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Damn virgins 4 октомври
A new patch has been applied to the game in order to solve the problems in 4:3 aspect ratio that some Twitch users were experiencing.

Also, clown puzzle will be easier. Every time you lose, minimum accuracy will be decremented.

Tomorrow I will upload a complete guide of the game.

Thanks for playing!
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Highlands 4 октомври

Trick or treating early this year: grab your copy of Highlands at half the price!

If you enjoy challenging turn-based decision-making games and colorful hand-drawn graphics, Highlands is the game for you. Try unlocking our Brutal mode achievement!
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Crypt of the NecroDancer 4 октомври

Crypt of the NecroDancer is now playable in Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish! (And English too, of course!) Just head to the in-game "Options->Language Options" screen to set your preferred language.

Here's the full change log for v1.19:
  • Added new languages: Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and Italian!
  • Made the game use the new languages by default, if Steam’s interface is using that language
  • Fix crash bug caused by player moving while 'submitting scores' is visible
  • Fixed bug where sarcophagi in level editor were preventing exits from unlocking in normal mode
  • Fixed crash on text inputs with numpad keys
  • Prevent hang caused by monstrous shopkeeper in replays
  • Fixed bug where localization offsets were being applied repeatedly in some cases
  • Added small 'DONE' to localization XML file
  • Fixed bug where certain text wouldn't reload after changing languages
  • Added xOff and yOff properties to subtitle XML file
  • Added scale param to localization file
  • added scale param to subtitles XML file
  • fixed some enemy name localization issues
  • Fixed bug where the language text was not offsetting properly in the language GUI

Enjoy! ːnecroheartː
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Warface 4 октомври

We have good news for you soldiers... a new campaign has arrived. You better not be afraid of the dark, because you’re to be deployed in the desert at night in our brand new mode, Bag and Tag.

This vast battleground is a place where we sharpen our skills, where our enemy roots out the weak from its ranks, and where your only friend is the cover of descending darkness...

With enemies attacking from all sides, you’ll have to master the art of fighting off non-stop attacks all by yourself. Who knows, it’s a skill you might be calling on again soon!


We’ve also implemented new changes, and you can read about some of the major ones below:

Unlocked items for free
From now on, any unlocked item will be given for free to the player. Once an item is unlocked, a pop-up will appear with the message

Rank Up Rewards

The Rank Up Rewards random box content is now displayed in a specific pop-up, the same way as when you open a random box from the shop. You can now see exactly what the Rank up Rewards random box has given you as a reward.

Short list of additional changes:
  • Increased accuracy when knocked back
  • New HUD customization: you can now adjust the size, the color and the transparency of the hit feedback / feedback indicator
  • Pre-invite restriction improvements: the pre-invite system has been improved to ease the invitation of friends in game rooms.

If you want to see all of the changes, check out our complete patch-notes here.
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Grand Ages: Medieval 4 октомври

Greetings Emperors/Empresses!
A new Update to Grand Ages Medieval is available now!

Find the full Changelog for Grand Ages: Medieval version 1.0.2 here:
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