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Nuclear Throne is Vlambeers latest action roguelike-like about mutants fighting their way through a post-apocalyptic world. The radioactive waste in the world allows mutants to get ahead by mutating new limbs on the fly, the abundant availability of powerful weaponry make the quest to become ruler of the Wasteland one frought with peril.
Veröffentlichung: 11 Okt. 2013
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Hinweis: Dieses Early Access-Spiel könnte sich im Entwicklungsverlauf erheblich verändern. Wenn Ihnen das Spiel im aktuellen Zustand nicht gefällt, sollten Sie warten, bis das Spiel einen fortgeschritteneren Entwicklungsstand erreicht hat. Mehr erfahren

Was die Entwickler zu sagen haben:

Wozu Early Access?

“Nuclear Throne was originally created during MOJAM 2013 as a tiny, two day prototype called 'Wasteland Kings'. We never stopped adding little things to the game, even as we moved on to other projects. We had livestreamed development during MOJAM, and decided to continue doing that while we worked on a full version of the game.”

Wie lange wird dieses Spiel den "Early Access"-Status haben?

“The game will be in Early Access until it is done, at which point it'll launch on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Until that point, we release weekly updates (each weekend) and livestream every Tuesday and Thursday frmo 1PM CET to 5PM CET on”

Wie soll sich die Vollversion von der Early Access-Version unterscheiden?

“Nuclear Throne will feature seven full worlds of procedural action, four main bosses, tons of secrets, more than 75 weapons, 10 mutants, dozens of powerful mutations and local multiplayer.”

Was ist der derzeitige Stand der Early Access-Version?

“The game is fully stable and playable, and has new additions made to it every weekend.”

Wird das Spiel während und nach Early Access unterschiedlich viel kosten?

“If you want to wait until the game is done, it'll be available for $11,99 after development is complete. We're not doing any sales or bundles until the game is out of Early Access - we want people that really care about the game to buy and play it now. If you're curious as to how a game like this evolves or grows, now is the time to jump in.”

Wie werden Sie versuchen, die Community in den Entwicklungsprozess mit einzubeziehen?

“We livestream development every Tuesday and Thursday from 1PM CET to 5PM CET, are very active in our forums and upload a new build every single weekend.”

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Kürzliche Updates Alle anzeigen (58)

Update #37 - If you say Balance over and over again it doesn't sound like a word anymore - Week of July 25th

27 Juli 2014

This is an exciting update for us! Not only should it improve Palace a lot, it changes up a lot of damage and ammo values! We suggest quickly checking out the "balancing" list under here, because it's too much to cram into a sentence, and might change the way you build your run quite a bit.
You'll now find brand new, deadly Guardians in the Palace that replace the old Ghost Guardians, will (possibly) reach a way better looking Nuclear Throne, and most importantly: Assassins now stop and wait for a couple of milliseconds before attacking!

This update log is a bit shorter than usual because Rami is typing it from a hotel somewhere in London, after a family birthday and a holiday, while getting ready for gamescom and PAX.

  • A brand new type of Guardian in the Palace, replacing the old Ghost Guardians.
  • A massive update to the art and animations of the Throne!
  • Most significant: Assassins now stop and wait a couple of milliseconds before attacking.

  • Bullet drops contain more ammo.
  • Energy drops contain less ammo.
  • Lightning now deals more damage.
  • Flames now deal slightly more damage.
  • Higher impact damage for the Flame and Lightning Cannon projectiles.
  • Slightly higher impact damage for the Flak Cannon.
  • Stress has been made more effective, now increasing your rate of fire up to 80%!
  • Sharp Teeth now deals double the damage you've taken.
  • Teleporting Guardians no longer reappear as close to the player.
  • Guardians (except for the new ones) now deal less melee damage.

  • Fixed a visual bug that caused some props to shake.
  • Fixed another error caused by turning volume all the way down.
  • You should no longer be able to spawn next to explosive barrels in one of the secret levels.

  • Rebel's Allies are now a source of light in the dark levels.

From the community
We received a fan-game of all things, in the shape of Wasteland Racer, the Nuclear Throne Wiki has an amazing gif animation above the poll this month.

Forum member Solid's Crazy Hedgehog Challenge can be found here (congrats Aruru!), the challenge for this week can be found here.

We're looking forward to seeing how all this balancing plays out! Good luck on your runs!

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Update #36 - The Fire In My Heart - Week of July 18th

20 Juli 2014

My grandmother always used to tell me to take care of myself first, because otherwise you can't care for anything else. We took her advice to heart this week, because we've been working to our maximum ability for an extended time now. Jan Willem went & biked through the Netherlands for a few days, Rami played the Destiny beta and One Must Fall 2097 and the rest of the team similarly worked a bit less this week.

The people that create the coding engine for Nuclear Throne ensured us this build would fix the OSX right-mouse problems, but we didn't have a chance to verify that, so consider that a "maybe". If not, let us know in the forum and we'll see if we can get them to issue a hotfix for us.

That doesn't mean there's nothing for you all to play with, in fact, we've added what we think is one of the coolest looking weapons in Nuclear Throne, along with some fixes.

  • The deadly Flame Cannon!

  • Big Rad Chests now have more HP!

  • Fixed an error caused by Big Dog and Laser Crystal draw code.
  • Y.V. now has his voice back when using Pop Pop or Brrrap!

  • Horror now has a preview image in the menu.
  • Toxic Launcher/Grenades now have their own art!
  • Golden Chests now sparkle!
  • Updated the Throne corpse and death animation.

From the community
This absolutely wonderful piece of fanart came in from Foursnail and a particularly aggressive Chicken from Lance-Arts. We got our first piece of fanfic from Eva, which we hadn't really considered could be a thing. Super happy about that.

Forum Member Solid held the Classic RPG Challenge this week, which was won by Wizard at the last moment. Aruro came in as best newcomer this time around. This week, the challenge is called the Crazy Hedgehog challenge. We can't wait to see what it is.

As always, there were good videos by TenguDrop, who did a pretty cool retro video, Sleepcycles got backstabbed by a lab freak and never really recovered. There are interesting streams happening frequently on the channels of mcswift101 and ToxicShadows. The Wiki-crew added an amazing feature to the Nuclear Throne Wiki, where you can now see streams that are currently live halfway in the right column. Pretty nifty!

Next week
We've all taken a deep breath and are getting back to work. We've got quite some Throne work left, and we want to get started on some seeding stuff somewhere in the future. For now, let's slowly roll back into development and not immediately overstretch ourselves, but suffice to say next week will have a bit more than this week for you.

On the side, we're starting to plan Gamescom and PAX attendence, and we've got good news: we'll be at both in some capacity. Come drop by to say 'hi' and watch the livestreams on the official Twitch channel during the show. We'll keep you up to date.

That's all. Enjoy!

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“It’s a rapid-fire, deliciously crunchy randomized romp starring a cavalcade of characters from Vlambeer’s past.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“A brutal game that rewards patience, situational awareness and mastery of trial and error.”

“The shootiest of shooters.”

Join us on weekly development livestreams and updates!

Nuclear Throne development is livestreamed every Tuesday and Thursday from 1PM CET to 5PM CET on Updates happen every weekend between Friday and Sunday.

Über das Spiel

Nuclear Throne is Vlambeers latest action roguelike-like about mutants fighting their way through a post-apocalyptic world. The radioactive waste in the world allows mutants to get ahead by mutating new limbs on the fly, the abundant availability of powerful weaponry make the quest to become ruler of the Wasteland one frought with peril.

Systemvoraussetzungen (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.2Ghz+
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2Ghz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
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14 Reviews
169.8 Std. insgesamt
Early Access-Review
Ah, Early Access at it's finest. Vlambeer has really outdone themselves with this one. First of all, look at my hours. Do you think I'm gonna recommend this game or not? HELL YEAH I'M GONNA RECOMMEND IT, AND HERE'S WHY!

Nuclear Throne is a tough as nails roguelike-alike top down shooter with fast paced action and simple RPG elements with randomly generated levels. All of the different characters have unique abilities and playstyles, making them more than reskins, These unique abilities allow you to experiment different play styles with different weapons and mutations (perks). The punchy and crunchy sound effects make this game even better!
Here are the characters so far:

• Fish, a Creature from the Black Lagoon look-alike who can dodge roll and obtain more ammo. Last day before retirement.
• Crystal, a literal crystal with more HP and an ability to shield herself in a crystal shield. Family.
• Eyes, a walking ball of eyes who can pull enemies towards him and deflect enemy projectiles. All these thoughts.
• Melting, a sad melting man who only has 2 HP - but can blow up corpses, which can lead to some hilarious hijinks. Everything hurts.
• Plant, a bellsprout with lips who can run around with ease and plant vines to trap enemies and use it as a sense of direction. Kill kill kill.
• Yung Venuz (my fav), a hip-hop Venusian triangular guy who can shoot two bullets at the same time at half the firerate, and has a faster reload time. He's also a g. #verifyvenuz
• Steroids, a beefy meathead who starts packed with ammo and can dual-wield weapons. Time to flex.
• Robot, a cute machine who can find better weapons and eat weapons for ammo or HP. Kill all humans.
• Chicken, a rambo samurai thing who can enter a focus mode. She can also lose her head when she reaches 0 HP and grow her head back when she gets more health. Focus.
• Rebel, a female bandit who can summon ally bandits and shoot projectiles in a circle upon taking damage. A new generation.
• Horror, a sentient blob of rads who can pick from 5 mutations instead of the standard 4. He can also use his rads to create a powerful beam - but you'll lose your rads if you actually hit an enemy, which can mean you'll level up slower. The horror.

Everything about NT is interesting - the character designs, the enemy designs, the level designs, the music, sound effects, and even the lore that's up for interpretation. Another cool thing is that the devs stream development on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they're cool dudes! I'm too shy to talk to them directly, but they're awesome and crazy people you NEED to pay attention to.
This game is just insane, and I love how you can be a Plant or a triangle with a gun. That's just... amazing...
I've been in love with this game ever since the MOJAM prototype "Wasteland Kings," so please Vlambeer... turn this into something AMAZING!
Even if it's not done, I'm pretty sure this will be my Indie Game of the Year.

I'll have to thank:
Jan Willem Nijman, Rami Ismail, Paul Veer, Jukio Kallio, Joonas Turner, and Justin Chan. (and Doseone for the YV voice)
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna play me some Nuclear Throne. #teamvenuz #poppop
Verfasst: 6 Februar 2014
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6 Reviews
8.9 Std. insgesamt
Early Access-Review
If the Binding of Isaac and Borderlands had a child, its name would be Nuclear Throne.

Featuring thousand ways to die, this game is rouge-like to the core.

You choose one of several alien creatures, pick up your trusty gun and start to kick ♥♥♥.

The Weapons range from the basic Revolver over Grenade Launchers and Poison Crossbows to Plasma Rifles!

So, what are you waiting for? The game is worth its price (i got it for 3.5 Keys at r/SteamGameSwap)
Verfasst: 19 Februar 2014
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1 Review
113.7 Std. insgesamt
Early Access-Review
Do you know crunch? I mean, do you truly know the incredibly visceral, powerful and satisfying feedback that is crunch? Now go into Nuclear Throne and smack a maggots nest with a sledgehammer. Go on, I don't mind. Being inanimate text that a person typed and then abandoned, I have no sense of time. It'll be like kicking good vibes across a punch bowl (I'm also hit-and-miss with simile).

Okay, you're back! How was it-- Ohhh, I know that look! Your eyes have the enlightened glint of one who has tried the good stuff, the real deal, the prime reserve. You can't go back, now. Now, you know crunch. The real crunch. This is Nuclear Throne, and it's appeal cannot be simply summed up in a few words. It's referred to as an "action roguelike-like(-like)" because it is difficult to put into a genre. Because it is its own genre. If I were to call it anything, it would probably be "Randomly-Generated Action Crunch with Permadeath", which I am predicting will be a cereal by 2019 (sans permadeath, unless we don't have randomly-generated cereals by then, in which case I WANT to die).

Everything about this game is crunchy. There's a power-up based leveling system (further referred to as they are in game, "mutations"), a charming and variant cast of playable characters, tons of weapons (about 73 as of this writing, but I was just in on a stream where they rather liked my suggestion of adding nunchuks), crazy enemies, b-skins, rule-altering pickups and even local 2-player! And the art and music-- Ohhh, the art and music! The beautiful and detailed pixel art, the energizing (sometimes haunting) tracks and impeccable sound design frankly shocked me. Such character and atmosphere I found myself immersed in!

The game is so easy to pick up, and yet the way you develop your character is incredibly deep. The developers waste none of their time (and consequently, your time) on anything that doesn't feel just awesome. Sure, "Mutation A" doesn't seem very good, at first. But once you learn more about "Characters D and E" and how they synergize splendidly with "Mutation A" when paired with "Mutation G", you get an "Aha" moment! Like a challenging, yet ultimately rewarding puzzle, Nuclear Throne holds a plethora of "Aha" moments for those willing to scratch past the surface and experiment with the MASSIVE number of possible character builds. And you need no mutation to love a samurai chicken! C'mon.

The developers are two guys, who comprise Vlambeer, and four others who handle the art, music and sound. They're the most down-to-earth, approachable and generally cool guys to ever make a game, probably (permission to put that on the back cover = granted). They generally update the game every Saturday with new characters, baddies, weapons, difficulty balancing and bug fixes. They even stream themselves developing said changes every Tuesday and Thursday on their Twitch channel (! And they take feedback like pros! None of this "bleuuu, you don't like my game, banned and deleted" business. They're good people.

Oh, and you'll be dying a lot. I didn't "beat" the game until I had already logged around 100 hours (there's an end-boss, but you loop back to the beginning with higher difficulty upon defeating it), but that didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying every minute up until that point and after! This is a fantasticly addictive game, with a fantastic community and fantastic developers that is already easy to recommend. The fact that it promises to only get better is just gravy!

And yes, I did a "let's play":
Verfasst: 30 Juli 2014
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2 Reviews
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Early Access-Review
Verfasst: 2 Februar 2014
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1 Review
8.5 Std. insgesamt
Early Access-Review
While still under development, Nuclear Throne is a sublime game which will burn your hours. As challenging as it is fun, it harkens to older games. The different characters offer a wide variety of playstyles add to that the randomness of the drops and mutations and you'll get a great replay value. The soundtrack by kozilek is a great addition to this game, creating the adequate atmosphere for a post apocalyptic wasteland shootout.

TL;DR: Vlambeer delivers again
Verfasst: 14 Juli 2014
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2 Reviews
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Early Access-Review
Echt tolles Spiel für zwischendurch!

Ich besitze es nun schon einige Monate und es macht mir immernoch Spaß.
Obwohl es hier eigentlich um ein sehr einfaches Schema geht, Mutanten wegschlachten und nächstes Level betreten.
Doch die Umsetzung mit den ganzen verschiedenen Charaktere, die Unmengen an völlig verschiedenen Waffen und der zufälligen(!) Weltgenerierung hat echt super geklappt und jede Runde ist das Spiel ein wenig anders.
Dabei ist es gerade noch im Early Acess und es gibt oft Updates mit neuen Charakteren, Leveln und Waffen.

Jeder der ein bisschen Gewalt und/oder den Wiederspielfaktor von zufällig-generierten Level mag, wird von diesen Spielen begeistert sein. Auch jeden anderen, der sich gerade ein Casual Game sucht, lege ich dieses SPiel ans Herz! :D

-Der Chesra
Verfasst: 16 Januar 2014
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