Heroes & Generals is a free-to-play MMOFPS where Germany, United States and Soviet Union fight for victory in one grand online war. You fight and make friends as a team, and no matter if you play as Infantry, Tank crew, Fighter pilot, Paratrooper, Recon, or General you make a difference in the war.
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27 de Outubro

Five tips to gain credits

When in battle, every action you perform will earn you credits. However, there are a few cases which stand out and may earn you just that little extra to purchase that new weapon you want.

1: Improve your rank – improve your salary
One of the most important income of credits for your soldier is the Soldier’s Salary. The salary can be earned by just playing the game. It’s calculated on your active time in a battle. And the higher your rank, the higher your salary! The salary for a rank zero soldier is 8000 credits per hour of active gametime, where as a rank 17 soldier will earn you 18.500 credits per hour.

2: Capturing wins you the game and credits
Capturing is not only a key element for victory, it’s also a great credit income. Especially the objectives will earn you a good amount of credits when you capture them. So grab your vehicle and keep moving to the next Control Points to gain credits and victory.

3: Benefit from a Veteran Membership
Veteran Membership has many benefits, including a +25% credit bonus. This can make a significant difference to your paycheck at the end of each battle. It also makes you earn more experience, so you can obtain a higher rank faster.

4: Make smart career choices
There are many career options, but not all of them may earn you as much credits. Keep in mind that the infantry soldier is always the primary role in Heroes & Generals. It’s also the most versatile role and ensures plenty ways to earn yourself some credits.

5: Kill the tanks
Tanks are surely powerful, and killing them will earn you a nice credit bonus. Be careful using anti-tank equipment such as the bazooka or throwables. Anti-tank equipment is very expensive. Each control point has (free) panzerfausts in it, which you can use to hit the tanks. Anti-tank mines also provide a cheap solution to get rid of tanks, but a tank might spot them or take a different route to avoid your mines.

Quick Extra Tips
  • If you squad with other players who have a Veteran Membership you will earn a small bonus. Each player in a squad with veteran membership provides a +5% bonus for you, up to +20%.
  • The more powerful your weapon, the more expensive it becomes. An AVS, Stg or M1/M2 Carbine will cost more to maintain than your standard starter weapon
  • The battle report shows you exactly how much credits you earned, and the notifications show you how much you spent.

This is part of a series of blogposts focusing on tips and tricks for playing Heroes & Generals and getting the most out of your gaming experience. The series will feature content for both newcomers and veterans alike.

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24 de Outubro

Meet the Developers – Reto.Circinus

You are already devoted to the game and know every bit of it? Now we think it is time that you get to know the team a little better and this is why from now on, we will present you one of our Developers every week. With all the funny, interesting and unexpected bits about each of us.

What’s the story of the tag?
Circinus is a nickname I picked at my previous job, it stands for Compass in Latin and is also a small constellation.

What is your position and what does that mean?
Community Manager, so I do a lot of work around the Community. I primarily manage all the forum moderators, collect feedback on the official forum and the steam forums. Next to that I advise Reto.Goonstah on various Information Security matters.

What was the best thing to work on so far?
Hard to tell, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of quite a few projects in the past and present. Recently I have started working on a project to revise our chat system, which I think is an interesting change and is fun to work at. I also find the public TeamSpeak meetings I have done very interesting (as well as exhausting) and fun to do.

What are you excited about in the future?
There’s so many things I’m looking forward to, but I am in particular excited for the update to the strategy game, which will make it a lot more challenging and interesting to play on the War Map.

What did you do before Reto?
I have worked at a different game before, Runes of Magic, a MMORPG developed by Runewaker and published by Frogster Online Gaming (and later Gameforge). I worked as a Moderator and Quality Assurance there.

What is the best thing about working at Reto?
Without a doubt, the colleagues. The working atmosphere is incredibly comfortable and everyone is very open to discussions about things.

What is your favourite thing about H&G?
What attracted me the most to H&G was the bicycles… I am Dutch after all 😉

What are your hobbies?
I love playing this game! I am also a volunteer at scouting, where I am closely involved to ensure the building and the materials remain in good shape, and I am leading girls from the age of 11-15. I also am a good singer, which I regularly proof on my clan’s teamspeak. Ask them about it 😉

Favourite Games/Games that inspired you to have a career in games?
I’d say America’s Army was one of the games which truly got me passionate about games. It was not until Runes of Magic however, that I decided that working in the gaming industry was actually an option that even turned out to be so much fun.

What’s your favourite film
I am a true film and series lover. I watch everything, from drama to war and romance to thrillers. I’d say ‘Gladiator’ is probably one of my favorite movies of all times, but there’s many more on that list and many series like Dragon Ball, How I Met Your Mother and others …

Random Fun Fact about you
When I went live on the Devstream, pretty much my entire family was watching the stream just to watch me talk about a game they don’t understand.

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Steam Greenlight

Acerca deste jogo

Heroes & Generals is the ultimate WW2 game – a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter set in WW2, where Germany, the United States and the Soviet Union fight for victory in one grand persistent online war fought by players across the world.

No matter if you play as Infantry, Tank crew, Fighter pilot, Paratrooper, Recon, or as a General taking strategic decisions – everything you do makes a difference in the war.

There is a great variety of authentic weapons and vehicles accessible in the game such as the effective US M1A1 Thompson submachine gun, the legendary German Panzer V Ausf G. ‘Panther’ tank, the excellent Soviet Yak-9B fighter plane, and even a bicycle! The arsenal is constantly growing as updates for the game are released regularly.

In Heroes & Generals your team always has your back. Every single player makes a difference, but you win, lose and make friends as a team. With a growing and welcoming community and a focus on teamplay, Heroes & Generals wants to bring players together and have them make friends from all around the globe.

Make a Difference – Fight for Friends!

Requisitos do Sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows 7, 8 or 10
    • Processador: 2GHz CPU w. SSE3 instruction set- dual-core
    • Memória: 3 GB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: ATI HD 4810/NVIDIA 9600 GT or above (with >512mb RAM)
    • DirectX: Versão 11
    • Rede: Ligação à Internet de banda larga
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 2 GB de espaço livre
    • Placa de som: DirectX compatible
    • Sistema Operativo: Windows 7, 8 or 10
    • Processador: Intel i5 processor or higher / AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
    • Memória: 4 GB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 series or higher / AMD HD 6870 or higher
    • DirectX: Versão 11
    • Rede: Ligação à Internet de banda larga
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 3 GB de espaço livre
    • Placa de som: DirectX compatible
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Publicada: 24 de Outubro
game is dead no players
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Publicada: 11 de Julho de 2014
Ainda em beta e promete imenso.

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Publicada: 15 de Junho
A cada atualização que ocorre no H&G ficamos na esperança de que o jogo melhore, porém o jogo regride cada vez mais. O jogo ta em um "BETA ETERNO", suas atualizaçãos sao poucas e quando lançam a atualização "tão esperada" acaba estragando cada vez mais, mudando drasticamente sua jogabilidade e consequentemente perdendo seus players. Quando o jogo foi aceito na Greenlight, a espectativa foi grande pois a comunidade achava que seria ouvida pelos Devs, porém estão cagando para nós... Se eles não querem a opinião dos players não faz sentido o jogo estar hospedado na Steam, além disso o jogo só esta aqui graças a nós.
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Publicada: 30 de Julho de 2014
Jogo brutal lembrando a segunda guerra mundial, cada batalha conta pra guerra jogadores entederam.
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Publicada: 21 de Agosto de 2014
Até agora estou a gostar...vamos ver como fica no final.
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Publicada: 12 de Março
Excelente jogo que retoma à 2ª Guerra Mundial.

Cenários bem definidos e ambiente gráfico. A física está bem conseguida no movimento das personagens e veículos. O realismo das armas está muito bom. O lobby de procura de batalha está bem pensado, pois só temos acesso a determinadas batalhas conforme vamos subindo de rank.

As personagens poderiam ter alguma distinção pelo rank que temos. O tempo das batalhas deveria ser maior.
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Publicada: 16 de Setembro
> Be me
> Spawn as an american infantry soldier, to make 'murica great again
> Die on the way to the first waypoint
> Spawn again after "Waiting for 3 teammates to fall"
> Die again
> The deathcam shows where the killer is, but I quite frankly see absolutely nobody there
> Dense camouflage is dense
> The match is over, cuz I joined it at the very end
> Join other match
> Spawn as an american recon, cuz 'murica
> Die trying to get into a good sniping / observing position
> Spawn again, wow, this time I spawned after like 5 seconds
> Grab a bike and go to the hot spot riding merrily
> No living soul for a looong distance
> Killed by a Luchs driving down the road I was riding my bike
> Third time's a charm, spawn as a recon
> Let's do this
> Someone's shooting at me, zomg
> Where are the shots coming from?
> Prone to safety
> Someone's horning at me, must be offering me a ride?
> Nah, a Kubelwagen Typ 82 (German jeep) runs over me
> Let's try that infantry soldier again...
> One-shot killed by a shot to the knee from a pistol apparently named "U mad bro?"
> #Germanengineering
> Spawn again
> Flank a Panzer I Ausf A
> No weapon to kill it, now wut?
> Walk away again
> Killed by a Messerschmitt bomb
> 250 kg of BOOM just to kill me
> I cri evrytiem
> Spawn again.........
> Start communicating with the team
> Correction: start writing to mute people
> Someone writes back
> "Wtf r u doing team? ATTACK NOOBS, stop camping"

10/10, would die in every possible way again

Now for the more serious part of the review...

This game is a free-to-play blablabla. The game has two modes: action mode (which is FPS-like) and Strategy / War mode (which plays out as an RTS - kind of like a Risk game, you have a map of europe, with many dots representing cities, and you can move assault teams from one city to another. When two or more opposing assault teams clash, an Action mode match is created and the action mode players can join that match). But 90% of the game is spent on / focused on the Action mode. You can't even participate in Strategy mode until you've leveled up enough anyway.

You start with 3 infantry soldiers, one for the USA, one for the Nazis, and one for the Soviets. As you play in matches, you level up the soldier you're using to play, as well as the weapon skills for the weapons you use on that soldier. You also earn cash for each hit, each kill, each waypoint capture, etc. The cash can then be spent on weapon component upgrades (the upgrades are unlocked through XP using that specific weapon). You also earn badges, which give you different bonuses - you can only equip one badge at a time, though (two, if you buy a veteran account).

The inventory of each of your soldiers is customizable, with 3 slots (4 for veterans) for equipment, from antipersonnel / antitank mines to bazookas / sticky AT grenades / submachine guns / machine guns / rifles.

Each faction has several soldier types to choose from:
- infantry soldier - was the widest range of useable weapons and vehicles
- tank crew - the only one that can buy and spawn with tanks
- Recon - specialized on reconnaisance and long range killing (sniping)
- Paratrooper - the only one that spawns jumping off a plane (you can then direct the parashoot so you land more or less where you want)
- Pilot - the only one that can buy and spawn with planes
- General - only unlocked in the late "end game" (so to speak). You can command assault teams on the war map using this unit (in an RTS fashion)

You start with one infantry soldier of each faction (USA, Germany and Soviets), but you can buy more soldiers, which work as if you create a new character in an RPG - he starts with no XP and no skills. The soldier you buy can be "vanilla" (infantry soldier that then later on can become other type of soldier, for a fee) or a specialist (a soldier of a specific role right from the start, but which can never change to any other branch).

Each soldier has a rank (like a level, in the RPG sense of the term). As the rank goes up, new career opportunities are unlocked for the soldier, if the soldier is a "vanilla" infantry soldier (he can become a different branch, eg, a vanilla infantry soldier can choose to become a tank crew, for a fee). Other options are also unlocked, like commanding assault teams on the war map (at rank 12).

So... there you have it. Now some pros and cons, I guess.

+ Definitely NOT PAY TO WIN. The most expensive weapons don't even give much advantage, it's more about how you use your weapon than what weapon you use. So there's a place for nearly each and every weapon in the game
+ A very good game for the price (yep. Free. Nothing to lose.)
+ Frequent updates, with new weapons, new vehicles, optimizations and tweaks
+ Good environment / good graphics (mostly forest maps)
+ A feeling of reward for sticking to your guns and leveling up as you play
+ Sound effects are very immersive (the roaring of cannons in the distance, the plane engines flying above you, the small arm bullets flying near your head)
+ Great potential for Combined Arms Warfare experience, for a full-blown battle experience
+ Good system to make the game more newbie-friendly (3 different tiers to separate players on match making, according to the player rank)
+ Different mission types : "Skirmish", "Assault / Defend", "Battle" (takes place where and when two or more assault teams clash on the Strategy game mode)
+ Good effort with the Squad system: you can invite friends to a squad of ~ 2-6 elements, and on the next match making, you and your friends are placed together on the same match. It somehow makes it easier to play with friends and indirectly to take some teamwork into the equation

- Contrast / lighting many times makes landscape and objects indiscernible - you might as well be looking straight on to an enemy soldier, but the trees + foliage + grass all look like a dark-green soup and you can't see the "obvious"
- Absolutely no way to play tactically, to communicate with the team / squad through voicechat / VOIP / whatever you call it. You have to type if you want to say something, or rely on third party voice chat software
- Community: I've only played USA, but I can tell you 90% of the matches I'm playing "alone" - no teamwork, no cooperation, no planning. It feels really frustrating given the potential for awesome fun playing together and working together in some Blitzkrieg / Combined Arms Warfare (tanks could push forward, recons could spot threats, infantry could protect the tanks from other infantry, planes bombing tanks pinpointed by infantry... Instead, everyone is running around getting killed easily, even tanks)
- Takes much grinding for unlocking / affording better equipment / skills / badges
- Some silly pricing logic. I mean, an M4A1 Sherman (with two M1919A4 machine guns amongst many other things) costs 79 000, but an M1919A4 alone (for infantry usage) costs 183 000. Beats me.
- A long time in the Early Access stage
- Apparently there has been some hacking / cheating issues emerging. It sure does feel like an impossible death many times you die, you know...
- (Arguable) some faction unbalance (come on, there must be a reason Germany wins the war most times)
- (Arguable) Each update takes it further and further away from a more realistic gameplay experience, or at the very least from more cooperative and team oriented gameplay
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Publicada: 25 de Junho
Fun game but unfortenetly its 100% pay to win
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Publicada: 26 de Julho
Remove The waiting time when we die its horrible, removes the imersion ... we die and have to wait for a year to respawn its shity
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3 de 3 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
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57.6 hrs em registo
Publicada: 25 de Setembro
O jogo em si é bom mas demora muito tanto para juntar dinheiro como para liberar armas e veículos
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Publicadas recentemente
158.5 hrs
Publicada: 25 de Outubro
Jogo desequilibrado para o lado Alemão, com vários armamentos SUPERDIMENSIONADOS para os outros lados.
RoY MustanG
14.2 hrs
Publicada: 19 de Outubro
Simplesmente, o jogo mais patético que ja joguei na vida, chega a ser ridículo a jogabilidade mesmo para um jogo free, os bugs do jogo são miseráveis, você atira milhões de vezes mas nenhum tiro pega, os caras te matam sem ver, as granadas do jogo são ridículas, a área de explosão é maior que de uma bomba nuclear. É simplesmente ridículo, a interface do jogo não da pra entender nada até para inciar uma partida é complicado, sem contar o tempo, ja que você demora uns 5 - 10 minutos pra achar uma partida, e jogar com 2 pessoas no seu time. Sério o F2P pode até ser atrativo mas não percam tempo com esse game, vale mais a pena procurar outro jogo do que baixar esse lixo que chamam de game.
25.5 hrs
Publicada: 17 de Outubro
melhor game
58.2 hrs
Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 14 de Outubro
Awesome game to play solo and with friends!
It's a very funny game I can say.
And cause it's free you can try it with your friends and see for your self, you'll not regret it. ;D
Rocha WhiteDog [TRADING KNIFE]
21.9 hrs
Publicada: 11 de Outubro
Para um jogo grátis na steam,este jogo é excelente,sem problemas de servers,sem hacks,jogabilidade fantástica,5 estrelas recomendo.
14.3 hrs
Publicada: 8 de Outubro
Muito bom para um jogo gratis.
2.6 hrs
Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 7 de Outubro
Pesa muito mas é boé fixe de se jogar. Melhores gráficos em jogo FREE TO PLAY que já vi
58.6 hrs
Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 5 de Outubro
o jogo e legal o problema é a optmização e muito ruim arrumen isso por favor desnvolvedores arrumen isso

the game and cool the problem is the Optimizing and bad arrumen so please desnvolvedores arrumen this
3.1 hrs
Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 3 de Outubro
Its a great game!! Bom Jogo