The original FortressCraft was one of the best-selling Indie games of all time. A unique blend of Voxel Landscapes, Tower Defense, Crafting, Logistics, Exploration, Combat and Assembly Lines.
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9 nov 2015

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Acquista FortressCraft Evolved!


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17 gennaio

Feedback wanted!

I have some ideas to improve crafting, as well as to encourage players to play in a nice efficient way - a large part of this was a recent review, where the poor chap failed to get enough T2 mats to make a second Smelter after playing for 30 hours!

If you're interested or have feedback, please pop to here:

Give it a read and help out!
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8 gennaio

This is not a repost.

I dunno, you wait around 10 months for a patch, then 2 come along all at once. Yes, you've had Christmas, but what about SECOND Christmas?

This patch is mostly aimed at fixing some of the issues that weren't thrown up during the surprisingly extensive P17 testing, plus just a few shiny new features.

The most useful and helpful of these stems from a discussion that be summed up as follows.

  • uPnP doesn't work
  • Yes it does, shut up
  • No, look, I did all wireshark stuff, it doesn't work, and I'm smart and know technical words like 'TCP'
  • Look, it blatantly works, I'm running a server with it!
  • I don't think it works. I'll look up stuff. Wait, I configured wireshark wrong. But the game is doing a UDP broadcast when it should be doing a M-SEARCH multicast for the SSDP.
    --At this point I needed to do code things and read up on what any of those words meant--
  • The code has been changed. Try that.
  • It works!

So, basically, FC uses Lidgren, which is an industry-standard bit of networking code, and it follows the Microsoft/Novell recommendations which are WRONG.

TL;DR - uPnP should work on many MANY more routers than before.

So, on with the subject of networking - after a LOT of testing of the server, which MANY of you have joined, I did some further work, and have come up with a sweet optimisation for the itemdata for networking. Previously, this data was approximately 1 gigabyte/hour/user. It's now down to about 50 megs/hour/player.

And, sorry.

Mynocks will spawn on Slopes. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

And the rest!

  • Fixed H and P erroneously opening up Help and Pause panels whilst searching. Hopefully didn't break anything else else.
  • All (known) Drag and Drop issues fixed
  • Added MMB to assign currently-hovered item in the Inventory to assign to currently selected HotBar slot.
  • Added Controls note to this effect.
  • Fixed issue where teleporting players took FOREVER to arrive - they should arrive within 2 seconds now!
  • Added teleport graphics for network players
  • Loads of handbook entries updated
  • Players will no longer be told to make a Lab if it's already researched and built.
  • Fixed Fast/Slow conveyor description when making a new world.
  • Updated bootstrap screen

  • Added a minor glow to Conveyor base, to allow you to see them in the dark
  • Added auto readout of Ore Veins for network players
  • Sign fix will now persist and also work over the network.
  • Blocked/Unblocked messages should now filter out much more strongly to clients from Conveyors.
  • Fixed debounce on MS output filters
  • Caught InstancedRender failure and displayed message
  • Fixed DiskThread.ProcessCleanUpQueue crash
  • Fixed readout issue for Cargo lifts when on Rapid difficulty.
  • Altered handbook to correctly show Rapid boost for Cargo lifts.

  • Fixed Mod upload button
  • Public server count now shown on the main menu
  • Minecarts rideable again!
  • Fixed texture assignment to Minecarts; Basic/Fast/Large should now correctly Tier with Loader Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Added directional chevrons on the Minecart Tracks. Might help a little.
  • "Crafted Item" filter now supports stacks of items, not just single items.
  • Magma Caverns are now lit for network clients.
  • MK3 WorkFloor Excavators should now spin SLIGHTLY slower, and not miss any block
  • Dyed Marble now just 1 shader darker by default.

Ohhh yes. Your CPH will now match your player, ARTHER and your SpiderBot, if you have the Dapper DLC Pack. I felt that the pack was a little weak, and wanted to find ways to let players show off all their hard-earned Skins. So with an amazing piece of work by Andy and Todd, you can now do this! (In a multiplayer game, CURRENTLY, the CPH will just reflect YOUR skin, but this will change)

Have YOU always wanted a Pink CPH?

"If the answer is no, you are sad, and I've no desire to speak with you further." - Sir Hammerlock.

And finally, I kept a visual diary of some of the glorious pics from the recent P17 multiplayer playthrough. Check 'em out if you're bored!

Onwards to Patch 18 - Rooms and Hydroponics.
31 commenti Altre informazioni

Informazioni sul gioco

"In a world where early access and indie usually means abandoned, unfinished garbage, this game's post launch development is outpacing many AAA titles and companies."

"This really isn't the same game that I originally purchased anymore. With all the changes that have been made over that duration the game is so much more fun
now that there are machines to alleviate almost every large build annoyance that used to exist. The FALCORs, thieves, excavators, drills etc.. all did so much for
automation it's almost hard to believe I ever did that stuff manually before."

A Whole New Survival Experience...

FortressCraft has undergone a radical visual alteration, completely reworking the surface, along with a brand-new rendering system. On top of that, there is an enormous amount of work to make the game more understandable and accessible for new players. The combination of these two things should work towards making it feel like a fresh, new experience. Prepare for a new exploration and survival experience!

FortressCraft Evolved’s Survival Mode is a unique-blend of Voxel Landscapes, Tower Defense, Crafting, Logistics, Exploration, Combat and Assembly lines. Players begin by crash-landing on a strange alien world, left with only a small handful of starting machines. Using hand-held scanners they must locate ore resources, place down Ore Extractors and Conveyors to automate the raw material back to the Smelter; take the fresh ingots through multi-machine assembly lines, followed by researching new technologies that help them explore thousands of meters below the planet's surface.

An advanced HoloBase allows players to keep an eye on their factory which they must defend against waves of alien attacks with multiple tiers of missile and energy turrets. To survive they must continue to develop new and unique power systems, from solar energy to Jet Turbines, culminating in crafting an Orbital Energy Transmitter thousands of cubic meters in size, to beam power off-planet, and start the next phase of the game.

And all this with an enormous draw-distance, scalable gameplay engine that is equally at home on high-end or low-end computers, and full multiplayer support! This does not even factor in all that you can do in the Creative Mode whose only limits are your time and imagination. With an array of Super Build Tools and a high-resolution Custom Detail Block Workshop players can build anything and on a massive scale unseen in other games.

  • Experience the largest worlds ever seen in any computer game - ever!
  • Create a futuristic mining operation consisting of thousands of huge machines.
  • Full Tower-Defense style combat in a voxel universe.
  • Use hi-tech machinery to locate and process resources from thousands of meters away.
  • Explore thousands of metres vertically, overcoming ever-more difficult challenges.
  • Official Texture Pack and Mod Pack support
  • State of the art lighting and shadowing, utilising high resolution maps for machinery and environment
  • Innovative“Build to Me” Feature to facilitate rapid, accurate building
  • Shareable Creative Schematics
  • Super Build Tools allowing instant creation of primitive shapes

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Sistema operativo: XP and up
    • Processore: Dual-Core 1.6ghz CPU
    • Memoria: 4096 MB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Intel HD Graphics 3000/Nvidia G285/Radeon HD 5450 with 512mb of RAM
    • DirectX: Versione 9.0
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 5000 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Note aggiuntive: Additional features are available with 8 or 16 GB of RAM
    • Sistema operativo: 10.7 and up
    • Processore: Dual-Core 1.6ghz CPU
    • Memoria: 4 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Intel HD Graphics 3000/Nvidia G285/Radeon HD 5450 with 512mb of RAM
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 5 GB di spazio disponibile
    • Note aggiuntive: Additional features are available with 8 or 16 GB of RAM
    • Sistema operativo: Ubuntu 14.04
    • Processore: Dual-Core 1.6ghz CPU
    • Memoria: 4096 MB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Intel HD Graphics 3000/Nvidia G285/Radeon HD 5450 with 512mb of RAM
    • Memoria: 5000 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Note aggiuntive: Additional features are available with 8 or 16 GB of RAM

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