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Dead Effect 29 januari
A couple of weeks have passed since the release of our game, during of which we've seen tons of positive reactions and complimentary reviews. It's like watching our kid go off to college and see him getting straight A's! We are very proud of it, but even prouder of you. We've been very lucky to have such a loyal, enthusiastic community. Thank you for everything you're doing for us!

We are well aware of the fact that our game is far from perfect. However, we constantly monitor all the feedback and we use your tips and suggestions not only to improve Dead Effect 1, but also to give us an idea of what to steer clear from in our future projects. Your help is invaluable - our mission is to create games that you, our audience, will enjoy.

We are not an AAA studio and all you can see is the work of a very small team of very dedicated people. This is something that some of the less favourable reviews forget about - we do not have the backing of a large sponsor or lots of staff, and all this has taken lots of blood (literally), toil, tears, and sweat. Still, being compared to AAA titles is something we have never even dreamed of, and it's a great boost of confidence to us. We promise to keep up the good work, and we hope we can enlist your help in the future as well.

Thank you, you're the best!

BadFly team
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Dragon's Prophet 29 januari
There is a lot in today's patch. See the new major features below and click here for the full list of bug fixes:

New Major Features:

§ Raid dungeon – Mount Sorthina
§ Get ready to do some platforming… Jump now!
§ There are 6 points along this path that are “save points” where you can use the statue at the beginning to return to your last saved spot in the puzzle for your attempt to reach the top
§ Best of luck!
§ Two additional Dungeons – Silia Shrine & Omati Gorge (sound familiar to any Beta players?)
§ Talk to “Skytouched Dragon Knight” in each town will lead you to find “Deyarka Bastille Emergency Recruitment Officer” in Arteicia.
§ Talk to “Deyarka Bastille Emergency Recruitment Officer” who can teleport you to “Avanah Forest” for Public Event “Prison Line”.
§ Complete PE for reward item “Transportation Device to..”, use one of three devices to teleport to each of these three dungeons
§ Chinese New Year event & Dragon patrol
§ Try to find them….
§ Valentine’s event
§ This event takes place in Laedis near the Underworld Port
§ This is a game that requires two players. “A” player need to carry “B” on their back and need to finish the full distance of the Marathon contest. Players will go through the ocean by stamping on the stones which are decorated as the dessert “Macaron”. There are some obstacles placed on the road and players need to try to overcome and finish the contest as soon as they can.
§ The player “B” who is carried on A’s back need to clear the debuffs from player A and add benefit buffs in time to assist them to complete the contest successfully.
§ There are four period of time to join the event : 12:00, 18:00, 20:00, and 22:00. There will be a 5 minute debuff time once the players complete the contest. Players who are able to complete the contest in 10 minutes have chance to participate 4 times in that allotted time period. So the maximum times to complete this event each day is 16.
§ Midas Moonlight events – Silent Ridge & Misty Hills
§ Find Misty the Moonlighter Northeast of Artecia in Laedis
§ Ask to hear about the above events and she will offer to take you there
§ We will open other Moonlight events in the coming weeks
§ Column of the Prophet revamp part 2
§ Column of the Prophet will be activated once every two weeks.
§ Players have to exchange their Column of the Prophet’s reward from ranking interface during the rest week. .....
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Star Trek Online 29 januari
We are proud to announce that Star Trek Onlin has just released its five year anniversary celebration and season!

The growth and success STO has realized over this span is an incredibly rare achievement, and we're excited to share it with everyone in the community and the development team that made this possible. In addition to our annual anniversary event, we're excited to present the additional breadth of features this release involves. You can read more about the release and our continuining mission here!

Along with this release comes the new Vaadwaur Lock Box and the 15% Key Sale will continue through 2/2 at 10am PST for you to take advantage of the discount.
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Humanity Asset 29 januari
Steam Trading Cards are now available. This set features 8 cards, 8 backgrounds, and 9 emoticons. Thanks for your support. We hope you enjoy the cards.
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Fractured Space 29 januari
Well, it's live. The biggest update to the game since Fractured Space hit Early Access last year. We've detailed the update in full below, but there's a lot to check out. We've also rolled out a huge promotion for the game - with 25% off the game - meaning there's no better time to get your friends into the game (and then swiftly blast them out of space with your superior skills).

The full list of changes, updates and additions can be found - in full - below:

1. Reduced damage to Hunter Faster Cannon - From 87.5 to 70 per shot – this brings its average DPS in line with the other two Hunter weapons.
2. Balance fixes on Corvette ShieldAOE (to reduce spamming possible) – cooldown value increased top allow for level up cooldown reduction. From 20 second cooldown (spammable at level 4+) to 40 seconds to bring in line with other similar abilities.
3. Assassin loses speed boost from being cloaked, basic weapon now takes 0.8s longer to finish firing.
4. Corvette – Added defensive shield ability (any ally in sphere has reduced damage of 50% for duration, replaces Drone ability)
5. Reduced damage multiplier of VLR cannon by 33%
6. Adjusting enforcer loadout to ensure that ability disable takes both capmod and taser beam offline.
7. Fixed Enforcer Taser Laser bug (so it consistently slows enemy)

1. Minimap has rotation added back in, icons replaced by arrows to show ship direction.
2. Optimised HUD/UI engine to increased framerate
3. Fixed capture circle bugs

1. New movies – Company Logo, Game Logo
2. Fixed dithering on Splash screen (Fractured Space)
3. New UI flow, game logs into servers and back end before getting to the front page.
4. Moved load out button on hanger screen to be more prominent
5. Added tech tree back into breadcrumb trail
6. Added ship information text for all ships
7. Fixed in game options menu deadzone issues
8. Fixed bugs in the leaderboard code (will take effect once the boards are wiped at the same time as the patch)
9. Login Error Handling - make sure to display correct error messages when login flow has an error
10. Removed pre game desertion message/penalty
11. Added new command line switch (-uisharedmemory) to re-enable the temporary fix for users who don't see a front end upon starting the application.

1. Improved specialisation of weapon & ability audio.
2. Fixed missing sounds for certain projectiles and their impacts.

1. Pass on all VFX for optimisation purposes
2. Hunter has new Vernier thrusters
3. Heal beam and scalpel beam edited to be paler
4. Flak and seismic flak tweaked, shockwave added
5. Main thruster particle system colours tweaked

First ten games you will have -1 on honour then it will update to your actual score


Thanks, and see you in battle soon!
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