In Starbound, you take on the role of a character who’s just fled from their home planet, only to crash-land on another. From there you’ll embark on a quest to survive, discover, explore and fight your way across an infinite universe!
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Data wydania: 4 Gru, 2013

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Od twórców:

Dlaczego wczesny dostęp?

“We were at a point in Starbound's development where it was already pretty fun, so we decided to release the game in beta through early access to ensure the community has a chance to help us shape the game.”

Ile mniej więcej czasu trwa faza Wczesnego dostępu?

“It's difficult for us to give a solid release date-- we're not so good at those, we've learned. Starbound still has a ways to go, but we'll keep you posted via our website!”

Czym różni się zaplanowana pełna wersja od tej z Wczesnego Dostępu?

“The full version of Starbound will contain a plot and sidequests, more dungeons, more bosses and lore, among other features.”

Jaki jest obecny stan wersji z Wczesnego Dostępu?

“Starbound is already extremely playable and contains a vast amount of content in its current state! There are two beta branches currently in use-- [STABLE] and [NIGHTLY].

The stable branch receives less frequent updates, as we're currently working on one big update that will complete the first few tiers of player progression.

The [NIGHTLY] branch is updated automatically every night, and is for players who want to track progress or simply can't wait to check out shiny new features. :D Play at your own risk, though, as these builds are not tested and bugs/crashes are likely.

Find out more about how to opt into the nightly builds here:

Czy cena gry ulegnie zmianie podczas i po Wczesnym Dostępie?

“The price will likely change after Early Access!”

Jak zamierzacie włączyć społeczność w wasz proces tworzenia?

“We post daily progress updates on our blog, and we're always hanging around IRC.”

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15 kwietnia

Starbound Dev Blog Round-Up! 15/04/2016

Hello! Here's a round-up of our posts from the last little while.

Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Starbound website!

In preparation for the previously mentioned final approach to 1.0, we've taken some time to give the site a new coat of paint. So take a look around, and let us know what you think!

So, what's new with Starbound? Well, I think you'll all be excited to read that you'll soon be able to upgrade your Matter Manipulator in whichever way you see fit!

Do you focus all your modules early on towards maxing out the Power Generator? Or perhaps you'd find spreading your modules out on each area a more rewarding spend. The choice is now up to you in which order you focus your upgrades.

This feature is still a work in progress, but here's a look at the interface as it stands right now:

We've also got some some exciting news to share regarding Starbound on Xbox One! If you're attending EGX Rezzed in London this weekend, you'll be among the first to play an early build of Starbound on the Xbox One, via their new Game Preview program!

We're already receiving some sizeable interest at the ID@XBOX booth, so come and say hello!

That's all for today!


Hey, you! Have you ever thought about being a space bounty hunter?

I mean, obviously being a regular bounty hunter is all well and good, but if you stick space on the front of it... well, I'm sure there are statistically a lot more outlaws in the whole of space than there are here on Earth, right? Travel time might be an issue. There's quite a lot of travel. I suppose there are always downsides.

Anyway, now you can do that!

You may come across NPCs who are feeling a bit anxious about the presence of an infamous outlaw near their home. Go and take care of that and receive a nice bounty in return! Outlaws aren't as easy to fight as regular NPCs, and may even have a few tricks up their sleeves.

But who knows? Maybe Shadowy Goldtooth the dark knight is just a bit misunderstood! Maybe you could even be friends?


There are whispers of a seedy hidden dive bar at the Outpost frequented by penguin mercenaries...

It's rumored that if you do the bartender a favor, you'll be allowed to hire penguin mercenaries onto your ship crew rather than accumulating crew members by being nice and helping people.

... they're just rumors though, of course!

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Final Approach to 1.0

( Cross-posted from our dev blog )

Hey all!

So Starbound's next update is the big 1.0 and it's getting close, so I wanted to update everyone on where things are and what to expect. Leaving Early Access doesn't mean the end of updates for Starbound by any means, instead it will mark a shift away from engine work and towards additional content creation.

In the past we've referred to this update as 'the story update' and indeed the player will finally be able to experience the complete Starbound story arc.

Along the way you'll meet new friends, undertake a series of missions and search for clues across countless planets. The story arc isn't intended to replace the sandbox gameplay, but instead provide it with context whilst leaving the game open and boundless.

So, let's go over some of the big new and returning features in 1.0

Story Content

You are a Protector in training. The protectors belong to the Terrene Protectorate. An organisation formed on earth by humanity to protect and guide the universe towards peace. The story begins on earth, on your graduation day and quickly has you hurtling out into the stars.

The story consists of 8 instanced missions that take the player from overrun mining facilities to ancient temples and sunken libraries. To unlock missions you'll be given quests which utilize many different aspects of the Starbound sandbox to send you searching for clues. Clues can be found in many different ways, from visiting towns and talking to the locals, exploring dangerous dungeons, to building colonies and completing quests. Our goal is to reward however you like to play.

All of these missions (excluding the intro) end in a unique boss fight and meeting new friends that aid in the expansion of the outpost, which is now upgraded as you progress.

As of this update the mission/story progression, armor progression, ship progression and colony progression are all entirely separate. Whilst missions do increase in difficulty as they progress, it's up to you how you want to tackle them in terms of gear, weapons and items. We've removed any artificial gates, though you will need to ensure you have the equipment needed to overcome any environmental hazards.

The lore and NPC dialogue has also been tweaked around this story and forms a cohesive narrative which ties the Starbound universe together.


Planet Generation

Up until now, each planet in Starbound had one major biome, with some sub biomes scattered within it. With the goal of freeing up the progression and removing artificial gates in mind, planets now contain multiple major biomes, in interesting combinations. Planet generation feels new and fresh with many more possibilities for variation and interesting content. It's now possible to find a volcano in a jungle or a ruined town in a desert.


New Dungeons

We're also bringing these planets to life with great new dungeons, villages and beautiful microdungeons. Planets are populated with more content than ever and we're making sure those dungeons contain rewards that are meaningful both to the story and to sandbox gameplay.

These new villages extend to every race, including the Hylotls who now have a complete set of dungeons and villages in game.


New Side Quests

Alongside the story progression and clue quests there are a number of new side quests, including a battle arena, a museum that needs to be populated with artifacts, and test chambers to unlock tech upgrades. We've also expanded the quest system with a quest tracker, compass and multi-part quests which update as you undertake them.


Generated Quests

In order for a world to feel alive and cohesive it requires context. We're establishing that with our new generated quest system. As you explore the stars, you'll meet NPCs who need help in various ways. These NPCs will ask you to check out specific locations on their planets to complete their requests. Quests are generated in such a way that the NPCs are aware of the planet they're on, the creatures that inhabit it and where other locations are in the world.

Completing these quests will grant you all sorts of different benefits and some can leave you with new friends.


Crew Members

In order to reward players for creating colonies we've allowed particularly happy colonists to become crew members. If you accept their service they'll beam to your ship, wear a uniform and fall under your command. Crew members are capable of fulfilling a number of different roles; Soldiers will fight alongside you, medics will heal you mid battle, mechanics will make your ship more fuel efficient and stylists can outfit your crew in custom uniforms.

Crew members can be picked up and dropped on your ship at any time, crew members that follow you will interact with the world around them, examining and commenting on objects they pass and sometimes interacting with them.



If building colonies isn't your style you can always head to The Beakeasy and hire a penguin mercenary. These mercenaries will carry out the same roles as crew members but their assistance comes at a premium.  


Ship Upgrades

Ships are now upgraded by reaching a certain quota of crew members. Alternatively, if crew members aren't your style, licenses to upgrade your ship can be bought on the black market at the Penguin Bay. Post 1.0 we'll continue to look into the feasibility of entirely custom built ships.


New Crafting Progression

The crafting progression in Starbound has been completely revamped. There are many more crafting tables, each with tabs that specify categories of craftable items. Crafting recipes have become more meaningful and interesting with more thought behind what each of these recipes requires of the player. It's easier than ever to find what you want, when you need it. Your pool of recipes advances more logically and the improved UI makes crafting less of a chore.



You're now able to craft a fossil station and new fossil tools allow you to unearth a wide range of bones underground. To excavate fossils successfully you'll need to complete a tricky minigame. Once completed you're able to display collected fossil pieces in craftable display stands.

Hunger is Back

Hunger has been reworked and has returned in an optional survival mode. The UI has been revamped and food now rots over time (with refrigerators keeping food fresh). Eating food now also has a healing effect outside of survival mode.


New Weapons

There are a plethora of new, extremely unique weapons scattered all over the universe. These weapons make for good rewards, provide varied gameplay and many of them are built on backer requests.


Revamped Pet System

The pet system has been massively improved, captured pets now appear in your inventory, the range of creatures you're able to catch is much wider, the capture animations have been improved along with the pet behaviours. Pets can also be equipped with collars which provide them with special abilities and you're able to craft healing and tether stations to heal and tether your pets to a location.


Augment System

Similar to pet collars, armor augments can now be applied to certain back armors to give the player special properties. These range from increased damage and speed to fun special effects.


Combat Updates

Combat continues to be updated and tweaked. We've continued to adjust the way damage works. When hurt the player now has increased invincibility frames. When a monster is hit by a player it's unable to damage the player for a short period. Meaning you no longer have to worry about being hit by monsters caught in your special attacks. There are many small changes we've made here while we continue to work on balance.



There are far, far too many things to mention here but the overall effect is one of a far more polished, finished experience. It touches every aspect of the game; code, sound, graphics, design are all included. We will be pushing a release candidate of Starbound to unstable some time before 1.0 whilst we continue to polish for the final release.


Performance and Optimization

Performance in Starbound falls into two categories, client performance (framerate) and server performance (update rate). We've entirely rewritten the renderer to massively improve client performance so your framerates should be higher than ever. We're now working on server performance and expect to at least double the update rate before 1.0.


A New Style of Multiplayer

Multiplayer in Starbound has always been a bit technical to get off of the ground, requiring the player to set up a server, forward ports, share IPs and so on. We're hoping to use Steam to massively streamline this process though there are still some technical hurdles we're working through. Our goal is to create two kinds of multiplayer experiences.

  • Drop in/Drop out of a friends 'singleplayer' game, through steam invites. This would be limited to 4 players max by default (edited via config). This method would require no server hosting, no IP sharing or port forwarding. Simply invite your friend to the game you're currently playing offline.
  • Dedicated Servers. This would continue to use the server/client model and be entirely configurable by server admins. The goal being to provide as flexible a solution as possible.
We're also looking at what security improvements we can make, though this is going to be a tough one with the degree to which Starbound is moddable.


Steam Workshop

Alongside Steam matchmaking we're intending to make use of the steam workshop to support mod sharing and subscribing.


This is just a few of the features you'll be seeing in 1.0 and as always we'll be posting about development here.

Until next time!



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“Starbound is one of the most impressive never-ending games I've ever played.”
9 – Polygon

“Starbound's delivering on its core promises even in its early access incarnation.”

“This might be a bare-bones version of the game to come, but boy, check out those bones. The game's minutiae will be mapped out across various wikis for years to come, and many mechanics will be added and refined, but even now, Starbound is an enticing journey of discovery that reminds you just how exciting it can be to stare at a sky full of stars.”

Massive Combat Update!

The Combat update is here!

The much-anticipated combat update is out! Discover new unique monsters, weapons, biomes and microdungeons throughout the galaxy! Check out the full changelog below.

A few notes:

  • Your existing characters and worlds should be more or less intact, but as usual, you will need to start a fresh universe or explore far-off systems in order to experience some of the new content.
  • If you are running any Starbound mods, they may be incompatible with the latest version of Starbound. I'd recommend backing up your existing characters before launching the game!
  • In fact, backing up your existing characters in an Early Access game is never a bad idea.
ATTN Modders! We've put a comprehensive tutorial up on the wiki describing how to create new missions in Tiled!

  • Generated and tiered two-handed weapons now have special abilities that can be activated using right click. Many (45+) possible abilities are available for various classes of ranged and melee weapons!
    • Yes, some guns now have flashlights
  • Change to hammer mechanics: hold left click to wind up, release to fire
  • Change to spear mechanics: continue holding left click after a swing to keep the spear out to fend off enemies
  • Several new classes of hard-to-find unique weapons: boomerangs, chakrams and fist weapons
    • Find blueprints to upgrade these weapons into even more powerful and specialized versions at higher tiers
    • Dual wield fist weapons to enable powerful combo finishers
  • A few miscellaneous unique weapons and items such as flamethrowers and remote-detonated grenade launchers
  • Lots of new unique monsters found throughout the galaxy, each with their own special abilities and behaviors
  • Knockback is more powerful and reliable
  • Monsters have clearer ‘telegraphing’ to indicate when they are about to attack
  • Remade shields and improved blocking mechanics
  • Replaced electric stun status effect with Electrified, which periodically damages other nearby enemies
  • Hostile monsters now damage the player on touch
  • New system for player-controlled vehicles which can be spawned and despawned using Vehicle Controllers (acquired at the Outpost)
  • Hoverbikes!
    • Great for travelling across planet surfaces quickly!
    • They include a passenger seat so you can transport your friends!
    • Come in several attractive colors!
    • Drive carefully to avoid blowing yourself up!
  • Boats!
    • Similar to the previous boat tech, useful for crossing large bodies of water
    • Your friends can ride on deck or pose dramatically in the bow
  • Visit Rob Repairo in the Outpost shipyard area to repair your vehicles using auto chips, which can be found in the world or purchased at the Outpost
  • Quest givers’ portraits are shown on quest dialogs and in the log
  • Colonists now occasionally give players new procedural quests to help improve their house or social standing
  • The abandon button can be used on procedural quests and the same quests can now be declined
  • New ‘Midnight’ planets
  • New ‘Frozen’ planets (replaces Tundra)
  • Prism, Steam Spring, and Hive sub biomes
  • Over 300 new microdungeons and other improvements to all underground biomes, including background caves and parallaxes
    • Craftable elevator objects, because stairs are so last millennium
    • Consumable dyes to change the color of armor and clothing
    • Capture pods are (for now) used to capture and relocate critters, with a more complete pet system returning in a future patch
    • Loads of item descriptions have been fixed/replaced/added, including lots of Novakid ones!
    • Too many new objects, items, costumes, colony tenants, etc. to list
    • Too many bug fixes, item tweaks, and balance changes to list
    • Improved support for Tiled map and tileset format for modders
  • Some one-handed, unique and biome weapons which still use the old system will be replaced in a future patch

O tej grze

Starbound is an extraterrestrial sandbox adventure game in which you take on the role of a character who's just fled from their home planet, only to find themselves lost in space with a damaged ship. Their only option is to beam down to the planet below and begin gathering the resources they need to repair their ship and set off to explore the vast, infinite universe…

Use the starmap to travel between star systems, settle down and farm the land, build and colonize a modern metropolis, take on quests to earn a living, or complete story missions to unlock some of the greater galactic mysteries!

With lots to do and a near-infinite number of procedurally generated worlds to discover, Starbound allows players to create their own adventures in space.

Key Features:
  • 7 playable races
  • A procedurally generated universe with unlimited procedurally generated planets
  • All content available in online drop in/drop out co-op
  • Generated dungeons full of unique enemies
  • Randomly generated monsters
  • Thousands of items
  • A deep crafting system
  • PVP gameplay
  • Own and decorate your own Starship
  • Develop your own home planet
  • Menacing boss battles
  • Procedurally generated guns and melee weapons
  • Farming, hunting and survival mechanics
  • Built from the ground up to support modding
  • Ongoing free updates
  • Multi-platform multiplayer

What will you find?

Wymagania systemowe

Mac OS X
    • System operacyjny: Windows XP or later
    • Procesor: Core 2 Duo
    • Pamięć: 2 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: 256 MB graphics memory and directx 9.0c compatible gpu
    • DirectX: Wersja 9.0c
    • Sieć: Szerokopasmowe połączenie z internetem
    • Miejsce na dysku: 3 GB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • System operacyjny: Windows XP or later
    • Procesor: Core i3
    • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: Discrete GPU capable of directx 9.0c
    • DirectX: Wersja 9.0c
    • Sieć: Szerokopasmowe połączenie z internetem
    • Miejsce na dysku: 4 GB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • System operacyjny: Os X 10.7 or later
    • Procesor: 64 bit Intel CPU
    • Pamięć: 2 GB RAM
    • Sieć: Szerokopasmowe połączenie z internetem
    • Miejsce na dysku: 3 GB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • System operacyjny: Os X 10.7 or later
    • Procesor: 64 bit Intel CPU
    • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM
    • Sieć: Szerokopasmowe połączenie z internetem
    • Miejsce na dysku: 4 GB dostępnej przestrzeni
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Zamieszczono: 30 maja
Friend told me to buy this game

Bought the game

Made a lizard or some ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ n. like that

Friend's Hamachi was poor af and we couldn't play a at his server

14 money of my very own well spend

1/2 Would buy again
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Crêpe la Chat
( 2.0 godz. łącznie )
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Zamieszczono: 30 maja
While I have heard the combat is supposed to be very complex, there is such thing as overly complicating something.
Most notably: The player movement. I don't like the speeds between walking forward and walking backwards being different.
I looked online for a mod to fix it, but the mod no longer works with the newer versions.
Buy it all you want, but this one isn't for me.
Personally, I'd choose Terraria over this.
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( 102.3 godz. łącznie )
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Zamieszczono: 30 maja
Produkt otrzymany bezpłatnie
This amazing game is currently trapped in development hell please stay away from this game till its fully released
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( 264.3 godz. łącznie )
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Zamieszczono: 30 maja
Enjoy Terraria? Was digging your favorite part of the game? Well, guess what, somebody came up with the clever idea of making digging even more tedious and boring, take longer, and give less back. Now, spread that across an infinite universe and you've got a digger's dream come true. Also, you're a space explorer who still uses swords and hammers.

Like farming? No? Too bad.

Go play Terraria again.
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( 92.5 godz. łącznie )
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Zamieszczono: 30 maja
I recommend this game because it has a wide range of items and ALOT of potental overall it is fun in many ways.A problem ive been haveing is a dont like doing quest hopefully they will fix this in 1.0 If you have the chance i would try it because its VERY Great.
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( 57.9 godz. łącznie )
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Zamieszczono: 30 maja
I absolutely LOVE this game. I definitely got my $15 worth of it, and it's still in early access. If they add more to the game, it could only make it even better.
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Mettaton EX
( 29.9 godz. łącznie )
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Zamieszczono: 30 maja
Ok this game is absolutely amazing , But The wait for them to come out of early access is getting really boring. I really hope its not much longer!
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cool fuckin' stuff dude
( 3.4 godz. łącznie )
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Zamieszczono: 30 maja
google . com how do starbound
google star boud
how to bound star
help pls

i dont understand it
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( 23.8 godz. łącznie )
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Zamieszczono: 29 maja
This is a fantastic game that everyone should play. Beware this game is still in early accces. They are constenley adding new additons to the game. For the master minds behind this game Great Job
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( 409.3 godz. łącznie )
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Zamieszczono: 29 maja
I'm gonna chock every negative review on this game up to:

"Hey look! An interesting game that's like Terraria! I should buy it! (Two weeks later) well, that was fun, when's the next update? And I waited. And waited. BUT THERE ARE NO UPDATES ♥♥♥♥ THIS GAME AND THE CREATORS GBJUBUOAF{AOSUFUFSPBUFAPUOUOUSFAUUOPFAUFSAUBUBSF{OFFSBU{."

Well it's bout time for someone to put ya'll gentlefuccboi's to rest, and that son-♥♥♥♥♥ is me.

FIRST! Stop your ♥♥♥♥♥ing, Game developement is difficult.
SECOND! They released a nightly build so you can play the broken ♥♥♥♥ they're working on RIGHT, ♥♥♥♥ING, NOW!
THIRD! They have a blog about all the neat stuff they're working on right here:

FOURTH! The game is about to go out of early access, and it's your fault you bought a game before it was released. So you have no right to be pissy-panties about it.
FIFTH! It's 1:15 AM at the time I type this, I'm hopped up on coffee, so I'm blasting out my daily reviews and shiiiiiiiz
SIXTH! I'm tired, good-night, sleep tight, and don't let the zomboids bite...
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AJ, Lord of Chaos
( 27.7 godz. łącznie )
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Zamieszczono: 29 maja
-Longest time in early access ever-

This game will never see primetime as a complete product and I'll gladly update this review ahould they prove me wrong here.
Devs keep adding stuff like armor pieces and tiles and pets and content is always good, right? Well fine but what about the actual gameplay? Sadly this is going nowhere, development has no direction and the devs have no idea what they want to create. Planets and monsters are same same, there is one ore tier to grind then the next, same.

If you have no vision of what to create other than "like Terraria with different planets", the so-called "community" can't fix that. They might beta-test and finance you and find some bugs but don't ask them how to make a game.
They say oh make it like Zelda or like Terraria or like Dark Souls or Rogue or Isaac yeah but they did not conceive of those games before they existed, it took a few ingenious minds.

In short: be bold, aim high, never ask the internet posters for their opinion.

Edit: reading the reviews, why are there so many new reviews from last week upvoted only stating "great game" with one sentence and such. Did someone drop free keys, then made some upvotes? Looks extremely shady the whole business.
Another reason to stay away.
Przydatne? Tak Nie Zabawna
( 47.6 godz. łącznie )
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Zamieszczono: 29 maja
The first game hours, aren't very helpful. Most of my time in the beginning was on youtube watching tutorials, the game does tell you how to survive. But still I never felt it was enough, the tutorial I call somewhat weak, but it teaches you the basics, and helps you get started. This game is absolutely addicting, but whenever you get your character started the game is frustrating, and tedious the beginning tutorial is very annoying.

I can't tell you how much I got annoyed by how much I actually had to do to get started. But then mid-game you realize, 'The tutorial, wasn't annoying it just took a lot of time and effort to get started, I just tried to shortcut my way around it to get me started, and in my haste to get the tutorial done quickly so I could explore, I missed out on a lot of details which served to help me'. I think that's what the beauty of this game is, you just start out with nothing, and the game kicks your ♥♥♥ a lot. But it does it to help teach you.

Now, I will say at this point the game is not perfect. At the current moment managing your inventory is a chore, and sorting it is a nightmare. Given how at first your ship is very tiny, you can't store that many things. You will have a lot of trouble sorting your inventory. Also, given how the chests you get in the beginning are very small and can't hold many items, it becomes increasingly difficult to have chests for different types of weapons. As you would have to have 5 different chests for one category.

So there is it's first problem, inventory management, I have actually lost of my rarest items to how nightmarish it is. The Water Sword in-case you were wondering, however in the next coming updates it will be fixed. I assume, if they never fix it shame on them.

Now, even though the game is in early access I will say it is very stable, and it is actually getting out of early access soon, in the new 1.0 update. Which is quite exciting, I hope they keep to update this game, and add more content to it.

Now one of the biggest changes you will see in this game is how the guns work, a very big change. Ammo, it is non-existent in this game. Instead you have a more streamlined, and awesome energy bar. Basically this energy bar, depletes whenever you fire your weapon, and once the bar is fully depleted, it regenerates back untils its full. I think this is a problem with the game right now, is even though it can be quite difficult at times. They should have a mode to where the game is more difficult, kind of like fallout 4's hardcore mode. Weapons take ammo, however they are extremely deadly, and much more accurate. However ammo can be crafted, using certain materials and it can be rarely found in chests. I feel this is a recurring problem with rpg games. Is they are becoming to streamlined, and they are losing what makes them unique. The reason these games are streamlined of course, is to draw in more fans. And that makes sense, and quite a bit of more money appearantly. I personally don't mind the game is quite easy, I would just appreciate some kind of hardcore mode.

Now, one of the biggest changes, is obviously space travel. You can travel to multiple different planets that all have their own enemies, and challenges. For example some planets are insanely hot, or insanely cold, have a lot of radiation, have no oxygen on them, or even host alien life. Now the way to get on most of these planets is by getting equipment by doing missions. Missions, are usually boring fetch quests. Here is yet another problem with this game, 'can you go get me *X* at *Y*. The most uninspired and boring type of quests possible, I feel this game had a lot of potential with the missions and they kind of threw it out the window. Which makes me sad, however the game also has these missions which have you teleporting to a certain area, and getting loot and killing bosses. Which is awesome, and the game actually has a codex, in which you can read up on certain areas of the game. All of the areas of the codex are unlocked from books, in which you find in chests in the areas and read them. You can as well repeat these missions to grab any loot you missed out on, or wait a certain amount of time, and re-do the missions and the loot will re-appear just in case you accidently dropped something you got from that mission. What is amazing is the fact that, you can get outfits in the game from missions or from chests. What is really neat is that their is an armor slot and a cosmetic slot, you can still have the best equipment while looking at badass (or silly) as you want. However you can still get weapons from chests scattered in missions, and you can sell them and killing monsters in the missions does give a fair amount of money on it's own.

Now, lets talk about money. Well it has a pretty cool name, 'pixels' is the currency in this game. It's quite simple actually, selling items gives you pixels, and you can buy items with pixels. Also, the most important place to know in the game, is 'The Gate'. Basically every system has one, and its where a bunch of people, live at, they give you quests, dahdahadahadah. Point is, its where you buy and sell items, and its where most of the game where progression is sat at.

This game right, now is great. It could use a couple of fixes, and it does crash sometimes. Not very often, however and if the game crashes you don't have anything to worry about. You can be playing the game, exit it, re-enter and everything will be there. Thats because if the game closes or crashes, it saves your game as soon as it happens. If you game crashes, and it saves, can that cause corrupt saves? Good question, I don't think so, because its never happened to me. But hey, who knows.

7/10 - Boring fetch quests, blended with some really cool quests, tons of loot, and items to collect, and a couple of things that should be fixed on the way to update 1.0. Right now it's a great game, and I am very addicted to it, and I am having a lot of fun with it.
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This game is in early access, but holy biscuits on a pan in my oven it's well done. I would honestly be okay if this was all that the game was, but I'm exited for the full release. 1/0
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Great Game!!! I love the vast andventure and the HUGE and i mean HUUUUGE open world!!!
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Early access my ♥♥♥. Three years I've owned this game. Early access my ♥♥♥.
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As Starbound version 1.0 is pretty close to being pretty close to being right around the corner (A.K.A the devs are saying it's close but I honestly have no idea), I should probably (and finally... It's been a while) write a review.

Imagine a flower that has yet to bloom. After years of careful and regular watering, fertilizing, and sunlight exposure, the plant will finally bud.

The thing is, you don't really know if the bud will be beautiful or horribly ugly. It's like a 70-30 chance against terrible.

That's the stage Starbound is in right now. Even in the unstable/nightly release (the 'snapshots' of 1.0) you don't really get a good idea on what the game will be like because you can't play out the storyline quest (no spoilers, the dev team says). So, no clue on that area of the game.

That being said, the foundation of the game that you can play right now is extraordinary. You could probably squeeze out max 100 hrs of fun with the release right now.

Personally, I'm waiting for the 1.0 release. I've been deciding what class will be my main (Avian... Maybe Novakid.... Or Hylotl, love that Japan-AGH I CAN'T CHOOSE) and reading the Starbound blog updates weekly. Also, I've been relaxing with another great Chucklefish-supported game, Stardew Valley (NotASponser). Pick that up if you're interested.

Back to the point, if you like sandbox games with a storyline and combat and colonization and races and man eating plants and HOLY CRAP, FISHMEN and man-apes with a dash of mind control, then this may be your game.

Really though, we know almost nothing about the storyline; there will be a storyline, but no clue on how it will be. Though, with the game that they already have, I don't think that Chucklefish would waste an almost perfect game on a crap storyline. I have high hopes.

Hopefully. Cross your fingers, everyone.
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3 years of early access. I feel like this doesn't even need to be elaborated on.
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Kill stuff
Mine stuff
Build stuff
Be creative
Explore stuff
Own stuff
Attract residents
Mark your teritory

This game i recommend because you can do anything you want and build whatever you want.
LITERALLY explore thousands upon thousands of planets and systems.
Play the game.Its worth it.
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I absolutely love this game it has so much to explore and do i have never gotten bored when playing. I only have one problem that about a week ago when i hit play and the starbound launcher showed up i clicked the one i normaly play on (starbound 64-bit), and it said there was a fatal exeption and i tried the others and they didnt work either. I would like to know if that it is because you are working on updates or something otherwise.
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Oatmeal Pete
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4 years in, they still haven't finished Terraria in space.
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Super gierka ;)
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I followed this game for a long while. Checking blog posts on their main sites daily. Squealing over every single update. It looked smexy. The music was smexy. The hype was real.
Heck, I even remember when the devs posted this video claiming it was their actual official trailer.
It was wonderful

And when I first played, I can fully say I enjoyed my time. However, it did lack something that kept me from getting really into it.

And so I waited.

and waited.

Update after update.

All I can say is, that feeling of emptiness... like an incomplete game... it is still there; if not more strongly than ever.

I feel that the progress and development of this game stagnated and slowed a long time ago, despite the constant updates.

Don't get me wrong, the art and the music is still fanhioaejgajfafFgnbAfOMG <3, but it's everything else that doesn't quite click.

Things that make me cry
  • They removed the survival elements, so it's pretty much just exploration with little consequences. There used to be food, temperature, but none of that anymore. Apparently they're adding it back in for 1.0 so that's really kewl. <3
  • They said you would be freeeeeeee to explore. But you are restricted by quests to pretty much unlock all the important stuff. So you have lots of boring fetch quests or otherwise combat quests to even bother to progress. It feels unnatural and forced; these quests feel like a wall between you and the super cool stuff like big ships and stuff.
  • That might be alright, if the combat didn't feel dreadfully awful, and if the mining wasn't 'grindy'. Hitting and killing enemies doesn't feel as satisfying as Terraria. The combat update did little to address this, there is not a lot of feedpack or impact when you do hit things with your giant future sword or awesome space shotgun. Just a little crinkle which I presume is the monster dropping gold, and poosh, nothing. Every monster feels the same, and is it just me, but where are the procedually generated monsters? You could bring up the arguement that the system just created similar monsters with the same components, but surely that's at least a bit better than seeing the same 'unique' monsters that spawn?
    This probably explains it better than I do.

  • Planets all feel the same, and besides, you're just there to mine anyways. The planets feel copy+pasted honestly, and exploration becomes repetitive; eventually, all you'll do is pop onto a planet and mine. And the underground is nowhere as near as interesting as Terraria's, no matter how many dungeons they implement... it just doesn't have that charm.
  • Although modding for this game is clearly an awesome and redeeming feature, I don't think that modding should have to fix the game. Playing without mods soon gets bland, and without them, there are problems within the games that aren't addressed. Such as contact damage with enemies even though they have attack animations I don't even mrgrgr.
  • The idea of building a base among the stars. A planet claimed to be yours. A fortress filled with every single cool lil' trinket you found on your stellar voyage! It excited me. But I soon came to realise that base building was ultimately useless. The universe is ultimately harmless, and you have a ♥♥♥♥ing spaceship to put stuff in.

As this game is nearing release, my hope for this game ever fixing the problems that stick out like a sore thumb are slim. Despite all this time in early access, the glaring issues I saw since 'release' are still there. But it's not like this game is horribly bad or anything. As mentioned, the art and music are wonderful, and the environments feel immersive and beautiful! But the combat system, the lack of freedom due to quests, the repetitive and boring exploration, and the overall blandness of the mechanics weigh it down.In my eyes, the content of this game, that seems to be praised, is measured by lines of dialogue and fetch quests.

If you're going to play it with a friend, go ahead, you'll have heaps of fun with the beautiful worlds that will be generated for your space shenanigan adventures. Just don't expect much when playing alone.

In my personal opinion, I would give it a 6.5/10. But I know there are lots of people that love this game a helluva lot, it's just that I, as a long-time fan, felt really disappointed in the end.

If anybody is going to criticise me for the lack of hours I have put in, do take note that I used to play this on another account and have clocked in more hours than just 15.
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This is a game that I loved. I loved it. I was enamoured by everything that it promised, and I played and played and played back when it had been recently released into early access. Everything they promised sounded so cool, and everything the game already had was awesome. I played a very early version of it (which was still awesome) and had to deal with a few wipes, and it was reasonable. They were improving it all the time, but a lot of things were still broken, or didnt work. crashes happened, things got deleted, files were lost, but it was perfectly alright. After all, it was an early access game. So I decided, alright, I love this game. So let's wait for it to be released. And I waited... and waited... and waited...
Almost three years later, it still hasnt been released.
Now I am looking at what is being said of the changes that have been made in the time I have been away, and quite frankly I dont think I even want to bother with it anymore.
I stop and wonder if this would have happened this way if this game hadnt been so successful on early access... and honestly I dont think it would have gone down this way. And that is the real problem.

Early access allows small developers with good ideas to get the financial backing to complete their awesome and creative projects.


It allows small developers to earn money, procrastinate, and prolong deadlines until they forget what the hell they were originally paid for.

This was a ripoff. They sold me the promise of a game, and four years later it still hasnt been delivered. In fact the product that is now being offered is quite different to the original game that was sold to me. So, really, do yourself a favor and stay away from this and any early access game.
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Funny story, this game.

Back in 2011, I was creating a game called Nebula. Terraria had just released, so I got the bug of a 2D procedural sandbox game with building elements, but I was a Metroid die-hard and loved space, so I got a bunch of friends together to make a sort of space-based Terraria clone. That was.. I believe it was in May or June.

Fast forward a month. We're now settling on some actual solid concepts for our design and pushing a small prototype through the strainer. Written in C#, as we were experimenting with it after Terraria dropped, the game was showing a lot of progress and we were pretty excited (I was, and in some cases still am, an ANSI C die-hard.)

Tiyuri (the founder of Chucklefish) dials me up on IRC (Internet Relay Chat, for those uninformed.) The conversation happened on OSPNet. I was affiliated with sllabs (Secret Lair Labs) at the time. He talked to me about his new game, but instead of conversing with me as a decent person would, he made me sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) via the web.

Putting aside how hilarious an NDA-via-the-web is, I forwarded the e-mail back to him with my name and address and he proceeded to tell me to stop developing Nebula, because his new game, "Starship", was being developed and he didn't want competition. He said he'd give me a "job" working in his advertising department or whatever. Essentially, trying to buy/scare me into stopping development of what would be a free, open source, and potentially Steam-releasable game born out of a couple of friends messing around.

Eventually, of course, I said "no", but my other friends were kind of terrified at the thought of potential lawsuits. They eventually stopped working on Nebula, and at its early stage, the project tanked.

I bought this game purely to see what the "result" was. And I'm still laughing.

This game is the prime example of why someone like Tiy shouldn't lead a project. Tiy is a shoddy pixel artist looking for a way to scrape together cash off of other people's backs, and Starbound is a clear, eye-candy-inspiring way to do that. Early on, I was quite enamored. Environments that actually posed a threat? Jesus, that was something I had planned for Nebula. But then it tanked. And it tanked hard. And I never went back. Wish I could get a refund after the fact.

Don't buy this game. In fact, don't buy from Chucklefish ever again, lest your projects be preyed upon by a malicious and rather socially inept "indie developer".



These screenshots will be valid for about a week. After that, if requested, I'll re-post them.


A track I've kept with me for several years. This was the Desert theme for Nebula.


The original design document.
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Starbound: A Space Odyssey That Never Ends
I decided to revisit Starbound after a year or so of avoiding it, and I was not impressed. My thoughts at first were "man is this game ever going to be done?" but as I've been playing and checking on the development progress they have quickly shifted to "man this game is almost done, and has nearly nothing to show for it."

Let me explain. This game has had the early access tag for about two and a half years now, which by itself is not a bad thing. The developers have had time to work on the game and really turn it into something special. A lot of care exists for the lore of starbound, the different races are interesting, and they have unique styles that help them stand apart from eachother. But for all the love that went into the construction of this universe, it's a very, very boring place.

This is in part due to the gameplay. Starbound boils down to a very tedious formula. Go down to a planet, mine some of the ore there, make armor and gear, and then fight the next boss. After fighting said boss you get the ability to travel to new star systems with new planet types. On these completely new planet types the goal is exactly the same, dig down, mine ore, make equipment, fight the next boss. Side quests help flesh out the gameplay, but they are all fetch quests of some sort. At least from what I've seen all these quests do is force players to scour the surfaces of various planets until they find the preset item requested of them. There is no fun in it, and it offers minimal rewards after the first playthrough. Simply put, Starbound is not a fun game to replay. There are nearly no incentives for a second playthrough. The gear for the different races, while visually unique, functions exactly as every other race's gear does.

Procedurally generated games thrive off of replayability, but Starbound just doesn't have it. Exploring planets is interesting at first, but it quickly becomes lackluster. Vehicles and techs that allow the player to traverse planets faster help to ease the boredom of exploration, but there's still little fun in it. Some planet types (oceans and moons, I'm looking at you) wouldn't be worth visiting at all if players weren't forced to do so.

Going on a bit of a tangent here, but my framerate in this game is miserable. This is a more recent problem, but Starbound currently has abysmal optimization issues. I really don't know why this game runs so poorly for me, but it's wholly unacceptable and I hope that the release of the 1.0 version resolves that problem. In its current state, Starbound is more likely to give me a headache than an enjoyable experience because my framerate is so erratic. I find myself not wanting to build any sort of base because of how quickly the poor optimization catches up to me.

So, all in all I can't recommend Starbound. It feels like it's made little to no meaningful progress in the last year, and it frustrates me to no end trying to play it. I'm sad to say it too, because I loved this game to death when I first purchased it back in November of 2013.

Note: My playtime in this game is inaccurately represented because of how it runs, steam counts the launcher as a game and I've left it open for long periods of time before. My actual time spent playing is probably less than one-third of what steam says.
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If Starbound was a Simulation game, it would be called "False Promises: The Experience"

At first the game was very promising. It had quite a bit of content to start with, and there was more coming.
Then the promised content got delayed. Then it got delayed again. Any updates we got were just filler to make it look like the game was actually going somewhere. On top of that, those updates constantly killed mods, servers, and save files. I revisited the game recently, and I can safely say that it is not any better than it was when it originally launched, in some ways it's even worse than it was originally.

The game falls under the same problem that a lot of Early Access games have, where the devs say "Hey we aren't going to be like all the other Early Access people, we care about who buys the game and will make a lot of updates!"

In short, they are exactly like those people. Games like Starbound are the exact reason that the Steam refund feature exist. If I could refund the game now, I would do so without any regrets.
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Far too little for far too long. A great argument against supporting so called "early access".
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this is one of the best games ive ever played. And i appreciate that chucklefish takes there time testing the new content in the unstable before updating the main game. But i do wish that they would keep the main (stable) version more up to date with the unstable. But all in all ive loved it since it came out. i do highly recommend this game to anyone.
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I have not played many hours of the game, but the time that I have played have been wonderful. It's a beautiful game that is SO worth the money. The game isn't really a survival, but exploration and thats cool! I would reccomend this to terraria or subnautica fans, exploration games. P.S Music is AMAZING
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I think the biggest issue with Starbound is the existence of Terraria. Starbound was Tiyuri's vision of "what could have been" with Terraria, but it wasn't necessarily "what SHOULD have been".

It explores a lot of mechanics and ideas that Terraria doesn't, but almost every place where they overlap Terraria is the better game. The only things they both have that Starbound does better are building and character creation.

If Terraria didn't exist and somehow Starbound did, it would actually stand on its own pretty solidly. At least in terms of exploration and building. Even without Terraria to compare the combat and collecting aspects would still be hollow and boring.

The game is certainly worth a try, especially with friends. But if you've already played Terraria, it's hardly worth getting excited over.

Overall, I'd say the game is maybe a 7/10. Like I said, it stands on its own but Terraria just obliterates it in every department.
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Although it may on first glance seem like a terraria rip-off Starbound is not a game to pass up. Here are some pros and cons on why this game is awesome

~ AMAZING MUSIC most of the tracks are incredible
~ lots of adventure to go around with a seemingly limitless galaxy and planets with tons of biomes, villages, and dungeons
~ Tons of customization, you can decorate everyhing from your space-ship, to your character, to the colonies you can build, anything you have you can customize with the countless numbers of weapons and items
~ You can do anything! You could become a farmer, an intergalactic landlord, a destroyer of villages, you can even create the galaxy's largest drum collection!
~ Cool art style
~ Lots of quests and a good number of bosses
~ Multiplayer

~ VERY slow start in the beginning you are forced to dig to a planet's core to unlock planet to planet travel which takes at least an hour or two, then do several quests until you get to a boss allowing galaxy to galaxy travel with your FTL drive BUT before you do that you need a level 3 matter manipulator (your pickaxe equivalent) to collect the fuel needed for your FTL drive
~ Gets grindy at the end
~ laggy in NPC heavy areas if on a weaker computer
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I first bought this game when it became available. I played around 41 hours then. Recently came back and have put in about 44 hours now.

Back when the game first came out, it involved many of the survival aspects that other games had. Such as hunger, being too hot/cold, certain creatures coming out at night, and so forth. To progress, you would mine down into the ground of the planet, gather materials you needed to craft a certain object, and summon a boss with said object which would give you an item to progress to the next "tier". The next tier would provide you with better crafting options in armor and weapons, which would require higher tiered ore, which in turn would usually require going to a more dangerous planet. All of this involved the survival mechanics as well. Dig too far down into a planet, and it would become so cold that it'd begin to affect you, so you may need heat to survive. If you died, you lose all your items... I think. It's been so lnog since I played back then.

Now things have changed. Currently there are three difficulty levels. Casual, you lose 30% of your currency when you die, called pixels. That's it. The next up in difficulty makes you drop all your items when death comes for you. Then the last, Hardcore, makes it so that once you die... your character stays dead. Keep in mind, that many of the survival aspects were removed. You no longer get hungry, food slowly regens hp when eaten. There is no longer a hot/cold gauge when mining down into the depths. Day/Night doesn't matter creature wise, aside from being harder to see without sufficient light sources.

Keep in mind, that the Devs have stated that the survival aspects will be returning in a "Survival" difficulty mode.

Progression is now different. I hear they are going to change it further, but for now I prefer it this way instead of the old way. Instead of building an item to summon a boss. (And cheese the boss, by simply placing dirt in a way that makes you untouchable while being able to kill it), you are now given a mission in some form. These missions will bring you to a dungeon that's preset, and you aren't able to simply mine and tunnel your way through them. At the end of the mission, you fight a boss, and are usually given knowledge of some kind. Usually to reach the next tier of technology. Before any of this happens, of course, you have to repair your ship using the resources from the first planet you are stranded on. This serves as a way to ease someone who may have never played into the game, as it explains some of the mechanics through quests.

Ther are some other things you can currently do. Like creating your own village/city and populating it with tenants, who will pay you with rent in some fashion. They also provide randomly generated quests, which at least gives something to do once you hit the final tier level... aside from ransacking outposts for materials and objects you want in order to expand your colony. Which reminds me, the "mini-dungeons" can't be ransacked and mined apart until you fight through their guards/puzzles and destroy the shield generator that's protecting it. This can add some variety when jumping around planets and searching for things you may want.

In closing, I've read about the planned changes coming up in the release of Starbound with version 1.0. I'm honestly excited for it. Since the full story is going to be available, I'm probably going to delete my older character and start fresh. I hope you have as much fun in the stars as I have! Remember, the adventure is what you make of it.
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Friend bought it for me, game's really fun by it's own, as I generally steer away from the bandwagons, expectations from the devs, the opinions of others, I get to play the game by it's own beauty, a game that isn't tainted by anything else other than it's own flaws. Starbound is one of those games that sticks to you and almost always makes you come back, I've recently got this game way ahead of when it was first released and I can tell people were disappointed and some still are, but right now, the game is in a beautiful spot of being one of the best build/craft/explore games out there, and there's a lot more to come out of early access


+ Quests start you off easy and gives you a bit of lore
+ Procedural and informative questline
+ Really smooth and fluid animations
+ Beautiful pixel art
+ Very immersive music
+ Your ship stays the same in any server, a consistent base if you will
+ Easier to play with friends with, compared to, dare I say. Terraria, Minecraft, other procedural games.
+ REALISTIC LIQUID PHYSICS (for the most part)

- Not much to do endgame rather than build, get better gear, get better everything.
- Laggy at times
- Combat can get repetitive,
- Can be hard for beginners.
- Very rare bugs that can corrupt files
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I love how well bandages work in this game.

Did you fall down a giant mountain? Use a bandage.
Did you get impaled multiple times on a cave spike? Use a bandage.
Did you get blasted in the face by an acid-spraying enemy? Use a bandage.
Are you slowly dying and burning after escaping lava? Use a bandage.
Are you freezing to death? Use a bandage.
Are you dying of poison? Use a bandage.
Are you suffocating? Use a bandage.

Seriously. lol
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With the 1.0 update aproaching(or its already here when you are reading this) i decided to give this game some love.
First: Is it worth the money? Yes, the content you get is not only excellent but huge.
What is this content?: A whole galaxy(no seriously a. whole. galaxy.) whith different planets like: Jungle, Forest, Ocean and more. You got your own spaceship to explore this galaxy(you can even upgrade it) also you can build your own settlements
(Preston Garvy approved) with tons of materials, furniture and decorations wich will have impact on the settlers(example:
build a castle and a knight will live there).
You like weapons? no problem they got weapons, loads of them and they all have unique abilities like a laser beam or a flashlight. But you dont want to have weapons? You want someone to fight for you? Dont see a problem catch a creature with a ball and throw it(this seems familiar) .
The creatures on every planet are unique in combat and looks, some arent cute and kill you others are cute and kill you.
You get quests, you can explore, fight, build, eat, sleep and even the stars arent the limit(ignore the name, it lies).
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Starbound is a brilliant adventure game that focuses on exploration, building, crafting and combat. Discover incredible world as you venture through space.
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A mile wide, an inch deep (if that). I'm stunned that so little meaningful content has been added in the year or so it's been since I last took a proper look into Starbound, and somehow they've actually managed to go backwards.

Stay away - it's nothing at all like Terraria beyond the aesthetis. No replay value at all. Save your money.
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Starbound is a great game that has came a long way since it was first in beta. They still put out updates at a very good rate, and before long it will be leaving beta for an official release. The dungeons and challenges are great, plus the amount of variety for the creatures and planets is very nice. If you like terraria, you should def check this game out. Its on par with terraria for sure :) I'll include a link below to a video that I did recently taking a look at the game since some of the recent updates and such, and I'll likely be turning that episode into a lets play series :)
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it a really good game when you play it a lot
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This game was quite fun. I stopped playing with hopes that the early game build would be further imrpoved later on down the road.

Now there have been 10 steps backward where there should only have been progress forward.

Tools are unrepairable, rendering the game an absolute tedious mess early game (and it certainly wasn't simple before), dungeons are now set encounters that don't take advantage of the game mechanics that were so imaginitive before, limiting you to only being able to jump or use weapons.

With no set goal of how to progress, I can't help but wonder why the devs thought making the game more time consuming somehow equated with game depth.

Avoid this at all cost. Right now the game isn't worth 5 dollars, let alone the 16.99 they expect you to pay. I wish I could get my money back.
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