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Defiance 26 augustus

Enter the fray now through September 12th against 99ers and Grid. Pick up the new Adaptive Augmentation Synergy and the Disassembler Pack to help you in the fight!

99 Problems, the newest event in Defiance, is here on the New Frontier and you’ll need all your technical skills to be victorious. Fortunately you’ll have access to the new Adaptive Augmentation Synergy to help cut your enemies down in a hail of bullets!

Get off the Grid and start working on 99 solutions, Arkhunter!

Adaptive Augmentation Synergy
More bullets - less problems. That’s really all you need to know with Adaptive Augmentation. The more you shoot, the faster you reload, the quicker your bullets fire. Lay down a whole field of fire and let your enemies try to run!

Synergy: Adaptive Augmentation
[1] +3% Ammo Regen on Kill
[2] +10% Rate of Fire
[3] +10% Damage
[4] On kill, gain 10% Rate of Fire and -10% Reload for 10s (Max Stacks: 3)

Disassembler Pack
Utilizing the latest Grid Technology, you’ll literally take your enemies apart with cutting edge tech, while looking every bit the part!
The Disassembler Pack contains:
  • Legendary Charge Blade “Cutting Edge” with a new skin
  • CDC Eradicator outfit and headgear
  • TMW Hannibal 800R "Droid" vehicle
  • 30-day Patron Pass
  • “Disassembler” Title

So get started solving some problems, and send your enemies off the grid with the brand new 99 Problems event, Adaptive Augmentation synergy, and the Disassembler Pack!

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Kick Ass Commandos 26 augustus
BIG UPDATE! What's new:

- Steam Trading Cards!
- Mission pack 3 “BOMBS AWAY” with 9 new levels!
- Added new enemies with riot shields
- Added new boss “Anvil”
- Added exploding grenade crates
- Added exploding rocket launcher crates
- Added key system
- Tweaked boss buckshot level (wider fortress)
- Added juice and story blurbs to menus
- Added new forest tileset
- Added Green Beret Commandos led by their commander “Major Wood”
- Added exploding gas tanker trucks
- Added exploding bomb transport trucks
- Added story text for each mission pack
- Added big bombs to be blowed up with kick ass explosions!
- Enhanced your death in slow motion!
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Asteroids Minesweeper 26 augustus
Major Addition: Asteroids Minesweeper has been ported on the Linux operating system! Steam OS 2.0 (64 bit) and Ubuntu 16.04 (32 bit) are officially supported.

There's a few other enhancements as well including:
- Support of screen resolutions smaller than 1280x720px (for example 1024x768px)
- Connection retry for Steam init issue
- Misc robustness and code work
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This Book Is A Dungeon 26 augustus
Creeping forth from the blackest pit of pestilence comes a delicious invention of dark, wicked design...

That's right: Steam Trading Cards are finally here!

Thanks so much for your continued support of TBIAD since launch! The community has been asking, so I've finally managed to carve out time to create and implement Steam Trading Cards for the game. Mercifully, I've elected to set them to drop at slightly shorter intervals than most games.

I really appreciate everyone's interest in the game! If you're enjoying it, please take a moment to leave a Steam review! That makes a big difference -- especially in terms of motivating me to keep tinkering away on some grisly future projects I think you'll love.

The positive reviews have been very kind and encouraging, and I've also gained a lot of insight from useful critical feedback, too.

TBIAD was first created with Twine as an experiment. I'm thrilled with what I was able to create within the tool's limitations (and my own, at the time), and I've learned a ton over the past year. Now that I'm working in GameMaker Studio, I'm able to do SO much more, so I can't wait to share with you what's coming up!

Stay tuned and thanks again!
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Emily Wants To Play 26 augustus

Emily Wants to Play is now playable and the ending is achievable in virtual reality. You can use the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to play the game up close and personal with Emily and her friends.

I have no idea why you would want to play the game in VR! But people have asked for it and some have already managed to get into VR before now. I adjusted a few things to get it working much better in VR.

Remember that this game is already intense and in your face, and VR just intensifies it even more. I would suggest playing the game first without VR and getting used to it before entering the world in virtual reality. Because in virtual reality it feels like the dolls are really right next to you and it is scary when they jump in your face.

This update does not effect anyone without VR and it is only for Windows users. I have heard that HTC Vive works on Mac but I haven't tested it.

Update notes and tips for VR users.

-Added support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
-Adjusted menus to display in VR in a more readable way
-Menus only show up in the left eye in VR
-Adjusted on screen subtitles and Emily's timer to appear in VR
-Added special keys and buttons for VR only use
-Detect if using VR and override original graphics settings (high settings don't work well in VR)
-Mr Tatters will not get you if you move your head in VR or your mouse
-and a whole bunch of other things that you won't notice :)

Special Keys and buttons for VR users:

V - Toggle VR off and on
C - Calibrates the view to your real world position. Sit or stand in your preferred position and press C.

Middle mouse button calibrates the camera.

LB/L1 - Flashlight
RB/R1 - Interact with objects
Left Stick - Move forward backward etc...
Push in Left Stick - Sprint
Right Stick - Look left and right
Push in Right Stick - Calibrate the view
View/Share button - Toggle VR mode

Special keys for advanced users:
/ - Toggle FPS meter to help with tuning quality (60+ FPS recommended)
6- Set video to really low quality, some lighting will not work
7- Set video to Low quality (faster frames less quality but playable)
8- Set video to Medium Quality (default)
9- Set video to High Quality (slower frames better quality)

Oculus Rift Only Keys:
1 - Output Stereo preview with vignette
2 - Output Stereo preview no vignette
3 - Output Left Eye only (it is stretched for some reason)
HTC Vive users, pressing 1-3 will black out your preview screen.
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