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Angels of Fasaria: The Battle for Dominion 19 Dezembro
We just completed our first walk through for our series of guides that will be released for the game. We will be updating the guide with maps and more helpful walhthroughs, You can view our guides here:

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AX:EL 19 Dezembro
Christmas Update Improved Gameplay!
Here is a short part of the changelog:
- steam cards
- flightstick support
- added gatling-like machinegun
- can look backwards also in cockpit view
- new targeting system
- fixed some collision bugs/freeze issues
- improved multiple projectile firerate
- added sun bokeh effect
- improved vignette FX
- joystick/flightstick axis are indipendently configurable
- added "options" button to ESC menu
- added an option to enable log for debug
- fixed various bugs

Thanks to every member of the community who has made this update possible is so short time!
Enjoy this new update, share screenshots and I'm always open to suggestions!
Happy Holidays!
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Murder Miners 19 Dezembro
This mode is now fully implemented. To recap, turning on Murder Games essentially just turns on 1 life, last man/team standing wins. It defaults to starting without weapons on a forest map with weapons in the center, a la Hunger Games. We also have two afterlife options: you can set it to where when you die you play as a spectator or as a zombie. We made this mode because there's huge demand for it on Xbox Live.

We're playing this at 3pm CST today. Join us!
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School of Dragons 19 Dezembro

Our latest UPDATE includes an exclusive bundle highlighting one of our favorite dragons, the FLIGHTMARE, an all-new quest and the release of our 20th dragon, the FIREWORM QUEEN!

After you help Hiccup and the gang restore the Great Hall when the roof collapses in the newest quest, “The Raging Storm,” check out our newest Dragon Days bundle featuring a Flightmare egg, Dragon Warpaint, Racing Totem and Viking Jacket!

School of Dragons is also celebrating our 20th dragon release...the Fireworm Queen! Plus, we've included various bug fixes and optimization.

Let us know what you think of our newest update!

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Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm 19 Dezembro
Hail, adventurers and well met.

Today the 1.6.1 patch for Legionwood 2 went online and it adds some cool new features to the game to increase replayability and address some player feedback.

The new features include:

    -Difficulty levels! You can now play the game on Casual, Normal or Purist mode, each of which has different enemy strengths and gold/EXP rates.
    -Enemy stats have been slightly tweaked throughout the game to scale with the difficulty levels better.
    -A rare bug causing a premature Game Over during the final boss fight has been fixed.
    -Slight tweaks to the morality system and endings to make it harder to be "locked into" a certain path.

This patch also adds some coding to the game that prepares completed game save files for export into the upcoming Legionwood 3, so you may experience a slight moment of lag when saving after viewing one of the game's endings.
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