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Clickr 21 augustus 2014
Zero Rock Entertainment and Ntreev Soft are happy to announce the availability of Clickr in Brazil!

This newly added region now makes Clickr a globally distributed title on Steam.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the game!
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Habitat 21 augustus 2014
Major New Features

Howdy folks - we are pleased to announce that version .20 is now live and includes all of the following. We're working hard on getting more and more content in the game for you.

* "HAL" - the Habitat Management Interface: access it by pressing ENTER in-game. HAL gives you an easy way to view your habitat's resource production levels, health and combos, and lets you tweak various properties of your habitat nodes such as booster rocket levels and turret firing rates.

As we build out the game, HAL will become even more powerful with the ability to upgrade your stations, set up complex actions, manage engineers and more.

* Combo System: Certain objects will now unlock combination bonuses when attached directly to certain other objects. Look for adjacency bonuses with multiple resource generators of the same type, and the first three combos: the Ammo Box, Turtle Cat, and AI Brain.

If you unlock a combo, you'll see it visually indicated on screen, and it will also appear in the HAL. Experiment to find what works!

* Precision Construction: Based on your feedback, we have entirely overhauled the habitat construction interface to give you more reliable angles and distances on a grid so you can build balanced, symmetrical habitats!

When you choose an item to attach to your habitat, bring two blue weld points together to display the grid. Move your mouse cursor over the grid square you want to place the item at. C and Z still rotate pieces, but at fixed 15 degree increments. Press V and B to change the source and destination weld points you wish to use - no more trial and error!

* Habitat HQ - the Hero of Habitat: As we have built out our plans for the upcoming missions and travel system in Habitat, we realized we need to make sure you always have a home base. We're introducing it in this build as the Habitat HQ.

As your starter piece, the HQ will always be where your engineers are built. And, it's the heart of the Habitat project - if it gets destroyed, the game is over. You can still build as many habitats as you want, but there's only one HQ. Decide whether you want to move it or keep it in one spot - just keep it safe!

Smaller Features and Improvements
* Enemy stations now target engineers - watch out!
* Many more particle and explosion effects throughout.
* Engineers now come in a variety of suit colors.
* Saw and drill now show when they're cutting into things.
* Connectors now show when they're taking damage (for Dubwoofer, etc).
* Tips added to loading screen.

New Space Junk
* Ammo Box - Combo with projectile weapons for firing velocity boost.
* Turtle Cat - Combo with booster rockets to supercharge with turtle (cat) power.
* Piston - Extend and retract. Combine with the robot arm for maximum flexibility.
* Girder - Build and reinforce your habitats in style.
* Ion Rockets - Fly with electricity instead of fuel!
* Electrical Generator - Pure power. Stack up for bonuses.
* AI Core Brain - Combo with turret weapons for auto-targeting.

Bugs Fixed
* Better joint stability.
* Much more stable robot arm.
* Engineers destroy enemy stations much more reliably.
* Destroying connectors no longer does damage to stations.
* Destroying nodes during attachment no longer results in a bad game state.
* Enemy station turrets much less likely to shoot own station.
* Weld points no longer render underneath highlighting.
* Camera bounds to prevent clipping through Earth.
* Can no longer select main menu items while in splash screen.

Thank you all for the amazing support!

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Edge of Space 21 augustus 2014
The wait is at an end! This patch is one of the biggest ever for Edge of Space, and we are so excited to bring more life to the world of Achoa! You will now be seeing the first iterations of our dynamic dungeons, outposts, and vehicles, along with a ton of quality of life gameplay enhancements, fixes, and changes. We did not force a wipe for this patch, but you will need to start a new world in order to get outposts in your world. Due to the sheer size of this patch, we know there will be bugs that got through the cracks. Please be sure to report using the in game ticketing system. We need your help to track down and hotfix any major bugs!

New Features:

-Dynamic Dungeons!!
1) Procedurally generated dungeons for a different experience each time!
2) Traps!
3) Levers, puzzles, and more! Find your way through the deadly rooms to find plenty of loot!
4) You must re-roll a new world to get access to outposts which you need to fine NAV data to get to the dungeons


1) Raptor Mount
2) Load Lifter

-Zoom Function:
1) Screen Zoom Function
2) Aspect Ratio adjusted so all players see same number of rendered tiles regardless of resolution

-New Creatures:
1) Headhunters

-Craftable Consumables:
1) Protowine
2) Protospice

- Balance Changes:
1) Health increased to 1000
2) Energy across the board increased by a factor of 10
3) Creature health increased by a factor of 10
4) Most stat adjustors increased by a factor of 10
5) Weapon base damage in their procedural rolls increased by a factor of 10
(Please re-craft your weapons or make a new character to get these)


-Added “ferrosilicon” tier weapon and armor, between starter and aluminum
-Revamped toolbar
-Added Zoom feature, activated by using the left and right bracket keys [ ]
-Omegatron now uses the skiff system (no more crafted portal to him)
-Added more codex entries
-Added loot jars to spawn in dungeons
-Adjusted Enhancement Unlocked Sound
-Added Molten Armor to assault armor knowledge
-Implemented Molten Armor schematics
-Implemented Omegatron body parts
-Added schematics for Mark 1 and Mark 2 weapon frames
-Removed “connected” and “disconnected” messages when a player moved to and from tutorial, dungeon, etc
-Added Data Disk (150 research points) to dungeon loot
-Boosted broken data from 25 to 30 points
-Removed health bars at player’s feet, that would frequently linger
-Added new dungeon chest
-Clicking on unlocked schematics in enhancement unlocked list will now open the crafting menu
-Clicking on upgrades in the enhancement unlocked list will now open the enhancement menu
-Clicking on research in the enhancement unlocked list will now open the enhancement menu
-Clicking on the codex page added button will now open the most recent codex page
-Right clicking on gear/kits/pets in inventory will now equip the gear/kit/pet in the appropriate slot
-Right clicking on consumables in inventory will now consume the item
-Right clicking on tools and weapons in inventory will now equip them to the currently highlighted hot slot
-Right clicking on placeables and tiles in inventory will now equip them to the currently highlighted hot slot
-Shift + Right Clicking on stacks will now split the stack (it was right click before)
-Right clicking on items in gear slots puts them in your inventory unless it is full
-Right clicking on items in a chest put them in your inventory unless it is full
-Right clicking on items in your inventory, when a chest is open, puts them in the chest instead of on the toolbar, equipping them, etc
-Using consumables, whether on the toolbar or by right-clicking on them in inventory, no longer has a “casting time,” but instead has a cooldown time
-Added night/day transition
-Adjusted world generation parameters to be better for outposts
-Right clicking while holding an item with the mouse cursor will now empty the cursor (place item back in inventory)
-Ambient Occlusion added
-FireFox added to end of tutorial and Vet skip option
-Adjusted jump to allow players to vary their jump
-Moon now rises and sets on day/night transition
-Added tile edging for improved visual appearance of tiles
-Adjusted weapon projectiles for more precise movement and aiming


-Fixed an issue that caused avatar to flip back and forth when aiming up or down (still being tuned)
-Fixed an issue where the laser pick sound would persist if player switched to another hotslot while mining
-Fixed an issue where the gear items could be used to duplicate items in inventory
-Improved camera clamping
-Fixed an issue where the matter recombiner would let players combine dissimilar materials.
-Fixed dupe bug where you could drag gear to non-empty inventory slots
-Optimizations to frame rate
-Enhancements to lighting
-Added new render layers to improve visuals
-Corrected shadows to no longer render over the night sky, for dramatically better looking visuals
-Fixed an issue that allowed players to craft while using the same materials for different slots and without the proper number of materials
-Fixed an issue that allowed players to recombine materials of different types using the Matter Recombiner
-Fixed an issue where players could get items “stuck” to their avatar when picking up multiple items that will fill inventory leaving remaining items stuck to avatar
-Fixed the alignment of the projectile sprites with their collider
-Reduced time needed to consume data cores
-Fixed several cases where the jetpack sound or animation would continue playing after the jetpack was turned off
-Fixed an issue where jetpack sound would persist if the jetpack was removed during operation or client disconnects during operation
-Fixed an issue where resource allocation list would remain if client exits while in crafting menu
-Fixed an issue where jetpack animation would remain active even when energy was exhausted
-Fixed an issue where jetpack could still be used after the jetpack was removed
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Abyss Odyssey 21 augustus 2014

Fixes / changes include:

  • Fixed client not saving progress in online sessions.
  • Added option to resume the game after exiting a session*.
  • Fixed random occurrence of player being unable to move after being resurrected.
  • Hulk boss will sometimes avoid attacking players already engaging the Warlock boss (single-player).
  • Enemies have a slight delay before engaging the player after the current target is knocked out or grabbed.
  • Spiders and caterpillars use climb animations at 90 degree turns.
  • Music doesn't cut off at the final boss level (descent section).

Note: This update also includes additional content for the next mask phase (not described in the change list).

Remember that the amount of damage on the seal represents the amount of progress the community has achieved in reaching the next phase. When the seal breaks completely new elements will always be introduced in to the abyss.
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No More Room in Hell 21 augustus 2014
So 1.08 is set is planned to come out later tonight if testing goes well. For those of you who can't wait a few hours we have a beta branch live up on steam which you can find out how to access here.

While you wait we've compiled a list of a few features you can expect to see with this update.

  • New Official Maps
We've had a number of requests for new objective maps so for this update we've included 3 brand new objective maps: nmo_Brooklyn, nmo_Cleopas & nmo_Zephyr. Also for those survival mode fans out there we've included the survival map nms_Midwest.

  • New Characters
We're happy to show the three new additions to the NMRiH character family: Butcher, Badass & Roje! It's been a long time in the making and we still have a few potential characters in the works but those of you who've been following us a while know we run on valvetime.

  • New Weapon - FN FAL
Even with the large number of other content features we've managed to include a brand new weapon to the game the FN FAL.

  • New Difficulty Modes
Difficulty modes has been on our todo list for a while. Finally we've got a new "Casual" mode for players who want a easier play experience with Unlimited respawning and faster/improved respawn token system. We only made one small change to the "Classic Mode" survival game type, which is that respawn tokens persist between waves.

  • New Voice Sets
A very special thanks goes out to Pugman & Chippants of PugmanPlays. They created a two player lets play a little while ago (which you can watch here) and we liked it so much we decided to get in contact with them. Long story short they recorded our two newest voicesets!
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