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VR Disc Golf 30 Eylül

VR Disc Golf is 25% off!
The online multi-player update has been going great. We've seen a surge of players since the last update and right now VR Disc Golf is 25% off! Come join the fun and play against other players online in a virtual outrun environment.
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Cubicle Quest 30 Eylül
Cubicle Quest is available at 90% off for limited time!
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Lost Castle 30 Eylül
The anticipated Online Co-op Mode is finally available! Thank for all the support and encouragement!

  • Online Co-op with Steam friends (Beta)
  • 13 new weapons
  • 3 new suits of armor
  • 3 new items

  • Slightly decreased duration of slippery debuff
  • You can now move while performing Flame Thrower skill
  • Adjusted monster strength
  • Adjusted skill effects

  • Display bug when the phantom created by Mirror of Uoy
  • A bug where monsters' collision size persists after they die
  • A bug where the Berserker buff lasts forever
  • Text bugs
  • Texture bugs

Hunter Studio

72 Oy ver
Kings and Heroes 30 Eylül
Join us during Early Access and collect exclusive in-game rewards.

The following two rewards are currently available until next week:
1. Mount – “Founders Wild Stallion” - your own horse in-game!
2. Imp Servant (Personal Merchant/Bank you can call in-game)

Upcoming Reward (Available Next Week):
. Auto-Loot Stone (Grab Loot while on the run)

Also Included with Early Access:
. Lifetime Pass to All Updates and Expansions of Kings and Heroes

See you in-game!

- Warren
12 Oy ver
Abrix for kids 30 Eylül
Not enough fun with explosions? Try our new rooms with bombs DLC:
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