Dungeon Hero 08 月 4 日
A new update is now available.

Dungeon Hero now has an awesome pack of new monsters, which are more on the powerful / scary side, preview some of them here:

Three new pets have been added, for all those that love the furry little creatures ;)

All of that is included in the game for free, no DLC/purchase required, as a thank you for playing Dungeon Hero! :D

Also Pets and Monsters will now cast spells, yay!

Full list of changes:
  • added 10 new powerful monsters
  • added 3 new pets (dragon fairy, frog and a husky puppy)
  • added 5 new weapons
  • magical pets and monsters will now cast spells
  • increased the chance of spell books being placed on tables
  • some pets have been made smaller
  • wall levers, turrets and text plaques will now display correctly when placed on pillars
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Reign Of Kings 08 月 4 日
This update features some major new things such as shields and throwing axes, it also hopefully adds better performance and less crashes. This update will require a wipe on both official and community servers.

We've added 9 different shields into the game separated by 3 different types. Shields are a unique way of protecting yourself. The Buckler shield is more nimble, cheaper, but offers less protection. The Heater is in bet-ween, while the Tower Shield is the largest shield in the game and is very heavy to control.

There will still need to be balancing and tweaking needed, but we look forward to seeing how shields are on live servers in different combat situations.

Throwing axes are very damaging, however, they throw at an arc and are harder to aim. High risk, high reward style of throwing weapon. They are also useful for targeting people behind tall walls.

Aside from the new items, there were major changes made to the back-end of the game regarding the interaction systems and inventory systems. These should result in better performance and a much more stable playing experience.

We also fixed some exploits brought to our attention. However, this is an ongoing effort. We take exploits, bug fixes, and optimization seriously, and if you want to report an exploit, or hacker, please read this thread:


Please remember that any hackers caught will have their access to the game perma-banned.

The server console also now supports automatic updating. Please follow this guide for properly updating your community server:


We are working on Ping Detector (auto-kick based on average ping option), a buff system for the musical instruments, an hacker reporting system, guild crest protection totems, better server console, and more. These systems were not quite ready in time for this update due to the extra work needed on finishing the shield system and the major work to hopefully fix the crashing issue on Stormwall, so they will have to wait until the next update.


- Wood Buckler Shield
- Wood Heater Shield
- Wood Tower Shield
- Iron Buckler Shield
- Iron Heater Shield
- Iron Tower Shield
- Steel Buckler Shield
- Steel Heater Shield
- Steel Tower Shield
- Stone Throwing Axe
- Iron Throwing Axe
- Iron Throwing Battle Axe
- Steel Throwing Battle Axe
- Added a second hit reaction animation
-The jump animation alternates feet when jumping repeatedly.
- Added new loading screen wallpaper
- Can dual hold torches
- Can hold torch with a one handed weapon


- Fixed different exploits
- Player Interaction redesign and re-write (fix for lag/crash on populated servers, general performance gain)
- Fix for floating beds that are deleted retaining their saved spawn points
- Characters minimum Height and Arm Length increased by ~30%
- Reduced Plague Village knock-back
- The user interface has been converted to 2D physics, removing the physics relationship between it and the world.
- Players will no longer receive a message that they were murdered by themselves through acts like drowning, starving, etc...
- The base speed reduction from an equipped shield now shows on the armor menu.
- Items can no longer be traded from a station output to your inventory, only collected or merged.
- The input slider seen on the crafting menu is now more predictable while dragging.
- The input slider seen on the crafting menu can now be text-edited more than once per play.
- Crest boundaries fade out after 100 meters, no longer see crest boundaries in the sky
- Extra checks for floating structures


- Performance gains on using inventory system
- Performance gains in highly populated areas
- Gamer and Advanced default settings lowered
- Water shader fades out better at view distance
- View distance setting minimum lowered to 500m

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed bug allowing prefabs to be placed in the air
- Fixed throwing/equipping sounds with projectiles
- Crest security should now be set properly
- The lockpicking sounds will not repeat forever when trying to pick a player
- Cannot place floating beds
- Jumping is no longer silent
- Steel vest armor won't stretch when arms are cut

Design Changes:

- Assign your shields like you would weapons to your hot key slots, and then swap in and out your shields/torches via the 1-9 hotkeys
- Shields may block melee attacks using similar mechanics to parrying. The main difference is that shields can be held up indefinitely provided that your

character has enough stamina.
- Arrows and other projectiles are blocked by shields if the projectile collides with it.
- Projectiles will stick to shields when they are blocked.
- While in first person, shields partially fade when they are raised as to not give an advantage to players who prefer third person.
- Updated loot tables, added new armor and weapons to drops.
- Player only start with 1 torch.
- Torch & candle are no longer consumable and are no longer stack.
- Candle now takes 1 iron ingots & 30 fat to craft (was 3).
- Torch now takes 50 wood (was 10) & 10 flax to craft (was 1).
- Iron floor torch now fueled by wood & sticks (was oil).
- Iron dagger now requires iron ingot in crafting (was iron).

Thanks for Playing,
- The Code}{atch Team
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Nomad Fleet 08 月 4 日
This week's patch includes these new features and fixes:

- Voices added for the player's units and certain actions and events.
- Added volume slider for voices.
- Added more visual feedback in tactical map (red and green "pings" to denote building and fighting).
- Added Heavy Carrier ship to Xenos faction.

- Added Missile Frigate to Human faction.

- Added autosave function (it can be disabled in the Options menu).
- Corrected grammar errors in codex entries.
- Rebalanced difficulty in two scenarios.
- Fixed error where double tapping a number key would focus an unselected group.

There's still so much to do and potential to achieve but we are slowly getting there. Thanks for reading!
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Homesick 08 月 4 日
“I highly recommend Homesick as a beautiful and thoughtful gaming experience.”
8.9 / 10 – OnlySP

Homesick has received some really great reviews, and we now have a Metacritic aggregate score of 75/100! Here are some of our favorites:

"Lucky Pause’s Homesick game is about as far away from the mass-market appeal of games like Call of Duty as it’s possible to be. . . . this Homesick game is a strong example of the power of interactive fiction."
Game Rant

"a bigger story emerges that involves a community of the future trying to fight back against impending environmental doom—a community fraught with problems that will sound very familiar to players today"
Kill Screen

"Homesick is a feat of interactive storytelling, resplendent in its game design and gorgeous graphics."
Side Questing

And for one week only, Homesick is on sale for $9.89!
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Grass Simulator 08 月 4 日
Save 33% on Grass Simulator this week, the game has also been updated to 0.2.1 which brings some long due optimisations to terrain and draw distance, before the update the game was really struggling on some lower end machines because of the draw length of grass & trees.

The best example was Snowfall, lots of trees and detail – well this has been adjusted on pretty much every level to improve frame-rate, if you’re still getting bad frame-rate or drops try dropping the launcher quality down on start-up as well as tweaking the resolution.

As always you can find these update details in your game directory and they’re also included below for your convenience!

0.2.1 http://grasssimulator.com/update/8432/changelog.txt

-removed old InControl plugin that was not setup
-changed terrain draw settings for grass and trees on snowfall & bad disco
-deleted a bunch of unused objects on range
-fixed player spawn placement on range (-Y)
-fixed player spawn placement on snowfall (-X -Y)
-removed unused cameras on bad disco
-turned on some small fog on bad disco to compensate for the terrain changes
-players where getting stuck sometimes on the range roof, so the roof is now hollow
-box collider disabled on range roof
-fixed some errors in the console that where constant
-cleaned up a few shaders and put the revolver back to normal map
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