Endless Legend is a 4X turn-based fantasy strategy game by the creators of Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless. Control every aspect of your civilization as you struggle to save your homeworld Auriga. Create your own Legend!
Recenzje użytkowników: Bardzo pozytywne (4,507)
Data wydania: 18 Wrz, 2014

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Includes Endless Space - Emperor Edition, Endless Space - Disharmony DLC, Endless Legend - Emperor Edition, and Dungeon of the Endless - Crystal Pack.


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"An endless gasp of fresh air for a staid genre."
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3 września

[1.2.1] Hotfix


[All versions]
  • Fixed several issues with the World Generator (region size, resource repartition).
  • Fixed an issue where the user receives the Hero Exfiltrated and Hero Injured notifications for the enemy spies revealed and injured when using the Reveal Spy espionage action.

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2 września

[1.2.0] Shadows - Release Notes

This major addition to the game content includes the long-awaited espionage system (spying, infiltration and pillaging). It also includes an entire Major Faction, the Forgotten, whose gameplay is based on espionage.

Get it here:


  • Added a new Major Faction: the Forgotten
  • Added a new Army action: Pillage
  • Added a new Hero action: Infiltration
  • Added a new City action: Roundup
  • Added the Infiltration actions, unlocked once a spy has infiltrated an opponent city
    • Decrease Vision
    • Reveal Spy
    • Decrease Diplomatic Cost
    • Decrease Science Production (non Forgotten-specific)
    • Steal Technology (Forgotten-specific)
    • Decrease Morale
    • Decrease Industry Production
    • Decrease Population
    • Damage Fortification
    • Target Governor
  • Added new diplomatic interactions related to the espionage
  • Added a new diplomatic term: Prisoner Exchange
  • Added the Camouflage (invisibility on forest tiles) and Stealth (invisibility on all tiles) capacities
  • Added the Dual Wield capacity (-50% on attribute bonuses from offhand weapon)

  • Added a new game option in order to show/mask the empire information and curves displayed in-game
  • Added the ability to whisper to a known player by clicking on his/her status sector in the End Turn panel
  • Added a new tab in the options: controls can be redefined
  • Added new controls:
    • Bottom of all construction queues: you can now add an improvement at the bottom of the construction queue of all your cities by pressing CTRL when you click on the chosen improvement.
    • Top of all construction queues: you can now add an improvement at the top of the construction queue of all your cities by pressing SHIFT when you click on the wanted improvement.
    • Top of one construction queue: you can now add an improvement at the top of the construction queue of a city by pressing ALT when you click on the chosen improvement.
  • Added several new key bindings
  • AI now takes into account the market-value of luxury and strategic resources in diplomacy
  • Remove retreat possibility when being in a besieged district
  • +1 on unit military upkeep when in armies
  • "Fragile Health" and "Make Trade not War" trait costs have been increased
  • Added City Upkeep to a couple of Improvements where it was still missing
  • Added a confirmation message to hero assignment in case the army is made of Privateers
  • Impacted with gamespeed the time required to reach the max value of Research and Commercial agreements bonus
  • Reduced "Fast" Game Speed multiplier on Luxury and Strategic Resource Production (from 2 to 1.5)
  • Added the Sharp Sense capacity to shields
  • Changed Titanium Shields Damage bonus (5%/10%/20%) to a 5%/10%/20% Life bonus
  • Decreased Damage bonus granted by Glassteel on weapons (-50%)
  • Decreased Attack bonus granted by Titanium on weapons (-50%)
  • Tweaked Movement bonus granted by Improved Movement capacity on Iron Talismans:
    • Tier1: +1 Map Movement, +1 Battle Movement, +3 Initiative
    • Tier2: +2 Map Movement, +1 Battle Movement, +5 Initiative
    • Tier3: +3 Map Movement, +1 Battle Movement, +7 Initiative

  • Increased bonus granted by Glory of Death capacity on Titanium Talismans:
    • Tier1: +0.5 Morale per adjacent enemy
    • Tier2: +1 Morale per adjacent enemy
    • Tier3: +1.5 Morale per adjacent enemy
  • Reduced Vision bonuses granted by Improved Vision capacity on Iron rings:
    • Tier1: Improved Vision 1 (+1 vision) + Sharp Sense 1
    • Tier2: Improved Vision 1 (+1 vision) + Sharp Sense 2
    • Tier3: Improved Vision 2 (+2 vision) + Sharp Sense 3
  • Reduced Damage bonus granted by Improved Damage capacity on Titanium rings: Tier1: +10% / Tier2: +20% / Tier3: +30%
  • Reduced Initiative bonus granted by Improved Initiative capacity on Glassteel rings: Tier1: +10% / Tier2: +20% / Tier3: +30%
  • Tweaked Defence bonus granted by Improved Defence capacity on Adamantian Rings: Tier1: +15% / Tier2: +30% / Tier3: +60%
  • Tweaked Attack bonus granted by Improved Attack capacity on Palladian Rings: Tier1: +15% / Tier2: +30% / Tier3: +60%
  • Tweaked contextual damage bonus granted by Retaliation capacity on Palladian Talismans: Tier1: +15% / Tier2: +30% / Tier3: +60%
  • Increased Army Defence bonus granted by Adamantian Insignia, to Tier1: +5 & +15% / Tier2: +10 & +30% / Tier3: +15 & +40%
  • Increased Army Attack bonus granted by Palladian Insignia, to Tier1: +15% / Tier2: +30% / Tier3: +40%
  • Increased Unit Defence bonus granted by the Adamantian Ring, to Tier1: +25% / Tier2: +50% / Tier3: +75%
  • Increased Unit Attack bonus granted by the Palladian Ring, to Tier1: +25% / Tier2: +50% / Tier3: +75%
  • Increased Unit Strike-Back Damage bonus granted by the Palladian Talisman, to Tier1: +30% / Tier2: +50% / Tier3: +70%
  • Reduced by 30% the base price of Heroes on market
  • Increased by 30% healing cost when a hero gets disabled
  • Multiplied by 2 instead of 3 Healing speed bonus from the Hero Skill Fast Healer Level 1 and Level 2
  • Removed all Food references in the Broken Lords' empire plans and added new options instead
  • Doubled the Era 1 research bonus granted by the Quest reward of the first Broken Lords quest chapter
  • Decreased a bit the amount of Dust required in step 2 of the first Broken Lords quest chapter
  • Increased by 2 Life Drain capacity bonus of the Broken Lords Ryder
  • Reduced from 50% to 35% of Damage value the Dust Bishop Healer capacity
  • Decrease to 15% Healing Halo capacity bonus
  • Reduced by 30% Damage base attribute value of Drider, Eyeless Ones and Drakkens Heroes
  • In addition to militia and fortification, Cultists now have one additional Militia slot compared to other factions
  • Reduced from 50% to 35% the bonuses granted by the 2 Cultists quest Items called "The Wordless Will" and "Order of Isiver"
  • Reduced from 25% to 20% resources extracted from region deposits by converted Cultists villages
  • Removed information displayed in the Empire Bonuses Screen due to game speed

  • Decreased by 2 the effect of the Guardian earthquake on tiles that are not the target
  • Tweaked the "Minor Faction, Major Pain" cooperation quest

IMPORTANT FIXES [All versions]
  • Fixed a desync caused when a user joins the AI slot of a progress in session
  • Fixed an issue where an assert message is generated for the user multiple times during the late stages of a session
  • Fixed an issue where a skippable assert generated at the beginning of every turn during late-game in a session

...And we're running out of characters once again, so for the full release notes visit the official Dev Blog.

You'll find our trailer here:


We hope you all enjoy our recent additions with Shadows!

~Amplitude Studios

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“Plays out on one of the greatest, most beautiful maps in strategy gaming history. It combines style, substance, and setting into a marvelous overall experience for both empire management and tactical combat.”
8.3/10 – IGN

“BEST STRATEGY GAME 2014 - Reinvents the 4X genre, mirroring what XCOM did for tactical turn-based games, and they have, as today Endless Legend brings the genre to new heights.”
9/10 – Hooked Gamers

“COMMENDATION FOR DESIGN 2014 - At every stage Endless Legend shines. Where it takes from the past, it puts its own spin on it. Where it innovates, it does so cautiously and mostly successfully. Amplitude Studios has created another astounding story-driven game, that really has taken the best bits of RTS, RPG and 4X. This is a game that wannabe developers should play and learn from.”
89% – PC Gamer

About the Game Editions

Endless Legend Digital Game

  • Play Endless Legend on PC and Mac.

Official Digital Soundtrack

  • All Endless Legend tracks created by FlybyNo in mp3 format.

”Endless Legend” Amplitude Badge

  • Adds a unique badge to your Amplitude account.
  • Adds 500 G2G to the value of your votes on our website.

Endless Legend Digital Game

  • Play Endless Legend on PC and Mac.

Endless Legend "Frozen Fangs" Add-on

  • Adds “Ice Wargs” to the minor faction cast of the game.
  • Adds Namkang to the hero cast of the game.
  • Adds a unique “A song of only ice” trait for your custom factions.

Official Digital Soundtrack

  • All Endless Legend tracks created by FlybyNo in mp3 format.

”Endless Legend” Amplitude Badge

  • Adds a unique badge to your Amplitude account.
  • Adds 500 G2G to the value of your votes on our website.

Dungeon of the Endless "Deep-Freeze" Add-on

  • Adds the “The Refreezerator” spaceship that unlocks a new mode for the game.
  • Adds Kreyang to the hero cast of the game.

O tej grze

Create your own Legend

Another sunrise, another day of toil. Food must be grown, industries built, science and magic advanced, and wealth collected. Urgency drives these simple efforts, however, for your planet holds a history of unexplained apocalypse, and the winter you just survived was the worst on record. A fact that has also been true for the previous five.

As you discover the lost secrets of your world and the mysteries of the legends and ruins that exist as much in reality as in rumor, you will come to see that you are not alone. Other peoples also struggle to survive, to grow, and perhaps even to conquer.

You have a city, a loyal populace, and a few troops; your power and magic should be sufficient to keep them alive. But beyond that, nothing is certain… Where will you go, what will you find, and how will you react? Will your trail be one of roses, or of blood?

Explore fantastic lands.

  • Lead one of eight civilizations each with a unique gameplay style and storyline.
  • Survive through cold dark seasons that drive Auriga to its end. Will it also be yours?
  • Experience an endless replayability with randomly generated worlds and quests.
  • Set the size, shape, topography and more... to create your own world to discover.

Expand beyond the unknown.

  • Conquer, build and develop villages into feared fortresses or wonderful cities.
  • Assimilate powerful minor factions and use their special traits and units wisely.
  • Hire, equip and train your heroes to become army leaders or city governors.
  • Raise your civilization by finding mysterious artefacts and forgotten technologies.

Exploit every opportunity.

  • Evolve your civilization through the discovery of new advanced technologies.
  • Collect Dust, luxuries and strategic resources tradable on the marketplace.
  • Keep one step ahead of other civilizations through trade and subtle diplomacy.
  • Choose from different victory conditions and adapt your strategy on the fly.

Exterminate fools who defy you.

  • Experience an innovative dynamic simultaneous turn-based battle system.
  • Use unit equipement, abilities and the terrain to overcome your opponents.
  • Zoom out of a battle and rule the other aspects of your empire seamlessly.
  • Define your custom civilizations and confront those created by your friends.

Wymagania systemowe

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
    • Processor: 2.5Ghz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB nVidia Geforce GT460 or equivalent, 500 MB ATI HD4850 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible Audio
    • Additional Notes: Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720
    • OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
    • Processor: 3.5Ghz Intel Core i5 or equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB nVidia Geforce GTX660 or equivalent, 1GB ATI HD7850 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible Audio
    • Additional Notes: Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720
    • OS: MAC OS X 10.8 or higher
    • Processor: 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB AMD Radeon HD 4850, NVidia GeForce 640 or Intel HD 4000
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720
    • OS: MAC OS X 10.8 or higher
    • Processor: 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 (or greater)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB NVidia 750 (or better)
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720
Pomocne recenzje klientów
25 z 26 osób (96%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
40.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 18 kwietnia
Endless Legend to bardzo rozbudowana strategia i choć wielu będzie porównywać ją do słynnych Cywilizacji, wprowadza ona wiele nowatorskich pomysłów oraz rozwiązań. Odnoszę też wrażenie, że jest znacznie trudniejsza, bowiem świat w którym budujemy swoje impreium, zaczyna obumierać. Co ileś tur nadchodzi zima i zabiera nam niemal wszystkie zasoby żywności, oraz dochód. Każda kolejna zima jest jeszcze dłuższa i trudniejsza do przeżycia.

Nie wystarczy też by coś należało do naszego teterytorium, by czerpać z tego zasoby, nie ma też robotników, którzy postawią nam kopalnie i huty. Mamy ludzi, którzy mogą zwiększyć ogólny proces budowlany, rolniczy, naukowy itd., ale aby ich stworzyć większej ilości potrzebujemy sporo jedzenia. Nawet mając określoną już jakąś drogę rozwoju i tak nie raz musimy z niej zrezygnować, aby zbudować schrony na zimę, czy może odłożyć zapasy żywności. Dyplomacja to też nie zwykłe gadki-szmatki, ale każda decyzja jaką podejmujemy względem innej frakcji kosztuje nas wpływy, które musimy wpierw wygenerować. Więc ciągle balansujemy między dostepnymi opcjami, inny rozwój podczas zimy, inne priorytety w lato. No i jeszcze bohaterowie, którzy mają swoją drogą rozwoju, zdobywają poziomy, a naszym zadaniem jest wyprodukować im zbroję. Wybieramy drogę pokoju? Nasi bohaterowie mają niskie lvl i jak ktoś nas zaatakuje możemy przegrać - wszystko tu trzeba rozważyć. Dodajmy jeszcze pomysł frakcji mniejszych, które można asymilować i modyfikowac ich jednostki wojenne, plan imprium, który pozwala wybrać czym będziemy się zajmować przez najbliższe tury, targ i... co tu dużo gadać, to trzeba po prostu sprawdzić samemu :D!

Rodzaje zwycięstw są podobne jak w Cywilizacjach: dyplomatyczne, przez dominację, naukowe itd. Jednakże ogarnięcie tych wszystkich opcji może zajać nieco czasu i... dobrze, bo strategia powinna być wyzwaniem. A to wyzwanie rozgrywa się jeszcze w naprawdę pięknej scenerii.

W skrócie:


+ piękna grafika
+ wielość opcji - strategia naprawdę wymaga myślenia
+ można stworzyć swoją własną frakcję, którą będziemy grać
+ pory roku - co prawda tylko dwie, ale między nimi są spore róznice
+ trudność - gra nie jest łatwa, trzeba myśleć o każdej błahostce, bo choć łatwo jest się utrzymac na powierzchni to o wygraną ciężko
+ rozwój postaci - ubiór postaci zalezny w zasadzie od naszych zasobów, można też tworzyć własne projekty jednostek wojskowych
+ frakcje mniejsze - żyją sobie na naszym terenie i są bardzo upierdliwe, dopóki ich nie spacyfikujemy, możemy wykonać dla nich jakies zadanie, albo ich podbić i potem zasymilować, co pozwala nam na budowanie ich jednostek wojskowych, a tych frakcji jest naprawde sporo
+ bitwy - możliwość poprowadzenia ich ręcznie lub automatycznie, znaczenie może mieć nawet ukształtowanie terenu, jeśli dobrze pokombinujemy


- niepełny samouczek - bez zawzięcia i przegrania paru gier, nie da się ogarnąć wszystkiego
- gry z serii endless są połączone. jakiś czas temu twórcy zablokowali mi jedną frakcję, bo rzekomo był bug i powinni ją mieć tylko Ci, kótrzy posiadają inne gry z tej serii, co jest wymuszaniem kupna - bardzo niefajne zagranie
- najwięcej dodatków dostaje się do wykorzystania... na forum... -_-

W zasadzie jestem w stanie polecić tą grę każdemu, ale zaznaczam, że bardzo nie podoba mi się polityka prowadzona względem niej i nie wiem, czy warto to wspierać.
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187 z 199 osób (94%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 3 osób ta recenzja jest zabawna
49.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 14 czerwca
"...an excellent game in a sea of mediocrity..."

Are you looking for a Civ-a-like to play? Don't buy this. Go buy GalCiv 3 instead. Are you looking for a fresh, new look at 4X entirely? You just found it. Before I get into my personal thoughts [the review, essentially] I want to explain why I say this and why I feel how I do about my review, found further below the following four paragraphs.

To say Endless Legend is like Civ just because its a 4X game is like saying a cheesecake is a cake simply because it has the word 'cake' in it, or a pie because its formed like one. Endless Legend may be labeled as a 4X, but neither does it fit into the traditional mold of a 4X nor does it conform to those of its predecessors, the most notable being Civ.

One of the key principal differences, for instance, is that the land is divided into regions. In each region, there may only be one city. That's it. Choose wisely where you place it; finding out later on there are better resources to be had from founding elsewhere will hurt you in the long run. This is particularly notable just starting out. Rush placement for the early settlement lead, or explore a bit for a chance at longer term returns on prosperity in your capital?

Another key notable feature that I like is that each of the major factions not only has a different play style, but has their own major quest as well. Completion of said quest before the final turn results in an automatic win for that faction. [AI opponents do not pursue quests, major or minor] Is it easy? NO. Do you get rewards along the way? Certainly. Are thre rewards worthwhile? Most definitely.

One of the final overhauls I want to mention is the combat system. Rather than Civ's straight out 'this is my unit strength, this is yours, let's do this' system, your units are grouped [as you see fit] into armies. When you engage another army, a small battle map opens and each unit is controlled manually by you, via a directive of three basic commands; attack, defend, hold. Pretty self explanatory. On top of that, there are faction specific and unit based abilities you can use in battle which greatly diversify the depth of combat, instead of just 'surround city with siege units, bombard, invade with one unit when done' as in Civ.

A/V: First off this game is gorgeous. I don't generally place stock on judging a game based on graphics, but it *really* adds to the atmosphere here. The level of detail is incredible. To supplement that, the ambient sound effects and music are just as amazing and deserve an equal amount of praise. The graphics get a small demarkation for having to re-draw everytime you tab out of the fullscreen interface, however. I am hoping this is addressed, but if not its not a major detractor.

Mechanics: As stated above, this game is a fresh look at a genre that, in my opinion, deperately needed new life. Endless Legend is that life, I feel. This game has introduced things in a way no one would likely have ever thought, and the best part is that the community continues to remain a large part of the process the entire way. If you do purchase this [or are on the fence] head over to the Amplitude forums and check out what we have all accomplished. Several dozen features and additions to this and their other two games have been ones suggested by or designed almost completely by the community. I digress, though. All of these mechanics may sound like a steep learning curve, and the first game through it is. After that one game, however, it flows much more logically and you'll likely end up asking yourself how such an amalgalm of crazy ideas never happened before this.

Miscallenous: There are still some bugs and flaws being ironed out, but Amplitude is very studious and responsive about addressing these issues promptly and responding to user feedback on how to resolve these problems until patches are released. There's even a feature in the game to create your own faction with your own selectable traits, including a couple that aren't assigned to a preset faction by default. Amplitude wants this game to be something for *you*, so if none of what I've written grabs you by all means don't feel pressured. If, however, you feel like Civ used to be enjoyable but has seen its days and you need something new, or if you just love fantasy and deep lore based worlds; this is your game.

Overall: I'm not a fan of numbered/aggregate ratings, so I'll just close with this; if you're on the fence after having read what I wrote, buy it. It will not disappoint. Its an excellent game in a sea of mediocrity that more than deserves a chance to shine.
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1,635 z 2,205 osób (74%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 104 osób ta recenzja jest zabawna
88.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 7 maja
So, you see your classmates play 4X games while
awaiting the teacher to arrive, these classmates
of yours with pallid, pale skin and suffer from being
nasal, socially-awkward virgins writing terrible
stories about nuclear weapons and Shadowmen.

Enter the hot Goth chick who walks in with her
cherry red laptop and her confident stride, above
the lowly peons where she sits and broods out of
the window as she awaits her laptop to boot up.

The teacher calls in sick, and it has become a free
period of relaxation. Your nerdy classmates revel
in their hollow victory. The girl simply groans.
Everyone is seen on Steam on their laptops, playing
Civilization V and Civilization: Beyond Earth.

You wade through the list of classmates online when
something catches your eye. _Summer-Rain_ is now
logged in, playing a strange game that you've never
even heard of before this day.

Endless Legend.

You glance at your Gothic princess, whom you catch
looking at you from behind her cherry red laptop.
She averts her eyes, _Summer-Rain_ having been
exposed stealing glances at you. Your heart flutters,
and you gulp down, thinking this may be your chance
for _Summer-Rain_...

You are soon $35.00 poorer as you hope and pray
to whatever dark deity your Gothic princess worships
that the school's pathetic internet connection will
download the game in time before class ends, and it
is as if the demonic forces grant you a full installation.

You enter Endless Legend and quickly scan through
the factions, eight in total:

Wild Walkers (Elves)
Broken Lords (Cool-looking ghost-mummies)
Necrophages (Undead insects)
Ardent Mages (Goths obsessed with self-harm)
Drakken (Dragons)
Cultists (Overzealous, religious cyborgs)
Roving Clans (Arab-Jew Hybrids)
and the Vaulters (The only sane-looking people)

You play it safe and pick the Vaulters.
Even the game tells you they're the best faction
to learn. You have your faction and you join the
open game that _Summer-Rain_ is currently in.

The hexagon tiles rise up and the world loads
before your eyes. You are bombarded with a
never-ending series of information windows and
funny-looking symbols which denote what you
will learn later are the resources of the game,
which are:

Dust (Gold or money of Endless Legend)
Science (Used for research purposes)
Industry (To make your units and upgrade cities)
Food (pretty self-explanatory)
along with a slew of Luxury Resources which are
used for advanced weapons and technologies.

Endless Legend is turn-based, meaning everything
done on a player's turn is crucial. Researching the
wrong technology over a period of turns and not
paying attention to the one you needed would be
disastrous, in addition to not being able to manage
one's economy effectively would lead to the player's
empire to implode upon itself.

After the first 10 turns _Summer-Rain_ appears,
using the Ardent Mages, to no one's surprise.
She hammers upon your fledgling city with an army
using combined-arms tactics, but you are wise to
have fielded a smaller second army and crush her
would-be invasion force.

As you divide and conquer your forces to have one
army go after _Summer-Rain_'s Capital and another
army complete the randomly-generated, scripted
quests which inhabit the world to pursue your Quest
Victory condition, _Summer-Rain_ was hard at work
throwing everything she had into research and began
the construction of a Wonder.

The tides turned with her on the defensive but having
an advantage in building a Wonder this early, you howl
and wail with a succession of armies you continue to
field, even diverting your Questing army to break
through _Summer-Rain_'s territory and assail the city
where her Wonder is being built.

But you are unsure of the exact location and which
city the Wonder is being built at, and before long your
defeat is heralded when your screen is replaced with
the beautifully-illustrated image of an Ardent Mage
standing proudly with the Wonder in the distance.

You slam your fist into your table and your nerdy
classmates glance worriedly before going back to
their futile game of colonizing a small moon as you
hang your head down in shame.

The free period over, everyone packs up and wants
to leave for the next class. You are about to fold
away your laptop when _Summer-Rain_ approaches
you, looking radiant and beautiful.

She smiles and tells you that for a beginner you
weren’t all that bad and that she was going easy on
you. You manage a smile in response, fighting back
your nerves as you tell her that you were intrigued by
Endless Legend and that you swear you didn't read
the on-the-fly descriptions of how to play the game.

_Summer-Rain_ walks past you toward the door
and tells you that she would love to talk to you
all about Endless Legend and the newly-released
Guardians expansion for the game over lunch after
school. Her scent interrupts your logic, her eyes
tease you and her lips smile sincerely.

"You coming?" _Summer-Rain_ calls out.

You nearly stumble over your own words.
"Only if I get to play Endless Legend with you."

She smiles again, nodding.

"I was hoping you'd say that.
It's a date then."

You would go on to date her,
and ultimately, marry her.
The girl of your dreams.
The love of your life.
username _Summer-Rain_

Indeed, love is truly endless.

Endless Legend.

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Everyone throws massive showers of praise on this game, they love the factions, they love the rpg elements, they especiallly love all it's new twists on the 4X stategy genre. And I enjoy these things, the RPG elements with regiments and heroes is really cool, the battles are an interesting twist from the norm, the quests are cool and the factions are all very disinct in look, play and lore.

However, I must stress caution with this game, don't expect a masterpice, becasue it isn't, the increadible amount of praise on this doesn't take into account all of this games problems, which is what i'm going to stress here.

I first played this game when my friend brought it over on his laptop, I would play a few quick, short games and they where so much fun, and indeed the start of the game is a lot of fun. But once I had the game and started longer playthroughs, I began to get bored really quickly. The game is great when you start it up, but as you get further in, it becomes a drag. This is largely the fault of a terrible AI, which isn't a good thing to have in a game for a genre that is heavily reliant on single player.

The Ai just doesn't know how to play this game, it will always build the same armies over and over again, in one playthrough it will build full stacks of Dragonlings, and only that, then next playthrough it will build 6 wyverns and two ancients per army, and thats it, it will take a stack and only build that stack, and this makes battles in one playthrough increadibly repetitie and boring. It's play style will never suit the scenario, andf it will almost never declare war on you. It's increadibly easy to beat as well, and this means that games become a drag to play through till the end.

The quest system, while initially pretty cool, has multiple problems, for one it won't often make sense what it demands of you, for instance it may tell you to conquer a city from someone you've signed an alliance with when there is someone else much closer who isn't your ally. Biggest problem however is that they can become uncompletable very easily. You can get a quest asking you to do something that you've alrady done, and as a result the quest becomes incompletable. I remember with horror when in one of my campaigns I got a quest to increase the population of one of my cities to a certain level, and found that the population was already at that level, and then the quest became incompletable! And this was a faction quest, the kind nessisairy to continue the storyline!

The winter system too, while initially cool (no pun intended), helps this drag as it bcomes more and more frequent the further you go into the game, and this helps add to the drag that you start to feel the further in you go.

There are some other problems, but most of them are really negligable, the biggest dissapointment is that these issues could all be fixed with a better AI, and so it is with a heavy heart that must say i can't recomend this game, despite all the effort in the art style, the lore and all the unique mechanics, the poor AI just makes this game soo boring. So I say don't buy this game, at least not yet, if they fix the AI then it'll have my full recomendation, but until that stage, I just have to say no.
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Im so sorry Civ 5, Endless Legend is just better. Thats not easy for me to say, as i love Civ 5 more than any other game ive ever played. For years ive come back for one more turn, endlessly, never tiring of the game. Untill i bought Endless Legend after seeing it win 2014 game of the year on Rock Paper Shotgun. I bought it, and stumbled through the first few turns of a Drakken playthrough, and realized in those few turns that i was suddenly tired of Civ 5. I have said, "man i wish that feature was in here" or "they should but this and that in Civ BE (which they didnt) or "this needs to change in Civ 6" a million times. And all those changes i ever wanted were already there in endless legend. Entire armies of only unique units. Truly fully cusumizable units. Cities can expand in physical size on the map and encompass more tiles, till the planet looks like Coruscant. Truly unique factions, not just a weak bonus and one unique unit, i mean the factions are unreacognizable from each other. I mean one faction can even MOVE its cities somewhere else. Or this other one can literaly trick other players into siging and agreement that they dont want. another action quite literary feeds on the flesh of the other factions for growth. They are all truly disticnt, unlike civ 5 and BE's stale factions and units. If you were whatching a game were you couldnt see the name of a factions cities and could not see there factions color on civ 5, you probly couldnt tell two factions arpart, untill one of them builds there only unique unit. That will never be a problem in EL. Not only is every unit unique, but the city art is so lovingly crafted, a glance at a city and you know what faction owns it. Each faction has radically diferent architechture from the others. But enough on the aesthetic part of the game. The gameplay is something to behold. Because gameplay is different for all factions, ill just cover the basics. There are regions. Only one city cam be built in a region, and that city is named after the region its constructed in. Once a cities constructed, a farm or any other tile improvement (called exploitations) are automatically built on the tiles surrounding a city. As your population grows, you gain workers. Workers dont roam the map, but instead are assigned in cities to work a specific type of tile, not an individual tile. Cities expand to new tiles by building districts, which expands the size of the city by adding a new bock. Coin is replaced by dust, which is money, and has magical purposes as well. Luxary resoursces are used to create empire boost, which cost a amount of resource, so having large quanities of the smae luxary is very beneficial. Ifluence is used to make deals, and assimilate villages, which are a mix of barbarians and city states. There are so many diferent systems in this game i cant possilby cover them all. Just buy the game and play it.
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