The latest installment of one of the highest-rated strategy series of all time, Galactic Civilizations III challenges players to build an empire that dominates the galaxy through conquest, diplomacy, cultural hegemony, or scientific research.
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Дата на излизане: 14 август 2014

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Игра в „Ранен достъп“

Получете незабавен достъп до играта и се ангажирайте с нейното развитие.

Забележка: Докато трае разработката на тази игра от „Ранен достъп“, е възможно по нататък тя да се промени или не. Ако не сте въодушевени да я играете в текущото ѝ състояние, тогава ще е по-добре да изчакате. Вижте дали тя ще придобие по-завършен вид. Научете още

Какво имат да кажат разработчиците:

Защо „Ранен достъп“?

“Stardock has always believed in extensive pre-release testing periods for our games. Involving our fans earlier in the process allows us to gather crucial gameplay, design, and balance feedback. Getting the game out on thousands of machines is a key part of hardware compatibility testing for us as well.”

Приблизително колко дълго тази игра ще бъде в „Ранен достъп“?

“Galactic Civilizations III will be in Early Access until April 2015, according to our current schedule (which is of course subject to change).”

Как ще се различава планираната пълна версия от тази в „Ранен достъп“?

“Currently, the beta is fun but incomplete – though it’s getting close! Custom races, the planetary invasion viewer, and the tutorial are the only major features yet to be added, and they should make it into the next and final major update in late March. The AI will continue to improve throughout the beta, and balance and polish are never-ending tasks.”

Какво е текущото състояние на версията в „Ранен достъп“?

“Multiplayer is fully functional. Core gameplay systems work. AI is pretty dumb by 2015 standards. We think what’s in is pretty fun, though. The biggest improvements between beta and release at this point will be (massive) AI improvements and something approaching actual balance.”

Ще има ли разлика в цената на играта по време на „Ранен достъп“ и след това?

“Galactic Civilizations III may be part of promotions both during the Early Access period and after, but the base price will remain $49.99.”

Как се планирате да ангажирате общността в процеса на разработка?

“We’ve already gotten a ton of valuable feedback from our community, both on design/gameplay issues as well as help in tracking down bugs. We actively monitor the forums both on Steam and at, and we do weekly livestreams at where lead designer Paul Boyer shows off internal builds and answers community questions as well as soliciting feedback on specific design points that we’re actively working on.”
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Забележка: 64-bit Windows Required

You must be running 64-bit Windows 7 or later to play Galactic Civilizations III. This requirement allows us to create the largest, most advanced, strategy game possible.

Закупуване на Galactic Civilizations III


Препоръчано от куратори

"Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock was victim of corrupt journalism when a false claim of sexual harassment was spread on the internet."

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22 януари

The Battle Viewer Arrives Today With Beta 4

The day is upon us! Revel in the terrible might of your grand fleets, witnessing their deadly grace with the power of the brand-new battle viewer in Galactic Civilizations III Beta 4!

Beta 4 isn't just the addition of the real-time battle viewer, though, sweet as it is. Today we've also got a whole bunch of gameplay additions and tweaks for you:

Extreme worlds extend the colonization race throughout the game by unlocking valuable new worlds with advanced technology. Every colony is precious, so you'll have to make the tough decisions between racing for the techs that let you land on these rich new planets and all of the other directions you can focus your research in.

The Ideology revamp dramatically changes that whole system. Now you progress down five different branches of each ideology, going deep or wide or some combination of the two. How does finding hidden planets, or adding a free fighter escort to every fleet sound? Sounds like it's time to beeline some ideological improvements, that's what. Oh, and the ideology screen is just slightly prettier than the old version.

Gigantic and Immense map sizes are our biggest yet. There should probably be a prize for winning one of these monsters before the game comes out. Of course, there's still Insane to come...

And of course, the battle viewer is in. Pause, replay, and play with several camera modes to get the best angle on the sweet, sweet flaming death your fleets launch at the enemy. It is not interactive; Galactic Civilizations III is a game about huge space empires, not battle tactics.

Read the full patch notes for all the gory details.

Thanks as always for your support, and happy conquering!

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11 декември 2014

Galactic Civilizations III Beta 3 Now Available

Weak fleshlings beware, the Yor Singularity has arrived!

Beta 3 adds everyone’s favorite synthetic sociopaths, who laugh at the idea of feeding their colonists or worrying about growth rates. Need more population? Just build some new units to augment the Singularity’s physical capabilities. Simple.

Also included in Beta 3 are big-moment cinematics done by our in-house team to mark occasions like your first capital ship launched or first colony founded, and our first pass at combat animations including visible damage states for starships.

We’ve also dropped in unique art for many events, made the UI reflect your empire’s color (GalCiv III is approximately 62% less blue, on balance), added a ton of (perfectly realistic) sound effects to many objects in space, completely overhauled balance, and much more.

Read the full patch notes here:

Thanks for helping us beta test Galactic Civilizations III! Please drop us your feedback and bug reports on the Steam forums or official boards, and swing by our weekly livestream (Fridays at 3pm Eastern) to get a sneak peek of the latest build and ask lead designer Paul Boyer your questions.

Happy conquering!

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“One of the greatest 4X games of all time finally gets a follow-up”
PC Gamer

“I had a really good time with it. I got sucked into the "one more turn" mentality for hours.”

“The sci-fi setting, highly-detailed ships, and immersive galaxies take the game a step above the current competition.”

Design your own ships!

Относно тази игра

Galactic Civilizations III is the premier space strategy game. The latest installment of one of the highest-rated strategy series of all time, created by the original developers at Stardock, Galactic Civilizations III challenges players to build an empire that dominates the galaxy through conquest, diplomacy, cultural hegemony, or scientific research.

The stars are yours, if you can balance the demands of expansion, exploration, diplomacy, and all-but-inevitable galactic warfare. Careful strategy, not twitch reflexes, lead to victory in this turn-based strategy epic.

Online multiplayer comes to Galactic Civilizations for the first time in Galactic Civilizations III. Conquer the galaxy alongside your friends or battle for supremacy in titanic clashes.

Feature List for Beta 4 (v0.70)

  • Conquer the stars
    Play as the Terran Alliance, Drengin Empire, Altarian Resistance, Iridium Corporation, Krynn Syndicate or Yor Collective
  • Compete with friends
    Up to 4-player online multiplayer for the first time in franchise history
  • Explore random maps
    Tiny/small/medium/large/huge/gigantic and immense maps available, larger still in development
  • Colonize new worlds
    Develop and terraform habitable planets into teeming tourist paradises, hellish forgeworlds, and anything in between
  • Make friends, extort enemies
    Diplomacy allows rich interactions between empires
  • Titanic deep-space clases
    Admire your fleet's destructive potential in the real-time battle viewer
  • Race-specific technology
    Each race moves through the Ages of Expansion, War, and Ascension its own way
  • Unique factions
    Each of the eight races play differently, like the Yor who completely ignore farming and growth rules
  • Design your starfleet
    Powerful ship designer lets players design ships from scratch or take advantage of pre-made blueprints
  • Choose your ideology
    Gain unique bonuses by following pragmatic, benevolent, or merciless paths
  • Mine galactic resources
    Miraculous materials like the antimatter around black-hole event horizons go into the construction of the most powerful warships
  • Win your way
    Spread your empire across the galaxy through force, diplomacy, science or culture

Future Features

  • Additional races
    Play as the Thalan Contingency or Iconian Refuge
  • Design your own race
    Nearly every racial attribute is open to customization
  • Planetary invasions
    Oversee your troops bringing enemy colonies under your control
  • Minor factions
    Conquer or befriend races that don’t share your galactic ambitions
  • Best-in-class AI
    64-bit game engine allows incredibly complex artificial intelligence routines, which grow smarter over time as the AI learns from every game it plays
  • Single-player campaign
    Continue the epic storyline of the Galactic Civilizations series
  • Guided tutorial
    Lean to play Galactic Civilizations III with an interactive tutorial mode
  • And lots more!

Системни изисквания

    • OS: 64-bit Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD K10 Dual-Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB DirectX 10.1 Video Card (AMD Radeon HD5x00 Series / Nvidia GeForce 500 Series / Intel HD 4000 or later)
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor or Equivalent
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB DirectX 10.1 Video Card
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
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Публикувани: 1 януари
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
I play a lot of 4x space games and GC II was one of the best. I was excited when I saw GC3! This game is going to be really good but, being in beta, it still has a lot of issues and problems with strange freezes and minor bugs. You can definately see the potential in this game but it is nowhere near finished. I recommend waiting until full release or buying it on sale. Full price for an unfinished game is a bit lame.

I am going to give this a thumbs up based on its potential and what it is going to be (you can easily see the potential in this beta), but currently as is I can't recommend it.
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2 човека намериха тази рецензия за забавна
57.6 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 6 януари
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
This Game is great, having lots of fun and I can tell it will be lightyears ahead of the earlier instalments in the franchise. However, this is an early access game with all the bugs and incomplete features that come with it and is NOT worth the $55 payment.

My advice, wait for the full release or until it's on sale at $25-$30 because as of right now it is a grossly overpriced, unfinished game.

PS: I do plan on giving this game a thumbs up once it's fully released or the price drops.
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7 от 9 човека (78%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
81.7 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 8 януари
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
I like the game but found there to be too many bugs to be enjoyable. I created a ship using the Ship Designer and it worked fine (at first) then I created another ship spending 45minutes getting it just the way I like it. I went to save the ship as a template so that I could change the loadout on it when the game saved the file as my original design! I lost all that work that I put into the ship and will never see it again! This is the frustrating part of playing a beta, the bugs are frustrating. I have since tried to make several quick test ships and they all have the same problem, they all save as the first ships design. When I highlight the template to try and delete it the game crashes.

I like the concept, but wish I had waited for the full release. I cant at this time recommend this game until the bugs are worked out and all the functions are functioning.

*UPDATE* My game, much to my surprise has miraculously made a full recovery. I did nothing but log in one day just to see if I could correct the issue and found that the issue has corrected itself! With Crashgate behind me and a good 20hrs sunk into this game, I can now reccomend it. However, there is a caveat attatched, your individual results may vary when playing this game and you could grow to have a love hate relationship with it (in Beta). That said, I do like the game when working properly, AI is weak but that is common knowledge and the game could do with some better dialogue but all in all a very enjoyable experience when working properly.

I would like to see the diplomacy improved a bit though (probably already being worked on by the devs) but I just find it a little disconnected for example I'm at war with the Yor, and I open up diplomacy and they talk to me as if we're best friends and yet their status is furious. Things like that take away from the experience, but as I said the Devs are probably already on it.

I would also like to encounter more random things in the galaxy like space born lifeforms etc just to give the game some more depth, suprise and intrigue.

In it's current state when working properly I'd rate the game a 7.0 out of 10 and that is without a lot of the features in the game being active.
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2 от 3 човека (67%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
4.9 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 22 януари
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
this game is or more will be great i have enjoyed what i have been able to play which is my first complaint but ill get to that later. honestly i cant wait for it to be done as it rivals many games out there with what you can do; there is a very fun and kinda finicky ship builder function that really is my favourite feature of this game, of what i have been able to play the different galaxy types and sizes are serious matters as to how you buld yourself.
HOWEVER this game is still a BETA and as such has problems mostly being that it crashes........a lot actually i havent had a single game where ive even met an ai
which normally would be something of a topic for any bdy wether you are thnking of getting it or already have it or what have you i have yet to make contact and as such cant say a thing.
i feel that if i had played either GC1 or GC2 i might have gotten more out of te story and what i hope to be the rich background behind each of te factions/races/whatnot i still felt that each one was unique and that they all have thyre own stuff in the ship builder(props to them that must have been really painstakingly boring/time consuming).

all in all its fun but its a beta
5/10 for now (mostly due to the crashes and lack of content)
but i hope / expect that to go up to either 8 or 9 out of 10
thanks for the great game PLEASE UPDATE MORE XD
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110 от 120 човека (92%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
76.3 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 14 декември 2014
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
I was a huge fan of GC2, and purchased the beta several months ago. While the rollout of the beta updates has been slower than I would like, the game is finally at a point where it is playable. It still needs a lot of work and a significant ramp-up of the AI, but I am starting to see the game take the shape I was hoping it would.

Note that I have played every AI difficultly so far.

Feedback for the designers:
- The game engine is running well. I rarely see a point where it is just sitting there processing something or slow/clipping. Keep up the good work as everything is added in!
- Have the AI place a higher price on their ships. I am able to trade for a enemy ship with cash only and pay FAR less than it would cost me to rush production. The price for a trade or a rush should be a lot closer. This is most evident in the initial survey ship. I find it hilarious that I can quick research Universal Translator and immediately buy everyone else's survey ship by trading open borders and a small amount of cash, leaving all anomylies on the map to me only (which pays back that cash VERY quickly, not to mention the awesome bonuses).
- The price they place on their starbases is more appropriate than the ships, but could also be raised a bit (especially mid-to-late game).
- Have the AI be more effective when trading techs with each other, and come to the human player with trading opportunities. It is almost laughable that I can "make the rounds" in the diplomacy window every 25 or 30 turns, only trade one of my techs, re-trade everyone else, and end up so far ahead in tech, cash, and ships as a result.
- The Ultra-Terraformer is TOO EPIC! If it is that powerful it should cost a lot more of research or the AI should place a lot higher value on that line of research. So far, I have been able to ping-pong back and forth between manufacturing and research techs (keeping tech pace with the other races through trading), then start researching the terraforming line once the majority of my planets have built the majority of their buildings. Once I get to Ultra-Terraformer, the game is essentially over because I am able to build top-tier ships in a single turn due to the manufacturing adjacency bonuses. Another example is that with only 2 economic-centric planets I was able to get a per-turn income of 8K just from those 2 planets; no more need to trade techs...just buy them from the other races!
- I'm not certain how the Hyperion Shrinker actually works. The ship designer doesn't allow me to build a design specific to a shipyard (that I can tell), and the help text on the Shrinker seems to indicate that it only affects the shipyard the planet is sponsoring. Am I able to fit in more ship components on my Shrinker planet somehow? Or is the help text just wrong and it actually applies globally?
- I have run into many crashes, which have mostly been a result of me trying to perform operations too quickly or taking actions while a turn was running. I assume that these crashes are reported to you automatically, but might it help if you pop'd up a message window on crash where I could explain what I was doing? In many cases, I could almost write the bug report for you because by the 2nd or 3rd crash repeat (loading from autosave) I have a very good idea of what type of (if not the exact repeatable) action that I know caused the crash.
- After playing around with the various "Rare, Uncommon, Common, Abundant" settings, I am a bit confused by how the map creator determines what is actually generated. It would be great if you could provide an approximate number of black holes, stars, planets, ratio of habitable planets, etc on the game creation screen so that I could adjust the dropdowns so that the map is created how I expect. My personal ideal map for small and medium sizes consists of 2-3 habitable star systems per race which contain a total of 4-5 habitable planets within the system group. So for 6 players I would want between 12-18 stars with habitable planets and 24-30 habitable planets spread amongst them, but I am having trouble determining how to get the generator to actually create that consistently.
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Публикувани: 19 август 2014
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
When is beta a beta?
When about half of the UI buttons are greyed-out and read "COMING SOON" and your game is missing one of its' major mechanics (the Diplomacy in its' entirety)... Yeah, I'm sorry Stardock, but you don't get to call your game a "beta" yet. Late-alpha at most. Certainly nowhere near beta.
When the chance of getting the game running off the bat is something of a 50-50 due to a graphical bug that can render all UI text invisible, you're not a beta.
Now, I only recently got into the Gal Civs 3 "beta" but from what I've gathered on the game's forum, that little issue has been around since the last apha build. So there's that to look forward to if you just got the game.
The issue's "easily averted" by telling the game to not use your dedicated graphics card. And once you're past that, well then- Welcome to Gal Civs 3: COMING SOON. Ok, I won't rip on an Early Access game for not having all its' features present. But really?
"Beta" implies you're "feature-complete". I.e- you've implemented all of the major mechanics and features you intend for your game and are balancing and tweaking them for best effect, along with dusting for the odd bug.
The current state of the Gal Civs 3 "Beta 1" is missing all sorts of features. From tactical combat to the above-mentioned Diplomacy mechanic. Instead, once you meet another faction you're immediately considered "at war forever", which makes playing against more than one opponent tricky at best since they will all kinda gang-up on you. Even if they them selves are technically at war with eachother, the AI will much prefer targeting your ships and colonies over other factions'.
Targeting ships and other stellar... targets (wow, such vocabulary) in itself is kind of underwhelming since fleets in themselves aren't really a thing yet either. Meaning most of the combat will involve single ships. Winners are auto-determined by a stat-check and apparently nobody bothered telling captains that retreat is an option.
The game also seems to have a hard time letting go of its' pre-made ship designs. It generates a "new version" of the stock designs every time you unlock a new technology (even if it had nothing to do with spaceships). What's either sadder or funnier about it (also irritating) is that they're not even slightly different than the previous version it gave you. Unless you've unlocked a new module, that Corvette M1459 will be the same as the Corvette M1458. It just adds the next number up after the name of the design. No, game... I know you spent many a sleepless night over those blueprints but why would I use designs that are inferior to the ones I come up with. That and mine are inspired by Star Trek... Yours look good and all, but again... Star. Trek. (I mean the designer literally has all the parts you need to make your own TOS Enterprise or TNG Warbird.)
Speaking of the ship designer. Who's the genious that made the background pitch black and then gave the parts' no lighting effects when viewed from below? I already wear glasses. You're not helping, game... The camera controls are also glitchy at times and somewhat frustrating, but that can be deat with. The designer also fails to tell you what direction is forward. Or to give you a unified indication of which direction you're augmenting a part (dimensions are relative in space). So if you ever wanted to see how the USS Enterprise moves in reverse... You can do that...
Other than that, I don't have any major complaints. Some part models are missing thumbnails and the player-made ships don't have thumbnails as well, but at this time, that's a non-issue.
The designer is really impressive, quirks aside. Other "reviewers" compare it to the Spore one, since I'm guessing the one from Gal Civs 2 is before their time. But to compare it to its' past iterration would be like comparing a crossbow and a rifle.
Although not that graphically advanced, the fidelity of the game's textures is impressive. I can see why they're going for the whole "64-bit development only". And both the devs and I do mean it- if you're hoping to somehow frankenstein this on a 32-bit machine- forget it, the warning at the top of the Steam page is there for a reason. Even the smallest maps available are quite big and the game renders everything at all times. Ship icons on the map are the fully-rendered model of the ship in question, rendered to its' fullest. There can be a dozen black holes on the map, all animated and spinning at all times, as well as stars with planets and moons; and although planets don't spin around their suns (yet?), the moons do. There's also nebulae, dust clouds and asteroid fields, as well as randomly generated wormholes that can be used as shortcuts around the map (if you don't mind not knowing where you'll end up). And everything's always on. For all factions. The game doesn't drop a single model off memory.
Which means that A) It runs like a truck. Alt-Tabbing is guresome, albeit not impossible, even when running it in a window. Loading times are also a pain. With optimisation it's probably gonna get better. But then again B) The actual in-game response is really nice. Once everything's been loaded at least once, the only long waits you're gonna have are if you're loading between multiple saves. You'll still get the odd stutter but that's usually when the game autosaves and takes only a second.
The technology and ideology trees are vast. Really, really vast. If you thought the "tech-web" from the upcoming Civ: Beyond Earth was staggering... This might just one-up it. While not an "interconnecting web with randomised technologies" and still sticking to the tried-and-true linear tree, each faction gets its' own, separate, technologies with different benefits, increasing the variety available to the player. The whole "age of expansion, war and ascention" thing means that at certain times, different techs will cost more or less turns, depending on what tree they're from. Since the ages actually progress as you research technologies under them, it also means that you can't actually research every single technology (as far as I can assume, haven't gotten to the end yet; will change as I do).
The ideology system is equally interesting, albeit as of yet not fully-featured. As you colonise worlds you'll get events with a Pragmatic, Benevolent or Merciless resolution. Each adding to a pool of points you can spend towards some form of passive benefit. That's pretty much all there's to it right now but I'm intrigued at how they advance this feature.
And that sums it up, for now. The AI is from what I can tell limited to "expand as much as possible and produce as many ships as possible" which usually means they have control of about half the map by the time you encounter them and from then-on you get regularly assaulted by the stock "bomber" ships of the faction of your choosing, only later, and then still rarely, being "graced" by a larger vessel's incursion. Imagine someone releasing a swarm of mosquitoes that only comes in small waves and you have a bug-zapper and infinite supply of repellant. Not really a challenge unless on higher difficulties but I'm expecting that to change once they add Diplomacy and fully-feature the tactical combat.
Other than that, I have nothing else to say about the Galactic Civilisations 3 "Beta".
Due to Steam insisting on the "yay-or-nay" system, I'm going to "thumb up" this just because I have faith in the franchise.
However. I will insist on what I said in the begining. A "beta" is "feature-complete" and Gal Civs 3 is anything but that. Do not buy into it at its' current version ("Beta 1"/Ver 0.40) unless you're absolutely OK with not having a fully-featured game. As a long-stanging Kerbal Space Program fan, I can deal with that. But you need to answer that question for yourself. Think before you buy.

Addendum: I would strongly recommend the opt-in patch.
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20.6 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 17 август 2014
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
This game is great, in its current state you can have hours of fun in a single battle spanning over a large map. I like the research as it currenty is and the shipbuilder looks like its going to be the best of its kind, its actually very similar to the spore animal builder but looks like it'll work a lot better. Its in a great state for an early-mid alpha and a rock solid foundation for the best GalCiv game yet.

Unfortunatly thats why and the only reason why I've given it a thumbs down, they are selling it as a beta, I bought it as a beta only to boot it up and find its nowhere near out of alpha. I can't even get more than 3 ships in a fleet vet which is making battles quite difficult later on. Probably a good 50% of features are missing.

However I will change my review when this changes and the version actually represents the game state. I'm sure this is going to an excellent game, just don't expect to get a feature filled game, its not beta yet.

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9.1 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 14 август 2014
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
Having spent many, many hours playing "Galactic Civilizations II", I was really excited to get my hands on this. It's a for 4x space strategy game for the uninitiated, but much more than that for those familiar with its inner workings. For one, you can custom design your own ships from the ground up as opposed to being restricted to certain designs. "Galactic Civilizations III" dances to a familiar tune but introduces some new gameplay mechanics (like Ideology) that fans of "Sid Meier's Civilization V" will be familiar with (it's similar to culture). Having played the Beta for some time (I managed to get early access), I'm pleased to report that it's shaping up to be everything I expected and more.

While I explore this game more, feel free to check out an hour's worth of Beta footage via the below videos:
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233 от 349 човека (67%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
5.2 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 15 август 2014
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
Let me start out by saying this will be an amazing game. I picked it up last night when it hit Beta. I have played alot of Beta and Alpha games, this my friends is Alpha no two ways about it.

So unless you are into Alpha testing and feedback wait a bit on this one.
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Публикувани: 5 август 2014
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Buying this, when I did, was not a good idea. The game is quite a bit earlier in the developement cycle than I had thought. Advancement is slow with some updates being made every 30 or 40 days. To say that the game is currently "playable" is a large stretch with very few game types functional and very few races available but there is no way to actually finish a game presently. The ship designer kind of works, and you can research stuff (well, you can pick stuff), but there is no combat at the moment.

I wouldn't drop this kind of money on an unfinished product again. I know these guys will finish this and do damned good job, but it is too much money for a game that is a long way off with too many things that can happen between now and then. I'm also a little angry because it is totally diminishing my anticipation of the finished game when it releases. I've unistalled it.
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Публикувани: 17 октомври 2014
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I'll have to agree with some of the reviews I've seen for this game. This game is NOT in beta, its in early alpha. LOTS of features are missing and there are alot of broken mechanics still but otherwise with what works its a great game. I enjoy the ship customization as I can tell the advansment from the second game. I can see once this game is released it'll be a great turned based strategy game that me and my friends will be having lots of fun with! Its definitely a recommend game if your alright with LOTS of bugs and features just not being there, but at launch I'd definitely say pick it up!
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Публикувани: 15 ноември 2014
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I tried out Gal Civ 2 first when it was deeply discounted after seeing the demo of Gal Civ 3. As many are saying there are a lot of features that seem unfinshed and many of the tech tree options are still unfinished preventing some aspects of the game from being fully reailzed. I would consider it Beta not Alpha because you can play the game to learn the basics and there are many techs to explore. The ai can also easliy beat you if you make mistakes in choices.

I would say the early price was a bit high but again I purchased it at a slight discount.

One of the things that really affects your game overall is something I noticed in the last couple of games. The ships do not always move every turn while I am sure the ai ships do every turn. I have noticed that at times if you do not monitor and move some ships manually they will not move every turn on a pretedermined path set by you.

As well unless I missed it there needs to be some sort of notification when a construction vessel arrives at a starbase. I may have missed the quick way to check it but on a huge map tracking every ship and having to check every starbase for potential upgrades gets annoying.

The ship movement issue is not a Gal Civ issue alone. There are other games that I own that have similar issues but use different game engines. Hopefully it will be resolved.

Overall I would say it is a worthwhile game that looks just like Gal Civ 2 with added features that in time if the MP works well will make this a game worth having.
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Публикувани: 5 октомври 2014
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UPDATE AS OF NOV: I am upset that the game is on sale 50% on the Stardock website with no mention of it being a beta. I paid $45 for what was an alpha and now they are selling it for $22 -- and the game still doesn't even have combat.

The only rationale for this I can think of for this is that they expect the game will suck when completed and want to sell as much as possible now.


I do believe this game WILL earn a recommendation, and therefore I am cautiously assigning it now.

BUT BE WARNED: as of October this is more of an Alpha than a Beta. It is not that fun to play yet, as tactical combat and diplomacy are still forthcoming. The game structure is strong, and I believe it WILL be better than most 4x space sims out now ... but not yet.

I have faith that Stardock is working hard on this at the moment, but I may change this to not recommended if progress slows too much. (I am not really a fan of this -- "pay for it now, you will get it later" business model but I just couldn't resist trying the game when given the chance)
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Публикувани: 1 декември 2014
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This game is fun and while it possess the same framework as the last it has several modified and added features.
+Same game interface as before but more polished
+added resource management (antimatter, and others)
+possible carrier building? (implemented later perhaps)
+Great ship designer
+Rememable enemies with their own personalities
+Interesting way of building on planetary screen (upgrades buildings automatically).

-Economy needs a little work, a little easy to manipulate and manage
-Random events, probelly implemented later
-Lack of a governance screen to manage your colonies besides the default side panel. Almost feel as though they limit the quantity of planets to restrict the gamer from having to many to manage.

Overall great but it still has room for improvement as of Dec 1st, 2014.
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Публикувани: 19 декември 2014
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This is going to be soooo good when its finished. Its polished looks good and plays well and its still only beta.
Needs work on
-A few missing features
-A few small UI nags
-Campaign (STORY PLEASE!)
That is literally it
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Публикувани: 23 ноември 2014
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Even though this game is in beta it show's great promise. The developers have made some meaningful changes from its predecessor. In its current beta version it is feature rich but not feature complete. It also shows a exceptional amount of polish.

It is much more than just a GC2 on steroids!

Keep up the great work!
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Публикувани: 27 октомври 2014
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Well as a player of the older Galactic Civilizations games i can say im liking the way this is looking. Though i do have to agree that right now its still an alpha. Many of the features havent been implemented and a decent amount of the UI is still greyed out. For now i give it a thumbs up.
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Публикувани: 7 ноември 2014
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((Game still in Beta))

So far the management system is looking rather good. I like how the next button does not show up if you have an idle ship, planet, research, or space dock. At first I was not sure about it, but now I find that it’s actually rather helpful, to let me know if I have a ship I forgot and its doing nothing. So good job on that.

About the diplomatic system. I think its not complete. There was one bill that came in to abolish all current wars, and everyone voted yes, but the 2 wars I was in was not abolished and I was still being attacked. Also there was an election for the chair and the two races I was at war with voted for me. That kinda seems odd, I thought they would vote against me. So perhaps the AI needs some tweaking.

The Difficulty. Maybe the difficulty settings are not complete, but I was playing on the easiest that it allows, and I still found it to be a bit hard. I am a casual gamer. In Galactic Civilizations II, there was a good range of difficulty, the where even some settings that where too easy for me, and some that are too hard. But in GC III, the lowest setting is a bit too hard for a low setting, so I hope even lower, and perhaps higher settings will come in eventually.

I have noticed sometimes while I am in the manage dialogue box for a planet, and hover over a bonus slot, the details are not completely readable due to the box not being big enough.

There is one thing I am hoping that would be added. Galactic Civilizations II for me was nearly a perfect game. It had so many propertys that where awesome about it. but there was one downfall in my opinion. The combat system. Its okay being able to see the battle conspire, but it was still a bit lame. I hope that in Galactic Civilizations III there would be a combat system similar to Star Wars Empire at War. Being able to command the ships you build in battle would greatly take this game to the next level. And I am sure many would agree.
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Публикувани: 19 декември 2014
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So far they have improved on every part of this game. Except for the tech tree. So much harder to use now, and that makes it harder to plan out your game. Once you get the hang of the new tree though (again you should't have to the old tech tree was great) It's like playing a nicer version of Galactic Civ II. This is a great game and I can't wait to see what they did with the story. I highly recomend buying and playing this game.
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Публикувани: 18 август 2014
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Definitely another recommended Gal Civ game for the collection! The ship creator is amazing and can only get better, the AI currently is under development, however is suitable for the needs of brutally testing the mechanics of the game. More to come on my review. I've posted a few posts in the forums regarding my bug reports and recommendations, however the developers are active and naturally I feel this will be a great addtion to the GalCiv collection!
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