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Voit pelata näitä pelejä viipymättä - jo niiden kehitysvaiheissa.

Huomio: Tämä Early Access -peli saattaa muuttua merkittävästi sen kehityksen aikana. Jos et ole innostunut pelin pelaamisesta sen nykyisessä muodossa, haluat ehkä odottaa, kunnes peli on pidemmälle kehitetty. Lue lisää

Kehittäjien kertomaa:

“Prison Architect is currently in Alpha, which means we haven't finished it yet - it's full of bugs and glitches and you're not going to get a polished experience if you buy it at the moment. What you will get is early access to a bullfrog-style Prison Management Sim that over 250,000 gamers have already thought is worth a look at.

When you buy early access we also guarantee to give you a free copy of the full game once we've finished and you'll also get monthly updates which include new features and bug fixes. But that's not all, you can also pre-order a copy of the PA art book and Soundtrack (like the game, these aren't ready yet, but you'll be the first to get access when they are launched), or buy a pack that includes the whole Introversion back catalogue (we've made some seriously awesome games). Finally, you can immortalise yourself into the game, by naming a prisoner and writing his bio. Everyone that plays PA will see your bio and know that YOU helped to make Prison Architect a reality.

But that's not all, we also want to get your feedback and comments on the game and want you to help us to direct the development process. Tell us what you like and what you don't like and what you want us to work on. We've got a great community of Prison Architect early adopters and we'd love for you to join in - just head over to once you've bought the alpha.”
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Osta Prison Architect Standard

Includes immediate access to the alpha and finished version when ready.

Osta Prison Architect Aficionado

Includes the Standard Edition, PLUS access to the Soundtrack and Artbook when they're finished.

Osta Prison Architect Introversioner

Includes the Standard & Aficionado Editions, PLUS Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON and Multiwinia. Already own one of those titles? Give the Extra Copy to a friend!

Osta Prison Architect Name in Game

Includes the Standard, Aficionado, and Introversioner, PLUS the ability to name a prisoner and write his bio.

Osta Prison Architect Name in Game Upgrade DLC

Upgrade from any other version to gain the ability to name a prisoner and write his bio. Includes the Aficionado, and Introversioner content.

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Prison Architect Alpha 24

29. elokuu

Alpha 24 has been released! Here is our video demonstrating the new features:

Mod System V2
The modding system has been substantially upgraded.

It is now possible to create new versions of just about everything in a mod:
Objects / Entities
Rooms / Zones
Equipment / tools / weapons
Research / Bureaucracy
Emergency Callouts (eg Riot Police)
Reform Programs
Grants (The only area you could add new content previously)
Jobs (eg tend these vegetables)
Needs, and Need Providers (eg "Bladder" is a need, "Toilet" is a need provider)
Production/Work rules (eg Move sheet metal to the workshop, load it into the Saw, cut it into license plates)

Custom graphics can be provided by data/sprites.png. (Please keep your sprites.png as small/compact as possible - so we can load more mods at once). We currently only support a single graphics patch at a time, however we will upgrade this for next alpha

All objects can use an optional LUA script to drive their behaviour

We have created a sample Mod called "The amazing vegetable garden mod", which demonstrates many of the new features. It adds a new Vegetable Patch, in which seeds can be planted. These seeds are tended by prisoners, and eventually grow and can be harvested as vegetables. Those veg are then taken to a (new) Vegetable Preparation Table in the kitchen, where they are chopped into ingredients. Those ingredients are then used for cooking meals within your prison.

Nb more information can be found here:
- Prison Architect Wiki :
- Official Modding Forums :

Confidential Informants
Prisoners can sometimes be hired as Confidential Informants, and will provide insight into illicit activity within your prison. Prisoners *might* be willing to become CIs in exchange for being released from a long stint in Solitary. In addition, suffering Withdrawal symtoms from drug abuse, or suppressed from heavy handed treatment will help convince them. Once recruited, CIs must be "activated" and will be escorted in cuffs to the nearest security office.

They will then reveal their information in the new "Informants" view under "Contraband". They will reveal:
- All contraband owned by prisoners
- All contraband being smuggled in (eg by delivery trucks)
- All arranged throw-ins, ie near the outer walls
- All escape tunnels

Prisoners who have been in your prison for longer will have more information for you.
Each time you activate a CI, or act on their information, suspicion in that CI will increase.
If their suspicion rises too high, their life may be in danger.

Remote Access systems continued
- Servos can now be set to 'Close on trigger', which means they will close their door when triggered instead of opening it.
- Power Switches can now be turned on and off by an incoming wire connection
- New object : Pressure pad. Activates when stepped on
- New object : Status light. Lights up when activated
- Rendering speed of all wires increased
- Performance of logic gates much increased (helps with large circuits)
- Wires are now rendered only when an object is selected, or "All Wires" is selected in the Utilities menu.

- Contraband thrown over walls is now less likely (minimum distance between throws now 15, previously 10)

- Historical Contraband now pruned to 7 days maximum.
This hugely reduces memory requirements and save game file size, and will also help performance in very long running maps.

- Theft of spoons and forks from the Canteen was becoming excessive. The canteen is no longer a source of spoons or forks.

- When multiple objects are in a single square, you can now cycle between them by pressing TAB

- Fixed : Broken materials will now be dumped, so they can no longer block things from working.
Eg 'Broken' uniforms are never used, but also never replaced

- Cleaning Cupboard rooms now require the Cleaning research to be completed

- Trees now arrive in packs of 10 (saplings in plant pots), ready for planting (instead of one tree in a single crate)

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Prison Architect Alpha 23 Released

31. heinäkuu

Alpha 23 has been released!

Remote Access systems
You can now build a number of interconnected systems and servos in your prison, to automate access through locked doors.
These new objects are unlocked via 'Remote Access' in the beauracracy screen, and available in the Utilities menu.
All of these systems can be connected together using the 'Connect' tool in the Utilities menu.

- Door Servo : Attaches to an existing door. Can be triggered electrically to open the door.

- Door Control System : Operated by a guard in a security room. Allows guards to open doors remotely.
The system is connected to servos via the new 'Connect' tool in the utilities menu.
Note: The operator can open a maximum of two doors per second, so don't overload a single system with too many servos.
Note: If a Door Control System becomes broken, ALL connected doors will spring open.

- Door Timer : Another way to control doors automatically, based on time of day. Click on the door timer to access its schedule.
All connected doors will be opened when the schedule says they should be.

- Remote Door : A strong metal door that cannot be opened with Jail Keys. You must connect this door up with a Door Servo
and control it remotely somehow.

Cctv overhall
The old cctv system has been replaced, using the new Connection mechanics developed for Remote Access Systems.
Cctv Monitors must now be connected to cameras using the 'Connect' tool.
A single Cctv Monitor must now be operated by one Guard, and a Guard can only operate one monitor at a time.
A Monitor can be connected to as many cameras as you wish, but has only eight screens.
If you connect it to more than eight cameras, the monitor will cycle through them, giving only partial coverage.

Two new objects have been added purely as an experiment, and are not required for any normal prison.
These objects can be used to build advanced electrical circuits.

- Logic Circuit : A boolean logic gate with X inputs and 1 output.
Available operations : And / Or / Not / Nand / Nor / Xor
Right click on the circuit to cycle the operation.

- Logic Bridge : Can be used to send a signal via Electrical Cable (normally used to power your prison)
Place the Logic Bridge over a cell containing Electrical cable, and that entire cable will have the same signal value.
Any Logic Circuit sitting on the same Electrical Cable will receive the signal as one of its inputs.
This is specifically useful for transmitting a common signal around your circuit - eg a Clock signal,
without requiring thousands of seperate wires.

Contraband Smuggling continued

- Contraband can now be smuggled in via materials in a Delivery Truck. Anything brought in via Delivery Trucks can be used.
Eg Food ingredients, metal sheets for the workshop, prisoner uniforms, construction materials etc.
Dogs will detect narcotics in these items, and metal detectors will spot metal items.
Guards can now search these items on request.
Once brought into the prison, the contraband will remain in its material until a nearby prisoner picks it up.
Note: The types of contraband smuggled in this way will be determined by the Supply and Demand within the prison.

- Contraband can now be thrown in over the external walls.
Prisoners 'arrange' this when phoning home, or when talking to their visitors in Visitation.
They will arrange to go to a pre-determined place at a certain time, and collect a specific item.
The item chosen will be based on the needs of that prisoner.
If there are guards near the collection point, the contraband will not be thrown in.
The maximum throw range is 10 squares, and cannot happen in sectors marked as 'Staff Only' as prisoners cannot get there.

- Intoxication is now a type of Misconduct, and is 'detected' when a Guard searches a prisoner. He will notice they are high/drunk.
You can now set the punishment for Intoxication in the Policy table.
Being caught Intoxicated automatically refers the prisoner to the relevent 'Rehab' program, if it exists.

- Utilities mode now filters the display based on what you are building, to give a clearer view.
Only relevent objects and connections will be shown depending on the mode - Electrical, Pipes, Circuit wiring.

- Fences are no longer free (YOU try getting hundreds of metres of fences for free)

- You can now expand and contract the Todo list to free up screen space

- More info has been added to the tooltips in the Build Toolbar

- Kitchen Sinks now require a water pipe connection

- The 'Day X' timer in the top toolbar now shows the total 'Real Time' played on this prison

- Fixed a subtle bug in the audio system that caused audio corruption sometimes - buzzing, popping, clicking

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“Prison Architect chills me to the bone. If played haphazardly it can be a wonderful farce rich with hilarious anecdotes, but played patiently and carefully it’s a horror game, a top-down voyage into the heart of darkness, an eternal raging fire I forever try but can only fail to douse.”

Steam Workshop

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Build and Manage A Maximum Security Prison.

Prison Architect is the world's latest Prison Management Sim. Starting with an empty plot of land you must construct a holding cell with basic water and electricity to house your first batch of prisoners, to buy you enough time to create a proper cell block. You'll need to hire some guards, get some showers built and unless the kitchen is up and running with chefs working away you're going to end up with a riot on your hands. From there you take your prison in which-ever direction you like. A monsterous super-max or comfortable center for rehabilitation, the choice is up to you.

Prison Architect is currently in Alpha which means that the game is playable, but still in development. Not all features are implemented yet and there are many bugs that may affect gameplay. We are currently releasing monthly updated builds which include new features and bug fixes. By buying the alpha you will automatically be gifted a free copy of the full game when it's finished.

Järjestelmävaatimukset (PC)

    • OS:XP
    • Processor:Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space

Järjestelmävaatimukset (MAC)

    • Processor:2009 era Macbook Pro, Core2 Duo processor
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space

Järjestelmävaatimukset (Linux)

    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB HD space
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20/21 (95%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
545 tuotetta tällä tilillä.
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Early Access -arvostelu
Rauhoittukaa, sellinne on valmiina tuota pikaa!

Vaikka näin aikaisessa kehitysvaiheessa olevaa peliä onkin yleensä hieman hankala arvioida, niin päätin kuitenkin antaa siunaukseni hyvin ansaitulle työlle. Prison Architect oli omasta mielestäni kuvien perusteella hieman keskinkertainen, ylhäältä kuvattu, perus tönkkö simulaattori, jossa komentelet poliiseja pitämään rikolliset ruodussa. Päätin kuitenkin antaa pelille mahdollisuuden sen tullessa tarjoukseen, ja on muuten ostos jota en kadu, harmittaa vain ettei aiemmin kaikkien ennakkoluulojen ja epäilysten vuoksi tullut tätä hankittua.

Mennään itse peliin! Peli alkaa melko hienosti toteutetulla, jokseenkin dramaattisella ja hienosti esiin tuodulla avauskentällä, jonka tarkoituksena on antaa pelaajalle sitä esikosketusta tämän simun mekaniikkaan. Ottaen huomioon sen, että pelaajan ohjeistus alkuun tällaisissa simulaattoreissa on yleensä... no, sitä ei ole... tekee Prison Architect jopa loistavaa työtä pelin saamiseksi käyntiin!

Tehtäviä peliin ei ainakaan vielä varsinaisesti ole tullut. Yksinkertaisesti mutta ei todellakaan vähäisesti, aloitat pelin tyhjältä tontilta, johon letka kuorma-autoja kaasuttaa pohjoisesta, mukanaan työmiehiä ja tuntuva määrä tykötarpeita oman pienen kommuunin pystytykseen! Kuten oletettua, alkuun annetut varat ja resurssit tuskin riittävät edes sen pienen vastaanottovankilan rakennuskustannuksiin, jolloin esiin astuvat objektiivit! Nämä pienet ja katalasti piilotetut plakaatit toimivat oppaanasi ja ennenkaikkea rahoittajanasi! Saat aimo tukun tuohta jo hyväksyessäsi objektiivin, jonka jälkeen, suoritettuasi annetut vaateet, palkitaan sinut vielä lopullisella palkkiosummalla.

Ensimmäiset vangit ryntäävät sisään jo hyvin varhain, ellet sulje vankien vastaanottoa valikosta. Vartiosto ohjaa nuo inhat kriminaalit niin kutsuttuun putkaan, jonka tarkoituksena on pidellä piruja lukkojen takana kunnes työmiehesi lopettavat kahvittelun ja viimeistelevät sellejä jokaiselle yksilölle. Tappeluhan siitä syntyy, jos vankien omia sellejä ei valmistella hyvissä ajoin, ellei sitten tarjoa kaikille putkassa parveileville omaa vuodetta, väsymys yllyttää pienemmätkin rikolliset käsikähmään henkilöstösi, tai vaikkapa toisien vankien kanssa. Materia ei myöskään aina säästy osumalta, tapahtuipa kerrankin että ruokaillessaan herra Taposta Tuomittu paiskoi puoli ruokalaa remonttiin, ja siitähän jo valmiiksi kiireelliset työmieheni pitivät!

Joskus näiden ahkerien työmiesten sormi kuitenkin ajautuu suuhun. Kuten oletettua, tämän kehitysvaiheen läpi käyvällä pelillä tuppaa olemaan ongelma jos toinenkin, vaikkakin itse hämmästelen sen rajoittuvan ainakin omalla kohdallani vain tähän paikoitellen erittäin heikkoon tekoälyyn. Toisinaan ovia rakennetaan seinien päälle (Kappas, oven takanahan on tiiliseinä!), toimistopöytää ei voida asettaa, koska oikealla seinällä on jokin maaginen este, tai sitten työmiehesi vain jäi rakentamaansa seinään kädestään kiinni... Tämä ärsyttää, etenkin silloin kun ne vähäiset vanginvartijat joille palkkaa maksat, viettävät aikaansa sen yhden vangin selliin siirtämiseen... Vaikka se jo onkin siellä sellissä, ja ovi on kiinni, ja kaikki on kunnossa.

Lopullinen tuomioni pelille tulee sen valmistuttua, mutta näin alustavasti, suosittelen tarttumaan tilaisuuteen! Jos kyseessä olisi tavallinen 50 euron titteli, kehottaisin harkitsemaan, mutta näin edullista ja samalla tekemistä ja viih♥♥♥♥ttä tarjoavaa pakettia ei liian usein tule vastaan, korkeat suositukset!
Julkaistu 4. toukokuu.
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596/636 (94%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
719 tuotetta tällä tilillä.
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26.5 tuntia pelattu
Early Access -arvostelu
This "game" ruined my perception of the human soul. Let me explain. I had a prison going, a real human rights violation if ever there was one. 300 high-violence inmates crammed into a single holding cell like animals. They had 10 beds to share among them. Two (working) toilets. Three showerheads. Constant shakedown searches, armed and k9 guards every twenty feet. A 25 square foot exercise yard where they were forced to spend most of their days crammed together like sardines. At lunch time, most of them didn't even get to eat. They were hungry, smelly, and angry. But they never rioted. They kept to themselves and just walked around all day complaining.

So I sold the prison. And I built another one. This was a utopia. Most of the offenders were normal risk. I had adequate housing, food, staff, showers. It was clean. Every cell had a TV. Most of their day was spent in free time. I had GED classes for them, substance abuse programs. And THAT wasn't good enough for them. It all started with one inmate. "Fish" was his nickname. He goes to his alcoholics class and within a matter of minutes, he beats the therapist to death right in front of the other inmates! What a jerk. The other inmates must have become stricken with terror because as I'm locking the guy in the hole, another inmate stabs a new arrival to death right in front of a guard. The new arrival hadn't even been booked into processing yet and there he is bleeding out on the shower room floor! As the guards are dealing with stabby mcstabberson, two more inmates start tearing the beds out of the walls in their cells so they catch beatdowns from the guards too.

At that point, the other prisoners decide they want no part of any of that and go off to their cells. The murderers / violent offenders spend 48 hours in solitary.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this game is awesome, especially considering it's Early Access.
Julkaistu 13. kesäkuu.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
7/9 (78%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
16 tuotetta tällä tilillä.
1 arvostelu
14.9 tuntia pelattu
Early Access -arvostelu
Peliä on todella miellyttävä pelata.

+ Vankilaa suunnitellessa mielikuvituksesi on vain rajana.
+ Tekoäly on yllättävänkin realistinen.
+ Tukee modeja.
+ Runsas valikoima erilaisia objekteja ja työntekijöitä.

Suosittelen peliä ihmisille, jotka haluavat päästää luovuudensa valloilleen.
Julkaistu 4. toukokuu.
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1/1 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
72 tuotetta tällä tilillä.
7 arvostelua
79.0 tuntia pelattu
Early Access -arvostelu
Never think how it feel to control your own prison?
Believe me... You need try it yourself...
Julkaistu 1. elokuu.
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3/6 (50%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
9 tuotetta tällä tilillä.
2 arvostelua
0.5 tuntia pelattu
Early Access -arvostelu
This is the best Prison management sim there ever was
Julkaistu 2. toukokuu.
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