Перегляньте ігри та програми, які нещодавно було суттєво оновлено.
Governor of Poker 3 27 травня


This new Governor of Poker update includes:
  • Spin & Play added - Tournaments will open up soon!
  • Additional Flag pins
  • New Achievements that give hats!
  • SFX adjustments for Vip hats
  • Fixed reported bugs
Have fun playing! See you at the tables
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Almightree: The Last Dreamer 27 травня
We are pleased to announce that the recent update to Almightree -The Last Dreamer, includes Trading Cards & Linux Support.

More ways to enjoy this little dream.
Moonstone Tavern - A Fantasy Tavern Sim! 27 травня
Adds a small new room underneath the chapel where the strange black pillars suck away at your skill points in order to feed the Shadow Familiar.

* Sacrifice your skill points to grow the Shadow Familiar.
* Grow them through six evolutions.
* Take them with you on adventures.
* Grow the most powerful companion in the game to date.
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Door To Door 27 травня
Today, May 27th, Door To Door will be getting an update.

This update includes:

1.) New Case-File; "The Showbizz Cleaner" to play
2.) New Location; "The Pizazz Estates"(Case Exclusive)
3.) +2 New Playable Radios
4.) +2 New Radio Adverts; "Colin & Roger" series

*Please Note: "The Showbizz Cleaner" will utilize a "noire" post-process. It is only specific to this Case-File.

Have fun, talk to you all soon!
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The Ables: Freepoint High 26 травня
Hey all! So we've been hard at work fixing bugs and adding the most recent round of polish to the game. We've decided to dramatically reduce the price and hope a lot more people can now have the chance to play Freepoint High!

Some of the bigger bugs are gone now, (no more invisible Walker bot tails, no more getting snagged on stairs) and we've introduced and tweaked a few of the Easter Eggs scattered throughout the game.

We really hope you all enjoy the game, we'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve it in the future!
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