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Lonath Online 29 Novembro
Here is a quick patch with just a few small updates:

ADDED: Dragon Sword
ADDED: New Vendor (Weapons Seller, Tiran Village)
ADDED: Redesigned a lot of things on the new map Kald
FIXED: Servers List not showing
REMOVED: Safe Zones on Kald. It is a PvP only Map!
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Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO v3 29 Novembro
Hello AGFPRO Fans,

We'd like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and let you know that we continue to push new updates to the software and ALL DLC's on a weekly basis. AGFPRO and it's suite of DLC's provide realtime level and editing of game maps for game developers and hobbyists alike that instantly allow users to create beautiful maps, complete with landscape, vegetation, lighting and comes stocked with over 1,000 unique assets for use with the latest version of Unity - OR can be used for gamers that want to "build, play and share" their game creations for other to play for FREE.

ALL of the AGFPRO software and suite of DLC's are on Sale this holiday season for 75% off standard pricing, so if this is something you have been holding off to purchase, NOW is the time to do so!!

We have added four (4) brand new tutorials and will continue to push more this coming month to break down key features and use applications of the software to allow users to focus in on specific features and integrating with Unity.

The latest big endeavor has included improvements to the World Builder and the Constructor as we now now have 64bit versions available.

If you are running any Windows OS and it is 64 bit, the new version should download to your system automatically. You will now see a "64bit" suffix added to the version name when the apps are started.

Updated all the apps and tools to work with Unity 5.2.2f1

New Scene Loader has been made and the bug that was affecting the skybox material has been fixed. Works with Unity 5.2.2 too.

New Asset Packager has been made and the collider bugs that occurred in the creation of asset packs is no longer an issue. Works with Unity 5.2.2 too.

World Builder and Constructor app loading is much faster now.

Happy Holidays,

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The Lost Island 29 Novembro
The Lost Island Update 1.1.2_alpha_early_access

  • Basic Hostille AI.
  • Map, press M to open/close.
  • New crafting system added, press C to open/close.
  • New player ui.
  • Player status (Health,Hunger,Hydration and Stamina)
    is shown in the inventory ui.
  • Save system. Player´s location, stats and buildings are being saved automatically.
  • New tab in the options "Game" with two options:
    -Delete Character Save
    -Delete Building Save
    (you have to be in the Main Menu to delete your saves.)
  • Workbench.
  • More place in the player inventory.
  • A few (working) ladders in the Pirate Outpost.

    New Locations Added
  • Crash Site

    Map changes
  • The menu got reworked.
  • Minecart track added to the Whispering Mountain.
  • Minor terrain changes
  • Doctors House has been reworked (again)


  • No more duplicating items with the inventory bug.
  • Item icons have been resized.
  • The game does not crash after exiting.
  • Escape menu redesigned.
  • Trees have a collision model.
  • Death Menu.
  • Ingame Menu.
  • Stair collision.
  • New Playerspawn.
  • Logs are not consumed after using them.
  • Few post processing changes.


  • Sorting "A-Z" buttons in the Inventory
  • Drag and Drop crafting.

1st Note: You need Stamina to jump.To chop wood form a tree you actually need to hit it with the axe "head". You only can chop specific trees down.
2nd Note: When you are glitching while spawning ( falling out of map ) try to delete your character save in the menu.

Cheers ːsteamhappyː
-Finalspark Gamestudios - Development Team
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Foresight 28 Novembro
Dear all,

We're pleased to announce that V1.08a patch has been released! Today is also the 1st anniversary since launch!

We've learnt many lessons thanks to feedback, reviews and guidance from the community. We're extremely grateful and will continue to listen for more feedback in the future.

New Implementations

1) Multiplayer lobby has been implemented! There's no longer a need to know any IP address. Server IP address will no longer be exposed even to the server player.
- Online multiplayer now requires you to be logged onto Steam to host or join a server.
- Private LAN multiplayer game is still available. IP address input is required.
- Known limitation: You can't host more than 1 online server under the same router. We'll deal with this limitation in time to come.

2) Fighters and bombers will no longer be rendered if the camera is too far above. Instead, their icons will take their place.
- Known issue: Camera indicator might render out of place in certain angles. We'll have to upgrade the minimap completely to eliminate this problem. We'll get on it asap and deploy in the next patch.

3) Ship/Unit tinting now appears when your camera is above a certain level. This is to allow you to quickly identify which ships are yours, which ships belongs to the enemy, allies or are neutral towards you.

4) Campaign and single battle mission AI now will have an additional layer of intelligence for using special abilities.

5) Ships will NO LONGER move unnecessarily when clipped. Instead, they'll be pushed.
- Known limitation: There'll be cases where a ship can be completely blocked and will thus be stranded. We're testing several solutions to this problem and will deploy it asap when we've confirmed that it works properly in all situations.

6) Implemented multiplayer robustness component - which is threaded, to handle packet flow, floods and mitigate waiting time between each packet sent. This will greatly improve performance of multiplayer though a higher-end machine with a better CPU is still desired for multiplayer games.


- Corrected some of the tool tip text.
- Increased the height in which you can zoom out from.

Bug Fixes

(this is a long list but we'll cut it short.)
- Resolved UI glyphs appearing even when ship is destroyed
- Ship can no longer move while being set to dormant
- Fleets now have guard mode across multiplayer
- Fixed incorrect messages being reported when the fleet of another player is affected.
- Fixed a bug where standing orders aren't applied across the board in a fleet during multiplayer
- Fixed a bug in multiplayer where a request for fighters doesn't update the fleet view.
- Fixed multiplayer chat
- Fixed a bug where structures continue to build even when out of power.
- Fixed a coloration issue with multiplayer games.
- Fixed a bug where distortion particles are emitted in a multiplayer game even when the game is deactivated (alt+tab).
- Fixed a bug where single line objectives aren't properly hidden during the scoreboard sequence.


We'll like to thank everyone for your support! We'll be launching the Foresight Official Soundtrack as a DLC very soon (within the next 1-2 days).

V1.08 patch is split into part A, B and C.

For part B, a more solid AI will be introduced. Estimated time of deployment - early December.

For part C, the Foresight world will be livelier. More details to come after part B is deployed.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the new patch and have a great weekend!

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Metal Reaper Online 28 Novembro

Dear Metal Reaperians,

This is Metal Team.
This is the sever migration policy. We would like to ask your careful attention.

  1. All servers will be migrated into Nevada.
  2. Characters that over max number of possession will be deleted automatically
    on Jan. 13th of 2016(at maintenance time).
  3. The standard of remaining character is High Lv, Exp, latest log-in.
  4. Please transfer all necessary items before Jan. 13th of 2016(at maintenance time).
[Character Name]
  1. The standard of remaining character name is High Lv, Exp, latest log-in.
  2. Other duplicated name will be displayed as “charactername@servername”
  3. “charactername@servername” can be changed in the first log-in after server migration.

[Company Name]
  1. All duplicated company names will be displayed as “companyname@servername”.
  2. Company leader can change “charactername@servername” in the
    first log-in after server migration.

[Account Storage]
  1. All items in account storage except Nevada will be sent to highest level character by mail.

[Account Storage Extend and Character Slot Extend]
  1. Sum of all slots of all server will be extended.
  2. When sum of all slots of all server are over max, it will be taken later as reward.
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