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Cloudbuilt 21 листопада
Hi everyone,

So, it's been coming for a while but finally, the Defiance DLC for Cloudbuilt is available to buy! This new DLC pack a huge chunk of content to the game, including five brand new levels that will challenge you like never before, new skins for Demi, an entirely new game mode called Assault that can be unlocked to play on shy of the original levels as well as these new ones AND even a new alternate ending to the game!

Coilworks have worked super-hard to make Defiance as jammed with content as it is, so we hope you'll show your support by picking it up. It's the ultimate test of skill for any Cloudbuilt player... have you got what it takes to see it through to the end?

Have fun!

The RSG team
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Terrian Saga: KR-17 21 листопада

Let the chanting of Ubuntu begin! The critically acclaimed side scrolling platformer brings all its nostalgic love over to Linux. So all of you who have been "+1 if Linux", it's time to pull out the calculators and start adding up some highscores.

In addition to the newly launched Linux build, Update 1.5 has gone live which incorporates new Monthly Challenges completely with rewards for the top players! If you haven't picked up your controller in awhile NOW is the time to do it and show everyone just how great a legendary gamer you are.

You can access the Monthly Challenges right from the Main Menu. Play as many times as you want as it does not count against your overall performance.

We'll see you in the Leaderboards!
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Gold Rush! Anniversary 21 листопада
Gold Rush! Anniversary version 1.0.6 is now available. Patch notes can be seen below. In addition to this patch the game is now available for Linux!

Patch Notes:
  • Small graphics fixes
  • Fixed quest on the Cape Horn Trek
  • Fixed conversation with mule seller in Sutter's Fort
  • Fixed control between Sutter's Fort and Coloma
  • Parser: Added rude commands as in the original
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Epigenesis 21 листопада
Hello everyone,

You can now get Epigenesis for incredibly low 4.99€ or your regional equivalent! What's even better, the four-pack is now only 9.99€!

Get a group of friends and spend the weekend exploring the futuristic sports game that is Epigenesis!

Our awesome community is hosting a tournament in December, practice your skills and head over to the following forum thread for more information!

Last week, we released the v1.3 patch and added tons of lore to the forum! Be sure to check that out!

We really wanted to make the price update together with last weeks patch release, but better late than never right!? :D

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REVOLVER360 RE:ACTOR 21 листопада
Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR has been updated.

Patch Notes:

- WASD controls for keyboard input, as well as customizable keyboard layout added
- 1366 x 768 resolution support added
- Full controller support added (Xbox 360 Controller Recommended)
- Keyboard controls updated
- Original soundtrack now included upon initial purchase
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