In the 23rd century the human race has taken to the stars. From your beginnings on Earth, build a civilization that can stand the test of time in the largest space-based strategy game of all time. Join the adventure!
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18 жовтня

The elf is back and more

The lead developer of Galactic Civilizations I and II has returned after a multi-year maternity leave. She's rejoined the team and you will soon begin to see her contributions in game.

It's an exciting time to be a GalCiv III player. We've staffed up over the Summer and have been working on the next big expansion along with what will eventually be called v1.9 of GalCiv III.

There's no particular theme for v1.9 other than trying to make the galaxy a bit more organic. Smarter AI, better diplomacy, tweaks to balance and performance.

On the expansion side, well...that's a different story. The next expansion, due out early next year, is designed to revisit pretty much everything in the game, particularly in the area of economics and foreign policy and planetary invasions.

We've been having a blast talking to GalCiv fans. There's a wish list thread that we mine heavily for ideas. We usually don't comment but we regularly will print out forum comments from or from the Steam forum and discuss them.

Stay tuned!

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23 серпня

New Campaign, Ship Parts and Styles in The Altarian Prophecy DLC

Face Down Enemies and Forge New Alliances in The Altarian Prophecy DLC
Check out the new campaign and explore new ship parts and styles for more customization

New Campaign
Discover the story of the alliance between mankind and the Altarians! Spanning 3 missions, you must do whatever it takes to overcome the Dominion of the Korx and their mysterious masters, the Drath.

New Ship Styles
Customize your ships with classic ship styles! This DLC includes the Drath and Korx styles.

New Ship Parts
Explore dozens of classic ship parts and build some of your favorite Galactic Civilizations II ships.

The Altarian Prophecy DLC is now available over at Steam or Stardock.

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“The new gold standard in 4X space strategy”
9/10 – GameWatcher

“Such a wealth of victory conditions and customization options that the experience feels new with every playthrough.”
8.6/10 – IGN

“A mix of familiar mechanics and new ideas that can keep both fans and newcomers occupied for a frighteningly long period of time.”
9/10 – Softpedia

Про цю гру

The human race has finally mastered faster-than-light travel opening up the stars for exploration and colonization. As the leader of the newly formed Terran Alliance, you will guide humanity's expansion into becoming a space-based civilization. Soon, you will discover that we are not alone. Alien civilizations with their own histories and motivations are expanding as well. Research new technology, design starships, negotiate trade and treaties, wage wars, colonize new worlds, construct starbases in the largest 4X strategy game ever made. And when you've finished that, play again as one of the many included alien civilizations each with its own history, technology tree, ship components and more.


Each new game offers an array of options as you set it up - choose your map size, abundance of planets and resources, frequency of events, and more for a unique play experience every time. Galactic Civilizations III also removes linear victory conditions and offers you multiple objectives that you can choose to pursue in order to win, such as military conquest, cultural domination, technological ascension, or political alliances. The new multiplayer capabilities also allow you to expand your challenges and fights beyond an AI in order to face off against fellow players. All of this, topped with a rich and in-depth custom ship designer ensure an immersive and exciting experience as you decide how to rule your galaxy.


  • Never the same game twice: Play in the ultimate sandbox where each game has a unique map, worlds, and challenges to face -- all on a massive scale. Play against 16 to 100 opponents.
  • Multiple paths to victory: Win through military conquest, cultural domination, technological ascension, or political alliance.
  • Create your own history: Each sandbox game lets you create a new future history for your civilization.
  • Story-based campaign: Learn the ancient histories of the alien civilizations and one possible future for the human race.
  • Massive technology tree: Research a technology tree with immense breadth and depth. Each playable faction has their own unique specializations. Your choice determines how you play and win.
  • Faction & Ship Customization: Create a civilization with its own look, ships, technologies, and even options for how the AI will use them.
  • Multiplayer: Play online with friends with full support for custom civilizations, saved multiplayer games, and much more.
  • A deep economy: Every world is unique with many different resources that can change the course of your strategy each game.
  • Planetary Governors: Utilize individual planetary leaders to govern your worlds, deciding what improvements to build and when, which leaves you to focus on larger strategic goals.

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    • ОС: 64-bit Windows 10 / 8.x / 7
    • Процесор: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD K10 Dual-Core
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 4 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: 512 MB DirectX 10.1 Video Card (AMD Radeon HD5x00 Series / Nvidia GeForce 500 Series / Intel HD 4000 or later)
    • DirectX: версії 10
    • Мережа: Широкосмугове підключення до інтернету
    • Місце на диску: 12 GB доступного місця
    • Звукова карта: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • ОС: 64-bit Windows 10 / 8.x / 7
    • Процесор: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor or Equivalent
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 6 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: 1 GB DirectX 10.1 Video Card
    • DirectX: версії 10
    • Мережа: Широкосмугове підключення до інтернету
    • Місце на диску: 15 GB доступного місця
    • Звукова карта: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
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Додано: 2 березня 2015 р.
Понравилась, но пока бета, все тормозит, долго запускается, сильно нагружает процессор, очень тяжелая игра. Но в целом игра хорошая, но не за эти деньги, дорого продают - мало дают.
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28.2 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 12 червня 2015 р.
The game is basically in Beta. Not really good for playing. User Experience is on the low side with things not working as they should. Also, the game is immensely complicated and has no guide. The tutorial is poor right now. And you can't really properly play it until you know the rules.
The price is on the high side, though. I would recommend to stay away until the game gets really finished, if it does. I'm not sure if GalCiv 2 had a proper guide. It seems like with intense development the devs will take like 6+ months to polish it to something playable.
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