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Asteroids Minesweeper 23 серпня
Major Addition: Asteroids Minesweeper has been ported on the Linux operating system! Steam OS 2.0 (64 bit) and Ubuntu 16.04 (32 bit) are officially supported.

There's a few other enhancements as well including:
- Support of screen resolutions smaller than 1280x720px (for example 1024x768px)
- Connection retry for Steam init issue
- Misc robustness and code work
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This Book Is A Dungeon 23 серпня
Creeping forth from the blackest pit of pestilence comes a delicious invention of dark, wicked design...

That's right: Steam Trading Cards are finally here!

Thanks so much for your continued support of TBIAD since launch! The community has been asking, so I've finally managed to carve out time to create and implement Steam Trading Cards for the game. Mercifully, I've elected to set them to drop at slightly shorter intervals than most games.

I really appreciate everyone's interest in the game! If you're enjoying it, please take a moment to leave a Steam review! That makes a big difference -- especially in terms of motivating me to keep tinkering away on some grisly future projects I think you'll love.

The positive reviews have been very kind and encouraging, and I've also gained a lot of insight from useful critical feedback, too.

TBIAD was first created with Twine as an experiment. I'm thrilled with what I was able to create within the tool's limitations (and my own, at the time), and I've learned a ton over the past year. Now that I'm working in GameMaker Studio, I'm able to do SO much more, so I can't wait to share with you what's coming up!

Stay tuned and thanks again!
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Raining Blobs 23 серпня

20th update brings:
  1. Redesigned first menu screen.
  2. Improved blobs rotation. Now it is much smoother and a micro glitch where the rotating blob would disappear in one frame is fixed.
  3. Rare hidden gamepads issues fixed. Issues were happening when 2 or more gamepads were connected and you would like to change P1 gamepad and some other rare cases.
  4. Micro adjustment of hold left/right movement.
  5. Minor flying garbage stars improvement.
  6. At the end of Tournament there is now total play time if you finish without continues.
  7. When you get 90 or more garbage accumulated the release timer starts counting down right away and not at the moment when new pieces show up.

After so many updates I can say that this is the ultimate version!
Now I will probably focus on porting it to Xbox One and maybe other consoles/devices later on.
This does not mean that there won't be more updates, I have more cool stuff planned for the future ;)

Take a look at Xbox One gameplay video:
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Kalonline 23 серпня
Hello Kalonline Players,
We appreciate your continued interest of Kalonline.
There will be a scheduled periodic server maintenance period Wednesday, Aug 24th, 2016 from 9:40 AM to 11:40 AM (KST/GMT+9).
The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours.

* Details *
1) New Item ‘Secret Box’ has been released.
- ‘Secret Box’ limited quantity for 1 week only.

2) 2016 Summer Festival! event has been closed.

3) Costume upgrade system has been updated.

4) T&S system has been updated.

5) Welcome event and T&S event has been started.
More information Homepage link
Thanks for playing Kalonline,
Kalonline Team.
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Fancy Skiing VR 23 серпня
1.Now the birds are easier to be dodged, and they get a sound effect.
2.Correct show of Scores.
3.A powerful jumping.
4.It becomes easier for players to go straight, even when they are heavily crashed by terrain or obstacles.
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