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Influent 30 Setembro


Good news everyone!

The long-awaited Italian Language Pack is now available! This completes the standard EFIGS collection of the most commonly spoken first-world languages, which has been a big milestone for Influent for quite some time now!

Furthermore, a handful of previously bothersome issues have been addressed, most importantly:

  • Translation text bleed issue fixed
  • Save Data corruption after slot deletion issue fixed (thanks gwebb!)

You can pick up a copy of the Italian DLC for $4.99 USD or if you don't already own Influent, grab the full game packaged with either Italian or any of the other 11 Language Packs for $9.99 USD.

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Invisible, Inc. 30 Setembro

Update 3 brings you l33t w4r3z! An arsenal of new programs to choose from when you access the Server Farm. There are some completely new programs as well as several more powerful versions of existing ones. The new team selection unlocks offer a couple of new build ideas to mess with as well.

New Features
  • New programs for Incognita
  • New programs added to starting loadout screen to unlock
  • 2.0 versions of several existing programs. More powerful yet costly.
  • New Chief Executive Suite location. Used to get Vault Door Codes to get the most out of Vault trips
  • Variations of the location specific rooms (Server Farm, Executive terminals, etc)
  • New Daemon. Hope you don't find it.
  • In-game speech is occluded.

For a full list of changes and a cool poster, check out our patch notes on our official forum!
Official Patch Notes

Previous Updates for Invisible, Inc.

Update 2 Active Recon (Sept 16):
  • Several new FTM corp threats
  • New multi-corp threat - MEDAMA
  • Improved weapon equipping, no more juggling items on the ground
  • Improved item management both during and between missions
  • Access to storage space between missions
  • Friendly agents can be dragged and rescued via the elevator
  • Improved prisoner and hostage abilities, they can now peek and use some items
  • New mainframe device - Facility Database. Hack it for information
  • Improved visual display for melee reaction and pinning
  • Added some new events
  • Shoot buttons now appear in the in-game UI
For more info, check out our official forums

Update 1 (Sept 2):
  • Added difficulty settings
  • New program added
  • Added new daemon
  • Bug Fixes
  • Balance changes
For more info, check out our official forums
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Corporate Lifestyle Simulator 30 Setembro
Just in time to celebrate ten years of a soul-grinding office job, heres a new update and a 75% off sale!

Fixed a few audio bugs and hopefully solved the 1080 screen resolution bug. Please let me know via comments here or email support.
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Last Dream 29 Setembro
We're pleased to announce a major update (v2.01) to Last Dream. It includes over 100 bug fixes and balancing changes to the game. Many of these balancing suggestions have come from the community and include changes to the Monk and Gray Mage classes as well important economy changes to Fishing and the Casino in order to better balance the Thief. See the Last Dream development discussion for more information.

We've also updated the free 747-page Last Dream Strategy Guide to include 46 new pages of content. The Strategy Guide is now fully up-to-date with v2.01 of Last Dream.

Finally, you can purchase Last Dream on Sale for 60% off until next Monday (10/6). Thank you!
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Runers 29 Setembro
Hello fellow Runers! Today's patch bring a nice, expected feature lots of people were wondering about: Controller Support! The whole game should be playable via a controller without any need for a keyboard. There may be some improvements to make and some issues to resolve, so let us know if you have any comments!

The living room is now a viable place to explore and combine! Hurrah! Our focus this next week will be balancing and stability. Some spells are too good, others not good enough. We hope to remedy that! If you think any spells are too good or not good enough, let us know in the comments or on the forum. Of course, here are the patch notes too.

ːfire_runeː - 09/28/2014
- Controller support has been added! The controller can control all parts of the
game without the need of mouse and keyboard. Controls seemlessly switch between
controller and mouse and keyboard.
- Added an internal spell queue to help cast click slot spells. This has an option
in the options screen for the duration of spell queueing.

- Toggling autofire no longer uses or is dependant on global cooldown
- Added a 2 second pause before you can pick a prize or a trait
- Carapace now uses components correctly

- Fixed Dark Manifestation showing s instead of % for manifest component
- Hover over spell info now works during prize and level panels

- Fixed a case where a boss fight would not end
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