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OESE 26 giugno

Our big update is here! We call it "The Drills" update otherwise known as "Planets are now good" update. We felt that planets were a bit lacking and most of the time a dissappointment to encounter. Now, you're able to place a drill on the planet to tap it's resources and gain precious power.

We've also added the option to change your HUD colour using RGB sliders and have enabled Steam screenshots.

Your Guide to Drills
In order to place a drill on a planet you first need to purchase one. Open the drills menu and pay 25 crew to purchase a drill. You can have a maximum of three drills at any time.

When a planet encounter happens and you have a drill available you can place it on the planet to start drilling. This is a lengthy process but once drilling is complete you will be able to tap into a one time power boost and the drill will be lost.

Drills are destroyed when power is drained so keep yourself alive!

You can upgrade drills by spending additional 25 crew per level up to a level 4 drill. The ability to upgrade drills is unlocked by increasing your MIL level. For example, a military level 5 will only let you purchase a level 1 drill. Military level 20 will allow you to upgrade to level 3 drills by spending 75 crew.

The higher the drill level, the faster it will progress and will multiply the power output! A planet that usually gives 5% power with a level 1 drill will give you 20% with a level 4.

Update 26/06/16
  • Added Drills.
  • Removed POWER BOOST.
  • Added the ability to colour the HUD.
  • Enabled Steam screenshots.
  • Missiles now change appearance as MIL level increases.
  • Fixed minor issue with holding down left mouse button on faction window.
  • All windows now close when opening other windows.
  • Some grammar issues.
  • Some balancing issues.
  • Desert planets will no longer eat crew that isn't there.

We hope you have a great summer!

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Rise of the Ancients 26 giugno
Significant changes in the last three levels. The action of one of the levels are "in the air".
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Antiflux 26 giugno
As requested by users many times, we have just rolled out cloud saving feature!
Hope it makes life easier.

Also, we are working on some trading cards :)
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Hero Battle 25 giugno
Hero Battle has supported the VR mode(Left and right 3D).
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Cheaters Blackjack 21 25 giugno
The Linux build for Ubuntu 14.0.4 Compatible OS's is LIVE. I've also added 500 game achievements for beating 1, 2, 3 or 4 CPU players. You score these badges in all game modes and they allow you to chart progress as you get closer to completing them. Also Internally I'm saving your win numbers for EVERY game you play. Eventually I'll add a scorecard that displays your lifetime stats for the game.

Next up I'll be looking at a SAVE system so you can continue games in progress. This addition should make it easier to achieve the 10K and 25k goals since those game can span a unknown number of rounds to complete.
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