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Elliot Quest 5 март
Hey everybody. Its been a long time for Linux users to get an update. Sorry for this. But here it is. Finally.

Linux Version update to 1.1.6b
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Screencheat 5 март
Hello Screencheaters!
We’re happy to announce our biggest update yet, Screencheat 1.2.

2 New Maps Added
  • Emir - An ottoman palace with moving bouncy cushions and a swinging chandelier. Perfect for larger objective games.
  • Ascension – The lost temple still in perfect condition serves as a wonderful deathmatch arena.

New Weapon – Sorgean
  • A rocket propelled yoyo crossed with a medieval mace. It’s great at crushing multiple opponents in tight corridors. But watch out as it returns to its sender when it runs out of fuel.

2 New Game Modes
  • Bombs Away – An objective Based mode where each player has a base they must defend. A neutral bomb is on the map which once planted has a short timer before it explodes. Defenders are able to diffuse if they’re quick enough. Last person standing wins the round and gets the point.
  • Juggernaut – One player is a super powered Juggernaut with a beefed up Blunderbuss, players needs to kill or get kills as the Juggernaut to score points.

Online Experience Improvements
  • You can now join and play in games that are already in progress. You are now required to join slots before joining an online game.These will be used when you join a running game.

Level Progression System
  • Your profiles can now gain experience and level up as you play.

Improved Game Mode Customisation
  • Weapons can now be toggled on/off on a per weapon basis on all modes. If random map is selected, you can toggle on/off which maps are in the random rotation.

Saving Custom Game Modes
  • You can now save your favourite game mode settings as custom game modes which will stay saved in your game mode list.

Rebindable Keyboard and Mouse Inputs.
  • Keyboard and Mouse controls can now be completely re-bound and will be saved to a custom keyboard preset.

Other Features
  • UI button prompts now shows Xbox One and PS4 icons if those controllers are connected and in use.
  • New General Ragdoll selectable from your profile customisation.
  • Option to show player names in game, this can be enabled from the Game Settings menu.
  • 6 New Achievements added to coincide with the new content.
  • 2 New Music Tracks added
  • Complete visual overhaul made to Steeple. Also major optimisations made to Steeple.
  • Manor now features the paintings which previously lived in Steeple.

Other fixes and improvements:
  • Manor exit vent in orange raised to follow new standard.
  • Museum exit vent in purple raised to follow new standard.
  • Small visual improvements made to the Bear Bomb and Chefolet.
  • Optimisations to all maps to improve performance.
  • Improved lazy texture tiling on most maps.
  • Cleaned up old assets on Museum.

  • Tweaks to menu UI, allows confirming and cancelling changes in certain menus
  • Options menu accessible in lobby
  • Unifying font sizes across UI
  • Number of wins saved and displayed in lobby
  • Fix some weapon icons overlapping on weapon selector
  • Updated weapon skin selection menu
  • Removed terrain details options, as no longer relevant
  • When using a profile for more than one slot, a temporary profile will be created
  • Fix mouse inversion not being saved when set in lobby

  • Improvements to killcam
  • Fix for elevators, pinatas and bombs now interact with elevators
  • Fix projectile weapons being able to shoot through walls
  • Cleanup objects that fall out of levels
  • Forks and spoons nerfed: Blunderbuss range reduced

Much Love,
Samurai Punk
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Deadly Profits 5 март
h1]Patch Notes 1.05 [/h1]
March 5th

This patch focuses on adding content. Health potion pickups have been added and the dungeon selection process has had a makeover including adding in a new random dungeon selection window with difficulty settings.

  • Monsters will now occasionally drop health pickups, these are glowing red vials with hearts emitting from them.
  • Upon picking up a health pickup, a sound will play and the health bar will glow red and emit hearts for a brief period.
  • Golem's and Imp pets will now follow and agro on monster's as intended
  • Gorgon's hit box has been fixed, she is now killable
  • Dungeon selection map has changed to campaign map
  • The campaign map will now show the current available dungeon and all previously completed dungeons, previously completed dungeons will glow green and be on fire. To attempt the current available dungeon simply click the play selected dungeon button.
  • Random dungeon option has been removed from the campaign map.
  • Random dungeon now has it's own window and selection screen. This is accessed via the new green portal in the homebase scene just above the map.
  • Random dungeon screen will now allow the player to choose from easy, normal, hard difficulty settings and begin their chosen dungeon via the play button.
  • The campaign is segmented into three tiers of monster types, levels 1-5 is the greenskin monster group, levels 6-10 is the mystical creature group, and 11-15 is the undead creature group.
  • The random dungeon option is different from campaign, it will generate a dungeon using all available monster's in the game.

Thank you for your input and support.
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Sokobond 5 март
To celebrate the recent release of A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build, Sokobond is 50% off for the next week!

If you've enjoyed the wintry puzzling of making snowmen, try mastering the bonds of chemistry. What Sokobond lacks in adorableness and hugs, it more than makes up for in elegance. No chemistry knowledge required!
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Don't Starve Together 5 март
Hey everybody.

Seth posted a status update on the official forums that I thought many of you would want to know about. It's a huge post, so I am posting a brief rundown in the Steam forums. But if you would like to read the full post (hint, hint), head over on the official forums.

The post includes information on 3 main topics.
  1. Development/roadmap updates. We’ve crossed off most of the items on the January Roadmap, but there’s a bit left to do and more beyond that. (Including some words about recent Willow changes)
  2. Why we’re adding Reign of Giants this way (“this way” being “all at once”) and how it’ll be available to DST players.
  3. PAX East! It’s in a week and a half! We’ve been getting ready: a bit about what we’ve put together and will be showing.

Head on over to the Steam forums to read the brief rundown, or the official forums to read the whole thing.
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