Dying Light is an action survival game presented in first-person perspective. The game is set in a vast and dangerous open world. During the day, you roam an urban environment devastated by a mysterious epidemic, scavenging for supplies and crafting weapons to help you defeat the hordes of mindless, flesh-hungry enemies the plague has...
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Data de lançamento: 27 Jan, 2015

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"Incredibly satisfying ground based traversal and excellent sound overcomes rote combat and average writing to make for a game worth playing."

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14 Abril

Dying Light Developer Tools and Steam Workshop [UPDATED]

April 16, 2015 UPDATE:

Small patch for Dying Light has been released, focusing solely on Dying Light Dev Tools and Steam Workshop integration with Dying Light.

Dear Gamers,

Dying Light Developer Tools are finally here! You can go to Steam->Library->Tools right now, download the tools, and start creating and sharing your own Dying Light content. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!

Should you need a helping hand to get started, we prepared a set of video guides to explain the ins and outs of our editor, which you can find here. We also plan to release more in-depth videos in the coming weeks to showcase more advanced capabilities of our tools.

As always, we’re restlessly waiting for your feedback. Our Developer Tools will be regularly expanded with new possibilities and updates, so what you say and what you create do matter to us. If there’s anything particular that you want to see corrected, speak up!

Without further ado, we wish you all never-ending strikes of creativity.

Good Night and Good Luck!

-- Dying Light Dev Team

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10 Abril

Patch 1.5.1 Release Notes

• BTZ: Incorrect spit notifications fixed
• Weapon duplication bug fixed
• Specific achievements fixed

• Various performance improvements

• Windows/Linux cross play username and chat issues fixed
• Quick travel to players in coop fixed
• BTZ: UV block and Horde skills fixed

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Take control of the Night Hunter and begin your hunt for human survivors. As the ultimate zombie predator, you can invade other players’ games and add even more terror to their quest for survival. Kill your prey and develop superhuman skills to become the worst nightmare Harran has ever seen. Experience intense asymmetric multiplayer as the horrifying force behind invasions.

This DLC is available for free

Acerca deste jogo

Dying Light is an action survival game presented in first-person perspective. The game is set in a vast and dangerous open world. During the day, you roam an urban environment devastated by a mysterious epidemic, scavenging for supplies and crafting weapons to help you defeat the hordes of mindless, flesh-hungry enemies the plague has created. At night, the hunter becomes the prey as the infected grow in strength and aggression - but even more lethal are the nocturnal, inhuman predators that leave their hives to feed. You will need to make use of all your skills and any available means to survive till dawn.

Good Night. Good Luck.

  • Welcome to the Quarantine – Experience an original and intense story set in an infected city cut off from the outside world. Only the fittest have any hope of survival.

  • Vast Open World – Dying Light lets you traverse an extensive world plunged into chaos and destruction. In this diverse environment, you fight for survival against many kinds of enemies since the infected are not the only threat: facing down other desperate humans is often the only way to get precious supplies.

  • Night Changes the Rules – In daylight you explore the city searching for supplies and weapons. After nightfall, though, this infected world undergoes a dramatic transformation that gives the gameplay a new dimension. You, a hunter by day, become prey. The infected grow in strength, but something even more sinister looms in the darkness to begin its hunt.

  • Parkour-Style Movement – Whether you hunt or escape the hunters, you can move around the city with ease and speed. Jump between rooftops, climb walls, and attack your foes from above. Dying Light gives players a freedom of movement never seen in open world games before.

  • Brutal, Visceral Combat – Fight face to face using a diverse selection of melee weapons: knives, bats, axes, or more unusual tools of destruction. Strike down your enemies, cut off their limbs, save your own life!

  • Firearms – Powerful but noisy. Use pistols, shotguns, and rifles to gain an advantage over enemies, but remember that gunfire can and will attract unwanted attention.

  • Craft Your Weapons – Why use an ordinary cleaver when you can attach a lighter for burning damage? Or wrap a hammer in electrified barbed wire? Dying Light lets you create your own weapon upgrades and construct increasingly efficient tools of combat.

  • Be the Quarantine Hero – Dying Light features RPG elements that let you develop the protagonist and adjust him to your play style. It’s a long and difficult journey from rookie to badass.

  • Choose Your Play Style – Make use of weapons, your surroundings, and traps set by other survivors. Provoke groups of enemies to attack each other. Complete objectives by day or at night. Take advantage of darkness, fog, and storm to remain unseen. Turn the odds in your favor with offensive and defensive gadgets. It’s always your call!

  • Hours of Gameplay – Discover a thrilling story, complete more than a hundred side-quests, and put your skills to the test in special challenges.

  • Co-op Mode for 4 Players – Cooperate with other players in the extreme conditions of a zombie apocalypse. Show your individuality and customize your character.

  • Be the Zombie – Unique online mode where you play as a zombie. If you ever dreamed of stalking other survivors, now is your chance. Let the hunt begin!

  • Breathtaking Visuals and Realism – Dying Light is the first game based on the Chrome Engine 6 – the latest revolutionary incarnation of Techland’s proprietary technology. Built from the ground up with next-generation consoles and advanced DirectX 11 graphics in mind, it delivers a new level of visual quality, special effects, and dynamic weather conditions, maintaining unparalleled efficiency at the same time.

Requisitos do Sistema

SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows® 7 64-bit / Windows® 8 64-bit / Windows® 8.1 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2500 @3.3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @3.5 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM DDR3
    • Hard Drive: 40 GB free space
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 / AMD Radeon™ HD 6870 (1GB VRAM)
    • DirectX®: Version 11
    • Sound: DirectX® compatible
    • Additional Notes: Laptop versions of graphics cards may work but are NOT officially supported.

      Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, optional controller (Xbox 360 Controller for Windows recommended)
    • OS: Windows® 7 64-bit / Windows® 8 64-bit / Windows® 8.1 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4670K @3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 @4.0 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM DDR3
    • Hard Drive: 40 GB free space
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780 / AMD Radeon™ R9 290 (2GB VRAM)
    • DirectX®: Version 11
    • Sound: DirectX® compatible
    • Additional Notes: Laptop versions of graphics cards may work but are NOT officially supported.

      Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, optional controller (Xbox 360 Controller for Windows recommended)
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04 and newer recommended
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2500 @3.3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @3.5 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM DDR3
    • Hard Drive: 40 GB free space
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 / AMD Radeon™ HD 6870 (1GB VRAM)
    • Additional Notes: JFS and XFS file systems are not supported
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04 and newer recommended
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4670K @3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 @4.0 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM DDR3
    • Hard Drive: 40 GB free space
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780 / AMD Radeon™ R9 290 (2GB VRAM)
    • Additional Notes: JFS and XFS file systems are not supported
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Publicada: 1 Abril
Best zombie game before release Dead Island 2

- More zombies.
- Day / Night zombies.
- Clock system.
- Nice leveling system.
- Parkour and acrobatic abilities.
- Combat system.
- Open world.
- Storyline is fine.
- More missions.
- Great graphics.
- Great skills and items.
- Crafting system.
- Nice co-op with a friends.

Great work. Rate: 10/10.
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Publicada: 4 Abril
This game sold me on the amazing parkour and freerunning; I've never had so much fun running and jumping among rooftops with friends. It is such a rush! Visually its pleasant to the eyes and the combat can be fun later in the game when you learn new physical moves and can create weapons such as the exploding ninja stars. The sound is well done. If you shoot a gun in the city you can hear the stronger "28 Days Later" zombies coming your way from all directions. And let me tell you, once night comes it's no joke. The zombies become real strong and 'volatile' not to mention its tougher to run and jump from building to building because you can't see. I obtained the elixir/potion creation ability early on and it made all the difference at night. One potion allows you to see at night and this makes it easier to play cat and mouse and get more points for surviving the night outside a safehouse. Now to the story. It's nothing special and the ending was dull but trust me the game is so much fun due to the parkour that you won't care. I loved it. 10/10.
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Publicada: 12 Abril
About 55 hours took me to finish that game. And I need to say that was a good time with a great game.
If you haven't played Dead Island:
This is mix of zombie survival horror with parkour simulation and RPG elements like quests and character progression. Is this good mix? It's more than good, it's great! And I need to say that literally all elements of that game work just fine. I haven't experienced any annoying bugs. Graphics and music/sound are excellent. This is absolute great game, you have to try it if you like good games.
If you played Dead Island:
This is very similar game, but improved in every aspect and many new possibilities are added. You will not find any places you can't reach, day/night mode is probably the best I've ever seen. If you liked Dead Island, you will love Dying Light.

This is absolutely must have for all gaming maniacs.
But if you're not gaming maniac, who the hell are you and what are you doing here?
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Publicada: 4 Abril
Faster, harder, smarter. Good game from creators of dead island. I wait good dlc, but now i not sure. But game is good anyway.
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Publicada: 10 Abril
Take all the good aspects of dead island and mirriors edge and put them together with a few extra's and this is what you get
This game in my opinion is amazing
Its really fun and i really enjoyed playing through this game, definitly one oof my favourite games
It has its intense moments, few jumo scares here and there and the graphics are really pretty
The enviroment is also really good (expecially when running night time missions)
i just overall enjoyed every aspect of this game and no its not perfect, it has its bugs and glitches here and there but what game doesnt?
Its a bit slow and kinda simple at the start but once you get further in, ♥♥♥♥ gets real pretty fast
Basically what im saying is this game is definitly worth trying out and im sure you'll agree with me once you get into it
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Publicada: 2 Abril
Dying Light is in many aspects similar to the Dead_Island-Series. But it adds a few very interesting aspekts (Just thinking about the free-running-aspekt or the Differences between Day and Night). In addition to that it offers a fresh, new lokation which offers you many different ways to kill zombies.
Also the grafics have been removed and the Dev-Team worked on the Fighting-tecnincs.
For my taste the weapons still get too fast damage and get destroyed.

Dying Light is a really fast and fresh Zombie-Shooter which includes a few really interesting aspekts.

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Publicada: 8 Abril
Intro & Summary
Somewhere between a fantastic City Sandbox, a fair Survival Game and a good Parkour world. With some forgiveable failures and interesting genre meshes, it's a fun time.

Most people like to call this "Dead Island done right", and I'd agree, but I'd also call it Assassin's Creed done right, and a few others. It takes elements from lots of other games, and doesn't add anything, but enhances them to the point that they fit very well and add to the game.

* The crafting system is basic but good, and gives you a desire to collect.
* The parkour is basic but good, and makes you love running from building to building.
* The tech tree is basic but good, and fits very well.
* The combat, exploration, world are all basic but good.

There are a few, and they're mostly what you'd expect from an AAA title, but they're mild enough, or the rest of the game is good enough, that they're forgiveable.

* The storyline is complete trash.
* The characters are worse. There is no character development, at all and basically no arc or story curve.
* The voice acting is a mixed bag of fairly good and terrible.

Priced at £39.99 at the time of review. Personally I don't think any game is worth this much, but compared to other triple A's its pricetag isn't too inflated. It works out a quarter cheaper if you have friends and use the 4-Pack option. It'll likely go on sale fairly regularly, so wait for a saving of at least 50%, since it's nothing special vs other Sandboxes.
The DLC scheme is a complete joke and offers 2 Quarantine Zones, which were one of the most boring part of the game, and cosmetics. In short, completely ignore the DLC.
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Publicada: 9 Abril
Metacritic 75/100 kiss my ♥♥♥!
This game is something for itself, if you are looking for a good time,then this is your shot. i played 30+Hour's so far and im still inlove, its like im always thinking about playing more of it! i cant tell if im addicted or not! but its a hell of a game!

The story is enjoyable and scary! im the scared type of gamer, i easliy get scared, i was shaking when the night hunter was afterme! i litarly love this game! Btw, get a two handed sword and split the zombies in 2 pieces :D
Like this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421895446

Keep it up dear producers!
i rate this game 9.9/10 <3 0.1 away because a small amount of guns ;) Upboat this so the producers can se it!!
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Publicada: 10 Abril
If you don't like Dead Island odds are you won't like this. To start the graphics are amazing on max and all the performance issues besides AMD ones are fixed. The story is way better than dead island and gets really good at points and really boring and tedious at others, If you like killing zombies and running for your life then get this game.
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Publicada: 11 Abril
Dying light review by Mikha:
First things first. this game is made by the same developers what made the dead island games.
Those games compared to this game. This is basically a improved dead island but with a better and improved combat system and mirrors edge free running.
Dont get me wrong, its not a bad thing because the combat in dead island was clunky. Its still a little clunky but way better now.

The story:
You play as Kyle Crane. A GRA operative who is being dropped in the quarentine zone to get certain files back from a badguy. Later you find out its Rais. Just as I expected the game has its zombie cliches like everybody you start caring about around you sacrificing themselves to save you or so that you can get away. Which I personally hated. As for Rais. He is basically a wannabe Vaas character but way more depressing and kinda boring to be honest. but if you look around those cliches the story is still quite enjoyable as it takes you from the sewers to the highest towers and you can roam around in the open world city of harran filled with zombies. Also the voiceacting is welldone. the only thing that I asked myself is why everybody you meet in the game has some kind of accent which annoyed me a little bit.

The gamplay has basically 2 mechanics. Combat and freerunning. these feel both smooth and I enjoyed just loading up the game to slash and crash trough the zombie hordes. As for the freerunning its pretty well made, smooth, fast, dynamic and fun :)
as we are talking about dynamic anyway, there is a day and night cycle present in the game. At day the zombies are slower and not much of a treath except when they are in large groups.
But at night it all changes. Now you are the hunted instead of the hunter. which is scary but also pretty exciting as you ran across rooftops to escape the volatiles (stronger ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ zombies who are fast as hell). This makes you think twice about fighting them because they are pretty strong.
overall you have a lot of different weapons you can find by looting or killing enemies. The weapons range from Basic baseball bats to Rifles and shotguns.
The shooting mechanic is pretty wel done.
Gameplay: 8.5/10

Co-op and multiplayer:
You should already know this but there is a multiplayermode where one of the players can invade another players game at night to stalk him and kill him. This is called be the zombie.
Its a fun mode but it gets boring fast if you dont play with your friends.
The more fun part is the co-op greatly integreated in the singleplayer mode. Your friends can just jump in and out of the game, you can play the entire campaign together or just have fun doing Running and fighting challanges together.
there are up to 4 slots for the co-op so dont expect suddenly 63 other survivers in your game.

Overall verdict:
I really enjoyed this game and am excited for the content they are going to give us in the future. although the story isnt the best part the gameplay makes up for it. And its fun as hell to play with friends.
I really recommend this if you like a good zombiegame. ( or if you actually liked dead island)
Dont buy it for the story cuz I guess you will come out a bit dissapointed.
I will give this game a 8.7/10

PS: there are some bugs in the game but nothing major or gamebreaking. most being connectivity problems with co-op.
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Publicada: 11 Abril
Dead Cool

Whether their Romero “shamblers” or Dawn of the Dead (2004) “sprinters”, there’s just something cool about zombies which elevates them above all other B-Movie monsters.

They’re human, they used to be us and that thought is as scary as hell.
An Outbreak starts with just one infected but their numbers continue to grow as ours diminish, if we get bitten, we’ll turn ourselves.
It’s such a perfect apocalyptic scenario and one which is happily experiencing a renaissance at the moment.

The Rise of the Zombies

From reality TV shows to block buster movies, Video games to survival manuals, zombie pop culture is everywhere these days and I love it.

I’ve seen all the movies, I’ve watched all the TV shows, I’ve played most of the games, I’m a consumer of all things zombie (although, should the opportunity arise, don’t actually consume a zombie, it’ll only end badly for you.)

Morning has Broken

I’ve also put a lot of thought into what actions I would take should I open my curtains one morning to find the zombie apocalypse taking place on my front lawn.

Amongst all my plans of stockpiling Pot Noodles and keeping a bucket in the attic to poo in, I’ve never considered that being skilled in the art of parkour might be a useful survival trait; at least I hadn’t considered it until very recently when I stumbled upon my latest piece of zombie content to consume.

Apocalypse All Over Again

You remember the first Dead Island game? It was pretty good right? Well the fine folks at Techland have released another tasty undead treat into the world, a stealthy, action, parkour, survival zombie treat in the form of Dying Light.

City of the Dead

In Dying Light the undead plague has emerged, but the powers that be have responded quickly and contained it to a small area, the fictional city of Harran.

Quarantined off from the rest of the world and relying on vital air drops courtesy of the Global Relief Effort, the situation inside the city continues to deteriorate, and if HBO’s The Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t just need to worry about the undead, other groups of survivors can be for more deadly.

This rings true in Dying Light as a gang mentality has gripped the crumbling city of Harran where two prominent groups are vying for supplies whilst struggling to survive the undead, but all is not lost...

Keep Taking the Pills

Whilst there isn’t a cure, there is a medicine (Antizen) that the infected can take which delays the turning, as long as they keep taking Antizen they’ll be ok, however the only source of this medication comes from the supply planes flying relief missions over the city.

Going Down

The game opens with your character preparing to parachute into Harran whilst receiving instructions from his employer over a radio; it seems that there is a survivor in the city that holds some very sensitive information, information which cannot be made public and it’s your job to retrieve it.

You’ll then find yourself falling through the sky towards the infested city, but things don’t start off well at all!

A hard landing and an encounter with the locals (both the alive and dead varieties) later and you’ll be bitten, infected and dragged to the first safe zone of the game. This is where you man hunt truly begins.

Running Man

From this point you’ll be meeting new characters and trying to earn their trust by running missions for them, and I literally mean running, the big thing that sets Dying Light apart from the Dead Island titles is the “Free Running” game mechanic.

You’ll be tearing across roof tops, leaping alleyways and scaling the sides of buildings.

The safest way to stay alive in Harran is to stay off the ground; a casual walk down the street will see you surrounded and overwhelmed by zombies quicker than you can say “Assassins Creed of the Dead”.

Long Jump

In the increasingly crowded zombie gaming genre this parkour style of play is hugely refreshing and better still it is exceptionally well implemented.

With a gamepad in hand, you’ll find the controls are really dialled in, look where you want to go, hit the jump button and there’s a good chance you’ll make it, it’s not only intuitive, it makes you feel like a free running bad ♥♥♥!

Do me a Favour?

The missions themselves are the usual mix of “go there”, “kill that” and “fetch this” quests that we know and love, completion of which will give you the experience you’ll need to level up your various abilities enabling you to hit a little harder and jump a little further, you might even learn some new skills along the way.

Be Crafty

Dying Light also boasts a pretty deep crafting system. You’ll be rummaging through bins and patting down corpses like a perverted Womble looking for the things that every day folk leave behind.
There are plenty of crafting recipes to learn, from Med Kits to Molotov’s there’s a plethora of useful items and weapons just waiting for your crafty hands to bring them into existence.
I can’t overstate how useful a well placed Molotov is when you’re in a tight spot.

Zombie Farm

All zombies are not born equal in Dying Light, the recently infected will move a hell of lot quicker than the common stale variety of zombie you’ll see shambling around.
You’ll discover zombies that spit, zombies that explode, radioactive zombies in hazmat suits, and plenty of others, Hazmat is a dangerous place to explore at any time of day.

The Dead of Night

But at night, that’s when things really become scary. The whole atmosphere of the game changes when night falls, it’s much tenser and you really want to stay out of site, stealthily moving from one secluded spot to another. You really don’t want to attract any attention at night.

There are super fast zombies lurking in the darkness and you’re going to have trouble outrunning them. The pitch dark makes your parkour aerobatics much more difficult to pull off as you rush through the streets, the feeble pool of light from your torch dancing along the landscape in front of you.

Sleep It Off

Being outside at night is a serious business, but you do have the option to sleep through the night in a safe zone if it all becomes a little too much, although some missions will require you to go out at night, there’s no avoiding it completely

Dead Pretty

In addition to the daytime being slightly less stressful, being out in the sunlight gives you a chance to drink in the scenery, the city of Harran can be a visually stunning place to explore.

From the sun bleached rooftops to the ominous darkness of the underpasses, everything about Harran exudes atmosphere, the whole city feels alive, which is no easy feat for a city full of the dead!

Dead End

If the Dead Island games were the warm up act then Dying Light is the main event.
With glossy visuals, satisfying combat mechanics and an outstanding parkour system, Dying Light is a fantastic game and the city of Harran is a beautifully realised setting begging to be explored.

You should take the time to visit, just don't go for the night life, it's dead.

For the full review and others please take the time to visit http://www.review-well.com
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Publicada: 5 Abril
I'd appreciate it if you checked out my blog, where I do reviews, giveaways, and more:

I think we can all agree, 2014 was definitely not the best year for gaming by a long shot. And even though it gave us gems like Alien: Isolation or Shadow of Mordor, it was arguably one of the worst years of gaming ever. Dying Light is the first "major" release of 2015, and I was worried for this game because I thought the 2014 curse would still linger on and affect this game.

Luckily, I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

Now, although I enjoy Dying Light, it has various flaws to the game that doesn't make it the ultimate zombie experience we were all looking for. But that being said, Dying Light is a great game and an awesome way to start 2015, and it makes me think that this year will be much better than 2014.


Probably one of the best things to Dying Light, the graphics look absolutely stunning on PC. Every little bit to the game is detailed. Don't believe me? Check out some of these screenshots I took:


This game continues to wow me with how beautiful the game is and even rivals modded Skyrim. The atmosphere, which may seem to make the game look like a generic 90000000 zombies vs. 1 man is actually a bit dark and depressing. No, it's not anywhere near as bad as say The Last of Us, but it isn't cheery. And when night comes, things get intense quick. You can barely see, which means you'll have to use your flashlight, but then in the shadows a Volatile (a superzombie of sorts) will be watching you and trying to strike you. On my very first night, I was running back to my home base, which was somewhat far away, and my heart was racing when I heard one of those things scream. I didn't bother looking back and I had an adrenaline rush. Luckily, I made it back. But this proves that the nights are hectic, intense, and heart-racing. The graphics and atmosphere to Dying Light are some of the best I've seen in a while, and it was done right.


Dying Light is a bit different from zombie games in the fact that it uses parkour to get around. And this part I was very worried about, because all the parkour games I've played had god awful parkour, not to name any names. And for the first 5-6 hours or so, I thought my fears came true. However, I got adjusted to the controls and it turns out that all of it is silky smooth. The parkour is great, and jumping from one building to another never felt so nerve-racking and exhilarating. The combat is also good in this game. Instead of going in guns blazing, you have to plan your way to get through a horde of zombies. You can sneak past them with firecrackers or some other distraction, take them out from a distance and use molotovs, or maybe you are just that crazy and you want to go in and kill them all (although you probably won't survive to kill three). The game is over the top in some ways, but it still keeps a sense of realism and doesn't ruin the fun. For example, you have combat stamina and your character can get worn out, giving the zombies an edge. Also, guns are extremely rare to find, and I didn't get one until at least 9hrs into the game, and bullets are even rarer. Weapons can break, you can upgrade them, etc. As for the night mode, it is only scripted to change in the earlier missions, but then the time is free and night can come at any moment. The game is difficult to an extent, the other zombie types make the game much more interesting at night, and the list could go on and on and on. My one issue, however, is that once you get your hands on more powerful items, the late game becomes very easy and the experience can be ruined, killing the atmosphere and immersion. But besides that, overall, the gameplay is smooth and it was executed well.


It's pretty obvious that this would be the game's low point. I figured this would have a cheap story, and I was right. A one-dimensional protagonist I can't seem to become interested in, and one-dimensional characters everywhere actually. Jade is the stereotypical heroine, with her "I'm 1000% more badass than you" style, Dr. Zere is all about "saving the world" and doesn't get any further than that, Rais is a brutal leader (you don't say?), must I continue? It's a generic save-the-world plot that I can't get into. However, I will give credit to the story for being depressing, because many people (won't name anyone specific) die left and right. Few zombie games seem to understand that it's no easy feat, and so kudos to the writers for keeping that in mind. I don't want to elaborate any further because I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. Generic story, one dimensional characters, boring protagonist...


The audio is good but nothing to write home about. The zombies actually sound somewhat scary and not silly, so that's something worth noting. The voice actors aren't bad either, but the characters are still one dimensional. I also like the fact that the soundtrack doesn't use guitars to make it seem depressing or heavy metal/electronic mix to make me mistaken this game for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Yes, it has a mostly electronic soundtrack, but it isn't upbeat. It's slow, somewhat soothing, and fits the mood. Not only that, but because the game takes place in Turkey, it adds a few personal touches to make the soundtrack even better.


The replayability seems somewhat good. Co-Op is a blast to play and can bring hours and hours of fun, plus finding all the clever easter eggs can be quite enjoyable. You can also try and get all the god-tier weapons and then kill the most deadly zombies in 1-2 hits with no problem. At this point, this is where the replayability begins to fade. As I stated earlier, once you get all the good stuff, the game becomes too easy and kills any atmosphere or suspense. Not only that, but Be the Zombie mode was one of the key reasons I bought this game and it turned out to be very boring and unbalanced. Playing as the zombie is fun, but the survivors with Survivor Sense already won pretty much and it ruins the stealth and suspense buildup the game mode attempts to offer. The replayability though isn't that bad and I may play a few hours postgame to do a few things.


Dying Light is not the best game I've played in 2015 so far. However, it's still a blast to play and worth the money if you're fine with a few flaws with the game. In the end, I recommend Dying Light to any big zombie gamers out there, and I'd be more than happy to buy this game again and replay it through.

Graphics- 10/10
Gameplay- 8.5/10
Story- 4.0/10
Audio- 7.0/10
Replayability- 6.0/10


+Smooth parkour
+Stunning graphics
+Fun co-op
+Intense night mode
+Keeps a sense of realism

-Be the Zombie mode is boring and unbalanced
-Generic story with one-dimensional characters and boring protagonist
-Late game becomes very easy and ruins all suspense
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Publicada: 27 Março
Epic game, nice multiplayer too, and heartracing if u do the extreme parkour and night run, very recommended night stalker/100

"Good Night, Good Luck"
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Dying Light is a great open-world zombie game by Techland. Let me start by saying that the main story is not good. It had its moments but overall, it's a bad story. Lots of cliches and silly actions made by characters. Approach it with humor and it will be less of a pain. The characters aren't that interesting.

Open world/sandbox gameplay is fun, 2 Huge towns to explore plus, a dozen or so, smaller areas. This isn't Dead Island, there are no cars as of yet but why would you need cars when the game has a great parkour system, similar to Mirror's Edge but with enhancements. It's really easy to get use to it and the areas are well designed. All this makes exploration quite enjoyable. Oh, right - Exploration! There's tons of easter eggs, loot and fun things to see in Haran (the fictional city in which the action takes place)

The combat is really good too, similar to Skyrim and Far Cry 3. There's tons of weapons and weapon types and a great and easy to use upgrade system, allows for a great variety of customisation. You can add various elemental type damages to the weapons, use scavenged materials to create tons of things like throwing knives, consumables etc. Leveling up is also similar to Skyrim.

There are three categories: Agility, Power and Survivor. The more you do a certain action like running and climbing, the more exp you get. Tons of skills to choose from with fun abilities like heads climbing, "flying kick", ram attacks, drop attacks and many more, make murdering hordes of zombies very fun.

I've completed the main story and 90% of side quests, all of which were much more fun and interesting than the main story. It took me over 50 hours and I don't regret anything. I haven't encountered many bugs except one where it caused me to fall through the floor but it was before all the patches so I'm sure it's fixed. Overall, money well spent. I'd give this 9/10 , it's one of my favourite games in 2015 so far. I can't wait for the DLCs (hopefully we'll get some fun things, like racing as shown in the upcoming/possible DLCs teaser).
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After a good 16 hours of gameplay I can say that I quite enjoyed the whole ride so therefore this review about Dying Light.

While I'm not a huge fan of Zombie Games at all, I actually quite dislike them as they tend to be quite repetitive. I must say that I did enjoy Dying Light, with having the open world experience in a good combination of the story mode and the various side missions.

That said let's get into more details regarding the game itself.

The Story

The story was decent, while very linear and pretty expected, it was still pretty lovely to go through. The ending however was quite disappointing however as it just felt a bit too open. I know this was done intentionally so you could still room the map to hack and slash your way through zombies and finish side missions but the story didn't felt right to stop there or at least not the way they did it.

In general it was still pretty enjoyable, however I did enjoy doing the various side missions more than the actual story as they just felt more challenging and not too expected of what you required to do.

All in all the story mode and side missions did gave you plenty to do that for me filled up a good 16 hours of gameplay!

The Gameplay

While I still dislike zombie games I did play a wide variety of them (including various zombie mods) I must say that the overall gameplay of Dying Light was quite to my liking.

On the counterpart of Dead Island which didn't spiked my interest at all, I tried both Dead Island 1 and Riptide but they just weren't to my liking. Perhaps I must give them another try and see how I experience it this time after now playing Dying Light, it's also perhaps good for the upcoming Dead Island 2!

The only main thing that really bothered me was that the weapons you used would break only after like 50 hits, which isn't that realistic. Okay an old rusted pipe might break or so but a brand new katana I do think those can go with you a couple years without bending if used correctly.

That together with the very limited choice of firearms, the only weapons types I found were a handgun, a rifle and a shotgun. The fact that there's a lack of a sniper rifle really bothered me for long range takedowns and the huge lack of silenced addons or weapons in general.

While you can add additional stuff to melee weapons you can't to weapons nor upgrade them in anyway, so it would've been great if you would also be able to upgrade/customize the weapons of adding stuff like: silencers, scopes, extra magazines, less recoil, etc...

That aside I must say that the overall gameplay of Dying Light is very solid and quite fun!

The Quality

I was actually quite surprised by the quality of the game and not that alone but the smoothness and optimisation of it as well.

The textures and models were pretty lovely and together with the great detailed world you play in sure made a great zombie slashing experience.

Various things did bother me like too many models using mirrored textures (like elevator doors, pipes, pillars, etc...).

That if you have a bloody weapon and you into the water or it's heavily raining that the blood is still on it.

The (night) skybox compression that tend to give off all the green artifacts which really did bother me on various occasions.

And the overall model repetition, but that's just nitpicking for an open world game after all.

But in general I was still surprised from the quality of this game, really great quality textures and models and all greatly optimised!


In the end I quite liked Dying Light, while I'm still not a too huge fan of Zombie Games, this game sure gave my some interest to give the Dead Island series and some other Zombie games another try.

In general a great game and for that I give it a solid 9/10!
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Publicada: 24 Março
So you thinking to buy Dying Light? Well here are 7 AWESOME STUFF!! Dying Light has .
-The Story
The Story line is pretty good i was surprised how it ended. there are 14 mission and it took me about 19 hours to finish it (with a little of stuffing around). as far as the story goes i think its a little short but wait for the quests
-The Side Quest
The Side Quests are pretty random as stuff are just too hard or they are too easy. i havent completed them ALL because there is 44 of them!!. the rewards after them can help alot as much harder stuff give more reward and easy one gives you less rewards
-The Combat
The Combat is awesome just can't get enough of it. as if it comes to chopping zombies in half or smashing there heads in its AWESOME! and the one thing i cant get enough of is kicking them off rooftops. Leveling up on strengh was much easy as i think when you get more into the game you get better weapons that will give you more XP.
-The Parkour
The Parkour is just amazing. Just around the time this game came out i was looking for a game with great parkour in it.When i found this game i have never came across a parkour this badass as this one as the leveling up will give you more moves to do and make parkour AWESOME!!. Techland did a great job!
-The Survivor Rank
The Survivor Rank is something you need to level up as it gives you more weapons to find from shops and boxes as they do more damage. this rank is need as you can get the grappleing hook at lvl 12 and its quite useful.
Airdrops spawn at random times mostly near where you are but not most of the time. The Drops you unlock will have a drop that you have to give to the quartermaster and get XP for the Survivor rank. but if you are too slow to the drops Rais thugs will get there.
Locking picking has a couple of type of lockpicking. as these five things is what you will find Very Easy, Easy ,Medium ,Hard. Very Hard. finding the easy ones will get you some items not very much, Medium will give you are reasonable weapon you might sell or keep, Hard will give you something useful that you will mainly use, Very Hard is something you will keep and mainly don't break.

Well Dying Light is a great game i hope this helped you make the choice of buying this game. and i might see you in the community :)
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I've played a massive variety of zombie games (Resident evil, dead island, dead rising, ....) And I got to admit this is one of the better zombie games I played. Story line is awesome, co-op is amazing, got allot of things to do like just go out in the open world and slay zombies or hop from roof to roof.

And also 9/10 for slaying kebab eaters (Just joking pls no haterino)

I would recommend every gamer to get this game and atleast try it out.
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Publicada: 11 Abril
Let me start by saying so worth the 59.99$ if this is on sale BUY IT!!!!!!!!! i insist this game gave me a solid 31.1 hours of gameplay so far i idled a little (LEFT somewere and forgot to shutdown so shave off a good 3 hours of the 31.1) this game has so little cons and so many pros for instance

=zombies are amazing looking and have very good blood effect and also limb separation
=world looks beautiful and or stunning
=parkour is really cool you can run up/jump almost anything
=NPCS (characters) were unique & cool (But Sadly were really weak and died shortly after saving them)
And thats not even all of it
some tiny cons i noticed (Could just be me) sometimes after cutting a limp it rolls around right side up
Be The Zombie (A GameMode) i found wasnt the greatest (Played as zombie twice and got attacked twice didnt like both but thats just me)

OverAll i would give this game a nine out of 10 (9/10) great work

(Rough Write up will be Rewrote later)
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9/10 - Extremely interesting story line and so fluent, Really good job making this game. Only downside is that multiplayer will sometimes glitch out, if that is fixed the game would bea definate 10/10
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I have fun smashing, slicing, stomping, kicking, punching, drop-kicking, slide-tackling, tackling, shooting, burning, gawking, bullying zombiezzzz. It's like a little bit of my sadistic desire have been fufilled. Kicking those female zombies. Smashing them. Feel a bit like hitting those ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s in GTA. Hmm? Of course, I like killing male zombies too. Yeah...

I don't want to and don't need to say much. This game is amazing. I honestly enjoy killing zombies in this game. I'm not that into zombie game. But I really like this one. I spend a lot of time roaming around killing zombies before going onto the main story. Hell yeah!

And for those mother-♥♥♥♥ers that chase your sorry ♥♥♥ at night. Be calm you will be able ♥♥♥♥ them up later on.

Overall, this game is all around satisfying. End of review.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

5 stars - Of course...

What are you waiting for? Go satisfy your sadistic desire. The 'bonk' sound that you get for hitting the zombies' heads are really satisfying, you know. Yes, really. I just keep aiming for the head at first

Still waiting? What are you waiting for? o_0?

Ahh, I see. Waiting for sales. Oh you...
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