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Dyna Bomb 28 september
Dyna Bomb for $ 2.49 *-50% OFF Now!*

Ghost Sweeper + Dyna Bomb Studio Pack #1 :


7 Raven Studios & Studio
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Strike Force: Desert Thunder 28 september
A new Update for Strike Force: Desert Thunder has been released.

This updates reworks the way recoil is handled in Strike Force: Desert Thunder to a more controllable way, several bugs in the menu where fixed and the old Launcher got removed.

- reworked weapon recoil
- fixed several menu bugs
- removed Launcher

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Axe, Bow & Staff 27 september
Thanks for supporting us during the four months! Later in this week, ABS will leave Early Access and enter the Full Release. Go get the Digital Artbook DLC for free while you still can!

Release Notes:
  • Added: Traditional Chinese, French, and Spanish language support;
  • Optimized: Bow can now swim forward after falling into a water pit, makes the following gameplay much easier;
  • Fixed: the input in game was occasionally unresponsive;
  • Fixed: sorting issues of some objects in game;
  • Fixed: the items in the Collections panel did not respond to mouse click.
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Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) 27 september
It’s been a while since our last update on Steam, but we’ve been hard at work releasing Never Alone: Ki Edition for iOS and Android. Now that those versions are released, we've turned our attention back to updating the game for PC, Mac and Linux users!

This update includes the following great new features:

  • Added Steam Cloud Save: You can now save your game progress and pick it up where you left off on any Steam-supported device.
  • Added Hint System: New tips and hints making for smoother gameplay have been added throughout the game.
  • Improved controller support: We've added support for Sony PlayStation 4 controller on the Mac and fixed miscellaneous issues with various controllers, including the Steam Controller and XInput Devices.
  • Improved Companion AI behavior.
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.
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mr.President Prologue Episode 27 september
    • New walking control mode: Tap on "D" and "A" to do a new step.
    • mr.President can't move injured limbs in simulator mode.
  • Bug fixes.
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