Vê produtos que anunciaram recentemente atualizações importantes.
The East New World 25 Maio
Here will as an update announcement, continuously optimized updated content. Currently player feedback optimization problems, while continuing full keyboard support programs.goal: full keyboard operation, maximum support gamepad operation.

- Kongfu panel now support controller.
- Fixed pressed Gamepad DPAD to jump down.
- Support more third-party gamepad.
- Other bug fixes and details optimization.

- Fixed tips 'Return to Village' to 'Return to Menu'
- Pixed on Home when use Left/Right control ui elements character moving at the same time.
- Fixed on TimeRush when use controller, timer not start.
- TimeRush now fully support controller.
- Optimize Chapter map panel controller usage.
- Equip panel now fully support controller.

- My Home panel now fully support controller.
- Snack Shop panel now fully support controller.
- Quest and Achieve panel now fully support controller.
- Lili's Gold Mine panel now fully support controller.
- Story panel now fully support controller.
- Crystal panel now fully support controller.
- Use KeyCode:S in fight map now can open top-left notify panel.
- Fixed when close panel may reopen some panel.

- Fixed in start scene, when open setting panel, click Start, setting panel not close.
- Fixed in game story, player can use controller and open some panel.
- Fixed in some devices, screen has blank lines.
- Fixed in home house, use controller to back's problem.

- Fully support Keyboard control Pudding Panel, Pause Panel, Death Panel, Chapter Panel and Level Up Panel (A/D Keycode: move, J Keycode: OK)
- Fully support Gamepad control the panel same as Keyboard. (D-PAD: move, A Key: OK)

- Fully support Keyboard control Pudding Panel, Pause Panel, Death Panel, Chapter Panel and Level Up Panel (A/D Keycode: move, J Keycode: OK)
- Fully support Gamepad control the panel same as Keyboard. (D-PAD: move, A Key: OK)

- Keyboard select Chapters and levels. (J start, A/D move, Esc quit)
- Gamepad select Chapters and levels. (A start, D-PAD move, Left Trigger quit)
- Almost all panel close with keyboard. (Esc close)
- Almost all panel close with gamepad. (Left Trigger close)
- Keycode I to open player info panel. (Keycode: I)
- Start Game(Keycode: J, Gamepad: A/Start)
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Super Mutant Alien Assault 25 Maio

Hello Mutant Assault Team!

Hope you are all well. It's been a while since the Monarch Update, and for good reason! Chris has been hard at work polishing up those enemies, adding some new features, and getting ready for the full release of Super Mutant Alien Assault! Today we are happy to announce that the game will leave Early Access this summer, and will also be launching on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

When the game leaves Early Access, it will also feature a brand new Endless mode. Endless is truly an endless run: after you beat the third galaxy, the game wraps back around, this time setting the game to Epic difficutly. The objectives are shorter, allowing you to smash through them and raise your score after each completed stage. Looping adds a small twist, the amount of enemy types per level increase, up to a maximum of 4 on the 3rd loop. Health drops and health machines also become rarer the further you progress.

To celebrate the announcement, we just released a brand new trailer, which can be viewed here below.


So not long to go now guys! Thanks to each and every one of you that helped to shape SMAA into the great, fluid game it is today!

Steve - Community Manager
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Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition 25 Maio
The long awaited story expansion to Liberation Day has now been added to the game! The new story has approximately three times as many words as the story in the main game, and is roughly the size of all the Sunrider games' scripts except Academy put together.

The game will also be on a 30% off sale starting tomorrow to the end of the month.

Return to Liberation Day in a desparate race against time to save the galaxy once more. How will events unfold now that you know who will betray you? This time, you will have the help of Asaga, Ava, Sola, Claude, and Icari. But your mission will not be easy. Prepare to meet death many times as you fight for the happy ending to your return...

Note: If you installed the Denpasoft mod, you will have to download the mod again or the game will crash. Check to make sure "DENPA MOD OUT OF DATE" does not appear in the main menu at start up.
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Operation Hardcore 25 Maio
Build 1.3.1 is now live and includes the following:

  • fix for inability to purchase items in vendor using keyboard/mouse controls
  • fix for muzzle flash stuck on if shooting at the same time as picking up a flamethrower powerup
  • fix for laser electroction effect spawned on solid ground
  • fix for pressing B on coop player select screen returning to previous menu
  • fix for game-breaking bug in Cave level

New features/improvements
  • airborne enemies now collide with ground
  • update to some par times/scores
  • integrate a few additional mastered tracks
  • integrate close-ups of all badasses in co-op player select and intro cinematic

Known Issues
  • missiles do not (yet) collide with solid ground
  • missing music in credits

Be sure to consult the "Known issues" discussion topic for a list of known issues introduced in previous builds: http://steamcommunity.com/app/395550/discussions/0/405693392908171145/
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RAM BOE 25 Maio

As we promised, the 1.1 patch brings you a lot of new content in which you will find:

  • 15 new levels
  • 8 new songs added to make a total of 14 immersive soundtrack songs
  • more cinematic pieces to the story
  • Thrym the Mighty Jotun makes his introduction
  • a level sandbox that connects with the steam workshop
  • a lot of gameplay fixes including a new easy mode for the more casual players
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