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DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition 20 Augusti 2014
The second (and final) round of DLC has been released on the Steam store. New stages, costumes, weapons and the Japanese voice option have been added.

Just released DLC:
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Axis Game Factory 20 Augusti 2014
AGFPRO V2 Updates and New Features Added:

Today, we are excited to announce the release of version 2.0 of the Axis Game Factory Suite of software for rapid level and game world creation.

Major new features have been added to AGFPRO, AGFPRO PREMIUM, AGFPRO Zombie FPS Player DLC, and AGFPRO Fantasy Side-Scroller Player DLC. With a brand new interface and a more simplistic way to create, the entire AGFPRO suite makes it easier than ever to design your game levels with the power of a prominent professional toolset.

New Features include:

New AGF Launch Pad
  • This App replaces the AGF editor from the AGF icon in Steam
  • Launches all AGF Apps including the Editor from one toolbar
  • No need to go through the Editor to launch the Players

]New AGF World Editor Features
  • Redesigned GUI
  • Dropdown menu system
  • Collapsing, drag-able windows with easy to see icons
  • 3x Speed increase for terrain sculpting
  • Terrains can now be sculpted to 200 meters up and 200 meters down max
  • Terrains are now expanded to a maximum terrain of 4000 meters square
  • 10 levels of undo for terrain editing
  • Undo Vegetation, Painting and Sculpting independent of each other
  • Via the new integrated AGF Browser, users can now import their own original: Brushes, Terrain Textures, Terrain Vegetation Textures in .PNG format
  • Edit the entire Default Brush library for users preference
  • Project specific and default brushes independent of each other
  • Underwater Fog added
  • Underwater Lighting added
  • Camera automatically changes the atmosphere when users are underwater vs. above water
  • Added a "Build Time Clock" that is saved with each scene file every time users work, creating a standing time on how long each level takes to create
  • Updated GUI in the Editor
  • Custom Images can be both loaded and removed for the Brushes – Terrain and Vegetation
  • Enhanced Grid-Snapping Features:
  • On screen display of Grid Size
  • On screen display of Grid-Snap Setting
  • There are now reference numbers for both the X and Z Axis, the numbers change dynamically with the scale of the grid
  • Grid Reference Number Scaling and Display Settings can be defined by the user
  • There is now an NPC manager that is available when users place NPCs
  • Users are able to customize text to give NPC’s scripts and sort the order in which the players are guided to speak and interact with the NPCs
  • Users are able to name NPC characters
  • New Smoothing Feature for the terrain sculpting has been added to give the user the ability to smooth and softer terrain on their maps
  • New X, Y, Z directional compass added to the Editor

New Construct App Feature:
  • Gone is the old prefab workspace and it has been moved into its very own App
  • Construct is where you go to create your own prefab assets from the always-expanding library of textures and assets (over 1,000+) that are available in the AGFPRO Warehouse
  • Users can launch Construct from the Launchpad or from the Editor
  • Use the “refresh assets” button to load prefabs into the Warehouse library
  • Construct allows users to import their own .OBJ files (objects or assets) as well as .PNG texture files
  • Load your own models, .OBJ files, directly into Construct – USERS NO LONGER HAVE TO IMPORT THEIR OWN ASSETS THROUGH UNITY PRO!!!!!
  • Combine several .OBJ files and save them as a Prefab to be used in the World Editor

New AGF Browser (file browser)
  • This is a standalone browser that connects the AGF Apps together!
  • The new AGF Browser is designed to be the glue that is used to bring in users custom content. Now users are able to bring in their own Textures and Objects files (Assets) into AGF creations without the necessity of using Unity Free or Unity Pro… This feature is HUGE as it empowers users the flexibility to create their own custom levels with any supported asset types they choose to bring in with the ability to take their scene files back into Unity to publish their own work

New AGF Packager
  • By popular demand – we have added this great feature… AGF DLC users are able to package their games easily and share with anyone! Just do the following:
  1. Select the Game Type
  2. Select the Project Folder
  3. Select the Destination of the New Game onto User’s Machine
  4. Give a Name to the Game
  • … And the AGF Packager does the rest… it’s really that easy! Best of all, friends do not need to own AGF to run the packaged game, nor do they need to have a Steam account. The Packaged Game is completely stand-alone, DRM FREE, and redistribution of users game(s) is encouraged. AGF Packager will make a game for the OS that it was packaged on. The AGF packaged games are NOT intended for resale. It’s about creating and sharing with all.
  • As an option, the Packager will automatically zip the game(s) package for easy distribution and no installation is required for the end user to play – no installers are necessary for friends to play – just unzip and have fun!

New AGF Scene Loader Features:
  • Custom Images that are used on terrains now load into Unity with scene created in AGF
  • Any locked assets in an AGF scene are no longer an issue… The AGF/Unity Scene Loader skips any assets that are not supposed to load automatically

New Premium Features:
  • Brand new AGFPRO Scene loader compatible for Unity 4.5.2f1
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Eldritch 20 Augusti 2014
H.P. Lovecraft was born on August 20, 1890. In celebration of his significant influence on the horror genre, we're releasing a big update for Eldritch today!

Added Asylum expansion.
Added Steam trading cards.
Added Steam achievements.
Added Steam leaderboards.
Fixed Steam screenshots in OpenGL.
Fixed Mac savegame crashes.
Improved voxel lighting.
Improved audio occlusion.
Improved display of keys/buttons.
Improved display of FOV.
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Hand of Fate 19 Augusti 2014
We've just released our first major update - previous updates have addressed compatibility and bug-fixes, this one adds extra content and a lot of tuning fixes.

In the new build you'll find a host of new features, fixes and tweaks to the existing game, with more to come!

  • Lots of Dealer VO added (some is buggy)
  • Assorted new VFX
  • Tweaks to level cameras + visuals
  • You can replay previous levels.
  • You can manually reset your profile from the menus.
  • New achievements + achievements in general working
  • Minotaur can now be found
  • Multiple cards have updated art + fixes (mages tower, war cry, pain, etc)
  • Revised token sequences + token position in the bowl
  • Goblin gold autocollection on final drop
  • Many bug fixes, inc Plunderers Cap nerf
  • Court cards have been revised and improved
  • Token unlocks have been moved around
  • Late game card unlocks have been modified

We're also putting regular updates in the forums - see the Friday update thread to see what we're working on each week and how the game is progressing.

We've also been getting great previews and Let's Play's - here's a link to a couple of recent reports.

James Recommends Hand of Fate
Gamespot Preview

Thanks for all the feedback and support to date - hope you enjoy the new update!
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Magicite 19 Augusti 2014
Hey all! Got some new unlockable races and companions for ya. I recently took a trip to Seattle with my buddies, so I haven't been able to do as much developing. We actually got to visit Valve headquarters, and ended up with some pretty neat stuff. The folks there are really nice! Anyways, here's Magicite 1.3 :D

New Races
Added Qualogg
Added Bandicoot
Added Djinn

New Companions
Added Gooey Ghost
Added Flame of Hope

Scourge Lair is now much more difficult!
Increased the amount of Scourge Enemies
Increased Scourge Enemy's detection range

By the way, I'm thinking about doing a little development video on the process of making an enemy, animating it, and putting it into Magicite. Post your enemy ideas, and I might choose your enemy for the video!

Have a great day
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