The original FortressCraft was one of the best-selling Indie games of all time. A unique blend of Voxel Landscapes, Tower Defense, Crafting, Logistics, Exploration, Combat and Assembly Lines.
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Release Date: Nov 9, 2015

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September 21

Still not dead!

I'm still stuck down in the deepest, darkest depths of rural Cornwall - I'm not joking, my nearest Pokestop is about 7 miles away - and I'm itching to get back. Sadly, mum's casts don't come off until next week, so I'm stuck here until probably early October!

Thank you for your kind messages - for those of you who cheerfully said "Don't worry, at least nothing was broken!", then I'm sorry to say that she actually broke 4 bones.

My first focus will be getting a quick patch out with a bunch of fixes for dedicated/permission based servers, and then get on to the Adventures Pack and the Critter hunting minigame!

I've been on the Discord on my phone, but the internet here isn't close enough to fast enough to achieve much else!

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September 5


I try, wherever possible, to keep my personal and work lives separate. Unfortunately, I'm unable to do so this time. My mother has managed to fall down the stairs and needs caring - she lives half the country away from me, in a rural area. I'll be heading down to look after her, but could be gone for 3-6 weeks. Worst of all, there's LITERALLY no internet there - I'll just about have GPRS on my phone!

I should be able to appear on the forum and the discord, but the chances of uploading builds are virtually zero - I'll have a laptop with me, of course!

If you haven't joined the discord yet, it's a /great/ place to chat with other FC people, and I'm always there on my phone, along with some actual nice helpful people as well!

Thank you all for your understanding, and I'll keep you posted as to news and progress!

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About This Game

"In a world where early access and indie usually means abandoned, unfinished garbage, this game's post launch development is outpacing many AAA titles and companies."

"This really isn't the same game that I originally purchased anymore. With all the changes that have been made over that duration the game is so much more fun
now that there are machines to alleviate almost every large build annoyance that used to exist. The FALCORs, thieves, excavators, drills etc.. all did so much for
automation it's almost hard to believe I ever did that stuff manually before."

FortressCraft Evolved’s Survival Mode is a unique-blend of Voxel Landscapes, Tower Defense, Crafting, Logistics, Exploration, Combat and Assembly lines. Players begin by crash-landing on a strange alien world, left with only a small handful of starting machines. Using hand-held scanners they must locate ore resources, place down Ore Extractors and Conveyors to automate the raw material back to the Smelter; take the fresh ingots through multi-machine assembly lines, followed by researching new technologies that help them explore thousands of meters below the planet's surface.

An advanced HoloBase allows players to keep an eye on their factory which they must defend against waves of alien attacks with multiple tiers of missile and energy turrets. To survive they must continue to develop new and unique power systems, from solar energy to Jet Turbines, culminating in crafting an Orbital Energy Transmitter thousands of cubic meters in size, to beam power off-planet, and start the next phase of the game.

And all this with an enormous draw-distance, scalable gameplay engine that is equally at home on high-end or low-end computers, and full multiplayer support! This does not even factor in all that you can do in the Creative Mode whose only limits are your time and imagination. With an array of Super Build Tools and a high-resolution Custom Detail Block Workshop players can build anything and on a massive scale unseen in other games.

  • Experience the largest worlds ever seen in any computer game - ever!
  • Create a futuristic mining operation consisting of thousands of huge machines.
  • Full Tower-Defense style combat in a voxel universe.
  • Use hi-tech machinery to locate and process resources from thousands of meters away.
  • Explore thousands of metres vertically, overcoming ever-more difficult challenges.
  • Official Texture Pack and Mod Pack support
  • State of the art lighting and shadowing, utilising high resolution maps for machinery and environment
  • Innovative“Build to Me” Feature to facilitate rapid, accurate building
  • Shareable Creative Schematics
  • Super Build Tools allowing instant creation of primitive shapes

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: XP and up
    • Processor: Dual-Core 1.6ghz CPU
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000/Nvidia G285/Radeon HD 5450 with 512mb of RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5000 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Additional features are available with 8 or 16 GB of RAM
    • OS: 10.7 and up
    • Processor: Dual-Core 1.6ghz CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000/Nvidia G285/Radeon HD 5450 with 512mb of RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Additional features are available with 8 or 16 GB of RAM
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04
    • Processor: Dual-Core 1.6ghz CPU
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000/Nvidia G285/Radeon HD 5450 with 512mb of RAM
    • Storage: 5000 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Additional features are available with 8 or 16 GB of RAM
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
17 of 19 people (89%) found this review helpful
195.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 10
I'm 53. I'vw been a gamer since pong was first invented and then when Atari was mind blowingly cool. This is one of the best games I've ever spent money on. If you like to think, plot, plan, explore and execute then you won't get more for your money than this game. I have more than 100 hours in this game so far and I feel like I'm only scratching the surface and yet I've acheived so much. AWESOME JOB!!!!!
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
43.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 21
I loved Factorio and i REALLY love this game. Can't put it down. Im more than 30 hours in and still feel like im at the very early stages of the game. Lots more to do and enemies to kill.

If you like automation and base building this is the game for you.
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
18.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 15
Good game 10/10
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
137.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 18
-Has a good chain of progression, so you can't just build the best stuff right away.
-There is always something to do, usually a long list of things.
-If you like building complex logistic networks of machines, you'll like it. It's funner than it sounds.
-Spiderbot is awesome, buggy, but awesome.
-The "Build to" function is incredibly useful

-If you don't like building complex logistic networks of machines, you'll probably hate it.
-It locks up a lot and needs to be restarted. This happens at least once an hour.
-AI is really stupid.
-Lots of clipping issues.
-There is no pause, so if your base is under heavy attack and you need to go to the bathroom, you can't pause the game. You have to exit the game completely.
-Help file doesn't give you nearly enough information.
-Inventory sort by type option makes no sense at all. If I sort by TYPE, I would expect all of my ores to group together, all of my bug parts to group together, all of my machines to group together, but it just seems like the sorting is very random.
-The organization of the crafting menu is very odd. It desperately needs a search feature.
-As you progress, the game gets buggier and buggier until large chunks of the level just won't load at all no matter how long you wait. At this point the game becomes unplayable, which is really frustrating since I was getting close to beating the game.

-Overall I really enjoy the game, however I wouldn't recommend buying it until the bugs are fixed.

-I would like to see hostile monsters in the underground caverns to make exploration more exciting.
-Lower the volume of the power storage cubes by at least 50%. That constant hum gets annoying after a while.
-Make the smaller enemies attack you if you get near them.
-Make it so you can delete the ship wreckage, maybe with the level 2 build gun.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
328.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 15
Witnessed an amazing and terrifying event, crashed my vehicle, dug a hole got some iron, got some coal, burned them to keep warm, placed a torch, attacked bugs, figured out how to send power over long distances, created a battery, fell off a cliff, crawled home then turned on FortressCraft Evolved.
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
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54.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 1
Imagine Factorio in 3D.
Now imagine that, but with 10 times as much content.
Now imagine it being somewhat realistic, but satisfyingly futuristic.
That's FortressCraft Evolved.

This game is brilliant for those of you who love to commit to doing something for a long time, making things more efficient and faster constantly. There's always something that could be improved, something that finally fixes that annoying little hang-up that's slowing down your factory.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
79.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 23
If you like mincraft mods like direwolf20 or Technic and like Factorio, then this game is for you its epic, seriously havent had a game hook me like this in a long long time, its the caves and mining are a different scale compaired to minecraft. I think the graphics are great. Might be my best purchase of 2016. Even tho my base is currently be consumed by a hivemind....bugger.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
122.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 8
I don’t normally write reviews, but I felt compelled to do so because this game should really have more concurrent players.

I say that because the amount of content in this game is astounding compared similar games. I’m a long time Feed the Beast player, from the original builds to the newest FTB Expert / Skyblock Expert. This game feels every bit as complete and getting more content quickly.

I originally purchased the game last winter sale and while I liked the game, it didn’t take to me yet, but knew I’d like to come back once some of the bugs have been ironed out. This has happened in the last 9 months or so and this game will be one of my goto building/tech/factory games.

If you like FTB and Factorio, this is the perfect meld of these two types of games. Give the price the release cycle of FCE, BUY IT NOW and support a developer that listens to the community and updates their games often with quality updates!
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
66.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 25
This game is incredible. Similar to Factorio, but with it's own unique blend of problems and solutions. Of course if you have anything resembling claustrophobia, I highly recommend you not even watch someone play it.
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2 of 5 people (40%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 12
Not recommended. I hoped this would be something of a cross between Minecraft and Factorio — and it is, kinda — but without the charm or appeal of either one.

The survival mechanics are cranked up to an excessive degree. You're in a hostile environment, so your suit has to spend power keeping you warm (or sometimes cool), and also powering your light and your scanner and etc. It recharges slowly during the day, but VERY slowly, and days feel incredibly short.

So at least in the beginning, you're going to need a recharge every couple of minutes. That ties you to your central power hub, which the game states is irreplacable, meaning you literally cannot explore very far (or deep), nor set up base in a place of your choosing.

The grind is similarly cranked way up. It doesn't just offer you automation, it forces it on you. For example: While the ore smelter will take ore from (and put bars into) a neighbouring "hopper" (chest), there's no way to manually load said hoppers, as far as I can tell. It wants you to use conveyor belts to automate everything, but conveyors cost tin and copper bars, which need smelting. Just getting the initial conveyor network set up can be a royal pain depending on how far (and how uphill/downhill) your mines are.

Research is a total mess. The game will happily let you research advanced devices without researching the components that go into those devices — like inventing the car before you've invented wheels and motors. If those were your last research points … congrats, you're screwed. At least until you find more things to scan — which might be impossibly far from your base without some basic suit upgrades, which you can't afford because you haven't found the materials, etc etc.

And finally, the graphics. This might be a question of taste, but personally, I'm amazed they managed to take Minecraft and make it even MORE ugly. Same blocky world, but with a very limited colour palette, almost everything in the dark, and constant snow. Not pleasant.

I only played for a couple of hours — not long enough for enemies to show up, whenever that happens — but I simply wasn't having much fun. YMMV.
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Recently Posted
The Reeful Freble
37.7 hrs
Posted: September 29
This is, by far, the best survival game I have ever played. the combination of Tower defense, automation, survival, and exploration is exquisite. Not only that, but the sheer amount of replayability is staggering. Each playthrough is unique not just because of procedural generation, but also because each playthrough is a new chance to try new automation methods, new turret setups, design new power grids, etc. if you aren't very patient or don't like intellectual games, however, this may not be for you. The first play through will take a while, as it takes a while to learn everything, and creating massive mining and manufacturing operations is very difficult, even for a veteran Talos Principle player like myself. The game has a few flaws, such as the fact it is very taxing and creative mode is rather lacking, but other than that it is great. Heck, if you have any questions, you can ask the developer directly by tuning into his daily developement live streams on the Projector Games youtube channel. I give Fortresscraft Evolved a 9/10.
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66.3 hrs
Posted: September 29
First time I am writing a review here for any game! This is actually the first game where I really felt a compulsion to do so xD

In short: Fortresscraft Evolved is an amazing game, really. I never played it's predecessor or any other 'Minecraft-clone' as people sometimes refer to these kind of voxel based games. But really, from all the MC vids I have seen, FCE really adds quite a few layers to that formula.

It's been a long time since I played a game that has me thinking about it almost the entire day long. 'How am I going to deal with this or that', 'What am I going to do next?', 'What's my next project going to be' are questions that occupy my mind the entire time, even during work or on the train home :D Now, that's the sign of a great game, if you ask me.

Apparently I actually bought this game during Early Access phase, but wasn't really impressed at the time (mid 2014). I only tried it out recently and it truly feels finished right now (and yet still it gets regular patches, the developer actively approaches the community for new ideas, etc.)

I think the best way to express why this game is so great is through a few examples, instead of writing too generically about it. Basically the entire FCE adventure is a constant chain of small puzzles that need to be solved in order to continue:

Last night I had just dug a second shaft towards a Lithium deposit, right next to an older shaft which had a Iron deposit I was already mining and sending upwards using a cargo elevator. These two shafts were only separated by a wall of 1 voxel wide. Within this wall I had also dug a 1x1 voxel wide column downwards to place the Laser Power Transmitters to send power deep into the earth (like the name says: these devices spread your power/electricity to remote places easily). However, this second shaft was right in between the bottom of the first shaft and the horizontal tunnel where I was mining the Iron. In order to keep supplying power to this horizontal tunnel whilst also delivering power downwards into the second shaft I had to fiddle around with batteries and Laser Transmitters in such a way that these devices were not in the path of either elevator shaft, yet still were in sight of the ore excavator at the end of the narrow Iron Ore tunnel. The solutions are often numerous, but each has it's up- and downsides. 'Do I dig an entire new shaft upwards just for these Laser Transmitters?', 'Do I widen the Iron Ore tunnel so I have more space for the batteries/Laser Transmitters to place inside the wall between the two elevator shafts?' or do I simply abandon the project altogether and find a new place to mine Iron.

The answer to that last question is almost always: 'NEVER!'. You always want to find a solution, constantly analyzing the situation, figuring out the most efficient and best way to solve the numerous puzzles that you will be facing. And the beauty is: these puzzles are not bound by any hard limits (like most puzzles games, where you have 'levels' that you need to solve to proceed to the next) but they overflow in each other; the solution to one problem brings an entirely new problem with it! Or it might solve multiple problems at once!

Also very important to acknowledge: You create your OWN puzzles! Everything you face is your own doing. You were the one that dug this shaft here. You were the one that decided to mine this Iron vein instead of that Iron vein. You were the one that decided to place certain machines too close together so that when you had to expand your base you ran out of room for lack of planning.

I could name more and more examples, but I think the above illustrated perfectly the feeling you get when playing this game. You either crave that sensation or you don't (basically if you have a logical, analytical mind you enjoy this game, if not... stay away :P ).

I'll end with a simply pro and con list for a quick reference of what to expect:

+ lots of puzzle solving
+ game occupies your head even when not playing it (a rarity)
+ great sense of accomplishment when you see a personal project finished or succeed (I cheered when I saw my first Cargo Elevator come up fully loaded with Iron Ore, unloading it all on conveyors towards smelters)
+ graphics (may sound odd for a voxel-based game, but on the higher settings it has great lighting effects
+ a good intuitive 'rule-system' (the first 5 minutes is a tutorial which shows the very basic controls, but after that you will have to figure out all the rules on your own mostly, unless you want to be handheld the entire process by reading wiki's every 5 minutes. The ingame help encyclopedia (H) gives you just enough information at times, but doesn't give everything away thankfully).

- Occasional bugs (I only remember falling through a lift at times, or a lift only going up to 32m instead of 64m, though that was because I was playing the game on low-end pc at the time instead of my regular pc, if I read some comments correctly)
- Occasional freeze (mostly when doing multiple Coloured Ore pings too rapidly, probably my processor not being able to handle that though?)
- Annoyance of the constant wasp attacks, where at one point I simply stopped building Threat Reducers since they required too much power compared to what they delivered. Besides, the penalty for not killing the wasps was absent, you only lose your command module for a minute which didn't bother me that much, since most of my power came from other devices which were not affected by the Wasp attacks.
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Beneath The Wreckage
46.2 hrs
Posted: September 28
My half-♥♥♥ review...

Is the game good? yes
Is it fun? yes
Worth the money? yes
Does it get regular updates? Yup
Do I feel cheated? No
Does it need work? Yes

Would I recommend? Yup

Thanks for reading my half-♥♥♥ review.
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32.8 hrs
Posted: September 28
This is a must buy game
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62.6 hrs
Posted: September 27
frustrating, but excellent basebuilding/mining game. You have to put serious time into this game though. There are some absolutely frustrating things, like suddenly your conveyers stop conveying, there's no repair, they just.. quit. No explantion. So then you have to figure out how you want to ascend/descend 70 vertical cubes to fix the belts you don't know why they stopped.

The enemy progression seems pretty reasonable. There's an underground/air conflict component to it as well. I spend few hours in the evening playing, and enjoy mining and factory making. I get pretty frustrated that there's not a great path to getting more production up earlier in the game. You spend A LOT of time running around to a sinlge smelter waiting to get your bars. You can't make a decent smelter till much later in the game. Ramp up is a *CHORE*.

All in all though this game is a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy Rimworld or Factorio.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
19.9 hrs
Posted: September 21
factorio and minecraft had a baby whose big brother sucked and this is all thats left of the divorce
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