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Flockers™ 23 juli 2014
Update 6 is out now, with a bunch of new stuff for you to play with!

Read the complete changelog for details of all the baah-rilliant new content we've added; along with bashed bugs and other tweaks. It's all after the link:

See you there!

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Ground Pounders 23 juli 2014
The day has come and Ground Pounders has left Early Access and is a New Release on Steam. A big thank you to all our supporters and Early Access players for helping us tune the game. Last night we made one last update to the game before it transitioned to New Release this morning.

We will be maintaining regular support and the Android / iOS versions of the game will be live soon, for those who want the option to play on the go as well. Stay tuned for where you can pick up the mobile game.

Here are the update details;

  • Fixed CTD in SotsDex
  • Fixed CTD in combat
  • Fixed CTD when while playing, going to main menu, then loading the save game
  • Fixed CTD in multiplayer when waiting for opponent to join
  • Fixed air base combat CTD
  • Fixed supply chain freeze
  • Fixed tutorial hang
  • Fixed edge case where you would not be able to spawn a divisional command unit
  • Enable difficulty select
  • Unlock units in the SotsDex by playing through the campaign
  • Allow players to save or discard changes in the unit shop
  • Updated credits list

  • Player profile rank can be increased as you win skirmishes and campaign battles
  • Allow inspecting units docked on a transport unit
  • Fixed unit facing when selecting to play the opponent
  • Fixed supply lines when unit is under ground
  • New Steam Achievements added
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Legends of Eisenwald 23 juli 2014
Hello everybody! We are happy to tell you that new update will be released on Wednesday, which transfer scenario editor into stable branch, fix some essential bugs in game and its editor, and also add Steam Workshop to the game. This means, that a special surprise, a scenario that is based on the Cursed Lake scenario from our first game Discord Times, will be available for all participants of Early access.

Notice for modders.

During the semi-closed test in special dedicated developer’s branch for users, with community activity we could fix some essential bugs and bring integration of game’s editor and Steam Workshop to a stable state. The step with opening special beta came to be very successful, so we could repair errors with autosaving and saving maps in editor.

We fixed some serious flaws that we didn’t take into account during the editor development. The area of the map in the game where all action takes place is only limited by a special area with regular landscape, trees and even buildings. And this zone and all that is outside of it is not used in calculations. Having done a lot of changes and created a brand new version of the editor, we forgot that old version allow to place armies in that border area as well. As a result, a map would load just fine but if this scenario was started in the game, it gave an error when AI attempted to move the army in a place where it wasn’t allowed to be.

Despite that, we think that automatic generation of maps with a river’s delta is fixed but we would have to work on it some more. Generating the delta of the river toda you would need several attempts to receive a good result. We will have to play with formulas and dependencies to make it a bit better, but this is not a first priority task, neither it is very complex. It is postponed until the moment where we will work on the remaining loose ends before game’s release.

Among the others noticeable changes you will notice more comfortable to use cursors for landscape formation(there was a number of complains, hopefully, it would be much better now). Editor changes touched aesthetic aspects of the issue – we replaced skin to gray, so that icons would look more harmonious.

To talk about this next issue is too early but we understand that modders’ work would be much easier if editor allowed to undo. The implementation complexity of this task stems from the fact, that you don’t have to cancel one step exactly, there could be 5 or more, so if drawing mountain array you think you don’t like it, it is necessary to cancel a lot of actions at once.The Editor’s developer Denis Lomako has already experimented in this direction, but it’s too early to say, what will be the result of these experiments. But we try to move in this direction.

A new game interface.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to complete work on the new game interface to its logical conclusion to release it in this update. But we want to show you a couple of screenshots of this new interface, that soon will be available!

There are a few months before the official release only. We will announce the exact date later, when we are absolutely sure, that nothing will hinder us to release the game on the day of X exactly. There is no much to do (finalizing shaders, game optimization, translation of remaining chapters), as well as things you repeatedly point out, like battle log and graphic SFX. We are confident that nothing much remains before announcing the release date. We hope to announce it in August.

Русскую версию дневников разработчиков, как и всегда, вы можете прочитать на официальном сайте компании пройдя по ссылке.
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Soldier Front 2 23 juli 2014
Hey Soldiersːreaperː,

The brand new July content for Soldier Front 2 has a lot to offer! New maps, new skins for weapons and a grenade, new camo, new gear including special tshirts, and massive new events go to with it. The new events offer items that have never been available before in the event system such as the Cheytac M200 or the EBR 14 Venom which are no longer spender exclusive. ːstunnerː

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