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InsanZ - Retro Survival Horror 24 de Outubro
With this Bundle you get everything the previous games and DLCs. And even 20% cheaper.

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Night light 24 de Outubro
With this Bundle you get everything the previous games and DLCs. And even 20% cheaper.

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Wheels of Aurelia 24 de Outubro
As always, thank you for your feedback on the forums! We are continuing the deployment of fixes and updates to hit the game between now and early 2017. Here is what our latest schedule draft looks like.

New options:
  • PREVIOUSLY – Text Speed: the text display speed will be configurable between 50% and 100%. Also now you can hold accelerator during cutscenes to move dialogue faster.

  • LAST WEEK – Start From: after visiting both Civitavecchia and Bracciano for the first time, you will be able to start the game from one of these two locations, or Rome, or the intro sequence.

  • NOW AVAILABLE – Vibration: haptic feedback for collisions will be activated on compatible joypads.
New modes:
  • 10/31/2016 – B&W Mode: a new unlockable filter option to play the game through a black and white TV set.

  • 11/07/2016 – 1978 Mode: a new unlockable filter option to play the game though a 1978 TV set.

  • 11/14/2016 – Map: a unlockable option to hide the menu and navigate the underlying map of the roads in Wheels of Aurelia.

  • 11/21/2016 – Scenic Mode: an unlockable option to manipulate the camera angle during gameplay and to take expressive screenshots.

  • 11/28/2016 – Wheelspedia: an in-game and in-menu text archive offering some details on the people, places, and events mentioned in Wheels of Aurelia.

  • 12/12/2016 – Night Mode: an unlockable arcade mode that takes place by night, inspired by isometric racers of the 90s.

All of these will be available under a new EXTRAS menu available in the main menu.

New languages:
  • 12/19/2016 – German

  • 01/12/2017 – Russian

WARNING: all of the above is subject to modification, including delay or cancellation!

Let us know what you think!


The Seeker 24 de Outubro
The Bugs...
Hello everyone! Its been a long 3 weeks for me developing and I must say, I'm sorry it took me extra 4 days, and I'm sorry as well that this update, is 0.28, meaning some of the things is delayed until I manage the bugs.

The new enemy is extremely bugged in the new map, and the new map does not respond well to the enemy as well so it'll take another week+ sadly for the second map.

However, 1 new map is completely done, with a small puzzle, and an a bit interesting level design.

What this update offers is most of the things from the list of the Bridger Update [0.3] but since only one map will be released this week, and the second, that will feature the new enemy is delayed, this update will stand 0.28.

Once again thank you for participating in The Seeker development, it means a lot, and hope you enjoy this update.

Change log:
  • New Map Claren
  • Disabled enemies now have timer shown on them
    Each time the enemy is disabled, the timer is show on top of the enemy, to make players plan out their strategy even more
  • New HighPoly models
  • New SSR Effect
  • New visual representation when Alarm is triggered
  • New texutres and animations to the Energy Regenerator
  • Lasers are now constant - no more time changing (They are not randomly turned on and off, rather have a fixed interval at each start of level)
  • Buffed Friendly Turret on Berserker Mode
  • Decreased generator power consumption at the Berserker Mode
  • Added Turret Range indicator when placing Turrets in Berserker Mode
  • Added a small "puzzle"
  • Shift+R Key to rotate backwards (request)
  • Fixed enemy paths, bugging out
  • Fixed GI issues with backfacing
  • Fixed Camera being able to detect when players disable an enemy
  • Removed Energy Generating
  • And a lot more
Prospekt 24 de Outubro

Hi all, to celebrate Prospekts continued improvement i've dropped the price by 50% for the next week! This includes a new game mode!

A concept ive been working on for a short while behind the scenes, this game mode challenges you to try and sneak past the combine and get to the end of the level. So far the feedback has been surprisingly positive so hop in and try it out! It will be in the Bonus Maps section of the main menu.

Also a few other bits and bobs tightening up the game in general places for new players.

I'll be on hand tonight for any new players experiencing issues with the game to try and fix them asap.

Also the Stealth Maps are kinda in beta so you may find a few issues. But so far they look pretty solid.


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