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Pixel Dungeon 5 септември
Just so you know, we’ve not been sitting on our hands for the past few weeks! We’ve cooked an awesome release that we hope you’ll enjoy :). Here is a list of changes, in case you’re wondering:
  • Added: Tome of Remastery
  • Added: New Sad Ghost's quest
  • Added: New Old Wandmaker's quest
  • Added: Auto-targetting for missile weapons and wands
  • Added: Sacrificial chamber
  • Changed: Wand of Telekinesis is replaced with Wand of Reach
  • Changed: Degradation system
  • Changed: Durability of all items increased
  • Changed: Burnt tiles may be flooded
  • Changed: Some vfx
  • Changed: Some in-game texts
  • Changed: Wand of Avalanche "presses" affected tiles
  • Fixed: Incorrect dungeon layer name on the start screen
  • Fixed: Crash when Scroll of Challenge affects the Shopkeeper
  • Fixed: Final score formula
  • Fixed: Typos
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Deadly Profits 4 септември
The Digital Homicide Complete Pack is now available for purchase. This package allows customers to enjoy all of our titles at a cheaper bundled price point. Enjoy and thank you for your support.
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Dark Forester 4 септември
Magic Shop completely overwritten, drag and drop function added. (The idea of magic shop is the same which was promised in forest construction)
Drag and Drop/Rotate Icon deleted. Now just use left mouse button to drag any object.
Meele units can be dragged during the fight. (It should resolve some infight problems)
First Person Camera added.
Switcher between First Person Camera and RPG Camera.
Mushrooms Resizer added. Resizer works during First Person View (just click on mushroom and scroll wheel mouse button).
Game and Graphic performance 20% better now.
PvP is now after level 6 available.
Step Phases changed.
Events added:
Ingame Events like undead (read more information below)
World Events: Wild Animals - spawn 3 random wild animals on the map.
Undead Event 2 and 2x Barbarian Events.
Dragon Iland Event: Starts 1 Oktober (Rewards 1% chance of Dragon)
Joker Event: Starts 1 November (Rewards 1% chance of Casino)
Over 10 enemies added: Dragons, Joker, Angry Chickens and more.
New allied creatures added: Warlord; Treant, Horror Mushroom, Boletus
New Function Garrisons added; Player can set an Ancient, Forest Tower, Magic Soul or Tornado to some position of the map.
Character level max 17.
New upgrades for existing buildings were added
New Traps are available
Teleportation Door is available.
Improved AI
Drag and Drop mouse problem resolved
Game saves music settings
PvP and PvE energy added
Daily quests
Achievements added but not activated. (coming soon)
Goblin Dreams 3 added.
Goblin Dreams 1 many changes.
PvP: Ground Catapult added
PvP: Boat Commandos added
After death character loses only some resources (not level anymore).
After destroying a Forester House the character loses some resources.
Ogre House: Ogre Warlord and Ogre Fake King are secrets now. (Player should understand how to summon them)
Mood and Weather Indicator added
Mood Indicator green (more than 100 Trees, Units damage slightly increased)
Mood Indicator red (Units damage slightly decreased)
After pvp win appears game automat, where you can win additional rewards.
After wave you can choose between gold or experience reward.
Switch sun: click on sun indicator to change between normal and fantasy blue sun.
New epic rewards: heroes for Tavern.

Spells speed fixed, now is constant
Energyball is stronger now, but costs more mana.
Lightning costs lower mana during the rain
Unholy Strike added (lvl 16)
Unholy Strike makes more damage during the night.

Meele, Caster, Range receives new icon on minimap
(Minimap is still in the game, but i think after First Person View and possibility to scroll map i'll delete minimap in the future)

Day, night, fog effects changes slowly now (3min)
Day-Night-Day: 56min.
Night comes in 21min.
Ingame night event added: Undead Event (every 21min comes undead units)
Reset Day: player can reset day, if you want to avoid undead incoming.

New Turn: Enemy number appears
Random Monster Spawn

Trolls damage reduced, trolls costs 5 gold now and need 2 unit places.
Snow effect deleted.
Graveyard now after level 22 available.

Unkilled ogre bug fixed
Fountain new animation after drinking
Secondary skills '-1' bug fixed
Trees high fixed
Fences and Ogre House disappearing effect added
Spawner effect fixed
Detect and Range sight fixed by many enemies
Time traps problem fixed
PvP and Observation text bugs fixed.
Character Information has actual number of trees now
Shaman Text bugs fixed.
Heroes bug fixed, resting effect added.
Fireball text fixed
Teleport text fixed

Take a look at darkforester.com
Next patch content: 100 primary skills(more about skills coming soon), 20 pvp skills, 10 forest skills, weapons and procedural generated forests.
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TIMEframe 4 септември
If you have an Xbox controller you should now be able to play the entire game (including navigating menus and reading previously collected artifact texts) with just the controller. This is step one towards potentially adding VR support in the near future. If you have more ideas for improvements we could make to the game let us know in the forum discussion!

Tyler Owen
Random Seed Games
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Adventure in the Tower of Flight 4 септември
Hi everyone!

Version 1.3 of Adventure in the Tower of Flight is now live! So whats new?

First off, the price has been reduced to $9.99!

Next, there are 2 new areas in the tower: A forest area and a catacomb area. Each of those areas have a new enemy(s), visual effects, and music.

These areas allow you to skip other parts of the tower, as seen in the new in-game map.

All together there is over 160 level maps in the game!

Finally, in addition to those new areas there are a few new well hidden items to find!
There's a jar of pickles

And a Hero Medallion broken into 4 pieces

That's a lot of content! We hope you all enjoy these additions!
-Pixel Barrage
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