Take to the streets for intense close quarters combat, where a team's survival depends upon securing crucial strongholds and destroying enemy supply in this multiplayer and cooperative Source Engine based experience.
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Date de parution: 22 jan 2014

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"An enjoyable team-focused modern military shooter with a flare for the realistic. A very tense and rewarding experience, not for the easily frustrated."
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22 janvier

One Year Anniversary Livestream

To celebrate one year since Insurgency’s release, we’ll be livestreaming today at 3:00 pm EST on Twitch. We'll be checking out some custom coop content that our community has created in the past year as well as some PvP with special guest and Youtuber Bluedrake42.

Insurgency is also on sale for Midweek Madness, and can be purchased for $4.50 USD.

One of the maps we’ll be playing, jail_break_coopv1_1 by Chief-C-OTF

While we stream we’ll be discussing some of the changes Insurgency has gone through over the year, including the addition of new weapons, maps, and game modes, all for free. We’ll also talk about some of the great community content that’s been put up on the Workshop. As always I’ll be happy to take any questions in the stream. See you then. ːsecurityː

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20 janvier

Insurgency: The Year In Review

With the one-year anniversary of Insurgency's launch approaching, we are taking a look back at how the game has progressed over the past twelve months, including four free DLC updates, positive reviews from the media, and a tremendous response from our passionate and loyal community. Thank you to everyone who helped make an incredibly successful year!

Release: January 22, 2014

Following nine months of Early Access development, Insurgency officially launched on January 22, 2014. Included in the release were five multiplayer game modes (Firefight, Skirmish, Push, Ambush, and Strike) and the Checkpoint cooperative mode. Seven maps were released including Contact, District, Heights, Market, Ministry, Peak, and Siege. Players had access to over 20 different weapons, including assault rifles, sub machine guns, rocket launchers, and grenades.

Insurgency reached the #3 spot in the Top Sellers on Steam and overall positive reviews from press and new media critics alike. Below you can see our launch trailer, along with a positive WTF is...? video from TotalBiscuit:


Free Updates!

We maintained our iterative development process from Early Access and continued to update the game with free content and fixes throughout 2014. Our first update released in March, Molotov Spring, adding two new maps, three new game modes, and three new weapons.


In June, we released a remake of the popular classic map Sinjar along with an M14 EBR. We also opened up the Workshop support and since then our community has submitted over 2,000 items!


Also in June, we launched a mapping contest in collaboration with Gamebanana and sponsored by Razer. With 20 submissions, we had a blast playtesting the top 11 candidates, and finally narrowed it down to the top six finalists. The top six maps will be implemented into the game over the next year. Check out the results in the video below:


Two months later, in August, we had the free weekend on Steam and released our Hunt update. New content included were two new maps, grenade launchers, and the Hunt coop mode. With the free weekend, we reached over 10,000 concurrent players and made it to #1 spot in the Top Sellers list on Steam!


Explosive Growth

November marked a significant turning point for our community. Insurgency was included with the Humble Bundle, where you could also gift three copies to friends. Our audience more than doubled from 500,000 to over 1,000,000 players in the span of two weeks.

To coincide, we released the Nightfall update that included nightvision, two new weapons, a new map, and the Survival coop game mode. The first implementation of a party system marked a step towards growing our competitive features.


Overwhelming Response

The response Insurgency has garnered from fans is overwhelmingly positive. While we may not have the attention of traditional games media, we have been able to grow our community by simply creating a great game that players suggest to their friends.

This is reflected by the over 20,000 Steam reviews with 92% recommending the game. Compared to our Metacritic score of 74 from only 23 reviews, plus an 8.5 user score, and we know where to find the meaningful feedback. Perhaps you could say Insurgency is underrated?

Thanks to our community, we reached 2nd place in the IndieDB Player’s Choice Indie of the Year, and even placed 2nd in the Editor’s Choice award too. We proudly display these awards on our Store page, since the original Insurgency mod was voted Mod of the Year seven years prior.

To sum up our year in review, here are some more of our favourite videos and reviews:

LevelCap - A True Tactical Shooter

Dslyecxi -RPG Dance

Matimi0 - Free DLC is Best DLC

FrankieOnPC - Getting Started

Node - Critical Insertion LAN Party

“This game has me hooked and I see it as a proudly raised middle finger in the face of large developers who seem to completely ignore fairness and player equality in favour of potential income.
“Insurgency is a breath of fresh air and I can easily see myself playing it every chance I get. Thanks in advance for ruining the next few months for me.”

Hooked Gamers (90)

“...it's fun that's borne out of the rewards of working with other players and saving them so you can capture that all-important node or destroy a weapons cache. If it's cruel, it's only to be kind.”
PC Gamer (77)

“It’s impressive how “uncool” Insurgency is, in that it ignores the modern shooter trends. It’s slow, and methodical, and there isn’t a grindable unlock or weapon crate to be found.”
IGN (75)

“This first-person multiplayer killfest pushes cooperative team play in interesting directions, using hyperrealism and a unique team role structure to drive its frenetic team-based firefights.”
Gamespot (70)

“Sure, you can win by eliminating all enemy waves over time, but, in my experience, teams find this strategy less important. Strategies of infiltration and sustained defense seem most effective. Those are accomplished through––you guessed it––communication.”
Killscreen Daily (65)

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“This game has me hooked and I see it as a proudly raised middle finger in the face of large developers who seem to completely ignore fairness and player equality in favour of potential income.”
9.0 – Hooked Gamers

“Insurgency is going to win fans for its gameplay. The action is highly competitive and focused. It brings me about as close to a real gunfight as I’ll likely ever want to get.”
75 – GamesBeat

“Insurgency is a well paced tactical shooter that's just a couple of big fixes away from competing with Counter-Strike.”
75 – IGN

À propos de ce jeu

Take to the streets for intense close quarters combat, where a team's survival depends upon securing crucial strongholds and destroying enemy supply in this multiplayer and cooperative Source Engine based experience. The follow-up game to the award-winning Source mod, Insurgency is highly competitive and unforgivingly lethal, striking a balance between one-life gameplay and prolonged action.


  • Over 20 weapons with numerous attachments, no crosshair, and a focus on realistic weapon behavior including a free-aim system and intense suppression effects.
  • 27 multiplayer and cooperative maps that take place in 12 distinctive environments ranging from Iraq to Afghanistan to Somalia.
  • 9 multiplayer game modes supporting up to 32 players, with a focus on territorial control, destroying weapon caches and escorting high value targets.
  • Cooperative game modes where you and your friends team up to complete mission-based objectives.
  • Offline practice mode, playing with bots on all game modes.
  • Squad system built upon role-based player classes, which are customizable and asymmetrical based on what team you are on.
  • Squad-based communication system which includes 3D VOIP, allowing friendly and enemy players within proximity to hear you.
  • Overhead map detailing objective and teammate locations.
  • Accumulate supply to customize and upgrade your gear, affecting your weight, stamina, and movement speed.
  • Simplified HUD and UI for a clean, immersive user experience focused on the action and environments.
  • Highly immersive particle FX and audio to intensify the game experience.
  • Create custom maps and content using the Insurgency SDK and scripting system.
  • Playable on both PC and Mac OSX and supports multiplayer cross-compatibility.
  • Dedicated Server Support for PC and Linux.

Multiplayer Game Modes:

Push --- Three territorial objectives must be captured by the attacking team in sequential order. For each objective captured, they gain more reinforcement and time to attack the next. Defenders have a finite amount of reinforcements and must use each wisely. Once the third objective is captured by the attackers, a fourth cache objective must be destroyed, while the defenders have only one life to make a last stand.

Firefight --- Three territorial objectives, one for each team, plus one neutral. Each team only respawns when they secure an objective. Secure all objectives or eliminate all enemy to win. Every life counts, making this a very suspenseful experience dependent upon teamwork.

Skirmish --- In addition to three territorial objectives, each team has a supply cache to protect. Teams gain extra reinforcement waves until their cache is destroyed. When both teams have lost their caches and all reinforcement waves, it becomes a Firefight match.

Occupy --- There is one central territorial objective in the area. The team that controls it does not deplete reinforcement waves. This gameplay in this mode is reminiscent to King of the Hill or "tug of war".

Ambush --- A high value target ("HVT") must be escorted to an extraction point. It's one team's goal to make this happen and it's the other team's goal to stop this from happening at all costs. The HVT is only armed with a silenced pistol, but can pick up a weapon from a fallen enemy or teammate.

Strike --- In this attack and defend mode a weapon cache must be discovered and destroyed. There are three potential locations for the cache that the attacking team must get eyes on. The defending team must set up a strong defense, and perhaps even make use of a diversion to fool the attacking team into thinking the cache is somewhere that it's not.

Infiltrate --- The standard Capture the Flag mode, but with a twist. Your team's goal is to take the enemy's intel and return it to your base. Your team will only gain reinforcements when someone takes the enemy's intel, or when an enemy stealing your team's intel is neutralized. This mode requires very strong team coordination and strategy.

Flashpoint --- One neutral territorial objective and two caches on each side. The goal is to secure the entire area, controlling the middle and destroying the enemy's caches. Your team respawns when they secure the territorial objective or destroy a cache objective.

Cooperative Game Modes

Checkpoint --- Complete mission-based objectives in sequence against AI enemy. Each successful objective will respawn anyone who was eliminated along the way.

Hunt --- Insurgents are dispersed in the environment, and your squad must eliminate all targets while locating and destroying the weapons cache. High on tension, with only one-life.

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9 and Pixel Shader 3.0-compatible video card 512 MB or higher
    • Hard Drive:9 GB HD space
    • Processor:Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 processor or better
    • OS:Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Memory:8 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Video card 2048 MB or higher
    • Hard Drive:9 GB SSD space
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:ATI Radeon HD 2400 or better / NVidia 8600M or better
    • Hard Drive:9 GB HD space
    • Processor:Intel Core Duo Processor (2GHz or better)
    • OS:MacOS X 10.6.6 or higher
    • Memory:8 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Video card 2048 MB or more
    • Hard Drive:9 GB SSD space
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Posté le : 11 août 2014
Définitivement pas pour les adeptes des casual shooter, arcade shoot.
Ce jeu est vraiment réaliste sur beaucoup de points ( seul reste la regen de vie quand on ne se fait pas tiré dessus).
On meurt en 3 balles et les vies sont limités donc il faut vraiment faire très attention a nos fesses.
Pas de Hud ici, ni cross au milieu de l'écran pour nous dire ou on vise, ni indication de taille / nombre de balles restante dans le chargeur, pas de barre de vie, pas de barre de stamina, pas de minimap, RIEN.
Vous êtes livré a vous même en territoire hostile!
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Posté le : 4 décembre 2014
Vous aimez les simulations militaires réaliste .Voici un jeu pour vous,çe jeu combine tactique,communication et coopération car si on veut jouer de notre côter ,on fera pas long feu je vous l'assure.Donc vous choisirez votre classe qui vous donnera droits a avoir acces a certaine arme.Lorsque la partie commence les équipes çe positione sur le terrain et par la suite çe mette en mouvement tous cela à un rythme lent dont si vous aimez le rush ,les trois cent no SCOPE ♥♥♥♥♥ ou sauter d'un étage pour atterire sur un mec et le knife NAAAAAAAN c'est pas pour vous.C'est comme Arma du style tu progresse lentement tu te fais blesser ,bha tu sais pas il te reste combien de hp,tu peux blesser tes potes ou même vous entre tuer pas accident (ÉPIC) et le top c'est les adversaire proche tu les entends parler dans leur micro.Alors tu compactes sa avec de beau graphisme du style csgo même mieux je crois pour te faire un jeu avec une bonne communauté et à prix abordable.

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Posté le : 16 novembre 2014
Field Rating Review
Visually, Insurgency isn't anything special, but the detail put into the guns is extremely well done. Nothing here will jar you out of enjoying the game, though there are some quirky animation glitches that give some good laughs.
Hands down one of the most intense firefight games I have ever played. If you want to win, you need to be tactical, or you're going to get picked off real fast. The firefights are intensified through audio and visual effects, from the crack of a sniper's bullet, to the hiss of a round passing by your head, to the pings and putters of the bullets hitting the environment around you. The controls are solid, and lend themselves to improve the gamplay (there is lean in this game, use it). With several different game modes to choose from, including playing against AI bots, you're able to have hours of endless fun without getting bored. There is a timer between spawns, but it goes fairly quick, and spectating your friends is entertaining in and of itself.
You're a soldier in Iraq. That's about as deep as it gets.
The mixture of new gameplay styles (you can't just run and gun here, you'll die), tactics, and some funny glitches on occassion, add up to be one of the most wonderful times I have had playing a game with friends in a long, long time. There are many, many laughs to be had here. If you're into moving tactically, this game is also your ticket to a good time. Even if that's not your thing you'll enjoy this one.
Some tidbits of my friend's and I playing, for everyone curious (I did not create the video, was merely playing with them at the time): Insurgency Gameplay
This one will keep you coming back for a long, long time. With free DLC releases containing new content, and the recently boosted community, there are few things to keep you from returning to play another round of Insurgency with your friends.
I'll be honest, I didn't expect to have such a grand time with Insurgency, but it is easily the most fun I have had with a group of friends in several years. If you're playing this one alone, it's good. But when you're playing it with buddies, it is absolutely grand. A refreshing game in a field of run-and-gun FPS games, demanding you to take your time and not go rambo.

If you liked this review, feel free to check out my curator page:
The Tipster

You are also welcome to join our group and play/discuss games together, here: The Tipster
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Posté le : 9 novembre 2014
This game looks so awesome and challanging.
it really forces you to trust your instincts and your teamates due to the lack of information.
It feels so rewarding to confirm a kill or win a game.
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Posté le : 27 novembre 2014
Peut-être le meilleur FPS de ces dernières années (oui je m'emballe un peu mais pour plusieurs raisons) :

- Une excellente immersion dûe notamment au fait que le son de ce jeu est magnifiquement rendu. Les armes sonnent comme des armes et non des jouets. Mais les voix des protagonistes ou encore l'ambiance même du jeu, jouent un rôle important.
- Un gameplay somme toute facile à prendre en main, mais cependant qui nécessite une maitrise. La learning curve est gratifiante.
- Il faut "apprendre" les maps, pour connaitre où sont les objectifs, les endroits susceptibles où les défenseurs se postent etc ... encore une fois au début une légère sensation frustrante de se faire tuer sans savoir d'où exactement mais avec du temps et de la pratique, ce problème disparait.
- Des devs qui fournissent des maps et modes de jeu GRATUITEMENT ! Des DLC gratuits oui oui ça existe <3
- La notion de Teamplay et de nécessité de jouer l'objectif est au centre du gameplay. (Problèmes survenant quand vos coéquipiers se la joue TDM, rage en vue)

Bref tout ça pour dire que c'est un must have sans problème !
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Posté le : 12 août 2014
Insurgency est un excellent jeu,très équilibré,realiste mais surtout le travail des devs qui est pour l'instant impressionant.Des updates,des bugs fix,des dlc gratuit et j'en passe.Pour son prix ce jeu est une merveille qui en plus n'est pas encore en version finale!
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Posté le : 20 janvier
Si on devait résumer rapidement Insurgency, je dirais qu'il s'agit d'un juste milieu entre le réalisme d'Arma et un petit feeling arcade de Battlefield. Je m'explique, on meurt vite (rarement plus de 2 balles pour passer l'arme à gauche), pas de killcam (les bons snipers ont donc tout leur intérêt) mais les respawns sont plutôt rapide, évitant la frustration de parfois mourir quelques mètres après être sorti de la zone de spawn (cependant, cela pourra arriver, à vous de jouer avec l'équipement proposé), les maps (une dizaine) sont principalement de type urbaines mais sont couplées à des zones assez ouvertes qui peuvent néanmoins poser problèmes (certains chokepoints sont parfois un enfer).

Sur le plan du gameplay, on oppose des PMC à des insurgés mais avec des classes types (un spécialiste en explosif, un support et sa LMG, le tireur d'élite etc) avec un système de loadout et de points à dépenser pour chacun (par exemple, 2 points pour un fusil, 1 point pour une lunette, 1 point pour un garde-main, 1 point pour une grenade flash, 2 points pour une armure lourde) le tout avec un poids maximum limite et des spécifités propres à chaque classe (une armure lourde coûtera plus de points pour un sniper qu'un support, un éclaireur se déplacera plus rapidement etc) et il faudra jouer intelligement pour réussir certains passages (je pense notamment aux cartes Sinjar et Buhriz en PMC) où, face à une bonne équipe d'insurgés, l'utilisation de fumigènes est un indispensable pour progresser, dans le cas contraire préparez vous à déguster.

Les modes de jeux sont très variés, cité pêle-mêle ; push, un capture de zone classique avec défenseurs et attaquants, ces derniers gagnants des renforts au fur et à mesure des points capturés ; strike où des caches d'armes sont à détruire, entre autre pour la partie PvP (jusqu'à 32 joueurs) car il existe des modes de jeux PvE. Avec une IA variable, parfois incapable de vous tuer à 20cm et d'autres fois capable de vous aligner entre les 6 tôles où 4 pixels de votre casque dépassent (bon légère exagération mais vous saisissez le concept) vous aurez des modes comme hunt où il s'agit d'abattre un certain nombre d'ennemis avec votre équipe (jusqu'à 8 joueurs), également un mode de jeu vous demandant de prendre certaines positions, d'en défendre d'autres ou de détruire une cache d'arme.

Ce jeu, provenant à la base du mod, propose donc un gameplay efficace, solide, intéressant pour peu que vous appréciez les jeux avec un certain réalisme, un workshop bien garni et la garantie de passer de bons moments.
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Posté le : 31 octobre 2014
I decided to hold off on writing a review until there were a few more updates and for me to have at least 500+ hours invested into the game. I am going to keep this straight up what i think about it as a whole with no fluff. Short and sweet.

Should you get it? It depends on what type of fps's you like. Many CS players have fell in love with it because they like the realism and they've grown tired of the arcade feel that most other shooters have. Don't doubt it for a second, this game is hard to pick up on but once you do, you realize how well reflexes really help if you're rushing but don't expect to be 360 no-scoping people because there is almost no chance in hell that that will happen. Those with good aim that are looking down sight as you turn a corner will get you every time so this is a game best played instinctively and safe (just don't be one of those snipers that sit at spawn and let the enemy capture everything). There are few grenade, C4, or launcher spots that few people know of and use at the start of some maps which can be frustrating, so that is why I'm really hoping that much larger maps will be released in the future that are more open and don't feel as constrained/guided (Heights and Buhriz are like that but i still love them). Maps that were easy to spawn camp have been updated heavily to prevent that which is great. The devs are absolutely brilliant at balancing and opening new areas of maps, always on top of it so kudos to them.

Community engagement is stronger than i've ever seen it, there was a public playtest of player submitted maps that were voted on in hopes of them being added to the game and the rise of The Digital Gaming League is starting their first official Insurgency competitive season with a multitude of teams signed up.

The Nightfall update just added so much more to the game, it feels totally different than it used to in every good way possible. Noises are made when crossing though brush and leaning, leaning mechanic feels more 'stiff' (meaning not fluidly unnatural), the night vision is spot on and well-balanced, flares look awesome in the night sky, but my only complaint is that the running animations with weapons look kinda wonky now, i preffered it the way it was before but i won't nit-pick things for the sake of the length of this review. Also the new co-op survival is an amazing idea, i could see myself spending hours on that alone with friends.

I could write a list of 10,000 reasons to get this game but none of that could possibly describe the feeling that it would give you if you were playing it yourself. It needs to be experienced, the feelings it gives never dies and that in itself says something. Kills are rewarding, objectives are highly valued, teamwork is vital. You need this game in your life if you are looking for a realistic shooter!

*12/20/14 edited formatting*
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Posté le : 16 janvier
Voici un très bon FPS pour tout ceux qui aime un gameplay bien fini sans action superflu
j'aime cette difficulté beaucoup plus réaliste que dans d'autre FPS,il y a également beaucoup de type de jeu et de mods
on retrouve surtout de la coop qui rend le jeu encore plus excitant, cela me rapelle le mod hardcore du premier Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare et d'ailleurs c'était bien le seul qui m'a plu, je dois dire que Insurgency vas beaucoup plus loin et met le paquet sur l'immersion et le réalisme d'un véritable FPS,graphiquement c'est très réussi surtout si vous avez un écran 144Hz c'est que du bonheur,en tout cas ce jeu ne manque pas d'action et de réalisme, c'est même les deux premières qualité du jeu, je le recommande vivement à tous :p


Here is a very good FPS for anyone who likes gameplay finished without action superfluous
I like this challenge much more realistic than other FPS, there are also many type of game and mods
mainly include co-op that makes it even more exciting game, it reminds me of the first mod hardcore of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and beyond that was the one I liked, I have to say that going much further for Insurgency and puts the packet on immersion and realism of a real FPS, graphically it's very successful especially if you have a 144Hz screen what is happiness, I highly recommend it to all :p
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Posté le : 10 janvier
TL;DR : Bon jeu tactique réaliste à mi-chemin entre Battlefield et Counter-Strike.

A mi-chemin entre "Battlefield 3" et "Counter-Strike", "Insurgency" est un FPS multijoueur et coop très tactique. L'intelligence artificielle est impardonnable. Vous ne pourrez pas espérer gagner en fonçant dans le tas. Les graphismes sont soignés et les armes sont bien modélisées. Les développeurs ont apportés un soin particulier à certains détails qui rendent le jeu plus réaliste comme par exemple la vision nocture et les effets d'éblouissement générés par les pointeurs lasers et les lampes. Dommage par contre qu'il n'y ai pas de gestion de la balistique. Etant amateur de jeux tactique, Insurgency m'a beaucoup plus.

+ Très tactique.
+ Les graphismes sont beaux et le jeu n'est pas gourmand en ressources (moteur Source).
+ Réaliste.
+ Fonctionnalités Steam (Succès, VAC, cartes Steam, Workshop).
+ Editeur de niveau permettant de créer ses propres maps.
+ La modélisation des armes.

- Pas compatible avec Linux.
- Peu de cartes (mais il y a le Workshop).
- Pas de balistique.
- Panel d'armes pas suffisamment varié.

Communauté : environ 3 000 joueurs (décembre 2014)
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Posté le : 24 novembre 2014
Magnifique jeu !

Je ne m'attendais pas a être aussi étonné a ce point, mais franchement on n'y retrouve du hardcore assez poussé et un système d'inventaire assez sympathique et a mes yeux sont prix et juste !

Sur une note sur 10 je lui met un bon 7, car il a bien suivi le thème de son prédécesseur, et il respect les contrainte de son genre.

-Une bonne difficulté.
-Des combats très immersifs.
-Du réalisme niveau des armes et des explosions assez poussé pour un studio avec assez peu de moyens.

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Posté le : 16 novembre 2014
i killed 4 people with an rpg and my entire team started screaming ALLAHU AKBAR for 5 minutes 10/10
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Posté le : 13 novembre 2014
Un très bon FPS pour du co op (PvE) où les missions (Checkpoint) sont bien dimensionnées et permettent aux débutant d'intégrer les parties sans trop se prendre des fessées avec un bon système de gestion des contre attaques des insurgées quand un checkpoint est pris d'assaut. Quelques défaut sur l'abus du RPG chez les insurgées et le comportement parfois un peu débiles de ces mêmes ennemis qui arrivent dans une pièce les uns derrière les autres mais globalement ca tiens la route et les sensations des armes sont bonnes.

La partie PvP me semble plus anecdotique car c'est du énième FPS bourrin sans vraiment de grandes inovations.
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Posté le : 12 novembre 2014
The Red Orchestra 2 from the desert !!!!!

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Posté le : 26 novembre 2014
Excellentissime ! Un grand-cru du FPS !
Peut-être même le meilleur FPS depuis Counter Strike: Source. Un bijou de tactique ou la coordination en équipe est primordiale, à jouer entre amis sous vocal pour une experience fabuleused et immersive dans la peau d'un soldat en Irak.
De plus la communauté est vraiment bien, respect du teamplay et personnes sympathiques bref tout l'inverse de ce que l'on peut voir ailleurs !

Un must-have pour tout passionné de FPS réaliste.
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Posté le : 5 décembre 2014
Tres bon jeu, realiste, mais difficile!
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Posté le : 6 août 2014
Super FPS multi qui se veut réaliste et qui est une sorte de compromis entre Counter Strike et Red Orchestra.
+Un gameplay assez rapide et fluide, possibilité de se pencher, de se coucher, etc.
+Un jeu pour les vrais : pas de viseur, pas d'indication de points de vie, pas de comptage de balles à l'écran, pas de vie qui se régénère toute seule, pas de message qui confirme qu'on a tué un ennemi
+De nombreux modes de jeu
+De nombreuses classes de soldat
+Les armes sont toutes personnalisables
+Les améliorations d'arme sont toutes débloquées d'entrée (pas d'XP en jeu :)
+Des cartes plutôt pas mal faites.
-Un moteur graphique peut être un peu limite ? (Source)
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Posté le : 11 septembre 2014
Realiste c'est tout ce qu'on aime !
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Posté le : 27 septembre 2014
Superbe jeux trés réaliste ! Je vous le recomande :)
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Posté le : 13 décembre 2014
Très bon FPS, excellent compromis entre réalisme et gameplay.
Jeu qui continue à évoluer et à s'étoffer.
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