Build and Manage A Maximum Security Prison.
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27 de enero

Update 3 released

Prison Architect Update 3 has been released! Here is our video demonstrating the new features:

This month we start with a special demo of the console build of the game, showing off the completely redesigned interface.

Our new features:

Guard Towers + Snipers
You can now build guard towers around your prison for an extra level of security, intimidation, and force.

- New entity type : Snipers
Hired from the staff menu.
These guys will equip themselves with a scoped sniper rifle from the armoury, if you have one.
They will then take turns manning the guard towers you have built.

- Snipers will project 'Suppression' to all prisoners within their line of sight.

- Rules of engagement
When snipers see trouble occuring, they will fire warning shots.
If three warning shots are ignored, they will shoot to kill.
If you have enabled "Freefire" they will always shoot to kill, without warning.
They will also shoot to kill if they see an escaping prisoner already outside the prison secure zone.

Secure Visitation Booths
You can now build secure visitation booths in your visitation room if you choose, instead of the usual tables.
A secure visitation booth has a glass panel that seperates the inmate from the family member, and they use a phone to talk.

- No contraband can be imported through a totally secure visitation room
- However the inmates family needs will not be satisfied nearly as well
- Nb. There must be a complete seperation of visitors and inmates for a room to be considered secure.

Female Names-in-the-game
If you are a Name in the Game customer, you can now update your bio and create a female prisoner if you wish.
Go to to do this.

Mod API updates
Scripted interface buttons now correctly pass click callbacks to the script that created them.
This allows scripts to add interactions to other objects in the game world.

- Dormitories of 40 or more squares will now get their own sector for the purposes of guard deployment and security zoning

New Translations

Bug Fixes
- Fixed: 2x3 Dormitories with a bunkbed will now correctly accept 2 prisoners

- 0010359: [AI & Behaviour] Doctors not treating during Virus Outbreak Event
- 0010445: [AI & Behaviour] Overdosed prisoners put in solitary instead of infirmary
- 0010477: [Gameplay] Intake System brings in wrong amounts of certain levels of prisoners
- 0010333: [Gameplay] Fill to capacity improvement
- 0010438: [Control & User Interface] CI window shows two % signs rather than one
- 0010352: [AI & Behaviour] Nasty change in the priority of the job assignment
- 0010461: [Gameplay] Contraband scan cooldown causing problems
- 0010459: [Control & User Interface] Suspicion percentage is displayed twice
- 0006604: [Control & User Interface] Double billing of reform programs
- 0010437: [AI & Behaviour] Multiple mailrooms do not work
- 0010480: [Gameplay] Intake not calculated properly
- 0008937: [Control & User Interface] Carpentry Apprenticeship
- 0010452: [Gameplay] Dormitories and adjacent rooms counts as one room
- 0010322: [Gameplay] Prisoners not being taken to Dormitories
- 0010298: [Gameplay] 2x3 dorms dont get extra prisoner space
- 0010472: [AI & Behaviour] Opened mail thrown throughout Holding Cell
- 0010453: [AI & Behaviour] Laundry taken from Dormitorys
- 0006883: [Mod System] Allow mods to augment the selected object popup
- 0010367: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners get ReadBook status and freeze in place
- 0010417: [Control & User Interface] Policy screen in female prisons says "HIM"
- 0010471: [AI & Behaviour] Laundry Room uniforms in odd piles
- 0010095: [Performance] One specific prison that has updated across mutiple alphas is experincing 1sec freezing every 10sec
- 0010468: [AI & Behaviour] Shower Drainage Behaviour Issues
- 0010370: [Performance] Extreme low FPS with many idle prisoners.
- 0010348: [Other] Open mails spawning from my inmates

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18 de diciembre de 2015

Update 2 released

Prison Architect Update 2 has been released. Here is our video demonstrating the new features:

Women's Prisons
You can now choose the gender of your prisoners in the "New Prison" screen.
Female prisoners have different needs and behave differently than male prisoners.

- Children : Some female prisoners are mothers of young babies (less than two years old)
and are entitled to look after their baby during their stay in your prison.
This requires some new facilities - often called "MBUs (Mother and Baby Units)"

- Family Cell : A new type of cell for mothers with babies only.
Similar to a normal cell, but also requires a Cot and an integrated Shower.
Nb these cells will never be assigned to female prisoners without babies.

- Nursery : A shared room for all mothers to live in, typically isolated from the rest of the prison.
Mothers will spend much of their time in this room with their babies.
Requires cots and play mats for the babies.

- Mothers will eat their meals in this room, so it also requires a serving table, benches etc.
Your kitchens will be assigned to cook meals for the nurseries as if they were canteens.

Modding API (continued)
- Added world and world cell data variables to the scripting API.
This includes getting the size of the world, time index, etc.
Setting these variables, however, is currently unsupported.

- A new interface scripting API has been included as well.
Mods can now add, remove, and change buttons in the BiographyWindow (shown when you select a non-prisoner object in the world), with callbacks to it's script.

- Modding in escape mode has also been improved by allowing player interaction on scripted objects.
A callback to the script is given when the player is close to an object and interacts with it.

- General performance enhancements, especially to laundry system.

New Translations
Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Thai

Bug Fixes
- Needs.txt not loaded in correct order when using mods
- 0010162: [Gameplay] Surrendering in escape mode causes insane amounts of rep points / surrendering doesn't work
- 0010309: [Control & User Interface] [Prison Architect] Crash when opening confidential informant window

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“Prison Architect chills me to the bone. If played haphazardly it can be a wonderful farce rich with hilarious anecdotes, but played patiently and carefully it’s a horror game, a top-down voyage into the heart of darkness, an eternal raging fire I forever try but can only fail to douse.” RPS

"Prison Architect, to be sure, is an excellent game, worthy of comparison to its canonical inspirations, Dwarf Fortress and Bullfrog Productions’ 1990 construct-and-manage simulations. Few games can hope to match Prison Architect’s emergent storytelling, and fewer still can balance brutality and poignancy like it does." KILLSCREEN

Acerca de este juego

Crea y gestiona una prisión de máxima seguridad.

El reloj se pone en marcha desde el mismo momento que los rayos de sol alumbran los muros de la cárcel de buena mañana. Primero, tendrás que construir un bloque de celdas provisionales para mantener a raya a los futuros reclusos de tu prisión de máxima seguridad. Cuando tus obreros coloquen el último ladrillo del bloque provisional, no habrá respiro, pues tendrás que seguir construyendo bloques de celdas definitivos. Cuando todos los reclusos tengan por fin donde caerse muertos, empieza el juego en sí. Necesitarás un comedor, una enfermería y una conserjería. ¡Y recuerda poner baños y aseos o la cosa se pondrá fea! También sería conveniente incluir un pequeño gimnasio, una zona de aislamiento y una sala de ejecución.

Inspirado en Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress y Theme Hospital y con más de 1 millón de jugadores, Prison Architect es el mejor lugar para pasarse horas y horas encerrado.

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:XP
    • Processor:Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space
    • Processor:2009 era Macbook Pro, Core2 Duo processor
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB HD space
Análisis útiles de usuarios
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Publicado el 7 de octubre de 2015
Análisis de preestreno
¿Where is the spanish?
Portugués de Brasil
Chino simplificado
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Publicado el 6 de octubre de 2015
Quizás lo primero que tenemos que hacer para hablar de este título es definirlo un poco, pues aunque el título es bastante específico, puede inducir a ciertos errores. Está claro que estamos ante un city-builder de prisiones, un juego en el que tendremos que construir nuestra propia prisión pero…¿qué ocurre cuando ya lo tenemos todo listo? ¿Se acaba el juego? ¿Empezamos otra? Nada de eso, el juego es mucho más que un simple constructor de prisiones, puesto que también nos permite gestionarla y organizar cada pequeño detalle de la misma, desde el nivel de alimentación de los presos hasta los castigos que podremos imponerles por cometer ciertas sanciones dentro de la prisión como pillarles con lujos o pelearse.


Desde una fase bastante temprana del desarrollo, el juego incluía una pequeña escena donde teníamos que construir un recinto para alojar una silla eléctrica y ejecutar a un preso condenado a muerte, si, existe esa categoría de preso en el juego. Esto hacía las veces de pequeño tutorial, aunque apenas nos mostraba la realidad del juego, por lo que uno se quedaba muchas veces algo falto de aprendizaje por mucho que las horas de juego sean las que realmente te enseñan a jugar.

Ahora, en la versión final, han incluido una campaña de cinco episodios donde, poco a poco, van enseñando al jugador ciertas mecánicas del juego, aunque obviamente todavía queda mucho que aprender una vez finalizamos dicha campaña. Cada uno de los episodios nos cuenta una historia distinta, aunque unidas por una trama central. Comenzaremos con algo muy similar a lo que había en los inicios del desarrollo, pero continuaremos con algunos líos dentro de la mafia…cosas de prisiones.


Prison Architect es un excelente juego de gestión de prisiones, aunque su aspecto en 2D y diseño relativamente simple podría decir lo contrario. No tiene nada que ver la complejidad de su apartado artístico como la que ocurre en el apartado jugable. Aún así, no creo que pueda decirse que el aspecto del juego no está cuidado, pues tras varias alphas han llegado a tener un hub y un aspecto general bastante agradable para el jugador, así como ordenado para poder jugar mejor.


En definitiva, estamos ante un juego que ha gustado, y seguirá gustando, a todos los seguidores del género de gestión, puesto que Introversion Software ha creado un producto bastante sólido. Desde Areajugones lo recomendamos a todo el que se haya interesado, aunque sea solo un poco, al leer este análisis, pues aunque el precio general es de 20€ en las ofertas suele bajar bastante, llegando incluso hasta los 3€ en las ofertas de verano de Steam. Igualmente esos 20€ merecen la pena, pues solo jugando la campaña, construyendo las primeras prisiones, probando las posibilidades de Steam Workshop y escapando de alguna que otra prisión, ya habrás recuperado la inversión en tiempo de juego.

Este texto es una porción del análisis completo que podéis encontrar en:
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Publicado el 6 de octubre de 2015
I received a low-threat prisoner, so I didn't pay much attention to him.
How wrong I was..

It was a normal, average day. The prisoners were eating their lunch.. then it happened.

He attacked from the shadows.
Prisoner "Leeroy jenkins" viciously started stabbing my guards with his plastic fork. It was 5 against one.
He'll never win, I thought.
He'll never escape, I thought.
He'll never survive, I thought.

I thought wrong.

He managed to start a full-scale riot, him and his army of offenders. They broke all 7 of my steel doors with their bare fists, escaping into the yard. They were almost out. I quickly hired God-knows-how-many dog handlers, in a valiant effort to hold them back until the authorities get here. I managed to keep the tsunami of prisoners back, put the prison on lockdown and finally the armed police got here.

I did it, I stopped the riot.

But then I saw that one particular cell was empty. Then I realized..


54/11 would plastic fork again.
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Publicado el 26 de noviembre de 2015
My first prison,a small relaxed prison with minimal security prisoners. I had 50 minimal security prisoners all living happily inside a single cell block,I had very little problems with these guys,i had them do the laundry for the prison,they were happy,they were nice and they didn't cause any trouble. I built a med security cell block holding 25 prisoners. I gave them a common room,large shower,a workshop and a job in the cleaning cupboard. Day after day in game passed,I grew more relaxed with the prison and less strict with the prisoners. Until one day when a tunnel emerged on the other side of my perimeter fence and 10 med security and 3 minimal security ran to freedom. They had constructed a large tunnel from 13 diffrent cells,each linking together. I hadn't had dogs patrolling in the cells because I didn't see a reason,they were all well behaved up to that point.
I grew angry,I punished the remaining prisoners by removing their free time and common rooms,i patrolled dogs around the cell blocks 24/7. A tunnelling escape would not occur again. That was when a riot occurred,the nice and friendly prisoners were no longer there,one had gotten hold of a lighter and set the prison ablaze,lighting half of the prison on fire and spreading to the administrator section. I sent guard after guard into the prison,but they would not go into the area of the riot,(I was losing the prison) I called riot guards and fire fighters to the area,the riot guards rushed in and were beat down by the med security prisoners,I hadn't called paramedics and the rest of my doctors were dead. The fire fighters tried to extinguish the fire but could not go into the zones,prisoners were rushing out of the burning building and attacking the fire fighters,killing them. They rushed into the administrative section and killed my warden and then ran into a hole in the fence that the fire burned open, All of them escaped. All my staff had died and my prison was worthless now. The game read game over. I sat with my head in my hands,I admitted defeat. I felt a burning of anger hotter than the flames from within my prison. I will rebuild,I will over come. I started a new prison and swore to myself that I will not let it happen again.
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Publicado el 28 de noviembre de 2015
El mejor simulador de crear retretes que he jugado nunca XD.

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