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Shadowgate (2014) 31 Ağustos
Waiting for a good time to pick up Shadowgate? Now is the PERFECT time since it's 80% off! Get the Special Edition for 75% off or head over to the link below to get the MacVenture version for 70% off!

16 Oy ver
The Last Dogma 31 Ağustos
Update 1.5 is now available for both PC and Linux. Subtitles were added to both Main and Secret campaigns. The update also includes numerous fixes and small overhauls.

Free DLC game "Sacred Line" is now also available for download, PC only. Since The Last Dogma is based on both Sacred Line and Sacred Line Genesis games, it made perfect sense to make it available as a bonus DLC.
3 Oy ver
Home is Where One Starts... 31 Ağustos
I thought it would be fitting with school starting up again to release an update for Home is Where One Starts... (and a big discount to boot). The big updates include Linux 64-bit support, subtitles (which can be easily edited for fan translations), Steam Trading Cards, and a huge variety of small fixes and additions.

Please note that the Linux version is still in beta, and you can visit this forum post on potential compatibility issues. Also, if you’re interested in creating a fan translation of the game, visit this post about the subtitle system to learn more.

Thanks again for everyone’s support! It’s been a great journey sharing this small story with everyone, and your kind words do not go unnoticed. By the way, I believe there is still an ending no one has discovered yet! I look forward to seeing if you guys figure it out. If something is on your mind, feel free to send me an email at homeiswhereonestarts@gmail.com .
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