Heroes & Generals is a Free2Play Massively Online FPS with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign, set in the midst of World War II Europe, where the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union all fight each other for control.
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Blandede (47,630 anmeldelser) - 68% af de 47,630 brugeranmeldelser for dette spil er positive.
Udgivelsesdato: 11. jul 2014

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Hvorfor tidlig adgang?

“When we started developing Heroes & Generals it was with the intention of creating a game for the gamers as much as for ourselves. The games we have been creating in the past (back in the IO Interactive days) have all been shrouded in secrecy until they were released and therefore always carried a number of things that players did not like but we were unable to change. Because it is the players that in the end plays the game we think they should have greater influence on the development.

Since the very early days of the project in 2011 (pre-alpha stage), we invited players in to play the game and have involved our community in the making of Heroes & Generals and listened to the feedback from them. So it's a natural extension of the way we develop Heroes & Generals, to also include the Steam Community, by going Early Access.”

Hvor lang tid vil dette spil være i tidlig adgang?

“We're approaching the end of our Open Beta/Early Access phase, but it's still too soon for us to put a date on when we'll launch.”

Hvordan er det planlagt, at den fulde version skal være anderledes fra tidlig adgang-versionen?

“We're still tweaking, fixing bugs and adding new features to Heroes & Generals, and even though we feel that the game is now fun and quite stable, we still wish to get all things 'just right' before we call it 'launched'.

We do not plan to do a full server reset when the game launches.”

Hvad er den nuværende tilstand for tidlig adgang-versionen?

“We're in the end of our Open Beta phase, preparing for launch.”

Er prisen på spillet anderledes under og efter tidlig adgang?

“Heroes & Generals is Free2Play. We wish to create a healthy, solid and well-balanced game and community, where you can get a great experience playing the game, no matter how much money you spend! There is already an in-game economy in place, where you earn in-game credits and warfunds for being active in the game, by playing FPS-missions and/or handling Assault Teams.

You can also buy gold, which you can use to buy practically everything, usually it give you the option of buying stuff ‘early’, so you don’t need to grind that much. We also offer a Veteran Membership to accommodate wishes of having an all-inclusive package, where you earn xp, ribbon-xp, in-game credits and warfunds at an increased rate etc.

Prices are regularly being tweaked now in Open Beta/Early Access and we will most likely still tweak prices at and after launch.”

Hvordan planlægger I at involvere fællesskabet i jeres udviklingsproces?

“We encourage the players to participate in discussions in our forum: http://forum.heroesandgenerals.com/

When you write feedback about the game, remember to try and explain your reasons. Constructive criticism will help us build a better game for you.”
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Spil Heroes & Generals

Free to Play

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25. maj

Devyatayev – Squad Update is here introducing New Squad System, T-20 Komsomolets and more

The new update named 'Devyatayev - Squad' (named after the Soviet soldier Mikhael Petrovich Devyatayev) is here! Here you can get a quick overview of all the new features we've added for you! The Videolog will start you off and we then continue with more details below!


New Features
  • The New Squad System
    The long awaited Squad system is finally here, enhancing tactical teamplay which will lead you and your Squad to success! Read more about it here.

  • Veteran Membership Bonus for Squads
    As a limited offer we bring the Action Pack for your Squad with a ten days Veteran Membership and ten Squad Member Ribbon Boosters. Furthermore, we give a 1 Day Veteran Membership for everyone. The Voucher Code is: SHARETHECARE

  • The T-20 Komsomolets
    A Squad friendly, lightly armored vehicle, equipped with a light machine gun, which will bring all Soviet Squads swiftly to the action Read more about it here.

  • Optimizations
    The impact effects of small weapon bullets when hitting all kinds of surfaces has been optimized, resulting in better visibility and framerate. Read more about it here.

  • The Panzerwurfmine
    The German faction gets a mobile alternative to grounded or magnetic mines, with the throwing anti-tank Panzerwurfmine. Read more about it here.

  • New Camouflage Uniforms for the US Faction
    The US Infantry, Paratrooper and Recons received new Camouflage in the Nagual pattern, available in the three variants Jungle, Jade and Camo Read more about it here.

  • New Camouflage Uniforms for the German Faction
    The German Infantry, Paratrooper, Recons and Tank Crewman received the new Sumpfmuster 44 pattern, adjusted in colour and more blurred on the edges thus more effective, compared to the Sumpfmuster 43. Read more about it here.

  • New Camouflage Uniforms for the Soviet Faction
    For the Soviet Infantry, Paratrooper and Recon the new Amoeba Leaf Camouflage is available in three variants: Summer, Fall and Swamp. They will keep a soldier hidden in any kind of terrain. Read more about it here.

There is of course much more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details...

Other Changes

Here is a list of some additional features in the Devyatayev update.
  • New Capture Sounds have been added
  • Added Button on the War Map for one-click Deploy All ATs
  • Added Button on the War Map for one-click Reinforce All ATs
  • Improved Adding Friends feature with handshake

...and much more

For a more detailed changelog take a look at: this forum thread.

Mobile Command

Mobile Command on Android and iOS has been updated to support the newly added Devyatayev update.

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24. maj

Performance Optimization For Effects In Devyatayev

In the upcoming Devyatayev update (named after the Soviet pilot Mikhael Petrovich Devyatayev) we went through and performance optimized the bullet impacts in the action game.

How does that EFFECT me?
Bullets hitting something is an event that happens a LOT in the game, and especially in areas where there is a lot of fighting, such as indoors when capturing a control point. You have probably experienced being in a firefight where there was bullets everywhere but you couldn’t really see what was going on with smoke and sparks flying everywhere. This optimization makes this look better, but also improves framerate!

(sorry for horrible pun in headline above, Reto.Robotron3000)

Bullet impact optimization?
The following does get a bit technical, but we felt the information should be presented in more detail to the players interested in learning a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes.

Impact effects are the dust, impact flash, sparks, gravel, wood chips, smoke etc generated when small arms (pistols, SMGs, rifles, LMGs etc) bullets hit walls, ground, rocks, concrete and other geometry in the game.

We have optimized and improved both performance and visuals by tuning the amount of effects generated, their lifetime and size.
Impacts can be compared by looking at three values; a number called “particle square meter“, the amount of particles and the particles’ lifetime.

“Particle square meters” is a number where you look at how large an area all the effects and impact generates takes up. If you think of the impact as someone throwing 15 pieces of paper into the air, the “particle square meter” is the size of the 15 pieces of paper when laid side-by-side. The Amount of particles is how many pieces of paper there are, and the Particle Lifetime is how long time each piece of paper is visible on screen.

Numbers, please!
WE have experienced, on a mid-range PC with a high-end graphics card, a test-scenario where one player in a room stood firing an SMG into the wall from a fairly close distance where all impact effects from this one weapon is visible. In this case the frame drop was reduced by 80%. In real-life scenarios there will often be more players present and the optimization will have an even bigger impact, leading to a smoother overall feel.

Example: MP34
Particle Square Meter before has been reduced from numbers in the range of 250-700 to numbers in the range of 15-48 depending on material impacted. And the number of active particles has been reduced 230-600 to 100-180 while simultaneously making them look better. F.ex. the impact type called ImpactDirt_Medium (bullet hitting dirt, medium sized) has had the Particle Square Meter reduced from 700 to 48 and the number of individual particles reduced from 500 to 180.

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Heroes & Generals is a Free2Play Massively Online FPS with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign, set in the midst of World War II Europe, where the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union all fight each other for control.

The game uniquely merges epic first-person shooter action with a rich strategic layer, where your decisions have the power to turn the tide in an ongoing war among thousands of online players.

Players can choose to play as 'Heroes', fighting in the trenches, flying planes, commanding tanks and other vehicles on the battlefield, or take control of the war as 'Generals', determining the strategic direction and supporting fellow players by managing battlefield assets, army units and reinforcements.

The 'Generals' part of the game is also playable via the companion app 'Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command' which is available for iOS and Android.

As Infantry, Tank Gunner, Fighter Pilot, Recon, Paratrooper or General, your actions can turn the tide of a persistent online war, fought by players across the world!

Wars Aren’t Won By Tanks Alone!


    • Styresystem: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
    • Processor: 2GHz CPU w. SSE3 instruction set- dual-core
    • Hukommelse: 3 GB RAM
    • Grafik: ATI HD 2000/NVIDIA 7900 or above (with >512mb RAM)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Netværk: Bredbåndsinternetforbindelse
    • Diskplads: 2 GB tilgængelig plads
    • Lydkort: DirectX compatible
    • Styresystem: Windows 7, 8 or 10
    • Processor: Intel i5 processor or higher / AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
    • Hukommelse: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafik: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 series or higher / AMD HD 6870 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Netværk: Bredbåndsinternetforbindelse
    • Diskplads: 3 GB tilgængelig plads
    • Lydkort: DirectX compatible
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Blandede (47,630 anmeldelser)
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Indsendt: 29. maj
I just got this game and it is awesome!!
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 0.9 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
>be me
>see free to play and ww2
>install game
>brutally murdered in first game by pay-to-win people
>download wallhacks
>enter game ready to win
>brutally murdered in second game by pay-to-win people
>maybe this guy is just really good
>this happens for 6 matches

Paying makes you better than someone who can see through walls
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 0.1 timer bogført )
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Indsendt: 29. maj
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 251.8 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
This game WAS amazing. Now not so much. Before this last update you had freedom. Now they force you to pay it a certain way and it REALLY SUCKS!!!!
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
Legacy Panda
( 15.2 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
Produkt modtaget gratis
Ya know... i love the game, but hate the respawn points. But overall, its a beautiful, realistic (to a point) game. I'd give it 7/10
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 163.2 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
I started playing this game a while ago... and so far, the updates are only killing it more and more each time. The devs do not understand how to balance power between factions, and how to give each army advantages/disadvantages that make the game enjoyable. They have obviously been in a beta state for too long, but that is besides the point. I have purchased the veteran upgrades multiple times, for months at a time, and that seems to be the only way to get an edge on the combat field. People who don't pay to play are not going to get very far. At this point, the game is so unenjoyable that even the grind isn't worth it anymore. Please, take it from me; someone who has spent probably a hundred or more dollars to play a free game. Don't waste your time or money on this game. I admit, it is one of the more developed WWII games, but really. It isn't worth it. I regret all the time I have spent playing this game. New updates only make factions more and more unbalanced. I have played as all three factions, but primarily the Americans; with a soldier in each group (tanker, paratrooper, recon, pilot). The teams are all so under/overbalanced depending on the side, its just not fun anymore. Devs, please get your ♥♥♥♥ together and stop begging people for money to play a game that you promised would be free.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
(Owner Operator) Butch
( 1.0 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
I play a lot of free to play games, And have a pretty good idea of how to play Battle simulated shooters, Team work is essential, But from the reviews I am reading, I can tell this game is going to turn me off without even trying it out, I must say I read reviews on it when it came out and it seem'd to be doing well, But now it seem's as if the developers have screw'd some thing up, So I am just not going to even download it and try it, That's how disscuted I am with the reviews as of now.

P.S - Side note, If the developers want to get there player base back, I would suggest reading the cumminuty reviews and opinions instead of sucking the money out of this game, But that is just my opinion, And this review most likley wont even get look'd at by the Developers, But meh, Your loss, Some other free to play game's win. :' )
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 39.9 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
Excellent Free to Play game. Does not feel like you're being punished for not paying to play.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 612.3 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
Produkt modtaget gratis
OK this new update completely destroyed the game for me. How can you expect me to sit in my chair and wait for 5 misn while my Tank to respawn???????????, i can't switch to another class there are several bugs and the game overall is laggy. I won't play again tuntil this is fixed.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 6.3 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
still better than infinite warfare
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
☭☻ Vac Me If You Can ☻☭
( 6.2 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
gg hitler
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
Bún Chả
( 108.9 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
this update is nice..... it so fun when soviet, usa n gemany have a match together :D :D.... u must play it, newbie!!
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 8.5 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
Produkt modtaget gratis
This game is rly dank if u like WWII type fps.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 5.2 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
game doesnt start for me on my better computer
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 23.6 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
Produkt modtaget gratis
Fun ww2 FPS but it takes a long time to get the good guns.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 48.4 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
It's alright I guess
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 9.7 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
this game used to be fun, me and my buddies would come and play for maybe an hour or two and chill but then they ruined it by shooting their own fanbase
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 15.1 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 240.0 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
Massive grind and heavy pay 2 win. Every other guy has fully upgraded bolt action rifle that kills with single hit in the torso, but you have rifle that sometimes won´t even kill with headshots (if they have badge reducing incoming damage(NO JOKE)). Movement is clumsy, you have to unlock and buy everything for each soldier separately.For example, you have SMG, and your soldier progresses and you buy him a machine gun, you can´t equip another soldier with that SMG even if he have it unlocked, so you are 1 gun lying in storage. Game economics is a joke, you pay for your ammo and weapon/vehicle repairs, and if you are AT soldier, even if you are using own rocket launcher strictly on enemy tanks (no shooting at infantry), you still end up LOOSING money, because what you get for tank kill is not enough to cover the cost of rockets used. They say you can buy almost anything with non promium currency, but that paywall will hold even white walkers. From july 2014 they added 1 faction (USSR) and strategic map (and some gamemodes) is Germans vs USA vs USSR. This game is wrong at many more levels, but you get the idea, so don´t even bother to download that 1,3 GB, or buy yourself some other game, because here 20 € is not enough for some guns, you might want, and they will even charge silver or gold money for ammo and repairs.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 2.6 timer bogført )
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 29. maj
very fun
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
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15.8 timer bogført
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Indsendt: 2. maj
I did love this game and I have atleast 100 hours on the browser game alone (Not counting on my Steam) But I logged in one day to find out I was banned for "hacking/cheating" I of course was very distraught and I wanted to ask them about it. I sent in a ticket asking if there was a way I could combat the perma ban and this was my response three days later.

I would firstly like to thank you for taking time to read my ticket. I would also like to say I do enjoy your game, it is very fun to play.
Today I went to log into the game and the screen says I have been perma banned for hacking, and I was wondering at what point did I hack the game? I have been playing to the best of my abilities and as far as I can tell, I have not used a hack in game to increase my abilities. Is there a way to combat this hacking charge or am I sh*t out of luck?

Hello Torean,

Your Heroes & Generals account has been permanently banned for using cheats/hacks.
We are not obligated to provide you with any information as to how you were caught.

This is strictly prohibited as stated in our Terms and Conditions, found here: https://account.heroesandgenerals.com/termsandconditions.aspx

Your account will therefore remain banned and you will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever.

We will not be discussing the matter with you any further.


Best regards,
Heroes & Generals Support Center

The only reason I am downvoting is because of their ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ support team that just cuts off when I have been loyal and they won't even try to give me any help whatsoever.
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1,083.0 timer bogført
Anmeldelse for emne med tidlig adgang
Indsendt: 25. maj
Congratulations, developers. You just shot your own game in the foot and alienated your loyal playerbase all in one swoop. So much for 'help us make the game you want to play.'

I have played more than one thousand hours on this game between the Patton Build and the Churchill build, and loved it.

I have played TWO games post - Devyatayev update and now hate it.

Before the update you were free to switch between any class you owned on the battlefield provided the resource is available.

Enemy paratrooper planes spotted? No problem, switch to a Fighter Pilot and take them down.

Enemies are swarming the last objective? No worries, I have another Infantryman with an SMG.

Running out of Infantry? No issue, we have paratroopers.

Now, what can we do with the game next? Oh yeah, almost completely disable that feature. Now, if you join a battle alone you are stuck with playing that class for the entirety of that game, and even if you join with your own squad you are severely restricted on doing this.

In other words, you can't join as any soldier other than an infantryman for fear that your team may need an Infantryman, who are, after all, the players that do the majority of capturing and defending. Our team is losing our final objective? I wonder why, oh yeah, everyone is either a pilot or tank commander and cannot switch to their own infantrymen because of this update.

To add insult to injury, players that join a match without a squad are now forced into one – one person of which is made the squad leader. Which probably means you'll have some low-rank soldier who doesn't really have the knowledge or expertise as of yet to command directing you for at least one-quarter of your games. Not saying this is necessarily bad, but having a Pilot ordering me to get out of my plane and capture an objective is not on. And then he kicked me from his squad – something he has the power to do - meaning I don't share in any of the bonuses for following 'orders' etc. Great way of making players feel even more alone on the battlefield, rather than making them feel less alone.

Another instance of the following orders stupidity is if I am playing as my anti-tank Infantryman, which if I continued playing this game I would probably do since I cannot switch to my Tanker mid-game, so I would have to deal with tanks that way. But I cannot capture an objective using mines and a bazooka, which I will inevitably get ordered to do since the new squad leader system rewards players who spam commands. In the eyes of an observer, I will probably look like a selfish pig who doesn't want to assist my team, when it is completely the opposite.

You can avoid this system partially by forming your own squad pre-match with friends, provided any of them still play after this update. Doing so gives you the bonus of knowing you won't end up under the command of some new player who really should be following rather than leading due to inexperience.

The squad system used to be that you could recruit up to 5 of your friends to play as a squad, provided they all have a character of that class, e.g. German Pilot. You would be then free to switch between characters mid-battle, so if there were no enemy fighters you were a bit useless and likely to switch to Infantry to assist your team better.

Now, we have the 'new and improved' Squad 2.0. It means that the number of people you can have in a squad is cut in half to 3 for infantry, the largest squad. But you can pay/grind even more (the grind was bad enough beforehand) to unlock more squad points to pay for a bigger squad, again up to 6 by using up to 10 of your 12 points to add more members to your squad, leaving none left to customise it any other way.

However, you can now add 'auxiliary seats' to your squad, meaning that one person at once can change to the class of that seat, adding up to 3 of these seats. This means that the team will probably spend more time arguing about who gets to use the auxiliary seat than playing the game, something I have already seen happening on the first day after the update. It also means whichever player changes to that class will be under constant pressure from his own team to do well at that class, as they cannot change to it themselves.

It's such a shame to see such a good thing get killed off instantly by one update. And I haven't even talked about all the other bad things in the D build – the new Squad system alone is enough to make my blood boil. In its current state, the game is a waste of storage space, which is why I've uninstalled it.

RIP Heroes and Generals, 11th July 2014 - 25th May 2016
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Indsendt: 11. maj
Produkt modtaget gratis
It's hard to describe the downhill spiral this game is in so I thought I would do it by all the different rolls you can play.


You drive your tank a man on a bike zooms towards you, you fire your HE he carries on you switch MG hit a few times he keeps coming, if you are moving you head towards some other players hopping they will get him, if you are stopped you are dead. Even if he doesn't have insta death grenades his mate can kill you with rockets.
If you play for the soviets you can't even use your MG or your main gun as the gun does not depress enough to hit anything, I think the soviet faction is just designed for target practice for both US and German tanks.
I almost forgot, the opposition can also position their tanks where you spawn and kill you before you can react, Oh and my personal favourite, put mines where you spawn so you die instantly.


Now this can be fun because all the planes have plus's and minus that make them fun to play. the down side is there is a broken mechanic that allows more senior players to load HE into their planes that will instantly kill any pilot. The controls are funky but this aids to the game play as it kind of restricts what you can do.
Lots of players like to camp spawns as well, as you can fly behind the preset spawn points for planes. Don't forget you can play like an ace and knock down loads of planes but it only takes 1 spam shot from the other side of the map to end your fun.


You spawn in a plane which 9 times out of 10 is either being shot down or about to be shot down. You jump out and unless you use the free fall badge, which allows you to open your shoot 2 foot above the ground you are just target practice. You can load up with anti tank stuff and blow up tanks with ought ever being seen as well.


This class has some fun toys as in armoured cars and you also get an 8 times scope. You also get a good dose of Parkinson's disease now as your scope never stays still.
You can have every type of gun or hand grenade or rocket and none of it matters unless you have heavy set gold which is the only way you will not die after the first bullet is fired. It also has the most random cone fire system ever developed.

The player Base.

Same as any other game you have some good some bad but as time goes by you realise there are 3 distinct types of player.

The Soviets; bar room fighters
The US; have the best weapons
The Germans; actually have all the best weapons but swear blind the US does

The game.

Used to be visually pleasing now is like 50 shades of grey with a "unhappy Ending" in every dark area. If you like camping it's the game for you. If you like unfair fights it's the game for you, if you like to pay for the good stuff, it's the game for you.
I still come back to the game but I have a couple of thousand hours in it, everyone of my friends has stopped playing it a long time ago. But to be true there comes to point when you have all of the players and all of the toys you are only really staying to support a faction but even then whats the point?

History and My Thoughts

The game was amazing fun maps with mountains, cover where you needed it but not too much, guns that mad sense in the way they fired and the type they were. Realistic grinds for new stuff, now it's just a grind fest.
They say we are a "Toxic Community" on the forums but in reality we are just so ignored by the developers its untrue the game by design is brilliant. inspired, fun but Reto over the last 2 years have systematically money grabbed and turned to the dark side.

Now for me it's not immersing myself in a great WWII game it's like looking into a bucket of ♥♥♥♥ on my desk.

But I still play it go figure????

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Indsendt: 8. maj
+It's free to install.
+It's free to start.
+It's free to un-install.
+Only WW2 (battlefield like) game i could find.
+Has planes, tanks, and stuff.
+Hasn't banned me yet for what I've stated below.

-Toxic Community.
-Spawn kills.
-Suicide terrorists for your tanks.
-1337 haks. Guys with k/d of like 666/7
-Match Maker worse than WOT.
-Beginners will cry.
-Immature team killers.
-Super expensive ♥♥♥♥.
-Kill cam ultimate pokemon badge.
-Lack of balanced maps.
-Moneynades, because grenades are so last century.
-Guy shoots dirt, ricochets and kills you. Dirt power.
-Snipers with the ultimate poke badge and on veteran for an extra poke badge.
-Trying to aim for the love of god while proning behind a slope.
-H&G fanboys attacking me harder than random pokemoin trainers.

**Will Update Accordingly**

Big Money Question - Should You Play It?
It's free so try it for yourself. But don't spend a single dime on this, word of advice.
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- Massive grind
- Not having some badges and veteran memebership makes the game unplayable vs vets
- Unbalanced factions
- Terrible graphics where even during the day nothing can be seen in shadows
- Massive amount of fog all the time
- Pathetic game mechanics
- No skill game, pick the developer's favorite faction and you will do 2 times better due to unbalanced equipment and war map
- Enormous amount of bugs that don't get fixed for years, I'm not kidding, years, prone position has about 3 bugs for as long as I remember, never fixed, playing the game means you will discover about 1 new bug a day especially when they release new hotfix or update *cough* I mean new bugs coz that's what it mostly is
- Unrealistic physics and weapon behavior, unrealistic weapons
- Laggy, buggy servers
- Laggy FPS game due to bad lag compensation, never shoots where you aim, certainly not for competitive play and precise aim, it's awful in fast intense fights
- Forum community and bug hunter community is controlled by arogant veterans from the first 2 factions in the game, good luck if you play the 3rd one coz you will need it all the time everywhere
- Incompetent developers that only increase griding, do not fix balancing nor bugs, add new things to first 2 factions that have plenty and ignore the newest 3rd one for as long as it is in the game
- Developers do not listen to the community even though they send once in a long while a PR person to clan TSs, it's just a load of BS and nothing gets fixed or changed anyway, the only thing they listen to are cry babies of the first 2 factions that have become free workforce or paid testers

+ it's free to play
-but you need to grind and grind forever and buy veteran with credits if you don't play enough you gotta buy ingame gold and buy veteran with that

Not recommended, there are far better games than this, while the idea is OK the execution of it by RETO MOTO is pathetic and shouldn't be on Steam at all. There were months when their servers would not even handle the few players this game has.

- Right now the game balance is completely messed up and makes the game not fun and unplayable for the 3rd new faction which has been in the game for a year or more already
- Do not even bother with the forum, it's full of trolls, if you want at least some decent people to talk and play with you have to find a clan and join a TS, unfortunately developers are killing clan play as well with new updates

My recommendation is to remove it from Steam early access, terminate it's beta status and remove it from Steam so that the developers finally fix their crap.
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Reto is trying its' hardest to destroy this game. Terrible choice after terrible choice. Rommel/Walker/Adams--Airfire. All made the game progressively worse. Conefire (luckfire) has so far been my absolute most hated *feature* added to the game yet. The amount of random 1-shot headshots that I get after Adams is crazy. Guns never perform the same each time. You can aim straight at someone and have it completely miss both ways around them like they are Jesus or some ♥♥♥♥. It's so ♥♥♥♥ing ridiculous.
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The little Dev team that couldn't. The biggest problem with this game is the Dev team. They just don't understand what they want this game to be, or the basics of how to make a good game period. Even though I usually get paid to consult I will give this Dev team a free hint. GAME FLOW!!
I love WWII FPS games and the potential here is huge. The artwork is so so but passable. The map creation is lacking. The lighting is horrible. The devs need to remember that a person may play for hours so quit trying to ruin their eye sight with horrible lighting and intense fog. It's not cool looking, it's head ache material and a trip to the eye doctor.
The UI is terrible with all kinds of images getting in the way of seeing what you are trying to do which is playing the game. Huge cap point icons in the way of seeing another player. There is a map yanno?
Notice banners pop up in the middle of the screen blocking what you are currently engaged in. To say that's annoying is being polite. And then there is the Deploy Que. Die in the heat of a great battle and then...wait..wait...and wait...in the deploy que. Rule 101 to a good game...NEVER destroy game flow!! There is never a good reason to destroy game flow.
The Grind and pricing. Oh my, where to start. Yes, you want to cause folks to earn that new weapon but making that grind turn into a career is just wrong. Pricing a pistol to cost as much as a tank is beyond belief. Charging folks to pay for weapon repair after every match is just.... well, dumb. As for the weapons themselves well that's easy...look up the stats of each weapon and set them accordingly. Somehow that thought is lost with this dev team. Vehicles made from cardboard that were designed for rough terrain but the slightest bunp in the road sends you spinning out of control. The things that make you go Hmmmm.
The new trendy excuse.."This game is in BETA" is wearing thin and the gamers need to stop supporting this nonsense. Oh, you want to try our new sandwich? That will be $4.50 and here's your two pieces of bun. The sandwich is still in BETA so maybe next month we'll put a slice of cheese between those pieces of bun and then maybe month after that we'll add some mustard to the...you get the idea. You wouldn't tolerate that for one moment so why are you gamers putting up with it in gameing?
I only consider reviewing a game after many hours to make sure I have given a fair shake to the devs. Sadly, this game is something that could be very enjoyable if it were handed over to other devs that know how a game is supposed to work. Save your time, even though it's free, and go play something made by folks with some understanding of what gaming is all about.
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This game had a lot of promise a year or two ago, but it's been in a death spiral since then.

The big red flags are permanent "Early Access" and "Beta" status, after years of the devs taking money for the game. The lack of development progress reeks of lack of leadership or a non-existent game design doc, with no clear path on where to go.

Communication with the game community from the developers has gone from poor to abyssmal, with continued promises to work on improving it. The player community has grown increasingly toxic as many of the older "vets" have left the game and those left fanatically defend the dev team and the game, while being blind to the serious problems that have persisted for years now.

The persistent problems include a terrible matchmaking system, that makes squad play a struggle at best and a nightmare at times, especially if attempting to squad play in "war" battles. Other long term problems include the strategy part of the game, with the deployment queues for Assault Teams (units) often lasting longer than the wars themselves, resulting in player never getting to take part in each war before it is over.

Graphics in the game have actually worsened in the last year, as the devs have "balanced" giving every infantryman access to "scopes" by adding extra fog and extreme shadows, making it impossible to see things at range or often up close.

Sound effects in game are said to "being worked on", but positional audio has been broken for a long time, making it impossible at times to distinguish if a person next to you shooting is right or left, front or behind. Other sounds never actually work, so that tank drivers do not hear incoming attacks and/or damage, until they explode, infantry don't hear gunshots that end up killing them, etc.

The biggest downwards movement in the game has been the upping of the "Grind". Making progress leveling up, earning credits is now glacially slow, to the point you have to be a masochist to endure it. A year or two ago the devs encouraged players to have numerous characters, envisioned them like a "deck of Pokeman cards" (quote from Red B.) that the players could switch between as needed. Now, with the immense grind, leveling multiple characters is a nightmarish chore.

The focus of the game now seems on harpooning "whales", who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to speed their progress in the game, while "casual" players are left to run into the grind wall and bounce off, to land in other games. If you look at the Steam statistics, the playerbase is dwindling, which is quite evident in game with the difficulty finding battles during many parts of the day outside of European prime time.

There is always a chance things could turn around, but outside of a serious change in development team, it's unlikely.
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'Devyatayev' Update (05-24-16) = Big Steaming Pile of SH**!

I used to love this game and have spent over 1200 hours playing it. I even spent quite a bit of cash on it because it was a game I could see myself playing for a long time to come. But now - forget it.

I won't spend another dime on this game and neither should you! (View comments if you want more info)
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Seeing as though the devs are deleteing all negative feedback from the forums guess id better place my thoughts here.

Heroes and Generals is a very ambitous game with some great aspects, Its fun to play and will keep you entertained for hours.

Here comes the but

The Developers of this game are so unbelivably bad at what they do, the greatest weakpoint of the game is them. After they decided to shaft all the vets with massive restrictions they then proceeded to sweep all negative reviews under the rug. Reto-moto is some Hitler level corrupt.

It seems every decsions they make for the game was made by highschool footballers high on dope

Do not under any circumstance play this game......you will leave feeling like an empty void of dissapoinment
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There are many negative reviews for this game already, so i will go a bit personal, leaving the facts to other people.

I played this game, longer than the steam time here. I started playing this game, when you had just US vs. Germany. And when tanks had just 4 categories, no tiers in each category. When both faction had different starting weapons and faction bound AT weapons. Ah yes, the unfair battles between the US and Germany. Sadly, US still have too much good stuff while Germany got too much nerfed, i mean, the US gets a third LMG while the Germans get a...third pistol. No joke. And the Soviets are lacking in many areas, tanks are few and not great, their weapons needs love and overall shortage of stuff. And the game have still only one plane for the pilots of each faction, imbalancing it more as each faction plane have different problems while the soviet plane Yak-9 is just too good, even more when you consider, that all planes have the same damn engine.

The handling of game mechanics is a joke with the Dev Team, they don't listen to the community and are not giving answers in their own forum. They managed much, but the problem is, that are too many designers in the team, not programmers. Which explains some weird hitboxes on some tanks and the sideskirts of the Pz4 are bugged, causing self destruction by obstacles, look it up on Youtube if you don't believe me. Spawning is another problem like the team balancing, just cruel almost.

The devs are changing gold/credit prices after their own tastes, without notes in their patches! Don't invest money in it, the devs must start working for it, if they want it. I don't recommend this from my heart. I loved this game once, but this love is long gone, since the broken promises of Squad 2.0 and Armor 2.0 will never come.
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I use to love this game
In fact i still really do.
But this new update, the squad update, Really shivered me timbers.
While i still play this game, i can not reccomend it to anyone.
Maybe before the squad update, but after it, No.
Let it be said here, That the "Devyatayev" Update marks the absolute ♥♥♥♥♥♥ downfall for H&G
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Squad 2.0..

More like ♥♥♥♥ 2.0

RIP fun

EDIT: Also there's now a micro stutter in the game. My FPS fluctates randomly from 10 to 30 to 60 to 140. Anywhere in that range. Constantly stuttering. Games ruined.
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The new update has ruined the game.Can't believe it took me 500hrs to realise this game was a grind.
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Horrible, unbalanced, terrible matchmaking, and I really wanted to give this game a chance hoping that they'd find a way to balance this game but nope, each update just another weapon or vehicle you can't afford, this game sucks.
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The game was good , realy good and realy enjoyed it. But then came squad system and they f--ked up.
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Oh boy where do i begin.

I have the feeling as a long time player that the game gets worse with every Update. Reto-Moto don't really listen to the Community.
Community is very toxic time to time.

Here are the "bad" things.

-This game is not new player friendly.
-There is so many bugs which have been in the game now 1,5 years.
-Only 3 new maps in 3 year. I´m sick of playing the same old boring maps. (5 large maps,1 small encouter map and 3 small skirmish map.)
-No prober spawn protection. (Yes i know you get the 5 second protection only with infantry spawns, not when you are spawning with vehicles.) Spawn camping is common,for example,spawn camping tanks, snipers and enemy put anti-tank mines on you spawn area and you blow instantly, sounds fair right...
-The grind is so horrible the get new equipment, 10-40 hours grinding (without the premium.) to unlock it. And the money as well you have to grind to get it another 10-30 hours. Oh did i mentioned that you have to hit tier 2 to get in the big maps. You have to play those small maps over and over again to get tier 2 one of your soldiers, it takes 15-40 hours (without premium.) And when you hit the tier 2 one of you soldiers get ready for veterans players who have unlocked everything. Yuo have your first gun semi-auto(garand,g43 or svt-40) or perhaps the first sub machinegun. Sounds fair and fun...
-Repair cost is also high, especially for new players.
-No proper anti-cheat protection, you will encouter cheaters/hackers.
-The game has been Beta for allmost 3 years. I know it´s free to play and progress is slow and Reto is small company.
-It´s pay to win game. You can reach and unlock everything with real money if you wish.

Now for the "good" things

-It´s free
-Different roles you can play. (Paratrooper,Infantry,Recon,Tanker and Fighter pilot)

I will change my review if the game goes better after incoming updates, but we will see about that.
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The game used to be great, now the dev ruined it and said multiple times that they don't care about community feedback. I would avoid this game. With the new update you even have to grind before you can play with a few friends. You have to grind SO MUCH for anything. You might get a few hours out of fun but that's it. With friends it would be better, but the devs don't want that anymore and put it behind a grind wall.
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G.R.I.N.D. deluxe.

This title screams Money Grab all over, which is an absolute shame. If you watch ingame footage, you could get just as excited as I was in the beginning, with the promise of intensive team oriented WW2 gameplay. But the developers won't hesitate long and wake you up and kill that dream. Terrible patch decisions and an omnipresent feeling of playing a game that is forcing you into a Pay-to-Win mode. Another title down the Fake-Free-To-Play drain.
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After that update with Squad System, game went to a total disaster. You can not enter a fight without a squad. You either call your friends or the game will add you into a random squad. People on the random squad are usually does not even care if you're on the same squad or not. And the real problem begins there. Only Squad members can be on a seat that is different than a passenger of your vehicle. For example i just bought an AA(Anti-Air) Vehicle. But because of this update, anyone that is not on my squad can not be my gunner. There is no button or option to switch your vehicle from Squad only to public. So since my squad members does not care if im their squad, they hop on to another vehicle and leave your vehicles gun unmanned. There are ofcourse others that are not in my squad trying to be my gunner by pressing every button in their keyboard/mouse but its not working since there is no such button. So yeah everything was fine until this last update. Everyone had a place in the war. Lone-wolders could go and lone wolf, Vehicle crew members could have enter to a vehicle and be one. This squad system ofcourse has its advatages: you and your team mates can gain exp a lot faster this way. But i really do think that they HAVE TO add a button or an option to switch your vehicles gunner/commander etc. seats to public from squad only. Or maybe even self-only too...(To prevent some people to ruin the stealth by entering your vehicle and start shooting every object they see)
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