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BattleSouls 30 juni
New Hero enters BattleSouls!

The top requested feature for BattleSouls has been more heroes and we are finally ready to give you Tanak - The Shaman !

Tanak - The Shaman
  • Primary attack: When Tanak hits an enemy with his hammer it damages that enemy and sends out a healing aoe that heals all allies in range.
  • Secondary attack: Tanak smashes his hammer in to the ground and causes a small earthquake. Enemies hit will be slowed, and those close to the center will also be stunned.
  • Change effect: When you change in to Tanak he summons the power of the winds, and after a short time he pulls in all enemies in range towards him.
We are having a lot of fun playing with Tanak on the dev team, and we hope you will like him as well. You can set him up for some pretty epic agressive plays and still also use him to protect and support your team.

Other changes:
  • Resolved some more of the mouse sensitivity issues and they should now be complety gone.
  • Fixed the color of player names in chat so they now represent the color of the team the player is on
  • Corrected the color of the victory and defeat text on the win screen to correctly represent your team color
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Elisa: The Innkeeper - Prequel 30 juni
Hi guys
We have been working really hard during the last few weeks, developing a game and running a Kikcstarter campaign at the same time is more difficult than we expected.

But yeah... we want to keep promises so here we go:
- Achievements are finally available
- Auto mode has been implemented
- Back-logs too!
- The super annoying black text bug is finally gone
- A lot of improvements to the english version and bug fixes

Obviously we are not done, we will keep updating our Prequel adding the Ecchi Patch when it will be available and even new chapters of our story.

Yeah if you thinkl that the Prequel is short you just need do be patient!

Ah since we reached our first stretch goal on Kickstarter, here is a first preview of our new art!

Keep supporting us guys, we really want to create a great game!
Have a good day!
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Geocore 29 juni
I am working on Single Player now, Multi is working pretty well and almost ready to move into beta. I have decided to stop producing legacy builds for awhile as they are time consuming and noone is using them except a couple people, ask me directly if you need one.


In this patch:

New Menu Screen

Actual Single Player!! (not just a rendered level but actual gameplay with goals) - Something evil lurks in the heart of our favorite satellite. (Boss/storyline/ending still under construction)

Separated weapons that use energy from those that use ammo; certain weapons now take ammo, which can be found around the levels.

Missiles also now require ammo which can be found around the levels.

Vorvados has been dressed up a bit bringing the total playable multi levels to 4.

All levels have had lighting and framerate optimizations.

All levels have been converted to use the new powerup system.

VR Development temporarily paused while things stabilize (Unity support has become a real pain in the ass what with having to run a certain version to support the new Rift sdk etc. - I do not want to go into the gory details).
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Job the Leprechaun 29 juni
Job the Leprechaun is now available for OSX. Enjoy!
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Ultimate Arena 29 juni
- Added Capture The Flag game mode
- New CTF map: Lockdown
- Added Ultimate Adrenaline powerup.
- Changed camera mode at end of match.

Please restart your Steam client in order to download this update.
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