Invisible, Inc. is a hardcore tactical stealth game. Control elite spies as they infiltrate powerful corporations. Find profit in chaos as you guide your team around the world in search of lucrative contracts.
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Дата выхода: 19 авг, 2014

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Игра с ранним доступом

Приобретите игру и начинайте — примите участие в развитии этой игры.

Примечание: данная игра в раннем доступе находится на стадии разработки. Она может измениться в будущем, а может остаться в текущем состоянии, так что если вам не по вкусу то, что игра может предложить сейчас, рекомендуем дождаться ее дальнейшего развития. Узнать больше

О чём разработчики хотят сказать:

Почему ранний доступ?

“Klei was among the first developers to release a game into Early Access with Don't Starve, and the feedback we received helped us to vastly improve the game before launch. We're doing it again with our procedural stealth game, and we know that community feedback is going to be huge to make this game the best it can be. Thanks community!”

Сколько примерно эта игра будет в раннем доступе?

“We have a plan to complete our core set of content in early 2015, and we will be adjusting our plan based on feedback.”

Чем планируемая полная версия будет отличаться от версии в раннем доступе?

“The full version will have a lot more content, including: more playable agents, more mission locations, a final boss mission, more upgrades, another corporation, and more enemies for you to die by.”

Каково текущее состояние версии в раннем доступе?

“The current version includes 6 playable agents, a whole host of programs and upgrades, 3 corporations, a Story Mode, and an unlockable Endless Mode. Even in Alpha, many fans have played for hours upon hours, so feel free to jump in and let us know what you think!”

Будет ли разница в цене до и после раннего доступа?


Как вы планируете вовлекать сообщество в развитие игры?

“We're continually talking to our community about our game process, and keep them informed of our progress and decisions. Please join the discussion on our forums at

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"Wonderful stuff: tactical, tense, characterful, and confident enough to never depart from the realm of stealth."

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20 января

Early Access Update 10: DEEP BREATH - Patch Notes

The Invisible Inc team will now begin work on the final leg of our production. There are certain features and polishing work to be done that require more time than the 2 week update cycle will allow. There will not be any more small content updates as the team has begun the big final push. We will still be on the forums and keeping you updated on our progress, so please feel free to leave us comments and feedback.

Some of the content and features we will be working on:

* Building and balancing the entire campaign, including the Final Mission and full story
* Complete voice over for Central, Monst3r, Incognita, and more
* More generation options, including a full Sandbox mode
* A more balanced Endless Mode, that increases in difficulty over time
* Linux support
* Steam Cloud saves
* A new corporation to contend with
* 2 new agents to join the fray

For more information and a cool poster go to the patch notes post on our klei forum.

Build 123928
New Features
* Key binding
* Sankaku music track
* Daemon database, reveals type of the daemons on the floor.
* Fullscreen letterboxing (windows)

Balance Changes
* PWR does not carry over between mission. Always start at 10 PWR.
* Augments don't stack by default, though some are able to stack.
* Added tooltip for shocktraps that they ignore armor.
* Added confirmation when selecting a location to infiltrate.
* Added sound to Door Decoder.
* Added wake up sound when drones reboot.
* New icons for augments.
* Corps each have one type of laser barrier.
* Laser barrier system changed so that the generator is accessible without passing the beams.
* Null zone drops when null drone captured.
* Null drones have visual effect when null zone is up.
* Null drone null range reduced.
* Guard vision more accurate (and thus a little more dangerous). While moving, They will notice agents in their peripheral vision more often now.
* CFO Flee behaviour
* GFX settings format have been updated; you will revert to default settings.
* GFX options behaviour updated to be less confusing. Removed the Apply and DX11 options.
* Color blind option is saved and will be restored like other GFX settings.
* Cameras and camera drones do not immediately trigger tracking behaviour unless the target moves.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed generator graphics bug
* Fixed Generator refreshing grid items after rebooting bug.
* Fixed guard pathing problem when bumping into agents at corners.
* Fixed some situations where guard speech would be overly repetitive.
* Fixed Dr Xu missing sound when using manual shutdown.
* Fixed animation bug with Shocktraps.
* Fixed reloading sound effect timing bug.
* Fixed Kickdrum music not returning properly on reload.
* Fixed guards re-positioning at the start of their first turn bug.
* Fixed guards noticing agents leave their vision even while hidden bug.
* Fixed hud display bug with overlapping Augment and inventory titles.
* Windows should appear properly if their last saved location would otherwise put them offscreen of the current monitor setup.
* Fix a crash bug with dragging a body next to a buster chip.
* Fixed the behaviour of using the ESC key in a bunch of modal dialogs.
* Fix Wireless scan item requirements not being respected.
* Fix validate daemon not spawning guards sometimes.
* Biogenic dart can be recharged.
* Fix guards not returning to their posts after investigating.
* Fixed missing menu cursor in OSX builds.
* Different power grids should no longer generate the same name.
* Shop contents now are determined on level creation, rather than at time of use.
* Corporate Hallway zones now appear properly.

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6 января

Early Access Update 9: CYBER TERROIR - Patch Notes

Check this patch out on our forums for some more details and a cool poster!
forum update patch notes

And Happy New Year!


New Features
* Tony Xu Archive build.
* Felix Daemon.
* Mask Daemon.
* Scan chip
* Skeletal Suspension augment

Balance Changes
* Scanner items now require the Hacking skill.

Bug Fixes
* several text string changes, fixing typos and character errors.

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“This is wonderful stuff: tactical, tense, characterful, confident enough to never depart from the realm of stealth”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Invisible, Inc does espionage justice”

Early Access Update 9 : CYBER TERROIR - Patch Notes

Update 9 is now live. Check out the notes on our forums for some more details and a cool poster!

Об этой игре

Invisible, Inc. is a hardcore tactical stealth game. Control elite spies as they infiltrate powerful corporations. Find profit in chaos as you guide your team around the world in search of lucrative contracts.

You are the Operator, and you direct Invisible’s agents in the field. Infiltrate procedurally generated corporate facilities in tense, turn-based missions where every move could be your last. Find profit in chaos as you guide your team around the world in search of lucrative contracts. Infiltrate the corps directly when they are least expecting it, and use the proceeds to upgrade and outfit your agents.

Key Features

  • A new stealth game by the makers of Mark of the Ninja. This game pulls no punches, and each move you make may be your last.
  • Beautiful visuals and animation, created by the award winning team at Klei
  • Randomly Generated Worlds: Each corporation you infiltrate presents a new challenge. Information is power, and no mission is alike.

Системные требования

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz Dual Core or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT or greater
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX9.0c compatible sound card and drivers
    • OS: 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Dual-Core)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 610M or higher, or Radeon 8400 or higher, or Intel HD 4000 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz Dual Core or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 610M or higher, or Radeon 8400 or higher, or Intel HD 4000 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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2.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 2 марта
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
Turn based stealth action. Nothing else to say.

Difficulty - challenging to OMG WTF !?

Patience - I would say this applys. But it does not. There is a turn timer that increases security the longer you lurk in the mission. So, this forces you to get what you can and GTFO.

Items - Gadgets and dodad's to help you out. Some weapons to increase you KO / Fatality when dealing with guards.

Money - Completing missions gets you cash. You need this. You can not redo missiosn to farm cash. You MUST move along to more difficult missions without a choice.

Characters - Base skills are different between each. But level them up as you see fit or desire.

It's fanastic.

Movement/ Actions - Action Points system operated. I have no greivence with this. Feels like X-Com all over again.

LINE OF SIGHT ( LoS ) - THIS is the game. You rush around a corner, you probably just had your Agent get killed. You need to maintain a vigilence of speed vs caution. Guards and security devices have LoS too. Once spotted, you are most likely Killed on your next turn.

Rewind - Nice feature. Lets you take your previous turn over again. BUT, you only get one.


Sound is good. You get to hear the guards on patrol. That's a nice little heads up.

Graphics. They work. Objects and animation is smooth. Details are not distorted or fuzzy.

Controls. you only need your mouse. THIS is deceptive, because there are no mouse control settings in the options menu. Just a keyboard key layout.

Yes. I reccomend this game. It kills time and if you are not careful... 5 hours later you boss calls you and asks, "Why aren't you at work!"
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4 из 4 пользователей (100%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
23.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 24 марта
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
This is a fantastic roguelike stealth game. For an early access version, it's really well polished and balanced. Without knowing this I'd think it was a full release version. Before I played it I didn't think that it was possible to do a roguelike, procedural environment suitable for stealth gameplay, but there it is. This is a gem. Tough, fair, fun.
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21.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 9 марта
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
Invisible, Inc is what I would describe as a "Cutting Edge" turn-based game.

The mechanics that govern how the player controls the character(s) during missions is top-notch -- I wish that more turn-based games functioned in this manner.

To be specific, each character can use their AP (action points) in any order with very few restrictions and the control system does not punish the player. This design philosophy sets Invisible, Inc apart from many other games of the same ilk and makes the play experience far more satisfying.

There is a Story mode with a unique scoring mechanic and there is also an "Endless" mode, the latter of which I found very much to my liking.

As someone who has been playing turn-based games for over a decade ranging from X-Com to Final Fantasy Tactics, I can assure you that this game has a very progressive control scheme. Give it a shot!
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15.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 19 марта
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
"Banks and Internationale stood, trapped in a corner with nowhere to hide as lights flashed red around them, and sirens began to wail. Three guards bore down on them, weapons drawn. Banks looked wistfully at the ginger hacker who had become her friend, then shook her head, reached out, and took Int's hand. "I'll see you next go 'round." she whispered, and jammed her custom paralyzer into her friend's arm. The frail hacker's eyes went wide with betrayal, then understanding as half a dozen bullets slammed first into Banks. then her own thin frame. She couldn't feel a thing, the injected venom had dulled her pain. She slumped to the floor next to her partner in crime, and smiled slowly. "Next life." she whispered, and closed her eyes."

I wasn't a fan of the six character permadeath thing at first, but it's really grown on me. Each character feels uinque, and knowing how frail and easily killed they are makes them, oddly, seem more badass. When it only takes one shot to kill you, the fact that you're breaking into a facility filled with guards and robots and (most of the time) making it out alive again feels incredibly empowering. Also it makes each characters untimely demise feel all the more painful. A few AI inconsistancies and one or two pathfinding blunders have kept this from being a perfect game, but it absolutely nails the tone and style. Heartily recomended.
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0.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 25 марта
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
If you like turn-based strategy games and appreciate when a developer takes the time to polish their games to a blinding shine, odds are you'll enjoy this. Reminds me of Xcom, which I also loved.
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2.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 15 марта
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
Listen. When they say hardcore, they ♥♥♥♥ing mean HARDCORE. Even the ones with the least difficulty will spawn two guards on top of your ♥♥♥♥

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10.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 7 марта
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
This game is fricken' amazing. Challenging, fun and interesting. It's Hard. Make sure you enjoy getting your ♥♥♥ handed to you from time to time before you buy. It's well worth it though. Another solid innovative game from Klai. Good job guys.
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6.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 18 марта
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
This game is a lot of fun, even if you are as bad at it as I am!
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20.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 16 марта
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
X-COM: UFO Defense (1993) + Deus EX (2000) = Invisible Inc (2015)
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4.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 18 марта
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе served with thick coffee to kill the night
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55.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 17 ноября, 2014
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
Итак - это походовый стелс. Мы вламываемся в охраняемые корпорациями офисы и ищем добычу (кредиты, эквипмент, программы для взлома, заточенных агентов и т.п.). Возможность всех перестрелять - чисто гипотетическая. Слишком мало патронов, и слишком много вримания это привлечет. В итоге мы либо крадемся незаметно, либо станим охранников на пару ходов, либо в отдельных случаях позволяем себе кого-то убрать. Любая ошибка - мгновенная смерть агента, а то и всей группы. При отсутствии сейвов - игроку решать, когда сматывать удочки. Был у меня случай, когда агенты разделились и одного из них подстрелили. Второй сделал большой крюк, смог подобраться и вколоть инъекцию первому, после чего они ушли вместе. Хотя во всех ситуациях до этого - смерть одного агента как правило приводила к полному провалу.

Я не знаю что еще прикрутят до релиза, но уже то что я увидел в первой версии раннего доступа было очень занимательным. В основном можно работать над доп контентом.

Уже сейчас в раннем доступе больше агентов, больше снаряжения и баланса в нем, появилась возможность отмотать ход назад (мне скажем неприятно было запороть всю кампанию одним случайным кликом мышки). Труднее всего представить как будет выглядеть полная кампания (в раннем доступе она укорочена), хотя есть еще и свободный режим.


Забыл упомянуть. Дополнительный шарм игре придает Инкогнито - программа по взлому. Любой сейф (комп или камера) требует взлома через Инкогнито, которую мы снаряжаем для это нужными программами. Скажем Молот пробивает любую защиту за один клик, но требует энергии и кулдауна. Но есть еще демоны, которые при взломе применяют что-то очень вредное (например отрубают Инкогнито на несколько ходов). Вроде бы я встречал программы по распознованию и уничтожению демонов.

На примере. В начале компании у нас 2 агента (больше можно разлочить потом). У них стандартный для каждого агента эквип. У одного станнер и поле невидимости, а другого возможность сканировать сети и тоже станнер. Допонительно к агентам идет Инкогнито, для которой предлагается две стартовых пргграммы. Одна дает энергию каждый ход, а другая занимается взломом - 1 поинт за две энергии, без кулдауна.

Со временем мы находим новых агентов (до четырех в команде), новый эквип - включая пушки, а также новые программы для Инкогнито. Каждый агент может нести скажем пяток эквипа, а также до пяти программ можно запихнуть в Инкогнито. Это немного - приходится выбирать. У агентов есть прокачка, но небольшая.
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16.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 1 января
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
Удивительная игра! Как она умеет держать в напряжении, несмотря на свою пошаговость; и как она заставляет жалеть о каждой бездумной ошибке... Приходится продумывать каждый ход, играть умно и хитро. Не подсмотрел за дверь, прежде чем выскочить в проём? Вот ты и запорол миссию. Не закрыл за собой дверь? Успеешь ещё пожалеть, только будет уже поздно. Ваши агенты здесь падают с первого выстрела; а откатиться на ход назад можно лишь строго один раз за миссию. Впрочем, лежачих иногда ещё можно спасти.
Приятно удивляет стиль! Он создаёт особое настроение, придаёт игре шарм. Офисные коридоры корпораций, век технологий, персонажи... Кстати, уровни здесь генерируются, поэтому каждый раз вы осваиваете новое место, сколько бы уровней не было пройдено. Кроме того, здесь огромная степень свободы в плане того, как именно решать поставленную задачу; и в то же время каждое решение имеет вес (как в шахматах).
Все остальные аспекты объяснять смысла нет, потому что они уже требуют более детального знакомства с процессом.

Эту я рекомендую тем, кто хочет проникнуться атмосферой промышленного шпионажа 21-го века и как следует напрячь мозги тактикой.
Для тех же, кто хочет в первую очередь расслабиться, отдохнуть, данную игру я не рекомендую.

+ Стиль, настроение
+ Сочетание сложности игры и простоты её правил
+ Чувство динамики в пошаговой игре
+ Прекрасное музыкальное сопровождение
+ Генерируемые уровни (а потому уникальные)

- Отсутствие локализации (на момент создания обзора)
- Хочется большего разнообразия целей в миссиях (но это же ранний доступ, авось чего и добавят)

Good luck, Operator!
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7.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 4 января
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
Что тут сказать? Если вы любите хардкорный стелс и пошаговые игры - это прямо по адресу. Игра чрезвычайно проста в освоении и во многом интуитивно понятна. Но при этом она не простит вам ни одного вашего косяка: агенты погибают с одного выстрела, каждая дверь, которую вы не закрыли - напомнит о себе в самый неподходящий момент, при гибели обоих агентов - Game Over с удалением сейвов, есть "перемотка" на один ход назад, доступная раз на миссию, плюс к этому - случайная генерация большинства миссий. Всё это и многое другое будет преследовать вас каждую минуту.

Признаюсь, я после каждой удачной миссии копировал сейвы и в случае проигрыша вставлял их обратно в папку с игрой, только это спасёт ваших драгоценных агентов от вайпа, который может случится в любую минуту.

И да, однозначно рекомендую, либо вы получите удовольствие от игры, либо игра получит удовольствие от вас :)
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4.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 13 октября, 2014
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
В визуальном плане Invisible inc просто прекрасна и лично мне напоминает смесь Шадоуран Ретёрнс с Транзистором. Неоновые футуристичные локации великолепно сочетаются с комиксовыми героями игры. Всё очень круто стилизовано. Только немного расстраивает малое количество локаций. К сожалению разработчики не сделали чего-то вроде базы для отряда, по которой можно было бы свободно погулять, как это было в Шадоуран Ретёрнс. Да и вариантов локаций для миссий пока очень мало и все они по большому счету отличаются только расположением внутреннего интерьера.

Пожалуй, самый главный недостаток игры - это отсутствие интересного сюжета. Все-таки в шпионской тематике можно было неплохо развернуться и придумать лихую историю в духе бондианы или чего-то такого. Кстати, самого первого доступного персонажа зовут Декард и я почти уверен, что это отсылка к Рику Декарду из старого киберпанкового фильма Бегущий по лезвию.

Что касается сюжета Invisible inc, то все предельно просто. Вы состоите в какой-то секретной организации и управляете командой опытных оперативников. Ваша цель - работать на благо организации, то есть зарабатывать деньги, добывать нужную информацию, спасать попавших в передрягу других членом компании. Ну и так далее.

Ну в целом это всё, что я могу рассказать про сюжет. Я сам немного разочарован, потому что рассчитывал на интересную шпионскую историю.

Тем не менее в игре настолько потрясающий и необычный геймплей, что как минимум на несколько вечеров она может легко вас затянуть. Игра заставляет серьезно попотеть и местами даже может неплохо пощекотать нервы. Зато какой же это кайф, когда вам удается обчистить объект и красиво уйти незамеченными, обдурив целую кучу не самых умных, но очень опасных охранников!

В целом на мой взгляд игра получилась весьма и весьма достойной. Несмотря на ранний доступ я не заметил каких-то существенных недоработок или багов. Конечно, во вмногом все зависит от сборки вашего компьютера, и если у меня игра работала очень стбильно, не факт, что у вас будет так же. Тем не менее уже сейчас игра выглядит вполне законченной с качественным и интересным геймплеем. Так что будем надеяться, что к моменту релиза появится больше интересных миссий и, возможно, даже какое-то подобие внятного сюжета.
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EDIT: Since some people apparently don't know the difference between the Steam EULA and the one for the game, allow me to add the disclaimer that I specifically refer to the developers terms and conditions in this review.

On the surface, this game was a great combination of things I like. Roguelike? Roguelike where the "rogue" is appropriate beyond even just a connection to an old game that created the unforgiving style of anti-save-scumming gameplay? What's not to like? I played a few missions and they delivered a tense but intriguing stealth puzzle of juggling two contrasting objectives - avoiding detection while still finishing quickly. Sadly, I booted up the game recently and was confronted with a laundry list of terms and conditions I don't recall agreeing to when I purchased the game and some were quite troubling in nature.

"We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate or suspend your Account [...] if your Account is terminated, we may not be able to return your content to you and that you may not otherwise have access to your content"

"The Game may be unavailable from time to time due to routine maintenance, upgrades, hardware and software malfunctions, repairs, power outages, hackers, denial of service attacks and unforeseeably large service demands."

"You consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your name, contact information and other personal information"

"You do not have to pay to play the Game, though we reserve the right to charge fees to play the Game in the future."

I'm sorry (not really) but I'm not ok with playing a game knowing that at any time my ability to play the game I paid for could be revoked. I'm not ok with having a single player experience plagued by issues which imply an underlying system which offers only those issues and no appreciable benefit. I expect the interaction I have with the makers of a game to involve me giving money and recieving the game, no more and no less. Finally, I find it utterly absurd to even entertain the thought that a game which I paid for with the understanding that it did not have any recurring fees might at some point decide to start charging them.

The game is in early access. The game is subject to change. That does not mean the agreement reached when the initial transaction took place should be subject to change at the whims of one side of that agreement.
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This has several things I usually don't look for in a game -- permadeath, a fiendishly steep learning curve, and procedurally-generated levels that leave a lot of your success or failure (usually the latter) to luck -- but I am finding it so addictive I feel like I'm in that episode of TNG where everyone gets exposed to that new space game and it takes over their brains.

Since it's Early Access, some of the joins are still showing, like the banter that seems a little disconnected (the guy who sells gear has offered me condolences for my loss a number of times when all my agents were alive). More importantly, a game with this many characters should really have more nonwhite faces.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they continue to develop the game and respond to community feedback. Even in its current state, I feel like I've gotten my money's worth of gameplay already. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go look at some trees or something for a while until the afterimages of doorways and dotted character pathways stop playing across the inside of my skull.
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Опубликовано: 11 ноября, 2014
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Hello Internet! Today id like to give unto you my review of the game Invisible Inc.

For those who haven't played it yet, or are weighing their options carefully as they peruse the reviews of the game, must be aware. Invisible Inc. is a turn based, stealth, procedurally generated game; somewhat reminiscent of games like X-COM or Wasteland in terms of turn based and team deployment, but with a major focus on stealth and subterfuge. Like X-COM, their is some resource management both in-game and out, but not to the same degree. The game is still not fully done yet and the developers are carefully approaching what their vision of the game should be.

Negatives:(I like to start with these first)
-Very unforgiving of mistakes. Enemies are quick to punish errors with the swift death of your characters. While it is possible to revive fallen units, it is extremely dangerous.

-Balancing. All aspects of the game are undergoing constant tweaks and fixes, that sometimes lead to unfair advantages for both players and enemies.

-Procedurally Generated. No two maps are the same. Certain rooms however will typically have aspects about them that are the same every time(I.e. Holding cell areas always have higher level guards, or robot sentry levels almost always have a random roving eyebot). This by itself is not a negative, but it can be when three or more of these higher difficulty rooms are placed next to eachother, making the player either waste a lot of valuable resources just to find an empty safe room or to enter a bloodbath.

-Most important to mention for positives is the amazing dev team that regularly puts out game changing updates, including any number of new items, characters, revisions, tweaks, updates, etc.; all the while listening to their community.

-Story. While vague so far, the story of Invisible Inc. has been developing more and more with each update; adding new dialogue here, a new description on that item, etc. Once the game is fully created I believe that we shall have a compelling and riveting story for us to play through.

-Art Style. The environments, as well the characters themselves, have a very distinguished and marked style. Cartoonish in appearance but with a gritty realism that punctuates the plot and setting of the game.

-Characters and Leveling. Starting off, you only have access to two characters with which you have full control of in game. All of the current characters within the game are capable of being chosen and played after you have leveled up an arcade-style profile experience level; which increases every time you play the game and complete a campaign run-through. The characters are all dynamically different, both in appearance and capabilities, that allow you to capitalize on certain items, enemies, and strategies that the game has available.

-Interesting Gameplay Mechanics. While most of the game is a turn based, stealth ordeal; you must frequently hack and control electronics that affect events in the players world using an advanced AI, which is essentially a game of resource management. You can get past all of the guards and make it to the loot filled safes scattered around the levels but if you don't carefully conserve the power that your AI uses to hack things for you, you'll be ♥♥♥♥ out of luck.

-Logical Gameplay. Every action must be taken with a myriad of variables to consider. Should you risk sprinting to cover more ground, but possibly alert an unseen guard? Should you purchase more ammo for your characters pistol, or invest in their stealth skill instead? Even something as simple as opening a door must be taken into consideration as you may have no idea whats on the other side. Invisible Inc. gives you the tools with which to complete your goals but it is up to you on how you use them.

-Atmosphere and Setting. "Why are these missions always indoors?" -Shalem. The idea is that you, and a select few others, barely escaped an intelligence agancies form of a coup and you must send agents on missions to gather resources and support against the rising corporate giants around the globe. Set in a (not so far away or unthinkable) dystopian future where corporations seem to have more power than the world governments, you must use fantastic technologies such as implants, lasers, robots and super advanced AI to stop these Corporate menaces. While most of the missions are withing the corporate offices and labs that you are fighting, the game vaguely eludes to you that the rest of the world is none the wiser of whats really going on.

In conclusion, Invisible Inc. is a solid 8.0/10.0 for me, an avid fan of both stealth and turn based games. It is a very cerebral game, paired with the subtle cunning required for a stealth action; making for interesting gameplay. While still not fully developed yet, this game is proving that it's great potential is being realized and capitalized on by their dev team. I have no doubts that this game will one day be a GOTY worthy candidate and will be within the libraries of all the strategy nuts out there(Like me!).

Thank You for taking the time to read this.
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Опубликовано: 20 октября, 2014
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Invisible, Inc. is a stealth tactical turn based game from Klei Entertainment, notable to me for Don't Starve.

It isn't terribly fleshed out yet, but what is there -- the stealth-focused completely unforgiving rogue gameplay, agent trait management, equipment management, and 'Icognito' mode (the hacking mechanism) -- is really, really fun. Even if they don't add many more features (as I write this, in a week a major 'warez' based update is coming out) it's still a really enjoyable, deep thinking game. It has even taken the place of X-Com for the time being, for those times I want my turn based tactical combat fix.

Another reason it really came to my attention is the hard focus on stealth gameplay -- alot like Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell -- but with a charming, cartoony art style. Your agents will end up being found and mercilessly gunned down as your Central Operator expresses her disappointment in your performance. And then you begin again with a fresh new team, in a fresh new environment (did I mention its PROCEDURALLY GENERATED which is something X-Com was never able to master) to raid, pillage and escape from various corporate facilities.

It's also a game that makes you say "Just one more turn" and staying up far later than intended playing it. If any of what I've said above peaks your interest, it get's a solid Recommend from me.

Try picking it up on sale for insane value, but it's totally worth the $15.99 it is now.
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Опубликовано: 30 декабря, 2014
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With games like Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja under their belt, I had pretty high expectations for Klei Entertainment's Invisible, Inc. and sure enough it impresses. If you've played Mark of the Ninja you probably have an idea of how well Klei handles stealth and it shines once again here in the form of turn-based gameplay, great skill/inventory progression and elaborate, procedurally generated levels that make every playthrough unique and results in high replayability.

The premise is simple enough; you choose two agents at the beginning of a playthrough (and can unlock more to choose from as you play, each with their own unique loadout and abilities), pick from a list of randomized targets that offer various benefits - such as banks containing large amounts of credits to buy items with or upgrade your agents' skills, cybernetic labs to augment your agents and offer them new abilities, server farms to improve your hacking software, or even detention centers where additional agents may be held that can be freed and join your team - and do what you can to prepare for one final mission. The different targets will have varying degrees of security which increases as you complete more assignments and start to build a reputation. Along with this is an "Alarm Level" system that increases for each turn you spend skulking around the buildings, adding a sense of urgency to every mission and making you weigh the benefits of staying longer to gather more resources against the risk of being caught due to the rising security levels. While initially places you break into may just have basic guard patrols and easily hacked technology, eventually the targets will start to have armored guards resistant to the tools at your disposal, automated drones and turrets that can't simply be knocked out and firewalls that trigger various defenses when tapped into; it's up to you as you play to make sure you prepare accordingly for the escalating difficulty and stay one step ahead of the new obstacles put in your way.

To top off the solid gameplay, Invisible also has wonderful atmospheric design. Between the music, characters and art direction this game pulls off a great near-future feel combined with espionage that really sells the setting and "story" despite how simple both are; you may very well find yourself basing your Agent choices not just on their utilities but who they are as characters in regards to their biographical information and personalities (Deckard's the man).

Incredibly challenging and equally addictive, it's hard not to recommend this for as cheap as it is given the polish and care that's obviously gone into it. Even in its Early Access stage the game feels like a finished product and has plenty of content and replay value to warrant the pickup. If you're looking to infiltrate high-tech facilities with informational warriors and feel the heat as you try to escape with the goods, I'm confident that Invisible, Inc. will more than meet your expectations as it did with mine.
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Опубликовано: 22 ноября, 2014
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It's Early Access, but this game is already a winner in my opinion. If EA scares you, look at Klei's track record with 'Don't Starve' and 'Mark of the Ninja'.

Invisible, Inc. is a great combination of stealth, strategy, and tactics. It's proceedurally generated; so the replay value is very good on this title. Most of all it is fun and challenging. I urge you to check this game out.
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