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Antisquad 26 stycznia

Only this week! From 01/27 to 02/02 You can buy Steam-version of Antisquad with 75% off!
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Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey 26 stycznia
This is a minor Letter Quest update with a few bug fixes and a few new additions, including a new weapon!

  • Added a 10th weapon to the game, that increases the amount of HP that potions restore
  • Added almost 100 new words and definitions to the game's dictionary
  • Fixed up the definitions of over 500 words (I do this manually, word-by-word!)
  • Changed the description of the stat and achievement for destroying treasure chests to be more clear by indicating that it's for actually failing to open that many treasure chests, sorry for the confusion!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with the sixth set of letter tiles where the letters were too far down on the letters, and looked really broken when on a flipped tile
  • Fixed a store bug that could cause a crash in really rare circumstances (thanks to the person that reported this and helped me test the fix!)
  • Several small bug fixes

That's it for now! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has tried Letter Quest, you're all awesome! :)
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Shadowgate (2014) 26 stycznia
In celebrations of the launch of the original MacVenture Series, you can pick up Shadowgate (2014) now for only $4.99!

Shadowgate is the completely reimagined and updated version of the beloved classic. Now you can play the original Shadowgate in all of it's glory along with three other groundbreaking games: Deja Vu, Deja Vu II and Uninvited:

Deja Vu:
Deja Vu II:
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Star Ruler 2 26 stycznia
Shock and awe abounds as a Star Ruler 2 update decloaks in low earth orbit, ready to invade your disk drives! As always, read about some of the highlights here, or scroll down for a full detailed changelog.

More Subsystems

This update adds a bunch of new subsystems, including the Cloaking Mesh and Muon Cannon. The ship designer in general has also been updated to use limited interior space for your subsystems.


Using the new Graviton Condenser subsystem, you can now damage and eventually blow up stars and planets! Make sure to get out of the blast wave quick. though.

More Resources

Planets can now go up to Level 5! A number of new 'scalable' resources have been added to make use of planet levels, find them and level them up for many useful benefits.

More Research

The research grid has been redone and expanded with new technologies and unlocks, now giving you more choice of which direction to take for your empire's technological advancement.

Full Changelog

* Add new "Nebula" unique system.
* Adding some more race portraits.
* Add a game option to hide the locations of other systems/stars until an adjacent system is explored.
* Add planetary thruster building.
* Add singularity lab orbital.
* Add orbital frame constructor artifact.
* Added graviton condenser subsystem that can be activated to damage and eventually destroy stars and planets.
* Add cloaking mesh subsystem.
* Added a few 'scalable' resources, resources that don't have a required level, can't be exported and gain more benefits depending on the level of the planet they are on.
* Added Muon Cannon (support) and Muon Cannon Battery (flagship) weapons.
* Add Titan Hull, can be researched and used for various benefits and more interior space on ships.

* Small improvements to the looks and usability of the fleet support ship management interface.
* Bonuses/penalties for highest/lowest contributor in votes are now integrated over time instead of only checking the final votes of each empire. The vote tab displays which empires are currently considered highest and lowest contributors.
* Ship designs are now based on a static hex size with a limited amount of space available, instead of stats scaling based on the percentage of the ship covered. This invalidates many old ship designs.
* Removed adjacency hp bonus from armor.
* Armor on the outside of a ship does not count towards ship interior space limit.
* Flagships and defense stations are now in separate quickbars instead of together in the fleets quickbar.
* Peace proposals now use the treaty system.
* Flagships now need to rotate in the direction they're moving in before starting to thrust.
* Planetary wonders have been removed.
* Food and Water resource effects have been removed.
* Planets now go up to Level 5, resource requirements for level 4 have been lowered.
* FTL Crystals are now a scalable resource that provides more FTL/s as it levels up.
* Completely rework the layout of technologies in the research grid.
* Changed the bonuses Zeitgeists give to the highest/lowest contributors in the vote.

* Fix remnants leaving their systems in The Expanse.
* Fix bug with selecting different locales.
* Hyperdrive speed can now recover due to repair even during FTL.
* Homeworlds can no longer be gimped due to being mostly ocean/lava.

* AI now has a basic understanding of treaties.

* Empire attributes are now generated automatically whenever a hook uses a previously unknown one. New attributes are initialized to 0 by default.
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IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 26 stycznia
IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, the complete collection of many addons released for the legendary sim, has been updated. Russian-speaking players can now play the game in its original language while everybody would benefit from Steam Cloud addition (profile data such as player controls and campaign progress are now backed up online).
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