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The Last Dream: Developer's Edition 29 czerwca
Great news everyone! We've updated The Last Dream: Developer's Edition.
The update features Czech localisation font fix. And some minor bug fixes.

Happy gaming everyone!
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Thea: The Awakening 28 czerwca

The second DLC for Thea is here! You were all waiting for it so let's just skip to the meat:

New features and improvements:
- Co-op mode (as a separate download - see DLC section),
- A set of new events, fully translated and voiced,
- A set of additional events in English (as a separate download - see DLC section),
- Recipe screen now tells what are the chances of obtaining a good quality item,
- Turn Summary will show the amount of resources received and indicate if they come from gathering or from a building,
- Gathering tasks show the amount of resource currently in the group's inventory,
- Added Community Language - French,
- Entity Info screen and event drop list now displays information if a weapon is 1- or 2-Handed,
- New icons on Research/Crafting recipes screen,
- New icons for dozens of items (and 1-handed weapon icons can be more easily told apart from 2-handed weapons),
- Entity info screen now shows materials and properties on one page (no tab),
- New Building - Blessed Paths - increases gathering range of the player's Village,
- New icons for difficulties 6 to 10,
- Re-balanced armours and shields,
- Re-balanced unliving rats.

- Mokosh lvl 5 now properly gives +4 Health instead of +1 to your villagers,
- Setting craft count to maximum possible should work correctly now,
- Fixed a bug in the Scholar Village, where you should learn Herbalism but didn't. Also changed the prerequisites for Medic training, so that only existing medics will be able to improve their skill, not a random person,
- Fixed a bug in the Cosmic Tree quest where you had a dialogue option with the Leshy that should not have been visible till later,
- Fixed Weatherer using incorrect graphics,
- Preset group loading fix,
- Fixed a bug where a gatherer would get unassigned from a task if there is more than one resource of this type available for gathering,
- Fixed a hang in the Events Editor that happened when two lists contained no elements in common,
- In bloodbath mode, a character having 0 life no longer shows as critically injured as it effectively has 0% chance to die,
- Fixed damage received when fleeing from a fight in Bloodbath mode,
- Fixed "--" that was displayed during event resolving, when a wound tag was removed,
- Fixed calculation of the time it should take for a tasks to complete (if fuel supplies changed).

We hope you'll enjoy the new features and that there are no game-breaking bugs :P

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Tick's Tales 28 czerwca
The Steam build has been updated with some big fixes, including making the safe puzzle accessible for the hearing impaired!

* Fixed issue that sometimes had save operation fail and crash the game.
* Fixed issue with number of mints eaten being reset.
* Added a musical note display to make safe puzzle more visually accessible.
* Added more dialogue on looking through Gandarf's window.
* Added an inventory item for reference for the safe puzzle.
* Added a few more hints on cat.
* Fixed Tick's position and limited his interactions on ladder to prevent animation and logic issues.
* Hotspot adjustments to improve access to the sheep and bull.
* Added more look and ingredient reactions when trying to make a potion.
* Fixed "sheey's milk" typo.
* Drinking a potion outside jailhouse now won't send you to jail.

Plus we have one more treat for you. An added secret achievement! Can you find what triggers it? ;) Enjoy!
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Race & Destroy 28 czerwca
75% Less money for the same enjoyment :)
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Age of Fear: The Undead King 28 czerwca
Thanks to recent Steam update, we were able to bundle our games!

Here it is - the first Age of Fear Series Bundle!
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