistency after Rabbit Hole mission.
  • Resolved various typos and grammar issues.
  • Updated Aim spell and Eagle totem text for clarity.
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War Thunder 17 december

Read the 1.45 Patchnotes here

"The moment you've all been waiting for is here! A big new update has come to our game, triumphantly escorted in by American ground vehicles. That's right, US tanks are the heroes of the 1.45 Steel Generals update. Sherman, Patton, Lee, Chaffee, Stuart, Walker – these are all legendary and heroic national generals, whose names were traditionally given to American tanks. Of course, this update also brings us some new aircraft. Apart from a new line of ground vehicles, the developers have introduced even more long-awaited updates."
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Imagine Me 17 december
Happy Holidays Everyone!!

We've added a bit of Holiday Cheer to Imagine Me ^_^ Both the Challenge Levels and Campaign have some decorations to help celebrate the season.

We included a new story with unlockable Memory page, a few bug fixes (fire wisps no longer hide), and the Imagine Me soundtrack cover art as well :D

Wishing you have a wonderful, merry, happy, joyous, and fun season!! :D
Chris and Hollie <3
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Royal Quest 17 december
It's almost time for the coolest holiday of the year - the Snow Festival! In a few days a new island will appear flying over Aura, and heroes seeking chilling (in a good way) adventure can visit the land where you battle with snowballs, open presents under the Christmas tree, saddle Snow Crocks, and summon the almighty Winter Guardians. Cooks from all over Aura will offer you a taste of their best creations, and Maiden Lola will exchange Christmas Ornaments for Gift Boxes.

Learn more about the Snow Festival on official forums:

Patch 0.9.124: “Mark of the Hunter”
On December 18th servers will be updated with Patch 0.9.124: "Mark of the Hunter". What's new in this update? Let's dive in:

King's Herald announces:

"Hear, hear!

Royal archaeologists and researchers have found 8 new areas in different parts of Aura. These areas contain unspeakable number of traps and creatures, daring all heroes to conquer ominous halls, dark crypts and deadly caves, in order to further advance among the ranks of the Royal Army. Entrances for new areas appear randomly in locations of the same power as the hero, and disappear when you enter them, just to reappear in a new place. As this is considered a personal training test, you cannot bring help inside - you have to succeed relying only on yourself."

When 0.9.0124 goes live, you will be able to immediately try new challenges:

• Underground Lake (recommended level - 20);
• Werewolf Lair (recommended level - 25);
• Elenium Shards (recommended level - 30);
• The Temple of Mara (recommended level - 35);
• Bone Crypt (recommended level - 40);
• Old Puppet Factory (recommended level - 45);
• Three Corridors (recommended level - 50);
• Poisonous Crypt (recommended level - 55).

New pets

3 new pets were added to the game:

• [Fire Gobbler] - domesticated mascot of the Snow Festival, never steals your Christmas Ornaments again!
• [Meta Lizard] - unique pet trained to guard their owners belongings, fit for any environment, thanks to fire and strike-proof skin.
• [Mushroom Eater] - mutated Mosseaters, their leafy skin is darker, beak is harder, behavior nicer (though unpredictable) than that of Mosseaters.

Free talent reset

As 0.9.124 also changes a lot of skills and updates the general balance of classes, all heroes can once again complete the quest from Master Bastiff in Varlone to reset their talents.

• Premium Accounts will now receive +50% to gold drops for players of level 60.
• You won't be able to use "Leap" and "Teleportation" to go past location portals and attack other players anymore.
• Resurrection using Reales now grants 5 seconds of invulnerability. Attacking or using skills will cancel the effect.
• Fixed an issue where players couldn't cast AoE spells if there was gold on the ground in that area.
• If players have chat filter for inappropriate language enabled, it will now also work on the names of trade spots.
• Fixed an issue with splitting items. Now you can't change tabs while the splitting process is ongoing, players must pick up Elum first.
• Fixed an issue where simultaneous gathering of resources and using of skills would force both progress bars to disappear.
• Fixed an issue where Guard Form would disappear if players were resting.

• Fixed an issue where tooltips for buffs and effects could blink continuously if highlighted by mouse cursor.
• Added notifications when players are added/removed from the ignore list.
• Fixed an issue where second opening of the card album would send a message in the chat about new items.
• Now players will see damage numbers from attacks by Roland or tamed creatures, both in the game and in the battle log.
• Opening a second quick buy window for Arconite Sealing Wax, Arcon’s Heart, Reaction Stabilizer and similar items now requires currently opened window to be closed before opening another.

• Fixed an error in "The Navigator Gyroscope Compass", starting location was added.
• Fixed errors in the description for "Wizarding Components" and "Neobulla Spheres".

• [Blood Card: Lightning Bolt] now will be triggered by positive control effects also (for example, "Perfect Protection").
• Fixed an issue where [Blood Card: Lightning Bolt] could be triggered by "Rest".
• Fixed an issue where [Blood Card: Radiance] could be triggered by Guard Form and Wolf Form.

• Now the amount of quest items [Goblin’s Brains] and [Pearl] will be displayed correctly.
• Now [Dream Stealer’s Signet] will apply character bonus when it is equipped while resting.

• Fixed spawn points on the map for "Termite Egg".
• Now the names of quest items in Abandoned Mines, Floor 2 won't appear for players without the quest.

Arena and Battlegrounds
• Entering Arena now removes all invisibility effects players might have prior to entering.
• Fixed an issue with health and energy recovery after Arena. Now, if player dies during battle, he/she will be resurrected with the same amount of health and energy prior to entering.
• Entering battle with the "Weakness" effect now removes it for the duration of that battle, and applies it back afterwards.
• Fixed an issue with dynamic unpassable zones in Battlegrounds.

• "Besieger" was removed. Now players won't have to deal with the effect that forbids bidding 2 or more times, as well as participating in other sieges.
• Now everybody has a personal resurrection timer. If players in a group have different timers, then after that group dies all players in it will have the highest timer of that group.

Battle systems
• New formula has been added for calculating miss chance while attacking or using skills: miss chance (%) is now Dodge [of target] minus Hit [of attacker].
• "Dodge" and "Hit" characteristics now won't be increased with character level, but instead will be increased based on character stats, items and talents. Base values for every character are 0 Hit and 5 Dodge.
• Rogues, Thieves and Assassins will now receive +4 to Dodge for every 10 points of Dexterity. All other classes will now receive +2 to Dodge for every 10 points of Dexterity.
• All classes will now receive +2 to Hit for every 10 points of Luck.
• Now in PvP level difference will not affect Dodge Chance.
• While fighting monsters level difference will now add additional Dodge Chance to monsters.
• If you miss, now there is a 15% chance to hit for half of the damage.
• All player control effects that forbid movement and skill usage will now also reduce Dodge Chance to 0.
• Now dealing damage or healing has a maximum value of 110% and minimum of 90%.

...and there is much more! Too see the complete list of changes (over 8 pages!), please visit our forums here
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Tropico 5 17 december
Now available!

- New campaign and story spanning 6 challenging missions
- 9 new off-shore buildings and marine vehicles
- 4 new island maps (also available for sandbox games)
- 4 new music tracks
- 2 new avatar costumes
- 6 new avatar accessories
- New sandbox tasks and events to go with the waterborne setting
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