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Update 6 released - and brand new games from us

Prison Architect Update 6 has been released! And we have brand new game prototypes to show you.


Introducing 'Scanner Sombre' and 'Wrong Wire'

Skip forward to 22 minutes into the video, to see us demonstrate two of our (potentially) upcoming games. These are prototypes we have been developing in secret until now, and will form the basis of whatever comes next after Prison Architect. Please keep in mind that whilst we intend to continue supporting Prison Architect with updates for a very long time, we also intend to make new games, just as we have always done.

We are interested in your thoughts on the new games. Please go here to vote on your favourite:


= Seasons and Weather
- The game will now move through the seasons, with the outdoor temperature varying based on the time of year.
- Various weather patterns can occur during the game, varying based on the current season.
- Overcast
- Rain
- Torrential rain (Special event, rare)
- Snow and frost
- Heatwave (special event, rare)

- Prisoners needs will be affected by the weather when they are outdoors. Getting rained on will spike their
comfort, clothing and warmth needs.

- Prisoners left outside in extremely cold conditions (for example in an outdoor solitary confinement cage)
can now die of exposure.

- Weather is DISABLED by default in all prisons, and can be enabled when creating a new map.
Alternatively, use the new "Map Settings" screen in the Extras menu.

= Map Settings
You can now adjust the settings of your prison from a new screen called "Map Settings", found in the Extras menu.
This screen lets you enable certain options that may not have been enabled (or even available) when you first created the map.
Nb. You can enable these options, but you cannot disable them once enabled.

Available options:
- Enable Gangs
- Enable Events
- Enable Weather

= Job Prioritisation
- You can now mark any job as a high priority. Simple hold control and either
left click or left drag a selection to mark jobs. Available workers (who aren't
already on a high priority job) will stop what they are doing and be assigned
to the high priority job.

- If no workers are available, high priority jobs will take precedence when the
workers become available. A small icon in the lower right of a visible job shows
if it is marked as a high priority job.

- You can remove the high priority marking on jobs by holding control and either
right clicking or dragging a selection.

- Hovering over an in progress job will now highlight the entity working on it,
showing a red line leading to the worker responsible for the job.

- Pressing F while highlighting an in progress job will cause the camera to follow
the working entity and keep the highlight active.

= Performance Work (continued)
Further performance gains were made this month through several different approaches to optimisation.

- More systems moved to overlap with Render().
- Optimisations to the visible object list builder.
- Singly linked lists mostly replaced with arrays (FastList).
- Avoid copying of containers where possible.
- NeedSystem optimised.

= Bug Fixes
Temperature and lightmap system corruption bug fixed.

- 0010618: [Gameplay] Temperature next to fire is in the negatives
- 0010625: [Gameplay] Temperature drops instantly even in areas that should be producing heat

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Update 5c - Hot water pipe tweaks

Having read the feedback, we think that we made the hot water pipes too fiddly for many players by requiring every shower head to be wired up to warm water to avert a riot of frigid prisoners.

We've now changed the system so that a hot shower is an optional luxury and gives a benefit to prisoners' well-being if you feel generous enough to provide it.

- If a shower head is connected to hot water, this will benefit prisoner's warmth and comfort needs. Cold showers no longer cause frigid effect.
- Hot water range increased.
- Hot water makes sinks work faster.

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“《监狱建筑师》让玩家可以轻松、高效地多方面管理监狱生活,甚至可以预先为现有问题系统建立替代系统。” ——小宅网(Kotaku)


“《监狱建筑师》令我毛骨悚然。如果我随意玩玩,它会是一场滑稽可笑的欢喜闹剧,但如果我耐心、认真地玩,它会是一场恐怖游戏,一次跌入黑暗深渊的梦魇之旅,一团我不断尝试却始终无法浇灭的永恒烈焰。” ——RPS



建造并管理一座最高防备监狱。 当清晨的阳光洒落在这片美丽的郊野之地,时钟开始发出滴答滴答的声音。 你得抓紧时间努力建造拘留室,因为成批的最高防备囚犯正被黄色大巴车运送到你将建成的监狱。 当你的工人砌好拘留室的最后一块砖,你不能让他们有片刻休息,因为他们需要立刻开始建造第一间合适的牢房,来关押你即将接管的囚犯。 一旦工人都有了各自休息的地方,有趣的事才真正开始。你将需要建造食堂、医务室和保安室,噢,别忘了还要建厕所,否则将脏乱不堪。不过,要不要建一个锻炼场?或者单人禁闭室?或者死囚室?



Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:XP
    • Processor:Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space
    • Processor:2009 era Macbook Pro, Core2 Duo processor
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB HD space
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因为本人在UNSW读的大学专业就是城市规划和建筑设计, 强烈建议大家都不要选这个专业,让它自生自灭算了。 对这类游戏都有莫名好感,所以这个游戏在early access的时候就入了,那时还是夏季特惠4.99刀。玩完之后果断决定给好评了。推荐点如下:





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游戏性不是单纯的 造房子,这个游戏很多元化,要管理好一个监狱真的很难,众口难调,监狱的人很多,犯人会有各种奇葩要求,犯人身上也会莫明多出奇怪的东西,所以要定时搜身,这样就够啦吗?食堂要大,不然就会有犯人饿肚子,水管不能太大,不然就从马桶跑啦QWQ,到后面还要建立教堂,娱乐室,还要请老师上课,医生看病,还要设置定时巡逻,尼玛这不是管理犯人,这尼玛是伺候大爷,排子真多,还挑三拣四。就不给你们弄,所以我的监狱三天一次暴动,警察都死啦2队人了QWQ
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My first prison,a small relaxed prison with minimal security prisoners. I had 50 minimal security prisoners all living happily inside a single cell block,I had very little problems with these guys,i had them do the laundry for the prison,they were happy,they were nice and they didn't cause any trouble. I built a med security cell block holding 25 prisoners. I gave them a common room,large shower,a workshop and a job in the cleaning cupboard. Day after day in game passed,I grew more relaxed with the prison and less strict with the prisoners. Until one day when a tunnel emerged on the other side of my perimeter fence and 10 med security and 3 minimal security ran to freedom. They had constructed a large tunnel from 13 diffrent cells,each linking together. I hadn't had dogs patrolling in the cells because I didn't see a reason,they were all well behaved up to that point.
I grew angry,I punished the remaining prisoners by removing their free time and common rooms,i patrolled dogs around the cell blocks 24/7. A tunnelling escape would not occur again. That was when a riot occurred,the nice and friendly prisoners were no longer there,one had gotten hold of a lighter and set the prison ablaze,lighting half of the prison on fire and spreading to the administrator section. I sent guard after guard into the prison,but they would not go into the area of the riot,(I was losing the prison) I called riot guards and fire fighters to the area,the riot guards rushed in and were beat down by the med security prisoners,I hadn't called paramedics and the rest of my doctors were dead. The fire fighters tried to extinguish the fire but could not go into the zones,prisoners were rushing out of the burning building and attacking the fire fighters,killing them. They rushed into the administrative section and killed my warden and then ran into a hole in the fence that the fire burned open, All of them escaped. All my staff had died and my prison was worthless now. The game read game over. I sat with my head in my hands,I admitted defeat. I felt a burning of anger hotter than the flames from within my prison. I will rebuild,I will over come. I started a new prison and swore to myself that I will not let it happen again.
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