NEO Scavenger is a game where you must survive in the wasteland long enough to figure out who you are. Each turn, you must decide where to go, how to scavenge for supplies, and how to deal with anything and anyone you encounter.
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"An obtuse interface hides a brutal, fascinating game of survival. Finding a plastic bag is cause for celebration and *everything* wants you deead."

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26 février

New Test Build 1.04: Hex Resource Bug Fix

I've just finished uploading new test build 1.04, which is a minor patch that fixes several bugs, including one which was causing hex resources to disappear.

The build is available to anyone who owns the game at, or on Desura and Steam. Desura (and therefore, Groupees) users can use Desura Connect to gain access here, or even get their Steam keys and try it on Steam.

To access the test build on the official site, simply visit the game page, and click any of the download links below the usual Windows, Mac, and Linux buttons.

Steam users can access the test build by opting into the beta for it.

Updates Included in the Test Build

Test build 1.04 includes the following changes:

  • Changed random encounters that cause lost random item to only choose non-plot items.
  • Fixed a typo in "Baby Back Ribs" random encounter.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hex resource items to be deleted if context menu was used to first delete and item then use resource.
  • Fixed a typo in ATN encounter (germaine).

The likelihood that this version of NEO Scavenger will work with previous saves is: likely.
As usual, the older the save game version, the less likely it is to work.

As always, let me know what you think of the changes, and if you notice any issues with the new build!

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23 février

NEO Scavenger Is Coming to PAX East 2015!

Hey Folks! The announcement is officially out, and as some of you already guessed, NEO Scavenger's coming to PAX East!

I'll be in the top left cluster, between Knapnok Games's Affordable Space Adventures and Random Seed Games's Lacuna Passage.

For more information, and to see who else is in the MegaBooth, check out the official announcement!

If you're at PAX, do swing by and say "hi!"

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“one of the best single player turn-based RPGs I’ve played for a long time.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“In many ways, NEO Scavenger feels like the original Fallout”
Indie Game Magazine

“It may be a little hard to get into for some, but it's absolutely hard to put down.”

À propos de ce jeu

NEO Scavenger is a game where you must survive in the wasteland long enough to figure out who you are. Each turn, you must decide where to go, how to scavenge for supplies, and how to deal with anything and anyone you encounter. And with each passing minute, the pit in your stomach grows, your dehydration worsens, your muscles tire, and your body temperature drops in the cold autumn air. Choose your starting abilities carefully, because they and your wit are the only tools you have in the apocalypse!


  • Unique Setting - Near-future, post-apocalyptic Michigan with local cryptids and folklore. And something else beneath the surface...
  • Turn-Based Play - Take your time with each turn, and play at your own pace. Save and quit when you want, and resume later.
  • Permadeath - If you die, that's it. NEO Scavenger is balanced around a single difficulty level: permadeath. Your save will be deleted if you die. So choose every action carefully!
  • No Grinding - There is no XP in NEO Scavenger. No levelling-up. Instead, progress comes from learning how to play the game better, and using your strengths to your advantage.
  • Semi-Random - Much of the map is randomized each game, including the location of ruins, creatures, weather, and certain quest branches.
  • Sandbox or Story - Search for clues to your identity, what happened, and who's hunting you. Or simply test your mettle against man and nature alike. Play how you want!
  • Abilities and Flaws - Choose abilities and flaws each time you play. Different combos unlock different abilities and quest branches.
  • Crafting - Extensive crafting system which allows for substitutions of similar items. Make a rifle scope from half a pair of binoculars, or a noise trap from a pill bottle and pebbles.
  • Desperate Combat - Detailed combat with moves like "Tackle," "Lure," "Kick While Down," "Demand Surrender," and "Threaten."
  • Realistic Wounds - Creatures have complex wound simulation, with multiple wound locations, infection, bleeding, and pain management.
  • Realistic Metabolism - Hypothermia, fatigue, thirst, hunger, disease, intoxication, shelter...everything is tracked.
  • Realistic Inventory - Complex inventory system with slots for holding, wearing, containers, and more. Fit items in grid spaces, and manage encumbrance.
  • Hex-Based World Map - Navigate ruins, hills, forests, and plains in a hex-based map. Line-of-sight, elevation, and daylight matters.
  • Tracking - Creatures leave their tracks and spoor on the map, which can be followed by others. Players can also hide their tracks.
  • Hiding - Players can use hiding to avoid being seen while traveling the map, as well as during story encounters.
  • Hunting - Trap small game for food and fur, or track and kill larger prey on the map for butchering.
  • Hacking - Use hacking skills to unlock scavenged laptops, cellphones, smartphones, and tablets. Mine them for paydata, or snoop through personal files.
  • Foraging - Search for edible plants and water, and use special skills to identify what's safe to eat.
  • Haunting Soundtrack - Music composed by Josh Culler, specifically for NEO Scavenger, plays periodically, lending an atmosphere of loneliness and desperation. (Also accessible as mp3s outside game.)
  • Creature AI - Wandering creatures go about their own business, hunting, scavenging, and hoarding. Morale affects their choices, and some will gang-up and cause trouble.
  • Dynamic Weather - Temperature, rainfall, and night/day are based on real-world data for autumn in the area. If you live long enough, you may see snow fall.
  • Detroit - Take refuge from the wasteland in one of mankind's last bastions of safety. Buy supplies, get medical care, and seek clues in a cyberpunk-styled city.
  • Trading Cards - Collect NEO Scavenger trading cards, badges, emoticons, and profile backgrounds!

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP (32 bit), Windows Server 2008 (32 bit), Windows Vista® (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit and 64 bit), or Windows Server 2012 (64 bit)
    • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel Atom 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB of graphics memory
    • Hard Drive: 75 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • Additional Notes: Please try the free demo to verify that it works for you!
    • OS: Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7, v10.8, or v10.9
    • Processor: Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB of graphics memory
    • Hard Drive: 75 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • Additional Notes: Please try the free demo to verify that it works for you!
    • OS: Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) 5.6 or later (32 bit and 64 bit), openSUSE® 11.3 or later (32 bit and 64 bit), or Ubuntu 10.04 or later (32 bit and 64 bit)
    • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel Atom 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB of graphics memory
    • Hard Drive: 75 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • Additional Notes: Please try the free demo to verify that it works for you!
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Posté le : 17 février
"Le survival game et le roguelike sont des genres ayant quelques liens. Il y a même des roguelike survival, l'un des meilleurs représentants de la chose étant UnReal World, un freeware sorti à l'origine en 1992 – et en ASCII même s'il a subit des mises à jour graphiques depuis – un roguelike méconnu devenu au fur et à mesure des années un survival hardcore vous emmenant dans des contrées nordiques et glaciales. Aujourd'hui le survival est à la mode, du FPS à la vue top-down, du temps réel au tour par tour, il y en a pour tous les goûts. Aussi, s’il existe des jeux accessibles comme Don't Starve qui reprennent beaucoup de mécaniques au roguelike, on était en droit d’attendre un réel roguelike survival. Voici Neo Scavenger, fruit du travail d'un seul homme : un ancien de Bioware ayant quitté le studio pour faire les jeux dont il rêvait, sans compromis. Et force est de constater qu'il a réussi.

Neo Scavenger – à l'instar de UnReal World – est un roguelike survival hardcore, simulationniste. S'il ne brille pas par sa création de personnage, il arrive à proposer un coté RPG un peu plus poussé que d'habitude grâce à un scénario, des dialogues, et autres événements, le tout sous forme de phases textuelles vous laissant le soin de prendre des décisions et qui ne sont pas sans rappeler les LDVELH. Ce n'est pas un jeu parfait et il abîmera les pupilles de certains d'entre vous. Son coté hardcore le réserve à un type de joueur masochiste dont je suis fière de faire partie. C'est un ovni du survival qui réussit, malgré un gameplay finalement classique, à être extrêmement complet, immersif et différent de la production récente. C'est un pauvre jeu codé sous Flash et créé – on ne peut en douter – avec amour et passion."

Si vous désirez en savoir plus, je vous invite à aller lire ce test :
Et je vous assure que Neo Scavenger mérite que l'on s'interesse à lui.
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Posté le : 6 février
If the original fallout, dayz, stalker, the original wasteland and FTL somehow managed to procreate and make a new game, that game would be NEO scavenger. A very deep and challenging game where boots are just as much a reason to be happy then finding a gun. This brutal game will kill you many many times. Perma death is the feature that is key in this game. Its probabily the most accurate representation of a post apocolyptic world and a representation on how we all would do in it...
That is embarisingly bad.

Probabily the best "survival" game out there. Alot better then the endless zombie survival game or other rubish. Plus this one has a story told somewhat in the style of dark souls. That is peicing togethere what happened to you. I managed to beat the game 14 hours in.

You live, You Fight, You get dysentary then you die a horrible death.
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Posté le : 1 février
Amazing Game. The overall gameplay is amazing. Love the fact that you are not invincible and there is more ways to die than just getting shot. This game is hard but it being hard makes the game more fun. I would love to see this game become local multiplayer. As this game continues to evolve I will support it all the way.
Beware of the Blue Rot it is almost certain death!
I am addicted to this game I almost have 200 hours on record!
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Posté le : 18 février
Picked this up on a lark, as I am heavily into survival games lately. I was hesitant due to the low res, pixel graphics, but man am I glad I took a chance on this!

What stands out immediately is choice and consequence. You can't have it all. You have to build a character with weaknesses, and weaknesses can just be not having some of the skills you might like to have, or it can be actual weaknesses to give you points to get more benefits.

You might take Fragile for example, making you take more damage than normal if you get hit, and you might do this because you really want the points it gives you to take Trapping so you can make fire right away at the start of the game.

You might take Strong so you can carry more and Melee so you can close combat better, but this might mean you don't get Ranged skil and therefore cannot make arrows, and have limited range skill with guns and other range weapons.

Anyway, you make your choices and take your shot. Into the game you go and immediately your character choices effect your first encounter, in terms of whether you survive, escape, get hurt or kick the ♥♥♥ of the first opponent.

You survived the fight (maybe) and now you gotta get fire, you gotta get a weapon, you need clothing, you need shelter, you need a supply of food and water, and you need to get these things without attracting too much attention from the local wildlife. How you do this is up to you and there is little to no help from the game. You gotta figure it out, and fast, cause you are getting cold and soon you'll be needing somewhere to sleep.

RnG can help you or hurt you here, and at first I was like, well you need some good rolls to start, but later you learn it's more about playing smart, and persistently scavenging until you get what you want.

You have to be concerned about the noise you make, the tracks you leave, and even your scent, as you get through those nail biting first turns until you finally get to the point where you are not struggling and can start to carve your way through the world.

Now you start to get pleasantly surprised because you find there is depth in the game. Depth in the combat system, depth in the crafting system, and it's challenging because you are gonna die if you are not careful. You might kill that wolf, but you took a scratch that is gonna get infected because you didn't find or craft any clean bandages, and haven't managed to find something to act as a dis-infectant. Left untreated this may progress to septis, and ultimately death.

On the other hand, if you are not careful in combat, being tactical, the wolf just may kill you outright.

Items decay, so in the long game you need to be able to get a backup supply... and then you start to find that there is actually a story here... WHAT YOU SAY?!?!?!?!

I thought I was just enjoying a really great survival game, and BAM... all of a sudden I ran into some story elements and again realize this modest little game is actually filled with depth and fun, and a reason to keep playing, try to live longer, try to figure out just why and how you came to be here, and what you can do to go beyond surviving.

There is a reputation system, and good versus evil behaviour. You can save the damsel in distress or throw in your lot with the bandits. It can be dark, really dark. You don't just kill stuff... you murder it... you rip people apart in scenarios where it's either you or them... fight or die... and sometimes you win just to find out later, you lost.

If you give Neo Scavanger half a chance, you'll find a real gem here. A game which has been clearly and cleverly thought out to provide many hours of entertainment. I'm about 168 hours in as I write this, and still haven't seen 60% of the map. Lots and lots of fun to be had for a bargain basement price! Seriously.. if you like survival, buy this!
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Posté le : 4 février
One of the best indie game that i ever played, this game really delivers.
It's a turn-based post-apocalyptic RPG, with perma-death rouguelike action.

You spend your time trying to survive, therefore finding something to eat, to drink, decent clothes to avoid hypotermia, weapons to fight with bandits, looters, cannibals, feral dogs and other demoniac creatures, medicines/bandages to avoid illness,etc. And then, if you are still alive and have spare time and enough courage to risk your life, you will also try to discover the truth behind yur past, exploring the wilderness.

The game is reckless, brutal but so beautiful, a truly hidden gem.
Buy it.
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Posté le : 18 février
NEO Scavenger is relentlessly brutal, surprisingly nuanced, and unapologetically old-school.

It's a game where even after hours of play, the same enemies you started out fighting are still quite capable of ripping your throat out... if you get sloppy. The elements are a real hazard, not just window-dressing. Getting sick, getting thirsty, getting hungry, all affect how much you can do and how fast you can do it.

And then there's Detroit. If you live to see it.
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Posté le : 9 février
An absolute masterpeice.
If you enjoy a post appocolyptic scavanging and survival game with semi-randomly genorated areas, this is the game for you.
A chilling and brutal game of survival . Remember: Do what it takes. Kill your fellow man if need be. Or be the nice guy, see how long you last.
There is a plot, but it's entierly optional. I would say more about it, but I try and keep my reviews spoiler free.

This game is not for those who want a casual survival like minecraft. This is for those who want a survival game. One step wrong and you will find yourself with a broken leg and cut

Realisticly difficult and challenging, this game keeps me coming back for more every time. Each time I get a bit stronger, a little bit wiser.

The music convays the mood and atmosphere perfectly. an eeriee sense of despiration .

Overall I give this gem a 9/10.
Absolutely reccomended for any who want a more intense survival.
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Posté le : 20 février
You're battered, bruised, bleeding and experiencing the symptons from one of the most deadliest diseases known in this post-apocalyptic landscape.

Your sleep was interrupted last night after the rustling of cans awoke you. Barley managing to roll away as a crowbar struck where your head would have been less then a second ago. You catch a brief glimpse of your assailent: raggedand erratic with the souless eyes of a killer. He hits you, the cold metal smashing your arm as you clamber to your feet.
Your eyes still adjusting to the darkness, you miss your swing, the cold steel of your meet cleaver slashing the air in front of your attacker. He reponds with a swing of his own, smahing into your ribs... hard, bones cracking under the force.

You prepare to dodge, mentally readying yourself, watching for any twitch of movement. It pays off, you notice his legs kneel, powering themselves for a leap. At the last moment you step aside, watching him tackle past you into the rubble. A swift slice to the head lacerates immensly as he trys to make sense of what happens. The next few moments of the battle went fast. Your kicks met either his head or torso repeatedly, denying him any chance of standing upright. A stray slice here with your trusty cleaver made short work of his frrail body.Eventually, your slashes and kicks are wasted energy, the bloody mess becoming an outlet for your rage.

During the fight you had noticed an important feature about the mans attire. A paitents gown with a deep blue sash, signifying him as a carrier of the 'Blue Rot' disease.

It's too far a walk to the city to be cured at the early, treatable stage. Let alone your wallet wan't fat enough to pay for the bills for the procedure. Your rage doen't subside for what seems an eternity, slicing at the once human-like mess over and over, your rage overcoming you. At some point of time, you must have dropped the cleaver, because now you were punching at the chunky mess that was the mans skull.

You had been defeated before, knocked unconcious, left for dead with nothing except for the clothes that merciful scavengers didnt steal from your body. Bullet wounds, lacerations, bruises, concussions, broken ribs and limbs, hunger, dehydration, sleep deprevation and even sickness from wounds left untreated. Every form of pain and punishment had been inflicted onto you.

But Everytime you bounced back, fresh with scars from your victories. man and beast fell before you all the same. The wild environment of post-apocolypse detroit had you at the knifes edge at every moment, but every time you pulled a trick from your sleeve.

But this time was different. You saved yourself to live another day, but not to live to see the end of the week. Right now the blue rot was creeping though your veins, infecting every pore of your body. Within a few days you wil be dead, no amount of trickery or wit could save you from this situation.

Your days are numbered, death is imminent.

You don't bother falling back to sleep. Dead men don't need sleep. You wander aimlessly and painfully through the night, leaving your possessions and your killer's corpse behind. At dawnbreak, you feel hungry eyes linger on you. Your hunter had been following you at least an hour but you didn't care, his means to your end would be quicker then suffering pain of blue rot.
You let the towering, werewolf-esque creature approach you slowly at a distance. You reach for cleaver, a final battle and a warriors death. But your hand grabs aimlessly at your waist as it dawns on you that your precious weapon of steel was a 4-hour walk behind you, stuck halfway through your attackers leg.

You stand still, without purpose, without hope, as the beast charges for you. He leaps at you, claw ready to swipe. You try to dodge, instinct priotising survival rather thant wishing to die but it was too late. The claws enter your skull effortlessly, the pain is incredible, agonising to levels of extreme. It takes one more slice from the beast to end your life and your journey ends.

If you made it to the end of this text crawl wondering why i would write something so long, it's because i felt NEOscavenger required more than a simple review like: "Got shot in head while asleep 420/10"

The above story was a more descriptive, but true, experience i had with one of my more longer playthroughs.

NEOscavenger is harsh, brutal and if it were human, would probably kill puppies for the heck of it. Every journey with your character, every battle, every scavenge attempt, every time you press that sleep button, can end your playthrough abrubtly and heart-breakenly if you aren't careful enough. Fights can go from one-sided victories or soul-crushing losses within moments. Dehydration seems to kick in when there is no water source for kilometers, and hunger when the only food source was that scavenger you just slaughtered... Traits allow for unique and differing playthroughs. Posiitives and negatives balacing eachother out. A myopic tank, the athletic botanist, the frail ranger, a Medical mechanic.

The combat: a turn-based sequence of text describing the events of the battle, are some of the most sweat-inducing fearful moments that i have experienced in gaming. With a bit of imagination, fights in NEOscavenger are brutally intense, every option increasing your chances of winning or dieing.

There are no easy victories, no fights won unscarred, no journey left unhindered by some problem, some gnawing concern that would later illicit your demise. My playtime says 20hrs: but if you counted the time i've spent in both the demo, and less than legal copies of the game, i've spent time almost quadruple that.

If your looking for a game that expects nothing more then your full attention to stay alive and healthy, and are still somehow not convinced by the plethoria of reviews before mine, look no further then NEOscavenger

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Posté le : 6 février
Turn based, RNG, hella fun and its the apocalypse! if ur looking for a game to kill time or just enjoy a nice survival game this is the game for you! Has a classic fallout feel with more RNG involved.
this game dosent appeal to everyone but if u enjoy Indie games this is for you!

Graphics 3/10 but who gives a ♥♥♥♥
game play 10/10 always a new experience

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Posté le : 11 février
This game needs a health hazard warning. Most addictive gameplay, especially once one figures out how to save/load.
Oh and this game makes grown men cry so purchase at your own risk!
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Posté le : 22 février
It still amuses me that this game is one of very few good titles available for the Xbox one. But anway, this is Steam version.

One of the mistakes people make when first playing this game is assuming it is unrelentingly hard just because you die a lot; it isn't. It just doesn't have a tutorial, and is very strict. You'll die, but those deaths are not random; they are because of some mistake you made. Learn from it. Don't die that way next time. And don't forget your skills; if you die of poisoning try to figure out why and not do it again. Maybe it had something to do with those mushrooms you ate? or that rancid swamp water you drank? Did you die of Sepsis? Then maybe try keeping your wounds clean instead of rubbing dirt in them.

Once you get into the swing of things, it isn't hard to survive, and luck starts to be a fairly minor factor. This can take a bit of learning; even poring over the wiki isn't going to totally familiarize yourself with the mechanics, but it is a good idea to use the wiki for craftables. Not necessary, but helpful.

One last bit of advice: there's no 100% completion for this game, so keep in mind you do not have to complete every challenge you come across. In fact, you shouldn't try; no character can handle all challenges. Pick your battles, and don't be afraid to run away, even if you are a full combat character.

Most of all, the game is turn based. Take your time, think things through, and use your skills.
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Posté le : 26 février
Just imagine - some feral dog just attacked you. You killed it with bare hands, but now your arm is bleeding. You trying to find something like bandage in your plastic bag, the only bag you have, but there's nothing useful for the situation like that. Finally you found some dirty rags and bandage your arm. Your left foot hurts now cuz you wearing same-right shoes. But you need to keep going and find some shelter for the night... You wake up in the middle of the night because of the pain. You carefully take off the bandage from your hand... The wound looks a lot worse.......
This atmosphere is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!
Love it <3

sorry for my english, i'm learning.
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Posté le : 19 février
I was surviving for a week. Had a scoped rifle with some ammo hanging on my shoulder, a broad spear in my hand, I was in some army shoes, a nice pair of cargo pants, a hoodie with 3 layers of stuff underneath which was perfect for the weather. Had drinkable water for days, even more food, a full medkit, more stuff in my travois. Had an impressive kill-streak behind me.

I was walking towards a town when I heard a rumble of a car's engine from somewhere in the town. It was there for a brief moment and then it faded. I was not far from "Zom-Zom".

Feeling sleepy. I set up a camp with a fire in a small house, place some noise-traps around.
Just killed 2 dogs on my way here. Poor creatures. But they didnt die in vain. I skinned them. Roasted their meat.
Ate a chunk. Mmm... Wonder how it was before. I chuckled, ironically, because I can't remember a thing. But it doesn't matter now. Not here. The only things that matter here are skills and luck. And I had plenty. For now.
Tomorrow I am going to scavenge the area around "Zom-Zom" and finally deсide whether I want to go in or not.

It was late in the night. Had no watch to prove it to myself, but I had no need in that. I found a spot to lie down. Closed my eyes.
I faded out quickly which is a rare thing to encounter being insomniac.

Then someone slit my throat with a glass shiv while I was sleeping.
10/10 Would die again.
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Posté le : 28 février
Its harsh, its brutal, and its all a damned nightmare! You have to hesitate with every move in this amazing game. I will say two things. Its both unique and interesting, as well as the most rage inducing game I have ever played. As long as you can handle the stress of constant and inevitable death around every corner with every step, go for it!

And the said the Zone was harsh...
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Posté le : 1 mars
Bought this game from the Blue Bottle website several month ago and have enjoyed it since. Connecting to steam recently, and thought I would promote it.

If you are looking for a gritty, post-apoc simulator, this is one of the best. All aspects of your character, such as thirst, food, and even tempature. It can be difficult or easy depending on the starting traits, which alows you to scale how hard it is for you.

Since I originally bought the game, there have been a steady flow of updates and new builds, so it is not a game that drops and leaves. The story, world, and enemies are ever changing and interesting.

+Great Simulator
+Scalable Difficulty
+Amazing story and setting

The game certainly is not for everyone. It is akin to older text based adventure games, and the original Fallout games. If you need visual feedback or fidelity, you may want to go elsewhere. However, if you are ready for a real look at surviving the end of the world. NEO Scavanger is simply amazing.
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>2 mins into the game
>attacked by large wolfman
>kill him
>skin him
>wear him
10/10 GOTY every year
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Posté le : 24 octobre 2014
Ma dernière partie de NEO Scavenger a duré une heure et six minutes précisément. Pas en temps réel hein. En temps de jeu.

Pourtant, je m'étais fait un bon gros redneck, habitué à foutre sur la gueule de tout ce qui lui paraît belliqueux (et même de ce qui se contente de le regarder, y compris de loin), habitué à survivre dans toutes sortes d'environnements, connaissant les baies et champignons comme le fond de la pauche gauche de son jeans troué, capable de piéger n'importe quel animal à plus d'une patte ou pas loin, et capable de se servir d'une arme à feu. Le mec habitué à la brousse, à la campagne, aux vals boisés et aux plaines verdoyantes ou brunâtres quoi.

En fait... Peut-être que c'était ça le problème.

À peine sorti de ma capsule cryogénique je me suis dit que le mieux, quand on est à poil ou pas loin, amnésique, qu'on se réveille en plein milieu d'après-midi, que le ciel se couvre et que l'hiver approche, c'est de se trouver des nippes vite fait. Je veux dire, on a beau être sévèrement burné, la chemise d'hôpital c'est limite quand on a pas envie que les parties en question deviennent les parties les plus imposantes de la partie alentour.

Puis il me faudrait bien vite un truc à bouffer. Genre une poignée de baies. Ou deux écureuils. Alors quand j'ai repéré une colline pas loin, je me suis dit que c'était le bon plan. D'ici elle me gâchait la vue, mais de là-haut...

Alors j'ai fait ni une ni deux, je me suis mis en route. Vingt minutes plus tard - ça vous épate, hein - je pouvais enfin voir plus loin que le bout de mon nez. Soufflant comme un phoque en rut, j'ai avisé le bled paumé - ou plutôt ce qu'il en restait - qui se pointait pas loin en me narguant.

Alors je me suis d'autant plus bougé les fesses - que j'espérais pas trop voyantes à travers la sape bleutée qui faisait semblant de les recouvrir.

J'ai foncé, en espérant trouver un truc ou l'autre qui pourrait m'être utile : des chiffons sales, un poëlon, un vieux sac en plastique troué, n'importe quoi.

Mouais. En fait tout ce qui m'attendait, c'était des carcasses d'immeubles à peine capables de se souvenir de la fin du monde qui les avait renvoyés à l'âge de pierre y'a des siècles de ça... Tout juste une ou deux bicoques minables qui tenaient encore debout.

En désespoir de cause, je suis entré dans la première.

C'est là que j'ai vu le graal. Une armoire en état presque correct. Et qui dit armoire dit foutoir - c'est beau la poésie. Et comme chacun sait, les déchets d'un type sont pour un autre type les déchets qu'on utilise pour taper sur la gueule du lascar qui veut te piquer la godasse gauche que t'as enfin trouvé après deux semaines à passer tes soirées à enlever les échardes.

Alors je me suis approché. Elle a pas bougé. Je l'ai empoignée. Elle a pas bronché. Je l'ai secouée. Elle a gémi. J'y ai été plus fort. Elle a failli me tomber sur la gueule.

Faute d'avoir Martell dans le ventre, je me suis mis martel en tête. J'ai poussé, tiré, grondé, hurlé... Et elle a cédé en répandant un énorme nuage de poussière qui sentait drôle. J'ai éternué. Je me suis dit que c'était le meilleur moyen de réveiller une allergie que j'ignorais, ce genre de coup foireux.

Et je suis reparti.

Fort heureusement, je n'ai mis qu'un petit quart d'heure à crever d'une hémorragie pulmonaire aiguë.


Vois-tu, lecteur, c'est ça tout l'attrait de NEO Scavenger. C'est violent. C'est vicieux. C'est abracadabrantesquement dégueulasse. Et c'est purement textuel.

Il ne faut pas s'y tromper : pour une fois ce sont les images qui servent de support au texte, et l'imagination qui fait le reste. Des escapades en terrain douteux aux combats marathoniens mais ô combien vivants, chaque aventure de NEO Scavenger est une historiette, une nouvelle, un roman - selon la vitesse qu'on met à se faire avoir par un monde qui décidément n'est plus fait pour les humains.

Et c'est purement jouissif.

Du moins si on aime ça. Si on aime Call of Battlefield of Honor CXIII, d'un autre côté.. Qu'est-ce qu'on fait sur la page de ce jeu ?
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Posté le : 27 octobre 2014
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Bah franchement,un grand domage qu'il ne soit pas disponible en francais !
Ca ne m'empéchera aps de le recomander,un tres bon jeu,dans le quel mourrir..bah c'est drole (parfois) .
Des compétences "spéciales" sympa lors de la creation de notre personages,des parties uniques,meme si vous devez tout recommencer,en un clin d'oeil vous vous retrouverez dans une toute nouvelle configuration.
Mécanisme des fois un peu "long" a bien comprendre,mais sinon ca reste tres abordable meme si on ne parle pas anglais (mais c'est tout de meme conseillé ! ) .
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Posté le : 2 novembre 2014
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Jeu très addictif! Des mécaniques différente de ce que l'on peus trouver de nos jours, mais cela n'enleve rien au charme, j'ai largement rentabilisé mes ~9€, car déjà un cinquantaine d'heures dessus. Si vous n'etes pas allergique au pixel achetez le les yeux fermés.
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Posté le : 12 octobre 2014
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Un ovni videoludique. Vous vous reveillez dans un laboratoire déserté. Vous ne savez ni qui vous etes, ni ou vous etes. Mais des le depart, vous allez devoir faire des choix pour survivre. En effet, vous etes quasi a poil, et dehors, c'est pas Ibiza. La pluie, le froid, des survivants tres moyennement sympas et des mutants. Il va falloir explorer et vous debrouiller pour survivre.
La survie, c'est le coeur de ce jeu au tour par tour. Et attendez vous pour les premieres parties a mourir, encore et encore. Vous sortez du labo, vous faites quelques pas dehors, et vous mourez de froid. Ok. Vous recommencez, vous ne vous laissez pas avoir et vous recuperez de quoi faire un feu. Mais vous avez soif. Vous buvez un peu d'eau que vous trouvez en foret. Quelques tours plus tard, vous comprenez en mourrant de diarhée qu'il aurait peut etre fallu faire bouillir l'eau pour la purifier...
Neo Scavenger, c'est ça. Une suite de mort toutes plus realistes les une que les autres. Vous allez finir par apprendre, par connaitre des petites astuces pour survivre quelques tours de plus.
Le jeu est hyper realiste, autant dans ses façons de mourir que dans ses combats. Vous aurez toujours devant vous un nombre de choix enorme, a vous d'apprendre a faire ce qu'il faut.
Par contre, petit avertissement, c'est un jeu destiné aux geeks endurcis. Graphiquement, meme avec une direction artistique sympa inspirée de Stalker et Fallout, c'est tres tres Old-school. Niveau gameplay, on ne vous prend pas par la main et il va falloir apprendre tout seul.
Mais Neo scavenger, c'est le jeu de survie le plus complet, le plus impitoyable mais aussi le plus interessant qu'il m'ait été donné d'essayer a ce jour. Si vous kiffez le old-school, l'aspect survie et les gameplay alternatif, n'hesitez pas une seconde !
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