Doorzoek games en software die recent grote updates hebben gehad.
Shu's Garden 28 november
At long last, version 2.3 of Shu's Garden adds split-screen multiplayer. Grab an extra controller or three on PC/Mac and go gardening with your friends!

Play as any character in the garden, including Shu's various space-cactus friends, a hypersonic bee, a giraffe, a flappy happy bird, and a wise sea turtle.

The game is designed to work with Xbox-style controllers out of the box, but you can configure controls and other advanced settings by holding alt/option while starting the game.
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Time Machine VR 28 november
Starting Nov. 25 until Dec 1 at 10am (PST), save 33% on Time Machine VR.

What you get:
- 2 hours of VR gameplay (approx.);
- Story Mode (in development, more to come with the following updates);
- Exploration Mode (in development, with expansion to come);
- Many dinos to interact with: pliosaurus, dakosaurus, ophthalmosaurus, and more;
- An expansive on-land VR mission hub located in Svalbard, Norway;
- A DinoDex: upload collected data, and unlock dinosaurs;
- A full range of tech-based mechanics: Time Freeze, Tracker, Probe, Scan, Echo, Bait, with more to come;
- Regular updates with new features and bug fixes;
- Buy it once, and get all following updates FREE;
- Have your say: talk with our dev team and take part in the development of Time Machine VR!

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Voyage to Farland 28 november
The new version of Voyage to Farland adds some features that are useful for Steam's Big Picture mode and SteamOS plus improvements to controller support for all OSes.

  • Bundled Java for Linux and SteamOS
  • Automatically opens in fullscreen when launched in Big Picture
  • Full controller support
  • Launch options for remapping controller buttons, setting volumes, etc.

Head over to the Discussions for more info, or jump right in with the new mini-guide covering the new stuff:

Voyage to Farland: Big Picture, Controllers, Linux & SteamOS
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An update for FIREFIGHT RELOADED has been released. The update will be applied when you restart FIREFIGHT RELOADED.


- Revamped the New Game dialog.
- Fixed a bug where some scenes wouldn't load.
- Added Russian translation (Thanks FarSeer!)

- You can no longer spam the kick button.
- Added a hint for the Store.

- Combine Assassins are now counted in the Combine kill milestone achievements.

- Infinite Ammo now makes the reserve ammo infinite, not the magazine.
- Health/Armor Bonus perks now only give the player 10 max health, rather than relying on the level to increase it.

The following perk changes below ONLY effect the default gamemode. THESE DO NOT AFFECT CLASSIC MODE.
- Infinite Ammo can now only be unlocked if you are Level 15 or above.
- Infinite Aux Power can now only be unlocked if you are Level 10 or above.
- Regenerating Health now can only be unlocked if you are at Level 20 or above.
- Increased Health Regenration Rate now is only unlocked if you are at Level 25 or above.

- Enemies now give much more damage.
- Enemies now take 25% more damage in the NIGHTMARE difficulty level.
- Combine Aces now give slightly more damage than other enemies.
- The Combine Shotgunner now only spawns with the Shotgun.
- Enemies now attack each other in FIREFIGHT RUMBLE. (toggleable)
- ANTLUON ASSAULT: Antlions have a 15 second delay in-between spawns.

Don't worry - New content will be in the next update!
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The Seven Years War (1756-1763) 28 november
Game enhancements:
- added hotkeys for scrolling, rotating, menu and clearing of orders -> can be set in options menu (for english and german keyboards, others work also but may see other characters in options menu although it works without problems with the pressed keys)
- ui (menues, information, buttons and text) are now scaled automatically based on your screen resolution

Game balance:
- changed view of trade income in nation comparison menu to per annum from all-time accumulated

Fixed bugs:
- fixed crashes related to surrender of divisions after manually played battles
- traders now pick up more than one resource of the same type if supplying building sites
- fixed too tight radius of provincial buildings regarding resources (some resources placed on the edge of the radius could not be harvested)
- effect of research initiative now included in research duration calculation
- fixed crash due to manual saving with long file names
- fixed bug where fleets were not supplied or did not reach supply harbor after loading a saved game
- fixed problem with production, building maintainance, supply of divisions/fleets and loaded goods of traders occuring if a game was newly started after an old one
- resetted data in nation comparison menu after restart
- fixed wrong reference to garrison units after regiments were deleted
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