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Ancients of Fasaria: Celestias Angelica MMORPG 30 lipca
We are celebrating the official launching our new community and website for all of our games. If you purchased or if you purchase "Ancients of Fasaria MMORPG" from Steam, you are eligible (for a limited time) to receive a free "lifetime unlimited access" unlock to our website and all community features.

Simply create an account on our community site, post your NSE Circuit profile link on our steam community post and we'll update your account. *We must first verify that you own a copy of our game before upgrading your account.

NSE Circuit website:

Profile Example:

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The Adventures of Tree 30 lipca
New Features
-Added a new ending - Beach Life.
-Added a new boss - Veezofooz.
-Added a new creature - Crawler.
-Added a new creature - Blorz.
-Added a new creature - Fooz.
-Added all three stages of the creature - Morphus.
-Added a new Weapon - Bloody Sword.
-Added a new location to the Map - Crystal Caves.
-Added a new Cave scene that transitions to the Crystal Caves.
-Added the scene Crystal Cave 1.
-Added the scene Crystal Cave 2.
-Added the scene Crystal Cave 3 - Veezofooz boss room.
-Added a sign to the first Swamp scene warning new players of its dangers.
-Updated the music in the Jungle Shop.
-Added a bunch of Birds and Dragonflies to the Monkey Village scene.
-Wrote a generic 'SwitchScene' script that works in all cases, thus cutting the scene-setup time way down.
-Wrote a generic 'Creature' script that will save tons of hours when making new creatures.
-Made the Zambee drop his sword on death,
-Made the achievement 'Deep And Dark' achievable.
-Made the achievement 'Persuasion' achievable.
-Made the achievement 'Pyromaniac' achievable.
-Improved performance by around 5-10%.

Bugs Fixed
-Fixed a bug that was making the camera spawn too low sometimes if the player fast-traveled or switched a scene, thus resulting in a black bar covering half of the screen.
-Fixed a bug that would allow the player to 'float' in certain areas if they tried to walk against a wall in mid-air.
-Fixed a bug that would make the game freeze for loading before the loading screen was fully faded in.
-Fixed a bug that was making it impossible for Crows to be lured through scenes.
-Fixed a bug that was making the Wooden Shield disappear if dropped.
-Fixed a graphical issue that was making some dropped items not get affected by lighting.
-Fixed a bug that made the Florp General disappear if the player left the Hills Town Hall while fighting him.
-Fixed a bug that was making it impossible to get past the Sawmill.
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Hyphen 30 lipca
Thanks to Ethan Lee and his awesome FNA project we have ported Hyphen to Linux!

The game is exactly the same as the Windows counterpart minus a couple of tweaks we needed to do for graphical compatibility and audio.

Enjoy, and we're pleased to be on Linux!
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Retro City Rampage™ DX 30 lipca
Retro City Rampage 486 for MS-DOS is out NOW, along with a (surprise!) LINUX version of RCR:DX and the Windows 3.1 prototype, free for all of you who already own RCR on PC+MAC.

The Boxed Collector's Edition on 3.5" Floppy Disk is also available for $29.99 ($14.99 for floppy only) while supplies last.

Full Scoop & Trailer:

To Get Retro City Rampage for MS-DOS on Steam:
1. Update the game (if you don't see an update, restart Steam)
2. In Steam, go to Retro City Rampage DX's "Properties"
3. Click "Local Files" -> "Browse Local Files"
4. Open

For Humble Store or GOG, login and download the appropriate .zip file.

If you don't have an old PC running DOS, RCR:486 works great under DOSBox.

You can also run DOS and RCR:486 on modern PCs by creating a DOS bootable
USB flash drive, CD or DVD.
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Construction Simulator 2015 30 lipca
The time has come: The second official DLC for Construction Simulator 2015 for PC and Mac is now available here on Steam®. Within the DLC, fans will find an originally licensed Liebherr LB28 – Rotary drilling rig, a compatible heavy transport trailer as well as two new, challenging construction missions. Additionally to the add-on, virtual building magnates will also be happy to hear that they will be able to receive a bonus support vehicle for their fleet even without the purchase of the DLC!

More detailed information can be found on the product page for the DLC 2 here on Steam®:

Bau-Simulator 2015: Zweite offizielle Erweiterung ab sofort verfügbar!

Es ist soweit: Mit dem Liebherr LB28 Drehbohrgerät steht hier auf Steam® ab sofort der zweite offizielle DLC für den Bau-Simulator 2015 für PC und Mac bereit. Fans erwartet ein original lizenziertes Liebherr LB28 - Drehbohrgerät samt einem dazu passenden Schwertransport-Anhänger und herausfordernd neuen Bau-Missionen. Außerdem dürfen sich virtuelle Bauherren ab sofort auch ohne Kauf des Zusatzpaketes über ein neues Begleitfahrzeug für ihren Fuhrpark freuen!

Detailliertere Informationen findet ihr auf der Produktseite zum DLC 2 hier auf Steam®:
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