Vê produtos que anunciaram recentemente atualizações importantes.
Barter Empire 2 Março
New features and updates:

New: Adjust the screen resolution up to widescreen 1024X620P
New: Skip intro option (Should fix the looping intro bug for some systems)
New: Seizure warning screen when new game starts
New: Mouse system. Disable the mouse completely in the new options menu (Note: Mouse movement and event clicking have been disabled due to freezing on certain events.)
New: Options menu allows customization of sound levels and more, as well as the ability to disable the mouse.
New: Improved save system allows for up to 99 save slots.
New: Improved shop system
New: Improved Item management system. (Items are organized into sub-categories.)
New: Cursor icon for the menu system.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug that caused the player to get stuck in Raven Skull mansion when leaving the library or kitchen.

Known issues:

There is a bug with the casino game. A solution is still being developed.

When using a larger screen resolution it can cause smaller maps to look weird and some minor screen lag.

When using a larger screen resolution the monsters look weird and float above their original position.

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If My Heart Had Wings 2 Março
We've heard you all, and we listened. You can now get If My Heart Had Wings’ soundtrack on Steam with an amazing discount until March 9th, 9:59am PST! So go and get it now! http://store.steampowered.com/app/340080/
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Worms Clan Wars 2 Março

Good news map-chaps,

The spiffing folks at the Team17 development thinga-bob have conjured a Linux version of Worms Clan Wars! This means that you’ll be able to go and kick the Johnsons out of that dastardly Crowley Mesmer to save all Wormkind on your Linux machine. Huzzah!


To get started, all you’ll need to do is head to the Worms Clan Wars Store Page and throw things at the “buy” button. Just be sure to read the Minimum System Requirements and ensure that your machine meets them before you do. If you need any help, waddle over to our Support forum where Ben awaits with his trusty blowtorch.

Plus, if you already own Worms Clan Wars on any platform, you can download it to all supported platforms (PC, Mac, Linux) at no extra cost.

To celebrate the release of Worms Clan Wars on Linux, we’re giving all new Worminators 75% off the game, check out the Store page for details. We're also dishing out 5 copies of Worms Clan Wars on ANY platform over on our Twitter account later today. Pop along and join us, bring your favourite sheep.


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Screencheat 2 Março
Hello Screencheaters!
We’re happy to announce our biggest update yet, Screencheat 1.2.

2 New Maps Added
  • Emir - An ottoman palace with moving bouncy cushions and a swinging chandelier. Perfect for larger objective games.
  • Ascension – The lost temple still in perfect condition serves as a wonderful deathmatch arena.

New Weapon – Sorgean
  • A rocket propelled yoyo crossed with a medieval mace. It’s great at crushing multiple opponents in tight corridors. But watch out as it returns to its sender when it runs out of fuel.

2 New Game Modes
  • Bombs Away – An objective Based mode where each player has a base they must defend. A neutral bomb is on the map which once planted has a short timer before it explodes. Defenders are able to diffuse if they’re quick enough. Last person standing wins the round and gets the point.
  • Juggernaut – One player is a super powered Juggernaut with a beefed up Blunderbuss, players needs to kill or get kills as the Juggernaut to score points.

Online Experience Improvements
  • You can now join and play in games that are already in progress. You are now required to join slots before joining an online game.These will be used when you join a running game.

Level Progression System
  • Your profiles can now gain experience and level up as you play.

Improved Game Mode Customisation
  • Weapons can now be toggled on/off on a per weapon basis on all modes. If random map is selected, you can toggle on/off which maps are in the random rotation.

Saving Custom Game Modes
  • You can now save your favourite game mode settings as custom game modes which will stay saved in your game mode list.

Rebindable Keyboard and Mouse Inputs.
  • Keyboard and Mouse controls can now be completely re-bound and will be saved to a custom keyboard preset.

Other Features
  • UI button prompts now shows Xbox One and PS4 icons if those controllers are connected and in use.
  • New General Ragdoll selectable from your profile customisation.
  • Option to show player names in game, this can be enabled from the Game Settings menu.
  • 6 New Achievements added to coincide with the new content.
  • 2 New Music Tracks added
  • Complete visual overhaul made to Steeple. Also major optimisations made to Steeple.
  • Manor now features the paintings which previously lived in Steeple.

Other fixes and improvements:
  • Manor exit vent in orange raised to follow new standard.
  • Museum exit vent in purple raised to follow new standard.
  • Small visual improvements made to the Bear Bomb and Chefolet.
  • Optimisations to all maps to improve performance.
  • Improved lazy texture tiling on most maps.
  • Cleaned up old assets on Museum.

  • Tweaks to menu UI, allows confirming and cancelling changes in certain menus
  • Options menu accessible in lobby
  • Unifying font sizes across UI
  • Number of wins saved and displayed in lobby
  • Fix some weapon icons overlapping on weapon selector
  • Updated weapon skin selection menu
  • Removed terrain details options, as no longer relevant
  • When using a profile for more than one slot, a temporary profile will be created
  • Fix mouse inversion not being saved when set in lobby

  • Improvements to killcam
  • Fix for elevators, pinatas and bombs now interact with elevators
  • Fix projectile weapons being able to shoot through walls
  • Cleanup objects that fall out of levels
  • Forks and spoons nerfed: Blunderbuss range reduced

Much Love,
Samurai Punk
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Cannon Brawl 2 Março

Want to play Cannon Brawl with your friends? We’ve released a free demo so your friends can try it out!

We want to get our multiplayer lobbies bursting with new people so you can always find opponents, whether you’re using our matchmaking system or inviting a friend. That’s why we’ve decided to open up the game for players to try it free.

To celebrate, we’re also putting on a sale this week. If you like what you see, you can get the full game for 40% off!

The free demo allows you to play skirmish games against the AI, unranked multiplayer, and you can accept invites to friend matches from owners of the full game. You’ll get one airship pilot and 5 war machines to try out.

The full game includes much more. It’s got a twenty mission campaign with boss battles, nightmare mode, tons more airship pilots and units to unlock, puzzle levels, and competitive ranked multiplayer.

A demo you say, so why is it called Free-To-Play?
A big part of Cannon Brawl is its intense multiplayer matches. We want demo players and owners of the full game to be able to fight each other in unranked multiplayer matches. With steam matchmaking, this ends up being called Free-To-Play. But for Cannon Brawl, you can think of it as a demo. There are no microtransactions or in game purchases. If you like the free demo, you can buy and enjoy the full game like you would with any other demo.

See you on the battlefield!
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