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Forward to the Sky 1 de marzo
German now available! Marcel and his team help to translate the game into German. Enjoy the game, we hope you like it.

Deutsch jetzt verfügbar! Marcel und sein Team haben uns geholfen, das Spiel ins Deutsche zu übersetzen. Viel Spaß mit dem Spiel, wir hoffen, es gefällt euch.
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PAYDAY 2 1 de marzo



We're live with update 53 and with the Butcher's AK/CAR Mod Pack DLC!

Update 53 changelog

Update size: 91,7 MB

The Bomb Heists DLC
  • 10 new weapon mods for the AK family
  • 10 new weapon mods for the CAR family
  • 4 new dinosaur masks
  • 4 new patterns
  • 4 new materials

  • Added 8 new achievements

Q: The DLC is named Ameno?
A: Yes, temporarily it has this glorious name until Valve fixes the issue.

Q: Offshore PAYDAY is back!?
A: Yes! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Q: Is it worth Hype Fuel?
A: Yes, 3 gallons of Hype Fuel per DLC purchase.

A heads up heisters, the LMG Giraffe Bipod crashes the game when equipped. This is an item we are working on that managed to slip through. We'll do a hotfix Friday at 11AM CET. Sorry for any inconvenienced cause and thanks for being patient!

Q: Aren't these the same mods in the Hype Train image?
A: The image isn't a representation of the final content. You won't get exactly 8 mods in the Hype Train mod pack for example. When we fly over heisters to LA (if we reach that goal) they sadly can't sit in the cockpit wearing PAYDAY masks. ;) However, I can understand the confusion and thus we are clarifying it here.

Happy heisting!

OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
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Rise of the Triad 28 de febrero

As many of you Oscuridos know, last week marked the 20th Anniversary of the full, registered and LUDICROUS version of ROTT '95. An occassion we are celebrating this week by taking 75% OFF both the original 1995 cult classic and the shiny new 2013 version of ROTT ːGibː

20 years sounds like a long time, but as El Oscuro said himself...
"Time flies when you're making games!" ːAnkhː

So here's to BIG sales, BIG guns, LUDICROUS gibs and 20 more years of ROTT! ːTriadː ːDː
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10 Years After 28 de febrero
I know we spoil you with all these updates! ( and this one is 24hrs early) hopefully you will like this one if there is something you don't like hit the forum and tell us all about it.

0.0.8 Change Log:

Quest in the flats level and when you get outside into the city

(you can no longer just run through these levels)

(Check ESC menu and quest log for more info on quests)

New raider/infected spawner's

New graphic options added to the pause menu in-game that is "P" in-case you don't know...

New footstep sounds

10 New Infected Types

New Infected animations

New die animations for infected

New Hospital elevator can be now be fixed

New In-Game music in the Flats/Hospital/Woodlands/Oak Hill City/Wenlock Town and Main Menu

New Quest on woodlands map

New NPC Characters (more to come)

Tweaked Infected Health

New Infected Sounds

New areas on Woodlands map include ......Hoo Farm/Garage on wenlock road/Grays House (these areas will have quests soon)

New Infected now found on main map at random places

New spawn area on Woodlands Map

Health will regain until you get to the woods

Under the hood tweaks and fixes

We recommend starting a new game so you can follow the quests

There are bugs still to be addressed in this build as this has focused more on game play and sound.

Stay Safe Afters
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Life is Feudal: Your Own 28 de febrero
We are glad that we have finally achieved a rather stable implementation of the guilds and claims system! From now on, you will be able to build, and later upgrade, a special monument, which will create your guild and will claim an area around it to protect anything that is built there from EVERYONE except members of that guild.

To learn more about claims mechanics, we suggest you to take a look at the updated wiki page here: http://lifeisfeudal.gamepedia.com/Claim

The decay system has been improved to take claims into account. If your building is FULLY covered by your guilds claim, it will be completely protected from decay. However, if ANY of the building cells are outside the claim, your building will start to decay and eventually will disappear in 2-3 in-game days. However, decay rate setting is set to 0 (no decay) by default on all servers, so it is up to you to change it or not.

Nightime should be a BIT more comfortable since you can properly equip a torch now and even fight with it. In one of the following patches we will teach wild animals to be afraid of fire and run away.

P.S. We RECOMMEND to server owners to wipe your servers. It is NOT required, but recommended, since gameplay has changed significantly with guilds and claims mechanics and a fresh start will take those changes into account.

P.P.S. Roadmap updated.

Patch notes (ver.
  • Added guilds, guild claims and guild monuments management mechanics
  • Added “Trespassers!” ability, which will allow you to spot trespassers on your guild claim, thus marking them as criminals
  • Added a new server setting, which changes rate of object decay outside of claims (0 by default)
  • Added an equippable torch as a source of light and an improvised weak weapon
  • Fixed a nasty exploit, where you could pass thin walls and doors with certain conditions
  • Fixed randomly occurring weird animation twists and bugs
  • Fixed some client crashes
  • Numerous client side bug fixes
  • Updated flax stem-fibers conversion. Flax production should not be so tedious now.
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