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Divergent 24 sierpnia
Buy the Divergent Series - now available in more territories!
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 / 超次次元ゲイム ネプテューヌRe;Birth1 24 sierpnia
A new Japanese language mode has been added to Neptunia Re;Birth1 along with a new paid DLC. This Deluxe Pack DLC contains a digital art book, soundtrack, wallpapers, and a windows theme.
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Blasters of the Universe 24 sierpnia

Our second major update is now live!

Full Change Log
- Added 4 new shields
- Floating Shield
- Place 3 shield in the air that block shots
- Floating shields can be picked back up by the player
- Each shield has it's own life
- Deflektor Shield
- Small size shield that reflects enemy shots
- Reflected shots travel at an increased speed
- Reflected shots do high damage to enemies
- Pulse Shield
- Builds a charge with each enemy shot that is blocked
- Releasing the trigger releases the charge
- The bigger the charge, the bigger the area that is cleared of enemy shots
- Block too many shots and suffer an overload for a brief period
- Tower Shield
- The bigger brother of the standard Energy shield
- Has tons of health to block huge amounts of shots
- Update to the off-hand custom controller to reflect the shield that is currently equipped
- Removed waves
- We are not longer a wave based shooter. Score is the only thing that matters.
- Repositioned the score
- Update to shield backend systems to support stats on shields
- Cleanup to how we're handling Alwyn's voice barks
- Update to scene lighting in Armory to help performance issues some users were having
- Update to scene lighting in Barrens to help performance issues some users were having
- Reblance to how barrels and projectiles handle damage and what stats they effect
- Projectiles no longer impact fire rate. This is entirely handled by the barrel choice
- Projectiles only contain a base damage and speed stat
- Barrels control a damage multiplier as well as the fire rate
- These changes should make more combinations viable and allow people to play with more combinations without having a 'best' weapon built for high score play
- Added damage bonus to the laser pointer modifier
- It now makes more sense to use the laser pointer vs other modifiers that increase damage output
- Rework to how the smaller reloadable magazine works
- The small reloadable magazine is now a semi-automatic magazine with a bonus damage applied to it.
- This helps to make it feel unique from the larger magazine while introducing a more 'sniper' style weapon build
- Better bullet pooling to improve performance issues
- Fixed spawning issue where sometimes enemies would not spawn when they should
- Fixed how max enemies on screen was handling delaying more enemies from spawning
- Fixed issue with getting the next enemy group checks throwing an error in endless mode
- Tons of audio fixed and improvements
- Improvements to a bunch of effects
- Fixed issue where effects would sometimes spawn on the ground below the player
- Fixed to how game over is handled
- Removed some unused files and textures that were causing unnecessary size increases
- Laying ground work for bosses, new levels, and challenge modes in following updates.
- Leaderboard Reset
- Given the new balance changes and the new shields, we felt that it was time to clean the slate.
- Congratulations to our top players for their impressive scores!
- #1 GoDBernes
- #2 chrisbraeuer411
- #3 Dogg Digger
- We'll be immortalising you forever in the game in a future update ;)
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Hover Junkers 24 sierpnia

After months of development, Loadout - Update 1.2 has arrived! Play as Fang as you explore the new Loadout bunker. The loadout bunker is a personal space where you can customize your weapon selector and try out new guns before heading into combat. Once in combat you'll discover an array of new attachments to fortify your ship with!

The weapons of 1.2 Loadout will be rolling out in weekly stages. Two new guns per week for four weeks totaling eight new weapons!

Guns of Week 1

A shotgun with tighter spread and four barrels for greater sustained damage then the TripleBarrel. However, the greater capacity and tighter spread comes at the cost of a bit of firepower.


A semi auto handgun with pinpoint accuracy. Lowest recoil in the game. Holds ten 9mm rounds per mag. As you may expect, the man stopping power is significantly less than the Redlius revolver.

1.2 Update Notes
  • Added: Character LoneWolf
  • Added: LoneWolf's Aviators
  • Added: LoneWolf's Gloves
  • Added: Lan Mode (See instructions below)
  • Added: Loadout Scene
  • Added: Loadout selection
  • Added: Sound for a head core-shot recieved
  • Added: Sound for a head core-shot dealt
  • Added: Weapon - Stapler
  • Added: Weapon - Quadshot
  • Added: Weapon - ????????
  • Added: Weapon - ????????
  • Added: Weapon - ????????
  • Added: Weapon - ????????
  • Added: Weapon - ????????
  • Added: Weapon - ????????
  • Added: Attachment - barricade
  • Added: Attachment - bottle stack
  • Added: Attachment - diving suit
  • Added: Attachment - double slates
  • Added: Attachment - filing cabinet
  • Added: Attachment - flamingos
  • Added: Attachment - fridge door
  • Added: Attachment - port door
  • Added: Attachment - raft door
  • Added: Attachment - shark trophy
  • Added: Attachment - skateboards
  • Added: Attachment - spike
  • Added: Attachment - ticket machine
  • Added: Attachment - tires
  • Added: Attachment - broken boat
  • Added: Attachment - water heater
  • Fixed: Server list bugged out
  • Fixed: Buzzbots lootbox refill on restart
  • Fixed: Another infinite time stuck bug
  • FIxed: Another possible single controller bug
  • Fixed: Laser pointer visibility
  • Changed: Ragdolls now heavily affected by forces
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Worldy Cup 24 sierpnia

These are the main changes in the update:
-progressed adaptive AI (this one is an ongoing effort)
-improved corner kick/throw in/goalie kick out execution
-camera changes:
-VR camera: movement change:-on kickoffs and camera settings change the camera switches to the new position instantly (instead of easing there)
-non vr camera: fixed in some cases in first match the camera was not focussing the center of action well initially
-vive pointer controls for menus: all menus can be navigated using the right vive controller as pointer now (and trigger to accept and menu as back).
one can still use the touchpad of the left controller to navigate more like with a joypad with directional input if one prefers that
-improved some ball possession obtaining related things
-fixed offscreen ball and human player indicators were not showing

If you have automatic updates enabled the update should install by itself (or at least once you restart the Steam Client)

As usual i have a few bigger additions in the works but i'll stick with the fast update cycle to give you access to the latest quickly.
I hope you like it =)
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