Invisible, Inc. is a hardcore tactical stealth game. Control elite spies as they infiltrate powerful corporations. Find profit in chaos as you guide your team around the world in search of lucrative contracts.
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Data lansării: 19 aug., 2014

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Ce au de spus producătorii:

De ce Acces Timpuriu ?

“Klei was among the first developers to release a game into Early Access with Don't Starve, and the feedback we received helped us to vastly improve the game before launch. We're doing it again with our procedural stealth game, and we know that community feedback is going to be huge to make this game the best it can be. Thanks community!”

Aproximativ cât timp se va afla acest joc în Acces Timpuriu?

“We have a plan to complete our core set of content in early 2015, and we will be adjusting our plan based on feedback.”

Ce diferenţe vor fi între versiunea completă, finală şi cea aflată în Acces Timpuriu?

“The full version will have a lot more content, including: more playable agents, more mission locations, a final boss mission, more upgrades, another corporation, and more enemies for you to die by.”

Care este starea actuală a versiunii aflate în Acces Timpuriu?

“The current version includes 6 playable agents, a whole host of programs and upgrades, 3 corporations, a Story Mode, and an unlockable Endless Mode. Even in Alpha, many fans have played for hours upon hours, so feel free to jump in and let us know what you think!”

Va avea jocul aflat în Acces Timpuriu un preţ diferit faţă de versiunea finală?


Cum doreşti să implici comunitatea în procesul tău de dezvoltare?

“We're continually talking to our community about our game process, and keep them informed of our progress and decisions. Please join the discussion on our forums at
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"Wonderful stuff: tactical, tense, characterful, and confident enough to never depart from the realm of stealth."
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9 decembrie

Early Access Update 8: OPERATION SHERWOOD - Patch Notes

Check this patch out on our forums for some more details and a cool poster!
forum update patch notes

Build 119777

New Features
* Archive build for Banks.
* Triple the number of special events
* New Akuma drone art design
* Cursor change when in an item menu
* Guard interest points will be seen if the guard was visible when they were placed.
* Text scroll sound added to the menus to fill the void while we wait for the new voice-overs.

Balance Changes
* Anatomy Analysis augment now blocks 1 alarm point when guards are killed, not 2.
* Armored Elite Enforcer shows up on difficult locations
* Guards will kick down doors closed in their face
* Hacked non lethal lasers will not trigger negative effects for the player. They will reveal the location of guards when they cross over the beams.
* Ammunition renamed as "Charge Pack".
* Items with cooldown get RECHARGE action. RECHARGE uses a Charge Pack and will reduce the current cooldown by 2 points.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed being able to med gel dragged bodies
* fixed a bug with guard peeking
* Fixed a bug with drag-able track bars in menus
* Drones can't be dart gunned.

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25 noiembrie

Early Access Update 7: Memory Check - Patch Notes

Check this patch out on our forums for some more details and a cool poster!
forum update patch notes

Build 118085

New Features
* Shalem's Archive Loadout
* New Items and programs
* Game over will prompt for rewind, if one is available.
* guards have new idle animations.

Balance Changes
* Wall lasers now activate a daemon instead of causing KO.
* Kill lasers do not permanently kill agents anymore (they can be revived normally)
* Laser emitters short-circuit for a time after being tripped.
* Lasers are now controlled via laser generator units.
* Guard patrol path generation was tweaked.
* Random events can benefit from Skill attributes

Bug Fixes
* Fix possible interrogation crash if the target died.
* Better out-of-range handling for interrogation that behaves more like the CEO mission.
* Fix objective text for the CEO mission.
* Fix with the ordering of UI on the options screen.
* Scripted mission events won't replay unnecessarily when using the rewind feature.
* Fix for Rapier so that it is based on the actual alarm stage.
* Removed the cheat menu for Release builds.
* Fix a bug with dragging bodies when the dragger is KO'd.
* Removed the modal confirmation when cancelling the items dialog.
* Fixed some artefacting when displaying tooltips at certain resolutions.
* Fix for authority daemon not showing a modal notification.
* Fix a potential issue when clicking through screens during their activation transition.
* Mouse-up events will no longer select units if the camera was panned first to prevent inadvertent selections.
* Guards will get an interest at tiles they try to move into, but fail because an agent is there. They will also become alerted.
* Guard look-around will now notice more things.

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“This is wonderful stuff: tactical, tense, characterful, confident enough to never depart from the realm of stealth”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Invisible, Inc does espionage justice”

Early Access Update 8 : OPERATION SHERWOOD - Patch Notes

Update 8 is now live. Check out the notes on our forums for some more details and a cool poster!

Despre acest joc

Invisible, Inc. is a hardcore tactical stealth game. Control elite spies as they infiltrate powerful corporations. Find profit in chaos as you guide your team around the world in search of lucrative contracts.

You are the Operator, and you direct Invisible’s agents in the field. Infiltrate procedurally generated corporate facilities in tense, turn-based missions where every move could be your last. Find profit in chaos as you guide your team around the world in search of lucrative contracts. Infiltrate the corps directly when they are least expecting it, and use the proceeds to upgrade and outfit your agents.

Key Features

  • A new stealth game by the makers of Mark of the Ninja. This game pulls no punches, and each move you make may be your last.
  • Beautiful visuals and animation, created by the award winning team at Klei
  • Randomly Generated Worlds: Each corporation you infiltrate presents a new challenge. Information is power, and no mission is alike.

Cerinţe de sistem

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz Dual Core or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT or greater
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX9.0c compatible sound card and drivers
    • OS: 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Dual-Core)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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Postat: 5 decembrie
Recenzie Early Access
This has several things I usually don't look for in a game -- permadeath, a fiendishly steep learning curve, and procedurally-generated levels that leave a lot of your success or failure (usually the latter) to luck -- but I am finding it so addictive I feel like I'm in that episode of TNG where everyone gets exposed to that new space game and it takes over their brains.

Since it's Early Access, some of the joins are still showing, like the banter that seems a little disconnected (the guy who sells gear has offered me condolences for my loss a number of times when all my agents were alive). More importantly, a game with this many characters should really have more nonwhite faces.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they continue to develop the game and respond to community feedback. Even in its current state, I feel like I've gotten my money's worth of gameplay already. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go look at some trees or something for a while until the afterimages of doorways and dotted character pathways stop playing across the inside of my skull.
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Postat: 28 noiembrie
Recenzie Early Access
Hi guys, this game is pretty good. If you are like me and have played most any squad based tactical turn based game then you will like this a lot. First of all it is from Klei and those guys did Mark Of The Ninja and Don't Starve. I love those.

The graphics are pretty good and the art direction is neat. Sound and such are good as well.

But you play those games for the gameplay and it is quite solid. First the missions and objectives are quite good and this game is more akin to Commandos as you actually try not to kill the bad guys. You are leading a team of spies on espionage missions. You can kill but it is discouraged.

There are quite a few interesting mechanics that I have never seen in this type of game before. There is a fully fleshed out stealth which is a novelty for this type of games in general. There is also hacking which is pretty neat and later on in the game you get a lot of gadgets that make it very tactical how to go about completing the level. And talking about levels they are all procedurely generated which is pretty sweet and gives a lot of replay value. And one of the most novel things about the game is the alarm system. When you start a level an alarm bar starts filling up and different things happen when you get to new levels - more guards, hacks costing more, etc. So this makes it so you cannot take your time and a lot of times you are under pressure - do I go for that room or do I leave.

Overall, I feel that the game offers a lot of cool new mechanics I have not seen before with good graphics and sound, and stellar art direction. And all of it procedurally generated.

The only drawback is that it can get a bit repetitive and since there really isn't a whole lot of story to it (yet) you might find it hard to go for another playthru or mission. I hope they do add more things to do between missions as right now it is just a map screen where you choose where to go next. Also, more variety in the mission tiles will be welcome as well as possibly ways to affect the light sources thru hacks etc.

Overall highly recommended.
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Postat: 30 noiembrie
Recenzie Early Access
Not changing the game does not mean that excellence can't be achieved.
The individual components of "Invisible, Inc." are not new: stealth-based gameplay, resource control, and a gameplay flow of "your turn, their turn". However, the premise, and how elegantly these components come together, is nothing short of art.

As the driving force of a spy organization on its last legs after some unknown infiltration, your last two agents must undertake missions around the world in a last-ditch attempt to regain capital and resources, in the form of bionic augments for your agents, buffs for your UI internet ICE program, Incognita, cool-as-the-other-side-of-the-pillow spytech, and cold hard cash for whatever else comes along.

The squad at Klei seemed to have considered everything, alllowing for your agents to lure the hapless security guards out of position for them to be avoided, subdued, or removed with extreme prejudice, according to your preference as a player. Offsetting this level of care, "Invisible, Inc." is BRUTAL. One mistake, and your agents will be spotted, cornered, and removed from play with one-shot-one-kill nonchalance.

From the art style, reminiscent of Nagel-gone-Tron, to the "let's play it again" gameplay, "Invisible, Inc. is a masterpiece, and is one of those games that infiltrates my thoughts while I'm away from the keyboard. Easily my frontrunner on my personal "Game of the Year" list, "Invisible, Inc." gets my highest recommendation.
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Postat: 20 decembrie
Recenzie Early Access
Invisible, Inc. is a TBS game set in the near future. You are an elite team of stealth operatives. Your goal - get the most money you can. You can choose what kind of enemy bases to infiltrate and can choose to go after advanced technology, additional characters to join your team, programs to upgrade your hacking ablilittes, or a vault to score huge amounts of money. However, the longer the game goes on the harder it gets; you will have to build your team to be able to even escape at the later levels. The levels are procedurally generated, so every level brings a new tactical sitation that you will have to conquer. This procedural engine is very clever though, it will try to screw you over at every turn. This is what makes it fun. Very fun game, even in beta, don't blame you if you wait till full release though. All in all a very good game, highly recommended, belongs in everyones library.
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Postat: 30 noiembrie
Recenzie Early Access
Invisible, Inc. is a game of risk vs reward. Beginning each adventure with only two operatives you have everything to lose, even in the very fist mission. It can take a while finding a play style that works.
However, despite all this, it is very satisfying when you begin to get good at it. Slipping passed guards, cracking safes, and generally having a plan go off without failure feels great. The more things you attempt to pull off, the more can go wrong and Invisible, Inc. challenges you to get better as it ramps up the difficulty considerably as the game continues. This may be my only gripe. As each level is randomly generated to a point, sometimes there can be purely trap rooms between you and your goal (sometimes even straight out of the door) and it makes it impossible to win. You could have planned levels in advance, but other than that, it's impossible to foretell. I think this may have been a mistake on the end of the random generations and may be fixed by the developer, but it's hard to tell sometimes.

Klei Entertainment is a good company and they do listens to what their fans want. They've made a well polished, great looking and sounding game. Invisible, Inc. is both worth putting time into playing, and also watching out for in the future, as each update until release seems to change the gameplay in small but refreshing ways. Two thumbs up.
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Postat: 4 decembrie
Recenzie Early Access
Just got the early access for myself at Thanksgiving. Great game again by Klei (ryhmes w/ Play). If you like chess played on random boards.

You have to think a few moves ahead and .... oh yeah .. your opponent gets a new knight or bishop every four or so turns.

Where in Don't Starve you are always on the edge of panic every second, Invisible lets you worry about your move for minutes on end... contemplating, choosing the best options before you, and then panicking as the corporation makes its turn.. or sighing relief as a gaurd passes an agent in the open.

The art style is cool, inrteresting, and different which seems to be (or what is becoming) a signature of the company.

The game has great potential (Multiplayer, Steam Workshop, or Play by email) beyond already being a pretty darn good turn based game.

Klei will continue to etch its name in the gaming industry pantheon with Invisible, Inc.

Thanks for reading.


This could be a decent platform for E-sport turn-based play, something I think is lacking in the e-sport world. Flex the brain instead of Twitch muscles

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Postat: 17 decembrie
Recenzie Early Access
This game is awesome! Although it is a little bit hard and it certainly has a luck factor involved, I love it! The art is incredible,so is the music! I can't wait to see it when it i done!
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Postat: 2 decembrie
Recenzie Early Access
I'm not a gamer. I like games, but I don't have a lot of time to play them. I also am very picky. I like stealth games that encourage ghosting.
I have been waiting for a game like this for a long time. It is turn based, which I thought was an odd choice, but once you've played it, you'll know that it's the only this game can work.
It heavily emphasizes stealth. I mean, that's really all you can do. You want to shoot people? Play another game. Or go live in Chicago. In this game, avoiding combat keeps you alive. There is an option to pull a gun, but that's the quickest way to have guards come and kill you.
There is some Deus Ex influence to this game. Actually, it's a Deus Ex ripoff. Your agents can be augmented. You sneak into and spy on/loot Nanofabrication facilities. The art style is 40's detective with a little bit of the Jetsons thrown in there.
The soundtrack is cool 60's spy themes with something reminiscent of the first Splinter Cell game in there, too.
So far, what I find just a bit lacking is the story. There is a lot of missions to take on, but it's never really explained WHY you're doing what you're doing. Maybe I haven't played far enough. I only have a couple of hours on the game.
With all the updates that keep coming, though, I think it will flesh out in time.
Overall, love it. I have been looking for this game for a long time. Well done, Klei.
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Postat: 11 decembrie
Recenzie Early Access
Invisible, Inc. is Early Access done right. Kley have already got a working chasis for an amazingly entertaining game, and seem to be making nothing but improvements. While the title itself is rather niche, being a Stealth Rogue-Like with a Cyberpunk setting, it's something worthwhile trying out if either of those things appeal to you.
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Postat: 15 decembrie
Recenzie Early Access
if you like stratagy/stealth games, invisible inc. is the game for you,
a true masterpiece that makes you think out your every move, its very challenging and fun to play for hours with infinite replay value from randomly generated levels each time you play, its a new experience every time.
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Postat: 24 decembrie
Recenzie Early Access
Very nice tactical/stealth game with permadeath and hardcore mission generator. Played through a couple of missions, and I can tell, it wasn't easy at all :-) In terms of gameplay, it feels like a remake of the "Shadow Watch" (that wasn't so cool imo), but with much better and deeper in-game mechanics combined with an attractive cyberpunk-ish setting.
In other words: if you like hardcore tactics, get it as fast as you can.
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Postat: 24 decembrie
Recenzie Early Access
If you are a fan of calculated puzzle solving with a little stealth gameplay sprinkled in, then Inivisible, Inc. is for you. I picked it up because I enjoy the X-COM style turn-based decision making, coupled with great art style from Klei, this is shaping up well. It's a challenging game; even on easy it can be unforgiving. All too often I find my agents essentially too far afield and unable to navigate the room maze back to the elevator. The challenge is what makes this game the most rewarding for me. Looking forward to seeing the final product.
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Postat: 19 august
Recenzie Early Access
Invisible, Inc. is a roguelike, turn-based, strategy stealth game. Moving past the buzzwords, it's a game where you move your units through randomized levels by observing the patterns of enemy movement and then avoiding them on your way to the exit point of the level. If you're lucky, you'll find some items or cash along the way. As you go further in the game, you face more and more dangerous enemies. Eventually you get spotted, die, and have to start again from the beginning. You do that last bit a lot, actually.

I've noticed a lot people assuming that the game is similar to Shadowrun Returns or XCom due to the isometric perspective. It really isn't, and if you go in trying to play it that way you will end up being frustrated. Invisible, Inc. is a stealth game and a roguelike. Combat is difficult and usually not an effective way to deal with enemies. Also, it is a roguelike, to the extent that word still means anything, and you will most likely fail a lot as you learn how to play, and sometimes just because the random number generator screwed you over. How much you enjoy it will depend on your tolerance for that sort of thing.

Also, this being early access, there's always the question of whether the creators are going to actually finish the game. Klei is a pretty well established company at this point, and they previously did a public beta similar to early access with their game Don't Starve. Personally, I think they're trustworthy based on that track record. Not that I'm an expert or anything.
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Postat: 23 august
Recenzie Early Access
As of Update 1:
Invisible Inc is a pretty interesting take on tactical turn-based stealth (yep, stealth) in a setting of corporate espionage somewhere in the future.
Game is rock hard, so if you don't like dying and replaying a lot - this game's not for you.
Unique mechanics like alarm level and hacking in separate cyberspace make gameplay pretty dynamic compared to the XCOM where you can just overwatch all the time.
Randomly generated levels give you practically unlimited replayability (well, at least until you are just bored by the game itself).
Mix in great style, zero bugs (at least I haven't seen any) and Klei's "Next update: X days" counter (same that they had in Don't starve) and you get a pretty damn good game.
Worth every penny even in this state. But again - if you don't like tough turn-based games, do not even bother.

More detailed look in the video:
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Postat: 21 august
Recenzie Early Access
Listen to me, please don't think i'm joking or i'm some kind of fanboy when I say...I Absolutely Love This Game!

Pleae bear with me while I attempt to give me amature review of this game.

First off I should say, this game was made by Klei Entertainment, the makers of some amazing games such as Mark of the Ninja (Literally one of the best stealth games ever) , Don't Starve (Very good and addicting suvival/adventure game) , Shank 1 + 2 (Pretty good 2D brawler) , And Eets + Eets munchiesm (Fun puzzle game).

I've had the game in Alpha way before it came on Steam Early Access (Klei allowed people to buy a super early build of it from their site) and I barely touched it, then I decided to play it again recently, and so far, i've clocked in about 9 hours total, 7.5 of those hours being from me playing the most recent build and i'm enjoying the hell out of it.

But let me get to the main points.

The Story: At the moment there isn't much, you're an agency, and you have 72 hours to complete missions before your final mission, choosing a mission tells you how long it will take to complete, and they're also generated randomly, so you never will know the layout of the map, or play the same old thing, you have to learn each time, also you're building your Agency's reputation each time you complete a map, by looting/collecting data/exploring the map.

- The stealth gameplay: Honestly when i started playing this, like an idiot I skipped the tutorial and got myself demolished, it literally took me hours to even learn how to hack.

But yeah, this game is Stealth based, taking on an enemy head on will get you KILLED, you can stun them for a bit, and even kill them (at the risk of setting of an alarm), or you can avoid combat all together while just hacking, and looting, which brings me to my next point.

- Hacking: It's pretty simple, you press space and go into Igconita mode (Igconita was the original title of the game), and you can see what you can hack, which at the moment are just Cameras, Safes, Power supplies, and a lot of other object which may expose the full map to you, and show where other panels are.

Also hacking takes up "PWR" which is basically power or battery life, but with one of the perks you choose in the beginning they give you two pwr each round.

Alarms: There's an alarm system, with every turn as in after all your characters have moved, the alarm bar will fill up a peg, and the stakes get higher

- First alarm = Cameras are now active, if you're spotted the guards will search the area the camera saw you at, but you can easily hack the cams.

- Second Alarm = It's twice as hard to hack, not too difficult, just instead of using 1 PWR you'll use 2 to hack some things.

- Third Alarm = Another guard will come down to investigate, making it a little tricker to get around.

- Forth alarm and so on = Elite guards with armor who move faster, this patten continues until you either die, or your escape.

This alarm system introduces an excellent risk and reward concept, due to the fact that you can stick around and keep exploring and looking for possible loot or intel, but you'll make it harder for yourself, but you also get a higher score in the end.

....or die trying.

Characters: Deckard is experienced stealth spy, who can cross large areas and move around the map, my favorite really.

Internationale: She's the hacker, she can hack things though walls, which honestly, is pretty usefull.

There's two more characters to unlock, as well as some perks.

Overall it's a 10/10 for me, didn't enjoy it at first, but it REALLY grew on me, looking forward to seeing it grow into something special.

Also online co op would be interesting, i'll update this review as I think of more to say on it.
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Postat: 20 august
Recenzie Early Access
When I bought it and started playing, it was early-access, soon after release. I fell in love with it immediately. The gameplay style is very reminiscent of XCOM Enemy Unknown, with the EU influences most obvious in the Skills UI and movement display. This is most definitely not a bad thing!

Graphical Stuff
How the game presents its information is excellent and intuitive. Arrows show sounds of footsteps, guards' vision is easily understood and the characters are immediately distinct from one another so you can easily tell them apart.

The art is incredibly stylised, with the main character (named Deckard) looking like he just stepped out of a detective noir movie. It's extraordinarily pretty and really a treat.

The only place it falls down is in the level layout. The see-through walls often cloud some information, making movement range a little difficult to determine at times.

Sound Stuff
Excellent. The soundtrack fits the game to a T and the audio-immersion is fantastic. Audio clues and the aforementioned visual clues intermesh wonderfully.

A little iffy. I've found that the game occasionally decides to ignore a button press, but it's not too often.

If you love strategy, turn-based games and stealth and think that combining them all would be tricky but the end result sounds interesting, you should play this game.
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Postat: 19 august
Recenzie Early Access
- XCOM-style isometric turn-based gameplay? Check
- Deep stealth and hacking experience? Check
- Procedurly generated levels that alter gameplay with each mission? Check
- Beautiful art and aesthetics with heavy Archer-esque Cold War influences? Check-a-Roo
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Postat: 20 octombrie
Recenzie Early Access
Invisible, Inc. is a stealth tactical turn based game from Klei Entertainment, notable to me for Don't Starve.

It isn't terribly fleshed out yet, but what is there -- the stealth-focused completely unforgiving rogue gameplay, agent trait management, equipment management, and 'Icognito' mode (the hacking mechanism) -- is really, really fun. Even if they don't add many more features (as I write this, in a week a major 'warez' based update is coming out) it's still a really enjoyable, deep thinking game. It has even taken the place of X-Com for the time being, for those times I want my turn based tactical combat fix.

Another reason it really came to my attention is the hard focus on stealth gameplay -- alot like Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell -- but with a charming, cartoony art style. Your agents will end up being found and mercilessly gunned down as your Central Operator expresses her disappointment in your performance. And then you begin again with a fresh new team, in a fresh new environment (did I mention its PROCEDURALLY GENERATED which is something X-Com was never able to master) to raid, pillage and escape from various corporate facilities.

It's also a game that makes you say "Just one more turn" and staying up far later than intended playing it. If any of what I've said above peaks your interest, it get's a solid Recommend from me.

Try picking it up on sale for insane value, but it's totally worth the $15.99 it is now.
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Postat: 11 noiembrie
Recenzie Early Access
Hello Internet! Today id like to give unto you my review of the game Invisible Inc.

For those who haven't played it yet, or are weighing their options carefully as they peruse the reviews of the game, must be aware. Invisible Inc. is a turn based, stealth, procedurally generated game; somewhat reminiscent of games like X-COM or Wasteland in terms of turn based and team deployment, but with a major focus on stealth and subterfuge. Like X-COM, their is some resource management both in-game and out, but not to the same degree. The game is still not fully done yet and the developers are carefully approaching what their vision of the game should be.

Negatives:(I like to start with these first)
-Very unforgiving of mistakes. Enemies are quick to punish errors with the swift death of your characters. While it is possible to revive fallen units, it is extremely dangerous.

-Balancing. All aspects of the game are undergoing constant tweaks and fixes, that sometimes lead to unfair advantages for both players and enemies.

-Procedurally Generated. No two maps are the same. Certain rooms however will typically have aspects about them that are the same every time(I.e. Holding cell areas always have higher level guards, or robot sentry levels almost always have a random roving eyebot). This by itself is not a negative, but it can be when three or more of these higher difficulty rooms are placed next to eachother, making the player either waste a lot of valuable resources just to find an empty safe room or to enter a bloodbath.

-Most important to mention for positives is the amazing dev team that regularly puts out game changing updates, including any number of new items, characters, revisions, tweaks, updates, etc.; all the while listening to their community.

-Story. While vague so far, the story of Invisible Inc. has been developing more and more with each update; adding new dialogue here, a new description on that item, etc. Once the game is fully created I believe that we shall have a compelling and riveting story for us to play through.

-Art Style. The environments, as well the characters themselves, have a very distinguished and marked style. Cartoonish in appearance but with a gritty realism that punctuates the plot and setting of the game.

-Characters and Leveling. Starting off, you only have access to two characters with which you have full control of in game. All of the current characters within the game are capable of being chosen and played after you have leveled up an arcade-style profile experience level; which increases every time you play the game and complete a campaign run-through. The characters are all dynamically different, both in appearance and capabilities, that allow you to capitalize on certain items, enemies, and strategies that the game has available.

-Interesting Gameplay Mechanics. While most of the game is a turn based, stealth ordeal; you must frequently hack and control electronics that affect events in the players world using an advanced AI, which is essentially a game of resource management. You can get past all of the guards and make it to the loot filled safes scattered around the levels but if you don't carefully conserve the power that your AI uses to hack things for you, you'll be ♥♥♥♥ out of luck.

-Logical Gameplay. Every action must be taken with a myriad of variables to consider. Should you risk sprinting to cover more ground, but possibly alert an unseen guard? Should you purchase more ammo for your characters pistol, or invest in their stealth skill instead? Even something as simple as opening a door must be taken into consideration as you may have no idea whats on the other side. Invisible Inc. gives you the tools with which to complete your goals but it is up to you on how you use them.

-Atmosphere and Setting. "Why are these missions always indoors?" -Shalem. The idea is that you, and a select few others, barely escaped an intelligence agancies form of a coup and you must send agents on missions to gather resources and support against the rising corporate giants around the globe. Set in a (not so far away or unthinkable) dystopian future where corporations seem to have more power than the world governments, you must use fantastic technologies such as implants, lasers, robots and super advanced AI to stop these Corporate menaces. While most of the missions are withing the corporate offices and labs that you are fighting, the game vaguely eludes to you that the rest of the world is none the wiser of whats really going on.

In conclusion, Invisible Inc. is a solid 8.0/10.0 for me, an avid fan of both stealth and turn based games. It is a very cerebral game, paired with the subtle cunning required for a stealth action; making for interesting gameplay. While still not fully developed yet, this game is proving that it's great potential is being realized and capitalized on by their dev team. I have no doubts that this game will one day be a GOTY worthy candidate and will be within the libraries of all the strategy nuts out there(Like me!).

Thank You for taking the time to read this.
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Recenzie Early Access
It's Early Access, but this game is already a winner in my opinion. If EA scares you, look at Klei's track record with 'Don't Starve' and 'Mark of the Ninja'.

Invisible, Inc. is a great combination of stealth, strategy, and tactics. It's proceedurally generated; so the replay value is very good on this title. Most of all it is fun and challenging. I urge you to check this game out.
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