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Sniper Elite 3 18 вересня

Our fifth free multiplayer map, Night Watch is OUT NOW and available in all multiplayer modes.

Night Watch is one of the most challenging multiplayer maps in the series. Taking players to an oasis shrouded in darkness, the ruins of an old town turned into a makeshift camp for enemy troops.

New Multiplayer Mode – Capture the Flag – OUT NOW!

Capture the Flag has returned to the Sniper Elite series, offering players an objective focussed game with more speed and tempo than previous modes.

Good snipers are still key to victory, but players will need to co-ordinate together to successfully assault the enemy base and capture the flag, relying on each other to protect the flag bearer and their own base from enemy attack.

Save Churchill Part 3: Confrontation – OUT NOW!

The final episode and conclusion to the explosive Save Churchill campaign for Sniper Elite 3, featuring the largest environment ever seen in the series. OUT NOW.

German sniper, Raubvogel lies in wait to ambush Churchill’s convoy en-route to the Casablanca Conference. Fight your way through the Axis barricades scattered amongst the foothills, move up into the mountains, flank the enemy encampments and begin your final ascent up the mountain to confront Raubvogel in an epic sniper duel that could decide the fate of a continent.

Get the Sniper Elite 3 PC Limited Special Edition for 33% OFF!

Get yourself a piece of Sniper Elite history for 33% off with the Limited Special Edition of Sniper Elite 3 for PC. Packed full of rare collectibles and EXCLUSIVE to the Rebellion Gamestore, so don’t miss out!

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Runers 18 вересня
Hey Runers,

As if collecting all the spells in the game wasn't enough, now you get to collect trading cards as well!
We have just pushed the button on setting these live so go get collecting.

Here is a sneak peek at a couple of the cards:

There are 6 cards in the set, along with 5 profile backgrounds and 10 emoticons.

Happy collecting.

Mastertronic / LGK Games
ːfire_runeː ːearth_runeː ːlight_runeː
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The Journey Down: Chapter One 18 вересня
Lots o people have asked us about adding trading cards to TJD1 so we finally caved in! The cards are available now and there's one set with five cards, and a whole bunch of badges, emoticons, and backdrops to go with 'em. I hope you'll enjoy!

We're working on setting up trading cards for TJD2 right now, with a bit of luck they'll go live within a day or so as well.

Thanks again for supporting our development! :)

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Flockers™ 18 вересня


We're but 2 days away from the launch of Flockers as a full game here on Steam. It's been a hell of a journey through Early Access - together we've slain bugs, tweaked features and saved countless scores of sheep from their horrible, weaponised fate created by the Worms.

...we've also accidentally led countless scores more to their doom, but let's gloss over that minor hiccup.

We can't thank everyone who took part in our Early Access enough. Ewe've* been excellent. The feedback you have given us has helped us to make a really great game that is already getting brilliant reviews, both by players and the games press.

As small thanks, we've uploaded the release version of Flockers to Steam today. Anyone with Early Access can play the full Flockers experience 2 days before general release.

Here's the skinny on the release update:

New Stuff
  • 5 New Campaign Levels, bringing the total level count to 60! (NOT including Bonus / Meat Maker levels)
  • 1 New Bonus Level to unlock!
  • More Rewards available to unlock!

Bug Fixes & Tweaks
  • Fixed a crash that occassionally occurred when launching the game
  • Fixed a crash in the options menu
  • Fixed an OpenGL error that caused some users to be unable to launch the game
  • Fixed an issue effecting blood graphics on some Intel graphics cards
  • Made optimisations to min spec graphics cards – Flockers can now support Nvidia GeForce 8600 GS/AMD Radeon HD 4650 and equivalent.
  • Tweaked the loading screens to make transitioning between levels smoother

Over the next 2 days, we'll also be removing all the developer scores from the in-game leaderboards. Your scores will remain, and this is your chance to set the bar for the influx of new players heading to Flockers over the coming months. Do us proud, make them work for the top spot.

It's not all in-game though. We need your Meat Maker levels, your Guides, your Reviews and Discussions to help make the Flockers community an amazing place to be. I'll be highlighting the very best of your creations; in the forums, on Twitter, Facebook and here within Team17 too - we all can't wait to see what you can make!

From everyone here at Team17, thank ewe** for saving our sheep.


*That's the last time I'll do that during early access, I promise.

**I lied.
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The Guild II Renaissance 18 вересня
Patch 4.17b Changelog
- Changed AI-money saving behaviour. This has a massive influence on gaming and difficulty!
- Fixed a bug that caused the AI to not buy any title higher than Citizen
- Fixed the OoS occuring in different situations like taking a bath
- AI aggression level slightly increased
- Chances for plague increased slightly on higher difficulty level
- Languages French, Italian and Spanish added
- Slightly changed moneylending system
- Changed AI behaviour: AI should try to save money for specific goals
- Fixed a bug with the new YPR-modes in startmenu
- Changed the market behaviour
- Bugfix for political actions in MP
- Bugfix for changing building names in MP
- Raw material deliveries fixed
- Changing building names is now possible
- It's now possible to choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 years per round. The setting will also be saved when you restart the game.
- Fixed the bug with the additional stock slots at the crypt and the bankhouse
- AI now buys windmills and orchards on all maps
- Fixed the missing icon when demanding ransoms
- Added the one-year-per-round-option for MP also
- Sick people don't visit hospitals that can't cure their illness because the building level is too low anymore
- AI patients leave the hospital after not being treated for 3 hours
- AI patients sit down if a place on a bank gets free
- Reworked the medicus script a bit more
- Cutscenes for trials and office-sessions now start automatically if the camera is in the room
- AI Characters are no longer beamed into the townhall if they don't manage to attend a trial in time
- New measure for listing all buildings for sale added to the townhall
- Medicus AI reacts on amount of sick people and produces the needed medicine
- Chances for plague decreased again in early game
- Fixed the fame exploit when buying a nobility title
- Allied worker don't join fights anymore
- Sermons bring XP now
- Combs/Wooden pins/Fittings problem solved
- Combs can be produced in the high-level joinery
- Mill doesn't stop production when resources are low
- Mushrooms are also available in Vienna now
- Stonelilies are also available in Transylvania now

Patch 4.17b
- KI-Sparverhalten verändert. Hat massiven Einfluss auf den Schwierigkeitsgrad
- Bug gefixt, durch den die KI keine Titel über dem Bürger kaufte teilweise
- OoS im MP bei diversen Aktionen wie gemeinsames Bad nehmen gefixt
- KI-Aggressionslevel leicht erhöht
- Chance für Pest auf höherem Schwierigkeitslevel leicht erhöht
- Sprachen Französisch, Italienisch und Spanisch hinzugefügt
- Leichte Anpassungen am Kredit-System
- Verändertes KI-Verhalten: Die KI spart nun auf bestimmte Ziele hin (Gebäudekauf, Upgrade und Titel)
- Bugfix für das Problem mit den neuen JpR-Modi im Startmenü
- Markt-Verhalten überarbeitet
- Bugfix für dynastiepolitische Aktionen im MP
- Bugfix für Gebäudenamensänderungen im MP
- Bugfix für Rohstofflieferungen im Gildenhaus
- Änderung von Gebäudenamen nun möglich funktioniert, allerdings wird im MP der neue Name nicht bei den anderen Spielern angezeigt.
- Einstellung von Jahren pro Runde auf 1,2,3 und 4 geändert. Einstellung wird gespeichert funktioniert, aber es kann Probleme im Menü nach einem Neustart geben.
- Beim Friedhof und bei der Bank gab es durch Gebäudeerweiterungen zuviele Lagerplätze. Die überschüssigen Lagerplätze wurden entfernt.
- KI kauft jetzt Windmühlen und Obstgärten auf allen Karten
- Problem mit Icon bei Lösegeld forderung behoben
- Ein Jahr pro Runde auch im MP
- Patienten besuchen keine Krankenhäuser mehr, die ihre Krankheit gar nicht heilen können, da die Gebäudestufe zu niedrig ist.
- KI-Patienten verlassen das Krankenhaus, wenn sie 3h lang nicht behandelt wurden, aber Patienten kommen zu schnell wieder
- KI-Patienten setzen sich hin, sobald ein Platz frei wird
- Behandlungsscript des Medicus weiter überarbeitet getestet, ist aber noch nicht optimal
- Gerichts- und Amtsverhandlungen gehen jetzt beim Start automatisch in die Cutscene
- KI-Spieler werden bei Gerichtsverhandlungen nicht mehr ins Rathaus gebeamt
- Measure zur Auflistung von zum Verkauf stehender Gebäude für das Rathaus hinzugefügt
- Medicus-KI reagiert auf Krankheitsaufkommen und produziert benötigte Medizin
- Wahrscheinlichkeit und Ansteckungsgefahr der Pest im frühen Spiel weiter reduziert
- Bug bei Titelkauf behoben, der unabhängig vom Kauf den Reichsruf erhöhte.
- Alliierte Arbeiter greifen nicht mehr in Kämpfe ein
- Das Abhalten von Messen bringt jetzt auch XP
- Kamm/Holzzapfen/Beschläge-Problem gefixt
- Kämme sind nun in der Kunsttischlerei auch tatsächlich herstellbar
- Produktion in Mühle bricht nicht mehr ab, wenn wenig Rohstoffe vorhanden sind
- Pilze sind nun auch in Wien abbaubar
- Steinlilien sind nun auch in Siebenbürgen abbaubar
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