Turner 7月29日
Hey everyone! We’re excited to announce that version 1.1 of Turner is live! Here are some of the things we’ve added:
  • Speedrun Mode: Upon completion of the base game, you unlock the all new speedrun mode! Race to complete the game as fast as possible, and have your time uploaded to the Global Steam Leaderboards to compete against everyone around the world! There are two different categories, one for the base game and one for the full game. Can you reach #1?

  • Optimization: Along with in game optimizations, we’ve optimized the way the build is sent out to you. What this means is the game size will be much smaller than it once was. It should now only be around 1.6 GB.

  • In game level tweaks.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
We hope you all enjoy this update!
(P.S Two of us here at Bean Boy Games have already submitted our times to the steam leaderboards, good luck beating us ːtonterː)
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Governor of Poker 3 7月29日


This new Governor of Poker update 2.8.6 includes:
  • New 4 hour Spin bonus!
  • New Daily bonus!
  • Free chat in Poker
  • Many bug fixes
  • Reported issues solved
Have fun playing! See you at the poker tables!

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PlanetFate 7月29日
An early build of the a mission has been released to gather feedback from players.

Guide a cargoship on a dangerous mission from Earth to Saturn through asteroid fields and past enemy weapon platforms.
Manage your ship's shields, weapons and engine power and keep your cargo intact.

Tips and instructions on how to play the mission:
  • When the ship is ready after leaving the shipyard, push your controller's trackpad to engage engines.
  • Swipe your thumb across the trackpad to shift power between shields, weapons and engines.
  • To aim a turret at an enemy, select the turret with the trigger. Hold the trigger down and move your controller to point towards an enemy. When you feel the controller rumble, you can release the trigger. The turret will lock on and automatically fire when in range. Once you have selected a turret, you do not need to keep your hand over the turret. Move your hand as you like to target enemies. (known bug: sometimes the laser pointer will not display. This is a known UE4 issue and is a high priority)
  • Turrets are blue when inactive, yellow when currently selected and green when locked on to a target
  • If a turret or shield is disabled, diverting power to that system will speed up repairs
  • Asteroids permanently disable turrets and shields, so watch out for them

As this is an early build so I can gather feedback so you will likely encounter bugs along the way. Please report any issues on the PlanetFate website or in the community forum.

Thank you to everybody who has supported PlanetFate in these early days! There is a lot more to come and your positive feedback makes this all worthwhile.
Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards] 7月29日







今後ともKoi-Koi Japan をお楽しみください。
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Dungeon League 7月28日

Greetings All Stars,

It's been a while since we released a Dungeon League update - as we move closer to launch we decided that to make Dunegon League the best it can be, we really needed to implement some form of Online Multiplayer. So as a result, a complete code overhaul was needed, which essentially pushed us back to the the start of the project again. I'm happy to report that the development is now back on track, and as a result, let this be the unofficial announcement that Online Multiplayer is on its way! But enough about that, let's take a look at the newest update!

Meet Helga, the angriest All Star to enter the Dungeon league. This Barbarian would even give Conan a run for his money in an arm wrestle! Inspire your team mates with her War Cry, or decimate the enemy in a Whirlwind of axes! She's brutal on the field, and if she gets too close, she will crush you like a worm. Hot tip for ranged players, keep Helga at bay at all costs. Distance is the key!

Achebit has also thrown in a number of bug fixes and balance changes to the existing characters, a couple of new monsters, and some brand new items for you to explore. So grab some controllers, get your friends over, and check out the latest additions to the game!

Christopher and Ed have taken the time to record a video outlining the features of the new patch and talk strategy and builds surrounding Helga. Please check out the video below!


Steve - Community Manager

Dungeon League Update 1.7 Patch Notes


  • New All Star! Helga the Barbarian has entered the Dungeon League

  • Wrath now travels faster

  • Fixed a bug where Firewall would not spawn correctly
  • Drastically increased Firewall duration to 6/8/10/12 from 3/3.5/4/4.5

  • Fixed a bug where Friendzone would not refresh the control timer of monsters you already control
  • Fixed a bug where Bubble deflections would not award you the kill


Local Lobby
  • A new screen for organising players and teams has been added
  • All Star selection is now structured via a randomised order with turn based picks
  • Randomly picking an All Star (Press Y) now has a scrolling effect

  • Spear Traps now have sounds when they extend and retract
  • Less torches spawn in rooms that have lit objectives
  • Less torches spawn overall (darker dungeons mwuhahaha)
  • Items and gold drop more often (you’re welcome)

  • New Monster! Rat
  • New Monster! Zombie

  • A 60 second timer has been added to the Dugout screen

  • Bribe price decreased to 2 gold and increases by 2 with each use
  • Shop now only sells tier 3 items after the second round

  • Damage, Armour and Health have been globally scaled for more control
  • Lifesteal has been added. Gain a percent of your damage back as health!
  • Respawn time in CTF reduced by 1 second

  • New Item! Blood Stone: Lifesteal 3%
  • New Item! Vampiric Cloak: Lifesteal 6%
  • New Item! Hunger: Lifesteal 9%
  • New Item! Kite Shield: +Block +Armour +Health
  • Items have globally had their price reduced
  • Many items now confer more than one bonus
  • Short Sword re-added
  • Skull Cap re-added

  • Splash screen added
  • Keyboard controls now default to player 4
  • Doors and Chest will now become bright when focused

  • Fixed layering issues on various objects
  • Fixed bug where health, damage, and armour items were not working correctly
  • Fixed bug where a players correct stats would not be shown in their player card
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