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States, Firms, & Households 8 december
- bigger map size
- labourer animation
- ui improvement: have graphs and manager shown at the same time
- ui improvement: notifications now 12 lines instead of 4
- multiplayer matchmaker back up
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Paladins® 8 december

Merry Maker
Open Beta 39 Patch Notes | December 5th

Beta Expectations

  • Updated Founder's Packs to include:
    • 10 more Radiant chests to each Founder's Pack.
    • All Standard Champion Voice Packs
  • Account Boosters now provide additional Crystals and Gold for each Daily Login Bonus you collect.
    • Bonus +5 Crystals
    • Bonus +200 Gold
    • Account Boosters still provide:
      • +50% Account XP
      • +50% Champion XP
      • +100% Gold Earned
      • Radiant Chests drop an additional item
  • Unlocked items now have “owned” tag in Store and Champion Customize screen.
  • Added Store filtering options for Items.
  • Locked champions now appear greyed out in match lobby.
  • Player's personal Health bars will now show shield health as a total health bar. The separation will show health, then shields, then missing health.
  • Improved hitmarker feedback by increasing the length of the X and changing color when killing an enemy.
  • Stat credit for personal shields now given to character that applied the shield
  • Damage calculation against personal shields modified:
  • Base damage applied first, before bonus damage to shields, resulting in less bleed over from personal shields to health
  • Damage to personal shields now dismounts players
  • Targetable health bar overlays improved so the shadow portion of the healthbar always represents only missing health, instead of missing health + missing shield
  • Minor knockbacks no longer reduce air control
  • Fixed an issue where player could be locked out from firing for an entire life under certain conditions on respawn
  • Increased the max number of health segments, so they will more closely represent 250 health each for characters with high health
  • Addressed an issue where sound loops would get stuck on if you interrupt them during KillCam (eg. Bomb King’s Ultimate rolling sound)
  • Addressed an issue where Bomb King Sticky Bomb sounds were getting stuck on when you threw more than 6 Sticky Bombs before detonating.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not view the scoreboard while on the items or loadouts screens.
  • Fixed bug where if you interrupted your Emote with certain abilities it would allow you to move when you are supposed to be locked in place
  • Improved the ability for “TakeHit” sounds to indicate the direction from which you were damaged.

  • Heads
    • Merry Maker Ribbons
    • Chillweave Beanie Kinessa
    • Dasher’s Antlers Androxus
    • Frosty Foliage Grover
  • Weapons
    • Merry Maker Cane Evie
    • Festive Blunderbuss Barik
    • Snow Cannon Makoa
    • Festive Launcher Pip
    • Jolly Longbow Sha Lin
    • Twitch Illusory Mirror
      • Exclusive skin for Twitch account linking.
  • Bodies
    • Merry Maker Evie
  • Voice Packs
    • Merry Maker Evie

  • Ice Mines
    • Ice Mines has had a visual theming pass.

  • General
    • Addressed a bug where knockbacks would have different behavior based on the position of the source.
  • Buck
    • “Buck excels as a Flanker, but boasts a large amount of control for how mobile he is. We want to reward players who consistently land Net Shots, and Heroic Leap’s slow allowed Buck to extend the slow duration longer than it should last.”
    • Heroic Leap
      • No longer slows enemies upon landing.
  • Evie
    • Ice Block
      • Ice block is now able to be themed for skins.
    • Cards
      • “Wormhole provided Evie too much breathing room around using her Blink, and was too valuable at ranks 1 and 2. Reducing the scale down means players now need to place more points into Wormhole to get similar value out of it.”
      • Wormhole
        • Reduced duration allowing the return blink from 2/4/6/8 to 1/2/3/4s.
  • Drogoz
    • “Through card combinations and precise timing Drogoz players were able to exceed booster’s maximum speed for long durations of time allowing for an unintended amount of mobility. With the new booster behaviour he can still momentarily hit high speeds but will not be able to maintain them.”
    • Booster
      • Implemented a gradual speed reduction to booster when surpassing the maximum intended speed.
      • Booster is now disabled for 1 second after being knocked back
  • Fernando
    • “Fernando is a formidable Front Line to deal with and can bring incredible point control to his team. However, we feel Fernando excels a bit too much at chasing enemies. We are reducing his base Movement Speed and Health to ensure risky positioning stays risky as it gave him a lot of forgiveness if he chased too far. The Cooldown recovery mechanic was short enough along with his ability to chase where it allowed Fernando to play more of a Flank role.”
    • General
      • Reduced Health from 5700 to 5500.
      • Reduced Movement Speed from 365 to 360.
    • Shield
      • Increased the minimum Cooldown when cancelling Shield early based on amount of Health remaining from 7 to 9s.
  • Kinessa
    • Transporter
      • Reduced Cooldown from 12 to 10s.
  • Makoa
    • “Makoa excels at isolating targets and provides a strong contrast to the other Front Line champions in that way. He falls a bit behind champions like Fernando or Barik in point control, but we want to highlight his uniqueness by increasing the amount of damage he can deal.”
    • Ancient Rage
      • Increased damage from 600 to 650.
    • Cannon
      • Increased damage from 600 to 650.
  • Mal’Damba
    • “While Mal’Damba has a strong list of healing and control options for his team, his survivability is lower than other Support champions. We are increasing his base Health to allow him to take a few extra hits and stay in the fight.”
    • General
      • Increased Health from 2500 to 2650.
  • Sha Lin
    • Cards
      • Grounded
        • Fixed an issue where this card was healing for 13% less than intended at all ranks.
  • Ying
    • Cards
      • “Carry On held too much value at low ranks, giving a significant increase in healing output without encouraging the player to put a lot of points into it in their loadout.”
      • Carry On
        • Reduced the amount of duration increase from 3/6/9/12 to 1/2/3/4s.

  • The Spectator UI has had a presentation update with new features.
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VRCapture 8 december
From version, VRCapture can record single eye recordings.

Differ from VR recording, it makes a 2D plane video, which does not contain immersive experience, and can not view with cardboard. But most people are common with this format of videos.

When begin to record, first run VRCapture from SteamVR, then run the VR game or application which you want to record,
select different record mode from right Record Panel of VRCapture.

It contains two mode until now. VR Mode is the important feature of VRCapture, which can record the displays of HMD. Normal Mode is the so called single eye recording.

After record mode is selected, you can click Start Record Button or press the default hotkey Ctrl+F12(maybe your custom hotkey which can be set in the setting tab window) to start recording. It will display a animation on the left corner window of the VR game or application, which shows the recording time.

The videos which are recorded with VR Mode will have a cardboard view logo on the right bottom of the video thumbnails, while Normal Mode videos don't have.

For the best experience, we have been tried a lot of game recordings, finally we decided that when recorded with Normal Mode, VRCapture will produce the same resolution video with the VR game. You can adjust the game window size for the best effect.

We will add more attractive features in the next versions.

Any suggestions and feedbacks are appreciated.
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Orange Moon 8 december
Made out of Orange Moon lifeforms, human and mechanical parts, this abomination lays toxic smoke bombs and spits acid. Upon approach it spawns highly flammable toxic clouds around itself as a protection from predators. It is slow and clumsy, obviously an experiment gone wrong. Uses pair of augmented human hands to drag its huge body around.

Quantity on the moon - unknown.

Who is to blame for their existence - raiders, aliens or Moon Resources Corp.?

Moon abomination encountered on 7th level of Orange Moon - “Excavations”.

Don't forget to vote Orange Moon at 7th Annual Indie of the Year Awards on IndieDB.

Thank you for support!
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Escape From Nazi Labs 8 december
More dynamic gameplay, much more Bullet Hell.ːnazisymbolː
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