Doorzoek games en software die recent grote updates hebben gehad.
Brilliant Bob 29 juli
Music from all levels will start playing from the beginning of the game so it will give you more variety.
Some bugs fixed.
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Mystery Maze Of Balthasar Castle 29 juli
During 40th anniversary celebration at Europa-Park two characters received cool new names: Ed & Edda

This update includes the following:
• New names for two characters implemented
• Minor text corrections
• Cutscene in level 1/ tutorial now only appears with start of the game
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Crow 29 juli
Crow has been updated with newly remastered, high fidelity sounds and sound effects! Almost everything is retooled to be CD quality or higher (48khz) as well as further refinements to the soundscape of the game.

In addition our next game Abducted is available on Steam Early Access. Head on over and check it out, it's on sale till August 4th!
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Boring Man - Online Tactical Stickman Combat 29 juli
This version will delete your current save if it was generated in an earlier version

Added major changes to Survival Mode, see below.
Added AFK kicking. Players who are afk (no keystrokes or mouse movement) for 2 minutes are sent to spectator, another 2 minutes and they disconnect
Added 10 new weapons
Added 10 new achievements
Added 6 new Premium hats
Added base equipment, the Teleporter
Added new map: Throne Room (throne.bmap)
Added new climb map: Keys Climb (clb_key.bmap)
Added Golden Tickets, see below
Added XP numbers any time you earn XP
Added new bm_settings.ini entry, PlayerVoting. Set to 0 to disable player voting
Added admin commands /voting 0 and /voting 1 to manage server voting
Added Delete Save Data button in Stats screen

Survival Mode
Enemies are now based off of B-Man lore. Strong enemies sometimes appear.
Added “Vices”. Vices appear in chests occasionally when a new wave begins. They can boost your stats and give you certain abilities.
Hold the C key (flag throw) to open the Vices screen to see what you collected and what the vices do.
“Spasman” can now be encountered in Survival mode.

Golden Tickets
Golden tickets allow you to select your golden weapons
Golden tickets have a 14% drop rate every time you level up, after you unlock every weapon
Golden tickets can also be found rarely in chests in Survival Mode after you reach lvl 80
You do not need Premium to earn golden tickets.

Fixed reviving in Zombrains mode not setting your max health correctly
Fixed Survival mode not starting correctly in 1 minute
Bots, survival enemies and zombie AI no longer give out XP after reaching level 80
Forced borderless windowed mode.
Updated Game Maker IDE, crashes may happen. Report them to
Fixed a typo in Max Life mutator description
Fixed the freeze timer not resetting after a map change.
Fixed damage numbers appearing even when a hit doesn’t register
Players can now be overhealed to 200 instead of 150
Fixed the ammo hud showing up for the wrench
Fixed Freeze Timer not resetting after map change
Fixed the laser trap’s audio acting sketchy
Bots can now use third slot weapons
Bots can now repair and attack generators
Starting total XP is now set to 2500
Total XP requirement increase after leveling up has been reduced
Changed save file encryption in an attempt to stop save corruption
Glass is more fragile and no longer block bullets or rockets
Players who call for votes are no longer anonymous (voting is still anonymous)
Increased voting threshold to 76%
Team changing/spectator cooldown added
Changed dedicated server admin name

Added a ladder under each base in Arena
Added tunnels to each generator in Dyson Sewers
Put some obstructions in the middle of Muleslapper MFG. (Factory)
Changed Zombrains weapons around on each map
Added teleporters to various maps
Climb maps are even easier!

Grapple Hook now detaches if player takes damage.
Reduced push back on Assault Rifle
Reduced fire rate on Blaster (Shotgun mode)
Increased damage of the Sawn Off
Fusion cannon projectiles now have gravity
Crossbow now has a delayed ‘bullet’ drop
Increased damage on crossbow
Increased fire rate on crossbow
Increased damage on Tranq Gun
Increased throw power on Tomahawks
Increased weight on the Pump Action
Increased push back on the auto shotgun. Whee!

Map Editor
Added Teleporter and Chest Spawn assets
Updated WeaponHolo/NPC weapon selection
Added info dialogues to assets with assignable IDs
Added “beta” assets, doors and machine gun placements
Removed Workshop options
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Houston, we have a problem 29 juli
Time for discounts!
Also expected soon Free DLC...
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