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Just Get Through 24 maja

Hello fellow players!
Today I have something really really special for you. This is, I'm not kidding, the biggest Update since 1.0! It brings almost everything what I, what we, always wanted for the game. Update 1.2 finally brings us Daily Runs! Yaaay :D
But there is even more. We also get new gamemodes, steam leaderboards, new achievements, seeded runs, new effects, particles, animations, better gamepad controls, new sounds, bugfixes, new sandbox content, favorite custom levels and much much more. The full changelog can be found below, although I haven't mentioned every single fix or change because then the changelog would way be too long. What I also did is I made a short update 'trailer' that shows some Update 1.2 gameplay. I couldn't capture all the cool new effects and changes and the new stuff, but I tried my best to make a cool short video that shows that the game changed since I published the last gameplay video.

Here is the trailer:

And here is the full changelog:

  • Added Daily Runs, finally!
    • What are daily runs? - You can start this run once every day. Everyone gets the same seed on this day. The seed changes daily. Because everyone has the same seed, everyone gets the same levels. Now you only have to get as fast as possible as far as you can. At the end a score is calculated and your score gets listed in the steam leaderboard.
      Every daily run has its own leaderboard. So every day you get a new chance to be the best.
  • Added new gamemodes!
    • Now the game doesn't have only one classic gamemode anymore.
    • New submenu to choose a gamemode or to look at the leaderboards
    • Unlock new gamemodes
    • New system to calculate a score from your run
    • The classic run highscore and score calculation remains almost untouched
    • Gamemodes now have steam leaderboards
    • Compare your best score with the scores of your friends or with all players, ingame and in the steam browser
    • Some gamemodes have exclusive items, upgrades or features
    • Added a Coin Mode! + Steam Leaderboard
    • Added a Night Mode! + Steam Leaderboard
    • Added a Daily Run Mode! + Steam Leaderboard
    • Added a Speed Mode! + Steam Leaderboard
    • Added a Survival Mode! + Steam Leaderboard
  • Added Seeds + Seeded Run
  • You can now dig! Hold S/Down to start digging. It's slow, but can help.
  • Added a new item! The road flare. Useful when its dark
  • Pickup flares, throw them, hold them, put them on your back
  • Road flares spawn naturally only in the night mode
  • Added 9 new achievements
  • Added some new stats
  • Added a Top Daily Runs Of All Time Steam Leaderboard
  • New Sandbowcontent
    • Set Darkness
    • Springs can have a cooldown of one step
    • Set Player Glow
    • Toggle Falldamage
    • New collectable object: Orbs
    • Set min. Orbs to able to finish
    • Toggle Drop Coins on Death
    • Toggle torches on/off
    • Create Road Flares
    • Set object properties get temporary saved
  • Fixed Bug where you could destroy walls with Ctrl+LMB
  • Improved some minor Sandbox UI things
  • Gamepad Control Overhaul
    • Sprint automatically
    • Changed default button assignment
    • Improved TNT Aiming
    • It's now possible to sprint, jump and throw tnt at the same time
    • You can now also jump with Pad Up
  • Favorite Custom Levels!
  • Time from the last level doesn't count anymore!
  • New Particle Effects!
    • Added epic fireparticles to explosions
    • Dust when grinding etc.
    • Better Blood Particles
    • Cool color palette unlock particles
    • Several other small new particles or changes
  • Improved Camera Intro Path
  • Reduced minilags
  • Added random bloodstains
  • Explosions create a black spot
  • New ingame upgrade object art
  • Changed some upgrades
  • Nerfed larger attraction range upgrade a little bit
  • Torches now spawn more often
  • Torches are sometimes not ignited
  • Torches can get ignited by explosions, road flares or fire
  • Torches burn longer in rain
  • Items will now move outside of each other
  • Added new screenshake events
  • Classic Mode Online Highscore has no scroll limit anymore
  • Items that are hidden behind walls won't glow anymore
  • Added several new color palettes
  • New special palette: Cave
  • Changed some color palettes
  • Replaced Classic B/W Palette
  • Fixed color palette site indication bug
  • Upgrades in pause and upgrade menu are now scrollable
  • Changed properties of some objects e.g. glow-values or size
  • Changed various texts and descriptions, e.g. stats, upgrades, buttondescriptions, credits, helptext etc.
  • Added some new sign texts
  • Removed offensive language from signs
  • You can now read signs with your mouse
  • Reduced Rocket Bot Spawnrate
  • Changed some things in the Game Over Screen Layout
  • Added a feedback button in the main menu that brings you to the steam store page
  • Improved player grinding sprite
  • New idle animation
  • Changed wall remains color
  • Turned down a default music volume even more
  • Improved Save Backup System
  • # in steam user name won't cause problems anymore
  • Fixed dozens of other bugs
  • Improved countless other things

I hope everything runs smoothly, because I wasn't able to completly test every feature. So if you experience problems, please let me know.
But even if everything runs without problems I would still like to hear your feedback! :)

Last but not least I want to announce that this was probably not the last update. I've already made some new plans for future updates. For example I want to improve some of the new gamemodes with new content, especially the coin run. I love the coin mode. You should definetly try this one.
But also the hardcore mode and of course the daily run.

Okay okay, that's it. Now play the update and fill the new steam leaderboards! You can check them ingame or here:

The demo gets the new effects and stuff in the near future too. But the full version gets the update first. The new gamemodes are of course exclusive for the full version.

- Jonathan Mannshoven
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The Adventures of Tree 24 maja
Here is the weekly update showing you all the new content this week!

-Extended Cave Scene.
-Extended Jungle Scene.

-Added new creature Shroom slime.
-Added new creature Worm.
-Added new creature Bat.
-Added a bunch of new items.

-Made the Red Bird catch-able.
-Added audio to the Zeeloo creature.
-Did a few tweaks to save and load to make them more stable.
-Updated Dream scene.
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Soul Locus 24 maja

Greetings Luminaries!

The team wanted to take a few minutes and give our players an update on what we’ve been up to since the Early Access launch of Soul Locus: Cards of Order at the end of April:

  • We’ve got more than 10 tower defense levels of varying difficulties, and 2 endless levels!
  • We've been releasing new Guardians every week, with brand new abilities to try!
  • We’ve introduced 2 player abilities: Evolve, which lets you evolve rarer Guardians, and Augment, which lets you buff up a Guardian for 60 seconds.

Soul Locus is now upgraded to Unity 5! We've been wanting to do this for a while and finally pushed it through.

We’d also like to introduce you to our new moderator: Mel, known on Steam as sigilgoat. We brought on Mel as a local help around the office and now you'll also see their username helping out on the forums here on Steam!

The team is working hard on the large Crafting update, so we'll get back to it! Thanks for all of your support so far and we hope you all enjoy the evolution of Soul Locus.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Detailed Notes:
  • [Update] We migrated from Unity 4.6 to Unity 5!
  • [New] Two levels and a new cave tile set added!
  • [New] Three Guardians added!
  • [Bug Fix] Prevented bugs caused by repeatedly clicking Start Mission
  • [Bug Fix] Bullets should no longer 'chase' enemies
  • [Bug Fix] Augment boosts are now reset when a mission ends
  • [Bug Fix] Augment no longer causes global buffs to be permanently enhanced
  • [Bug Fix] Corrected mouse cursor issues caused by Unity 5, but more may pop up
  • [UI] Added Total Waves to the game HUD
  • [UI] Prevented selecting towers through the Victory Screen
  • [UI] Added Highest Wave completed to Endless Level Preview. Does not save (yet)
  • [UI] Added a preview on the range upgrade button
  • [UI] Added a tooltip to New Game warning that you can only have one game at a time for now
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Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business 24 maja
As you might've seen, an update has been downloaded today. We've implemented the german localisation!

Now you can finally enjoy the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1 with german text!
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