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Asteroid Bounty Hunter 3 de mayo
Asteroid bounty hunter now has full controller support.

Game changes:
-achievement for reaching level 500 is now scaled down to 250
-achievement for destroying 10000 asteroids scaled down to 5000
-you can view your achievement progress on the steam achievement page
-asteroids are moving more fluently
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Drawn®: Dark Flight™ Collector's Edition 3 de mayo
We received reports from a number of customers about the build containing a game stopping bug. We have replaced the build with a clean copy which no longer carries the bug.

Please reinstall the game and start with a fresh profile to make sure you can continue with the game.

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback!
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Cursor Challenge 3 de mayo
Hi Challengers!

Here the new update of the game:

- some bugs fixed

- 9 new soundtracks

- Trading Cards

REMEMBER that NOBODY has broken our last levels!

We challenge everybody to break it!

In the next update probably we add the Achievement.

For every problems, curiosity or advice contact us.

Good luck again Challengers!!!
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Colours of Magic: Aqua Teeter 3 de mayo
WEEK LONG DEAL! Offer ends 9 May
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bit Dungeon+ 3 de mayo
The last release (v 0.9.8) contain:

- Solved problem with pause

- Multi languaje for pause

- New control feedback, the game detect if you playing with pad or keyboard

- Added alert for evitar delete one slot

- New effects and transitions.

- Player Magic destroy the enemies attacks.

- New texts for china

- Little bugs solved.

Dolores Entertainment and Kinto Game are working hard for polish the game
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