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Job the Leprechaun 9 februari
"Job the Leprechaun" comes now with Trading Cards.
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Dungeon Defenders II 9 februari
The Dragonfall Carnival is here! Login to experience the whimsy and wonder of the Carnival before it disappears.

This update includes:

The Dragonfall Carnival Map
A silly map filled with weird enemies, zany traps and a jesting ringmaster! You can play the Carnival for free by Sneaking In, but if you purchase Admission Passes, you’ll get to spin the Bling Wheel at the end of the map!

The Bling Wheel
The Bling Wheel contains 16 exclusive rewards, including the Harbinger’s Veil Costumes, the Shadow Costumes and golden premium pets! Get all of the rewards to receive the grand prize: the Carnival Costumes!

Heroes Marketplace
Thanks to your Influence Vote, there’s a brand-new social hub: the Heroes Marketplace! Access the Dragonfall Carnival from this sunny locale.

Carnival Prize Wheel
While the Carnival is in town, you’ll earn red Wheel Tickets from any map in the game. Gather those tickets, and then head to the Carnival Prize Wheel located in the Heroes Marketplace to win temporary stat buffs, masks, fireworks and more!

For the full patch notes, head to the Dragonfall Carnival landing page!

As for the next update, we’re tentatively working on:
  • New Hero: Abyss Lord
  • Hero Deck Changes
  • And so much more!
We’ll have more information on those new changes in the next few weeks. This year, we’re going to improve existing features, add lots of new heroes, make more fun content for you to enjoy and get out of Early Access. Stay tuned, and enjoy the Carnival!

The Trendy Team

P.S. Like and comment for your chance to win 1,000 gems!
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Resilience: Wave Survival 9 februari
Steam Build 73 - 06/02

*Fix for Saving Player Position in Sandbox Mode
*Added a 'Buggy' Driveable Vehicle to Sandbox Mode, Press F to enter/exit, C to change camera views and L for lights. (I will add a UI soon, so you can customise the Buggys settings... ie. Suspension, Mass, Speed, Drivemode.. etc) Its set to AWD Default. If you stay in the car it will auto right itself if you have an accident.
Flat Terrain map has Tarmac terrain Physics, Grimlock Island has Grass terrain Physics and Arid Wasteland has Sand terrain Physics.

Please Note! It wont save its position yet, I had issue where is was spawning inside itself, so kept it from this build.

I would love to hear your feedback!

Thank You ːDː ːss13okː
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Anno 2070™ 9 februari
S.A.A.T. scientists have been left scratching their heads after the unearthing of a mysterious object at a Global Trust mining site near Jorgensen Plateau.

The discovered metal capsule is emblazoned with an image of the Moon and the number “2205” - prompting speculation about its origin “from the future”, to quote Dr. Wallace Breen, administrator of the operation. Inside, a set of impressive paintings was found, depicting everyday life scenes and vehicles of the year 2070.

Message and purpose of this baffling find remain a mystery so far. We contacted S.A.A.T. director Dr. Salman Devi for comment and invite our readers to enjoy reproductions of these mysterious pictures we have prepared as Anno 2070 Trading Cards.
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ShipLord 9 februari
Our game is now finally available on Mac OS X!
We did some drastic changes on graphic performance, so the size of the game dropped by 75%, and the game works perfectly on low end PCs.

And we have a big discount! Check it out and become the Shiplord :)
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