As one of the survivors and humankind's first “Achronal” being, you must piece together what happened and unravel the mysteries surrounding the alien invasion.
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Datum vydání: 29. srp. 2011

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“Starcraft, move over. You finally have some competition in the RTS genre...This is sure to become a LAN favorite across the globe.”
8/10 – Gamers Daily News
“This was seriously one of the best games that we have ever played. If you do not pick this up, you are missing out.”
9/10 – RTS Guru
“Hazardous is taking a big risk with Achron... to add something so compelling to an established genre that players would be willing to take a chance on it... they have succeeded.”
4/5 – AVault

Informace o hře

Jak byste ovládali svá vojska, pokud by pro Vás čas neznamenal nepřekonatelnou překážku? Přesouvali byste své jednotky časem do doby, kde je zrovna potřebujete nejvíce? Nebo byste snad poslali své vojsko do minulosti, aby bojovalo po boku sebe sama? Oklamali byste nepřítele útokem na jeho zdroje surovin, přičemž byste následně pozměnili své rozkazy a zaútočili na jeho výrobní střediska? Nebo byste šel ještě dál?…

Achron je první strategickou hrou, ve které můžete přímo ovlivňovat tok času a měnit tak svou minulost či budoucnost, můžete přesouvat svá vojska napříč časem, případně vytvářet různé časové paradoxy, díky kterým pak získáte nad svým protivníkem převahu. Zahrát si můžete 4 odlišné kampaně nebo se lze rovnou připojit ke hráčům na celém světě a změřit své síly s přáteli v tomto neustále se měnícím herním prostředí.

Hlavní znaky hry:

  • Vůbec první hra, která dovoluje všem hráčům aktivně měnit tok času.
  • Možnost ovlivnění času Vám dovoluje vytvářet nepřeberné množství taktik, které lze vzájemně propojovat. Díky tomu máte takřka neomezené možnosti jak se bránit, útočit, klást rozličné pasti nebo jak přímo škodit svému protivníkovi.
  • Volně se pohybujte po časové ose a odhalujte tak protivníkovi strategie, sbírejte různé informace o bojišti nebo napravujte své vlastní taktické chyby.
  • Pošlete svá vojska do libovolného časového období.
  • Jednu hru může hrát až 15 hráčů.
  • Hierarchie vojska Vám usnadňuje přehled nad Vaší armádou v případě, že máte více oddílů v různých časových obdobích.
  • Unikátní herní mechanika založená na nejmodernějších matematických teoriích.
  • Podmanivý a stimulující příběh.
  • Více než 30 hodin hraní v Single Player módu, který obsahuje 35 unikátních a zajímavých map.
  • Hra obsahuje editor map a dodatečné vývojové programy, díky kterým mohou hráči snadno vytvářet vlastní mapy a módy.
  • Engine hry si pohrává se zavedenou mechanikou problematiky cestování časem a případných časových paradoxů. Hráči si tak mohou vytvořit své vlastní a plně ovladatelné časové scénáře.

Systémové požadavky

    • OS:Windows
    • Processor:Dual
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:ATI or Nvidia card still supported by manufacturer. Intel GMA chipsets that support OpenGL 2.1 work if drivers are recent.
    • DirectX®:dx50
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
    • Graphics:ATI or Nvidia card still supported by manufacturer.
    • DirectX®:dx50
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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6 z 7 osob (86%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
3 osob ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako vtipnou
4.5 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 2. ledna
How to describe Achron?

It is is a pseudo-religious experience where you play the part of Kronos, the ancient greek titan with control of time. In this game you try to do things that mere mortals cannot comprehend while affecting the past, present and future without knowing what exactly you are doing.

Such an experience is a marvel and a privelige to play, leaving me in a near comotose state of realisation and wonder.

I would highly recommend adderall and migraleve to be left next to your computer while you undergo the life affecting powers of this game.

11/10, actually posted this 2 years ago aiming for it to be posted now.
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4 z 5 osob (80%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
6.2 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 4. prosince 2015
This game shows a highly innovative, I'd even say genius mechanic of time travel in a real-time strategy - something no one has done before or since (up to 2015). In short, you can give orders to units in the past and in the future, and there are "update waves" which travel at about 3x faster than normal time. Also you can teleport units across the battlefield with teleporters and into the past/future with chronoporters. So, basically, you can do tricks by sending units into the past to help their older doubles and so on - use your imagination. This sounds like an amazing game decades ahead of its time, but sadly its poorly designed tutorial and heavily scripted missions will turn off most players and make them drop the game in frustration. I heard good things about multiplayer but you won't find anyone thru the lobby, only thru forums of this game's fans, which are in short supply.

I could endure only the demo and 3 missions, even restarted the game and played them once again to understand the mechanics better. And though I did understand how this game works with some effort, I doubt many gamers even would.

Too many units are introduced too fast. The tutorial popups ask you to do stuff but don't let you do it before you press OK which actually hides the instructions about what you need to do. The scripted events take control off from you unexpectedly, place new units and give orders to other units, creating even more confusion than the already complex time-traveling system. While the control is taken away from you, characters are talking and the battle goes on. This feels like a nuthouse. Sometimes you aren't even sure if what has just happened is a bug, a scripted event or a game mechanic in action.

I found the story trashy, though if you have nostalgic feelings for Star Wars (I don't), you may find it ok, as even the main character has the name "Luke". The 2D art is amateurish and, together with this Star Wars-like setting gives this game a "trashy" feel, like it was a school project done by teenagers - while the ingenuous combat system of this game deserved so much more. The 3D units are hard to tell from each other. The ground is covered with big uniform textures taken from some free online libraries, with strange lighting and huge, almost unit-sized bumps and long black shades in which smaller units get lost. The huge low-polygonal terrain objects look ugly next to tiny, much more detailed units. The air units hover so high above that you can't see where exactly they are located in relation to ground units (and their shades are shifted) - and where you need to bring your anti-air units so that they could fire at those air units. The controls are clumsy, the GUI is poor, with too few tips. The music is pretty good though.

The game introduces an interesting mechanic of grouping units with hierarchies of command - which also allows you to save on orders while giving orders in the past or the future (the number of orders you can give is limited by "chronoenergy"). But hierarichies don't work well, as units following a leader don't have a fixed formation, tend to spread and walk in ever expanding crowds which leads to edge units getting killed with no one helping them because the rest of the formation is out of range and won't come to assist other units in the formation.

Save files get corrupted and don't load, so if you fail (e.g. in the very first mission 8+ marines must survive in a fight which comes unexpectedly) you may have to restart the whole mission. Missions are long and heavily scripted, sometimes the instructions are given while you are busy fighting and fail to concentrate.

Voice acting is amateurish and lifeless, as if the actors were bored/annoyed with the story as much as I did. When you click on the timeline (an innovative tool to show the battlefield's states up to 5 mins ago and after), it takes the game 1-2 seconds to load the state of the battlefield at that time point which makes the whole thing feel clumsy, especially when you are already stressed by struggling with this complex game and its heavily script-influenced mission objectives.

Btw I bought the game some time in 2014 and it had all graphics glitched on my laptop (AMD Radeon HD 7670M video card), but it finally ran on my new desktop computer which has GeForce GTX 970. I think the devs need to try a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for Achron 2 and make a proper game on the same concept this time.
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2 z 2 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
1.8 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 22. dubna
Achron is a RTS game that introduces a whole new mechanic to the genre: time travel in real time. This can be quite promising for RTS fans like me, which is the reason I took a look at this game.
Indeed, the experience is unique, and can be hard to master in the beginning, which is something good, to be honest. Afterall, games that are a little more challenging can truly make you a strategist, with no room for moves like building the same overpowered units that are good against everything and throw them at your enemies.
Achron still follows the classic RTS kind of play: collect resources, expand and defend your base, train your army and finally attack your foes.
Now, let us take a look at the main elements of the game.

The Economy:
There are two resources in this game that are common to the three factions: L - Crystals and Q - Plasma, used for base and unit construction. The first faction, the Humans (CESO), also needs Reserves, which enable them to maintain the army. The second faction, the Vecgir, uses Energy, in a similar way that Humans use Reserves. While L - Crystals and Q - Plasma are harvested by Resource Processors from boxes placed around the maps, Reserves and Energy are generated automatically by specific structures for each faction. Also, units with special abilities have Energy, so that they can use such abilities. At last, Secondary Energy, or Ammo, stands for Super Weapons usage; Vecgir also uses it for its Teleportation abilities and the Grekim (the third faction) uses it in some structures.

The Factions:
There are three factions in the game: the Humans (CESO), the Vecgir and the Grekim.

Humans: this faction uses Reserves as additional resource to maintain its forces. They build units in two tiers; Marines build the basic units, while Mechs build their most advanced units. Their main trait are their offensive capabilities.

Vecgir: this faction uses Energy as a additional resource, similar to the Humans. Their units are slow but they can teleport themselves. Their units also have the ability to hover, giving them more mobility. There are three kinds of units for the Vecgir: Zayin (ground units effective against other ground units), Teth (strong against aerial foes) and Shin (air units). These can also belong to one of four classes of Vecgir units: Vir (infantry), Pulser (light vehicles), Tercher (medium vehicles) and Halcyon (heavy vehicles). Their main trait is their ability to teleport their forces.

Grekim (my favorites): while the Vecgir excel at teleporting, the Grekim are masters of Chronoportation - time travel - for their units can do so without any structure, like Humans and Vecgir do. Their units are more mobile than their Human and Vecgir counterparts, and their buildings can fly. They have three types of units: Octo, Sepi and Pharo, which can be of three other classes, namely Basic, Pod or Ligo. They produce units by combining them to form a new one, more advanced, in a process named Progeneration. Their main trait, as said, is the more efficient way they use the Chronoportation for their units.

All the three factions have a unique gameplay, which makes this game more appealing and less repetitive than those with symmetric factions.


All factions have access to a Time Window, which displays several information about Chronoportation. It shows time events, like battles, and you are free to travel back and forth in time if you have enough Chronoenergy to do so. There are several elements in this part of the game, some difficult to master in the beggining, and describe them here would be a little hard; you have to play the game to understand them. The important thing is that Chronoportation is the key to any strategy in this game, and often means the difference between a successful defense of your base or your complete annihilation. It also makes a huge difference in your attacks: your first offense may find too much resistance, with units effective against your forces. Try going back in time but with a new configuration of your army, attacking in other part of the enemy base...

Now, the pros and cons of this game.

1) A unique element to the RTS genre - time travel - that actually works in tanden with the real time strategy classic features;
2) Asymmetric factions, with their own strengths and weakenesses, balancing the game;
3) Multiplayer mode with a huge potential; Chronoportation plays a key role for great Cooperative or Player versus Player games;
4) Nice soundtrack, gives a good ambience to the game;
5) The option of chosing a master unit among your forces can help the management of large armies.

1) The graphics could have been better. It sometimes affects the gameplay when you mistake an unit for another, since they look similar. Special effects are poor: the units explosions are bad to look at, their animations are somewhat clunky and the enviroments could have a way better presentation. But, for me, the greatest downside are the campaign's cutscenes: they are awful, childish like and boring - sometimes too long. The Main Menu could also have better looking.
2) Voice acting is bad, even though the units do not speak in the game, in the Campaign you will feel like in a dialogue with sleepy persons;
4) The Campaign itself shows us a story hard to like;
5) The units do not muster in effective formations, but in a erratic layout.

I did not have any problems with pathfinding in this game so far, for it seems that the original pathfinding problems were corrected with the latest patches.

The final verdict: 7/10.

Even though it has its flaws, some with menacing powers (like those awful cutscenes), I thing Achron is a welcome addition to the RTS genre, for its innovative Chronoportation mechanics. Multiplayer games can provide a lot of fun as well. This game is capable of standing on its own for its unique features, the developers just need polish some remaining issues (mainly in the game's graphics) to make this game even better. Overall, for those who favorite RTS games above any other game type, Achron definitely worth a try.
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4.0 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 19. prosince 2015
This game isnt for mortal minds, it is too awesome and should be played in a century or so. It was soo amazing that lan play wasnt considered until me and a friend asked the developer to patch it in
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10.6 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 26. února 2014
I am a spaaaz
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