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I am Bread 4 maja
We bring you....Starch Wars - A New Loaf' - a fully playable space combat level!

Shoot down Rye Fighters in the comfort of your own bakery to save the last remaining crumbs of the Rebel Alliance.

To play - complete the kitchen and click on the 'Starch Wars' fridge magnet.

Lots of love and bagels,

The I am Bread Team

x o x o
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404Sight 4 maja

Just kidding. But we do have a few presents for you in this latest patch. Ask and ye shall receive:
  • Opened up additional controls to DefaultUserInput.ini so players can input workarounds for controls. This is the best we can do for remappable controls right now.
  • Added windowed mode! (You can now swap between that and full-screen, but it'll require a reboot)
  • Added resolution options, now you can pick a screen size so things are less likely to cut off. NOTE: 4:3 resolutions are still not scaling properly (it's a UMG thing) and we're still looking into it.
  • Level fixes. Went in and cleaned up the decals in a lot of levels.
  • Menu fixes. Game is now less likely to do weird menu stuff.
  • Fixed timer. It now shows your actual level time.
  • Added music/ sound fx volume and FOV controls.
  • Added proper loading screens, where needed (like at the beginning of the game, for those of you having trouble transitioning from control screen to actual playing.)
  • Fixed level loading. You are less likely to fall to your death if the level has not loaded yet.
  • Fixed descriptions on achievements, now they properly reflect what you need to do, for reals this time.
We've also added steam trading cards- collect the elusive :itsfine: emoticon and show off to your friends some awesome artwork made by the awesome Retro Yeti art team. They should be live in the next day or two, pending activation.

Still pending: Epilepsy/Motion sickness warnings, increased mouse sensitivity, and additional optimization.

That's it! As always, if there are any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch!
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IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad 4 maja
Dear pilots!

You're free to update and launch the game now. Version 1.011 is live, and here's what it brings to BOS.

New Features

1. Ju 52 aircraft added. It can be met in QM, Campaign, and also can be used in User missions;
2. Velikie Luki map added, it’ll be available in QM, MP and User missions;
3. Fixed gun aiming helper was added to Custom difficulty setting;
4. Route markers and other icons can now be shown or hidden from the map dynamically during a mission (TRG_Activate/Deactivate are influencing TRA_Icon now);
5. Soviet and German skin tones were tweaked to look less washed out;

Flight Model and Damage Model

6. Damaged airframe should now cause slightly more noticeable changes to aerodynamics;
7. Terminal overload was fixed (slightly increased) for Yal-1 and Fw 190;
8. Belly landing of IL-2 was corrected (it should now break its wings in case of more severe landings);
9. Thermal modelling of IL-2 was fixed (it used to overheat to rapidly);
10. Pe-2’s resistance to overloads was slightly decreased; it should also be less durable at harsh landings;
11. Thermal model of Bf 109 fighters was corrected; these planes should now get overheated when flying with their radiators shut and the blower at 1.3 - on climbing in winter conditions and also on level flight in summer temperatures;
12. Ju 87 controllability improved, it’s wobbles less on both rudders now;
13. High g-loads influence on gunners’ blackouts was fixed;
14. The issue that caused different g-loads to start blackout at normal and inverted flights was fixed;
15. Behavior of planes’ detached parts on high speed was corrected;


16. A logging mechanism was added to help us find and fix a rare bug with invisible planes in Multiplayer: if you meet such bug, leave the server, then quit the game, find a log file here: <game_folder>\data\MP_InvisibleAirplanes.log, zip it and send it to us, please!
17. Tracer ammo issue in MP was fixed (previously, all rounds used to be tracers);
18. The Ju 87 canopy issue in MP was fixed (it used to be drawn incorrectly when opened/closed/released);
19. The “endless clock” issue was fixed in MP;
20. The forever grey START button issue in MP was resolved as well;
21. The issue with 3D hangar shown incorrectly in the MP Plane setup menu was fixed;
22. It is now possible to set restrictions on armament, unlocks and fuel in MP server settings;
23. Influence of the airflow pressure applied to rudders on Yak-1 was reduced according to references (test results). All planes in the game now have this parameter checked and corrected.
24. The issue with audio events buffer in MP was been fixed;
25. The bug with mission ending timer running out faster than flight ending timer, that used to crash game in Multiplayer, was fixed;
26. Cancelling a friend highlight in Multiplayer was fixed;
27. The sound and smoke trails of trains were fixed in Multiplayer;
28. Several fixes were made to ground vehicles movement in Multiplayer (less drops and jumps on elevation changes, no more moving with their sides forward, less stutters when turning, etc);
29. The number of rockets launched by artillery rocket systems in Multiplayer was corrected;
30. The bug with AI planes detached parts was fixed in Multiplayer;


31. Game crashes related to bullet config files were fixed;
32. Game crashes related to ground vehicles moving in columns were fixed;
33. The “endless clock” issue was fixed in QM;
34. The bug which caused Quick Mission to start with random planes was fixed;
35. The bug that caused trains to explode when starting movement and crossing Y-junctions was fixed;
36. Movement of ground vehicles in the Volga crossing area near Stalingrad was fixed for Campaign and Quick Mission modes;
37. LAlt+F1 view control was fixed. If it doesn’t seem to work for you, then please re-assign the keys manually in the view settings section.
38. Extra smoothing was added to gunner turrets at max zoom;
39. Screens showing unlocked modifications, skins and planes in mission debriefing were restored;
40. The bug with bomber aim assist marker staying there after the plane’s crash was fixed;
41. Shaking of crosshair on defensive turrets’ weapons was fixed;
42. Long names of some unlockable modifications are now written in one line in the OPlane setup menu;
43. Lower exhaust pipe and cowl panel hinges of Fw 190 A-3 were moved to the correct position;

Mission Editor

44. The list of weather conditions in the Editor was fixed;
45. Mission editor was significantly optimized to make handle complex missions saturated with objects quicker;
46. You can now play sound by specifying it in Animation Operator and calling using Command: Play Sound;
47. Images and flash-dialogs should now correctly call out the onMediaStopped event when closing;
49. The error message in the Editor that used to pop-up when addressing to an object oriented to North was fixed;
50. Working with separate components of a same map was fixed and should now be available in the Editor;
51. The Editor should now be working correctly with .mp3 sample in Animation Operator;
52. App freezing when deleting objects was fixed in the Editor;
53. All known issues that caused the Editor to crash were fixed;
54. Disappearing of object icons and object models when opening (editing) massive missions in the Editor was fixed.

A special logging routine added to catch a bug with invisible planes in multiplayer - if you encounter this bug, please leave the server, exit the game, then zip the file \data\MP_InvisibleAirplanes.log and send it to us!


It's now possible to transfer the game license to Steam. Read more about how to do it here in the FAQ section.
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Gear Up 4 maja
-"Tag" game mode added.
-Support for Chinese, Czech and Polish languages.

-More work to prevent cheating.
-OSX input fixes, now using plain Cocoa events for mouse and keyboard thus should be much more supported.
-OSX chat fixed.
-Using manual upscaling on OSX, no longer change physical resolution.
-Lots of more work on network and P2P topology.
-Fixed front-end terrain with OpenGL.
-Crash fix for texture quality changes.

-Prevent message box when leaving SP and Replayer.
-Prevent interaction with other than message box in UI.
-Updated Swedish and Russian translations.
-Widen name tags in game UI. Made name tags have the "real" team color in tag mode.
-Performance optimizations for OpenGL renderer.
-Re-enabled collision manifold callbacks from physics.
-Added "intense" sound layer to SP when running out of time.
-Localize replayer.
-Lots of script refactorisations.
-Optimized point emitter shader fragment.
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Bloodsports.TV 4 maja
The first free DLC for Bloodsports.TV has been released, featuring a new game mode, boss, four new items and two new maps to master. See you in the arena!

Read all about it under the Downloadable Content menu:
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