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Clockwork Empires 16 Eylül
Our first major monthly Steam patch is now live!

A short list of the more sizeable changes since version 30 includes:

- A new (quite deadly) jungle environment
- A tutorial
- Significant changes to cultists and cult behaviors (now actually dangerous)
- Many new character behavior updates
- Improvements to military controls
- Significant stability improvements

The full changelog can be found here (it wouldn't fit in a Steam community annoucement)

Our development progress page has been updated with the latest changes, and as always, you can see the latest updates over on the Clockwork Empires Community Portal join the discussion on the latest changes here on the Steam forums, over on the Gaslamp forums, or in the comments on the latest blog post!

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Firefall 16 Eylül

Hello Pilots! We are excited to announce that our first major post-launch update, Elemental Destruction, is now live! This update brings with it new weapons, new encounters, hundreds of bug fixes, and much more! Make sure to check out the update overview page and full update notes at the links below.

Check out the Elemental Destruction Overview and update notes HERE

If you don’t already have the game installed, you can find a link to download it here.

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See you in game, ARES Pilots!
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GamersGoMakers 16 Eylül
Version 1.1.4

- Added:
- Become a publisher!
- Conventions
- French (beta)
- a few new box covers
- Your producer will give you a hand on the games content
- Previous team settings can be reused now

- Changed:
- Starting screen
- Several platform icons
- More information for licenses
- The price of a game has more influence on the sales now
- a few tiny UI improvements

- Fixed:
- German translation
- Spanish translation
- Chinese translation
- Bug within project advertising
- Exclusive games (MMOs) had no "active players"
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Hammerwatch 16 Eylül
The Hammerwatch expansion is finally released, it's a completely new campaign with new achievements and also updated menus and much more, below are the specific details.

* Temple of the Sun - Fully new desert campaign, with new themes, bosses, challenges etc.

* Added several new achievements for the desert campaign
* Added one for the completion of both campaigns

* Added faster (5x) mana-regen speed

* Rebalanced a few skills
* Skills do not cost money to use
* Thiefs skills costs more to buy
* Thief hits with both daggers
* Graphics when destroying projectiles

* Graphics when blocking projectiles

* Can't destroy projectiles

* Better looping
* Crossfading between tracks

* Added some small sprites for mana drain and slow effects, over the player. So it's easier to see when running w/o effects and lights

* Reworked several of the menus, they should all work in any of the selectable resolutions now.
* Better menu navigation
* Small help and info section, just some basic info for new players
* Added two more resolutions, one 4k and one super small
* Looked over some features, added a color switch button instead of clicking on the hero in the lobby
* Delete and Rename saved games
* Single and Multiplayer have different load menus and games are filtered
* More random backgrounds and you now see more of them, if anyone ever cared =)
* Logo is twice the resolution =)

* Rebalanced the auto-fire

Also, check out the maps people have been doing in the Workshop section, some are quiet nice both in SP and Coop!
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Total War™: ROME II - Emperor Edition 16 Eylül
Hello all,

The Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition is upon us. The definitive version of ROME II is now available for PC and Mac via SteamPlay at your trusted retailer. If you’re an existing owner of ROME II and have automatic updates enabled, Steam will update the game to the Emperor Edition for free.

Alongside all previously released updates and free content it comes with significant improvements to the politics system and civil war mechanic, an overhaul of the building chains, extensive rebalancing of the campaign as well as land and naval battles, an improved UI, tweaked and improved graphics and more. Full patch notes can be found on the wiki:

Finally the Emperor Edition includes Armenia as a new playable faction in the Grand Campaign as well as in the Imperator August campaign, our largest campaign pack for ROME II to date, which throws you in the chaos of the Roman Civil War that saw the Roman Republic fall and the Roman Empire rise, with Augustus as its sole leader. Which side will you take?
You can find more information about the Campaign on the official Total War Wiki.

Get your copy:

Please Note- If you have trouble seeing the upload make sure you're opted out of the beta please re-start Steam.
- Mod may cause unforseen issues to your game. Please disable them until you know they have been updated to the current version by the mod creator.
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