Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and maintenance of space works. Players build space ships and space stations of various sizes and utilization (civil and military), pilot ships and perform asteroid mining.
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Дата выхода: 23 окт, 2013

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Примечание: данная игра в раннем доступе находится на стадии разработки. Она может измениться в будущем, а может остаться в текущем состоянии, так что если вам не по вкусу то, что игра может предложить сейчас, рекомендуем дождаться ее дальнейшего развития. Узнать больше

О чём разработчики хотят сказать:

“Space Engineers is an Early Access game, which means that it is still under development but already in a very playable state and contains a vast amount of new features that have been added since its first release (e.g. Multiplayer, Survival mode). The game is being improved on a regular basis through updates that add and polish features and content, optimizations and bug fixes.

We invite you to give us your feedback and suggestions to help us create the best game possible.

Buy now, play on Steam and receive all future updates for free.

Please be sure to read the list of current features before you buy the game. It will give you an insight on what is or isn't actually working:

Everything in the game is subject to change”

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"An Sandbox Game in Early Access, which is still worth a look, think Minecraft in Space with good graphics and different mechanics."

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30 апреля

Update 01.080 - Cryo chamber, New character model and animations

Cryo chamber has been added. It allows clients/players to save content of their inventory and toolbar settings in multiplayer and dedicated server. Moreover, we implemented a new character model and animations, including walking/running, equipping tools, flying with jet-pack, etc. Also, the running speed has become slightly slower.

Warning: The character rig changes will cause old character/animation mods to lose their functionality (because the character bones have changed). Character mods with just a texture change should be fine.

Full list of new features and fixes:

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23 апреля

Update 01.079 - Oxygen Farm, Disabling encounters option

The Oxygen Farm block has been added to the game. It works similarly to the solar panel, but it produces oxygen instead of electricity and doesn't require ice to work. We also added the option to disable encounters in the world. Additionally, the "Save As" option can be now accessed while the player is in the game (on the Main Menu by pressing Esc).

Full list of new features and fixes:

EDIT 04/24/2015:
Update 01.079.008
- fixed crash when equipping tool with custom character
- added interface for oxygen farm

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“Space Engineers makes welding, joining and glazing seem like the best jobs in the world. It looks superb.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Buy, unless you are bereft of even the slightest shred of creativity”

“Space Engineers generates its own unique brand of fun, whether you're more interested in constructing things or blasting them to bits”

Steam Workshop

Share your creations with the Community (upload and download worlds)

Об этой игре

Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and maintenance of space works. Players build space ships and space stations of various sizes and utilization (civil and military), pilot ships and perform asteroid mining.

Space Engineers utilizes a realistic volumetric-based physics engine: all objects can be assembled, disassembled, damaged and destroyed. The game comes with two game modes: creative and survival.

Volumetric objects are structures composed from block-like modules interlocked in a grid. Volumetric objects behave like real physical objects with mass, inertia and velocity. Individual modules have real volume and storage capacity.

Space Engineers is inspired by reality and by how things work. Think about modern-day NASA technology extrapolated 60 years into the future. Space Engineers strives to follow the laws of physics and doesn't use technologies that wouldn't be feasible in the near future.

Space Engineers concentrates on construction aspects, but can be played as a tactical shooter as well. We expect players to avoid engaging in direct man-to-man combat and instead use their creativity and engineering skills to build war machines and fortifications. Space Engineers shouldn’t be about troops; it should be about the machinery you build.

Early Access

  • Game modes
    - Creative – unlimited resources, instant building, no death
    - Survival – realistic management of resources and inventory capacity; manual building; death and respawn
  • Single-player – you are the sole space engineer
  • Multiplayer - alpha version (not a final version)
    - Creative and survival mode with your friends
    - Cooperative and competitive
    - Privacy customization: offline, private, friends only, public
    - Max 16 players (this may increase in the future)
    - Weapons on/off
    - Copy-paste on/off
  • Scenarios
    - Easy Start 1 – start on an asteroid platform with one large ship and two small ships
    - Easy Start 2 – start in a green asteroid station with several large and small ships (this is a large scene!)
    - Lone Survivor – start on an abandoned asteroid platform with no ships
    - Crashed Red Ship – your mother ship just crashed...
    - Two Platforms – competitive two-team multi-player world
    - Asteroids – start in a rescue ship with very limited resources
    - Empty World – no asteroids, no ships; suitable for creative mode
  • Dedicated servers - allow players to connect to a third party host, rather than using a player-host, in a peer-to-peer set-up. The result is a faster connection and a more fluent multiplayer performance with less lag
  • Ships (small and large ships – build them, pilot them and crush them
  • Space stations
  • First-person & Third-person
  • Super-large worlds – the size of the world to 1,000,000,000 km in diameter (almost infinite)
  • Procedural asteroids - adds an infinite number of asteroids to the game world
  • Exploration - adds an infinite number of ships and stations to the game world; discover, explore, acquire and conquer!
  • Drilling / harvesting
  • Manual building in survival mode – use welder to assemble blocks from components; use grinder to disassemble and reuse components
  • Deformable and destructible objects – real proportions, mass, storage capacity, integrity
  • Building blocks - light armor (cube, slope, corner), heavy armor, interior wall, interior light, small cockpit, large cockpit, cargo container(s), drill (character, large/small ship), ore detector, gravity generator, nuclear reactor, thruster, gyroscope, assembler, medical room, magnetic landing gears, spotlight, catwalk, cover wall, stairs, ramp, window(s), pillar, decoy, wheels, automated turrets, weapons, artificial mass, conveyor, collector, connector, merge block, camera, sensor, timer, text panel
  • Magnetic landing gears – attach your ship to a surface (another ship or asteroid)
  • Electricity - all blocks in a grid are wired in an electrical and computer network; electricity is generated by nuclear reactors
  • Gravity – produced by gravity generators. Spherical gravity generator also available.
  • Rotors – create rotating objects
  • Advanced rotors – able to function as a conveyor system
  • Refinery - process harvested ore to ingots
  • Assembler - manufacture components from ingots
  • Oxygen - take off character's helmet, generate oxygen out of ice by using the oxygen generator
  • Symmetry/Mirroring Mode - useful in creative mode when building structures that require symmetry
  • Weapons - automatic rifle, small and large explosive warheads, small ship gatling gun, small ship missile launcher
  • Solar panels - produce energy depending on the amount of light that they catch from the sun
  • World management – generate new worlds, “save as” to multiple copies, auto-save every 5 minutes (can be turned on/off), edit world settings
  • 32-bit & 64-bit - 64-bit version expands the amount of objects, ships and asteroids (almost unlimited)
  • Steam Workshop - Share your creations with the Community (upload and download worlds)
  • Modding - world files, shaders, textures, 3D models
  • Localized interface (WIP) - Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Icelandic, Polish, Spanish-Spain, Spanish-Latin America, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese-Brazil, Estonian, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian
  • Custom colors for blocks – Customize your creations by using any color you like
  • Cargo ships - auto-piloted vessels (miners, freighters and military) that carry ore, ingots, constructions components and other materials from sector to sector. They can be looted but beware, they often contain booby traps!
  • Environmental hazards – protect your character and your creations from meteor storms (Safe, Normal, Cataclysm, Armageddon)
  • Conveyor, Collector, Connector (IMPORTANT: this is a first work-in-progress version and a realistic version will be added later) - Conveyors move items from inventory to inventory. Collectors can collect small objects (ore, ingots, components, tools) into inventory. Connectors can throw items from inventory to space (in future update could be used to connect two ships/stations and transfer items)
  • Artificial mass – can be used to add gravity-affected mass to ships, useful in machine ships or cars
  • Wheels - use them with rotors and artificial mass to build vehicles
  • Automated turrets – gatling, missile and interior. Turrets are used mostly as defense mechanism rather than shooting other players. They aim on decoys (automatically by default), meteorites, missiles or all moving objects (eg. small/large ships) - targeting can be changed in the control panel
  • Large weapons - missile launcher (for large ships)
  • Large and small ship grinder and welder – assemble and disassemble blocks faster and in larger amount
  • Batteries - enables players to store the energy generated by solar panels or reactors at an efficiency rate of 80%
  • Pistons - offers the option to build more advanced machinery
  • Factions - create and join factions, determine ownership of blocks and manage the relations between them (hostile/ally). NOTE: Factions are currently Work-in-Progress. There are still many things to be added (eg. chat and communication) and some bugs/issues are yet to be fixed.
  • Remote ship control – control ships without being inside the ship’s cockpit (drones)
  • Remote turret control - control turrets directly
  • 3D printing - export (CTRL+ALT+E) and 3D print the creations that you design in the game (
  • Modding API - brings a lot of new possibilities to modders and allows them to alter the game by writing C# scripts which have access to in-game objects (WIP - more features will be added in the future)
  • Blueprints - save your ship or station on a blueprint and paste it into your game
  • Projector block – project blueprints and weld the projection
  • Sensor – detects ships, palyers, asteroids, stations, floating objects and their state (friendly, neutral or enemy) and ownership
  • Sound block - reproduce predefined sounds such as alarm or siren for announcements
  • Programmable block – players can write small programs executed by the block
  • Communication – chat between players and factions
  • GPS - create, send, receive and manage GPS coordinates in the game
  • Voxel hands - shape and form the asteroids and change their material (creative mode only)
Please be sure to read the list of current features before you buy the game. It will give you an insight on what is or isn't actually working:

How to Play

Start by watching this video tutorial:

Performance Notes

Space Engineers is in development and undergoing frequent optimizations. The performance will get better.

The performance depends on the complexity of your world and the configuration of your computer. Simple worlds run smoothly even on low-end computers, but a more complex world with rich object interactions could overload even high-end computers.

Please read our performance advices:

Minimum requirements represent the bare minimum to run simple scenes and don’t guarantee a perfect experience.

Системные требования

    • OS: Microsoft Windows XP (latest SP)
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.0 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 3870 / Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® compatible on-board
    • Additional Notes: No internet connection required to play the game
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (latest SP)
    • Processor: Intel Quad Core i5 @ 2.5 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 7800 series
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® compatible on-board
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Space Engineers – это весьма необычная песочница, основной упор в которой сделан на создание различных конструкций и аппаратов для работы… в космосе, как вы могли догадаться по названию. На деле, название игры отлично отражает её суть, ведь в ней мы в первую очередь не храбрые авантюристы, способные на раз разобраться с любой проблемой, имея в своём распоряжении лишь пистолет, пару спичек и целый вагон собственной крутости, а сравнительно беспомощный человек, в преодолении сложностей вынужденный полагаться на собственноручно сконструированные машины.

На данный момент в игре присутствуют 2 режима: Creative и Survival. Первый из них – это эдакая вариация на тему коробки с игрушками. Только коробка бездонная, а с корабликами можно играться не только снаружи, но и изнутри. Второй же режим куда более жёсток: выбрав его при создании нового мира, игрок появляется один-одинёшенек посреди пустого мира (или, скажем, на какой-нибудь заброшенной Пересадочной станции), с пустыми карманами. Звучит знакомо, не правда ли? Разве не так выглядят все остальные выживастики? Да, было бы глупо отрицать, что определённые сходства есть, и всё же, в Космических Инженерах игровой процесс сосредоточен на несколько иных вещах. Здесь силы игрока должны быть постоянно направлены на развитие собственной техники; практически все действия в игре эффективнее производить с помощью машин. И чем дальше игрок развивается, тем быстрее растут его возможности.

Несмотря на довольно неплохо проработанную систему потребностей, играть в сурвайвал-режиме в одиночку откровенно скучно. Забота о поддержании непрерывной цепи добычи и обработки урана занимает столько времени, что на воплощение каких-то интересных идей его просто-напросто не остаётся; а не заботиться об этом просто невозможно, если вас не прельщает судьба «Авангарда», так что я настоятельно рекомендую всем одиночкам просто отправиться в Creative и наслаждаться творческой свободой.

Описать, насколько игра расширилась за полтора года своего существования, было бы очень проблематично, так что я, в качестве эксперимента, отойду от привычной модели изложения и попробую объяснить приблизительный путь её развития на примере одного корабля. Итак, сначала один игрок построил средних размеров посудину и назвал её… скажем, Юниверс. Эта штуковина могла перемещаться в пространстве и имела отсек для истребителя, а также кучу неиспользованного места. Через некоторое время, с выходом обновлений, на корабле появился генератор гравитации, а с появлением магнитных… шасси (?) меньший корабль перестал вываливаться из Юниверса при движении. Потом во вселенной появилось оружие, которым игрок не преминул снабдить свои детища; ведь, пускай даже насилие – лишь последнее прибежище некомпетентности, пара ракетниц может оказаться как нельзя кстати, если на пути встанет какая-нибудь Неукротимая планета. Ещё через некоторое время «Юниверс» оброс сетью труб, передающих уран в реакторы, разбросанные по кораблю; появились антенны, позволяющие управлять шаттлами дистанционно, не покидая капитанского мостика, и избавившие игрока от необходимости высаживаться на малоизведанные астероиды, Где не ступала нога человека. После этого материализовались сенсоры, давшие инженеру возможность автоматизировать шахтёрскую работу с помощью дронов; а спустя ещё какое-то время появились и программируемые блоки (внутриигровое программирование на C#! Пускай большинство игроков этого и не оценит, не сумев разобраться, ведь С# не слишком интуитивен, а для обывателя любая достаточно развитая технология неотличима от магии), продвинувшие их мозг едва ли не до Нексуса-6. И эволюция «Юниверса» не прекратилась до сих пор. На данный момент этот гипотетический корабль оборудован комплектом дронов на все случаи жизни, имеет собственный ИИ, говорящий, по традиции, женским голосом, кислородную ферму, солнечные панели и многое-многое другое.

Итак, в итоге мы имеем замечательную песочницу, предоставляющую безграничный простор для фантазии и дающую насладиться результатами собственного труда, причём как мододелам, конструкторам и скриптерам, так и обычным смертным, способным достать дополнительные, не добавленные разработчиками, составные части из мастерской и расположить их на своё усмотрение. Если вы уже переросли тот возраст, когда играть в лего считается нормальным, но вам всё ещё очень хочется – теперь у вас есть прекрасная альтернатива.
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Игра удалась на славу!
Есть 2 режима игры - креатив и сурвайв ( + доп подстройки )
Креатив я так понял используется для: обеспечения себя в режиме выживания / для проектирования новых кораблей и баз.
Сурв это отдельная тема :
- тающая на глазах енергия и попытки нарыть побольше урана чтобы не помереть.
- скоростное распиливание собственного стартового корабля на запчасти для заплпнированой базы.
- инерция ( заноза в одном месте ))) )
- с появлением кислорода всё стало намного интереснее и сложнее ( не любим сложности отключаем кислород в настройках карты )
- возможность играть с друзьями (16 человек одновременно ), соревноваться или выживать вместе можно даже воевать дпуг против друга.

из минусов их 2 :

- отсутствие нормальной голосовой связи ( приходится пользоваться или скайпом или звонилкой в стиме )
- наличие горы школьников которые так и норовят забраться на твою базу и поломать всё ( лечится настройками приватности)
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Опубликовано: 19 апреля
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Игрушка очень затягивает и стабильно обновляеться каждый четверг.
Море фана от игры с другом или просто от постройки эпичных кораблей и станций.
Рай для програмиста и дизайнера!
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51.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 22 апреля
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Казалось вроде.. Ничего особого для выживания знать не надо - добычей металл,уран,делай генератор кислороду,тд тп.. А тут ещё внешние угрозы! Я теряюсь. Только в креативе,и только строю очередные посудины (хотя на корыта похожи),каждая следующая больше предыдущей). Хотел просто спроэктировать 'идеальный корабль' - не выходит, ибо 'ничего идеального нет'. Одному строить муторно. Не то что скучно,а просто ОЧЕНЬ ДОЛГО! Бескрайне. А добывать ещё какой-нибудь ресурс для этого..

Короче. Работа в команде. Только. Физика хорошая,но полноценным симом игру не назвать - сыровато 1 , звук в космосе.. Хотя,кого это волнует? Главное не забыть поставить реактор и одну турельку на очередной постройке.

9 корыт из 10.
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1.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 15 апреля
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Игра очень интересная,захватываюшая,но играть одному немного надоедает.
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0.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 28 апреля
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Отличная игра, но, кажется, что всем хотелось бы попробовать её в виртуальной реальности.
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0.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 28 апреля
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в этой игре когда ты уже достраеваеш огромную станцию прилитит какая то нибудь ♥♥♥♥♥♥ня и разьебашет все к чертям.
в этой игре когда ты летиш на гипер скорости на другую базу,то ты легко можешь напороться на маленький,но капец какую опасную ♥♥♥♥♥♥ню котороя уебет твой корабль.
в этой игре что бы починить маленькую дырку у тебя уходит больше матерьала чем блять на ебаный титаник.
в этой игре ты думаеш,что в таком огромном мире ничего нет но.... ты все равно уебешся об другой летящий корабль... и вот вы два голжопых астронавта которые ♥♥♥♥♥♥ знай откуда летели и как вобще нашли друг друга...
кароче 11 разь♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ короблей из 10(11 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ знай откуда)
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5.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 4 апреля
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Игра просто супер!!! Всем советую)
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6.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 4 апреля
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Симулятор одиночества,безысходности,потери,паники в космосе...А так любителям по 30 минут лететь по астероидам ради ресурсов рекомендую
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Очень интересная 3D песочница с элементами шутера , всем любителям данного жанра советую!!!
Разнообразный крафт , свобода действий и кооператив делают эту игру просто великолпеной !
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игра замечательная я давно искал такою и наШёл её это космические инженеры
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Before every narrow minded ♥♥♥♥wit tries to attack me for giving this game a thumbs up, let me explain.
I am NOT in favor of ANY paid-mods system in which Valve has tried to incorporate into skyrim; the system in which the developer is some-what in support of. If they do make some sort of system in which the modder gets cash, it should be by voluntary donations only. Now, onto the real review of the GAME ( Let me say again; review of the GAMEEEEEE).



+Awesome buidling mechanics
+Survival doesnt include getting ♥♥♥♥♥ by people who have more stuff than you, and no hunger bar.
+Physics are good: If a spaceship you build is turned off and is in motion, it'll stay in motion until you stop it. *inertia*
+MOST people will help you build and not destroy your ♥♥♥♥
+Realistic mining: It takes time to refine ores, and make it into useful materials.
+Crashing your ship into another has nice visuals....and its fun.


- Sometimes you die by ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ means: You are speeding in your spacesuit and you cant slow down enough in time and splat on-side of an asteroid. There goes all your stuff.
- People sometimes "accidently" kill you with their drill or grind-saw.
-/+ But single-player or playing with your friends can solve troll-problems.


Overall this is a pretty fun game, if you dont get caught up in a server filled with ♥♥♥♥♥, but thats what singleplayer is for.

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Where I am coming from:

I played about 360 hours from the time that I bought the game to the time that I write this review. I bought the game right after multiplayer was released in January 2014. This was before survival was introduced. At the time I was very disheartened by a few bad early access titles that were just disappointing.

I looked into the Miner Wars history of Keen Software House, and decided that - even though that was a kind of flop - this game was worth a look into. Maybe a bit of fun with friends. My dream was always to play a game that let you walk around on small planetoids, building your own stuff. After playing games like Cargo Commander I kinda got into the genre. I played a lot of creative at first with my friends and we built huge ships and had fun gunfights.
After a while, when they got bored and survival got introduced, I found a very nice multiplayer RP server with different factions set up and had the time of my life as a Drone Engineer.

My opinion of the development and further notes to the multiplayer:

Let me mention a few things about the development of the game (which after all is very important if you read this).
I don't know if it was from the point on that I bought the game or shortly after that, but the devs (KSH) promised not to promise any features or announce set dates for certain features and introduced weekly updates. Yeah, that's right, one update to the game every single week. That is features, bugfixes and in addition to that hotfixes for big bugs between updates. For me, this shows dedication. This is the game that let me put trust into early access games again. Simply for that fact I adore it. I have never been as hyped about any game as this, and I played a lot of games. The devs react to feedback very fast, and the community really makes a difference.

Almost all of the features the game has were suggested at some point by us. Planets, scenarios (with set objectives) and multiplayer improvements are already in the works at the time of this post (you can read that up at Marek Rosas Dev Blog ). At this point I have to mention that multiplayer is playable, but you might want to avoid certain things like landing gears, pistons and rotors on ships for now (perfectly fine on stations) as the netcode can't quite handle the synchronization between clients.

My opinion of the game / features / options:

The game has a very thought through, realistic (Newtonic) look at the Space Survival genre, which I would put this into.
One of the things that often get overlooked is the amount of options available. Not only does this game have all the necessary sliders (seperate audio volumes, FOV, maximized borderless window option, ... ), you can completely customize almost every feature ingame. A few of those options are mods (which there are thousands of, from blocks over skyboxes, character models, animations, ship blueprints to custom asteroids and scripts) with full workshop support, but also things like the amount of inventory space, production speed, world size (which by the way is currently able to generate worlds that take about 150 realtime years from the center to traverse at standard speed - which if you don't want can be modified, yay - with randomized asteroids and soon planets).

You can customize view distance, which makes this playable on pretty old machines, even without the beta optimizations that are about to come in still. (Remember, this is in alpha stage)
Also tons of other options that en- or disable all kinds of ingame features, should you want / not want them.

Creative mode:

- If you play creative you can build whatever you want (from cubes of death to star destroyers, your favourite space station or a small fighter) instantly without needing any resources
- There is a mirror mode that allows you to build quickly and efficiently with symmetry
- You can copy paste small parts of a creation (onto other parts if you want) which allows you quick builds with forms and structures you like, which helps a lot if you don't think you are creative enough for a whole big ship
- You are able to spawn in any ingame object, be it resources, weapons or even whole asteroids
- Talking about asteroids, there is also a voxel tool which lets you deform asteroids to any shape you want (it also lets you replace materials)
- There is a blueprint system in place, which lets you transfer projections of the ships you built in creative to survival, which makes rebuilding the thing only a matter of resources and time

Survival mode:

- This game is a sandbox game, meaning there is no set objective (yet) to "finishing" the game
- "Exploration" mode offers almost infinite world generation (as mentioned in the features section) with random encounters which range from small ships, to cruisers or large battleships to stations (most of them created by the community)
- Survival has a lot of facettes to it that require planning (energy generation, oxygen, storage and production facilities) that may initally seem very complex, but the community is always there to help
- It is possible to use programming blocks to display things via LCD panels, control stations or ship behaviour (really, almost anything you can imagine, if you get into it, someone for example made an autopilot ship and a customizable interface for pilots that let you see every room status and interact with all the different subsystems, just imagine, you get an enemy player alert in your ship, which then leads to depressurization of rooms, so that your enemies can't breathe there or get sucked out into space)
- You can create gravity weapons (like a huge space shotgun that shoots out projectiles), gravity drives with artificial mass blocks, which, if correctly done, can get even the biggest and bulkiest ships to maximum speed in a matter of a few seconds
- But even relatively simple things like building your own mining ship or fighter are highly enjoyable and feel rewarding

Final thoughts / prospects:

For me personally it is enough to gather resources, take over enemy weaponized cargo ships that are floating by and creating awesome stations and battleships, aswell as designing them. But man, this game already offers so much more than that. I have never seen a more polished early access game. From RP mining to dogfights in space or replicating your favourite scene from Star Wars, this game has it all!

Community links:
The reddit with very important tips in the sidebar, like controls
The wiki
The official forums
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Edit: Valve has just taken down paid mods,and while I do recomend this game I'd be wary that the developers supported the paid mods and wary of Valve.

Space Engineers is a great game on its own merit. However, Space Engineers has announced they will offer paid mods. This is an unacceptable practice and I'd advise anyone who is interested in this game not to purchase it to boycott this practice.

Besides fragmenting the modding community with passionate modders and those looking to make a quick buck, this can destroy one of the longest standing pillars of PC gaming. I'm going to assume that anyone reading this review has heard of, and most likely played Counter Strike, Dota, and Team Fortress. All of these started as free community mods made by passionate modders and maintained by a passionate community, many of who downloaded the mod to see what it was all about, none of which would have happened if these mods were behind a paywall. This can also encourage publishers to push games early with the idea that the modders can patch or add missing features to an incomplete game. With Skyrim as our only example so far, many free mods are being stolen and put up on the Steam Workshop for purchase and the creators of those mods not being able to take them down.

Does anyone want to go from playing community made mods the size of DLCS to paying $0.49 for a sword reskin? No, no one at all. While people might respond to me saying that modders should get paid for their work, I agree in some situations and this is not the way to do it. Besides putting their wall behind a paywall and making it inaccessable for many, the modders only get 25% of the revenue while the game developer gets 45% and Valve makes 30%. So if you think, hey this new questline mod is worth $5, I'll buy it to support the modder you're only giving him $1.25 while the developer gets $2.25, and Valve makes $1.50. This should disgust everyone that Valve and the publishers are trying to suck nickels and dimes from every nook and cranny of gaming with the excuse that the players are entitled and need to support the modders. You know what supports the modders? Donation buttons. If you really enjoy a mod, or a modders work than you can throw $5 his way, he earned it and Valve doesn't take a single penny from it.

Dont let Valve ruin PC gaming, stop buying games from Valve, don't purchase these mods, join boycott groups, spread the word, and most importantly send Valve and Gabe an e-mail to state your opinion and dissatisfaction with their attempt to nickle and dime us at everyone corner and inform them you will not be buying anymore games from their marketplace until paid mods are removed from the Steam Workshop.
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It is fairly fun game, BUT developer just tweeted about a possibility of bringing paid mods to the game. (unto an early access game that is)
Absolutely terrible. The review will stay negative until it is officially overturned. Also, boycotting Medieval Engineers too. And everything by Keen games for that matter

EDIT: Valve indeed took down paid mods. Still no statement from Keen Games regarding their position on the matter. Marek still supports the idea. We still have to stand strong on that issue. Don't let publishers and developers milk you and modders for every single cent, monetize everything around and screw with community. Donate to your favorite modders and support them without paying 75% of the cut to the greedy industry. Don't let them interfere with communities that are build on trust and passion, not greed and avarice. Mods were always an uncharted territory, free from corporate, free from standarts, that let you experiment and have unregulated fun. Anything other than donations and free model will screw up fragile balance of communities around games they love and want to improve or play on their terms.
Support your modders however you can. They deserve something extra for their work. Stand up agianst corporate greed and their interference with passion and love for gaming to make a few more bucks. Say no to the policies you don't like. Don't let them exploit you and squeeze every single penny off of you. Be smart and vocal.
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A good space sandbox game with plenty of building options to build all kinds of ships and space stations while mining astroids, working with friends or crashing into them. With block deformation you can end up with cool looking wrecks too.
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This developer just came out saying they are in support of Valve's new paid workshop mods. I will not support a developer who gets behind this.
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This game has a lot of potential, but in its current state is difficult to play. As an early access game, perfection should not be expected. Nevertheless, there are regular problems with server crashes, components failing to work properly, disconnects causing the loss of resources you've spent ages mining, respawns considerably further away from your last position etc. Just establishing a basic medical bay (to allow fixed location respawn) had to be restarted more than 5 times because until you can build a medical bay, every time the server disconnects you, you have to respawn as a new character with no resources and start from scratch. It has a lot of potential but until at least the server issues are addressed, I would not recommend.
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i have only one problem with this game... its damanding as ♥♥♥♥, probably because it renders EVERYTHING all the time... expecially things that are soo far away... i think they should add render distance... and a fps feature in the settings... and since you wont be able to see ships far away maybe add an item like say a telescope? or binoculars? or somthing above those lines? also its dark in space... in reality.. you wouldnt be able to see.. anything! so maybe have it start out at a base and have it lite up! and add a light feature! idk just spilling my brain why i dont like this game all that much... hope the developer sees this review and make a bit of changes... in the render distance and make it look dark and add light feature! also planets would be cool heh... also maybe a sun if you get to close you die! that could replace darkeness.. maybe sanity? so if you stay in the dark to long you kinda lose it? because i know if i was in space id lose it... without light anyway and just my flashlight or helmet light thing.. other than this complaint i do like the game and its features... just dont like the render distance thing REALLY" shouldnt be this damanding.. i think
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Great game love it but i spent around a week playing multiplayer server great fun when a little buggy ships docked shakes like snake until today i was playing and then my ship rattles docked in my big ship SHAKING i get scared and undock it randomly the ship explodes in my hanger damage ALOT OF STUFF(waste few hours of work). I go on repair it another incident happens and another ship blew up becuase of the docking feature bug stay up till 12 am fix it. Next day i play on my big mother ship when then small ship starts shaking and cuases my ships inertia dampers on the big ship to pile drive it into THE ASTEROID AND IM NOT STUPID I HAD INERTIA DAMPERS ON AND IT CAUSED THE SHIPS THRUSTERS TO PILE DRIVE IT INTO THE ASTEROID WE WERE IN RUINING 2 WEEKS OF EVERYNIGHT PLAYING AND LOVING THE GAME ME AND MY FRIEND FROM SCHOOL(i couldnt stop thinking about the game either i loved think of ideas things to do to build to fight with BUT WHEN THIS **** happens why do i want to go back?. Single player GREAT GAME Multiplayer GREAT GAME until your ship you love and can't wait to play with agian splits in half becuase of a stupid multiplayer bug.

Love the game want to play alot more but whats the point if you can't build stuff that will stay together its useless to try to build if it will end in fire when they fix that bug i will play agian.
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