Take control of Invisible's agents in the field and infiltrate the world's most dangerous corporations. Stealth, precision, and teamwork are essential in high-stakes, high-profit missions, where every move may cost an agent their life.
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"A tactical stealth-game with a short campaign that unlocks new content for your next playthrough. Stylish, strategic and worth a try."
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26 серпня

Rhymes With Play! Dev Cast Ep. 52 - Invisible, Inc. Time Attack Challenge

Join our hosts Mark and James tomorrow, August 27th at 3:30 PM PDT on our weekly Twitch Dev Cast where we will be challenging our Invisible, Inc. skills against the game's Time Attack mode.

Global Times:
6:30 ET (East)
5:30 CT (Central)
4:30 MT (Mountain)

Where Is It?
On our official Twitch channel here:

When Is It?
Thursday, August 27th at 3:30 PM PDT. Here's a handy tool to figure out what time that means for you:

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6 серпня

Invisible Inc - Update 11: Fresh Code is now live

Click here to download the full 1920 × 1080 image!

Update 11: Fresh Code 
The update is live! The official update notes are below. There are a few extra items since the post on the weekend.
In order to save the progress of missions in older saves, some of the update features will not apply until after the current mission is complete. Any new mission started after the update will have all the features.
Items marked with a * will apply to missions started before the update.
New Features
  • 2 new starting programs to unlock.
  •  8 new programs to find and buy at server terminals.
  •  Kevin's expanded agent banter added
  •  New versions of the location maps: 
    • new Vault
    • new CEO office
    • new Detention Center
    • new Guard Dispatch
    • new Server Farm
    • new Nanofab Vestibule
    • new Cyberlab (special!)
  • New starting room variations
  • Open single door hotkey - default is F. *
  • Armor icon and stat always visible on guards. *
  • Item requirements always show. *
  • CTRL click for right click on MAC enabled. *
  • Tooltip on guards searched and expertly searched by an agent with Anarchy 5. * 
  • Augment grafter panel improved. *
Balance Changes
  • Felix daemon has been changed. 
  • Cloak Rig III has been changed.
Bug fixes
  • Guards insta killing KO agents when they wake up is fixed.
  • KO resistance will modify all KO effects like shocktaps and flash grenades
  • Fixed blocked peeking in an obscure case. *  
  • Blinking rewind button no longer pauses gameplay. *
  • Time attack mode will now also unlock Expert level achievements. *
  • Holocircuit Overloaders do not make a noise that will alert guards.
  • Modded plastech guard spawn rate bug fixed
  • Endless key card exploit removed
  • Central can now pick up the final mission item ( for when she starts with a full inventory).*
  • Anatomy Analysis will not activate on disabled heart monitors.
  • A Prisoner or Courier can abandon an agent in the field as long as at least one agent has escaped beforehand. *
  • Items killed while parasited will release the parasite.
  • Fusion shows the right tooltips and operates as described.
Hotfix - build 146094

NOTE: the hotfix works like the other fixes. Changes will not apply to missions saved before the hotfix was applied unless they have an *

  • Taurus, Datablast and Oracle interact with Charge correctly.
  • Lightning, Root and Nika tool tips corrected *
  • Program Cooldown will show up more prominently on tooltips at the store *
  • Server farms will not spawn the old Felix.
  • Safe's will not show the steal icon unless there is something for that agent to steal
  • The new Vault will no longer have guards spawn behind the vault door

Hotfix - Build 146665

Note: Items marked with a * will apply to old saves. Other fixes will not apply to old saves until you finish the mission or you choose to regen the mission when loading the save file.

  • Emp spam bug fixed
  • Felix duration bug fixed
  • Repeating programs at the upgrade screen fixed *
  • Guards won't spawn in the new cyberlab vault area
  • Option to regenerate a mission with new version when loading and old version save.*
  • Fixed a bug where augment grafters could generate different augments between rewinds
  • PASSIVE tooltip no longer cut off at shop screen for Charge and Overdrive. *
  • Prism can undisguise behind cover and cameras won't see her.
  • Fixed an error that could generate levels without important rooms (exit, objective)
  • Fixed an error that would create different results when REWIND was used.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Prism to be shot when guards searched through doors.
  • Fixed a bug that caused guards not to reveal disguise when opening doors right onto prism.
  • Fixed reversed buttons on volume controls. *

Hotfix - Build 146742

Note: Items marked with a * will apply to old saves. Other fixes will not apply to old saves until you finish the mission or you choose to regen the mission when loading the save file.

  • Fixed a glitch when Monster's gun spawns a Daemon.
  • Added some more agent banter lines.*

Hotfix - Build 147076
  • Agent string data will localize properly again.

Hotfix - Build 147308
  • Fixed a bug that was failing to load .po files properly in OSX and Linux (for localization).
  • Fixed a bug with the REFRESH LANGUAGES button. It sets the language to what is currently loaded now and you don't need to restart twice to get a new language choice to stick.

Also, Sharp and Prism now have their alternate starting versions like the other agents. Sharp's alt lines up with the other agents as he comes with the standard Neural Disrupter and augment combo. His new augment is similar yet different than his standard one. Prism on the other hand changes the formula up more radically with her Holo Projection Mesh. She doesn't start with a weapon, but this item unique to Prism allows her to put on a guard disguise. As some have suggestion, disguise is a lot like invisibility, but it has it's own brand of perks and drawbacks that make it it's own thing.

DLC News
Previously we had said there would be a small PEIA (Pan Euro Infosec Agency) DLC. It was going be several new agents that Central worked with during her time in that organization. We've been listening to the comments on the forum and on Steam and the overwhelming desire is to see more of the campaign. So we've decided to expand the DLC's scope.
Along with the previously mentioned PEIA agents, this new larger "Contingency Plan" DLC will extend the time of the campaign as well as new programs and gear for the agents and new security for the corps. New guards, Daemons and other complications.
We will also be looking into the possibility of new game modes as well as extending the life of Endless Mode further than day 10. "Contingency Plan" will be coming out in the Fall.

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“You should buy Invisible, Inc. because, like I said, I think it’s the best turn-based strategy game to come out in years. But you should love it because it’s a creative endeavour that offers such rich moments. Just don’t let this sneaking masterpiece slip you by.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“I already gave it a Game of the Year award.”
10/10 – Destructoid

“This is a game anyone who cares for tactics, espionage or just good times on a PC really needs to check out.”
YES – Kotaku

Community supported translations available!

Про цю гру

Take control of Invisible's agents in the field and infiltrate the world's most dangerous corporations. Stealth, precision, and teamwork are essential in high-stakes, high-profit missions, where every move may cost an agent their life.

Klei Entertainment, the independent studio behind the hit games Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve, presents: Invisible, Inc.

Key Features

  • Character selection: Start with any of the 10 unlockable agents in the game, plus 6 agent variants, and 6 starting programs to crack corporate security.
  • Deep customization of builds: each play through is different as you create your own strategy using agents, items, augments and programs, and adapt to your surroundings.
  • Randomly generated world: locations, threats, and loot are randomly generated so each playthrough is vastly different and you’ll never get complacent.
  • Choose your own game mode: with 5 different game modes and extensive custom generation options, each player can play the way they prefer.
  • Fully animated cutscenes and voice over: with hundreds of lines of voice over, great animation, and fully animated cutscenes, we didn’t spare any expense to make an immersive experience.

Вимоги до системи

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz Dual Core or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT or greater
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX9.0c compatible sound card and drivers
    • OS: 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Dual-Core)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 610M or higher, or Radeon 8400 or higher, or Intel HD 4000 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz Dual Core or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 610M or higher, or Radeon 8400 or higher, or Intel HD 4000 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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11.3 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 7 вересня
Зовсім не дивно, що гра номінується на найкращу гру цього року в різних категоріях. Для тих, хто полюбляє жанр покрокової стратегії, і пояснувати нічого не потрібно - обов'язково потрібно спробувати. А ось хто ще не грав у цей жанр... Ця гра стане хітом та класикою щонайменше декількох років.

Мене підштовхнуло зіграти в цю стратегію її незвичний стиль. Це не глобальна або рольова пригодницька покрокова стратегія. Тут немає відкритої битви як на шаховій дошці. Але є приховування дій, керування кожним персонажем(агентом) окремо, в прямому сенсі слова роздумування кожного найменшого кроку та контроль будь-якої дрібниці. Велика стратегія у мікро масштабах. У масштабах людини в кімнаті.

Перше, що впадає у очі, це кольорова ґама та графіка. І виконано це прекрасно. Замість популярного ухилу на реалізм картинки, ви бачите забарвлену в не ріжучі око кольори в чудовому мультиплікаційному стилі. Всю красу такого поєднання можна побачити у вступному відео до кампанії. Сама гра оформлена у високотехнологічному кіберпанку. Хоча одягнуті агенти за поширеною думкою як у класичних фільмах або в описах класичної літератури про шпигунів.

Перед початком гри надається широкий вибір рівнів складності або можливість власного налаштування процесу гри. І вже після цього починається дійство. Перш за все, це унікальна генерація рівнів. Кожен рівень неповторний, кожна кампанія проходиться по-своєму. Саме це є фундаментом процесу гри. А від того неймовірного, неповторного ґеймплею.

Але це лише основа. Забавка просто начинена величезною кількістю високотехнологічних, чудернацьких пристроїв, ґаджетами та відповідно різноманітними перешкодами, проти яких вони вигадані. Декілька видів місій та додаткових завдань: від викрадання грошей до визволення та супроводження ув'язненого агента. Декілька видів ворогів: від неуважних простих охоронців до дронів. А також системи захисту: від простої камери до антихакерських програм-пасток. А ґаджетів у агентів взагалі незліченна кількість. Крім того, можна покращувати їхні особисті характеристики або встановлювати спеціальні модулі у їхнє тіло. Та все-таки головним інструментом агентів є Інкогніта - спеціальна унікальна система для взламування систем захисту та отримання доступу до таємних даних. Інкогніта теж може вдосконалюватися і є незамінним помічником та темою сюжету впродовж всієї гри.

Щодо сюжету, то він теж цікавий. Повністю відповідає стилю, розкриває історію та причини дій агентів “Невидимої корпорації„. Цікаво розповідається про цілі та мету кожної місії. Музичний супровід доповнює і є певним тлом, яке має бути непомітним, в той самий час створювати атмосферу.

Висновок вже простежується у першому реченні. Лишається лише додати, що генерація рівнів дає грі вічне життя, особливо для покрокової стратегії, бо кожен раз все буде по-новому, кожен раз буде захоплююче та цікаво.
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10.1 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 13 травня
It's like XCOM and FTL got drunk and started making out, and then Mark of the Ninja walked in on them, but everyone was cool about it
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7.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 10 липня
All right, so I do recommend the game, but I'll say right away that it's easily not for everyone. In short, if you're expecting a well-pieced together story, you won't find it here, but if you're after a rogue-like turn-based dungeon crawler, then this game will be right up your alley.

The presentation is probably the game's biggest strength. It's put together well in shiny visuals, clean UI, and a fun gameplay concept that takes isometric turn-based combat and makes it stealth-oriented, where you're better off avoiding the enemies rather than engaging in fights. The game is fun, if you enjoy turn-based tactics that let you plan your every ally's move.

The gameplay concept is solid, but some of its execution was a fair bit annoying to me personally. A lot of the challenge presented felt simply artificial and unfair. The raising security level each and every turn forces you to rush each mission. Exploration is simply not rewarded under this system, because the longer you stay on your mission, the more security measures will be added after every few turns, which will eventually put you in a tight spot. I never came across any way for me to freeze or reduce the security level. It's just a rush against time, but on turn-based basis.

I was also not fond of the fact that I couldn't buy any equipment for my party in between missions. The only time I could do it was if I happened to find an automated shop during missions, when I had virtually no money to spend. Of 4 agents I had in my missions, 2 were running about without weapons and just being used to sit on the guards. This brings me to another annoyance. If you don't have a weapon, you have no way to deal with the guards. No idea what sort of agents these are who can't even take out a guard from behind unless they have a tazer. Things start to get more complex when you meet enemies in armour, who are invulnerable to most weapons, and your only chance is to play a cat and mouse game where you're constantly running away.

But, I really did like being able to improve my agents in between missions by upgrading their stats, even if stats themselves did feel a bit unbalanced. Speed felt like the most useful stat by far, since it gave you more action points, with hacking being a close second, since everything requires hacking. But strength and anarchy felt next to useless. Strength only lets you carry more items, and anarchy makes you steal slightly more money from the guards.

And lastly the story, well, it was mostly on the background. The most of it you'll see is in the opening and ending cutscenes. But the rest of the game you're just dungeon-crawling really. It was pretty neat to get to pick which mission to do from a wide selection. It's very non-linear and each mission simply increases your assets - either you rescue an extra agent to add to the team, or you find some new shiny gear to use. Though because of that, it also meant that there were no story-related reasons to do any mission. You could expect the same approach in each one and merely doing as many as you can to pass 72 hours in-game before having to do the final one with what you've got.

I was also hoping there'd be some more character development. All the agents in your team were just mute puppets for you to control. They never showed any personality or had anything to say aside from a witty one-liner at the start of each mission.

Having said this, if you are a dungeon-crawl fanatic and like challenge, you should enjoy this game very much. It has higher difficulty modes, as well as an endless mode too where you have to survive for as long as you can. Overall, it's a worthy game to try and I have had my fair share of fun with it, even though the main campaign is rather on the short side.
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30.2 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 12 травня
This is like XCOM except it won't waste your time with huge maps and long drawn-out firefights across a ravine. It feels a lot more like dancing, as your squad scampers around guards and rooms, trading places / items / roles.

Very emergent qualities to the mechanics too -- you might make some noise to bait a guard outside, and he'll open a door and wander into your melee overwatch ambush... but then he left the door open, which means a hacked turret has line of sight to another guard in that room, and so the turret kills him -- the noise alerts other guards and raises the global alarm level, which shuts down your turret and spawns 2 more guards, etc. Things happen because of things, and almost every situation is avoidable if only you had planned ahead a bit better.

Anyway, this is an exceptionally well-done game. Highly recommended. (DISCLOSURE: I completed the campaign on all 3 base difficulty levels. I didn't pay for my copy of the game. I know one of the developers.)
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53.9 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 12 травня
Nobody does stealth like Klei!

If you enjoyed playing Tenchu: Stealth Assassin on PS1, you need this game.
If you enjoy XCOM (the original or the reboot), you need this game.
If you've ever seen an episode of Mission:Impossible, you need this game.
If you enjoy "Rogue-likes", you need this game.

Invisible, Inc. puts you in a dangerous, near-future, 1984-esque big brother world of mega-corporations gone bad, with nothing to survive on but your wits and the specialized abilities of your hand-picked team of professional spies.

The game plays like a "run and hide" XCOM. The goal here is not to storm the battlements, mow down the guards, and plant a flag over their corpses. You're outnumbered, outgunned, and certain death waits around every blind corner. In true espionage fashion, if your team has to pull their guns, it means you've screwed the pooch, your team is compromised, and now you're in a desperate firefight to sprint to the exit before the corporate army seals off the building.

At the beginning, you pick two team members, whose special abilities will dictate your play style through an increasingly punishing randomly-generated corporate maze. You can bring a sniper, sure! But maybe a computer expert would be less noticeable than gunshots ringing through the halls. Or you can bring a stealthy lockpicker, but then who's going to judo chop the guards when they show up wearing body armor? Along the way, you may have the opportunity to rescue captured agents and increase your team's size. The agents available to be rescued are randomized, creating a different play experience each time.

The graphics and sound create an inviting, futuristic pulp-fiction atmosphere. The music is appropriately dangerous, and fitting to the Mission: Impossible play style. There are a ton of options to make the game easier or harder in whatever way you choose, so you can pick your own challenge level, from a casual romp through a save-scumming corp beatdown to hardcore, ironman, no going back, the-T-1000-is-after-you mode.

Get it. You'll be happy you did.
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