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29. april

Update 6 released - and brand new games from us

Prison Architect Update 6 has been released! And we have brand new game prototypes to show you.

Introducing 'Scanner Sombre' and 'Wrong Wire'

Skip forward to 22 minutes into the video, to see us demonstrate two of our (potentially) upcoming games. These are prototypes we have been developing in secret until now, and will form the basis of whatever comes next after Prison Architect. Please keep in mind that whilst we intend to continue supporting Prison Architect with updates for a very long time, we also intend to make new games, just as we have always done.

We are interested in your thoughts on the new games. Please go here to vote on your favourite:


= Seasons and Weather
- The game will now move through the seasons, with the outdoor temperature varying based on the time of year.
- Various weather patterns can occur during the game, varying based on the current season.
- Overcast
- Rain
- Torrential rain (Special event, rare)
- Snow and frost
- Heatwave (special event, rare)

- Prisoners needs will be affected by the weather when they are outdoors. Getting rained on will spike their
comfort, clothing and warmth needs.

- Prisoners left outside in extremely cold conditions (for example in an outdoor solitary confinement cage)
can now die of exposure.

- Weather is DISABLED by default in all prisons, and can be enabled when creating a new map.
Alternatively, use the new "Map Settings" screen in the Extras menu.

= Map Settings
You can now adjust the settings of your prison from a new screen called "Map Settings", found in the Extras menu.
This screen lets you enable certain options that may not have been enabled (or even available) when you first created the map.
Nb. You can enable these options, but you cannot disable them once enabled.

Available options:
- Enable Gangs
- Enable Events
- Enable Weather

= Job Prioritisation
- You can now mark any job as a high priority. Simple hold control and either
left click or left drag a selection to mark jobs. Available workers (who aren't
already on a high priority job) will stop what they are doing and be assigned
to the high priority job.

- If no workers are available, high priority jobs will take precedence when the
workers become available. A small icon in the lower right of a visible job shows
if it is marked as a high priority job.

- You can remove the high priority marking on jobs by holding control and either
right clicking or dragging a selection.

- Hovering over an in progress job will now highlight the entity working on it,
showing a red line leading to the worker responsible for the job.

- Pressing F while highlighting an in progress job will cause the camera to follow
the working entity and keep the highlight active.

= Performance Work (continued)
Further performance gains were made this month through several different approaches to optimisation.

- More systems moved to overlap with Render().
- Optimisations to the visible object list builder.
- Singly linked lists mostly replaced with arrays (FastList).
- Avoid copying of containers where possible.
- NeedSystem optimised.

= Bug Fixes
Temperature and lightmap system corruption bug fixed.

- 0010618: [Gameplay] Temperature next to fire is in the negatives
- 0010625: [Gameplay] Temperature drops instantly even in areas that should be producing heat

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30. mars

Update 5c - Hot water pipe tweaks

Having read the feedback, we think that we made the hot water pipes too fiddly for many players by requiring every shower head to be wired up to warm water to avert a riot of frigid prisoners.

We've now changed the system so that a hot shower is an optional luxury and gives a benefit to prisoners' well-being if you feel generous enough to provide it.

- If a shower head is connected to hot water, this will benefit prisoner's warmth and comfort needs. Cold showers no longer cause frigid effect.
- Hot water range increased.
- Hot water makes sinks work faster.

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"Prison Architect er et spill med et helt spesielt særpreg. Det som gjør deg hektet, er den omhyggelig planleggingsbiten, å se når ting går galt, å ordne opp igjen etterpå, og å glede seg i hemmelighet til neste gang katastrofen inntreffer."  - Eurogamer

"Prison Architect kan fort bli et meget godt verktøy til å se på fengselsstraff fra ulike perspektiver – og kanskje til og med utvikle alternativer til det nåværende og ikke spesielt velfungerende systemet." – Kotaku

"Introversions fengselssimulator er en interessant kombinasjon av kapitalisme, arkitektur, ledelse og moral. Her har du mange og ofte motstridende hensyn å ta: fangenes sikkerhet, arealplanlegging, fangenes velferd, profitt, samt å sørge for at fengselet er 100 % sikkert. Det å bygge et fengsel hvor alt dette er tatt hensyn til, er en fascinerende oppgave. " – PC Gamer

Om dette spillet

Bygg og administrer et høysikkerhetsfengsel.

Idet solen titter frem med sine morgenstråler på en vakker landlig eiendom, begynner klokken å tikke. Du må sette i gang å bygge en varetektscelle som kan huse et busslass med høysikkerhetsfanger som er på vei til ditt fremtidige fengsel. Når bygningsarbeiderne har lagt ned den siste mursteinen, får de ikke et øyeblikks hvile før de må begynne på den første celleblokken så dere får plass til det neste fangeinntaket. Det er først når alle har fått et sted å hvile sine trøtte hoder, at moroa virkelig begynner. Du trenger en matsal, en sykestue og et vaktrom. Og så må du for all del ikke glemme å montere et toalett, ellers blir grisete der. Men hva med et treningsfelt? Eller isolatceller? Eller henrettelsesrom?

Prison Architect, som er inspirert av Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress og Theme Hospital, er verdens beste fengselsspill – med over 1 million fengslede spillere verden over.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:XP
    • Processor:Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space
    • Processor:2009 era Macbook Pro, Core2 Duo processor
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB HD space
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Publisert: 26. november, 2015
My first prison,a small relaxed prison with minimal security prisoners. I had 50 minimal security prisoners all living happily inside a single cell block,I had very little problems with these guys,i had them do the laundry for the prison,they were happy,they were nice and they didn't cause any trouble. I built a med security cell block holding 25 prisoners. I gave them a common room,large shower,a workshop and a job in the cleaning cupboard. Day after day in game passed,I grew more relaxed with the prison and less strict with the prisoners. Until one day when a tunnel emerged on the other side of my perimeter fence and 10 med security and 3 minimal security ran to freedom. They had constructed a large tunnel from 13 diffrent cells,each linking together. I hadn't had dogs patrolling in the cells because I didn't see a reason,they were all well behaved up to that point.
I grew angry,I punished the remaining prisoners by removing their free time and common rooms,i patrolled dogs around the cell blocks 24/7. A tunnelling escape would not occur again. That was when a riot occurred,the nice and friendly prisoners were no longer there,one had gotten hold of a lighter and set the prison ablaze,lighting half of the prison on fire and spreading to the administrator section. I sent guard after guard into the prison,but they would not go into the area of the riot,(I was losing the prison) I called riot guards and fire fighters to the area,the riot guards rushed in and were beat down by the med security prisoners,I hadn't called paramedics and the rest of my doctors were dead. The fire fighters tried to extinguish the fire but could not go into the zones,prisoners were rushing out of the burning building and attacking the fire fighters,killing them. They rushed into the administrative section and killed my warden and then ran into a hole in the fence that the fire burned open, All of them escaped. All my staff had died and my prison was worthless now. The game read game over. I sat with my head in my hands,I admitted defeat. I felt a burning of anger hotter than the flames from within my prison. I will rebuild,I will over come. I started a new prison and swore to myself that I will not let it happen again.
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Publisert: 24. desember, 2015
>Keep prisoners locked up most of the day
>Most of them Max security
>♥♥♥♥♥♥ living conditions
>They all want freedom
>Place twenty armed guards on patrol at the entrance
>Remove doors to make the entrance a wide open exit
>During breakfast they all make a break for the door
>Armed guards mow down more than 60 prisoners before the rest of them surrender
>Next day all of them are happy
>None want freedom
>Communism strikes again!
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15.9 timer registrert
Publisert: 30. desember, 2015
So many different possibilities and action to take place in. Love the specification of the prisoners, had a few laughs over that. Overall a great game with hours and hours of gameplay.
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Publisert: 1. november, 2015
I made an entire prison to hold one prisoner.
It had a huge cell that had everything he could have ever wanted in it.
It had a kitchen with 8 chefs who wanted nothing but to cook him the finest meals.
It had four guards who were friendly to him at all times.
It had all of the gardeners and janitors you could ever need.
After 3 days "Chuck Testa" shanked one of the guards, then proceeded to escape the prison.
Would waste 4 hours of my life again.
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Publisert: 16. november, 2015
Years ago, I worked in a prison... Northern nevada Correction Center and Warm Springs Correctional Center located in Carson City Nevada. That being said, a few games have come out over the years trying to emulate running a prison. Prison Tycoon 1 & 2 were the first that I tried. Both failed miserably. This game has a long way to go, but it is trying... improving... and actually comes close. Riots, gang wars, contraband, escapes and even a death row. Real rehabilitation, if there is such a thing. Not all inmates go back to prison whatever the reason.

This game is evolving, getting better and feels real on some levels.

A critical review should be just that, critical. So while I give this game a thumbs up, it is not perfect. It has bugs, Some new, some old, but many are recognized and others have been fixed. The developers are working to improve it both in game play and fixing that which is broken. I have not seen a game breaking bug.

An active community of posted prisons and mods, the spread of ideas and again active developers have made this game more real than it's predicessors and a bit fun.

My 1 suggestion is to add race tension. Race wars are alive and well in the US prisons. Segregation could be implemented as it is in many prisons. However, Gangs do add an interesting aspect that mimic this, but recruitment is rampant in prisons and should be added as well. Gun towers, a better way to implement sally ports (1 door can not open until the other closes, linking doors together in some way of added user defined rules) and so forth. How about a bit of staff corruption? All of this would make the game more real, challenging and fun.
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