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Lux Delux 30 Mayıs
Lux Delux has been updated to version 6.55. Changes include:

- A link to your personalized ranking webpage is now included on the Network Game listing.

- The expansion games (American History Lux and Ancient Empires Lux) will now run correctly on all systems (linux included).

- A few other small changes are also included :)
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Liveza: Death of the Earth 30 Mayıs
- Added new "Hacking" mode. Press "H" to enter it.
- Lot of different fixes
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Moonstone Tavern - A Fantasy Tavern Sim! 30 Mayıs
* A new vendor at the adventurers market which sells some rare ingredients, ores, and crystal dust.
* Gnomish ore will now drop correctly.
* Crystal dust price increased.
* True Hero can now use all mer weapons.
* Some grammar and spelling fixes.
* Number input won't crash during day over.
* Child will no longer glitch during rain.
* Various AI tweaks.
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War for the Overworld 30 Mayıs

Darkest greetings Underlord,

It’s a glorious day indeed - once again the drums of war echo through the darkest caverns of Kairos, hundreds of minions marching, scuttering and squelching towards the dukedom of Phaestus, ready to usher in a new age of darkness and destruction.

Yes indeed after months of development, testing and indeed teasing tidbits to our community, Heart of Gold is finally on its way to you down the tubes of the Internet - and with it comes the absolutely massive patch 1.4, Gold Rush!


Before you head off to begin your conquest, why not familiarise yourself with the key features of this momentous release.

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold is the first paid expansion pack for War for the Overworld. It can be purchased at http://buy.wftogame.com, and on Steam, Green Man Gaming and Humble. Early Adopters of War for the Overworld, those that bought it before Mar 3rd 2015, will find that they already own the DLC!

Key Features

  • An expanded story told across 4 brand new, fully voice acted Campaign levels, this time played from the perspective of Underlord Kasita. The levels are more open-ended than in the original game, directly addressing feedback from our most loyal Underlords.
  • New enemies to wage war against including the wizard Mandalf the Maroon, and the entire family of the Duke of Phaestus!
  • An additional 4 Aspects to master: Sentinel (defence), Gild (spell), Aureate Monolith (construct), and a new golden Titan - the Colossus.
  • Three new Dungeon Themes, including a new theme for Kasita with Dungeon Core, tiles and walls, Worker skin, and a much-requested custom Underlord hand.
  • New terrain such as lava chasms and lava falls, which help bring the volcanic land of Phaestus to life!

Patch 1.4: Gold Rush

Patch 1.4 is our biggest one yet, weighing in at well over 20 pages of release notes (without the majority of bug fixes!). It includes a huge number of quality of life changes, balance changes and even new features such as the brand new tutorial system. Ever wondered what an Aspect actually does? Now you can find out in-game!

Key Features - free to all players

  • Contextual tutorial system
  • Revamped Titan system
  • Improved combat
  • New unit voices, VFX, animations and behaviours
  • Significant performance improvements
  • New UI features and options such as area of effect indicators on spells and defences
  • Improvements to the original campaign
  • A rebalancing of practically everything
  • New localisation into French and German

Release Notes

No need to take our word for it though - you can discover all you need to know in the full release notes!

Short Story: The Colossal Dwarf

Our trilogy of short stories concludes with “The Colossal Dwarf” as Gidro Brunnsen faces down the inevitable demise of the dukedom of Phaestus, and the most formidable soldier in Kasita’s horde.

Here's an extract from the story to whet your appetite:

"May gold guide you, my children …” And with that, the Duke retired to his throne room through the thickest stone doors Gidro had ever seen. He tried to peek inside, at the golden glow beyond – but the doors slammed shut, shaking the ground. He smiled at the the Phaestian coat of arms ornately carved across both doors – the Duke’s huge axe set against the backdrop of Mount Phaestus, and a strange spherical object amidst the axe head."

Click here to read the full story!

Now with all that said we’re sure you’re eager to destroy the dukedom of Phaestus, so we won’t keep you any longer.

Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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