Dungeon of the Endless is a Rogue-Like Dungeon-Defense game, in which the player and their team of heroes must protect the generator of their crashed ship while exploring an ever-expanding dungeon, all while facing waves of monsters and special events as they try to find their way out... so what could go wrong... open the door!
출시 날짜: 2013년 12월 11일
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개발자의 한마디:

“Dear Early Access enthusiasts,

Thank you for even considering joining our Alpha Early Access. As you guys may know, Dungeon of the Endless, is our little passion project here at Amplitude Studios that is becoming real thanks to the support of our community. We are so proud to present it to you today, in its very early stage.

What can you expect from that Alpha? A lot of fun with the core game mechanics. You can also expect bugs obviously, although the game is definitely tested, but as we add new content every day, things can’t be as stable or polished as the finished product.

What will you miss from the final game? In this Alpha version, many features are not available yet: the complete list of levels (you only get the first 6 levels out of 12) and their different environments including the final ending sequence, the complete list of monsters, the complete list of heroes including their abilities and objectives, a multiplayer co-op mode, online persistency and unlockables, as well as the final balancing of the game.

We want this Early Access to help us strengthen the core game loop, and work with you guys on all the content that we add through the GAMES2GETHER platform.

So if, as we do, you want DotE to become your dream dungeon survival game, come and join us in its conception. If you want a finished product, stable and with all its content done, then please wait for the final game, it should happen sometime in 2014.

- Amplitude Dev Team”
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Dungeon of the Endless - Pixel Pack 구매


Dungeon of the Endless - Founder Pack 구매


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[0.4.7] Patch

2014년 4월 3일

Release Notes [0.4.7]

  • Fixed several issues with Cyrillic characters
  • Reduced the log files size
  • Fixed opened door count statistics value when loading a saved game
  • Improved start game panels (order, miss click)
  • Fixed hero selection menu icons positions
  • Fixed item loot notification panel: it was clickable even after fading out
  • Fixed a bug with Hydra and Zombie mobs: they wouldn’t be be
  • Removed target damage of Claymoar module (only area damage)
  • Added a SFX on the Claymoar module attack
  • Fixed the community items’ images: Kings’ Armour, Litsaber and Nano-Bros
  • Fixed several bugs with Cryo Capsule and Dust Factory
  • Fixed several bugs with Endless Artefacts
  • Fixed some rooms in the Necrophage environment
  • Fixed the “tab” hotkey when used during Crystal phase: you can press “tab” to focus on the carrier
  • Fixed toxic cloud during Crystal phase
  • Disabled room unpower while Crystal is unplugged
  • Fixed several exits on the same level bug
  • Fixed mobs appearing white when entering a room with a tear gas module

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[0.4.5] Quick Fix

2014년 3월 27일

QUICK FIX [0.4.5]

Changes and Additions
  • Fixed the missing visual and sound feedback issue with the minor module attacks
  • Fixed a bug with the name of unlocked heroes
  • Fixed an item description

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Acquiring Dungeon of the Endless in "Early Access" will help us make the game the best it can get. Come and discuss with the dev team the upcoming art and game design elements via our GAMES2GETHER platform! If you want to support even more the development of the game, go for the Founder Pack! The more supporters we have during the Early Access, the better we'll be able to make the game for release! ...so what could go wrong... open the door!

게임 정보

Dungeon of the Endless is a Rogue-Like Dungeon-Defense game, in which the player and their team of heroes must protect the generator of their crashed ship while exploring an ever-expanding dungeon, all while facing waves of monsters and special events as they try to find their way out... so what could go wrong... open the door!

A few hundred condemned criminals were being shipped to the Auriga system on board the prison hulk “Success”. While this was presented as a chance to earn back their place in society by working hard for the common good, they understood that in fact they would be slave labour, sent to colonize an unexplored planet. All they knew about Auriga Prime was what the probes told them: it had water, temperate zones, plant life, and plenty of metals in the crust.

In fact, the planet Auriga once hosted a major settlement of the galaxy-travelling ancestors known as the Endless. In addition, the planet was still orbited by a functioning (and well cloaked) defensive system, which sprang eagerly to life upon the arrival of the Success. Within a few minutes, the ship was nothing but a few large chunks of metal falling toward the planet.

Every set of holding cells also functioned as an escape pod, so the ship let itself disintegrate and the surviving prisoners fell bruised but (temporarily) alive and (momentarily) safe to the planet below. Safe, that is, until they realized that they had crashed through some sort of facility of the Endless, down to a sub-basement so deep and ancient it might as well be called a dungeon…

FEATURES... or "How to survive in an Endless dungeon"

Gather A Team.
  • Form a team of heroes, each with their own strengths (and psychoses)… or die
  • Equip them, deploy them, and earn powerful abilities… or die
  • Manage the balance between ex-prison inmates and guards*… or die
  • Discover the hidden secrets and goals* of the survivors… or die

Build Your Defenses.
  • Use the Dust you gather to power the rooms… or die
  • Use scarce resources to help your team survive… or die
  • Build minor and major modules to hold off waves of monsters… or die
  • Decode Endless ruins to discover life-saving technologies… or die

Open the Door.
  • Each door is a danger; prepare yourself and your team for anything… or die
  • Explore and discover an infinity of levels and layouts… or die
  • Carry your crystal through waves of monsters to the exit of each level… or die
  • Fight your way to the surface to discover the truth about Auriga*… or die

*These features, and others that will be discussed with the community via the GAMES2GETHER² platform, are not yet available. This Alpha Version is incomplete and will be replaced by a complete version when the final game is released.

시스템 요구 사항

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible Audio
    • Additional Notes: Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720
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컨셉은 타워 디펜스 지만 탐험, 생산, 설비, 컨트롤, 캐릭터 강화가 절묘하게 조합되있습니다. 얼리억세스 중에 완성 게임이 기대가 되는 타이틀은 이 게임 뿐이네요
게시 일시: 2013년 12월 11일
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처음에는 뭐가 먼지 몰라서 여러번 죽지만 하면서 자신만의 빌드오더를 개발하게 되는 게임

기지도 꾸리고 케릭 rpg 도 하고 디펜스도 하고 상당히 재밌는게임

하지만 아직은 컨텐츠가 많이 필요한 게임
게시 일시: 2014년 2월 20일
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지금 당장은 이것도 저것도 아닌 혼란스러운 게임

디펜스 메카니즘이 신선하긴 한데, 아직 미완성인데다 로그라이크의 랜덤성에 억지로 끼워넣다보니

발생하는 구조적인 결험이 한두 가지가 아님.

그 부분만 해결되고 볼륨만 늘어나면 신박한 게임이지만...

글쎄 얼리억세스라는게 패치를 잘 해줘야 말이지
게시 일시: 2013년 12월 12일
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평가 9 개
3.8 시간 기록
Warning: The following was composed while the game was released in Alpha 0.1.0.

Please understand that the game is still in development and when the game is updated the information in this review may be obsolete. When the development surpasses Alpha 0.1.0 you may be able to use this review to compare how the game has changed over development.


Rogue-like games are normally games which offer some form of level randomization and permanent death; your character dies and you must either start over or keep going until everything is lost. These types of games are normally unforgiving.

If you have an interest in Rogue-like games and think that an intermixed concept of base defense is a good idea, keep reading. If you do not like traditional Rogue-like games where it is turn based, you might still like this since it is a hybred of turn-based and real-time with a pause feature. However if you do not like either concept of Rogue-like “permadeath” or base defense you may want to consider doing more research or finding something else.

Also with a Rogue-like game the graphics are not normally the main focus, thus if you are turned off by anything below 3D graphics you should consider something else.

This will be a breakdown of concept and features, atmosphere and stability.

Concept / Features

The concept of mixing Rouge-like with base defense is interesting; it gives an interesting way to progress. Including Dungeon of the Endless uses real-time with waves verse the traditional turn based method.

Right now the game has three available resource types, Food, Dust (energy) and Industry (tech). Food is used to recruit new members to your team, heal them and level them up. Industry is used to create defenses in powered rooms. Dust is used in two ways first to buy things from random merchants and to power rooms beyond the starting room with the core. Dust currently resets every level while Food and Industry do not.

Progressing in the dungeon you will have to make decisions on if it is correct to save Food to heal or on the chance to recruit someone or even to level someone up. The current max level is five and five makes a large difference verses a level one however it is expensive.

The player will have to decide what rooms to open to since they will not have enough Dust to supply all the rooms at the start. When you have access to merchant the player will have to decide if they are going to give up Dust used for defenses to buy equipment or sell equipment for dust. Defenses can be used to also increase your income while exploring.

Progression also at this time also includes finding chests and blueprints for building new defenses.

The interface is rather clean and easy to use after you have it down. It also allows short-cut keys while building defenses, so you can hold shift and click to place multiple defenses instead of reusing the menu.

The game also employs a monster wave system, where waves occur over time from unpowered rooms. Thus if the room remains unpowered monsters come from the vast darkness to kill the team.

The overall objective is to find the room to the next level and then move the core there using one of the heroes to do so. You will find that the rooms begain to lose power while doing this and waves of monsters start to show up to stop you.


Overall the feeling is deployed correctly for alpha; the story is short and sweet and not overly lengthy or bulky. Basically your team of two is on a ship and become stranded and must progress through the dungeon. The generated two characters the player start with have a slight background to have the player interested and give a hint on how they should be used to progress.

The graphics are a very nicely done pixel art format, with effects and seem to pay homage to older graphical related Rouge-likes very well. Personally I found the graphics enjoyable.

Music was interesting and seems to fit well with the current atmosphere of the game however it may become bland unintentionally over extended play.


Overall the game /did not/ hang or crash on older machines that lacked the graphics requirement. I tried on older desktop machines and laptops under windows Vista and Windows 7; it was pretty efficient and was not a complete resource hog on the system. I also did not run into any critical errors which cased instability and the program failed to run. While I’m unable to speak for everyone and their systems it seems to be overall pretty solid. Most of the time games in alpha or beta still are unstable while this game seems to be nicely polished in respect to stability in the listed windows environments.


I would currently recommend this to someone who is /interested and willing/ to try a Rogue-like combined with base defense which is implemented in hybred fasion of real-time and turn-based. This game will most likely have a very interesting development process from Amplitude Studios and I look forward to it.
게시 일시: 2013년 12월 11일
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공간을 잘 이용해야하는 디펜스 로그라이크게임.
빨리 정식버전으로 풀리길 기다린다.
게시 일시: 2013년 12월 13일
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