Heroes & Generals is a Free2Play Massively Online FPS with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign, set in the midst of World War II Europe, where the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union all fight each other for control.
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Дата на излизане: 11 юли 2014

Впишете се, за да добавите този артикул към списъка си с желания, последвайте го или отбележите, че не се интересувате от него

Игра в „Ранен достъп“

Получете незабавен достъп до играта и се ангажирайте с нейното развитие.

Забележка: Докато трае разработката на тази игра от „Ранен достъп“, е възможно по нататък тя да се промени или не. Ако не сте въодушевени да я играете в текущото ѝ състояние, тогава ще е по-добре да изчакате. Вижте дали тя ще придобие по-завършен вид. Научете още

Какво имат да кажат разработчиците:

Защо „Ранен достъп“?

“When we started developing Heroes & Generals it was with the intention of creating a game for the gamers as much as for ourselves. The games we have been creating in the past (back in the IO Interactive days) have all been shrouded in secrecy until they were released and therefore always carried a number of things that players did not like but we were unable to change. Because it is the players that in the end plays the game we think they should have greater influence on the development.

Since the very early days of the project in 2011 (pre-alpha stage), we invited players in to play the game and have involved our community in the making of Heroes & Generals and listened to the feedback from them. So it's a natural extension of the way we develop Heroes & Generals, to also include the Steam Community, by going Early Access.”

Приблизително колко дълго тази игра ще бъде в „Ранен достъп“?

“We're approaching the end of our Open Beta/Early Access phase, but it's still too soon for us to put a date on when we'll launch.”

Как ще се различава планираната пълна версия от тази в „Ранен достъп“?

“We're still tweaking, fixing bugs and adding new features to Heroes & Generals, and even though we feel that the game is now fun and quite stable, we still wish to get all things 'just right' before we call it 'launched'.

We do not plan to do a full server reset when the game launches.”

Какво е текущото състояние на версията в „Ранен достъп“?

“We're in the end of our Open Beta phase, preparing for launch.”

Ще има ли разлика в цената на играта по време на „Ранен достъп“ и след това?

“Heroes & Generals is Free2Play. We wish to create a healthy, solid and well-balanced game and community, where you can get a great experience playing the game, no matter how much money you spend! There is already an in-game economy in place, where you earn in-game credits and warfunds for being active in the game, by playing FPS-missions and/or handling Assault Teams.

You can also buy gold, which you can use to buy practically everything, usually it give you the option of buying stuff ‘early’, so you don’t need to grind that much. We also offer a Veteran Membership to accommodate wishes of having an all-inclusive package, where you earn xp, ribbon-xp, in-game credits and warfunds at an increased rate etc.

Prices are regularly being tweaked now in Open Beta/Early Access and we will most likely still tweak prices at and after launch.”

Как се планирате да ангажирате общността в процеса на разработка?

“We encourage the players to participate in discussions in our forum: http://forum.heroesandgenerals.com/

When you write feedback about the game, remember to try and explain your reasons. Constructive criticism will help us build a better game for you.”
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"TAKING THE BRIDGE! - Heroes and Generals"
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Скорошни обновления Всички (71)

23 юни

Factory Map changes coming in Walker update

While we are still hard at work getting the Walker update ready for you all, it is time to lift the curtain and reveal some of the awesome new features this update brings! The update is called ‘Walker’ after the American Major General Fred L. Walker.

A map that has been around for quite a while is the Factory map, and this time Reto.Desji managed to find time in between his other very secret work to give it a makeover, addressing a lot of the major and minor annoyances on the map, as well as adding a solid handful of new tweaks to improve the level.

We’ll go through the changes here in a quick list and then below you can see the devstream from June 19th where Reto.Desji and Reto.Gargamel show all these changes in magnificent moving pictures!

B-line – The Main Gate
The updates on the B-line mostly serve to help the attackers avoid getting pushed back to the Access Point too easily.
  • Access-point B1 is now a radio post on the mountain. Attackers can take B2 quickly and then continue the attack on the Factory Gate (B3).
  • “B2″ now has an AA-position which can be used to suppress the mountains, to avoid enemies shelling it from the mountains & hills
  • “B2″ redone and moved a bit back to prevent enemies from shelling it from afar.
  • “B3″ is now the main factory gate buildings (formerly B2)
  • Additional cover added between Access Point (B1) and Factory Gate (B3)
  • Additional cover between added between Factory Gate (B3) and Objective 1

Screenshot above shows Access Point B1 with Factory chimneys visible in the distance.

A-line – The Train Tracks
  • Access Point completely redone and moved closer to Train Platform (A2), this helps attackers gaining momentum, as this line was previously too difficult to attack
  • Additional cover added to the area around the Access Point
  • Additional cover added between Access point and Train Platform (A2) to make firefights more fun for infantry
  • Added a bunch of props in A2 capture zone to make it more interesting, and enlarged the capture zone
  • Added ladder to the roof of A2 to create more dynamic flow
  • Storage Hall (A3) capture zone extended to include entire storage room
Objectives – Assembly Halls ‘Anton’ & ‘Berta’
  • Assembly Hall ‘Anton’ (O1) capture zone extended to include entire room
  • Assembly Hall ‘Berta’ (O2) capture zone extended to include entire room
  • O2 vehicle spawn – Fixed flipping emergency tank spawn to stop vehicles flipping over
Devstream #36 – June, 19th, 2015
Starting at 6m 20s Reto.Desji and Reto.Gargamel go through and show the changes to the map, so press play, sit back and enjoy!


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19 юни

Operation Bagration: The Soviet Offensive Event

Monday, June 22nd marks the anniversary of the beginning of Operation Bagration in 1944, a major Soviet offensive pushing west into Poland and Belarus aimed at driving the German forces out!

The date was chosen to be the same calendar day as when Germany invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa in 1941. So in effect this is a double anniversary. We want to commemorate Operation Bagration by giving you all a present this weekend!

After the Vasilevsky update rolled out on the servers we have spent a lot of time looking at player performance, trawled the forums and generally been gathering more information on what the community likes and dislikes.

The two ribbons that were voted the hardest to get in our forum poll are "Recon" and "Physical Training" – I guess you really like those Heavy Set, Ghillie and Camouflaged combat badges!

So to help you advance in those ribbons we have decided to give you a free booster for each!

BUT WAIT! There is more!
(As they say on TeeVee :D)

In the Vasilevsky Update we also added two NEW ribbons, namely the Battle and the War ribbon and we think you should all have booster for the Battle ribbon as well. And with all this tactical playing in war missions capturing control point and out manoeuvring the enemy a boost for the Tactical ribbon seems fitting as well!

So login and enter the voucher code to get the 4 free ribbon boosters:

The vouchercode must be redeemed at any time BEFORE Tuesday the 23rd of June 2015 at 04:00 US EDT / 10.00 CEST, but you may of course still use the Ribbon Boosters after that date.

Ribbon Boosters will accelerate the progress on all your soldiers during combat, giving 50% boost in ribbon experience for 4 hours per booster. The 4 boosters are for the following ribbons:

Points are earned by running, sprinting and riding bicycles. This ribbon unlocks the Marathon Man and Heavy Set badges.
Being in the front of an assault will give you an advantage over your enemy. Points for this ribbon are earned by not getting killed, capturing objectives and long range sniper kills. This ribbon unlocks the Ghillie and Camouflaged combat badges as well as anti-personnel mines.
Capturing control points is the key to winning battles. Use the map (M) to find the nearest control point and stand near the radio to capture it to earn points for this ribbon. This ribbon unlocks Binoculars, Pistols & the new Battlefield Commander combat badge.
In war confronting the enemy is just as important as winning. Participate in war battles to earn points on this ribbon. Highest award is given for victories. This ribbon unlocks the Charismatic Leader combat badge.

If you want to know more about Operation Bagration and Operation Barbarossa, click the names to take you to the Wikipedia articles that serves as a good starting point for further reading.

Redemption and activation instructions
  • Launch the game.
  • Log in
  • Click the Menu button in the top right corner
  • Click on the “Redeem Voucher” button
  • Paste or type in the voucher code "BAGRATION2015" and click "OK"
  • Click one of the "flash-icons" on the ribbon overview
  • Click on "Activate booster" in the top right corner, when you’re ready to activate the booster – please note that a booster only last for 4 hours after activation, so use them wisely!

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Всички дискусии

Докладвайте неизправности и оставете отзив за тази игра в секцията за дискусии

Steam „Зелена светлина“

Относно тази игра

Heroes & Generals is a Free2Play Massively Online FPS with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign, set in the midst of World War II Europe, where the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union all fight each other for control.

The game uniquely merges epic first-person shooter action with a rich strategic layer, where your decisions have the power to turn the tide in an ongoing war among thousands of online players.

Players can choose to play as 'Heroes', fighting in the trenches, flying planes, commanding tanks and other vehicles on the battlefield, or take control of the war as 'Generals', determining the strategic direction and supporting fellow players by managing battlefield assets, army units and reinforcements.

The 'Generals' part of the game is also playable via the companion app 'Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command' which is available for iOS and Android.

As Infantry, Tank Gunner, Fighter Pilot, Recon, Paratrooper or General, your actions can turn the tide of a persistent online war, fought by players across the world!

Wars Aren’t Won By Tanks Alone!

Системни изисквания

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
    • Processor: 2GHz CPU w. SSE3 instruction set- dual-core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI HD 2000/NVIDIA 7900 or above (with >512mb RAM)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    • OS: Windows 7 or 8
    • Processor: Intel i5 processor or higher / AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 series or higher / AMD HD 6870 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Полезни рецензии от клиенти
1 от 1 човека (100%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
3.5 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 6 юни
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
1,638 от 1,958 човека (84%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
16 човека намериха тази рецензия за забавна
32.5 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 3 юни
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
DO NOT - DO NOT - DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME. Even if you're playing with friends. Even if you want to spend money on it. DO NOT DO IT. This kind of game CANNOT BE SUPPORTED.

With the latest patch, people who do not outright buy weapons and equipment have to grind 300-400% longer for their gear. You need thousands upon thousands of hours to buy the equipment needed to even compete in this game now. Reto, the company who develops this game, admits their intention to make it impossible to get gear other than to spend money on it and offer NO EXPLANATION OR JUSTIFICATION outside of that. They are basically admitting to treating the majority of their consumers like dirt and are not even trying to shy away from that fact. They know it, they know that we know it, but all they care about is $$$.

Basically, the biggest slap in the face you can imagine. Not even EA can match this level of dastardly.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable and other developers needs to know this kind of attitude towards customers and consumers is UNACCEPTABLE. This game NEEDS TO DIE in order to get that message through. Please rate my review positively in order to get more visibility.
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
703 от 830 човека (85%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
35 човека намериха тази рецензия за забавна
133.6 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 1 юни
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
- Installing the game
- Played 133 Hours
- Spend 40/50€ in item & subscription (to support devs team)
- Stop playing (4 monts) because IRL
- Try to reconnect, password failed
- Try to recover password, failed
- Mail at support ... 8 Days for answer

Support Answer (short version) ?

you made a typo in your email address (Gmmail.com with 2Ms ).
If you no longer know your password, you can not retrieve it.

See you soon on the battlefield !

Soit's like ... Thank you for your money, and now back off !

Game removed succesfully !
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324 от 387 човека (84%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
1 човек намери тази рецензия за забавна
43.3 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 31 май
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
At first i would like to say i used to play this game before it was available on Steam. I've spent over 100+ hours in this game.
It started as a cool concept but unfortunately it turned out to be bad. First of all I really wanted this game to be good (and in some cases it is) i love concept of WW2 FPS.
Unfortunately there are tons of problems!
Game is clearly pay to win. The amount of money you earn after a battle is so little it barely is enough for fixing and ammmunition. So in the end it's incredible grind fest to get a single weapon in this game (prizes of weapons are ridicolous).
Secondly the level progress is also painfully slow. Recently they changed lvl exp caps and it's almost impossible for newbies to reach high levels (beside no-lifing or paying ofc)
Moreover there is another problem!!! So you work your way to the 9th lvl or so and want to become sniper (all in all you were one-shoted so many times by high lvl, full gear players so you want revange) so you pay for becoming sniper AND THAN you have to buy a SNIPER RIFLE for like 150k ingame money. What THE ♥♥♥♥ is that. You paid to be a sniper and you have to additionally buy a sniper rifle in order to play it!?!?!? and 150k is a loooot of money if you don't wnat to pay real money.

AND the balance of the game... even in staged battles which were supposed to be well "staged" and equal to every side. You end up being slaughtered buy 5 tanks when there is no tank-driver player in your squad!!! or you're constantly bombed by pilots cuz there is nobody to take it down.

Lastly... optimalization is a joke. My PC can easily run BF4 on high with decent fps ( close to 60). Not this game. And I'm pretty sure it looks way worse and mechanics are simpler...

ALL IN ALL there are some positives. Some matches are fun, When teams are balanced it's a satisfactory game. But there are just waay to many bugs, P2W mechanics and bad optimalization.

Just don't waste your time!!!
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна
189 от 229 човека (83%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
1 човек намери тази рецензия за забавна
77.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 4 юни
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
I started playing a week or so ago and LOVED this game. The ability to actually hide in bushes, no big name tags over enemy heads giving away the hiding spot, camo working the way it does in real life, making you hard to see. The leveling system WAS pretty cool ranking up ribbons and gaining levels to unlock new class like tanker and paratrooper all the way to general. And of course the persistent war that was run by players at officer level allocating resources and assault teams to be fought out by the players. I liked the no third person view in a tank but being forced to see through the vision slit, or pop your head out of the turret hatch for a better look and pray nobody popped ya...

The game gave way, WAY more xp for capturing and holding control points rather then kills and the plenty of ribbon upgrades (that unlock all the vehicles, weapon mods, and special traits) that were not tied directly to combat would gain xp by you doing smart things in the game, like moving slowly, crouching, picking up teamates in transport vehicles, sprinting etc...It was a nice blend of realism and fun with plenty to do. The grind was pretty steep, but it did not bother me to badly, I was unlocking things at a nice pace and was enjoying the game so much I paid money to unlock the Tiger I and bought a 30 day "premium" account.

Then they destroyed it. Unannounced and buried in the patch notes as "Ribbon drivers adjusted" and mentioned NO WHERE else was a 75% NERF to ALL XP GAINS!!! The game was already a steep grind, now, its damn near pointless to play. There are about 35 ribbons, all of which unlock things in game, and the estimate given by the developer was "200 hours of game to max out ONE stinking ribbon..." also, ribbons are not shared between your characters, so your tanker, your pilot , your para-trooper have to grind them all individually....Not to mentions there are three nations and nothing gets transferred between those either...

I've never felt so spit upon by a developer before, seriously, I've never cared to write a review before, but folks, I gotta tell ya the sad truth, this is a game with a ton of potential, and some unique and fun qualities, but I would NOT recommend starting the game as new player now, you are gonna face nothing but players with almost/all unlocks already completed and you will be in for a grind of, literally, THOUSANDS of hours before you are even competative. Which means you won't have any fun playing the games biggest draw the "war" until then as well...

Go play world of tanks, war thunder or red orchestra 2 instead....what a shame...
Беше ли полезна тази рецензия? Да Не Забавна