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Catch Me 27 август
Friends can directly steal from each other!
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World VR Competition 27 август

Hi all, we have just released our first content patch for World VR Competition, this includes a few new features mostly aimed at further improving the already awesome local multiplayer mode! Check out the short video we created on the patch:

-NEW spectator scoreboard so that everyone waiting their turn will be able to see exactly what how the scores, standings, and records are shaping up.
-NEW spectator camera will now attach to the sniper bullets and the arrows to make watching these events more exciting.
-NEW full leaderboard showing not only your position in the world record rankings, but also the people above and below you.

-Sniper rifle is now always held and does not require reloading any longer.
-Shotgun pump action is shorter, should be a bit easier to reload now.
-Trap Shooting is now easier on easy and medium with larger clay pigeons in both, and bullets are faster to make the game slightly easier on all levels.

-Hitting the projectiles in Energy Swords with two blades will no longer yield you two points.
-Fixed world records being mixed up between events very randomly.
-Improved sights on revolvers for easier aiming in the dual pistols game.
-Fixed some erroneous pregame tutorials
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