Nuclear Throne is Vlambeers latest action roguelike-like about mutants fighting their way through a post-apocalyptic world. The radioactive waste in the world allows mutants to get ahead by mutating new limbs on the fly, the abundant availability of powerful weaponry make the quest to become ruler of the Wasteland one frought with peril.
Потребителки рецензии: Изумително положителни (2,312 рецензии)
Дата на излизане: 11 октомври 2013

Впишете се, за да добавите този артикул към списъка си с желания, последвайте го или отбележите, че не се интересувате от него

Игра в „Ранен достъп“

Получете незабавен достъп до играта и се ангажирайте с нейното развитие.

Забележка: Докато трае разработката на тази игра от „Ранен достъп“, е възможно по нататък тя да се промени или не. Ако не сте въодушевени да я играете в текущото ѝ състояние, тогава ще е по-добре да изчакате. Вижте дали тя ще придобие по-завършен вид. Научете още

Какво имат да кажат разработчиците:

Защо „Ранен достъп“?

“Nuclear Throne was originally created during MOJAM 2013 as a tiny, two day prototype called 'Wasteland Kings'. We never stopped adding little things to the game, even as we moved on to other projects. We had livestreamed development during MOJAM, and decided to continue doing that while we worked on a full version of the game.”

Приблизително колко дълго тази игра ще бъде в „Ранен достъп“?

“The game will be in Early Access until it is done, at which point it'll launch on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Until that point, we release weekly updates (each weekend) and livestream every Tuesday and Thursday frmo 1PM CET to 5PM CET on”

Как ще се различава планираната пълна версия от тази в „Ранен достъп“?

“Nuclear Throne will feature seven full worlds of procedural action, four main bosses, tons of secrets, more than 75 weapons, 10 mutants, dozens of powerful mutations and local multiplayer.”

Какво е текущото състояние на версията в „Ранен достъп“?

“The game is fully stable and playable, and has new additions made to it every weekend.”

Ще има ли разлика в цената на играта по време на „Ранен достъп“ и след това?

“If you want to wait until the game is done, it'll be available for $11,99 after development is complete. We're not doing any sales or bundles until the game is out of Early Access - we want people that really care about the game to buy and play it now. If you're curious as to how a game like this evolves or grows, now is the time to jump in.”

Как се планирате да ангажирате общността в процеса на разработка?

“We livestream development every Tuesday and Thursday from 1PM CET to 5PM CET, are very active in our forums and upload a new build every single weekend.”
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Закупуване на Nuclear Throne


Препоръчано от куратори

"Vlambeer makes fun games that I can play over and over again. Nuclear Throne is an adorably brutal shooter."

Скорошни обновления Всички (102)

24 май

Update #74 - Revival Time! - Weekend of May 22nd

This weeks update art by Joonas Turner

Something is waiting in the dark, far, far away... You can now challenge a new Loop Boss! If you manage to reach the labs, you'll fight a new highly unfinished enemy, but you'll get the idea. To stay with the Labs theme, we've also reworked Necromancers! They'll no longer instagib you, but instead respawn Freaks in a small area after a short delay. Either way, more challenge, and more fun. We've also done some general balancing to be a bit more generous with drops, and have various other cool things in the works! Tune in next week for more Nuclear Throne.

  • Work in progress Labs loop boss.
  • Reworked necromancers.

  • Less HP for Loop Bosses until we get around to giving these a proper treatment.
  • Necromancers now activate faster, but also drop more.
  • Exploding Guardians drop weapons slightly more often.
  • Normal Guardians drop a bit more ammo.
  • Lightning Cannon now uses 1 more Energy.
  • Super Plasma Cannon deals more damage, Plasma Cannon deals less damage.
  • A corpse getting revived now counts as -1 kills for your score, so no Necromancer farming for the daily!
  • Gamma Guts has a bigger blast radius.

  • Fixed a crash related to rockets.

  • No crown is shown when none are equipped.
  • Steroids now shows an extra revolver in the menu.
  • A new tip for Rogue.

Have fun!

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17 май

Update #73 - Shielder shields shield Shielders - Weekend of May 15th

They say "good things come in small amounts". At least we think they say that. It'd be mighty convenient if they say that. It'd fit the update really well if people say that.

In other words : it's been tremendously busy week with events and unexpected travels! Joonas has been cranking out a ton of new weapon sounds, so those've all been implemented! We're also making some progress with the starting weapon art for the loadout screen. Oh, and on one of the days this week, Jan Willem suddenly jolted up and casually strolled to his computer mumbling something about "nerfing shielders". We're not sure what that was about. He wouldn't, would he? It's so funny to watch people die to those.

Since Justin is still a bit too busy for update art, this week's update art is by the always-talented Paul Veer.

  • A ton of new weapon sounds! Blood cannon is probably our favorite.
  • Partially updated starting weapon menu art!

  • We added a small delay before Shielder shields shield Shielders! It's a work in progress, but a step in the right direction.

  • Fixed some problems with the menu character art.

  • Some small updates to the Labs tiles.

After this week we should have a bit more time to get working on some larger content and the rest of the interface again, so that'll be exciting! Have fun!

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“It’s a rapid-fire, deliciously crunchy randomized romp starring a cavalcade of characters from Vlambeer’s past.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“A brutal game that rewards patience, situational awareness and mastery of trial and error.”

“The shootiest of shooters.”

Join us on weekly development livestreams and updates!

Nuclear Throne development is livestreamed every Tuesday and Thursday from 1PM CET to 5PM CET on Updates happen every weekend between Friday and Sunday.

Относно тази игра

Nuclear Throne is Vlambeers latest action roguelike-like about mutants fighting their way through a post-apocalyptic world. The radioactive waste in the world allows mutants to get ahead by mutating new limbs on the fly, the abundant availability of powerful weaponry make the quest to become ruler of the Wasteland one frought with peril.

Системни изисквания

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.2Ghz+
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2Ghz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
Полезни рецензии от клиенти
43 от 46 човека (93%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
1 човек намери тази рецензия за забавна
4.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 2 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
Playtime and Time/money
I don't seem to have a lot of playtime for this game, but I can assure you that I play this game very often when I'm no longer connected to the internet. My playtime aside you may be wondering "Well what kind of value can I get from this game that looks like a bullet hell kind of game?"

A lot.

So first off, the game is endless. That's a big score there, next off is that the game gets harder each time you go through, most of the time getting far too ridiculous by loop 6. So for the most part it lasts a very long time. Recently they've done up the co-op so that it works properly, and while my friends are scrubs and can't handle the game very much I can revive them by picking up health, which makes it playable as a couch co-op game.

I don't know my exact hours on this game, but so far I'd say it has to be in the 40s so 13/40= 0.325/hour+ So for it's value it's really well worth it and still playing itself out.

Exactly what is this game?
Bullet-Hell-rogue-like-top-down-shooter-bit-graphics game with a fair system and an artificial difficulty slide, along with a slew of good unique playable characters, complete with daily challenges/leader boards and Co-op playing.

So now the standard game rating:
  • Story: 3/10 You and your mutant buddies have to go find the nuclear throne, on the journey there you become more and more mutated and then you do stuff like shooting things (spoilers) The story is not the very deep kind.
  • Gameplay: 10/10 I already explained what type of game this is, but it's both satisfying and has a high skill cap to it. You can play it to perfection and at the same time you could get royally ♥♥♥♥ed over or on the other end gifted by the gods at Vlambeer.
  • Presentation: 10/10 Nothing to complain about. At all. the game looks how it should, it plays how it should and it acts how it should. I haven't come across any game breakers be it by immersion or by engine failures. Not only that but its fairly cheap on system use.
  • Soundtrack: 10/10 Memorable, lovable soundtrack. I love it. Plain and simple.
  • Replayability: 10/10 This is the sort of game that you play when you feel like setting a new record, or when you feel like shooting up a bunch of aliens, or when you have a friend over and you want to show them ur skillzzz All of it is worth playing over again.
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49 от 58 човека (84%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
22 човека намериха тази рецензия за забавна
11.2 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 5 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
All you need to know is there's a character that is literally the Illuminati Pyramid who makes airhorn noises when you press B.

If that didn't make you want to buy this game, then I don't know what will.
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17 от 17 човека (100%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
130.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 3 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
I'm reluctant to purchase early access titles due to the rampant abuse of greenlight - you know the story. But with a reputable developer like Vlambeer, who have delivered games that feel like, well, actual games, I was pretty sure I would get my moneys worth. And if I were to stop playing the game now, it still would have made it worth the purchase. Luckily, Vlambeer has been consistently updating the game on an (almost always) weekly basis with new content being added all the time. They take criticism to heart and listen to the players.

The action roguelite gameplay allows for a variety of gameplay styles within the somewhat limited top-down shooter style, but a variety of "Mutations"(that function like perks which alter your statistics, abilities and expands and also limits how you play) which you are given the choice between when you level up can dramatically alter your plans. Even if you decided on a "melee" character, the selection of mutations you are given as you level up might not cater to that playstyle at all, nor might you get the preferred weapons for how you intended to play in the first place, so the game is dynamic and spontaneous in that it can crash your plans and force you to re-consider your strategy throughout your game.

Permadeath keeps you at your toes. You can forget about checkpoints. This is good because modern games are plagued with these and they make your actions have less consequences. Vlambeer brings back the thrill of old school gaming, and the high-risk/high-reward mechanics is something that draws people to roguelites.

Now to the negatives.

There are balancing issues in the game, sometimes game breaking generation parameters that can give you a seemingly impossible spawn. This has been heavily debated on the forums. This is an obvious problem area when you combine a bullet-hell shooter with a randomly generated roguelite, but Vlambeer have taken the criticism to heart and have improved on the generation parameters throughout the game development and continue to do so consistently.

There are also the obvious limitations and confines of the gamemaker engine, which Vlambeer insists on using. The game is locked to 30fps which is downright horrible on the eyes for extended playing sessions. The slideshow effect and clumsiness of this low a framerate is very detrimental to a genre that requires the player to be observant and react quickly. What makes it problematic for gamemaker creators to increase the framerate is that a lot of events are executed per-frame through the step event. This basically means that the devs have to re-write every part of the code that utilizes the step event and change it if the game was to run at, say 60fps. It is a shame that on a dynamic platform like the PC that a game is locked to perform like that.

There are also balancing issues between characters. Vlambeer seem stubborn on keeping some characters underpowered(Fish being the number one example) because they insist on keeping useless active abilities that nobody actually finds useful which becomes ridiculously underpowered in comparison to other characters abilities. At one point, some characters were ridiculously overpowered, like Rebel and Chicken. They were both nerfed, which somehow changed completely the way people play and sort of took away the novelty and personality of said characters. But I must add that criticism like this is aimed at something that takes time to perfect and that there is no one right answer to. You always give some and lose some with such decisions.

To sum it up, I have gotten my moneys worth at least two times over and I intend to also purchase the game again for the PS4 platform, even with the negatives mentioned because the game is still very fun to play.

The game keeps becoming more polished and new features are always added, so I am confident that the game will be great at release. It's just a shame about the framerate. I think it's important to know that a game is locked to 30fps before purchasing.
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12 от 12 човека (100%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
4 човека намериха тази рецензия за забавна
519.0 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 17 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
(scroll down for tl;dr)

I love this game. I love it so much that I have nearly 500 hours into it. I wouldn't so much call this a review, just some (hopefully) objective experiences I personally had for the game I love so much while explaining a bit of the game in general.

Nuclear Throne sports a roster of 12 playable characters, diverse with their own unique passive and active ability. From shielding to bullet-time, to air strikes to rolling, every character offers up a variable play-style each go around. The art for the game suits the game's overall direction and is generally nice to look at. Remember this is still early access: We've had some hilarious placeholder ms-paint stick-figure art that would be redrawn into worthwhile, lovely pixel portraits. You can watch the developer stream to see just how great the art assets become as it's being done live.

Despite its seemingly very simplistic design, the game coddles a sinking depth in terms of mutation selection, weapon diversity and character synergy that overlaps well with one another.

The core component of your journeys in the wasteland. I'd categorize mutations in the following categories:
  • Weaponry - Mutations that give certain weapon types added benefits
  • Utility - Mutations that directly or indirectly buffs your character through various means
  • Survivability - Mutations that increases the players lifespan
Mutations are randomly generated out of a mix of 4 (5 for a specific character) which can provide you with a mixed variety of mutations. Each mutation handles, generally, fairly better or fairly worse for every character and finding a good synergy is key. Aside from the regular mutations, each character that reaches Level 10 (Ultra) gets to choose from 2 (3 for a specific character) Ultra Mutations. These are generally better than regular mutations and, generally, are a power spike to the character.

As of now, there are over 100 weapons in the game, categorized in 6 different weapon types, with multiple subcategories:
  • Bolt - ex. Crossbow (Bolts, Splinters, Seekers, Disc)
  • Bullet - ex. Machinegun (Bullets, Pellets)
  • Energy - ex. Plasma Minigun (Laser, Plasma, Lightning)
  • Explosive - ex. Grenade Launcher (Launchers, Cannons)
  • Melee - ex. Sledgehammer (Non-ammo, Hybrids)
  • Shell - ex. Shotgun (Flaming Pellets, Slugs)
Many weapons perform differently under many circumstances and get better by taking the mutation for the specified weapon. Weapons are tiered and drop according to how far you have progressed in the game. To go into the details of every weapon would be exhausting and I will not do that for the sake of this already wall-of-text-y piece. (but we all know there's only one true energy weapon)

At its core, Nuclear Throne is a rogue-like, twinstick shooter bolstered by the accompanying variants and mechanics the game brings to the table. It's a really fast paced action shooter with split-second decision making keeping you on your feet. Unlike most games with randomly generated variables, you don't totally live and die by the RNG. It does indeed factor into the game and what weapons, mutations, etc you get throughout a run, but usually player skill will often trump in a nerve-wracking circumstance.

Nuclear Throne is a game about trial and error. That is, in order to get better at the game, you will need to lose. A lot. Like I mean it, a LOT. I can recount a fair number of times I have died in situations similar to my 5th hour in the game in my nearly 500 hours of it. Half of your first few hours with the game will be spent looking at your post-death stats screen. That is how often you will be dead. You have to realize and understand how everything went wrong and learn from it.

But that's it for this review, I've spent more time than I originally planned typing this up. I hope something in this post inspires you to try the game out despite it being in early access. It's a game that is really worth the money.


(the less dishonest review)
Lightning Cannon is Jesus
Rami is RNGod
Shielders are bull ♥♥♥♥
Necromancers are bull ♥♥♥♥
Maggots are OP
Multiple gold scorpion spawns is Rami showing dissatisfaction with you living
If you die, Rami was dissatisfied with you living.

100/10 game, would be sodomized backpedaling into an assassin again.
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11 от 12 човека (92%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
3 човека намериха тази рецензия за забавна
107.5 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 1 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
I don't need no friends
I don't need no phone
Just everybody dead
And my nuclear throne

But seriously, this game is perfect, one of the few instances I'd recommend dropping money on an alpha.
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7 от 7 човека (100%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
65.9 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 7 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
Nuclear Throne Review

''One of the best indie games currently available on steam.''


In a world where indie games are becoming an important part of the video game industry, it is hard to find a worthwhile indie gem which gives you a bang for your buck. Search no more. If you are a fan of shooting games, rogue-like games, 2d games or bloody good games, then Vlambeers' Nuclear Throne is the game you need in your library. This top-down shooter is perfectly designed and suitable for alot of type of players. The hard, solid gameplay aswell as the endless replayability of this title will let you stack hours upon hours of fun. On a more personal note, this game is one of my favorites of all time. It is truly unbelievable..

The Good's and The Bad's

The goods
  • Incredible replayability
  • A varied and enjoyable roster of characters
  • Tons of crazy guns
  • Weekly updates
  • Alot of ennemies
  • A huge number of secrets
  • Action-packed fun
  • Local Co-op
  • Very neat design

    The bads
    • Some may find it a little too hard

      Score and closing line

      9.5: Outstanding.

      ''Vlambeers delivers an ambitious indie game that sets a new standard in gaming.''
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9 от 11 човека (82%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
5 човека намериха тази рецензия за забавна
19.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 4 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
you can't even tell the game isn't finished yet because i bet you you'll never get to the nuclear throne
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
8 от 10 човека (80%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
1 човек намери тази рецензия за забавна
66.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 7 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
The greatest sitcom of 2015, featuring a giant fish, living jewelry, some poor guy stuck in the process of changing forms of matter, a guy with lots of eyes, a plant who can somehow run faster than everyone else dispite having no legs, the illuminati, the bronze and brains, a robot cube, the hot rebellion leader you see from all the movies, a weeaboo chicken, a dog made of nuclear waste, and the one whos always getting into trouble that's not yung venuz

join them on their adventures to overcome the wasteland, score some dank memes, and become WASTELAND KINGS

but they have to face sinister villians such as the bandit leader who you can basically kill in one hit, and to prevent this he multiplies, the defender of hell, and DPS/Skill inspecter.

the only bad thing about this series it that it's pretty repetitive (GET IT CUZ LOOPS) and there's a lot of reruns (EHEHEHEH)
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6 от 8 човека (75%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
4.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 27 април
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
-Fast paced
-Very challenging
-Updated almost weekly
-Good character variety
-Satisfying weapons
-Pretty decent soundtrack

There's a lot going for this game and I'm very pleased by it.
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
2 от 2 човека (100%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
1 човек намери тази рецензия за забавна
22.9 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 11 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
This game is totally worth the money and the fact that it is not even done yet is more of a reason to buy it. They have a lot of cool features planned for this game including tons of more characters and even versus modes, The future of this game is bright and I highly recommend it.
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
3 от 4 човека (75%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
4.2 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 5 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
One of the best games I've played, I just have to do a few runs every day.
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
3 от 4 човека (75%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
1 човек намери тази рецензия за забавна
43.1 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 6 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
The only game I actually need on Steam
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4 от 6 човека (67%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
1 човек намери тази рецензия за забавна
18.1 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 8 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
fish can roll
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
1 от 1 човека (100%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
19.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 21 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
This game gets me so pisses me off so much, but its addicting and well made. Nuclear Throne is a game that is not afraid to be extremely punishing.
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
1 от 1 човека (100%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
1 човек намери тази рецензия за забавна
3.6 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 19 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
This game, has it's bugs, and downfalls - but that is expected from an Early Access Game.

When I bought the game, I jumped right in and must have been killed at least 30 - 40 times.
But honestly, I just kept getting back into it.
This game, is honestly so fun, bunch of weapons, cool characters and a great concept.

ONLY downfall i have, is the menu.
but other than that i would give this game..

8.9 lazer pistols out of 10
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1 от 1 човека (100%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
1.0 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 16 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
It's probably the sequel to Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and Fish is maybe Det. Manny Pardo after the blast. That means he was born with thick fish skin. O_o
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
1 от 1 човека (100%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
12.5 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 15 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
If you enjoyed Binding of Isaac this is probably the next best thing.
It's a great casual game as it is, and it's only going to get better considering its still only in early access. There is plenty of random generation to make each run feel unique.
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
1 от 1 човека (100%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
17.7 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 23 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
Nuclear Throne is a fun and creative take on the rogue-like genre that has a fun, but small backstory, and fun gameplay as well as difference between runs. I have enjoyed Nuclear Throne every time I have played it.
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
1 от 1 човека (100%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
11.5 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 22 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
I feel obligated to say SOMETHING, but I can't write a trustworthy review of this game. With any game where I may give my input, I only choose to do so after either beating it, or if it's really long, getting extremely far into it. This game is NOT long, but instead HARD (Though this may only be because I suck, but maybe not), hard enough to stop me from advancing very far into it at all and therefore making a proper review impossible. This does not mean the game is bad however, but I can't say exactly how good it really is until reaching the Nuclear Throne, and I haven't thus far. This is also unlikely to change, because of my in-adaptability to the game's difficulty, which spikes up immensely at the transition level after the first boss. I can consistently get TO this level, but runs sporadically fail after reaching this level, giving me no time to acclimate without playing it many times. If you believe this interests you, by all means play away, but be aware of the difficulty. I cannot continue.
On another note, I am also aware of this game being in an unfinished state, but regardless I feel a need to point out the game's un-intuitive menu. There is little to be had on the pause screen mid-game except off-putting controls that don't use the mouse (Basic menu usability on any PC game), and the start menu doesn't fare much better as there is a way to enter a useless menu part (Crowns cannot be activated even though the menu for them seems to work) and hard to remember (Because it's so different from normal menus) controls for back-stepping out of the options, Crowns, and stats screens.
These missteps are however unlikely (I hope) to make it into the final product as this game's very new and unfinished as I've mentioned before, warranting it a pardon from these technical flaws at least for now. However, while I may check back with it later as I've already bought it, the current frustrating sometimes menus and difficult gameplay are for now enough combined to make me give up on advancing through the game. Nuclear Throne, you've won.
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7.5 изиграни часа
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Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
Awesome, frantic, insane and a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ good soundtrack.
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