NEO Scavenger is a game where you must survive in the wasteland long enough to figure out who you are. Each turn, you must decide where to go, how to scavenge for supplies, and how to deal with anything and anyone you encounter.
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Data de lançamento: 5/dez/2013

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Observação: Este jogo com acesso antecipado não está completo e pode ou não sofrer alterações no futuro. Caso não esteja com vontade de jogá-lo no estado atual, aconselhamos esperar até que o desenvolvimento esteja mais adiantado. Saiba mais

O que os desenvolvedores têm a dizer:

“Hey folks! Please try the free demo, to see if NEO Scavenger meets your expectations!

NEO Scavenger is in development. As such, there may be game balance issues, bugs, and missing content. However, NEO Scavenger should provide a playable and fun experience. And playing the demo is the best way to determine if NEO Scavenger is a game for you.

What to Expect from Me

Dedicated Development - NEO Scavenger development is my livelihood, and my full-time job. I take weekends and holidays off.
Regular Developer Updates - I update my dev log each weekday with what work I did.
Frequent Game Updates - NEO Scavenger is updated frequently with new content, fixes, and features.
Receptive to Feedback - I take player feedback very seriously, fixing reported bugs when I can, and adding suggested ideas when they seem like a good fit. E.g. Blue Bottle Games forums, Desura, Something Awful, RPGCodex, NEOGaf.”
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23 de março

NEO Scavenger On Sale for the First Time!

Good news, everyfolk! NEO Scavenger is on sale for the first time since launch!

GOG is featuring a sale called the Weekly Staff Picks: Roguelikes and the Like, of which NEO Scavenger is a member! For four days between Monday the 23rd and Thursday the 26th, NEO Scavenger is 33% off, or $9.99 (US).

So if you've been wanting NEO Scavenger, but were hesitant about the price, this is your chance to get it at pre-launch beta pricing.

What's more, be sure to check out the other roguelikes GOG has in the sale, including Tales of Maj'Eyal, Rogue Legacy, Tower of Guns, and Ascendant. Much death fun awaits you!

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20 de março

PAX East NEO Scavenger Photos Are Up!

I finally got around to uploading the photos from PAX, including some my folks took during setup. And since they are pretty large, and this site tends to limit photos to 600px wide, I decided to upload them to a Google Photo Album so they can be seen larger:

Camp NEO Scavenger at PAX East 2015

Jody (my brother-in-law) and I surveying our camp.

I've captioned each photo, too, if you want some more context (and witticism) :)

So come one, come all, to Camp NEO Scavenger! See how we built it, and what the view was like from the trenches. Hope you enjoy, and have a good weekend!

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“one of the best single player turn-based RPGs I’ve played for a long time.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“In many ways, NEO Scavenger feels like the original Fallout”
Indie Game Magazine

“We found ourselves playing for hours and hours”

Sobre este jogo

NEO Scavenger is a game where you must survive in the wasteland long enough to figure out who you are. Each turn, you must decide where to go, how to scavenge for supplies, and how to deal with anything and anyone you encounter. And with each passing minute, the pit in your stomach grows, your dehydration worsens, your muscles tire, and your body temperature drops in the cold autumn air. Choose your starting abilities carefully, because they and your wit are the only tools you have in the apocalypse!

Development Snapshot Infographic

Current Features

  • Unique Setting - Near-future, post-apocalyptic Michigan with local cryptids and folklore. And something else beneath the surface...
  • Turn-Based Play - Take your time with each turn, and play at your own pace. Save and quit when you want, and resume later.
  • Permadeath - If you die, that's it. NEO Scavenger is balanced around a single difficulty level: permadeath. Your save will be deleted if you die. So choose every action carefully!
  • No Grinding - There is no XP in NEO Scavenger. No levelling-up. Instead, progress comes from learning how to play the game better, and using your strengths to your advantage.
  • Semi-Random - Much of the map is randomized each game, including the location of ruins, creatures, weather, and certain quest branches.
  • Sandbox or Story - Search for clues to your identity, what happened, and who's hunting you. Or simply test your mettle against man and nature alike. Play how you want!
  • Skills and Flaws - Choose skills and flaws each time you play. Different combos unlock different abilities and quest branches.
  • Crafting - Extensive crafting system which allows for substitutions of similar items. Make a rifle scope from half a pair of binoculars, or a noise trap from a pill bottle and pebbles.
  • Desperate Combat - Detailed combat with moves like "Tackle," "Lure," "Kick While Down," "Demand Surrender," and "Threaten."
  • Realistic Wounds - Creatures have complex wound simulation, with multiple wound locations, infection, bleeding, and pain management.
  • Realistic Metabolism - Hypothermia, fatigue, thirst, hunger, disease, intoxication, shelter...everything is tracked.
  • Realistic Inventory - Complex inventory system with slots for holding, wearing, containers, and more. Fit items in grid spaces, and manage encumbrance.
  • Hex-Based World Map - Navigate ruins, hills, forests, and plains in a hex-based map. Line-of-sight, elevation, and daylight matters.
  • Tracking - Creatures leave their tracks and spoor on the map, which can be followed by others. Players can also hide their tracks.
  • Hiding - Players can use hiding to avoid being seen while traveling the map, as well as during story encounters.
  • Hunting - Trap small game for food and fur, or track and kill larger prey on the map for butchering.
  • Hacking - Use hacking skills to unlock scavenged laptops, cellphones, smartphones, and tablets. Mine them for paydata, or snoop through personal files.
  • Foraging - Search for edible plants and water, and use special skills to identify what's safe to eat.
  • Haunting Soundtrack - Music composed by Josh Culler, specifically for NEO Scavenger, plays periodically, lending an atmosphere of loneliness and desperation.
  • Creature AI - Wandering creatures go about their own business, hunting, scavenging, and hoarding. Morale affects their choices, and some will gang-up and cause trouble.
  • Dynamic Weather - Temperature, rainfall, and night/day are based on real-world data for autumn in the area. If you live long enough, you may see snow fall.
  • Detroit - Take refuge from the wasteland in one of mankind's last bastions of safety. Buy supplies, get medical care, and seek clues in a cyberpunk-styled city.

Planned Features Infographic

Requisitos de sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP (32 bit), Windows Server 2008 (32 bit), Windows Vista® (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit and 64 bit), or Windows Server 2012 (64 bit)
    • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel Atom 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB of graphics memory
    • Hard Drive: 75 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • Additional Notes: Please try the free demo to verify that it works for you!
    • OS: Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7, v10.8, or v10.9
    • Processor: Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB of graphics memory
    • Hard Drive: 75 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • Additional Notes: Please try the free demo to verify that it works for you!
    • OS: Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) 5.6 or later (32 bit and 64 bit), openSUSE® 11.3 or later (32 bit and 64 bit), or Ubuntu 10.04 or later (32 bit and 64 bit)
    • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel Atom 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB of graphics memory
    • Hard Drive: 75 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • Additional Notes: Please try the free demo to verify that it works for you!
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Publicada: 20 de março
This is an excellent game!!! dont give too much about the graphics (they will have their charme later anyway) and you will find a jewel among post apocalyptic-steampunk-survival games. You start out in a laboratory and dont know who or what you are and must find it out. In a tile round based system you will have to find clothes, food, water and weapons to survive in the wilderness. This is actually the only game i like which is turn based and i hope the story will be updated as there could be more story driven content so far. The Game however is great (immersive), logical (crafting recipes) and makes you wanna explore the whole world within. 9,8/10 BRAVO
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Publicada: 15 de março
Survived Sepsis.
Survived Blue Rot.
Survived Poison.
Survived Gastroenteritis.
Survived Trial Of Light. Twice.
Survived arena battle vs. deadly robot at 'Zom Zom's.
Survived Internal Bleeding.
Survived Cholera.
Survived severe cases of Dehydration, Lack of food, Vomiting, Diarrhea, etc.
Survived Pneumonia...

Gets ♥♥♥♥♥ by a horde of naked aliens - Dies.
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Publicada: 26 de fevereiro
Just imagine - some feral dog just attacked you. You killed it with bare hands, but now your arm is bleeding. You trying to find something like bandage in your plastic bag, the only bag you have, but there's nothing useful for the situation like that. Finally you found some dirty rags and bandage your arm. Your left foot hurts now cuz you wearing same-right shoes. But you need to keep going and find some shelter for the night... You wake up in the middle of the night because of the pain. You carefully take off the bandage from your hand... The wound looks a lot worse.......
This atmosphere is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!
Love it <3

sorry for my english, i'm learning.
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Publicada: 12 de março
Don't play as the nice guy...It will get you killed. Except if they are like millitarry guys who look like ninjas, those are the DMC gaurds. For the love of christ DONT attack them.
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Publicada: 1 de março
Bought this game from the Blue Bottle website several month ago and have enjoyed it since. Connecting to steam recently, and thought I would promote it.

If you are looking for a gritty, post-apoc simulator, this is one of the best. All aspects of your character, such as thirst, food, and even tempature. It can be difficult or easy depending on the starting traits, which alows you to scale how hard it is for you.

Since I originally bought the game, there have been a steady flow of updates and new builds, so it is not a game that drops and leaves. The story, world, and enemies are ever changing and interesting.

+Great Simulator
+Scalable Difficulty
+Amazing story and setting

The game certainly is not for everyone. It is akin to older text based adventure games, and the original Fallout games. If you need visual feedback or fidelity, you may want to go elsewhere. However, if you are ready for a real look at surviving the end of the world. NEO Scavanger is simply amazing.
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Publicada: 7 de março
Neo Scavenger is a brutal 2D survival game set in a supernatural apocalypse where you try survive the wasteland of everything that wants, can, and will kill you should they ever get their claws on you. Also permadeath is on. A shining example of gameplay over graphics.

Game Detail
Name: Neo Scavenger
Genre: Survival, Strategic Inventory Management
Personal score: I never knew masochism and sadism was an art form till today. Fun.

What is Neo Scavenger
Neo Scavenger is a 2D survival game set in a hex based world where a devastation has happened to the world and well, apocalypse thing happen and you are a survivor of it. In first glance the innocent looking graphic and the non threatening looking trailer may throw you off on how brutal this game is but as people often say, 'you don't know hell till you been there' read on. Permadeath is on btw.

The main gist of Neo scavenger gameplay is well, scavenging old ruins of buildings and forest to follow the trail of barebone story. Each hex has a protection value from beeing seen, comfort and how alert you can be when something goes near you. Each of this stats can be improved by items, shelter and other craftable. A low protection from the enviromental will make your character slowly freezes during the night and if their body temperature is already low enough they will die. A low alert level will cause your character to not wake up when threats are nearby and bandits/looter/stuff can kill you in your sleep and you will die. A low comfort will cause your character to fight less efficiently and you might suddenly fall asleep and you will die.

Adding to that, the map is hex form and you have a limited numbers of move during the day and far less during the night to move around, scavenge or perform one of the many in game action before needing to end your turn for the AI to move. On each hex you can scavenge supplies with city tiles having more supplies but comes at the increase risk of being discovered by bandits and obtaining injuries. Scavenging is extremely important in this game because it is your only way of getting randomized loots early game. Pretty much everything you need can be obtain by scavenging. Which might leads to a fight should you encounter bandits while on the move.

Fighting in Neo Scavenger is a game of chances and luck. A fully kited out bandit can still be defeated by you wielding nothing more than a rock but such a thing would of course take extreme luck due to the hidden diceroll system. Based on the perks you have chosen special attacks may not be available to you and only to the perk wielder. A few way fights can be resolve is through killing your opponent, dominating them and causing them to surrender or simply point your gun at them and watch them flee. Even an empty gun works occasionally to fool the AI seeing as in real life you would of course not attack the man with a gun even though its empty but you don't know that.

Should you get wounded in Neo Scavenger you will have to treat them to prevent the blood loss from draining too much and yes it regenerates slowly. Wound treatment has their own special menu where you apply splints, bandages and meds to your character. Left unchecked a large wound has the potential to end your playthrough instantly. Also water and berries you collected are often time poisones because the game isn't hard enough. This might cause disease that has a similar effect to a tired status or in worse case scenario cause a total system failure which leads to your death.

From all the materials you gathered from the scavenging you can use the crafting menu to create items. A wood with a sharp object will yield a spear that you can use to attack. Container with strings and stones will yield a noisemaker to increase the alert level of your campsite. Many other options exist for the player to find themselves.

The player character will also experience hunger and thirst which can be reduce by eating and drinking, failure to do so will lead to death. But as mentioned earlier, most of the water and food you find in the forest where the risks are low are poisonous and consuming them will lead to death.

Inventory management in Neo scavenger are quite realistic in terms of real life, your character has only 2 hands and thus can only hold 1 item in each hands without a bag. With a bag this frees up 1 hand for combat and allows more item to be carried but a bag is not your only means of carrying. Side pockets in pants, shirt and even a sledge can be found and use to help you carry more items which is especially important during end game where you often have to make far away expedition. Any item being held or use will eventually degrade before completely break down into nothing and in fact most of the things found in the wild are actually used goods and so they already have lowered durability. To beat the coldness of the night without a good shelter multiple cloths can be worn on top of each other to increase heat levels during the night and prevent freezing to death.

The day and night system is also quite important. During the day enemies can spot you from further away and the same holds true for you and the during the night the decreased line of sight cause your action points to be less that during the day.

As you traverse the deadly world of Neo Scavenger you might come across strange landmarks or building that will lead you to a random event. Success of survival and loot gain depends on the players perks chosen and dialog choices.

And lastly the perks. During character creation you can choose several perks with perk points limiting the amount. The best perks are usually the most expensive but to help player with that negative perks can also be chosen that frees up point for more positive perks.

Utilizing more ambient noises instead of spoken dialogs the world of neo scavenger is truly brought to life, The forest shakes and the ruined city exhibit an eerie feeling as the player explores it.

But well, good filler is better than no filler.

Everything is sprite based no exception. The characters are sprites, the menu utilizes sprites and even the backgrounds are sprites but like other sprites these are well done enough to pass the inspection. You can clearly tell what an item is at a glance which should be the most important thing in a survival game like this.

At least they do look pretty.

You will die a lot in this game. That is a fact and i hope i emphasized it enough. But the game definitely do not hold your hand at all from the moment you walk out of the facility till the next moment your guts spilled out from getting stabbed by an alcohol bottle. This game is intense. Fan of survival game should definitely get it.

FInal verdict: Yes.

don't eat those red berries.
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Publicada: 1 de março
just ate 4 packets of ketchup so i wouldnt starve 10/10
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Publicada: 8 de março
Was looking for a backpack.

Some dude jumped me during the night. I kicked his ♥♥♥ with my monkey wrench, he ran away, I chased him following his tracks, sneaked on him, tackled him to the ground and killed him bloody. Damn it, I just killed a man... ;( ... how can I?... ;( I am such a bad per.... HE HAD A BACKPACK NEVERMIND.

10/10 would kill with monkey wrench again.
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Publicada: 28 de fevereiro
Its harsh, its brutal, and its all a damned nightmare! You have to hesitate with every move in this amazing game. I will say two things. Its both unique and interesting, as well as the most rage inducing game I have ever played. As long as you can handle the stress of constant and inevitable death around every corner with every step, go for it!

And the said the Zone was harsh...
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Publicada: 10 de março
Warning: read a guide for begginers before playing.
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Publicada: 10 de março
All I can say is: Prepare to die. A lot. This game is fun to play, and remniscient of older games. However it can get quite repetitive, and is very unforgiving.
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Publicada: 9 de março
Died from hypothermia, poisioned berries, monsters, being shot, blood loss and diseases.


Will die again.
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Publicada: 10 de março
I'll be short on this one... a must have for everyone that is looking into survival genre.
10/10 in my opinion
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Publicada: 9 de março
Alright, this game is honestly the best. With such minimal graphics and such incredible story telling it really lets you visualize the situations.

Favorite situation; I found a lovely warehouse called "Zom Zom's", went in for the bbq, stayed to witness the randomly selected patron go in to fight a robot in the arena - and then went back for seconds.

Got randomly selected for the robot fight arena.

Finished my bbq skewer.

Managed to actually break the damn robot while recieving a brutal beating!

10/10 would battle robot for skewer again
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Publicada: 6 de março
You have died of hypothermia.

10/10 would die again.
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Publicada: 27 de fevereiro
killed old man for his shoe just to find out it was the left when I need the right one. then was killed by a man with a crowbar... #Payback 10/10
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Publicada: 6 de novembro de 2014
Análise de acesso antecipado
Realmente vale a pena comprar mesmo se não estiver na promoção, na época paguei 13 reais (lá pro inicio de 2014) e considero uma boa compra.
É divertido é cheio de coisas a se fazer, mesmo ainda estando no acesso antecipado. Desde quando comprei o jogo passou por grandes mudanças e mais e mais coisas foram adicionadas.

Recomendo comprar se você gosta de um bom RPG e se esse gráfico de flash não te incomodam nenhum pouco...

Aliás... Tem o Demo para você jogar (com algumas limitações se não me engano), isso me deu a total certeza que o jogo seria incrível. =D

Quantos dias você conseguirá sobreviver?

Vlw flw
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Publicada: 28 de dezembro de 2014
I was attacked in the middle of a stormy night by two mutants trying to steal my shopping cart loaded with supplies. After I brained one of them, the other scattered. I gave chase, and dispatched it following a cross-tile pursuit. However, upon return to my camp, my cart was gone. The mutant corpse, mysteriously absent as well. Using my tracking ability, I followed the thief several tiles down, and discovered it was another mutant, slowly pushing my cart southwest, his deceased comrade most unceremoniously stuffed inside with the rest of the contents. I moved in and caved its skull in with one fell swoop. I felt no pity, no remorse. I really needed those 5 empty bottles.

10/10 excellent post apocalyptic hobo simulator
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Publicada: 16 de dezembro de 2014
Extremely recommended. One of the best game I have recently played.
Keep reading, or download the Demo and try it for yourself. Yes, there is a DEMO available.

You see stuff from above like, isometric map perspective: you navigate the lands from one hexagonal tile to another. All the time.
This costs points. When it's rainy or dark, it will cost more points.
When you reach a city hex, you can loot the location. This, also, will costs you points. Sometimes you will find amazing stuff, and sometimes only scraps of paper. But even those could be useful. Actually, when you start to know the game better, every gôddåmn item is useful!
You will find more stuff if you use a crowbar, or have a light source with you. But beware as this will make more noise and attract people towards your location.
Looting can also just hurt yourself... like roof collapse. Shït happens right?
So you loot, equip yourself with what you find, and stroll around. Until some dude approaches and gets to your hex.

The combat is textual. You won't have the map view anymore. But instead, you'll be presented with an interface showing your dude's and opposition's status, and a list of actions you can execute. Everything you will do, like throwing a punch, will have a narrative text describing what's happening. So it's mostly READING ya hear? No explosions there.
But don't be fooled... you can trip on the ground and fall. While on the ground you can try and grab the hostile down, you can crawl back and try to escape, drop your stuff and run like hell, etc. A lot of realistic possibilities here. It is extremely hard. Your first encounter will probably be your last.

Getting hurt, bleeding, being cold, drinking shït water... these will have consequences. Try to disinfect your wounds, patch'em up and don't let 'em getting infected. Be careful of what you eat too... could be POISONOUS you never know muhahah.
Unless you are a doctor, in which case you will have a clear descriptions of your symptoms like, "Cholera 3; final stage; certain death", you won't know what illness you just caught... you will have "stomach cramps", you'll be like "vomiting"...
So just act as in real life: grabs antibiotics, clean every wounds. Don't take any chances. Ever. Why? Because the game has...

Yep. Die and restart the whole game. No save point, and that is intended. You won't bring stuff with you from your last play. Nope, nothing. It's up to YOU to level up. And this is where I disagree on the game mechanics. I am fine with dying and learning. But ya know the beginning of the game starts to be boring once you know it. And redoing the same stuff is just a waste of time. Hence I created a little tool to actually still save and, well, cheat. I advise players to die a lot first, and when you feel you are ready, just use my tool.
But even if you use it to reload an old save, it won't matter much, because...

It's random
The map is randomly generated. But not when you first start the game, nope. It is randomly generated as soon as you discover a tile. So saving the game and loading an old save will still yield something different :D
This is why I am a little "against" the permadeath. Loading an old save is not THAT bad. You will experience a whole different game. I would've liked just... ya know, an auto-save every night or something.
Anyway except for a few spots in the map that will never change, all the rest is random. Random but fair. You won't like be in a desert without cities for miles ever. They are spawned correctly.
Even if you are a new player, you CAN make it. Yes because in the end, it's just logic.
Contrary to Faster Than Light (FTL) where there is NO WAY a new player will make it to the end because the randomization is too... random. In NEO Scavenger, the RNG is just right.

Crafting stuff
As I said all the items there are useful. Somehow. Because you can craft and even "uncraft" stuff. If someone is giving you stuff, or if you finally found something of value... maybe you can try to "reverse engineer" it and discover HOW IT WAS BUILT. How awesome is that uh? Found a bow arrow? But you have no idea how to create one yourself? No problem!
There are also a lot of crafting recipes there. And many different combinations will work. Like you could use your crowbar to roast meat when you don't have a wood stick! Doesn't matter, both categorizes as a kinda "shaft." So it's extremely smart and flexible. If you are lacking you favorite saucepan to boil water... just think a second... can't anything else, more common, be used as a saucepan? Eh, when I found that out, I literally doubled my lifespan. No shït. Think hard.

It reminds me of Fallout 1 & 2. You had that little description box in the lower left which would describe what was going on. Here it's a bit the same. With random encounters or special places being very well described. There is a lot of dark humor too. If you are not averse to reading you will like it and also find that it's well written.

There is a story. Your first goal will obviously be to survive, and so, to find something to cover your feet :) But after that painful initial phase, you will meet strange people. You will find places of interest. Or you will find new recipes that... use high tech items you had no idea were in the game.
The story is interesting and is closely related to the narrative part of the game: the only way to tell you stuff is through old newspapers and stuff. Those are funny as well...
OX news reporting hoaxes ;)

Every single one item has its own sound effect. Which is played when you grab the item from you inventory. That's it. But that's HUGE. There is a little music, but it gets a bit repetitive.

If you like Fallout, post-apocalyptic worlds, a good narration, turn by turn mechanics and a pretty realistic game then don't hesitate. It's a masterpiece.
You still unsure? --> try the demo and make your own opinion.
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Publicada: 29 de outubro de 2014
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I don't normally write serious reviews. I'm one of those undesirable pricks that uploads the "11/10 uninstall function works great" review, but NEO Scavenger will be my exception. You have no idea how hard it will be for me to not write "I murdered a naked guy while wearing a clown mask", but I will get through it, for this amazing game.

Let's start with the basics; you're some random guy (avoiding spoilers) that has just woken from cryogenic sleep during the apocalypse somewhere around the city of Detroit. After a friendly interaction with a lovely creature known as a "Dogman", you step outside to experience the outside world of Michigan... and dang, it's cold. Like, "Oh my God I can't feel my feet and I'm feeling really sleepy" cold. After a few deaths and several hours of learning the basics (don't eat random berries or mushrooms you find unless you know they aren't poisonous, that guy with the broken bottle really wants to eat your leg, and yes, it's cold, put some pants on) you really get into this game.

As others have said, however, an ungodly amount of time can be spent on this game, and it can never be taken back. In a sense, it's like DayZ. You spend 3 hours finding a weapon, finding your friends wherever they are on the map, and end up faffing around until some gruesome death by either a glitching zombie or a player that only speaks Russian. This, I believe, is another selling point of NEO Scavenger. In the beginning, you get used to dying. After a while, however, you end up living longer and longer, until one life lasts you hours of real life time. Everything is peachy until that one night you decide to sleep in a forest and forget to set up a noise trap or hide, and you're stabbed to death by some plague-ridden nutcase in your sleep. After a day or two of angry avoidance of the game, you decide to give it a second chance, innocently, you pour more hours into it, only to die in a similar manner. It's a beautiful circle of life (death)!

With such extensive content already and more updates to come, NEO Scavenger is one of my favorite games of all time. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys hardcore survival games, and/or murdering innocents with his/her bare hands whilst wearing nothing but a Ronald McDonald lookalike mask and a hospital gown. (Damn, I said I wouldn't write that.)
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