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Mount Wingsuit 1 октомври
We are proud to present the latest evolution of Mount Wingsuit, the option to fly using your Vive controllers. We have worked hard to make the control scheme both flexible and intuitive. Simply stand or sit in the way you feel appropriate, and wave your arms around to fly. In order to support the entire myriad of proposed flying positions, we have kept the system fully customizable, so if you feel like flying off a massage table or in the foetal position, have a go at the pageful of sliders in the Options menu.

The game was already difficult enough, so it has been an interesting experience to learn flying in this way. You should not lose sight of the fact that this is a game in which progress is made during tens of hours of play, not the minutes common in VR games today. Therefore, you should seek out as relaxed a flying position as possible.

You can find more details in the new manual: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=772921383
While we support standing play, the game is not and probably never will be a full room scale title. The fact that the game was designed from the ground up to use gamepad input and since room scale would only be relevant before launch, we have concluded that the effort would be entirely disproportionate to the benefit at this time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who participated in the Beta programme. Your input has been invaluable, and has led to fundamental changes in our approach to the input model.

Happy flying!
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Dragon Rage 1 октомври

A huge thanks to everyone who's picked up a copy of Dragon Rage! It's been awesome seeing people all around the world playing my first solo game! I'm workin my ass off on my next game (and thanks to you all I'm able to actually pay my rent/bills/food for a couple months so I can focus on it!) and planning to add more content to Dragon Rage when I get a chance! ːdr_angryː

- Jeff
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Song of the Deep 1 октомври
Hey underwater explorers,

We have heard you and made a bunch of fixes to make sure your adventure goes on without a hitch. Thank you for all of the support and we hope this patch makes your journey more epic.

Here are the details of the latest patch:
- Fixed issue where players were unable to return to sub
- Fixed issue where players were unable to collect a specific upgrade
- Fixed issue where players were unable to backtrack in Forbidden City
- Fixed a couple issues where red switches would no longer work for players and stopped their progression in Forbidden City
- Fixed issue where cave-in did not work properly after reloading in Forbidden City
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Controller Companion 1 октомври
Hello everyone,

For this new patch I made some foundational changes to give you some more options for using secondary bindings. Instead of you having to use BACK for secondary bindings, you can choose any button to act as a Modifier key to use secondary bindings. Also, I've added another two sets of bindings and modifiers (Alt-1 and Alt-2) so you can get even more functionality onto the Controller if you wish.

The Windows 10 Anniversary update also changed some details in how Secure Desktop works on the login screen, this patch should address that. As well as properly dismissing Screen-Savers.

Finally, some users have reported they don't find the BACK+START controller disable very useful because it disables the controller for all programs. So in settings you'll now be able to enable per-process disable, when you disable CC for a specific process it will remember that and only stay disabled for that process.

Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback. These days the best way to send feedback would be to contact me on twitter at @felizk.

If you need support, have a quick look at the FAQ, the forums or send a mail to the support email.

Thanks everyone,
Jacob change log:
• The button to press to use secondary bindings can now be rebound.
• There are new binding sets Alt-1 and Alt-2 you can bind modifiers for, just like the secondary bindings.
• You can right click the notification icon and choose to hide it. It will reappear if launch Controller Companion again.
• Fixed a potential crash in Chatpad Driver
• Fixed issues with using CC on login screen with Win10 Anniversary Update
• You can now have Manual Disable be per-process via Settings.
• Sticks can have Secondary, Alt-1 and Alt-2 bindings
Screen-savers can now be dismissed by Controller Companion
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Vengeance 1 октомври
After 3 months, it's finally here:

Brand new UI, Weapons, Maps, Smoother gameplay, Jumping and a lot more!

Download the new update and check it all out, it's live now!

Also make sure to like our new Facebook page if you want to get early previews! https://www.facebook.com/314artsvengeance/
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