Sfoglia giochi e software che hanno ricevuto aggiornamenti importanti di recente.
Electronic Super Joy 26 aprile
4 new levels & 4 new hazards, all set in the Science Laboratory! Work your way through Time Distortions, Acceleration Testing, Viewpoint Rotators & Dimension Doors!

- 4 new levels
- Boost Cannons. Get shot out of a cannon!
- Time Bubbles; Dodge missiles in Matrix-Slowmo style
- Camera Rotators; Twist your brain around these!
- Dimension Doors; Flip in & out of the Electronic Super Joy dimension!
- Adjusted difficulty curve & fixed some bugs
- Lost some sanity playtesting this f***ing game.
- Completely unrelated news, I broke f***ing my keyboard.

Details are here:
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CDF Ghostship 26 aprile
The new 1.6 update is now available.

The new update (story Mode) has better start compared to the old 3 random starts. The game is better explained, quicker to get to the free roaming part and is much better for people new to the game.

Ai has been better tuned and some of the environment has been improved for collisions and visual look.

A New Enemy (infected)

Wormms and leechers are slightly bigger and easier to hit

Various bug fixes & improvements

New character sounds

Onslaught map touch ups

This build is being released earlier than planned, The next update 1.7 is at the end of the month and will be a huge content update as well as more improvements and options in the menu as well as full controller support.

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Kings of Kung Fu 25 aprile

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been here since day one of Early Access, and those of you just finding your way here via the recent sale. It has been a fun journey to take with all of you, and before too long it will be coming to an end. An official launch is just months away, and we owe a lot to you, the community, for sharing all the love, bugs, issues, suggestions, wishlists, thoughts, stories and everything else.

As Jae Lee and any indie dev can tell you, it is hard to open up your baby to the criticizing eyes and hands of the public.

Kings of Kung Fu: Masters of the Art, was, is and will be Jae's passion project to bring his love of classic kung fu movies and old school fighting games into one fun playable form. As Jae said from the beginning:

"Kings of Kung Fu is mainly a love letter to kung fu cinema firstly and a casual to mid core fighter secondly. The game is a small, indie passion project aimed to provide fun while honoring the films I have always loved. Feedback from the community will help make this a better game.

I don't want to give the false impression that it will become a fighter for the hardcore fighting game community. I appreciate the support and feedback and will continue to update the game with your feedback in mind."

Since the game hit Early Access we've seen a number of improvements come along.

Update 3.0
released: 03/25/2015
  • edited block proximity for all attacks
  • now possible to back dash out of blocks (double tap back)
  • fixed incorrect input commands on character move lists
  • added very easy difficulty
  • added 4 characters
  • added 2 stages
  • added new music

Update 2.0
released: 02/20/2015
  • Added support for more resolutions
  • Fixed the sensitive directional control issue
  • Edited control responsiveness moves less delayed
  • Slowed the game speed down a bit
  • Rebalanced a few moves
  • Added a crane kick for Lo Wei (Down + LK)
  • Added 1 inch punch for Tao lung (Down + Fwd + LP)
  • Readjusted the collision boxes for attacks
  • Fixed the exploits for Tao Lung, Chen fu and Lo Wei
  • Corrected the command display for John Deux's nut cracker punch
  • Added loading bar to PC build
  • Tweaked a few character animations
  • Optimized the stages and characters for the pc build
  • Fixed the mirror match issue
  • Fixed the achievement low health issue
  • Made is easier to perform chain and link combos
  • Note - dashes are invincible
  • Added the 4 character slots for the up coming characters
Note: for the PC users the controls may become mixed up after the update if so it is recommended to reset to the default controls in the options menu. You can then reassign the buttons to your liking.

For PC users after the patch update loading may be a bit longer during the initial launch.

Update 1.0
released: 12/18/2014
  • Infinite combos with Tao Lung, Ju Mao and Ron Jones have been removed.
  • Chang Tai can now throw the boss character without crashing the game.
  • The Japanese war flag has been removed from the Dojo stage due to cultural sensitivity
  • Analog control support has been added - new controller configuration options in the options menu
  • The announcer can be turned off during game play.
  • The option to disable/enable the full screen effects has been added to the options menu.
  • Fixed the frame rate for the Shaolin and Bamboo stages
  • Black screen issue where only the HUD images were being displayed can be fixed by disabling the old movie effect in the options menu.

More to Come!
From here there are still some things coming down the pipeline as we get ready for launch and beyond.
  • Revamping the menus and loading screens
  • Unique Ending screens for each fighter
  • Continual tweaks and balances to fix existing issues
  • Trading Cards
  • Additional Characters
  • New music tracks
  • Kings of Kung Fu OST
Again, thank you all for the praise and the tough love!

Keep the conversations going in the forums. Keep sharing your videos, guides, screens and thoughts with us all. Be sure to follow Jae Lee on Twitter @KingsOfKungFu as well as Digital Tribe Games @dtribegames and 'Like Us' on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DigitalTribeGames
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Starlight Tactics™ 25 aprile
Release 1.11 04.19.2015

Turn Progression: Unit restored to default setting
Turn Progression: Unit now uses a more advanced turn progression algorithm
(i.e. with a 3(A) vs. 1(B) match, the old algorithm would progress with A1 B1 A2 B1 A3 B1, which would give player B an unfair advantage - Player B would get three turns to player 1's one turn.) Now, the same match turn progression would be A1 B1 A2 A3.

Stealth Ship Decommission price now calculates correctly
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Knight of the Hamsters 25 aprile
A devastating attack on Ninjy Village left it all but completely destroyed. Their greatest swordman Takeda Hideyoshi was left badly injured and his family dead. Rumors swirl about the eastern lands that his blade seeks vengence against the curse. A journey that has lead him to the shrine of the legendary warrior Miyamoto Musashi filling his body with a strange power. Now the samurai heads west to answer the call to the King for a single gold coin.

As the samurai get closer and closer to the castle, he feels a strange presense nearby. A cursed soul moaning for the loss of ... his head?

Find him and other knights at the Proving Grounds.

Patch Notes:
- Fixed potion location in non-combat HUD
- Reduced the prices for a couple of special knights (for a limited time)
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