Team based strategy / shooter mix, with customizable tanks, researchable upgrades and dynamically placed buildings. No two matches are the same.
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发行日期: 2008年7月28日


玩 Empires Mod


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Empires 2.7.1 released

Empires 2.7.1 Changes

Building previews now also print the reason why they cannot be built in their current position on screen, next to the building, which is colored according to the "main" reason. When outside of range, many of the reasons are not shown, to prevent scanning unexplored territory with a building preview to find enemies or enemy buildings. Also, it is no longer disallowed to have a building preview active when there are not enough resources for the building. This means you can have a building positioned beforehand, to place it the exact moment the resources come in.
don't always show the squad menu; only if you have to wait for commandervote AND have enough teammates
Added release notes since 2011 to {STEAM}\steamapps\common\Empires\empires\releasenotes.txt

fixed NF barracks rotation
fixed revive bug; revive wouldn't work in some areas of some maps due to buffer overflow
fixed wall preview remaining after leaving command view
fixed inability to bind semicolon key to commands
fixed inconsistent wall height for small walls
fixed MG attachment origin
fixed collision meshes on BE barracks, armory and VF
fixed BE mine cooking (consistent with NF; you can click and hold to play the animation while in a safe spot, and then release the mousebutton to drop the mine immediately)
fixed bug; Holding shift and dropping buildings quickly allows you to drop more buildings than you can afford
fixed news panel; uses the main websites news archive page
fixed various causes of undefined behaviour
fixed many assert failures, so that debug builds can run properly
fixed a lot of the compiler warnings (generated by Visual Studio, gcc and PVS)
fixed shader building on windows
fixed brenodi heavy tank's dual cannons going off at an angle
swap: gave binocs to scout (no longer "Assault", armour to rifleman)

Removed broken Aircraft support

Balance changes:
Nerfed NF heavy slightly; Max Weight 1396 -> 1366, plates on all sides 7 -> 6
BE pistol2; 9% less damage; doubled time between shots; decreased headshot damage modifier -25%; made 17% more accurate while standing, 10% more accurate while ducking
NF shotty pistol deals 9% less damage; .5 s between shots to prevent double-click instakill; increased minimal damage 22%
made both smg1's less accurate; 25% when standing, 23% when crouched, 26% less accurate while prone
(Upgraded) Grenade launcher weight 50 -> 40, explosion radius of UGL decreased 10%
HEMG weight 30 -> 40
DUMG weight 30 -> 40; DUHGM weight 50 -> 70
.50 cal MG weight 70 -> 50; HMG weight 90 -> 65
Lowered max weight of NF&BE APCs by 45 (approx. 5%)
all APC engines are 10 weight
nerfed reflective hp 10% (80 -> 72)

2.7.1 - crash when you click immediately after spawning an APC

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Empires,一个屡获殊荣的《半条命 2》模组,将第一视角射击游戏中最好的一面和即时战略风格结合起来。玩家可为 Northern Faction 而战,或是作为战败国 Jekotia 中残余的一份子,或是为 Brenodi 帝国而战。

Empires 游戏特色:

  • 四个步兵种类 - 玩家可以选择作为侦察兵来实施突袭或选择步枪手来打爆敌人的脑袋。身为掷弹兵可开回敌人的坦克而工兵则可补给团队。通过四种不同的步兵类型,并且每一个都可以自定义技能,你能够打造出一个最好的符合你游戏风格的步兵。
  • 基于班组的合作 - 玩家可以组织一个高效的小队,通过先进的战术击败敌人。队长们不仅可以指挥其各自的成员,还可以使用特别的小队能力,如重生死亡的小队成员或者呼叫炮火攻击敌人。
  • 载具战斗 - 无论你用装甲运兵车在战场上运送部队,或者是用炮兵坦克的火炮驾驭着你的敌人,Empires 提供各式的载具战斗。可以从六种不同的载具中选择,包括三种级别的坦克还可以自定义你的武器,装甲和引擎。
  • 即时战略指挥 - 对于那些更倾向于 RTS 游戏模式的玩家,你可以扮演成一名指挥官。放置建筑,建造防御塔楼,建造车辆并以你自己的方式引领你的团队走向胜利。
通过 15 张官方地图以及数十张社区制作地图,几乎没有一场比赛是相同的。Empires 将 FPS/RTS 的游戏体验提升到了一个崭新的高度之中。现在就加入吧,看看那些你曾经错过的东西。
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This game would be the best game of all time if people actually played it.
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I got banned once for yelling "For the Emperor". The ban message said "They have an Empress, ♥♥♥♥♥♥."
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It is actually not dead, some russian even picked me up and thought me, what a proper tutorial would have done.
There is a server that still plays often, gameplay wise its a combination of an rts commander (role can be swapped easily with a vehicle) and soldiers on the ground that may use vehicles. Kind of like the old battlefield games.

Really recommended with a large group of friends since its a free mod for a game most people have.

PS; the achievements are totally broken and can't be obtained anymore.
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This is basically a combination of
(Halo + Squad + Half-Life 2 + Source SDK + Team Fortress 2 + Counter-Strike)
All you have to do is look up all those games and image them as in one, that's pretty much what this is:
Halo-like weapons
Team fortress classes
Counter-Strike voice kind of system as well as similar gear
Half-Life 2 Modification
Source SDK Hammer maps
Squad map, Squad Squads, Squad Spawn Points.

It is a Valve Multiplayer- Hl2 Modification, with awesome graphics and vehicles!
If a commander isn't good, it is as easy as kicking the commander, usually there's a great commander which means great team and fun.

There's only people on one server so far.
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The tank controls are kind of bad and you really don't need to play as a team to win but overall it is fun! 7/10
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